Vernon Davis reports to training camp

SANTA CLARA — According to C.J. Spillman, Vernon Davis reported to the 49ers’ training camp Wednesday morning:

According to Pro Football Talk, Davis still wants a new deal. Davis should speak shortly.

Now that Davis has returned to the team, do you think the 49ers will renegotiate his deal?

Stay tuned for my column on the meaning of all of this.

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  1. Well, what’s interesting is that after this news, the holders of large blocks of his stock are trying to unload it at the initial offering price of $10.00 per share. Look for the price to start dropping over the next few days as more large shareholders start bailing before they lose too much money.

  2. The meaning of all this is that skipping OTA’s was little more than a way to drive up his Fantex stock.

    Will the 49ers renegotiate? Why should they unless it lowers his cap number. Davis is locked in for the year.

    1. I agree. No reason to renegotiate unless it benefits the team. Davis has no leverage and he knows it. This shouldn’t have surprised anyone, and I look forward to the sequel to the Turtle story.

  3. I think the 49ers do renegotiate a deal with VD that benefits both parties and signals to Mr. Boone how business gets done within the franchise…..

      1. Jack: Off topic, but do you know if the 9ers have commented on the condition of either Marcus Lattimore or Ian Williams and when they expect them to be cleared to play?

      2. Great Point, Hammer…..not only did the organization send a message via the Staley deal, Joe staley also sent a message as to how you go about getting what you want,and it isn’t that complicated….you come in, do your job, excel while you’re doing it, and the rewards come….Why can’t these other guys see or understand that?

  4. This not a surprise.
    Dude knows he has no real leverage.
    I still think they extend the deal, but don’t redo it.
    2 more years, just like Staley.

  5. I assume Grant’s pending column will explain how this signals that the 49ers have blinked and that Davis has even more leverage now.

    What? It would make as much sense as his earlier columns on the holdout.

  6. Totally unrelated but worth noting; if Kendall Hunter is not the featured back this year there’s no chance of getting to the Super Bowl

    1. I’m with you. Walsh would not have brought Gore back. This year it should have been Hyde and Hunter, or Hyde and Lattimore if Lattimore was healthy.

        1. I really like the Hyde pick. If he overtakes Hunter he’s an even better pick then I thought and a sure thing star.

          2014 snaps: 1) Gore or Hunter, 2) Gore or Hunter, 3) Hyde, 4) Lattimore (if healthy)

          2015 snaps: Three headed monster with Lattimore (if healthy), Hyde, Hunter (if re-signed) all getting about the same number of snaps.

    2. Hunter is the forgotten man in all the RB talk. In 2012 (before his injury) he was averaging about 5.3 YPC. He knows the offense inside and out. He also threatens sideline to sideline.

  7. Was there any doubt Davis would not show up?

    Now that the Shenanigans of Davis is over what the hell was he & his agent thinking when he lost out on 270 grand for nothing?

    1. Any doubt? Heck yeah, serious doubts by Grant, Mary, 40Whiner, Mud and a whole buncha Seahags & RayDuhs fans who just love to hate dem Niners.

        1. The Honey Badger is a very physical player especially given his size.
          He reminds me a lot of former Colts safety Bob Sanders who was also very physical but eventually retired from the game because his body was unable to sustain all the abuse.

  8. Of course he did… how about winning a SuperBowl before these shenanigans.

    Davis has already gotten paid. He has been here for a long time. Now we need a championship. I don’t know what is up on the goal line with our team but this is where TEs make their money. Yes he has scored a lot of WR type or TDs but we need goal line help. This is not a deliminator factor to my comment just one aspect overall that has killed us the past 3 years.

      1. Ah yes…but which one is the more important question…I’ve always taken a liking to Leonardo, or “Leo” as he likes to be called. I’m not sure why.

  9. I think Vernon now gets that he needed to report to negotiate an extension–which I think there’s a good chance the team will do. It’s one thing to have VD show up, it’s another to have him excited and acting in a leadership role.

  10. If they can make it sound good on paper for Davis, yet still be a cap advantage for the team then perhaps they might extend him. I would work for both parties. They could write the contract with de-escalators like Kaeps that have little to no chance of being fulfilled. That would symbolically enhance Davis’s “Brand” on paper with no actual cost to the team. Davis doesn’t need actual money only an illusion of potential earnings to drive up his stock.

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