Kaepernick on Stevie Johnson: “He creates so much separation. Very quick, very deceptive.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick was interviewed by Bay Area reporters Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.

Was it a relief to see TE Vernon Davis walk through those doors today?

“Always great to have Vernon on the field. Looks good. Excited to have him back out here.”

How do you enter training camp? Are you feeling about what you saw in the offseason, where do you feel this offense is right now as training camp gets about ready to start?

“I think we’re further along than last year. Going into camp, we have a lot more weapons and a lot more health on offense. So, something I’m excited about and I think this team is excited about.”

I said training camp ready to start, it’s already started for you. What do you get out of the first few days of training camp with just the rookies out there and the other quarterbacks?

“You get your feet wet. You get the opportunity to come in, get a little bit ahead of the game physically and mentally as far as what we’re going to be doing in training camp.”

Anyone catch your eye out of those rookies?

“Got a lot of people working hard, a lot of people trying to look good out here. Excited to see what happens once we really get pads on.”

You’ve worked with Vernon for a couple years now, in terms of him getting caught up to speed and maybe stuff you’ve been doing this offseason, how much does he need to do to get back to where he needs to be?

“Vernon’s a Pro Bowl tight end. He’s one of the best in the league. There’s not going to be too much of a fall off for him. I don’t think anyone is concerned about that. We’re just happy he’s here.”

For the first time in a while, it seems like you guys have legitimate depth at the receiver position. Just talk about how that makes your job easier, and what you’re expecting out of them this season.

“It does make my job easier. You don’t have to worry about match-ups as much, necessarily whose running what part of the route. To me, I’m very excited about it. I want to get the ball in their hands and see what they can do with it because I know they’re going to be competing just the way everyone else is.”

This team has been so close three years in a row. Is that a motivational thing? When you come back kind of a chip on your shoulder coming into training camp to say, ‘We’ve been so close we kind of want to get to that last step’?

“Yeah, it’s always motivation when you don’t finish the season the way you want to. I think this team has the talent. We have the coaching staff to win a Super Bowl. Now it’s just time to go out and do it.”

Did you expect Vernon to be here today?

“Yeah. Vernon is not the type of person that’s going to walk out on his team like that. He’s a good guy. He’s done a lot for this organization and he’s made a lot of great plays for us. We’re happy he’s here.”

Was Alex Boone here today?

“No he wasn’t.”

Do you have any thoughts on that?

“Love to have him here, but not going to speak on another man’s business. That’s his personal decision.”

Do you get an opportunity to work much in the offseason with Stevie Johnson?

“Yes, during OTA’s we got a lot of time to work together.”

Quick reaction or quick thoughts on how it was building a rapport with him, learning about what he’s like as a receiver?

“It was pretty easy. He’s another guy that’s easy to throw to because he creates so much separation. Very quick, very deceptive, and I’m happy he’s on our side of the ball.”

We heard about a new playbook. Supposedly it was stripped down a little bit, leaner. What’s your views on how it looks so far?

“Looks great to me. I think we cleaned a lot of things up from last year. Took out a little bit of the indecision in some of things. I think everyone is excited with what we’ve done and the strides we’ve made.”


What about getting the play called into the huddle? Is that cleaned up? Is that going to be stripped down a little bit quicker?

“I don’t think that’s something that’s necessarily cleaned up or stripped down. It’s a process you have to go through as far as getting the right play for the situation, the down-and-distance, wherever it may be. You have to give the coaches and the people that are calling the plays time to think about all those things and put together what they feel is the best play.”


What do you mean by cleaning up and stripping down? What was done to the playbook?

“I can’t really speak specifics.”

Just generally.

“Generally, we cleaned things up.” [laughter]


About the new stadium over here, your thoughts on that? ­Are you guys going to draw a little edge from this new venue?

“Very excited about the new stadium. I think it’s an opportunity for us to start our own legacy. There was a lot of tradition, a great legacy at Candlestick and this is an opportunity for us to really make this our home and start something new here.”

Have you guys moved into your new lockers over there?

“No, not yet. We’re still in this locker room right here. I don’t know when the move will happen or anything like that. Just here to practice now.”

Beginning with the last game you played last season and continuing on throughout the entire offseason, [Seahawks CB] Richard Sherman’s had a lot to say about Michael Crabtree, including, I think the show that you were at. What are your thoughts on that particular rivalry and how those guys are handling it?

“I think this team, and all of us, don’t take the approach of talking about it. We want to go out on the field and handle our business that way, go about it that way. We get to see them twice this year.”

You’ve been a coach on the field now. How has your leadership evolved on this team over these last couple of years?

“I think it’s evolved a lot as far as me being comfortable with what we’re doing, our players having confidence in me, everything I’m doing as far as giving directions and seeing coverages.  Things like that so we can operate smoothly and try and get bigger plays or a few more yards here and there with what we’re doing.”

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  1. I’ve had S Johnson on my fantasy team in various years. When he’s really healthy he can get behind DBs even though he doesn’t possess sprinter’s speed. If he can kick the injury bug he’s not just a possession receiver. But that’s been the problem lately for him…

    1. Yeah, avoiding injury will be the biggest key for him this season. When healthy he’s good. As Kaep said, he knows how to create separation with his quickness and deception.

      1. Not having to carry the water for the Buffalo Offense should help him avoid injury bug bites. Kaepernick seems excited about more 11 personnel plays in the playbook….

        1. Good point razor, he should take less licks for the 49ers. I think his biggest issues recently have been back and hamstring injuries though – more muscle strains than contact injuries. Hopefully he can avoid those.

          1. Uyeyama,with his personalized approach, could provide an upgrade to Johnsons’ conditioning through his strength training and nourishment programs…..

        1. It was a joke in reference to grant saying that Stevie Johnson is solely a position receiver and that he can’t get separation. Thanks for reminding me that he wrote it. SMH.

          1. CK=Elite:

            It was a joke in reference to grant saying that Stevie Johnson is solely a position receiver and that he can’t get separation.

            Do you not understand that that was the point of my original comment? It’s called “irony.” I’d tell you to look it up, but it may be difficult to read with your head shaking like that.

            Your comment, on the other hand, stated that Grant didn’t get the same memo that Kaepernick didn’t get, which was a memo that Grant himself wrote. Such a response doesn’t make sense and completely misses the point of my comment.

            See rocket’s comment? He understood the irony, and he replied with more irony. He furthered the joke.

            God, I hate having to explain humor. It sucks the life right out of the joke.

            You’re not very good at this, are you?

            1. I guess your just more witty then I am there Claude. Maybe one day I will reach your intelligence level. Dam your good.

  2. Off topic, but has anyone heard the status for Ian Williams, or
    Marcus Lattimore and when either will be cleared to play?

    1. According to Maiocco, they are just being cautious with Lattimore and he’ll likely be cleared soon as there have been no setbacks.

      Williams believes he will be back at some point in TC but with 4 surgeries on the same ankle who knows at this point?

      1. It really is a shame, he had so much potential. And the injury had to come by way of the seahawks of course , as if my hatred for them could grow anymore.

        I really hope for a full recovery. I also hope Dial shows something this summer.

        1. I thought the best part about Williams was his value. He played better then his contract or at least appeared like he was going to continue to do so before the injury.

          1. Yeah definitely, the value was great. That’s why I liked RJF so much, but it seemed like Williams could be even more than that. I really hope he gets fully recovered because that’s just a shame.

      2. Thanks Rocket: hopefully both will be activated before
        pre season games!! I’m probably behind, but just heard
        Sidney Rice has retired!!

        1. I hadn’t heard that.
          Was this recently?
          What is he…like 28 years old???
          Too bad.
          The kid had talent.

  3. Based solely on natural talent…when (if) completely healthy…who’s the better back, Hyde or Lattimore?
    To me, based on college game tape, Lattimore was the more fluid of the two while Hyde was the banger.

    1. Kauai: I think it depends on what you asking them to do?
      Hyde is a power runner, not looking to avoid contact!
      Lattimore will look for cutbacks!! I suspect the O line will
      have different blocking assignment, depending on who is
      in the game? The question in my mind is what Hunter’s
      involvement will be this season and what he adds to the
      9ers game

    2. I think Latimore, I just don’t think her will ever reach that potential again. I know Frank has come back from knee injuries, but this Latimore multi injury for a RB is devastating to his legs.

      I see Hyde wearing down b/c of contact. I really really see hunter stepping into the everydown roll and Hyde banging the goal line and taking a few series as a feature.

        1. Grimey9er: As of now, I doubt any of us know what
          the 9ers O will do this year, other than they will remain
          a run first team!! Will we see more 11 formation? Yes,
          probably, at least Harb’s has hinted at it? We’ll get a better idea of how much time Hyde gets when we see
          what he does in pre season games!! Lattimore, will
          depend on when he’s released to play and how quickly
          both he or Hyde pick up the O, learn to block, etc. so
          my “expectations” are, I don’t have any expectation for
          either, other than I expect to see what they can do in
          pre season!! HOPEFULLY, both will shock the world,
          but I’m not ready to bet the farm on it!!

          1. I was just being silly. Hence the exclamation point.

            This is a difficult situation to pinpoint for sure. It’s even possible the top two rushers for 2014 don’t return in 2015.

            1. Grimey9er: Agreed! The key to the season, IMO, will be how quickly the DB’s develop and how long it take them to anticipate each other!!

              1. I’m excited for the potential, youth, and depth in the secondary. They definitely have some growing to do but, fortunately, we have a top front 7 to make the development a little smoother.

    3. I have only watched a couple of complete games of each, and I had no idea they were going to be on our team eventually. Based on my memory, Lattimore seemed like the bigger impact player – he was being praised left and right by the announcers. He seemed to have made huge impacts on South Carolina fans. Seems to me Lattimore is even more popular than Clowney was in terms of South Carolina football fans.

  4. Music to my ears…

    Song 1 – Colin getting in synch with Stevie Johnson. I was a bit concerned Johnson’s style would be hard for Colin to get used to.

    Song 2 – Johnson “creates so much separation”

    Song 3 – The cleaned up playbook. “Took out a little bit of the indecision.”

    Can’t wait for the orchestra

  5. I’m really starting to get bummed out about the prospect of Gore retiring or leaving the team. I hope to hell he goes out and has his best year, wins the SB(duh right? but it would be extra special if it is Gores last year) and retires like a king.

  6. That’s too bad about Pat Bowlen. I have a couple of good friends who are Bronco’s fans and they’ve always spoken very highly of him.

  7. Good to see Kap answer questions with a bit more dialogue instaed of the usuall 4-7 word answers. Interesting to see how this Boone thing plays out.

  8. pointed message for Kapernicus & Coach Harbaw:

    building/establishing a legacy in the new stadium
    means one thing: winning a Super Bowl…
    bringing home Lombardi trophy #6.
    (nothin’ else will count without that one…)

    I am the Super Bowl monkey and
    I approve of this message.

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