The NFL is totally ready to restart the season: All they need is players, a plan and a clue


There’s a lot that needs to be done before the NFL season starts. And a lot of has to do with upper management, like Jed York and John Lynch (AP Photo/Marcio Sanchez)

Don’t worry, the higher-ups in the NFL say. They are working out a schedule that will have the season starting on time with complete safety for the players.

Great. Did anyone tell them rookies report tomorrow?

The fact is the NFL is barreling into this cockeyed season with the grace and elegance of a train wreck. Alarmed by the lack of information and progress, some of the biggest names in the game convened a Sunday tweetstorm, calling out the owners.

Using the hashtag #WeWantToPlay, stars like Drew Brees, Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes demanded some answers. J.J. Watt’s tweet listed things the players “don’t know.” That included questions like, what will be done when a player tests positive? And is there a formal “opt-out” clause?

Meanwhile, the owners are still wondering if the fellows would like to play a meaningless exhibition game before the season starts. OMG, you are not getting it. It will be a miracle if a season is pulled off and you’re arguing over an exhibition game? How clueless can you be?

Want an example of how serious this is? College football is openly discussing postponing their season to the spring. They might not even play in the fall. Frankly, I’m a little surprised someone in the NFL hasn’t raised the idea of a spring season.

In a way this is no surprise. Football was always going to be the hardest sport to bring back, unless there was a COVID-19 cure. Many of the problems are obvious.

For starters, football has more people — 22 — in every play than most other sports. Soccer is also 11 a side, but they are spread out from goalie to goalie. There are times when all the football players are all crowded within ten yards of each other.

They are, of course, all breathing directly into each other’s faces. But the Players Association and owners can’t even agree on face shields. The league wants to make them mandatory. The players want to try them in training camp and see if they want to keep them.

And let’s stress that the health issues are very important and serious. When Wilson tweets: “I am concerned. My wife is pregnant,” there is no doubting the sincerity of the concern. And when he says “there’s still No Clear Plan on Player Health & Family Safety,” he’s calling out the league.

But we also have to appreciate that some of this is about money. Which is fine. The NFL is a profit machine and everyone — in and out of uniform — should keep that in mind.

From here it looks like the players are saying: we want to get a lot of this financial stuff nailed down now. Not later when we’ve already started the season and something comes up.

Watt mentions the need for “A strong and fair opt-out clause,” meaning a player could decide not to play simply because he felt he was a high risk. Or felt family members might be infected. Other sports have that and several players have announced that they have opted-out of the season.

Theoretically, there would be no penalty for opting out  to protect your health. The question is, what effect does that have on salary — does anyone get paid while sitting out? — and on service time.  Does it count for a career year? You’d think the pay issue would be obvious. If you don’t play, you don’t get paid. But news reports say there is some disagreement on guaranteed salaries.

Pro Football Talk says players are hearing that the league would not pay guaranteed salaries if the season is scrapped. They might not even pay if there is only a partial season . The players – some of the league’s biggest and best paid stars – were working on the assumption that guaranteed money is guaranteed money. The owners now may be trying to pull some of that back.

These are issues that could get ugly in a hurry. The tweetstorm was just a reminder that the players are united and that the big names are on board.

Nobody has said work shutdown — yet. But the players may feel they have public opinion on their side. You have to think that although people love football, they would support the players saying they aren’t going to report until the health and safety issues are handled.

Watt addresses it specifically when he said the player’s understanding is if players don’t “show up on time, they can be fined or considered in breach of contract.” Which sounds like threat by the owners to head off a holdout.

That could be a deal breaker. The players have no incentive to suit up if they feel the health protocols are not sufficient. And, by the way, some financial stuff needs to be cleared up too.

So, to review, the NFL needs to outline a coronavirus program that identifies positive players and keeps non-positive players safe; decide what to do with the “opt-out” clause; agree that an exhibition game is silly and pointless; work out the finances if there is no season or a partial one; and get everyone ready to play games on Sept. 13.

By tomorrow.


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  1. Are you ready for sum football…..?

    Looks like we might a have season…

    I like the union/players proposal to scrap preseason….and use that time to get ready in camp.

  2. c;mon CWN!!! you only post one token article per week…..and you cant even make it ABOUT FOOTBALL?? has to be a political whiny pessimistic piece??! Not only do you condone the political nonsense from all the posters here….but your stirring it up???! nice!
    fine, ill take the bait…….
    so all players will be tested daily…..and no one can get on the filed unless its CLEAR THEY DONT HAVE COVID!!!!! so why the concern about 22 players, proven to be covid free, mixing it up in close quarters on the field????? Dosent make any sense to me!!
    The 22 covid free players are scared of what exactly? not catching it from each other obviously…….LMAO
    im supposed to feel sorry for NFL millionaires……for “risking” there health ……but its fine for the common man to risk his for $20 an hour doing essential work ……without half the precaution/testing/etc. in place for the NFL???!!!

    Hollywood and the sports industry fail to realize their sole reason for existing….. TO TAKE OUR MINDS OFF OF THE EVERYDAY BS!!!!! Hollywood idiots wanna educate us about social justice and what not……and the sports world wants to delve into politics and such……….what the heck is going on??!!!

    1. A covid-19 test is only as good as the turn around time. Fifteen minutes, terrific. Fifteen days, deadly.

    2. Unless someone is proposing making entertainment an essential business, it’ll be up to the relatively privileged stars to decide what happens. It’s their decision, but it’s up to the league and governments to make it possible.

      So this is definitely a sports story.

    3. im supposed to feel sorry for NFL millionaires…

      You mean those same NFL millionaires you are demanding to take your little mind off of everyday BS? Those players, this sport, doesn’t deserve the kind of “fan” that holds them in such contempt. Go root for something else. Maybe NASCAR, where there’s a better chance someone will actually be killed or seriously maimed in order to entertain you.

      1. DB rib. i hate nascar first of all….my selfish desire for sports isnt whats driving the issue…..its the greed by owners and players plain and simple you dimwit. what i was saying is that i wont feel sorry for them and the “risk” they feel they are taking……as it pales in comparison to the average person!!!!
        seb, who feels the constant need to defend men (LMAO)…….sorry for hoping for a sports article about sports!!! i dont consider an article about how covid affects sports to suffice……

        sorry for crashing ya’ll weirdo convention…….go back to bashing and criticizing everyone and everything and cowering in fear

        1. Maybe you did not realize this, but we are in the middle of a pandemic. If you are not scared, you should be. 140,000 Americans have perished, and many more worldwide. You are probably one of those who do not care about Covid 19, and have helped the surge by ignoring the ramifications.
          Football is being directly affected by this Covid 19 Pandemic. It is threatening to shut down the season. Football players want to play, but not if it will endanger their loved ones. You do not feel sorry for them, because their risks pale in comparison to the average person? Well, average fans like us want to see football. Football players should not have to risk their lives in order for you and I to be entertained.
          Sticking to only football is Pollyannish. I am glad we have this forum to discuss topical events and scenarios, and I have presented possible solutions. CWN was right to focus on this salient topic. Covid 19 has changed everything, except some peoples’ way of thinking.
          Glad you are leaving. You bring nothing to this site. We already have enough whiners. Now, aren’t you glad I am not defending you?

        2. I see, the more money you have the less you should be concerned about your health? J, I repeat, if you hold the sport and it’s people in such contempt no one is forcing you to endure it. The door is thataway.

          1. rib, your not very bright dude!!!! there is not one SENTENCE, OVER MY 2 (NOW 3) POST WHERE i show any sort of contempt for the nfl or any players!! You guys are so quick to jump on and try to bully anyone who you dont recognize as a “regular” and try to come off as waaayyyy smarter than you actually are……that you end up failing to recognize ppl that been around here far longer than yourself and the basic characteristics they have displayed for over a decade (gratitude and admiration in my case) and you use words and phrases you dont really understand nor comprehend the meaning of!

            if i showed and CONTEMPT….it was for CWN insisting on making his one and only article this week about covid and how it impacts the nfl…specifically in the negative manner in witch he doubts the season should/will go on!!! i clearly stated that and how i wish it was a football article about football…….not an article about how we shouldnt play football due to covid!!! there is enough panic/scare bs around as it is… fact, thats about ALL THERE IS right now!!!

            Seb- always trying to get the last word ( or 8 paragraphs of big words organized to resemble something intellectual) in……in order to come of as the smarter, proper authoritarian……

            Fact of the matter is…..i work for one of the biggest company’s in the world……and i guarantee every single one of you has depended on said company for your survival over the last 5 months MANY TIMES OVER!!!! and ill let you in on a secret……theres no panic…….no fear……just brave men and women who dont pander to unnecessary fear!!! we show up everyday and bust our buts for the good of society…..some where mask…..some dont ( many jobs are equivalent to a 5 hour cardio work out….and even the best masks limit oxygen intake ) we wash our hands and use sanitizer throughout the building…. that is about 2 square miles…..with about 1000 employees!! we had 1 confirmed case (this was about 1 month ago).
            again, i never held the nfl players in contempt……my comments where sarcastic in fasion and directed at CWN for his insinuation that these highly compensated athletes who are tested daily……are risking more than the ppl on the front lines !!!
            and yes….im a very selfish person……i want my football! i want my distraction…..i want something to feel good about ……something to make me smile and forget about all the drama in the world! That is what i like most about sports……no race, religion, politics, fear, etc……if that makes me a bad guy………then fine! i’ll be the bad guy.

            1. as for my personal opinion on covid….yes , i agree it is deadly. But what makes it worse than swine flu or any of the other types of mutated viruses over the last decade or 2??
              i have a theory- it lingers! 6-7 years ago, a guy i worked with died over a weekend in witch i was also very sick! probably the sickest i had every been in my life!!!!! Im not positive, but i think it was the swine flu ….or whatever flu of the year it was back then!!!
              But after 24-48 hours it was over!!!!! i drank tons of water…..and flushed it from my body ( use your imagination…..ill save you from the disgusting details)…..
              But covid last for far longer than 1-2 days!!!! Thus ppl end up in the hospital…….the ICU to be exact!! requiring constant attention from all types of staff members……thus possibly affecting them as well!! I believe the biggest issue ( since death itself is not abnormal for these reoccurring mutated viruses) is the strain it puts on medical facility’s and personnel.
              anyone ever studied “the art of war”??? well….killing one man….removes 1 man….and only 1 man from the battle!
              WOUNDING one man however…..removes MANY men from the battle… it requires many men to remove the injured man to safety, preform surgery, nurse back to health etc…..

              some of you will understand this…….others like seb and rib will continue to slander me

              1. ‘Others like seb and rib slander me.’ Oh Boo Hoo, play the victim card. Quit whining.
                I am well aware of attrition, and have focused on ways of reducing it, and coping with adversity..
                Your arguments are specious, and non nonsensical. Equating the Swine flu to Covid 19 sounds sweet, and hysterical. Maybe you will now say it is as dangerous as the common cold.
                Again, stick to football. If one wants to get out of a hole, the best way is to stop digging.

            2. there is not one SENTENCE, OVER MY 2 (NOW 3) POST WHERE i show any sort of contempt for the nfl or any players!

              Dude, It is dripping with contempt. NFL millionaires “risking” (scare quotes, J? Really?) their health when the common (not millionaire athlete) man is out there doing the same? You got a big problem with today’s athletes.

              i have a theory

              Every guy on the internet has a “theory”. How about we take the theories and information from those highly qualified, who are have spent their lives studying exactly this, and ignore half cocked opinions and anecdotes from misinformed internet dweebs. Sound like a plan?

            3. Good Ol’ j, how can we miss you if you do not leave?
              I do not need to sound smarter than you, I just need to compare what I write to your tripe.
              We all are frustrated, and are saddened to know of some posters here have friends and loved ones who have suffered from this scourge.
              However, fear is good in this case. If you are not afraid of something that may kill you, you are beyond delusional. Fear does not have to manifest itself as panic. Many sane people are taking precautions to fight to suppress this outbreak.They were fearful enough to call for a shutdown. This is a deadly serious pandemic, and many here are elderly and immuno-compromised, or have elderly friends and relatives.
              I am not saying that people need to run around wringing their hands. That is your narrative, not mine. I am merely pointing out scenarios that may occur, and the NFL needs to have contingency plans on how to deal with it. Ignorance is not bliss. We have already seen the results of a tardy lack of preparations. I predicted that there would be a secondary spike, and it has occurred, because the first shutdown was lifted too quickly.
              If you could tell me how 150 players and coaches can get together, with blocking and tackling all game, then have them go to their homes, and not expose their loved ones to Covid 19, I would be happy to know how you would do that. Then, I would like to know how you would do that 16 times with no Covid-19 exposure. Then I would like to know how you would have teams getting on jets, and flying to cities, with absolutely no risks. Already, 80 players have contracted Covid 19, and they have not yet stepped foot in a team facility.
              Glad you admitted your shortcomings. I have heard that I can be annoying at times. I do like to debate. However, being distracted by ignoring dangers, and refusing to assess risks, just is counter productive. I also am not stopping you from posting something about the Niners. Grant thinks JL is on the hot seat. I disagree.
              Maybe you should stick to football, and stop whining about what others’ write.

              1. ribico and sleb…..what i have a problem with is little pu nke @$$ botchess like you 2 talking crap on the internet!!!??? thinking your tough….thinking your special….fact is, you are both losers who have no life!!!!!! i mean……your mainstays on the worst blog…the worst site related to the 49ers!!!!! and thats a fact!!! LMFAO
                2 dweebs that wouldnt even look a man in the eye on the streets! your the type of men who would sit quietly while a stranger sat down at your table and ate your food and hit on wife right in front of you …….as if you werent even there!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN BLAME AND BULLY YOUR WIFE once the 2 of you were behind closed doors!
                straight poo C’s!!!!
                im done here……and open hand sl app both of you to the ground at the same time……and you wouldnt do a thing about except call the cops! cowards! this is what i get for talking football on a site full of weirdos with multiple personality’s!!!!
                PD- good job! you let keyboard cowards and political cry babies run this site…..insult and attack anyone new, anyone who dosent show an unhealthy obsession towards this page ( spending 22 hours a day on here, responds to every post as if hes the moderator …with 8 paragraphs of BS)……but yet… the one who will get banned….simply for speaking the truth

              2. Dude, that’s a meltdown for the ages. And for what? I posit that you have a problem with the modern millionaire athlete and just maybe we should listen to people who know what the F they are talking about when it comes to the virus ( because there’s plenty out there just spilling sh!t, starting with our toddler in chief and ending with you). I based my comments on things you actually wrote, where you are pulling things about Seb and I completely out of your @ss.

                Post here or don’t post here, but whatever you do, grow a thicker skin, ffs.

              3. Hmmm, maybe you should not attack me first, if you do not want push back.
                You sure like to dish it, but you sure can’t take it. You are still whining.
                Yes, all the blogs are suffering, because there were no OTAs or mini camps to talk about. Heck there might not even be a season, but that is verboten to talk about, according to you.
                You keep promising to leave, so I hope you keep your word.


            4. Hey J
              I agree with you and I am not interested in most of CWN choice of topics. I just don’t read them. This is the last place if you want to read anything to do with current 49er roster. I thought the last column was not bad with running back competion. There are just other places to go and read interesting new stuff on the Niners, Twitter or Facebook 49er groups has lots of good articles from the other sports outlets. If this place was a Bar and we all are single, and you came here everyday to look for the hot chicks, you will come up pretty empty. lol

  3. Great news. The league finally scrapped all preseason games.
    The NBA had no positive tests for players in their bubble, so they may be good to go. Football should look at the idea of having a bubble system, with local teams playing round robin tournaments in isolated settings away from Covid hotspots. Eliminate flying if possible, because you know what they call a jet with possible Covid 19 patients: an Incubator.
    Banning jersey swaps after games, after those players blocked and tackled each other all game, just means that the league is kinda clueless, and grasping at straws.

    1. Good news!

      There’s no guarantee but the government hopes to have results around the end of the year — record-setting speed for developing a vaccine

      So maybe there’s hope for a season next year after all.

        1. Possibly, but ugh. Do you want Niners as champions of an asterisk season? I sure don’t.

          1. I’d rather they be in a position to have a season of any kind than no season at all, and if there is a season, I would rather win it than not.

            1. There’s no asterisk next to the Washington SB wins in strike shortened seasons. Means nothing and a championship is a championship no matter what goes on during the season.

          2. Rib,
            If that ends up being our only chance at seeing some football I will take it.

          3. yes.
            The whole asterisk thing is BS… in time no one remembers the asterisk, only the championship.

    2. UC,
      Things are looking up for a vaccine by Jan. The problem will lie with how fast we can get the vaccine out to the public. The federal Gov. should have a plan and equipment (vials/needles etc) in place right now so we can get out 1 million vaccine doses on the first day its available.

      1. @OC, I would use caution in rushing out vaccines. My mother contracted polio after she was injected with the polio vaccine in the mid 50s. In a rush to get out the vaccine as quickly as possible, a lab in CA made an error in producing a batch of the vaccine which caused about 200k kids to contract polio across the western US. It’s known as the Cutter Incident. I’m all for getting out the vaccine as quickly as possible but they should definitely be extremely cautious in production and distribution. Rushing to get a certain number of vaccines out by day 1 seems dangerous to me.

        1. Agreed, but science is a lot better now. Fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of disease, and the fact that so many groups are looking at he same thing, greatly reduce the risks. In short, I think they are being more cautious now then they were in the past.

          1. It’s amazing how after two years from the Spanish flu we were able to roar back without the better science, ventilators, or vaccines. These viruses are able to mutate through antigenic drift and shift, which necessitates constantly adapting vaccine varieties. The move from egg to cell-based vaccines is the reason they now have the capability to produce one more predictably and efficiently. Even without a vaccine this virus will fade away making way for the eventual covid-20….

            1. The problem is- What if it mutates into a deadlier form, that attacks all ages just as bad as the elderly and immuno-compromised?
              It may get so bad, they will not have enough people to bury the bodies.

              1. If “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts, wouldn’t it be a Merry Christmas?

            2. Covid-20??
              C-19 better hurry its little *ss if it wants to “eventually” get there.

              You do know why the current version is called covid-19, don’t you?
              Or are you as foggy as Trump, Limbaugh and those others who dozed off in science class?

              1. They’ve been around a lot longer than you or I. This is like the 7th or 8th corona virus that has been shown to infect the human species I think. Dunno, I lost track. Why don’t you enlighten us all, professor?

              2. Where’s Joe?

                17 shot in Chicago. My backyard. No pursuit of happiness in a war zone. I’d love to see Trump clean out these gangs who are much worse than Capone ever was….

              3. Weird non-response. The “freedom-fighter” is calling for martial law here? Got it.

                Again, ask. You wearing your mask?

              4. Losing our national treasure isn’t weird it’s tragic, and you’re worried about my mask? That’s weird! Obama did nothing. Deadfish did nothing. Lightfoot and de Blasio both should be impeached for prioritizing politics over lives….

              5. Interesting. Blame Democrats for gun violence, when they are the ones who want sane gun regulations.
                Under Trump, gun violence has increased, so he is to blame, and his fiery rhetoric is fanning the flames. Blame the true leader of this scourge- the POTUS.
                He has encouraged the Boogaloo movement, who had a member, Stephen Carrillo, killing cops in order to blame the protesters. Maybe that drive by shooting was orchestrated by some RWNJ.
                One of the best ways to quell gun violence is to stop the drug war. Drug Prohibition is working as well as Alcohol Prohibition did. Making drugs illegal just boosted the price and made criminal elements profit and grow, leading to an erosion of respect for the law, and corrupting the cops. Watch 13. Make drugs legal and safe, and tax heavily. That is way better than bloated police budgets, which is a self perpetuating system, while incarcerating millions. The result is bankrupting society and leading to more Shawshanks. Prison privatization is an evil, and is leading to what is essentially economic slavery.

              6. Interesting that this drug war is failing spectacularly.
                Trump wants a police state with martial law, and you wonder why the budget has exploded.
                His capacity for cruelty is breathtaking, and his lack of empathy turns my stomach.

              7. Losing our national treasure

                That’s a odd way of talking about statues and monuments celebrating the Confederacy. Oh wait, you are talking about American lives lost to gun violence? Who’ knew Razor was all for stringent firearms control?

                Again Razor, wear your mask. The life you save may be that of a Trump voter. And god knows, he’s going to need as many as he can get.

              8. Lightfoot and de Blasio both should be impeached for prioritizing politics over lives….

                That is all your hero Trump has done since this pandemic began and yet you continue to support him. Why is that?

              9. Still worried about my mask instead of the gang violence in Chicago. Shame on you!

                The truth is Nancy keeps calling it the Trump virus. Why do you support her?

              10. Trump wants a police state with martial law,

                Seb, it’s a page out of the authoritarian’s playbook. When the people turn against him, attempt to turn them against each other.

                If Trump weren’t so utterly incompetent in everything he’s ever done, including this, there would be actual cause for alarm. That he can only get unmarked jackbooted thugs with mini mom-vans to do his bidding shows what a joke his roll out of “martial law” is.

              11. The truth is Nancy keeps calling it the Trump virus.

                Accurate in more than a few ways. Come 1/20/2021, most of those Trump virus symptoms are going to “magically disappear” just as orange-y predicted.

              12. Wow, still on Hillary? I’ll say it, there is a good thing about Donald Trump compared to Hillary. That is, once he’s gone in about 6 months we never have to give a 2nd thought to the POS ever again (state and federal prosecutors excluded).

              13. Is there a better example of incompetence than losing?

                I hope you take the loss on November 3rd like The Trooper we all know you to be.

              14. Trump is done. Even his boot lickers in the Senate are starting to distance themselves from him. I don’t know if you truly believe it or are just trolling but if you are counting on a second term I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

              15. If you’re counting on No MoJo Robinette Biden I’ve got 2 free tickets to paradise I’ll be sending you!

              16. Trump may look orange, but Biden looks like the crypt keeper.

                Biden will reduce household income with higher taxes and less jobs.

                Biden will take a woman’s right to arm and protect herself.

                No way in hell America elects Biden!

                Btw, how’s everyone in NY taking the news about planned parenthood’s founder, Sanger’s name being removed from their clinic?

              17. I hope you take the loss on November 3rd like The Trooper we all know you to be.

                Not even Dear Leader could come up with a better projection than that.

                I keep telling you Raz, but you are too stupid or too stubborn (probably both) – wear your mask. The only hope in hell Orange-y has come Nov is if somehow virus cases have declined to the point where it’s easier from him to cover them up. Support Trump – wear a mask!

              18. less jobs.

                lololol. By the time Jan rolls around the only way we’ll have less jobs is if there are a negative number of jobs.

                Razor, I have this prediction you are not going to like the next four years. Maybe you can be like Roger Stone and threaten to move to another country. First you’ll have to find a country that allows people in from Trump’s America. There are fewer and fewer.


                Ah, remember the good old days when we could ban them?

                Btw, how’s everyone in NY taking the news about planned parenthood’s founder, Sanger’s name being removed from their clinic?

                Hey, I thought only rightwingers were cancelled. I can only speak for myself, but similar to the way I felt when many a building had Trumps name taken off them.

              19. Trumpty Dumpty will have a great fall, and all the King’s’ horses and all the King’s men,
                will not be able to put Trumpty together again.
                Him bragging about acing a cognitive test says it all.
                Get ready for a flood of leaks, that will send him over the edge.
                Just look at him. Those poll numbers are crushing him.

              20. Razor, have you picked out the picture of Biden to adorn your avatar yet? Since I’m a pleasant guy, I’ll even loosen the premise of the wager and let you choose an unflattering one.

              21. Cling to those poll numbers like you did last election.

                I could use Al Davis’ avatar before he died due to it’s likeness of Biden if you want.

              22. Maybe if he gained 100 pounds, troweled some orange foundation onto his face, put a decomposing ear of corn on his head, wore his tie past his crotch, Biden’s appearance would meet more to your approval, eh Razor?

              23. Only goes to show how the country has utterly turned from the whiney toddler, when he’s down 15 points to a mirage.

              24. Yea, reminds me of the time he was down 15 points to another two time loser.

              25. Fatsos not going to have Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Roger Stone, Guccifer 2.0, Comey to bail out his ineptness this time. He still has Putin’s backing of course, but we’re on to him this time.

                Btw, not surprisingly, you remember wrong. Clinton never had that lead.

              26. Hidin’ Biden – Razor you do have a way with words. I can hear the late Johnny Cochrane: If the Joe don’t show – he’s got to go.

              27. Because I’m a polite guy, I thank you for the correction. That’s why you never take a single poll at face value, it’s likely an outlier.

                You are the one that’s clinging to polls, the belief that polling is all wrong, because….2016. Better grab on to that little slippery branch a little more tightly, it’s a long fall to the ground.

                Another myth is that Trump’s victory represented some sort of catastrophic failure for the polls. Trump outperformed his national polls by only 1 to 2 percentage points in losing the popular vote to Clinton, making them slightly closer to the mark than they were in 2012. Meanwhile, he beat his polls by only 2 to 3 percentage points in the average swing state.3 Certainly, there were individual pollsters that had some explaining to do, especially in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where Trump beat his polls by a larger amount. But the result was not some sort of massive outlier; on the contrary, the polls were pretty much as accurate as they’d been, on average, since 1968.


  4. Wait a second i’m confused. Possibly sick citizens have to wait up to 10 days for test results and we are going to test as many as 2,000 NFL players/employees daily with a one day turn around? Couldn’t those lab spots be better used on avg people who feel they may be ill. I am all for football, I need some joy in my life but not if it keeps test results out of the hands of the rest of us. imho

    1. I hope testing becomes quick, easy, reliable and widely available to anyone who wants one.
      Testing is the best way to prevent shutting down the league, and keeping people safe.
      I am encouraged about the testing protocols, because they sound like they may actually have a workable plan.
      The news about a possible vaccine is also very encouraging, although January may be too late for the NFL.

    2. @OC, I don’t know about your area but test kits and lab results are plentiful around here. You may have to wait in line but in general anyone who wants to be tested can get tested and get results same day. Most colleges are requiring all student athletes to be tested once per week when they return to school in the fall. My daughter will be a freshman athlete at a college and she is going to be tested once per week even though she plays a spring sport. She will be working out and practicing so the tests are mandatory. I really don’t think the NFL plan for testing is any different than what most colleges are doing and I don’t think the testing plan will prevent anyone from being tested who needs to be tested.

      1. Yep, ours is down at North Side school. You drive through and they test you. Takes about 3 days for results.

      2. Houston,
        In my area testing is available with some lines but the turn around on results not as quick. Before I comment further i’m going to look into local test turn around times.

        1. I looked it up the Avg. Testing turn around time in Sonoma county is 7 days. If you are a Kaiser patient ( of which I am) it is a 2 to 3 day turn around.

          1. Houston is allergic to facts…

            He would disappear now until another inequality issue comes up….

        2. My oldest son got Covid. He and 5 friends went to a birthday party and all 6 tested positive. One had a mild cough so he got tested and it was positive. So all the other guys got tested and all were positive. The only one of the 6 kids that had any symptoms at all was the kid with the mild cough and that only lasted about 2 days. The other 5 quarantined but never had fever, cough, loss of taste or anything. My son has now been tested 3 times and the rest of the 5 of us have been tested twice. We’ve all had to wait in lines but all got same day results. Many people in my office have had the same experience. You can go through insurance and there is a 2-3 day wait. Or you can make an appointment or go to a walk in location and get same day results if you’re willing to wait in line. There are testing centers all over the place here. If I go through Kelsey Seybold then it is a 2-3 day wait on results. Kind of surprised to hear the availability of same day testing isn’t as abundant in Sonoma.

          1. Houston,
            Couldn’t be happier for your son and his friends. I’m guessing you will see a lot of those results in young healthy children who’s parents are on top of their health. I work with a population that is highly economically disadvantaged, parents that aren’t well educated and economically struggling. I was happy to hear that our district decided to go with distance learning for the 1st quarter. I have to admit I was a little scared about my health and I love my students and will be the first to admit that distance learning sucks but it is better than being dead.

            1. My wife is a high school teacher. In our area, it’s parent’s choice so its a combination of in-class and online class but there is still discussion that it will be all remote learning until next January. My wife runs a program where they build and donate tiny homes to a facility that provides housing, counseling, and support for homeless veterans. Very similar to the Christian organization Mobile Loaves and Fishes if you’re familiar with that group. The remote learning situation will basically make it impossible for the program to design, build, and deliver a tiny home this year. Lots of collateral damage due to this crisis.

          2. My oldest son got Covid. He and 5 friends went to a birthday party and all 6 tested positive.

            SMDH. The Texas version of social distancing, eh? No wonder the state is the huge mess it is now. Thank god he recovered and you and the rest of your family remain negative, but who knows what secondary carnage resulted from that spreader event.

            1. And what’s the NY version of Social Distancing? Arresting a Rabbi for teaching 25 kids a religious lesson but allowing 10k people to protest in the streets? You live in a state, and I’m sure voted for a mayor and governor, who’s policies have directly led to over 32k deaths from the Coronavirus. The governor literally forced nursing homes to take in infected patients for treatment and thousands died as a direct result. Texas has experienced 4k deaths. Texas has 87% fewer deaths than New York even though Texas has 10M more people than New York. SMDH is right. SMDH because you’re such a damn imbecile.

              1. Houston, got any other old rioting/looting footage you want share with the board to prove some sort of point? Maybe from the Rodney King days? How about the aftermath of the MLK assassination? How about real old school, the Ford Auto strike of 1932?

            2. Yes, horrible mistakes were made at the outset, then guess what Tex, they were corrected. Cases and mortalities having flatlined, New York is now the model of how the rest of the country should be acting. You’ll get around to it too. You are wearing your mask and distancing, right? Please set that example for your progeny, OK?

              1. Just another example of this clown’s stupidity and stubbornness. Not too long ago he was talking about how this hadn’t hit Houston very badly and he wasn’t going to wear a mask because it was an infringement on his personal freedoms to be a moron. Now instead of learning from New York which was in the unfortunate position of being the first to deal with this on a large scale when there wasn’t much known about the virus and how to treat it, Texas ignored the blue print and now have to scramble to try and contain one of the largest outbreaks in the country.

              2. Learn from New York? Over 6 grand dead thanks to Cuomo sending them to nursing homes!

              3. “Mistakes were made. I know your parents are both now dead because Governor Cuomo decided to put Covid Positive patients in the same facility with the highest risk population. Oopsy. But seriously, stop your complaining. Don’t you know Texas opened up bars. New York is now the model for how to deal with Covid. We ban church service, allow bars to remain open as long as they serve food, arrest religious leaders (but only the Jews, shhhh) and give police stand down orders so violent rioters can gather by the thousands. Everyone knows rioters can’t spread Covid, so we’re all good now. If only Texas hated the Je, err I mean, knew how to handle the virus like New Yorkers. ”

                Grand Duke of York
                (aka Racist POS)

                Social Distancing New York Style

              4. Another Texas heat meltdown.

                Stay safe Houston, follow the protocols. We in NY are rooting for you (and Florida). The sooner you get your cases down the less likely you are to bring it back to us.

              5. Predictably stupid response from a man who won’t give up his freedom to be a moron. Poor guy must have lost his mind when the Governor closed the bars again.

              6. U2 ribs. Wear your mask and other protective gear when you smash the Apple store windows in protest of police brutality.

              7. Wear your mask and other protective gear when you smash the Apple store windows in protest of police brutality.

                When something like that actually happens other than in your fevered rants, I’ll give it thought.

                In the meantime wear your mask. As you’ve learned the hard way, covid is a real thing, especially in Texas.

              8. I’m not saying there aren’t some miscreants taking advantage of the situation (as I pointed out to Razor, because there are white supremacist racists in the the military, it only goes to show he’s obviously a white supremacist racist as well) But out of control? The only thing out of control is your hysteria over the breathless RWNJ reporting. Btw, you do know the footage you unearthed was from over a month ago, right? It’s as valid right now as saying Texas has Covid under control.

              9. Yeah, back in the era when it was all ok to open everything up again, let’s all go to a birthday party! What can happen! Right, Tex? Nothing changes in a month, does it?

              10. 6 kids went to a birthday party and nothing did happen. 6 kids tested positive for covid. No family member living with any of the 6 kids were infected. No grandparents of the 6 kids were infected even though they had direct contact with the kids prior to testing. Not one of the 6 kids experienced any symptoms at all,except 1 had a minor cough. Not one serious health impact whatsoever from 6 kids testing positive for Covid. What happened to the thousands of people allowed to protest in Brooklyn? What happened to the thousands of rioters in Manhattan? Any health concerns? You live in the city with the highest infection and death rate in the US. Do YOU know anyone who contracted Covid? Do YOU have any family members who contracted Covid? Did they protest? Did they wear a mask? Do YOU tell them they were irresponsible? Do YOU tell them, “Should have worn a mask, now you’ll learn the hard way.” If you know no one who contracted Covid then why not? You live in the hardest hit area in the country? Surely, everyone you know is a responsible New Yorker and holed up in a small apartment and never going out for food, water, or sunshine. Dude, You are seriously a deranged pr*ck.

              11. Houston, the Covid infection rate for NYC and the tri-state area is flat. It has declined and was declining even all through the massive protests. That reality puts the lie to your unhinged rant about the peaceful gatherings, Whatever NY did wrong initially, we did right after that, we are absolutely doing right now. Now 4 months after the fact, with plenty of evidence from places like NYC on how to flatten the curve, your state is a fing basket case, get your act together. I’d suggest you fixate less on month old violence, and more on you and you family doing your part to get your state and our country out of this ongoing mess. For starters, wear your fing masks.

              12. Deep down in that black little heart of yours, in places you won’t speak about with other deranged DeBlasio voters, you know I’m right. Total d-bag move to attack 6 kids for going to a birthday party when your own city allows bars and restaurants to remain open with the exact same rules imposed in Texas. Beyond absurd to criticize really any place for their Covid response while you stand shoulder to shoulder with 10k other protesters then pretend those same protests didn’t cause a spike in Covid cases. Covid is spiking in 20 something year olds in New York so much so that DeBlasio was personally calling bars and restaurants to ask them to enforce social distancing guidelines just last week. Even if the day to day delta on new cases is down in New York it still doesn’t excuse the fatal mistakes made by the people you voted into office.

                Top 4 most populated States in the US
                New York – Population: 19.4M, Deaths: 32,558, Fatality Rate: 7.96%
                Texas – Population: 29M, Deaths: 4,439, Fatality Rate: 1.22%
                Florida – Population:21.5M, Deaths: 5,345, Fatality Rate: 1.41%
                California – Population 39.5M, Deaths: 8,047, Fatality Rate: 1.91%

                Combined Top 3 Most Populated States:
                TXFLCA – Population 90M, Deaths: 17,831, Avg Fatality Rate 1.51%

                So New York has 71M fewer people than the other top 3 most populated states combined but they have almost 15k MORE deaths than the other 3 states combined. The fatality rate in New York is almost 8%. No other of the top 4 states has a fatality rate > 2%. The massive dishonesty it takes to pretend New York has handled their Covid response correctly is breathtaking. But then again, liberals would defend Satan if he had a (D) by his name. You will come back with some snide remark about Texas when deep down in places you won’t mention, you know I’m right.

              13. Houston, you are dishonestly using present tense again, just stop it. The trend is killing you, you are fast approaching where we were 3 months ago. Just wear your f-ing mask. It’s not that hard. And stay the hell out of NYC.

            3. Predictable. Basic facts are now “dishonest.” When confronted with incontrovertible facts you don’t actually dispute those facts. Your solution is to build a wall around New York to keep the undesirables from places you hate like Texas out of your city. You and Trump have a lot in common.

              1. The basic fact is that we are flat and you are a f-ing mess. Even the orange idiot acknowledges that.

                Tex, forget about NYC looters from a month ago coming for your Stetsons, the end of suburbs as you know them, 911 calls going unanswered or anything else fox or the trump campaign is trying to scare you out of your spurs with. You have one job to do and that’s flatten that curve like a Texas panhandle. Get to it.

              2. Maybe we’ll adopt the New York plan to flatten the curve. Kill all the most vulnerable people and make sure everyone else gets it at least once so they are less likely to get it again. In 4 months new cases will be at a minimum. We’ll call it the Cuomo Plan to Fight Climate Change and the Coronavirus by Population Reduction. Or for short, Ill just call it the FU Plan.

              3. The heats getting to you Tex. Thats actually the Texas Lt Governor plan.

                No one reached out to me and said, as a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren? And if that’s the exchange, I’m all in,”

                –Dan Patrick.

                All in? Any indication who he’s volunteered to take the place of? Sad to say, he has a couple hundred choices daily.

                Come on guys, get it together. Wear your f-ing masks, If not for yourselves, then for the America that all America loves.

              4. Hey Grand Duke, I saw this video and immediately thought of you. This was filmed in noted redneck Ted Lieu’s district from that hillbilly hellhole of California. It warms my heart to think of what would happen to you if you walked around Ted’s district screaming at people to “wear your f-ing masks.”


              5. Sorry, thats Ted’s redneck buddy (D) Harley Rouda’s district. You should take a trip down and make sure all those ignorant hillbillies are wearing their masks.

              6. Maskless idiots are idiots no matter where they are. Even in NYC.

                Wear your f-ing mask, Tex.

              7. I’ve got a cousin that uses his mom’s g-string when we have to go into Walmart.

              8. Sure thing. Will do. Maybe you could make a few masks out of your Grand Duke hood and send one to me.

      3. Here in Santa Clara County, it varies. But I know a few people who got tested late the week before/early last week still waiting for their results.

  5. Boys will be boys. It is Fox “news” after all.

    Fox apples don’t fall far from the Roger Ailes tree. Toxic masculinity out of control, who watches these pervs?

  6. ‘In a new study, Johns Hopkins researchers have found that testing too early in infected people for Sars CoV-2 which causes Covid 19, may lead to false negative test results, although they may eventually test positive for the Virus.’
    This is why they need to test daily for the first 2 weeks. A person may test negative, but still have the disease.

  7. If the 49ers had to clear the air with Mostert it can mean only one thing. Tomsula was in the room.

  8. The Niners need to pare down their roster to 80 players.
    10 players- Daniel Helm TE, Jake Brendel C, Ray Smith G, Leonard Webster OT, Willie Henry DT, Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles LB, Jonas Griffith LB, Dontae Johnson CB, Jermaine Kelly CB and Derrick Kindred CB, are players who the Niners may be thinking about waiving.
    I was going to include Chris Finke, but Deebo’s injury may give him an opportunity to stay.

      1. Let’s wait until October, when he may return. Some WR may become injured, or not prove to be effective, and will be waived or traded away.
        I like Finke, but he may seem like a duplicate to Trent Taylor.
        Kendrick Bourne may be on the trade block, because some teams have had WR injuries, and Bourne would give the Niners the most cap space. Aiyuk is set, and Jauan Jennings may make Bourne expendable

  9. On NN, PFF has the 49ers 10th ranked in LB corps.
    Considering that the Niners had the number 2 ranking in defensive yards, they should be ranked a little higher. However, they were ranked 17th in run defensive yards, so that probably lowered their ranking.
    What is head scratching, is to see the Seahawks LBs ranked number one. However, their overall defense was ranked 26th in yards allowed.
    Another surprise was seeing the Rams at 32. I thought GB had the worst LBs in the league. The Niners ran roughshod over the Packer LBs

  10. It’s official: If you’re going to an NFL game this season, you have to wear a mask.

  11. JLS on All49ers says- ” The fact that Mostert felt the need to ‘clear the air’, shows how dedicated he is to operate in good faith. You can’t say the same thing about the 49ers in this situation.”
    Wrong. Mostert was the one demanding a trade. That means he is quitting the team. He does not want to play for the 49ers anymore. Is that a slap in the face of Mostert? No, he is the one slapping the whole team and organization.
    The Niners did nothing, because they do not have the cap space to do anything. The Niners are saving every penny for Kittle. Their inaction is not a slap in the face of Mostert. It is just a reflection of reality with the salary cap.
    The Niners also do not need to do anything, because Mostert is under contract for 2 more years. What is Mostert going to do? Hold out? Fine, that will give the rookies more snaps. Mostert is not irreplaceable. KS has a history of finding UDFA gems. Mostert, Breida and Jeff Wilson come to mind.
    The most telling thing about this meeting, is that it was without his agent. That speaks volumes. My guess is that Mostert withdrew his trade demand, and apologized for being a distraction, and not a team player.
    Mostert wants to be traded? Is that acting in good faith? Maybe they should trade him to the Bengals, so he can toil in obscurity, for a perennial cellar dweller.
    Throughout this process, the Niners have acted in good faith. They plan on paying him 8.5 mil. They honored McKinnon’s contract, although he has not played a down for them. Mostert played well in a few games and he wants to be paid millions more? Maybe he needs to fire his agent, who made him sign that deal.
    The Niners need to use every penny to first extend Kittle’s contract, then see if there is any spare change for Mostert.

  12. Interesting. Now Grant thinks Mostert will hold out.
    I think he got on the same page, and has quietly dropped his trade proposal. Bet we do not hear from his agent anymore.

    1. For a guy who’s been covering the 49ers for as long as Grant Cohn has, it’s shocking, quite frankly, how little awareness he has when it comes to the business side of the NFL. And as usual, Grant has been all over the place in regards to Mostert’s current trade “request” situation.

      Mostert signed a 3 year extension ahead of last season, meaning he has 2 years left on his deal. And … he’s a running back who has never carried the bulk of the load for a full 16 game season. Mostert currently has ZERO leverage in terms of his trade demands. The 49ers risk setting a precedent by caving into his demands. It would be one thing if Mostert played a premium position, like QB, CB, or DE, which are considered harder to replace AND was entering the final year his contract. But RB? … an already devalued position? …. with 2 years left on his contract? …. at a time where a lot of teams are looking to emulate Kyle’s RB by committee approach? I think NOT!

      I suspect Mostert is coming to his senses and is realizing that his agent gave him some very poor advice. Raheem needs to show some contrition, come to camp with plans to put together another strong season, and then at that point it certainly would be appropriate to start asking for additional compensation heading into the final year of his deal.

      1. 49,
        I predict, if we have a 16 game season and Mostert averages between 20 and 25 carries a game he will gain over 2,000 yards this season.

        1. Agreed Coach. I guess the wildcard is Jerick. We know what to expect from Coleman, and Mostert should certainly be getting more carries than the both of them, but provided Jerick is healthy and stays healthy (assuming there is a season), Jerick should be able to make a case for a decent share of the load.

          That said, if Raheem stays on this trajectory, and produces again this season, he absolutely deserves to get paid next offseason.

        2. OC, I will respectfully disagree. I think it will be a RB by committee approach. Another RB will emerge, and take over the starting role. Mostert will get his touches, but will be fortunate to break 1000 yards.
          Many are predicting McKinnon may regain his old form. I do not think they should count on him at all. Anything he contributes will be icing on the cake. I hope JaMycal Hasty can contribute, but think Jeff Wilson Jr may have a break out season, and he will be the one to run between the tackles.
          The resurrection of McKinnon, the maturation of Wilson or the emergence of Hasty, will allow the Niners to trade away Tevin Coleman to a team in dire need of a RB. They will trade away Coleman because he has good trade value , and he will give them 2.9 mil in cap space.
          I sure hope you are right, and Mostert can reach 2K, but am also wondering if they will have a complete season.

          1. Seb,
            I agree with you on both points. I doubt we will see a full season and I also believe that KS will use a committee at RB but if you multiply Mostert’s avg yards per carry by 350 (an avg of approx. 22 carries per game over a 16 game season) it will result in over 2,000 yards. I believe he is that good. He sees and gets thru the hole very well but what separates him from the rest is what he does after he gets thru the hole. Every time he gets thru a hole there is a great chance he will break it all the way. I believe if given a chance he could have a Sanders/Simpson/Dickerson like season. He and Kittle are special talents. I believe the only other player on this team who has their potential is Bosa. imho

            1. Old Coach, I agree, but wonder if the new RG will allow the running game to be as effective as last season.

              1. Seb,
                If they use Brunskill along with Williams The O line could be better. The only questions would be at center and swing tackle.

              2. If Coleman is healthy there won’t be any questions regarding the swing OT.

    1. Yes, with new evidence, many theories are being disproven. I think there have been successive waves of migrations, and recent hominid findings have put Homo sapien evidence back to possibly 300,000 to half a million years. That is enough time for 4 Ice Ages.
      Maybe there were migrations out of Africa, and migrations back to Africa, punctuated by the Ice Ages. Finding a Homo erectus specimen in Dmanisi Georgia, then finding one in South Africa, supports that theory. More recently, the incursion of humans into the Americas could have been accomplished by island hopping in the Pacific during the last Ice Age.
      I do not claim to be a paleo-anthropologist, but as a student of the dawn of humans, surmise that the modern human may have arisen from Homo floriensis and the new Homo luzoniensis. Those diminutive species may have evolved the cranial growth for humans to evolve their cognitive thinking, tool making and socialization. Modern humans eventually grew bigger as they dominated and settled habitats over the years. Branch lines like the Denisovans and Neandertals were either absorbed or killed off.
      This would be similar to the Coelophysis from the Triassic, which weighed 30 lbs, evolving into the Tyrannosarus from the Cretaceous which weighed 30,000 lbs. However, human evolution was done on a much smaller time scale.
      It is fascinating to learn of anthropologists finding worked chert flakes 33 feet under the sea. They were aided by a lobster cleaning out its den. So much human history has been lost due to the sea level rising.

      1. Seb, I’m just surprised at how little findings of Homo Sapiens there are.
        Especially nowadays…

    2. Hey Dee! Thanks for the link.

      This is actually not “new new”, but rather is additional evidence to bolster what has been scattered (and often discounted) evidence of 30kya to 40kya human occupation in South America. The main two hypothesis are folks using boats to row/sail down the coast of the Americas (often labeled “island hopping”, but this applies to crossing the Bering Strait, not going down the coast) or folks using boats to sail across the Pacific. I have always thought the prior seemed more likely than the latter. The interesting aspect of this is it does not change the Beringia migration theory for later waves of settlement, which are supported by archeological, genetic, and linguistic evidence (with some problematic exceptions that earlier occupation, surrounded or subsumed by the later Beringia migrations, explains nicely). Human settlement/migration/behavior in the past was much more complex than what most hypothesis propose, which is in part a by product of academia (the need to create unique and defendable scholarship being strong for tenure/grant/employment purposes) and in part due to our recency bias that leads us to believe ourselves smarter, more complex, and just all around better than our ancestors.

      1. JPN, no it doesn’t negate the Beringia migration but it sure questions the original migration pattern. Considering that this was central Mexico it raises the prospect of Atlantis (No pun intended) being the source of mankind.
        Being in between two continents as Plato describes it, it would make sense that this advanced society would venture out to both continents by way of boats and inadvertently creating the illusion that the origin of mankind came from either continent.
        It just shows how little we know.

  13. Washington will be known as Washington Football Team or WFT. Ironically WTF is what their fans have been saying for the last decade +.

    Adam Schefter
    Effective immediately, Washington will call itself the “Washington Football Team”, pending adoption of a new name, sources tell ESPN. This is not a final renaming and rebranding for team; this is the name it wants to use until pending adoption of a new name in the future.

      1. Hey, freakin Cassie, where ya been? Nothing much going on here during your absence ????

        1. Out of nowhere health issues in the family–things upside down and backwards for many months.

          1. Sorry to hear that, but good to see you around. There is some terrorizing that needs to done in these parts.

    1. Washington will be known as Washington Football Team or WFT. Ironically WTF is what their fans have been saying for the last decade

      Some might be confused, but dyslexic fans right at home feel.

  14. “Trump cancels Republican national convention, his latest reversal as coronavirus spreads.” … Fake News

    “The decision follows other reversals, including abandoning his longtime refusal to wear a mask and acknowledging that some schools might have to delay reopening.” … More Fake News

    What will become of us?

    1. person woman man camera tv

      I’m repeating it 10 minutes later. Can I be president now?

      1. person woman man camera tv

        25 minutes later. They say nobody can do that. So to my detractors, take a hike!

    1. I tuned in to KNBR in the top of the 7th with the game tied, and LA proceeded to score 5.

      Sorry, my fault :(

      1. It’s OK, I am just glad they are playing baseball. Cueto did well. Gave up a run and struck out 3 in 4 innings. That Tyler Rodgers looks like he is throwing a Frisbee.
        Ah, I sure missed the dulcet tones of John Miller.
        One thing I learned from baseball yesterday, is that Faucci should stick to medicine, and not try to be a pitcher. ;p

        1. One thing I learned from baseball yesterday, is that Faucci should stick to medicine, and not try to be a pitcher.

          He doesn’t want anyone to catch anything.

          Flattening the curve.

          1001 memes launched.

  15. GC- ‘I assume Paraag Marathe negotiates the contracts and has much more juice with Jed York than Lynch does. Probably not even close. ‘
    ‘Remember, the 49ers gave Head coach KS a contract extension, but not Lynch. That’s a slap in the face. The 49ers message seems to be, “You’re not all that important to us, John”.’
    ‘(Lynch) Hasn’t addressed Shanahan’s extension or Deebo’s broken foot or anything at all. Highly unusual for him. And highly mysterious…. Matt Miller reported there was “friction” between Lynch and Shanahan.’
    ‘Do the 49ers still have a general Manager?’
    My response- No, Paraag is an employee of Lynch, not the other way around. Even Jed would not be so stupid as to cut JL off at the knees.
    No, it is not a slap in the face. It is just a recognition that Jed learned his lesson, and is finally valuing good coaches. JL still has 3 years on his contract, and has not done anything to lose his job like taking drugs, assaulting anyone or driven drunk. He took a 4-12 team to the SB. JL moved up 10 spots and is now considered the 6th best GM in the league.
    Mysterious to not see JL? I wonder how many press conferences Belichick has given since the end of the season. With this Covid 19 Pandemic, would having a press conference be safe?
    Friction? Is that why they were all celebrating together in the draft war room?
    Do the 49ers have a General Manager? Yes, he is the one who sent Paraag to talk to Mostert about his contract.
    Jed York is extremely fortunate to have JL fall into his lap, so he did not have to continue his humiliation tour. Jed recognizes that John Lynch has been critically important in changing the culture of the team. Jed would have to be brain dead to get rid of JL.
    KS may have debates and arguments, but in the end, they are both on the same page, and work well together, with respect from both sides. KS should be happy, because he seems to get his way a lot in the past drafts. CJB, Joe Williams, Mike McGlinchey, Dante Pettis and Brandon Aiyuk, are all certainly KS selections.
    Guess Grant is getting desperate for clicks. The 2 or 3 comments about his post are just not cutting it.

    1. No one mentions that Lynch came in as a highly paid GM while Kyle was being paid at the lower end of the pay scale for coaches.
      This is partly due to two factors. One, coaches are paid more and they have greater turnover than GMs so contracts get outdated much faster. And two, they had to pay Lynch more at the beginning due to how much he was making as an announcer.
      This resulted in Kyle being greatly underpaid based on last seasons results and John being paid about right for how the well the team did. So the team needed to address Kyle’s contract quickly and could kick Lynch’s contract rework down the road.

  16. Grant’ assumptions based on his desperate attempt to attract attention have already grown old at his new digs.

    1. SI should have asked for references. A lot of us here would have been more than willing to give one ???

      1. I do wish the young man well, but he tried using the same edgy style his dad (who was a well noted and respected sports writer for the SF Chronicle) used some 30 years ago.
        Angering players and management in an attempt to build his own brand can only go so far.

        In the business of sports writing its more favorable to build respectable relationships with those people you report on. Apparently, Grant never saw it like this.

        1. Gosh, I am hoping that I am not too harsh on Grant. I do like his edginess, but he must also anchor his arguments with facts and logic.
          Maybe my approach is the result of some one claiming Grant is laughing at this site. Sure, it has changed, but this Pandemic has messed with everyone and everything. It even threatens to shut down the season, if the spike continues. Grant and his father are probably pining for the Good Ol’ Days, when the printed word had power, not the present digital deluge. The days when there were just a few columnists, and everyone doted on their words. It also helped to have competent skillful literary craftsmen, who knew how to turn a phrase.
          Now we had Barber, and now CWN, who seem AWOL. In contrast, Posey on NN seems to crank out 5 or 6 posts a day, and actually engages with the fans. I am still hoping for a season, but if it is cancelled, there may be little to discuss.
          I do miss Grant, and wish him well. Too bad he has a tough row to hoe, and his assistant writers are not doing him any favors. If they continue to spout nonsense like it was the Niners who slapped Mostert in the face, people will tune them out. Ragging on JG, then JL, just is too formulaic, and smacks of desperation.

          1. Seb,
            Grant’s hit job on Bosa (portraying him as a racist) leading up to the draft was indefensible.
            That wasn’t edgy reporting, that was a journalistic attack. The PD should have fired him on the spot.

            1. Naw, Grant was just responding to what Bosa wrote.
              If it was indefensible, why did Bosa apologize and say he needs to be better educated on the subject? Fortunately, it was just juvenile scribblings, and Bosa has matured and scrupulously avoided the subject.
              Grant mainly pointed out his injury history, and I had reservations about them, too, especially when he had an injury during training camp.
              However, I stated to Razor that I wanted them to trade back, but if they did take Bosa, I would abide by their decision, and root for him to succeed. Fortunately, Bosa stayed relatively healthy all season, and played like a Pro Bowler. He certainly earned his DROY award.
              Grant is gone, and he deserves to be able to earn a living. Imho, that was not a fireable offense. I may disagree with him, but I will defend his right to have an opinion, even if it is wrong. I may take some digs at him, but still wish him well.

              1. No, Grant exacerbated the topic to the point that Bosa was pressured to make an apologetic statement.
                Grant took Twitter pics and comments from Bosa which as you note, were immature and Grant tried to paint his own narrative.
                Had Grant done his homework and procured interviews with Bosa’ former teammates at O. U., he would have found that not one teammate viewed Bosa as a racist.

                Seb, this was the text book edgy style of writing and reporting by Grant. But he it too far.
                Journalistic hyperbole by subtle suggestion that a player that the 49ers were interested in might be racist.
                This was a simple case of the old adage of judging a book by its cover. Grant intentionally, never took the time to read its content.

                Sure, I agree with you on the immaturity aspect, but in this case, it came from Grant.

              2. Grant climbed aboard the race train and joined in the exploitation of Bosa hoping it would force the 49ers to pass on him and take his boy Allen….

  17. How should the Niners implement their TC plan?
    Maybe they should separate the 25 starters from the rest of the team. Let them practice in an isolated setting with quarantine procedures. That way, they would have less chance of contracting the Covid 19 virus, and would then be almost guaranteed to be able to field a team. The second string players should also establish a separate grouping, and only go against the rest of the 30 players in small, containable settings. Pit the second string against the 3rd string, to have competition, and allow for assessments. The first string offense should go against the first string defense. The coaches will then have film to make assessments, and could shift players, but only after being quarantined.
    I truly wonder how they will conduct their practices, They need to have players interact with as few other players as possible, so if there is a player that contracts the Covid 19 virus, they can remove him, with as little contact as possible among the team. If several players become infected, all bets are off.

      1. Especially no clown paint. Touching the face is a good way to get Covid 19, with disastrous results.

  18. It was interesting to note that JL did not want to move up with Minnesota, because he was afraid that the Vikings would have too much draft capital, and out bid the Niners for Trent Williams. That was strategic thinking, and fortunately, the Vikings selected Ezra Cleveland, so they passed on Trent Williams.
    Moving up was a risk, and it also was costly. The Niners gave up the 117th and 174th picks to move up 5 spots. With those picks, the Vikings selected DJ Wonnum DE, and KJ Osborn WR, who ran a 4.48 forty. If those players excel, the Vikings may have had the better strategy. The Niners could have been patient. waited for Aiyuk who may have fallen to him anyways, and they could have saved those picks, and selected players like DJ Wonnum and KJ Osborn. GB was forecast to select a WR, but they moved up to select a QB. Tee Higgins and Michael Pittman were chosen 33rd and 34th, so even if another team had coveted one of those WRs, there were at least 2 others to choose from.
    In the end, KS got his way, and they traded up for Aiyuk. Only time will tell if that was a smart move. If either DJ Wonnum or KJ Osborn do well, the Vikings will have won the trade. If Tee Higgins or Michael Pittman have big seasons, but not Aiyuk, trading up would have definitely been a poor strategy. If Aiyuk gains 1000 yards, KS will have been proven right. Trading up to get back to the playoffs, will have been a smart gamble to make. If they miss the playoffs it will be second guessed all offseason.

  19. “In the end, KS got his way, and they traded up for Aiyuk. Only time will tell if that was a smart move.” Seb

    I think it sounds better using the term KS got his “guy.” Shanahan and Lynch made it clear by passing on well noted WR’s and maneuvering in the draft to get their guy. Personally speaking, I don’t care much how the above mentioned players do. My interests lays on what Aiyuk does.

    1. The players chosen after Aiyuk were-
      Jordan Love QB.
      Jordyn Brooks LB.
      Patrick Queen LB.
      Isaiah Wilson OT.
      Noah Igbinoghene CB.
      Jeff Gladney CB at 31.
      Clyde Edwards- Helaire RB.
      Not a WR among them. I submit to you, that they could have been patient, saved those picks, waited 6 picks and still could have selected Aiyuk at 31. If the Niners had kept those picks, they could also have selected- Albert Ogwuegbunam TE, who had a great Combine. Mycal Walker LB, who was very productive in college. Or Lamical Perine RB, who does everything well. They were chosen right after DJ Wonnum. The 3 players after Osborn were- Michael Danna EDGE, Justin Strnad LB, who I mocked many times, and Bradlee Anae EDGE, who is strong and instinctive.
      I will be monitoring their careers, but yes, if Aiyuk produces a thousand yards and 10 TDs, he will make that trade worth it. If any of those other players make it to the Pro Bowl, KS will be subject to second guessing. That is just in his job description. He owns the Aiyuk trade, for good, or bad.

      1. Last year, I was touting two players who handle the pass rusher position. I floated between Nick Bosa and Josh Allen. While Allen led all rookies with 10.5 sacks, I would not trade Bosa for Allen.

        Both players proved to be equally important for their respective teams. Aiyuk doesn’t need to be a rookie of the year (though that would nice) player, he just needs to be another productive piece for the offense.
        Btw, no one could guarantee that Aiyuk would still be on the board at 31.

        1. There was no guarantee, but none of the other teams chose a WR, with Tee Higgins and Michael Pittman still available. My premise is that rookie WRs tend to become injured, because they have not worked out and built enough muscle to withstand the sledgehammer hits the DBs and LBs can deliver. Many high draft picks, thrown into the breach too early, tend to struggle a lot Therefore, we should not count on Aiyuk to become the star -go to- player, right away. They should work him in slowly, to protect him.
          The Niners were patient, and obtained Trent Williams. They could also have been patient, saved 2 draft picks and still could have drafted Aiyuk at 31. We will never know how it would have turned out otherwise, but I will abide by their decision, and root for his success.
          However, KS may have been thinking that GB, who chose at 30 right before the Niners, would most likely choose a WR. It was a real shocker, and a slap in Rodger’s face, for them to pass on a WR and select a QB. They rubbed salt in the wound by not even selecting a WR all draft, even thought this draft was loaded with good WR talent.

      2. Seb,
        This is plain and simple “Monday morning QB’ing.”

        Aiyuk might become a godsend if Deebo has complications with his Jones injury like Trent Taylor did last season. I have to trust Shanahan’ and Lynch’ decision on Aiyuk.
        With Aiyuk, we don’t know, what we don’t know until he’s on the field.
        Imaging the upheaval around here if Kittle would have been drafted in 2nd – 4th round. We didn’t know at the time just how he good was going to become.
        I gotta trust the 49ers decision that they drafted the player they wanted.

        1. Yes, just like we dissect the 2017 draft, there will always be second guessing. I am not in a tizzy over this past draft. If fact, I am very pleased with it.
          Getting Kinlaw was huge, and KS got the player he coveted. Obtaining Trent Williams was totally unexpected, but very welcome because Staley retired.
          Most drafts can only be objectively assessed after 3 years. I was going to say that the Niners have reloaded, and are geared up for another SB run, but those pesky Seahawks just threw a wrench in their plans with their blockbuster trade.

  20. In other news, Alex Smith has been cleared to play football.
    I know he is dying to play, but literally?

        1. Oregon,
          Hope all is well.
          I must respectfully disagree my friend. Alex had some very mediocre years before he became a viable QB in the league.
          Smith was a much better QB in KC than he was in SF.
          I believe that the honor of best QB since Montana will go to Garoppolo.

    1. Well Sebbie, perhaps he’ll be coached to keep his injured leg up ‘in the air’ when he’s about to go down…

        1. Good ‘ol Cassie…………gotta love him! And a beautiful stench it is, Sebs! Like “Old Spice”! (NOT Old Yeller….)

    2. Happy for him as a person. Worst case now is he doesn’t make the team and lives a full, unencumbered life with his family, off accumulated earnings.

      But at this point, you got to think he’d be (at least) a mediocre starter for some team again, right? Or an excellent backup?

  21. The experts y say “good pitching beats good hitting”. Giants have neither. It will be a painful half-season .

    1. While perusing the blog “latest comments “ a not so smart spam bot decided to comment on Grant’s 2016 day 7 training camp report. For yucks:

      THE GOOD

      6. DE Arik Armstead. Unmovable in the running game. Faced Trent Brown and Andrew Tiller during a 2-on-1 run-blocking drill and held his ground against both of them.



      3. DE DeForest Buckner. Pushed around during the same 2-on-1 run-blocking drill Armstead dominated. Tried to slip around blockers, which made Buckner easy to move to the side, unlike Armstead who almost always tries to go directly through the blocker he’s facing.

      Maybe the team kept the right guy after all ?

      1. I did a quick check on Grant earlier this week and he seems to think there is a rift between KS and Lynch and that the Niners want to dump lynch. Some things never change.

    2. Rollo,
      Absolutely agree. While watching the last two games, I couldn’t help but think about the days of Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Bumgarner. As a dodgers hater (as a fan only), I always remind my son-in-law (huge dodgers fan) that if they had Bumgarner as their starting pitcher in the WS they would have about 3-4 RINGS.
      Kerchoke just can’t get it done.

  22. Last night, I watched Chris Sims interview KS. Great interview, that brought forth many insights. Chris promised a 30 minute interview, but it lasted over an hour. I highly recommend it for any Niner fan.
    KS may not have put on his ‘Trader Bill’ hat during games, but his wife told him to keep wearing that cap because it was a lucky hat. Good move. It worked 15 times.
    KS thought they were a special team, even during TC. He mentioned starting to believe, during the Steelers game, when they managed to win, even after 5 turnovers in the first half.
    I was encouraged from the first game, because I saw them playing Niner Defense. KS thought the Rams game was pivotal, when so many players went down, due to injury, yet the Niners still won. I was also encouraged by the Steelers game, because I saw JG taking big hits, yet came back strong with no limitations from his ACL knee.
    I thought the Niners could make it to the SB after the Saints game. JG was clutch.
    KS talked about JL. He praised JL because he knew JL was hungry to return to the action. Talking about it was not as exciting as being part of a team. KS did mention there were spirited arguments, but in his heart, he knew that JL was so passionate, and had a huge desire to win. KS is grateful that JL is their GM, and everyone is on the same page, and pulling in the right direction. I do not think KS wants to have the GM duties. He says that being the HC is tough enough.
    I liked how KS attributed his growth in coaching the offense, due to his time working with the defense.
    It was fascinating to hear how Jon Gruden had 196 offensive plays that KS needed to learn and master, but when he worked with his father, the scheme was much less complicated, more simpler. Working on the timing and execution of the plays was more important than being diverse, with intricacies.
    KS also talked about how to gain focus. Some players do not handle well, being asked to read various checkpoints. Some players are best left to just react quickly, and utilize his skills and talents to play fast. Some players struggle if tasked with information overload. Keeping the defense simple, yet sound fundamentally, seems to be his mantra.
    I also liked how KS was honest and forthright. He resented coaches BSing him, so he refuses to lie to his players. He will always tell the truth, no matter if it hurts their feelings, because no player is safe from being replaced. It is just a brutally tough part of the game. He was honest with JG about the interest in Tom Brady, and like a true professional, JG took it like a man, and realized that they were just doing their due diligence, and trying every way they can to win.
    KS also had unstinting praise for JG, so Steve Young was way off base, saying that JG had to regain the trust of KS.
    I must give praise to Chris Sims. He asked the right questions, then let KS elucidate. Even though they are close friends, he got KS to expand on subjects and information that Sims did not know about.
    It was highly entertaining, and I learned a lot.

    1. Still learning? Dude you haven’t scratched the embryo!
      In other news, a great trade for Seattle and the Jets. I guess the Niners decided Kittle was the better player than Adams by not making the deal.

      1. Your problem is that you never learn.
        Great trade for Seattle? No, they gave up way too much. They still need to bolster the pass rush, and their first round pick was a reach.
        The Seahawks with Adams, may make it twice as hard to win. No wonder you are glad they made a ‘great’ deal.

        1. You never learn that football trades have to be beneficial for both teams.
          You have to give to get but the only thing you give is crap, and that’s why you are the joke of this blog!

          1. I have been consistent in my trade scenarios. I have always tried to make it a win/win situation, because those are more likely to be facilitated.
            Now you are implying that you thought that originally, all on your own? Quit parroting me.
            Actually, this trade will be beneficial, only if the Seahawks win a SB. I agree with Razor, giving up 2 first round picks is too much, especially for a safety. Seahawks really must be desperate. The fans on Gang Green are crowing about the first round bonanza, but I am confident Joe Douglas will manage to whiff on his selections. When was the last time the Jets have won a SB? With Cam at NE, the Jets may be the cellar dwellers again.

              1. Remember I was the only one on this blog who mocked the Niners drafting Aiyuk!

              2. No, you wanted to bet money that they would draft CJ Henderson.
                You never posted a mock with Aiyuk in it. In fact, you said you did not do mocks.
                Nice try, but maybe you should remember that in my last mock before the draft, I had selected Javon Kinlaw.
                JL managed to trade back and still got the player they targeted. With that additional draft capital, they managed to do something I have advocated for many times. KS bundled picks to move up, and selected the player he coveted.

  23. Seb,
    Thanks for the synopsis. I really don’t have an hour to spend on an interview ?
    Short attention span these days my friend.

    1. No problemo, but I left out a lot. With this pandemic, we all should have lots of time on our hands. I gained a lot of insights on KS’s coaching philosophy.
      I am happy. Giants are playing, and actually won a game. I am cautiously optimistic the 49ers are gearing up for training camp. Guess they are knocking down walls, so they can hold meetings with 6 feet separation between players. Hopefully the rumors about Kittle are true.
      Hope springs eternal. GO Giants! GO NINERS!!!!!!

      1. Yup. Just beating the Disney Dodgers (my son-in-law gets heated when I call them that) makes my day.

  24. Our chances of landing Jamal Adams? With this style of defense, a ball hocking safety would only seem to add alot to the effectiveness of game changing turnovers and improved secondary play. But looking at both the cap, what we have to offer up, and current players –> who’s contracts need to be reworked/extended…. what would be the most likely scenario in order for that to happen?

    1. Damn, Seattle is giving up a lot.

      “Seattle is sending their 2021 and 2022 first-round picks to New York, along with a 2021 third-round pick and safety Bradley McDougald in exchange for Adams and a 2022 fourth-round pick according to Ian Rapoport.”

      1. Yeah, I would have loved to bring Adams in if it cost a 1st rounder and Tartt. But two 1sts, a 3rd plus a player is too much so glad the 49ers let the Seahawks “win” that particular battle.

        1. The player they’re giving up is being upgraded in the move so that’s a non-factor. The difference between their 3rd and the Jets 4th the following year probably will be about 10 spots. Two firsts is about what you’d expect to pay for one of the best safeties in the game.

          1. Two firsts is about what you’d expect to pay for one of the best safeties in the game.

            No way in hell I’m giving up two 1st’s for one of the best cb’s in the game, let alone a safety.

            1. “Some will applaud the @nyjets for snagging 2 1st-round picks and an additional 3rd pick but they gave up a proven All-Pro who happened to be their best player… If CFB doesn’t play this fall, you’ve given up an all-star for a roll of the dice.. Are you sure NY pick All-Pros???”

              Stealing from Bucky Brooks

            2. Razor, we haven’t agreed on much lately but I’m with you here. The only positions I’m thinking about giving up two 1sts and a 3rd for are edge and LT (or an interior DL if his name is Donald, last name that is. Or a QB if his name is Brady and 10-15 years younger). And those players better be all-pros as well at that.

          2. It isn’t a non factor. That’s a starting calibre player. There is an opportunity cost valued at whatever they could otherwise trade him for.

            It is a lot to give up, no matter which way you want to slice it. Very good player, but at that price I am glad the 49ers didn’t make that trade.

            1. McDougald Is a good player, but Adams is an All-Pro. They upgraded the spot so it’s less than a wash.

              1. Of course they upgraded the spot, that’s the point of giving up what they gave up. But you can’t just dismiss the giving up of McDougald as a “non factor” just because it is his spot Adams is taking. He adds value to the trade no matter how you sell it.

                Your argument that the 3rd is effectively a “swap” of about 10 draft spots with the Jets 4th is also off the mark. Its a 2021 3rd the Seahawks are giving up, and a 2022 4th they are receiving. In most peoples reckoning the value of the 2022 4th is less than a 2021 4th and most draftniks would argue about a round value differential for future picks, making it more like a 5th round value. That pick is probably closer to the value the Seahawks could have gotten for McDougald.

          3. It’s not just about what they gave up either. They now have to pay this guy at the top of the S market to boot because they gave up too much compensation to let him walk in a couple of years. Really strange deal for Seattle at a time when the salary cap is going down and they don’t really have a team capable of making a run even with a pro bowl SS.

              1. Do you really think Mr. Jamal Adams is going to wait 3 years for a new contract, without causing major headaches?

                Try 1 year, JP. If Seattle doesn’t give him an extension after this season, you can bet your top dollar that the sh_t will hit the proverbial fan!

              2. Adams was so desperate to get out of NY, he promised to play under his rookie contract. The Seahawks could not have afforded him otherwise.
                Adams is betting on himself. Go to a SB contender. Win, then get a huge payday.
                Kinda like Trent Williams. He is playing under his existing contract, but expects to be paid well, after winning a SB.

              3. Yes, but I can assure you that Jamal considers himself the best SS in the NFL, and will never play out his option year (5th year) without an extension in place. He be a fool to do so, and Jamal doesn’t strike me as anybody’s fool!

                You know how much I like Adams, Seb, as I was strongly advocating for the Niners to draft him. My only apprehension was that he played at a position of which most teams don’t put a premium on. He still plays a non-premium position, only now 3 years into his rookie contract, and changing systems.

                No way around it … the Hawks got hosed out of fear of the Niners’ rushing attack, and I’m tickled pink about it!

              4. 49, I am wondering if Adams did so well on the Jets, because everyone else were so mediocre.
                I wonder how well he will do with Kittle assigned to block him.
                I am not tickled pink, because he will make winning harder. However, looking long term strategically pertaining to the draft, I agree, the Seahawks got hosed.
                I am also glad JL drove up the bidding. That was also a shrewd move.

              5. I should clarify, Seb. I am tickled pink in terms of the salary cap ramification for the Seahawks beyond this season, at a time when, in theory, the value of 1st round picks will be at a premium, due to the lowering of the salary cap. If Adams puts them over the top in 2020, well then hats off to them, but I think that’s unlikely.

        2. I seriously doubt the 49ers were ever seriously considering Adams because their premium is on the pass rush and not the secondary….

          1. I just read that the Cowboys and 49ers were in the mix for Adams.
            Glad the Niners inflated the trade compensation. The Seahawks way overpaid. Sometimes, the best deals are the ones you do not make.

            1. Yea, they played the Seahawks for sure because they had no intention of ever trading for him.

              1. I think they had every intention of trading for him but the price in the end was too high.

              2. I think you’re probably right Razor, although as far as the secondary goes, CB is considered a much more “premium” position compared to an in the box Safety.

                And think of it this way ….. Lynch has pulled the trigger on 3 big trades, all 3 of which are players who play at positions which teams put a premium on: QB – Jimmy Garoppolo, OT – Trent Williams and DE – Dee Ford, and Lynch pulled off all 3 trades without giving up a single 1st round pick.

              3. Yep, that’s why I never believed Grant’s source regarding the 49ers genuine interest in Adams. All a big ruse, and I’m sure Shanny Inc. is having a good laugh this evening over their celebratory roast beast and Far Niente….

              4. I agree Razor. It reminds me a lot of the Rams panic move trading for Ramsey last season, even though that trade was during the season and Ramsey is clearly more valuable than Adams, IMO, because shutdown corners cost a lot more money.

                Don’t you get a sense that Grant puts stuff out there that he knows makes little to no sense for the Niners, giving himself an opening to criticize ShanaLynch when they don’t follow his often obsurd suggestions?

              5. I think Grant is an opportunistic journalist who’ll latch on to most any cockamamie story and exploit it to further his career….

              6. I think there are some people on here that so desperately want to see Grant fail they refuse to believe any story he pushes.

                In this instance while Grant “broke” the story, there was also plenty of other places the rumour was coming from in recent weeks about the 49ers and Seahawks being the two teams with most interest, and those rumours appear to have at least been partially right.

                As for the team not considering it a “premium” position, they have outlined numerous times that as far as the D goes they consider pass rush and up the middle as key. Adams at SS is one of those up the middle guys. It is part of the same reason as to why they invest so heavily in inside LBs that can cover.

                I think there absolutely was genuine interest by the 49ers in adding a guy like Adams, and that it falls well within their general ethos on D.

              7. If Grant fails it’ll be because his reputation for shock bait journalism has preceded itself. Not because of someone’s animus towards him.

                There’s no evidence to suggest Shanny covets an elite safety or cb to run the defense he wants. None, zero, zip, nada. In fact, they bucked all the experts advice of people like Grant who every year say they need to address the secondary in the first round. Said the Patriots have the model, and that the secondary is more important than the pass rush now. Shanny was right because the pass rush helped their average secondary become the best against the pass. That’s why they’ll never invest in those positions with a high draft pick or capital over DL….

              8. “If Grant fails it’ll be because his reputation for shock bait journalism has preceded itself. Not because of someone’s animus towards him.”

                That’s nice. Not what I was getting at though.

                “There’s no evidence to suggest Shanny covets an elite safety or cb to run the defense he wants.”

                They are paying Ward a pretty big salary for a safety. They went out and signed Sherman on a big money deal too. It is no secret they see the pass rush as the key, and their moves in the 2019 off season proved this, but to suggest they don’t place any value on the back end is clearly incorrect too.

              9. You jumped the shark a bit with the part about not putting “any value on the backend” there, Big Scootie. Never said it, don’t believe it and it’s not true. Fact is they have shown their priorities, and their safeties have to be disciplined in their assignments and do their jobs, while their priorities hunt the quarterback. When they use a 1st round pick on a safety I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong but I just don’t see them doing it….

              10. Grant was right. The Niners had interest in signing him and made an offer.
                I thought that the Niners should sign him so he would not go to the Cowboys or Seahawks. Well, the Seahawk way overpaid, so the Niners helped drive up the price.
                The Jets fans on Gang Green are crowing about winning the deal. Too bad the result was- their best player, like many others, got tired of losing for a bunch of losers and wanted out. Meanwhile, the Niners are back to their winning ways, and have attracted elite talent like Kwon, Ford, Sanders and Williams. How can the Jets stop being perennial cellar dwellers if no one decent wants to play there?
                I just figure that JD their GM will whiff and miss, like the Rams did when they had a boatload of picks. In 2014, they got a first round pick, and drafted Greg Robinson, who turned out to be a bust. Maybe JD’s best strategy would be to bundle the 2 first to get the top pick, but they may be ‘awarded’ the top pick because they just lost their best player, which will not help them win.
                The biggest problem for the Jets is- even though they may get an elite talent with that draft pick, he will want to flee the dysfunctional dumpster fire, so the Jets are cursed. They cannot retain elite talent, and will be doomed to dream of Broadway Joe as their only bright spot.

              11. Seahawks have a fantastic safety with no pass rush and no 1st round draft pick until 2023.?

              12. I will agree with you about the Seahawks way overpaying. However, they tended to use their first round picks to trade back, anyways.
                I totally agree they are not thinking it through, because now, they cannot lock any player into their 5th year option, making it harder to retain talent.
                Still, any team getting an All Pro player, just improved their team.
                If the Niners assign Kittle to block Jamal Adams, he may find it tougher to make tackles.

              13. Adams at SS is one of those up the middle guys.

                Adams is a DB. How often do the 49ers rush the passer with a DB? The answer is rarely. The key for them is consistent pressure with 4 DL’s.

                Did it ever occur to anyone that Adams’ elevated sack total likely has more to do with defensive design, than it does pass rushing talent? How many sacks did the Jests have as a team in 2019?

                Well, according to PFR advanced stats, the Jets had 35 (regular season) total sacks, which was 13 fewer sacks than the 49ers in 2019, despite blitzing nearly twice as often (Jets had the 3rd highest blitz % in the NFL), giving Adams far more opportunities than most Safeties.

                Very good player, but he’s a box safety for crying out loud, and you have to look at the league-wide market for a SS. By that metric, he’s not worth anywhere close to what the Seahawks gave up, IMO, all things considered.

              14. Mostert gets a new deal.

                Ah Scooter …. here’s Grant Cohn on the subject exactly 1 week ago:

                So far, he has received a meeting, not a raise. And now, there’s a promising report, but still no raise. I’m guessing the report originated from the 49ers, because it makes them look fair-minded and player-friendly without doing anything. Plus, Rapoport cited anonymous “sources” as well as Mostert’s agent, which suggests the “sources” might be the 49ers. Why would Mostert’s agent leak a report that his client still hasn’t gotten what he wants from the 49ers? Doesn’t make sense. This feels like a public relations move by the 49ers.

                I have no idea why you continue to give Grant the benefit of the doubt, Scooter. Does this sound like a fair-minded take to you? You are way to kind my friend!

              15. ‘The report made them look fair minded and player friendly without doing anything.’
                Now that they had the meeting, and cleared the air, the Niners gave him a bonus and incentives.
                I do not fault the Niners at all. They have been dealing with this pandemic, so their minds are on other matters. Glad they got it done, but they did sign him to a 3 year deal, so they did value his services. Mostert merely outplayed his contract, but no one knew ahead of time how well he would have played.
                Now, I hope they can get a deal done with Kittle. He is the one who is truly being vastly underpaid.

      2. Quite a lot. May work for the Seahawks, may not. I’m thinking the acquisition will be underwhelming when all plays out. We shall see.

        1. This trade to me shows:
          (1) Schnieder-Carroll’s desperation in trying to stop the Niners run game, as they watch Kyle stocking up on large slot receivers in his quest for “positionless” skill positions.
          (2) Their lack of confidence in hitting on high round draft picks.
          Adams may continue to play at a all-Pro level for the next 5 years but I am not sure how much closer it puts the Hawks to a Super Bowl. Definitely makes the team stronger this season, though.

          Happy that Shanalynch may have been able to raise the cost of the trade for the Hawks by blowing some well-timed smoke….

    2. Well, the only silver lining may be that the Seahawks may not be able to afford Clowney, now.

    3. Seems like a “win now” move. I guess they sense their window of opportunity, such as it is, is closing.

      1. The Seahawks need to fix their O line, and their first round pick was a big reach. They should have selected Patrick Queen, who the Ravens took next pick. Jordyn Brooks was ranked 213 on one draft board, and 98 on another. He excelled against mediocre competition.
        Russell Wilson may have reservations about playing, especially after the birth of his new child, Win.
        They still need help with the pass rush, unless they can manage to re-sign Clowney.

      2. Wouldn’t that be something, if a starting QB decided to sit out the season? It wouldn’t take many major sit-outs to put an asterisk on any season’s outcomes…

  25. Teams are starting their cut downs to 80. I wonder who will be waived by the Niners.

  26. Voting is like driving a car….
    Select (D) to go forward
    Select (R) to go backwards

  27. Two firsts and a third! For an ahole that no one wants to play with!

    Love the move, will backfire big time on them.

  28. 8 Marlins players and 2 coaches test positive. Their home opener is postponed. FL is the Covid hot spot in the US. Florida’s Trumpy lackey governor is an incompetent fool. He instructed their state health dept to hide covid case data – criminal negligence. This is precisely the scenario I have raised questions about in reference to the NFL. What if a team loses their entire O line due to Covid? Do they forfeit 2 weeks ? Or do they patch together an Oline and jeopardize their QB?

    1. I think they’ll let the season* proceed, cancel games as necessary (like they’re doing in MLB), and maybe use win % to decide playoff standings*.

      Good thing rich athletes can get tested and get their results so quickly, and limit the spread!

      Hopefully a Super Bowl* winner will emerge almost as usual in February, maybe a few weeks late. Sometimes, it’s injuries that end a team’s season. This year it might be illness.

      There’s too much money at stake not to push their luck as far as they can. They probably see no downside financially to a team getting sick, at least compared to no season at all. (No one is including long-term health effects to their assets aka players in their calculations.) People will watch, TV ratings will be good, no matter the integrity of the game.

    2. The snowball effect. Two MLB games have been cancelled. Sports are a luxury of a functioning society which embraces facts, science , medicine and common sense. Our federal leadership is moronic , corrupt and incompetent.

      Grant Paulsen@granthpaulsen

      MLB has reportedly cancelled TWO of tonight’s games already. Marlins-Orioles and Yankees-Phillies games both reportedly won’t take place (via @Ken_Rosenthal ). We’ve wondered for months “what happens if sports return and a team has an outbreak?” We’re about to find out.

      1. What could possibly go wrong with the NFL protocols? We are seeing an example of a league with no bubble restrictions, in a pandemic hotspot.
        Maybe the SB winner will be the last team standing. The Niners should isolate the 25 starters, in order to guarantee fielding a team.

  29. The Niners need to cut down to 80. With Deebo, James and Reed out, they may need to cut only 8 players since they just signed Jamar Taylor.
    Here is my list of possible waivers to get down to 80.
    Ray Smith DT, Leonard Webster OL. Cris Edwards S, Jermaine Kelly CB, Chris Thompson WR, Jake Brendel OL, Josh Hokit RB, Dontae Johnson CB.

  30. Baseball is about to shutdown….. You need a bubble if you want to play sports.

    What if the NFL proposes…..If team can work in a bubble – then they can play (meaning everybody involved in games in hotel for the season)
    If Team can’t afford or be in a bubble – they get to opt-out and receive a low % of the revenue

    The TV deal is what the Owners are chasing

  31. HS sports in Cali shut down until Jan’21.

    On another topic, why all the reporting and discussion about what Eyore Cohn writes?
    We know where to find him if we want him (I don’t); no need to drag his drivel to this already-blighted site.

    1. Well, since the other writers are not producing any articles, why not?
      I am not lionizing Grant. I am actually disagreeing with him, in several of my posts. We understand Grant well, and it is just his MO to be hyperbolic.
      However, he did get the interest in Jamal Adams right.
      Blighted site? Speak for yourself. In this Covid Pandemic, I am happy with this site, although the politics and acrimony could be toned down.

        1. My prediction came true. You have started hurling expletives and insults.
          I win again.

          1. JL claimed he never made a call and presented a formal trade proposal, but several sources said the Niners were in the mix.
            The Seahawks did not give up 2 first round picks out of the blue.
            JL never made a call, but he did not say if the agent for Adams or JD made a call to the Niners.
            JL would be derelict in his duties if he did not even consider any trade scenarios. It is just due diligence to at least look at what is possible.
            So 2 things can be true. JL did not call, but they called him. Jamal Adams named the 49ers as a team he wanted to be traded to. Maybe it was not Joe Douglas presenting a formal offer, but he did say he laughed at what other teams offered.
            If JL is saying he did not want to improve the team by acquiring an All Pro, maybe he is not doing everything in his power to win. If he thought that Adams would be too expensive, and he was satisfied with the players they have, I could see that, and understand why he did not call.

            1. It was your buddy worm-tongue….

              Oh, and as you’ve called out many times over the years, if JL and KS wanted to win, they’d [insert sebbie idea here].

              1. Yup.
                Oh, look, the Niners have an opportunity to get an All Pro player.
                Unplug the telephones and hide under a desk! Who in their right mind would want an All Pro Player!

          2. Lol! Funny how they wait until after he has been traded to claim they weren’t interested. If there was no interest they could have cleared it up well before now.

            Too many people saying the 49ers were one of the teams in on Adams for it not to have some legs.

            1. Why in the Euck would they say anything? If someone’s agent is using reporters to drive up the price for our division arch rival, I don’t know about you but I’m keeping my fat trap shut until they jump the shark!

            2. Seriously Scooter?

              Are you seriously suggesting that if the Niners weren’t interested in Adams, that they should have shown their hand upfront, clearing the way for a potential suitor, in this case a division foe, to potentially pay less for said player?

              My goodness Scooter, are you thinking before posting some of this stuff? If so …. I’d love to get you on a poker table for a little ol’ fashion Texas Hold’em. It’s always a good idea to show fellow competitors every ace in the hole you’ve drawn, before they contemplate pushing their chips all in, wink-wink. SMH!

              1. Are you saying that the Seahawks bid against themselves?
                The Niners did not show their hand, because they were not making competitive offers.
                JL is saving every penny for Kittle’s contract, so he did not offer much, and once it hit 2 first round picks, he may have folded, so he did not need to show any cards.
                Joe Douglas was the one who initiated the call, so JL was truthful when he claimed he did not make a call.

              2. Seb, the 49ers as an organization never showed any interest whatsoever in trading for Adams. That’s just a fact! Some people will twist into a pretzel out of desperation to avoid admitting they fell for another agent driven, bogus report!

            3. Lol! Funny how they wait until after he has been traded to claim they weren’t interested. If there was no interest they could have cleared it up well before now.

              Too many people saying the 49ers were one of the teams in on Adams for it not to have some legs.

              Actually not many were saying that which is why it was not a credible rumor and why would they need to clear up a rumor to begin with?. GC said it was gaining steam or something like that but none of the heavy hitter insiders said anything about it. Could the 49ers have been interested? Sure, but they weren’t calling and trying to make something happen which was supported by Lynch’s statement. This is likely the same kind of situation they had with Brady where they gave it some thought but never seriously pursued it.

  32. Ian Rapoport
    The #49ers did not add new years to RB Raheem Mostert’s contract. With achievable incentives and a signing bonus he can almost double his salary of $2.875M this year, source said. Mostly, this is about the incentives.

    I hope it translates to furious competition for touches.

    1. Agreed, win-win. Does this affect the salary cap? The only reason the 9ers care what they spend is the zero-sum aspect of the cap.

  33. NFL Networks Tom Pelisero is reporting that the cap for 2021 could be as low as 175 million. Down from 210-215 mill projected. Wow that would leave the niners with about 5 to 10 mill in cap room before the draft. Our conversations next year aren’t going to be about who we should sign but which 4 starters are we going to release.

  34. JL call reports of 49ers’ interest in J Adams totally false.

    49ers finalize new deal with Raheem Mostert…..He can now earn $5m in 2020

    @Razor – You don’t mix with the 49ers

    1. Niners probably started the rumor they were interested in J Adams to force the Seahags to up their offer for him – and it worked spendidly! 2 number 1s and a 3rd — wow, LOL

      1. The Niners did not have to start any rumors. Joe Douglas probably called up the Niners, JL probably offered a second round pick, and JD laughed at him.
        Jamal Adams’s agent was probably the one to start the rumors, to drive up the price, in order to get a deal done.

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