Jed York throws Trent Baalke under the bus

Jed York made a vow to win with class on December 29th, 2014.

Less than three months later, the 49ers signed Jerome Simpson, who has been arrested three times since 2008. One arrest was for DUI. He pleaded guilty to reckless driving. He was suspended by the NFL when a 2.5-pound package of marijuana addressed to his house was seized by the authorities.

Ann Killion recently asked York what was the thinking behind the Simpson signing?

“I don’t know what the thinking was,” said York.

It sure looks to me like York threw Trent Baalke under the bus and washed his hands of having anything to do with signing Simpson.

Maybe I’m misinterpreting York’s comment. Do you have an alternate interpretation?

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  1. Nope.
    Yours sounds right to me.
    Can’t wait to see Jed try to BS his way out of this one!

    1. I guess social media only works when Jed wants to tweet something after losses on the scoreboard.

      A List of 49er Bargain Basement Draft picks/Bargain Basement Free Agents recovering from significant injuries expecting significant playing time in 2015:

      Darnell Dockett, Quinton Dial, Navarro Bowman, Patrick Willis, Ian Williams,
      Brandon Thomas, Jerome Simpson (Possible drug problems), Keith Reaser, Tank Carradine, Kaleb Ramsey,

      1. Note from Matt Barrow, Sacramento Bee:

        Because Dockett and Simpson were signed before the start of Free Agency they won’t count against the formula for Calculating Draft Picks.

        Simpson is supposed to be a talented F/A but has issues to be resolved.

    2. No one can guess what someone is thinking from 2 sentences derived from a conversation. Please, report the ENTIRE conversation between Ann Killion & Jed York so that we can know in what context the conversation is made. If you cannot, then I have to ask the question “Is this just another irresponsible journalist slanting a conversation so that they can report what they want to?”

    3. TOPIC: Ego

      Is there a Possibility of Jed York being like the Lead Singer of the Skyliners on YOUTUBE, when they’re singing: “SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU.”
      It’s the Video with Dick Clark introducing the band, and the lead singer is so humble, lacks ego, lets the others shine, that his back is turned during the whole intoduction and a large portion of the song you don’t even know he’s there.
      (So you get the right video, it’s the one where they’re dressed in Western outfits


  2. Not sure if it was intentional or not, but another example of why Jed should just shut the heck up. His winning with class statement was ill conceived, and its coming back to bite him on the butt.

      1. I usually hate jokes like that, but I can’t ignore how sharp that one was. Thanks for the laugh George.

      2. George, that is one of the funniest comment I have read here in a long time. Thanks for the laughs!

      3. Jed has been proven to be a liar time and time again.
        How someone that immature be allowed to “own” the 49ers

    1. I hate to admitt it But, yeah Jed should have just said No Comment or said nothing at all,He left a big ole hole open for all His Haters when he said winning with class,yikes!

  3. I’d rather win with no class then lose with all the class in the world. York better watch his mouth before him and baalke “mutually part ways” if he loses baalke we’re in deep s***

  4. I didn’t read it as Jed throwing Trent under the bus. My interpretation was that since Jed has given full control of the roster to Baalke, he wouldn’t be able to shed light on a signing like that because he leaves those decisions up to Baalke. With the way the Harbaugh thing went down, some people felt that Jed might not be letting the “football people” handle the football side of things. I took this as a sign that it’s the opposite. Just my two cents.

    1. That could be precisely what he meant. But the way he worded it was poor.

      If what he meant was Baalke has the run of the personnel department so those questions should be directed to Baalke, he should have said “You have to ask Trent, he’s in charge of putting together our roster” or something of that ilk.

      Instead he said “You have to ask Trent, I don’t know what the thinking was.” The wording makes it sound like he can’t even conceive of what the thinking behind the decision may have been.

      1. I agree with you there. Jed’s wording was poor. It’s one of the things that bothers me about him and definitely something he needs to work on. Something along the lines of what you suggested would have been sufficient. With the way it was phrased it can give the wrong impression.

        I think he means well and I think a lot of times he thinks he’s saying things that the general public wants to hear (like the “winning with class” thing). But he has to find a way to deliver his message better or get someone who can.

      2. His comment that he has a signed “mutual parting” document makes it sound even more like the only thing mutual about it was that once Harbaugh was fired he left quietly.

    2. “he wouldn’t be able to shed light on a signing like that because he leaves those decisions up to Baalke.”
      ^ This.

  5. That vow wasn’t worth the carbon credits for emission. The lack of effort in preparation for the question was so obvious it could be construed as a calculation….

  6. Jed needs to learn from his uncle s wich great coaches want to do things their way! The signing..though i dont like it from potential locker room issue is really no risk for us with big upside if simpson cleans his act up! Problem is york gonna bring negative attention to players that we may or may not sign and give a chance..2nd 3rd etc..
    Jed..sit back be quiet and let people you pay do their jobs and let them earn the credit they deserve!

    1. jed needs to go back and hide out in his mansion in Ohio, become a recluse and never allow himself to be caught on camera let alone be interviewed like most of the wise old geezers that own billion $$ sports teams in this country!

      The guy seeks attention like a great big ham and craps all over himself every time he opens his mouth.

  7. I wasn’t born yesterday. Since when do you actually trust what people say 100% anyway? Let alone it’s an NFL owner or GM…
    I didn’t read too much into what Jed or Baalke had to say about the firing/let go of Harbaugh, nor will I read too much into this one. If you let too much of that “win with class” into your brain, you’re displaying lack of intelligence and critical thinking. Just do what you mother told you when you where 12 years old: Believe what people do, not what people say. In fact, that’s an advise that applies to many situations, and not just football. Of course, this website needs to generate some ad revenue, so why not orchestrate some b.s. out of thin air.

  8. Jed needs a handler and PR man — someone who he can share with Aldon, Cully, and Ahmed.

  9. “Jed York throws Trent Baalke under the bus”
    ~ Grant

    Yup, but I’m sure it was a mutual agreement.

  10. I think it is media twisting people’s words and making much of nothing. Let’s give the past a ready and give the current staff a chance. There’s a lot cooler things to talk about, unless you just like to sabotage a team.

    1. > I think it is media twisting people’s words and making much of nothing.

      Of course, that’s the path blazed by Florio, Kawakami and Killion among others, and one that Grant often wanders onto.

    1. I disagree. Jerry Jones likes to talk to hear himself talk. Jed, i believe is trying to get out of his own way, finally.

  11. To me it depends on context and tone. “I don’t know what the thinking was” might have merely meant he was out of town and hasn’t been briefed. Not a big deal.

    Or, it could mean “What in the world was that dip doodle Baalke thinking bringing in criminals when I explicitly told him not to?”

    If that’s the case criticizing a subordinate in pubic a weasel thing to do. It’s also a sign managerial dysfunction.

  12. Grant opines: ..
    “..Jed York throws Trent Baalke under the bus ..”

    h-mmm, perhaps someone should throw
    Jed under a bus

    1. I agree with you Linner, It has been a while since the Troll Reporters had something to HARP On….Haaaaaa!

  13. Someone who is familiar with Jed says he was growing more and more irritated over people referring to his team as ‘Harbaugh’s 49ers’ while Harbaugh also got all of the credit over the last few years. Jed’s head enlarged too quickly and those irritations multiplied… Sure, the stadium was a victory but winning SB’s is what matters. If Jed can focus on signing checks, shrinking that ego while letting his staff run the team things will be much smoother & less awkward around 4949.

    1. Wow, i would like to read that. Where can i find this “someone close to jed quote”? Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe Jim and jed didn’t like each other… Plain and simple. Jed offered a contract, jim turned it down. Jim changed his offense, jed and trent
      Didnt like it (by the results, the whole world knows why, except apparently the niner fan base). Things flipped jim found out he wasn’t coming back and all of a sudden its woe is me!!!! Get real, if he really wanted to remain here he would have accepted the contract extension. I loved harbaughs hard nose style of coaching pre 2014. Harbaugh betted on himself and lost. Hes gone, get over it and move on. Jed isint going anywhere, weather me, u, the whole fanbase or the world likes it or not. Go niners

    1. could be something to the rumor which says that
      Levis Stadium is ..

      “The house that Harbaugh built”

      If that’s true .. Jed will hafta live with it

    2. The 49ers could save some coin on bottled water if John took active control again.

    1. Geeze … CK ..

      with all these latest signings ..I’m wonderin’ what
      kind of shape the cap is in right now ?

      1. Lol right MW… I think we will be seeing some guys get cut soon to give us some play room like brooks, Stevie, Dahl and possibly a surprise player.

        1. When The Jokester .. (u-hhh Jedster) .. and
          Baalke “”mutually parted ways” with
          Ray McDonald … did that help with the cap ..
          or .. do the Niners hafta eat some dead money ?

          1. Major dead money. I ranted on this about a month ago. I’ve blocked it from my mind I was so irritated. I think it was around 4 million but am not sure any more.

          2. MWN,

            McDonald’s release had dead money, but the cap relief was higher. I don’t have the exact numbers, but i believe the net was a cap savings of around $1.5-2 mil.

            1. has McDonald’s cap number for 2015 as $4.6 million. It’s like having a phantom body on the roster. Effectively, though, he was replaced by Dockett and whatever his cap hit is (which I think will be around $4 million for 2015). So, the 9ers had to dedicate $4 million to a DL to replace McDonald instead of earmarking it for another free agent.

              1. As I think about this some more, the $4.6 million is a “dead money” cap hit. If McDonald was still on the team, his “live money” cap hit might be $1.5 to $2 million higher (but I can no longer find what that amount might be). So the cap savings is probably the $1.5 to $2 million that Jack mentioned, BUT is offset by the $4 million the 49ers need to dedicate to Dockett (a player of roughly equivalent talent). So the net hit to the $143 million salary cap is a loss of around $2 to $2.5 million.

              2. If you find the McDonald dead money so tough to swallow, you must be really frustrated that they will carry cap money for a CB that they cut prior to 2014. That CB cost them ~ $2.5 mil last year and will cost them about ~ $1.5 mil this year.

  14. Or … York is saying Baalke made a personnel decision without consulting him. Which is what GMs sometimes do. And maybe none of us here know for sure that Simpson is going to get busted again, leaving no bus for anyone to be thrown under.

  15. Watching the NFL Network and they had Kevin White in the studio. Very impressed by him and think he would be a great pick for the 49ers. He loves press cornerbacks and loves to block as well. He’d be great in our tough division. Showed the group how he uses his hands to help him beat press coverage. If he isn’t the first WR off the board and makes it down to 9 or 10, I think we need to move up for him.

  16. Scooter:

    You’ve probably seen that the Seahawks have waived fellow Aussie, Jesse Williams. There was a time before his knee problems that he was highly regarded.

  17. Looks like Jaelen Strong and Breshad Perriman have moved into Mayock’s latest positional list. Strong is #4 and Perriman is tied with DGB at #5.

  18. I took the quote as, Ask the GM! Its his team. Everyone keeps saying jed should keep his mouth shut on football matters. Well he did, now people say he is throwing trent under the bus! This man cant win. No matter how he answered that question he would still be taking heat. My personal opinion, he’s finally stepping back. Letting trent answer football questions. Oh and my opinion on Trent??? He’s doing a heck of a job building this roster. And it shall continue

  19. Jed needs to talk to Baalke before the press. Obviously Baalke was satisfied Simpson has put his troubles behind him or wouldn’t have signed him. Grant, don’t make this a soap opera…we’ve all had more than enough of that already this off-season.

    1. Don’t give baalke a lot credit in his free agent signings. All the players he’d just signed are absolutely ridiculous:-) One over the hill player that just been cut by Arizona and the other that carry a lot of baggage. We heard all this last few years signing of FA’s that will help the 49ers.

  20. Grant

    There’s also this, which nobody is talking about.

    Everyone focuses on the “with class” because it is a descriptor for winning. But winning came first, right, courtesy of Harbaugh? So really, what York would have said when he fired Singletary was, “We need to win.” So now they were winning, and everyone was happy, right?

    Obviously, that wasn’t the case. Not at Stanford. Apparently not too many people in the building were happy, even though they were winning. “Winning with Harbaugh.”

    What about if “Winning with Harbaugh” makes it simply impossible to be “Winning with Class” because nobody in the history of interpersonal relationships could ever say that Harbaugh was ever anything like Class, and Class was never anything like Harbaugh?

    I think Harbaugh treated Jed and all other suits in the building (with the exception of Baalke) like trash. It’s just how he seems. Harbaugh is a player. He was the poor son of a great coach who was paid low wages when coaches were poor. He never had friends, at least not until he became a famous player, but he didn’t seem like the nicest guy then either. Imagine Harbaugh having to answer to a pimply 29-year old Richie Rich! And a smugger, holier-than-thou Richie Rich at that!

    I’ll bet Harbaugh was not classy behind closed doors. I’ll bet that as long as Harbaugh is gone, Jed thinks the Niners can be classy. It still remains to be seen whether they can win, but classy they’ll be!!!

    1. E,


      In Jed’s subconscious mind “winning with class” might mean “winning while showing me the respect I believe I deserve”.

    2. E,
      Harbaugh’ track record of burning bridges were on full display when the 49ers hired him and nobody seemed too concerned at the time. Regurgitating his past history is only a reflux of sour grapes.

      I mentioned at the time of his hiring that Harbaugh may very well have the “Billy Martin Syndrome” that brings quick rewards but eventually flames out.
      But that comment fell on deaf ears because this team was desperate for the quick rewards and “damn” what the future held a few years down the road.
      Well, the FO was certainly willing to take that chance so any disenchantment that occurred during Harbaugh’ tenure can not be placed solely on him.
      But Harbaugh is off the books and there is no need to hold any lingering angst towards him.

      Now, the FO says that it has the proper coaches who are finally able to develop their young players and win with class. Will see if that philosophy makes a difference. I’m normally very positive when it comes to my 49ers, but I will definitely have a wait and see position on Jeb and Baalke’ player development and win with class decree.

      1. AES

        It might say even more about Jed’s arrogance that he thought he could harness Harbaugh, when Stanford had failed to do so.

        And yeah, I too like to be positive with the team, but Trent and especially Jed seem to have buried themselves under a thick fog of well-deserved doubt.

  21. I haven’t thought this through thoroughly, but if I were advising Jed/Trent, I would tell them that “winning with class” doesn’t preclude bringing players on the roster that have made previous off-the-field mistakes. Winning with class can include compassion. Depending on the offense, people generally deserve a second chance. I would tell them that the 49ers are committed to helping young men become better football players and people. Normally, I’d leave the better people out, because it’s something that is difficult for the team to control, but they’ve backed themselves into a corner, so this might be a way out.

  22. Jed could have put it through the spin cycle with, “Once an individual has payed his debt to society, it is the American way to forgive him and move on with class by affording him a new opportunity”. If he needs a PR person, I’m available….

  23. Once again, media misrepresenting what Jed York’s intent. No different than his “class” statement. “Winning with class” does not mean that you don’t sign players with previous (or even current) issues. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have very many good players, or win many games.

    In reference to his most recent statement, Jed meant that if you need to talk to someone about why we signed Jerome, then talk to the person who is responsible for player personnel. Rightfully so, and the way real companies work (clearly not media outlets). Trent’s role, Trent’s responsibility. I can promise you, no one should want Jerry Jones running our team. Now, the Harbaugh decision which is why everyone continues to bury Jed, was his to make and he handled it poorly. Guess what? Time to move on and support our team. Well, everyone except GC, since doesn’t even like them. Go Niners!

  24. The way took the “winning with class” mantra to be another brick (or bricks) in the wall of spin, justifying the firing / mutual parting of Harbaugh. “Winning with class” and the NFL simply don’t go together.

    Given the nature of the sport, the best you can hope for is “Win without too many public problems, so that you have the appearance of winning with class”.

    The best thing Jed could do would be to worry about the front office running with class (something that is actually possible, btw). The first step would be a long look in the mirror…

  25. A bit of a mountain being made from a mole hill, but clearly Jed left himself open with his wording. Jed may well have meant that he doesn’t know what diligence TB and staff did with researching this guy’s current attitude and past problems. If he knew every detail he’d be the meddler that JJ is.An off-the-cuff comment at a social event is one thing, but of course JY should’ve been more guarded and circumspect in an interview with a professional.

  26. For someone with an MBA from Notre Dame, Jed can be so dumb sometimes. The minute Baalke signed Simpson, the spin doctors should have come up with a “everyone deserves a second chance” press release so Jed wouldn’t be caught looking like a fool when he does this.

    1. Like that strategy, besides which a strong case can be made. Simpson’s legal issues don’t stem from violence or problems with authority. He doesn’t sound like a bad guy. He sounds like he’s been stupid.

      1. That he’s another year older and has learned he could lose his job in a heartbeat, works in our favor. This guy might be able to play a key role in our offense. We’d need someone in the wings in case he faltered, though.

      2. So you don’t think having 2.5 lbs of grass mailed to your home in Kentucky a clever move?

      3. Yes & No on that George. I’m assuming Trent understands he doesn’t need any more f.u.’s and thinks he understands this guy’s risk factors. Fine.
        But an argument can be made about DUI & violence; when we get behind the wheel impaired, its like we’re firing a gun indiscriminately out the window; it MIGHT not hit or kill anybody, but then again……..

  27. Grant

    I only heard your closing argument about Kaep’s regression and the coaching turnover, but 7-9? Really, bro?

    I don’t know, if they don’t ALL get injured and they just get Vernon and a speedy WR involved, and maybe pass the ball a little to the RBs, the team might get back to 12-4.

    It’s gonna be interesting, that’s for sure. Can you get a link to the podcast up here soon? Thanks.

  28. George…interesting list and rankings on the rotoworld link. I know we have been linked to Trent Cole for OLB, I have always thought Brooks Reed would be the perfect fit in our system.

  29. E, i am with you. This team if stays healthy will be a ten win team. The FO will still make moves. But the defense has a chance to be dominate. If Aldon can regain his form, Brock-willis-bowman can stay healthy with dockett added to this. Depending on who we sign at CB I think this team can be dominate on the D side. And the offenense can only improve IMO

  30. I think it is ridiculous to make predictions now anyway…..there will be a lot more change to this team before the season starts

    1. I think it is ridiculous to make predictions now anyway…..there will be a lot more change to this team before the season starts.

      I agree Andrew. I remember when Jim Harbaugh was hired in the 2011 offseason. He was an unproven NFL newbie and the players were on strike, so he and his new coaching staff had no chance to work with the team before the season started. I was pretty sure the 2011 season was going to be another ugly one, although I was optimistic about 2012 and beyond. We all know what happened next, but I’m pretty sure NOBODY predicted the 49ers would be two Kyle Williams fumbles away from being in the Super Bowl that season. The point is nobody knows what this coaching staff is capable of. With the players they currently have, and with the players yet to be signed or be drafted, the Niners should field a very talented team come September. There are still many players on this roster that all to well know the feeling and frustration of being oh so close to the big prize and yet falling short. Maybe they will all be thoroughly rejuvenated by all the change in the coaching staff and maybe they’ll coalesce into a formidable Seahawk smashing force to be reckoned with. Maybe, just maybe, Tomsula will be up on the dias holding the Lombardi Trophy next February, smiling through the red and gold ticker tape with a who’s laughing now grin on his face. That’s the outlook I choose to have. Maybe it’s ridiculous, but NOBODY knows!

      1. All true. But …

        The Baalke plan to play good defense and run the ball dictates the same type of games we saw with Harbaugh in charge because it’s the same plan. Such a plan means that most games will be low scoring even when we play our “best” game. With that plan, you are almost never out of a game, but you’re always subject to small events dictating who wins. Nolan and Singletary had similar plans.

        One thing is sure, you can’t call any season, using that plan, a failure (Jed) if you don’t wind the Superbowl, but it should keep you at least in the middle of the pack or a bit better every year. As for this year’s defense, there have to be a lot of physical questions and a lot of coaching questions. A defensive line coach probably sees the world in something like a five yard prospective instead of seeing the whole field.

        1. I agree…And Jed to let you know that me and my buddies are always tuned in to the compensentory draft picks we receive each year because of such a philosophy on the big screen before the draft with popcorn, beer, and chicken wings–all the ammenities you might have with your yahoo execs. in that luxury suite, sans the $ 500 bottle of wine, who needs a Pro Bowl Quarterback, wide receiver or Superbowl when you get 38 million/per team for the NFL cable profits…Thank you Jed, May I have another.

      2. Bar None,
        I admire your positive attitude and enthusiasm. The team will certainly be in flux this coming season with the new regime and hopefully the players can get all onboard with the changes.

        I want the very best for my favorite team and like Seifer who inherited a very good team after Walsh’ departure, I believe the same now holds true for Tomsula.

        If his team was hampered last year by as some say poor player development, than this coming season should provide much improved player development with the FO making it a premium in coach selection.
        But the final analysis will be in the win/loss record at the end of the 2015 season.

        1. Thanks AES, I like the Siefert comparison. Tomsula and Seifert do seem to share some common traits. They’re both salt of the earth, guy next door types with bludgeon, bludgeon, bludgeon attitudes. And the team assembled under Walsh did a fine job of collecting Lombardi trophies on Seifert’s watch. Who knows? Maybe Tomsula will share that trait with Seifert also.

  31. Niners and Texans are the teams to keep an eye on with Torrey Smith. The perfect fit for this offense. I said this months ago. I wonder with boldin here would are odds increase. According to Adam Caplin from ESPN.

    1. If the 49ers are happy to let Culliver go (and the talk is he will be highly sought after in FA so could be too expensive to keep) then I agree. They can likely get his first year cap hit to be around the same as Stevie’s anyway, and he’s the type of WR this team could use

  32. George, he reminds me of a slightly better but more versitile version of skuta. Rumor is texans aren’t going to resign him. He would provide great depth at OLB. And could play ILB if wilhoite is traded. he is better against the run than as a pash rusher, but would be good for depth behind Lynch. Especially with Corey Leminior struggling….And he has sweet hair:)

  33. Is it me or is Iupati way overrated?? He is athletic and a beast when it comes to run blocking. But It felt like he got burned a ton on pass blocking

    1. I think Iupati is one of the reasons there are so many guys in the box. To keep them out of the box, they have to believe you can beat them with the pass. That takes good pass protection — which he doesn’t provide — or a fast-processing/fast-release QB, which Kaep isn’t. Whether he’s overrated or not, I’d like to see someone else in that spot.

      1. Well stated George…And with Baalke’s play good defense, run the ball, and any good pass is the one that’s not thrown philosophy, it keeps us winning by 2 points in the 4th, but were subject to a special teams mishap or offensive holding call, or a myriad of things that can happen when you don’t practice the pass in games–and only pass when you’re forced to.

        1. That’s peculiar Tom….Cause I don’t recall seeing Baalke on the sidelines coaching the team..hmmm…..

    2. Iupati’s one of my favorite 49ers. I think he’s a solid player. One of the top guards in football. Dominating at times. Great guy. Great 49er. But yes, sometimes he’s overrated.

      if he bounces back from his injury, he’ll be a good pickup.

      Who is the most underrated 49er O-lineman? That title used to belong to Boone. Now I’m saying (a healthy) Anthony Davis. Everything suddenly starts working when he’s back in the lineup.

      Overall, the 49ers have had a solid line the last four years. It deserved lots of praise. But despite the hulking road grader reputation, they get stuffed in short yardage way too much.

      Part of the short yardage issue might be scheme. Part might be defenders not respecting the pass. But when Iupati and Davis were drafted, I was expecting better short yardage push. Not Gore dodging defenders as soon as he gets the ball.

    3. He’s not over rated when he pulls to the right. ;-}

      What I’ve never understood is why the 49er line has given up short yardage penetration so often even when their line was thought to be good.

  34. Sorry i am at work(bored) and posting way too much. But what about Donnie Avery on the cheap. He would give them a small quick receiver who can fly. These are the types that seem to give seattle a rough time

    1. Andrew….NO!….I used to like Donnie Avery when he was with the Packers, but this last couple of seasons, he couldn’t catch flies….they couldn’t wait to get him out of town….

      1. I haven’t really followed him. But looking at his 40 time he can fly. But sounds like a hard pass on Avery

      1. I have a feeling that the Texans are going to snatch away any chance the Niners might have of signing Torrey Smith by offering way more than a pretty much one dimensional wideout like him is worth. He has that great straight line speed but from everything I’ve seen and heard he has a very limited route tree and his primary skill is getting open down field very quickly. That’s actually a skill setr we’ve been lacking from our WR group for a very long time, and we definitely need someone that can offer it, but I’m pretty sure Baalke will look to get it through the draft and not pay up for it in FA. But if Baalke can somehow swap Stevie Johnson and his salary for Torrey Smith, I think he would be good fit for our one read, rocket arm QB.

  35. I know there was a lot of talk about draftin Iupati over Dez Bryant a week or so ago… over on PFT, there bashing Baalke for drafting Aldon Smith over JJ Watt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is in regard to the revised deal Aldon singed. If he didnt re-do his contract, word is he would have been cut!

  36. For fans of pro sports club dysfunction and power plays, “Damned United” is a must see.

  37. Why did Jed insert himself into the Frank Gore discussion today? How can that be remotely constructive when he’s under so much scrutiny?

  38. Yup, looks like the young Jed(i) is trying to save a little face with his pitch in keeping Gore. FG may not be to trusting of anything Jed has to say these days.

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