Kyle Shanahan not yet ready to declare Nick Mullens as new 49ers starter

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens, right, sits on the bench during the second half of an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

SANTA CLARA — Quarterback Nick Mullens most likely will start for the 49ers a week from Monday against the New York Giants.

But it’s not yet official.

“The players have four days off,” head coach Kyle Shanahan explained Friday. “I don’t need to decide right now in front of you guys. I would like to do it in front of our players and the people it really affects.”

“You guys” are the media.

Shanahan will wait to announce his decision as a courtesy to the team, and to the quarterbacks competing for the starting job — Mullens and C.J. Beathard.

By waiting, Shanahan will also give the 49ers an advantage over the Giants. They have to prepare for both quarterbacks. The Giants won’t know until next week which quarterback they’ll face.

“It’s all about who gives us the best chance to win versus the Giants,” Shanahan said.

That would seem to be Mullens.

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    1. Too late to tank the season. They had their opportunity on Thursday, and Gruden outdid the Niners, and more skillfully. Now they’ll risk Lynch flubbing the first round again.

        1. Too early to say about McGlinchey — though under the circumstances I thought he was the BPA for the Niners — but at this point it looks like Lynch rolled snake eyes the year before. This is not saying Solomon and Foster aren’t good players. Both were just selected (much) higher than they should have been, for different reasons (tweener who doesn’t translate the the realities of the NFL very well, and talented but damaged goods). Same could be said of CJB, Joe Williams, etc. But to be fair, it’s hard to say whether the mistakes in the draft are Lynch’s doing (making ill-considered decisions) or the scouting and talent evaluation personnel providing him with bad information. Just don’t feel very good about the track record so far.

          1. I still have to wonder if Robert Saleh
            Isn’t the reason for our defensive woes instead of the players. He’s inexperienced and I think our defense would benefit from a far more experienced Dco, like a vic fangi.o

    2. Mullens threw a sidearm completion that reminded me of Jimmy G. He is a quick decisionmaker and rolls out well. Too early to know if he is a gem but so far, so good.

  1. “And now, the Raiders have the worst pass rush in the league.”

    But, but, I thought Arden was the Key.

    Imagine if Mullens had this kind of debut last year before JG arrived. We would have been over the moon. If Mullens continues to play well and starts out 5-0 (including one against Seattle), we will have a QB controversy. And if he beats Seattle once, he can do it twice. After that we have winnable games against Chicago and LA (if they rest their starters). While dreaming of a JG led WC berth, I figured we could get hot and start piling up wins after a rough early schedule. If Mullens is for real, we could run the table again.

    1. I like the enthusiasm re Mullens, but it was one game against a terrible team. I’ll be happy if he can just show he is competent the rest of the season. That he can be a serviceable back up QB moving forward.

      1. It’s also about ability. I think Mullens is more capable than Beathard. Take last year for example, when Jimmy G took over for Beathard. We went on to win 5 straight games against winning teams( titans, Jags, bears, rams, because of improved QB play. I say it’s possible for a repeat performance this season. I feel Mullens has a much better grasp of the offense than CJ.

      2. Agree Scooter.
        Mullens made the most of his opportunity, and he was fun to watch in one start.
        If he still looks as steady and sharp after 3 or 4 more games, we can start raising the expectations.

      3. Geez, I’m not crowning him. I said this.

        “If Mullens is for real,”

        Just saying that with competent to great QB play, we can win out based on our schedule being easier going forward.

        1. I know you weren’t 80, I was merely trying to point out that even speculating about what might be if he keeps having that kind of success is premature. Let’s take it one game at a time for now and not put the cart before the horse.

      4. The Giants and Bucs have pretty lousey pass defenses as well. So it’s a good get well spot on the schedule for Mullens and the rest of the offense to practice at closing out games.

  2. KS states he is not deciding who will start until next week so the Giants have to game plan for both CJB and Mullens.
    KS is just fooling himself. Giants will assume Mullens is starting. They do not have to worry about CJB because they will assume CJB will just beat himself.
    However, KS is stubborn enough to play favorites, to the detriment of the team. He drafted CJB, and even moved up in the draft to select him in the 3rd round, while CJB was ranked as a 6th round prospect. KS would just be doubling down.
    I posted this in the previous post, but it is more topical here.

    1. Oh but Sebbie! C’mon!

      Shanahan is using Sun Tzu tactics… Keep your opponent guessing. You criticize Shanahan for following your enlightened counsel. Some Sun Tzu loyalist you are.

      Shame on you…

      1. Cassie, he does not need to keep his opponent guessing. After Mullen’s performance, only a clueless non football fan would assume CJB will get the starting job back.
        Like I said, Giants are nodding their heads, then preparing for Mullens. There is no need to keep them guessing.
        KS is just fooling himself, and you, too.

        1. Sebbie…

          You’re one slippery soul. You bend your allegiance to Sun Tzu to fit your whims.

          Shame! Sun Tzu will hunt you down in the afterlife…

          1. If KS was truly being deceptive, he would name CJB the starter, then let Mullens play.
            Sun Tzu would not be impressed with KS, especially for sheathing his sharpest weapon (Mullens).

    2. KS states he is not deciding who will start until next week so the Giants have to game plan for both CJB and Mullens.

      Quote? I’m not seeing that anywhere in Grant’s report.

      KS is just fooling himself. Giants will assume Mullens is starting.

      It was Grant, not KS, who positioned this as a ruse in the direction of the Giants.

          1. It is called reading between the lines. Who will be most affected if CJB or Mullens is named the starter? Surely not the media. They like the speculation.
            It is logical to assume that the Giants need to game plan against the Niner QB. I hope they are smart enough to assume Mullens will play. However, they are 1-7, so maybe they are also tanking.
            I said previously, if it is CJB, they should do nothing, and just let CJB beat himself. They may spend 2 minutes on CJB, but if they want to win, they should spend 99.9% of their time brainstorming how to stymie an accurate QB, who throws with anticipation and hits his receivers in stride.

            1. Shanahan’s delay in naming the starter has very little to do with any of this nonsense. The Giants are going to prepare as if Mullens is the starter. That’s a no brainer.

              My gosh guys, please pull your heads out of your arses!

              The current NFL CBA, doesn’t allow players to enter the facility following a Thursday Night game, until the following Monday or Tuesday, so due to that, and out of courtesy and respect, Kyle’s not going to announce next week’s starter until he’s had an opportunity to sit down with both CJB & Mullens, and then address the entire team before any of his players have a chance to hear his decisions through the media. It’s that simple.

              The Giants know what to expect from CJB. They’ve already gone up against him and lost. They will prepare for the 49ers most likely starter, and that’s Nick Mullens. I think everyone feels that it’s far easier to simplify a defense when facing CJB, as compared to Mullens. Opposing defenses have concluded that the best way to beat Beathard is to simplify the defense by stacking the box with extra defenders, thereby limiting the zone blocking running schemes and essentially forcing CJB to beat them through the air. This is a tactic that is simply magnified late in close games, and it’s a tactic that has worked almost without failure, versus CJ Beathard. That’s a lot harder to do when facing a competent passer like Garoppolo, who can quickly work through his progressions, and use his quick release to get the ball out on time and in rhythm. And it appears that Mullens has a similar skill set to Garoppolo, at least in terms of the mental aspect of quarterbacking, as Mullens appears efficient when it comes to working through his progressions and getting the ball out on time. I don’t think Nick is as physically gifted as Jimmy G, and he’s certainly not as handsome, but he seems to have at least some of the same qualities that make Jimmy G such a tough quarterback to defend.

              1. As for Kyle “reaching” to draft CJ Beathard … I do understand why he’s going to be criticized for this mistake, and rightfully so. After all, we could have drafted Patrick Mahomes instead of an undersized interior defensive lineman.

                But …. how many other QB needy teams passed on Patrick Mahomes? At least 5 and probably 6 if you count Tennessee (and I do).

                The fact is, the NFL draft is NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE! I often go back and use Tom Brady as an example of just how tough it is to evaluate college QB’s and that was before these college spread-offenses have become all the rage.

                But let’s look at the “genius” Bill Walsh. 81 players were drafted ahead of Joe Montana. 81. Meaning even the great Bill Walsh didn’t know exactly what he was getting in Joe Montana. Either that, or Bill wasn’t the genius everyone thinks he was, waiting until the 3rd round to draft arguably the greatest QB of all-time, thereby giving the rest of the league ample opportunity to draft him before he eventually pulled the trigger.

                How many teams passed on Aaron Rodgers, who fell to #24?

                How many teams passed on Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Jimmy Garoppolo, ETC?

                Kyle felt like Beathard was a good fit for his system, and that he could develop Beathard and turn him into a reliable QB. However, Kyle never felt like Beathard was a sure thing. Regardless of the range in which a lot of scouts felt CJB should be slotted in the draft, when you wait until the 40th pick of the 3rd round to draft a QB, you’re certainly not thinking that QB is a sure thing.

                If you simply watched Grant’s Niners/Raiders postgame report, and weren’t actually paying attention to the 49ers, you would have likely come away with the impression that Kyle drafted CJB to be his starting QB no matter what, believing Beathard was a future pro-bowl QB who only needed time to “develop”, and that Kyle had stubbornly stuck with Beathard as his starting QB despite his struggles, without any plan B, whatsoever, and only stumbled upon Mullens, who may have single handedly saved Kyle’s job.

                You would have come away with that impression because Grant either forgot, or conveniently knowingly left out one very important detail ….. Jimmy Garoppolo. The fact of the matter is, after working with CJ Beathard and watching him play in the NFL, Kyle recognized that he could very well have been wrong about Beathard. Perhaps Beathard simply can’t process information as quickly as he needs to? Perhaps Beathards habit of hesitations, and lack of pocket awareness, was something which couldn’t be corrected. So, Kyle’s 49ers went out and traded for a guy who they felt just might be franchise QB material, and then the 49ers locked him up with a long term contract. Beathard isn’t starting this season because Kyle stubbornly stuck with him despite his struggles. He’s starting because the guy Kyle identified as the future of the franchise, tore his ACL during week 3 of this season.

            2. 49, I like your concise quips.
              My point is that KS should reward great play. He should have told the whole team before they left the locker room that Mullens earned another start. KS specifically was trolling the media when he said he had not made up his mind, and it is his prerogative to do that, but he is fooling no one.
              Even the Giants laughed when he said that. They are scheming against Mullens.
              I agree that Jimmy Guapo is handsome, but Mullens is not as ugly as a rutabaga. Still personal looks should take a back seat to competence, and Mullens looked like he learned a lot from JG.
              Second guessing over hindsight is easy to do, and EVERY draft has its hits and misses. No news to me, but you miss the obvious point that JG was not even on their radar when they signed Hoyer and drafted CJB. I found KS’s assessment skills lacking when he signed Hoyer, and I predicted Hoyer would pull a Gabbert, and bench himself. I thought another FA QB was the better option, but many disagree with me. However, Hoyer was never a lock to be the starter, because he tended to throw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers. KS moved up in the draft, after passing on Trubisky, DESHAUN WATSON and PATRICK MAHOMES, to select CJB in the 3rd, who was ranked as a 6th round pick. KS considered CJB to be the best QB in the draft, just like he considered CJB to be the best QB in the building. His assessment skills need upgrading.
              KS thought CJB could be the starter, because of Hoyer’s history. Luckily, through no skill of their own, JG fell into JL and KS’s lap. They did not actively seek to trade for him, JG was a gift due to BB’s gratitude for the Niner’s Candy Debartolo’s help for his parents.
              In the end, Hoyer pulled a Gabbert, and CJB imploded. This season, JG tore his ACL and CJB pulled a Gabbert.
              49, your take on the situation is about as correct as your lengthy tomes about Connor Cook.
              Maybe you should get your head out of….. the clouds.

              1. You make some good points Seb.

                It’s worth remembering that Hoyer was always meant to be a placeholder, until Kyle could groom his replacement. Hoyer was never meant to be a solution to the 49ers QB woes. And Hoyer wasn’t simply chosen ahead of the other QB’s who were available because of his talent, right? He was chosen because he knows Kyle’s offense and has had some success running it. Kyle didn’t want to throw the rookie CJB to the wolves, so he wisely exercised patience, waiting until he felt CJ was prepared enough to have a fighting chance, before making the change.

                Let me ask you a few questions Seb, because you are often one of the first people to jump in and defend Grant. Grant has alluded to the notion that Kyle was on the hot seat heading into Thursday Night’s game vs the Raiders. Grant also hinted at the idea that Mullens may have saved Kyle’s job.

                – Do you honestly think Kyle’s job was ever in jeopardy this season, considering how early we are in the rebuilding process? After all, Grant’s been covering this team for years, shouldn’t he have a better understanding of the dire circumstances in which Baalke left this once storied franchise?

                Go back and watch Grant’s 49ERS / Raiders postgame report. Here’s is the ludicrous way in which Grant starts his Periscope podcast:

                “All I got to say before I get started is … when Kyle Shanahan signed Nick Mullens as an undrafted free agent last year, did Kyle think at some point in the future, Nick Mullens would save his job? Do you think that went through Kyle’s mind when he signed that undrafted UFA, … there’s going to come a time, about a year and a half, I am going to be on the hot seat, unable to win, losing week after week with my handpicked 3rd round pick, and this guy, I don’t even know that well, this guys going to save my job?”

                I mean honestly, Grant is 4+ minutes into his postgame report, in which he’s talking about where the ShanaLynch regime stands a year and a half into the process, before he even eludes to the fact that the QB ShanaLynch have chosen to build their team around has been injured for most of the season.

                Wouldn’t you think that, considering Kyle’s record with Garoppolo starting is and leading this young, inexperienced team, is 6-1 with 1 game undecided …. that maybe that’s something worth mentioning when you’re talking about the new regime’s overall progress rebuilding this team? Instead, Grant is 4+ minutes into his report before he even eludes to the idea that there is another QB named Jimmy Garoppolo on this roster. Jimmy GQ is sort of a big deal, don’t you think? In fact, he’s not only a big part of the story of the current regime’s rebuild, he’s the biggest piece of the puzzle. If someone was watching Grant’s breakdown, and was unaware of the fact that they are playing this season without their franchise QB, you’d have a hard time understanding this fact.

                Grant’s postgame report is so absurd, he even went as far as to talk about cutting Garoppolo. Now, I am assuming he was joking, but honestly, Grant makes so many ludacris statements in regards to the team he supposedly covers, it’s hard to know when he’s serious and when he’s joking.

                I cannot fathom how someone could be covering this team for years, yet seemingly not understand the abomination of a roster Trent Baalke left behind, and the enormity of the task it is to take over a roster so badly depleted, it resembled an expansion team. That Grant might actually believe the 49ers might actually be better off next week, or next year, if they fired their Head Coach, a mere 1.5 years into a complete roster rebuilding despite the fact that, prior to losing one of the league’s hottest young QB’s to a season ending injury, the team appeared to be so far ahead of schedule, that a lot of smart people in and around the NFL were actually talking about a possible wild card berth.

                I don’t know about you Seb, but for me it’s really quite telling that Grant is probably the only NFL sportswriter on the planet who actually believed Kyle might have been on the hot seat prior to Thursday Night, despite losing his franchise QB among so many other unfortunate injuries to key personnel, which has so clearly derailed what was shaping up to be a surprisingly competitive young team, which by most accounts appeared to be well ahead of schedule in terms of what is typically expected in year 2 of such a massive roster overhaul. I don’t have all of the numbers in front of me, but we’re talking about a massive roster overhaul involving most of, if not all of the key personnel groups, with the possible exception of the defensive line. I mean, the cupboard was absolutely bare, and even on the D-line, Baalke left this new regime without any quality edge rushers, which is arguably the toughest position to fill on a defensive line.


              2. * allude, Ludicrous.
                49, Kyle being on the hot seat just means to me that he is in an intense pressure packed situation. The hot seat is making him squirm and feel very uncomfortable. If it had continued, and KS kept losing in such a heartbreaking way, Grant had every right to question KS’s competence and leadership.
                However, Grant also mentioned that this last win may have saved his job. Winning cures everything, and there is no more talk about being on the hot seat. Now we should be debating how to sustain their success.
                I am jumping for joy that CJB was benched, and Mullens performed so well. I do not think CJB should be cut, but he should sit and clear the cobwebs out of his head, get healthy, and study his mistakes so he does not repeat them. By getting sacked and bludgeoned so much, his thought processes seemed to slow down, which cascaded into holding onto the ball too long, which made it worse.
                Sure am glad KS made a shrewd assessment, and hard decision. It resulted in a butt kicking of a hated rival. Everything looked better, and the players played focused, prepared, disciplined, efficient and made few unforced errors.
                Do not worry, Grant may make controversial statements, but I see it as being a master motivational tool, so they became more resolved to prove him wrong. Just like what Lowell did with Bill. At the time, I would grit my teeth, but I also read every syllable.
                Just like his advocacy of Kaep, Grant is just doing his job, and I think he is doing it well. KS, with a 1-7 record should expect questions about his leadership. KS, with a 2-7 record, just got off the hot seat.
                I am so happy that KS took my advice, and considered time outs to be precious and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. That resulted in the Niners being able to stop the clock, so they were able to score before halftime. Before, when he wasted them like a drunken sailor, I, too, questioned his football acumen. Now, I am happy that he has learned from his mistakes, and the Niners can possibly go on a long winning streak, even though they may miss out on the Bosa sweepstakes.

      1. Shanny said this after the game about his boy CJ, his qb dream pick that he ‘moved up’ into the 3rd round to snag………….KS playing the guessing game, not everybody’s fooled who will start unless KS ego kicks in and he pulls Mullens……

        “It’s all about who gives you the best chance to win,” Shanahan said. “That could be a week-to-week decision. That could be a quarter to quarter decision………….WTF quarter by quarter, really Shanny!!

        You do everything you can to win games.” Mullens’ quick ascension could throw an unexpected wild card into San Francisco’s otherwise lost season. The team enters Week 10 at 2-7, and is nearing the phase of the campaign where players will get evaluated for 2019 and beyond……CJ’s grade…F

        Mullens could wind up challenging Beathard for the backup job to Jimmy Garoppolo next season if he strings together solid performances like he did Thursday. Beathard, after all, completed just 53 percent of his passes and took 11 sacks over the past two games, while ball security has been an issue since he took over for Garoppolo.

        But Shanahan doesn’t want to go down that road just yet……………SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

        “That’s not where we’re at right now. We’re excited to have a few days off here,” he said. “… When we come back in, we’re going to be all thinking about the Giants, not who gives us our best chance to have our best backup next year. It’ll be about the Giants, and that’ll be the decision as we go through the year. When we get to the end of the year, those are things we’ll think about really hard.”……It won’t be hard!!!

  3. As much as I enjoyed watching that game Thursday, I’m going to cool the Jets on just how good Nick Mullens is. I do believe he has some Favre tendencies. Gunslinger, plus throwing dangerous passes. That man should have had 2 int’s. That one arm kittle catch should have been picked but for once luck went out way. And that 2nd to pass should have been picked off the play before. I believe Mullens tries to play fast, well that’s good and bad. Bad because if he doesn’t realize what the is doing, he could continuously throw into coverage. Heres hoping he continues to get better and we continue to get lucky.

    1. He also had 2-3 passes that were in the hands dropped that would of been large chunk of yards. He’ll realize more what he’s doing with all the snaps he gets now in practice w/starters and more starts. Not bad for a rookie start on TNF but agaist the Raiders.

  4. I agree that Mullens gives the team its best chance to win. I was disappointed in JG’s play before getting hurt- he needs a little competition and CJB doesn’t seem capable of providing it. Let’s hope Mullens can truly carve up a defense and not just whatever it was that Oakland put on the field Thursday.

  5. Mullens will start and if I know that, Shurmer knows it too. I expect him to be just as good, if not better with more time to prepare.

    I’m curious to see if Burbridge is now elevated to take Mostert’s gunner position on special teams, and if we get a look at Jeff Wilson in the backfield.

      1. Gawd no. The Giants will give Shurmur another year with a new signal caller to see if he can actually live up to that quarterback guru status some have prematurely given him. Tbh, I don’t see Shanny ever giving up his play calling, because he’s probably the 2nd best at it in the NFL….

        1. I think he’s the 1st best. McVay just has better players. We all saw what he did in ATL when he had studs at all positions.

    1. I, too, want to see Wilson. He played well in the preseason.
      If Burbridge was so good, why did no team pick him up? There were several teams with WR attrition.

  6. It’s troubling to me when Shanahan says that Mullens played in a spread system and implies that that puts him at such a huge disadvantage. That new guy they have in Kansas City – Patrick something – I think he also played in a spread system. When you watch Andy Reid’s offense you can see how difficult it is to make the transition to the NFL. Right? I hope Shanahan’s worship of his system doesn’t end up being his undoing. Mahomes is not the only spread system QB that is playing some good ball in the bigs. Schemes without play makers lead to what we have basically been watching for the last year and a half. The 49ers need to start drafting play makers and the coaches need to teach them the system…along with the fundamentals they don’t seem to be learning in college.

    1. You raise good points. Too, there have been some spread-style QBs who’ve had less than stellar success in the NFL. Rather obvious (I know)… the 9ers handle their off season and enter training camp in 2019 will say much about their future offensive scheme–change or no change.

      I thought it interesting that Mullens was under center quite a bit vs. the Raiders.

    2. George Kittle was on XM radio yesterday, and noted the offensive breakdown when the coach’s communication shut-off just before the 71 yard play. He said Mullens called the first part of one play mixed with the second part of another, and the result was the confused routes. Damn nice recovery though.

      Still wondering how much of Garoppolo’s apparent hesitancy early this year was “overthinking” Shanahan’s system, and If that’s going to be a longer-term issue.

      1. I think it was Shanahan’s telling him that he’d be benched if he kept throwing INTs, ergo waiting an additional three seconds on each pass to make sure that wouldn’t happen.

    3. I remember the posters on this site discounting any spread offense QBs in the draft, because the past history was bad.
      I liked mobile QBs, so Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson were my preference. Of course, there was a mobile FA QB I liked, too.
      Too bad Josh Allen was thrown to the wolves, so he started too early and became injured. Now they have Drek Anderson.
      Trubisky, Mayfield, Darnold, Allen and Rosen have all struggled. Imagine, Mullens has a better QBR than all of them. Of course, he has a small sample size.
      Mahommes is on fire, Savage was savagely bad, so Watson is saving the day, and Jackson is being developed shrewdly, sitting and learning behind Flacco.
      Quarterback assessments are an inexact science, but the era of mobile QBs who are accurate, is dawning in the league.

      1. FREEKIN SEB!!!!!!!!!!

        Now your going the “Balthazar”route, pretending you have a view into the future…………..except for one thing, sebby…THAT SO-CALLED ERA HAS BEEN HERE BEFORE STEVE YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Have you ever heard of Fran Tarkenton?? How about Otto Graham??

        1. Saw, Fran Tarkington preceded Steve Young.
          It ebbs and flows. Tom Brady has won 5 SBs, and he is not mobile. Manning was a pocket passer.

          1. But that is not what you advocated, the Brady style!! And yes, Tarkenton did-and Graham before him! That is why I said its already been here!

            Ha! You slippery ‘ol dowg, you! Nice try! Love the Sebs!!!!!!!!!!

            1. Interesting, you omitted Fran Tarkington until I mentioned his name. Those back then were exceptions to the rule.
              I am talking about this new era, with the passing game being so dominant.
              QBs who have mobility to escape the pass rushers, but still have accuracy, will be the wave of the future. Previously, mobile QBs were unsuccessful, because coaches liked accurate pocket passers. However, nowadays, there have been many mobile QBs who are also accurate. Wilson, Mariota, Newton, Luck, Mahommes, Watson and even a FA QB who you know so well. ;p

              1. Sebs-

                As Captain Kirk once said to Spock (in an alternative universe), so I say to you……….., “your playing a deadly game of lies and subterfuge!!!!!!!”

              2. blah blah blah blah.
                Elway, Young, Cunningham, Vick, McNair, K. Stewart, McNabb, et al. were running threats with the ball. Quit acting like you know something new and undiscovered about the quarterback position in the NFL. All of those guys would be capable of being a serious running threat, but if you knew anything about football, you would also know that in the 80s and 90s they were coaching all the running instinct out of the position in favor of being a “pocket passer” it wasnt that the ability wasn’t there for a scrambling qb, it was that the NFL had a philosophy that you THROW with the QB, and RUN with a back.
                If you had watched football all these years you would know this.

              3. ” in the 80s and 90s they were coaching all the running instinct out”

                True that. What’s interesting is that now they seem like they don’t want or are unable to do a lot of coaching of QBs (and most other positions too ). It’s like they want and expect them to come in NFL ready. Or maybe the new group of players are in some way not as coachable as in the ’80s and ’90s. It could also be that modern coaches are so wrapped up in teaching their complicated schemes that there is not enough time to coach new players how to play football.

              4. Eel, Elway was not a running threat. He was pocket passer. Young had to have his running proclivities beaten out of him by Walsh, and became a pocket passer with the threat to run.
                Cunningham, Vick, Mcnair, Stewart and Mcnabb never won a SB, and were panned for not being pocket passers.
                You basically proved my point, but then say I know nothing. I have watched football for years, and the recent trend is going towards having a mobile QB who is also accurate. The past mobile QBs have been labeled as inaccurate, but the new QBs like the ones I have mentioned are becoming the wave of the future. Nowadays, it is hard to win SBs as a pocket passer unless you are as talented as Tom Brady, and he lost his last one by getting stripped in the pocket.
                Maybe you forgot another mobile QB. Joe Montana delivered the ball from the pocket because he had Jerry Rice to throw to, but he was also mobile. In fact, he holds a record for being the first QB to throw for 300 yards while running for 50 yards in a Super Bowl. Only one other QB has matched that feat.
                You know, reading is fundamental. Try disparaging me when I say something wrong. You think you know more than me, but parrot my point, then think you said something smarter than me. Mobile accurate passers are becoming the wave of the future.

  7. the one thing I liked about Mullens was his”nerve” to trust his wrs and throw without hesitaton..look at good/great qbs that’s what they do ..sometimes you can throw them open..other times you just give them a chance to make a play..even though we lack some playmaker to do thst,I’m encouraged by the play it’s up to jl and KS to draft those players or acquire them thru’s hard watching my team but I’m encouraged each play,each possession. .there are some real problems on defense which can be cured by a real established dc,as in a dick lebeau type..if we could lure fangio back I honestly believe we could reach #6

  8. Mr Board, I was ecstatic when Bill Walsh poached you from the Steelers, and knew you solidified the interior defensive line. Obtaining Fred Dean was the final piece to the puzzle, and the rest was history. The image of you raising your arms in triumph after that successful SB goal line stand is seared into my memory.
    3 things.
    I agree with your astute analysis about Mullens.
    I wish Jed would have named Fangio as HC, because he would have provided continuity. However, he will not come back because of being snubbed, and Jed has no one else to blame but himself that he left. Fangio, is in a good position, and he has Mack, so he has moved on. Sorry to disagree with you.
    Finally, I wonder who you would draft, assuming the Niners will get a top ten pick. Bosa will be gone before the Niners pick, since Oakland is intentionally tanking. I like Clelin Ferrell or Josh Allen. Who is the best pass rusher in the 6th through 10th spots in the draft, in your opinion?

  9. Dear Kyle,
    Take your time but not to start Mullens means you will be ripped to shreds by the fans. Good luck.

  10. I don’t need to decide right now in front of you guys. I would like to do it in front of our players and the people it really affects.

    Nothing wrong with that statement whatsoever. That philosophy from the HC goes a long way in seeing why the locker room stays united and focused during difficult times

        1. Reading is fundamental- He ALREADY told the locker room.
          KS- ‘Hey guys, you all know Mullens deserves another start, but I want to mess with the media, and be coy. I know it sounds petty, but I just cannot help myself. Remember, they are the enemy.’

              1. I win again, I just proved beyond any reasonable doubt that that’s what KS thinks. Try much harder to keep up you cretins.

              2. “They say absurd things, then attribute them to me”

                That’s because you are absurd and say stupid things!

  11. Is that guy who played lights out replacing Aaron Rodgers for a portion of a season who everyone tabbed as the next great one – is he even still in the league? Seen it time and again QB’s have a great game or a good stretch then never heard of again. Is why I still have reservations with JG and now Mullens.

          1. Amazing to see the changes in technology over the years. It’s easy to forget how relatively crude the audio and viewing experience was back then by today’s standards.

    1. But most have also went on to different schemes that they didn’t fit.
      If Nick Mullen’s or Garopplo was playing for singltary and Raye do you think they would succeed in the least bit to garnish any attention?
      I think shanahans system is the key here.
      How’s Griffith doing these days?
      Is Ryan a MVP candidate?

    1. Mary says:
      November 2, 2018 at 2:38 pm
      How is calling out the comment holier than thou? Honestly? And, I apologize to the rest of the community. We should be talking about football.

      sebnynah says:
      November 2, 2018 at 7:37 pm
      Mary, you have nothing to apologize for. Your comment was civil.
      I apologize if you feel offended, but just realize, this is football…

      REPLY: Seb, self-proclaimed champion of Civil Rights. Our memories recall your statement not long ago “that women had no place at the table discussing football with men, when there’s shopping to be done.” Famous blog quotes by Sebnynah.

      1. TrollD, still fantasizing about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares.
        Now he is claiming I wanted to exclude women from discussing football. Actually, I wanted the women to have a pleasant escape from football 24/7, but if they insisted on talking about the 4-3 vs 3-4, they could.
        They were sitting in the French Laundry, not the locker room, and there was no mention of shopping. More hallucinations by TrollD. If Jed’s wife wants to come down to the locker room and discuss football, she should feel free to do that. Some how, I think that is the last thing on her mind. If she insists on a seat at the table, go for it. She, through her husband, own the team. Interesting enough, even Jed does not do that. Jed lets them do their job.

        1. If there’s a woman doing play by play, as ESPN does for some college football games, I will engage the mute button. Field reporting is fine, but I can’t handle a woman’s voice calling my game….

          1. Blah. Nothing wrong with women calling games.

            However, the woman calling tonight’s Cane game had a lispy speech impediment like Doris Burke. We’re probably talking about the same person. Tbh, I did consider muting the TV.

            1. Uh, #80 would you kindly point out where I said there’s something wrong with it? I said I don’t care for it. I’m fully aware that not everyone shares the same sentiment as myself. Thanks, have a good evening….

              1. OK, you can’t “handle” it. You gave no reason other than it’s a woman, continuing a recent trend of misogyny. Forgive me if I misinterpreted your comment.

              2. Yea, #80 I find woman attractive, especially ones with a good sense of humor. I also refrain from funsuckers. If that qualifies me as a misogynist, then I’m guilty as charged. On a different note, I can’t handle, don’t care for, in fact, detest rap music. Which glorifies misogyny….

              3. “Which glorifies misogyny”

                Like that Trump guy you slobber over? The difference is that rap is entertainment. You do realize that 99% of rappers aren’t really gangstas don’t you?

              4. I wasn’t aware President Trump enjoyed rap music. Hanging from the cobwebs of your mind, is the difference….

              5. Damn, I just love this song:

                As above, so below
                All things come from the one
                Now you are the victim
                Carried by the wind, rooted in the ground

                If you want to learn the secrets
                Close your eyes
                The ladder falls away

                At the gates of Urizen

                Fallen eagles blaze

                At the gates of Urizen

                Eternal twins are damned

                At the gates of Urizen

                Separate lives begin
                In every woman is a man
                From the moon come silver ghosts
                Spectres of the blood
                From my spirit comes the darkness
                From the void, the crimson fortress rises

                At the gates of Urizen

                The ladder falls away

                At the gates of Urizen

                Fallen eagles blaze

                At the gates of Urizen

                Eternal twins are damned

                At the gates of Urizen

                Separate lives begin

                At the gates of Urizen

                The ladder falls away

                At the gates of Urizen

                Fallen eagles blaze

                At the gates of Urizen

                Eternal twins are damned

                At the gates of Urizen

                Separate lives begin

                At the gates of Urizen

                The gates of Urizen

                The gates of Urizen

                At the gates…

              6. “As above, so below”

                Google that and pray for yourself. I’d pray for you if I still believed in fictional characters. Scratch that, Metal is entertainment too, just like rap.

              7. Razor’s a headbanger who’s taken a few too many bangs to the head.

                Razor, how about if she was on her knees while giving play by play? Funny, huh?

              8. I do razor.
                I like my announcers to have played or coached the game before.
                And that goes for scrubs like Buck too.

              9. Yea, not a fan of Buck either but I don’t mute him. Not sure if Tirico has played the game, but he’s currently my favorite play by play announcer….

              10. I generally turn off the sound on the TV, and listen to KNBR. I like Tim Ryan, especially since he has been advocating rolling out the QB and attacking the edges. He even mentioned the coaches possibly playing players out of position or not utilizing them correctly.
                Ted is OK, but since he never played the game……

              11. Misogyny is ok as long as it’s entertaining. Got it.

                No, it’s ok when the misogynist uses the pathetic cop out “I’m no saint”. You got that down for sure.

            2. If you have a 5.1 or 7.1 home theatre system mute the center channel. That’s where the broadcast voice over comes from. That way you still have the game sounds.

          2. I like Beth Mowins. She did a more than adequate job with the play by play game calling.
            You sound old school, but times are a’ changin’.
            Someday, we might even have a woman playing in the NFL.(Kicker)

              1. In the compute age, I like to think ahead.
                Old school thinking is dying out slowly, and will some day become as dead as a dodo bird.
                However with you, I hope you never change. ;p

              1. Baby steps. What girl has played football in high school? There has been some kickers.
                Has there been a female football player in college?

              2. A woman’s body is biologically different that a man’s body. She can play football with the boys but after 9th grade, I’d strongly advise against it….

            1. Sebs-you watch too much politically correct.

              To think, because the PC crowd says so, that nature has nothing to do with boys and girls who grow into men and women………..that the only difference is how their nurtured…..all I can say is you never raised a little boy and a little girl.
              Tho I do see on the TV and the movies, they portray 135 pd women beating hell out of all the guys…………..out-thinking them on every and all issues…………..they are now always the super-athletes, the engineers, the judges, the firefighters, etc.

              This is the world of make believe. Im not buyin it.

              1. Saw, I have 3 children. 2 sons and a daughter. One is a salaried manager at a wood shop who just bought a house, one works for Google, and my daughter just graduated out of UCD with a double major.
                They are not make believe to me.

        2. I believe all women should be destroyed–with a Star Wars planet buster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Just kiddin, Sebs…………….

          1. Again, Sebs………………

            Why the need to toot your horn about your childrens accomplishments??

            That had NOTHING to do with the issue.
            While its good they can put food on the table…………….not the issue.

            Slippery eel, you! Love the Sebs and his subterfuge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. Saw, you claimed I never raised a little boy and a little girl.
              I just wanted to set the record straight. Im kinda proud of them. Also, I nurtured them by moving to Sebastopol and helped build their school.

  12. • Mullens joined Fran Tarkenton (1961) and Jim Kelly (1986) as the only quarterbacks to throw for 250-plus yards, three-plus touchdowns and no interceptions in an NFL debut since 1950.

    • Mullens’ passer rating of 151.9 was the best by a quarterback making his debut with at least 20 attempts since 1970.

    • That passer rating was the highest by a 49er since Alex Smith had a rating of 157.1 on Oct. 29, 2012.

    1. I would hope so. Maybe Sherman could provide some help in convincing him to join the 49ers.

      But with the trade deadline only having just passed, one would think that they tried to trade him. It seems likely that some team offered something. Now they release him and get nothing?!

      1. From PFT:

        Raiders waived DE Bruce Irvin.

        Jon Gruden shopped Irvin prior to Tuesday’s trade deadline to no avail. It’s comical given the current atmosphere of the team, but waiving Irvin was the right call since the 31-year-old was on the books for $9 million next season. We expect him to get claimed as a third-down edge rusher soon.

        1. Given his contract I doubt any team will claim him on waivers. It will then come down to who can afford to sign him – will be interesting to see if a team still looking at a playoff run can fit him in.

    2. If we were in the thick of playoff contention I can see picking him up. What I see if we sign him, is a younger player not getting reps he needs. Not against it, I just don’t see it myself.

        1. Actually that’s a good question, it seems like yesterdays that we were really young on the line, I kept thinking we are young there but we no longer are. I am not against it, just don’t see it. Oh, I take it you are looking at multi years out of the guy not just finishing out a season – 32 years old next year and 9 mil contract.

          1. I wouldn’t claim him on waivers because of that contract, but yeah, ~3 year deal is what I was thinking. If they were only thinking this year then its a hard pass. No point bringing in a guy at this point if he isn’t part of their future plans.

      1. If they sign Irvin my hope would be that next season he is just part of a rotation. I don’t think he is that good you want him as a starter necessarily. But he can be a useful part of a rotation.

          1. If IIRC Dumervil was making around $3-4 million per year. I would guess that is where they might value Irvin – at least that would probably be the start of negotiations.

      2. Irvin wants to go to a playoff team. Niners are out of the playoff hunt.
        Thomas wants to play in Texas.
        Nice thought, but totally unrealistic.

              1. Sebbie…

                Since we have a slow Sunday, could you break down Kipling’s ‘If’ for us–in detail?

  13. Sherman also gave credit to fellow cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon, who has struggled in his second season.

    “Obviously, this is his fourth good game in a row and he stacked them,” Sherman said. “A lot is made when he is having a bad game, but when he is locking guys down and not giving up a lot of catches and playing soundly, there is not a lot of noise being made.

  14. Mostert out for the season. another one. Now its just a “ho hum whatever”.

    How will this team ever compete if players go down this fast, everything season ending. Bellicheks teams don’t do this, because guys on that team WANT to be on the field. BB would not tolerate it. BB can’t change an ACL, but few of his guys get ACL’s. Maybe this point should be looked at….

    1. Please tell me what player on the Patriots would stay in a game after suffering an injury like Garoppolo or Mosert did.

    2. Okay Max… Suggest how “this point should be looked at” should be accomplished. Who conducts the investigation? Fans? The 9er organization? Media? NFL? Who looks at it?

      Have you checked the other injuries across the NFL? If you have, what is your take?

      Examine this if you have the time… Current as of 3 November. Oh my, looks like lots of Patriots on the list.

      1. The list does highlight that the injuries to this team aren’t just anomalies to this team but somewhat league wide.

  15. Path to the Pro Bowl: George Kittle

    He leads all tight ends this season with 490 yards after the catch. Next is Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce with 300.

    Last time in a season a tight end had two 70 yard receptions was 1972, Richy Castor, Jets.

    Kittle is on pace for 1,230 yards for the season. No 49ers TE has eclipsed 1,000. Vernon Davis tops out at 965.

    He’s one of five captains on the team, and he’s the second youngest behind Uncle Buck.

  16. Jimmy G, ACL. No coming back from that.

    Arm break…many guys would hang in on that If they had a meaningful season at stake. Thats the point…

    1. Running backs wouldn’t come back quickly from that kind of break nor would you want them too. With the kind of cast on he would require he would be a fumbling machine.

  17. I know Ed Oliver is the hot name, but when Quinnen Williams balls out like that against top competition you can see why he is gaining steam in some circles as the better prospect.

    1. If we draft Ed Oliver with Thomas, Blair, Buckner and possibly Armstead I’d call for Lynch’s Job and ask that the SF be replaced with DT.
      A DT shouldn’t be draft until the 4th round.

        1. I don’t think he can be ruled out yet Razor. If the Raiders or Giants wind up with the first pick and wind up taking a QB, the team with the second pick will almost assuredly take Bosa with the second pick.
          Depending on where is the team is in the draft order (the third or fourth pick), Oliver or a trade down may be the best option available.

              1. Luckily, this draft is deep on good pass rushers. Sounds like they are light on franchise QBs.
                I think Josh Allen may be available when the Niners draft.
                However, they may do best by getting an Earl Thomas quality FS. A shutdown corner may also be a good option.
                They already have 4 first round DTs.

              2. – It is deep in pass rushers, which is why I can see the 49ers not taking one with the first pick if the value is not there.
                – Josh Allen is more of an OLB than a LEO.
                – I think Sherman and Witherspoon have done well enough that they don’t need to draft another starting CB. The position does not quality depth however.
                I agree that the team needs an upgrade at FS. However. I can see Lynch and Shanahan going with Ward at FS if he does well at the position for the rest of the season.
                – That does not negate the potential of the 49ers drafting another one, especially if he is an upgrade over Armstead, Day, and Thomas.

              3. You are being a bit contradictory in these statements.

                “It is deep in pass rushers, which is why I can see the 49ers not taking one with the first pick if the value is not there.”

                Its also expected to be an incredibly deep draft for DTs, so…?

                “I think Sherman and Witherspoon have done well enough that they don’t need to draft another starting CB.”

                Same with the DTs on the 49ers, so…?

              4. No I’m not Scooter. As I have stated in this thread, Oliver or a trade down may be the best option when they pick. If the 49ers have Oliver ahead of Ferrell and the other edge rushers (aside from Bosa), then they will most likely take him.
                The biggest difference between the CBs and DTs on the team is that Sherman and Witherspoon have done enough to solidify their position as the starters, while only Buckner has proven his self in the DR group.

              5. What is it that Witherspoon has done to solidify a starting point at CB that the DTs other than Buckner have not?

              6. He has played better than the other options at CB.
                I am not ruling out the team taking a CB like Greedy Williams with the top pick. I am also not saying the 49ers will take Oliver. All I am saying is don’t be surprised if they do.

              7. “He has played better than the other options at CB.”

                That’s because the other options have played poorly.

                “I am also not saying the 49ers will take Oliver. All I am saying is don’t be surprised if they do.”

                Trust me, I won’t be surprised! They showed they have no concern drafting a player at the position even though they already had it covered when they took Thomas. I will, however, be disappointed seeing the team draft another player at the same position that high. Four first round DTs in five years is, quite frankly, absurd.

              8. Didn’t you present some evidence a little while back showing that Witherspoon had been doing better than most of the fans believed?
                You have to keep in mind that two of the first round DTs were selected by previous regimes though. Lynch and Shanahan have also shown that they aren’t afraid to sign or draft someone for a position that viewed by everyone except them as one that is already covered.

              9. What if the 49ers take Oliver and land a quality edge rusher in another round? Would you still take a Sabbatical East?

              10. When there are so many other needs on this team, why take another interior lineman? It would be insane!

              11. If Oliver is the best available prospect on their draft board, then I don’t see a reason for them not to take him because he would easily be an upgrade over what the 49ers currently have next to Buckner. Drafting Oliver could in turn allow the 49ers to try to get something for some of the current DTs on the team.

            1. None of those guys are a top 5 talent, which is the area that I see the 49ers picking in come draft time. Of those three, only Ferrell makes sense, but I would not take him during the first five picks. Williams is too much of a mauler, and Williams does not offer much as a run defender.

              1. Before I respond, I should mention that the run defender part of my previous post was referencing Greedy.

                I like Ferrell and think he would be a great fit, but I don’t see him as a top 5 talent. Williams just does not seem like a scheme fit for the outside run.

      1. A DT shouldn’t be draft until the 4th round.

        The league is leaning more towards being mainly a passing league, which has made drafting interior pass rushers a higher priority.

        1. Change that to Edge rusher and I would agree. The niners have interior above average interior pass rushers… but nothing on the outside, adding one more would have minimal benefit to this team.

          1. I’m going to have to disagree with that take. I have been an advocate for Thomas and the fact that he should be utilized more on the inside, but Oliver is easily better than Thomas and would offer the capability of having one of the best interior defensive lines in the league.
            By no means am I saying that the team should take Oliver; I am just saying that the fan base needs to be prepared for the possibility of the 49ers taking Oliver due in part to him being the best prospect on the board when they pick.

            1. Taking Oliver just makes another player redundant at one of their deepest and most talented positions. No thanks. Trade back if you don’t think there is a player at that spot worth taking.

              1. Take someone else. A good edge rusher is more valuable to this team right now than another good DT.

              2. Taking Oliver would not only perpetuate further draft capital at an already well funded position on this team but it would take away the possibility of using a top draft pick to address a position of actual need.

                We have so many needs right now that it wont be hard to find another position to fill at the top of the draft if we can’t find a trade partner. Cornerback would be a really good idea.

              3. It might Scooter, but getting the top choice does not always equate to success. Fowler is a great example of this.
                According to the fans Coffee. John and Kyle might see things differently.

              4. It’s not that hard to find very good interior DL (Donald aside). But a great edge rusher is the holy grail for this team.

              5. Don’t forget, Mid, that if we are to believe Lynch, they made a very competitive offer for Mack. That suggests to me that edge rusher is tops on the list.

              6. I’m not denying any of that Cubus. What I am trying to point out is that Lynch and Shanahan may have a higher grade on Oliver than on the best available edge rushers if they miss out on Bosa.

            2. Yes, he is much better than Thomas… that doesn’t take much.
              Interior rushers are too dependent on outside rushers to be the difference makers Edge rushers are. Aaron Donald is a freak and is having his best season ever but that is because he is surrounded by talent. He is the only interior rusher in the top 10 in sacks, In fact Buckner is the 3rd best interior rusher in terms of sacks and he is tied for 14th with 6 other rushers.
              There is a reason that on the whole, top level edge rushers make more than their interior counterparts. There is a reason that while Oliver is a more proven, productive prospect than than Bosa… Bosa is likely to be drafted ahead of him.

              1. Notice what type of player the Rams just added via trade to compliment their interior. That’s exactly what I expect the 49ers to do in the first round. Whether that’s Bosa, Ferrell, Allen or Polite, we won’t know for sure until 4/25/19….

    1. Attrition is part of the game, and how teams respond to attrition is the key. Depth is needed, but is hard to accomplish with a rebuilding team.
      I know that losing the top RB before the season and the franchise QB in the third game makes it a lot harder to win.
      Coupled with that, the HC’s stubborn insistence to play his favorite when a superior alternative exists, leads to 6 game losing streaks. Maybe the HC has wised up, but he now is being coy.

      1. Seb,
        There are probably 5 to 7 teams in the league who wouldn’t have fallen apart after losing their franchise QB and #1 RB. Health is everything in today’s salary cap era of football, especially, like you said, with a rebuilding team. As to the wave of criticism that KS has received here for drafting Beathard and waiting to start Mullens, give me a break the most difficult task in drafting is picking QB’s. If it wasn’t Brady would not have lasted until the 5th Rd and Montana would not have lasted until the 3rd. Arguably the two greatest QB’s in the history of the league and every team in the NFL was wrong about them, even NE passed on Brady 4 times before taking a flier on him. Mark my word right here right now if Jimmy G can stay healty KS will have the 49ers consistently in the playoffs by 2020 if not next year. Although I would like to see them move on from Saleh, I wonder if Rex Ryan is itching to get back in the game. A DC position would be a perfect way for him to rehab his reputation . imho

        1. Old Coach, I agree that KS has received lots of criticism, but he should not have pontificated that CJB was the best QB in the building, especially after what we saw on Thursday night. However, it was his call to make as HC, and we all have to live with his decisions.
          I hope you will agree with me when I say that Mullens deserves another start, with his 3 TD, 151 rating.
          Actually Brady was drafted in the 6th round, so that reinforces your argument even more.
          While I have been critical of Saleh, his squad played well last game. Holding any NFL team to 3 points is impressive.
          I wish to respectfully disagree with your advocating for Rex. I would think there are better options. Additionally, Saleh has improved the defense, and has not committed any fireable offences.

              1. Try correcting me when I am wrong, not correct.
                Your problem is your dishing it out, even when clueless.
                The stench of Baalke continues.

              2. You are not one to really talk Seb. You have a very bad habit of refusing to accept when you are wrong or latching onto something that is absolutely ridiculous.

              3. Sorry mid, but I admit I am wrong all the time. I admitted I misspelled Tarkenton.I admitted Mathieu was no longer a Card.
                Just do not correct my grammar when I am correct.
                Football has an ‘offense’ and defense.
                A misdemeanor could be his first ‘offence’. Offence is perfectly correct.

              4. Check my comment very carefully…. Did I say it was wrong? Was I correcting you?

                This is what I posted… “Offences Sebbie? With a c?” Just a question, nothing more… You my friend went into orbit.

              5. Cassie, you are questioning me, as if it was incorrect. If you had realized that it was correct, you should have just kept your mouth shut and attacked me in other ways.
                I know, I know, you keep trying so hard, it smacks of desperation.
                The stench of Baalke permeates your posts.

    2. Thanks for that.

      “Check biases and hot takes against the info presented.”


      “Anyone on this blog have sufficient medical training and experience to assess injury magnitude from afar?”


  18. Well, if my math is right, our IR list is 15% lower than league average of 8.5 per team. The total injury average is 40% lower than the 16.7 league average. Not sure how this compares to the high water mark of injuries for the team, but at least it does point out it isn’t unusual.

    What it means is the team cannot afford any injuries because it is undermanned.

    1. Dang. Missed it. Hope you have a posting about what you said.
      I also hope you can tell us the name of the cheerleader, and get her reasons for kneeling. Additionally, what Jed did about her.

        1. ‘ Proud of you’, wrote Toni Flores who identified herself as a vet. ‘ Don’t believe any caption that speaks for the military as a whole. Many veterans support your cause and your rights!.’

  19. The 3 greatest Mullins/Mullens in bay area sports history.
    #1 Chris Mullins
    #2 Jeff Mullins
    #3 Nick Mullens?
    Well maybe we need to see at least one more game.

  20. Around the league, Peterman threw 3 picks, Fitzpatrick struggled, Eric Reid got a pick, Aaron Lynch got a sack. Bears did not need Mack.

      1. I am more interested in Alvin Kamara, the RB the Niners could have had instead of Joe Williams. If you remember my mocks, I selected Kamara many times.
        Niners traded away their third pick for a 2018 second, and the Saints selected Kamara.

        1. You’re always well covered with your mock drafts. Your mocks include just about everyone in the top 200 draft eligible players–many times over. Makes it really easy to claim brilliance when making a point.

          Didn’t Sun Tzu offer a maxim (not the magazine Sebbie) on claiming credit for knowledge of all battle possibilities?

          1. Since you like to research the archives in a manic desperation to find fault, you will see that I liked D’onta Foreman, Alvin Kamara, and later on, Jeremy McNichols and James Connor.
            I did not mock Dalvin Cook or Leonard Fournett very much, because I wanted the Niners to draft a run stopper and pass rusher. I had several mocks where I moved back to garner picks, and selected Christian McCaffrey.
            Joe Mixon was radioactive. Perine, Mack, Hill and Galman were not on my radar, and I fully admit Kareem Hunt was not, either.
            No, I did not select a top 200, because many were unavailable at the Niner draft position. Remember, I made a point to select from the draft rankings, only within 5 of the Niner draft position.

            1. Reading comprehension is important.

              I did not say YOU selected a top 200. I said “Your mocks include just about everyone in the top 200 draft eligible players

              C’mon Sebbie, up your game.

              LSHI’MTCTMN — Laughing so hard I’m tossing chunks through my nose…

              1. Cassie, many of my mocks selected the same players over and over. I did not select’ just about everyone in the top 200′. There were many areas where there were good prospects, but the Niners only had one thirty second (1/32) of the draft to choose. Many times, they would have to wait 30 or so slots before picking again.
                My game is fine, you are grasping at straws.
                Glad you are laughing at yourself.

              2. *Fournette

                Careful, you were so high on him you consistently have misspelled his last name!

                Did you like Joe Montan
                Jerry Ric
                Hacksa Reynold
                Bill Wash?

              3. My bad, left out an e on Fournette.
                And no, I did not mock him very many times. Niners had a more desperate need stopping the run.
                East, desperation reeks from you. Cannot argue points, so you have become the grammar police.

              4. Irony rich today for you Sebbie!

                Try being more brief. It is the source of wit! You make James Joyce seem pithy!

          2. The first thing Sun Tzu wrote, was that war and resolving conflicts were of the utmost importance, and needed to be carefully and thoroughly studied. That entailed all possibilities, and if prepared for properly and thoroughly, the outcome could be predetermined.
            When confronted with 2 equal armies, the one that successfully shapes the other will usually win.
            If a superior force is assembled, the acme of success is for the superior side to win the war without striking a blow. If an inferior force is confronted with a superior force, clever and brilliant generals can overcome the odds against lesser leadership, with superior tactics and strategies.
            Sun Tzu did not like sieges, because they were costly. Many times, he would leave an escape route, so the defenders could flee. That way, he could pick off the stragglers one by one. He avoided sieges, because maintaining the army intact was a primary goal. In war, he would acknowledge attrition, but strive to avoid losing forces, because he would possibly need his army later on. Many football teams could learn from those concepts. That is why I do not advocate for running into the teeth of the defense.

            1. In a large saucepan heat vegetable oil. Add onions and cook for 2 minutes. Once the onions have softened add garlic and jalepenos and cook for another minute. Pour chicken broth, tomatoes, and beans into the pot and bring to a boil. Once at a boil, lower heat to simmer and add chicken breasts. Cook the chicken for 20 to 25 minutes. Once chicken is cooked remove from pot. When cool enough to handle shred it and set it aside. Add lime juice and fresh cilantro to the pot. In a serving bowl add a mound of shredded chicken. Ladle soup over chicken and top with a lime wedge, grilled tortilla strips, avocado slices and cheese.

  21. Anyone know if there are any stud pass rushers who will be free agents this offseason? If there are I strongly recommend that the 9ers sign the best available (cost be damned) and draft the best available pass rusher in the draft (Bosa would be my choice) I believe that Buckner, Blair, Thomas (inside only) Armstead (if he can be signed on the cheap) Day, Jones, Street and Taylor are a solid group who could become outstanding with the addition of 2 good outside pass rushers. I also believe that Foster and Warner would shine playing behind a line like that. The other free agent priority should be a very good CB. I believe that with those 3 additions and a blockbuster DC signing (I”m going with Rex Ryan) The D could be anywhere from very good to great. I’ll apply my genius to the O later.

      1. One decent Free Agent CB that might be available is Bradley Roby from the Broncos. As far as I know, Broncos have picked up his 5th year option (current year) and they might not give him a new deal.

        He would be a nice addition, although character concerns might be one reason Lynch/Shanahan might stay away from him.

    1. There are plenty of stud pass rushers, but almost all of the best are also likely to be hit with the franchise tag.

    2. Gosh I hope you do not think I am totally opposed to all of your ideas, but the Niners shot themselves in the foot with that 6 game losing streak, which put them out of the playoffs.
      Many elite FAs will only go to a possible playoff team. The Niners are rebuilding. I agree that they should over spend to get decent FAs, especially since they have a huge cap surplus. Many FAs are sick of losing, and want to go to a winner.
      Maybe the best alternative, would be to swap players. The Niners could swap out a surplus player like a defensive lineman, to a needy team that has a surplus of DBs. That would be a win/win situation for both sides.
      Rex may be superior to Saleh, but I just do not see the egos on the Niners, stepping aside for Rex’s ego. Also, Saleh has been improving, and he is finally putting players in their best positions to succeed. They also are rebuilding, so all the pieces are not in place. With JG and JM coming back, if they can fill all the glaring holes in free agency, and if they can hit a home run in the draft, they could be vying for the playoffs next season. Saleh provides continuity, which has been absent due to the coaching turnover. Rex would imply more turnover.
      Sorry to disagree, I really respect your football acumen, but maybe the best change in coordinators would be for KS to hire Mike Shanahan. KS could still call the plays, but Mike could concentrate on preparing the offense, instill discipline, reducing unforced errors, and ball security. Mike could sit in the booth and give a good over view. He could spot weaknesses and Identify trends. He could help make assessments, and designate the proper adjustments. Above all, I think their egos could handle each other. I bet Mike would jump at the opportunity to work again with his son, and he would never try to upstage his son. I think Mike could work out a lot better than Rex. imho.

        1. One leader was so jealous of a general, he had them cut off his feet. He went to the enemy’s side. and proved so capable, he was given the authority to lead their army. Guess what he did to the leader who cut off his feet? However, he would not accept the title of supreme commander, because he was maimed. He was happy to lead behind the scenes.
          I am sure Sun Tzu and his disciples would accept help from anyone, provided it would help them win battles.
          Just like I think JL and KS should accept good advice, even if it comes from a blog.

    3. “blockbuster DC signing (I”m going with Rex Ryan)”

      Going to Ryan would set the “rebuild” back at least 2-3 years.

      1. I agree Jack. The main issue for the defense is not Saleh’s play-calling. It is the fact that the team does not have an edge rusher. Adding one or two to the team would go a long way in helping the defense.

        1. Absolutely. A top notch FS and better/ more consistent play from the CB opposite Sherman wouldn’t go astray either.

          I think you are right about Saleh, and too many people are pointing the finger at him to get fired. He’s been improving steadily as a play caller. The main issue is an execution one. I think the CS deserve some blame for that, but I think a large part of it also lies at the feet of a rookie having the blue dot. Warner will only get better in time at it.

            1. Yes, that has been an issue. Although I think as much as anything it is a case of some 2nd year guys that played sparingly last season, and mostly in the 2nd half of the season when the schedule was a bit easier and pressure to win was off, were counted on to step up and become not just solid contributors but high end starters. It’s more a case of good flashes in a small sample size creating unrealistic expectations that are not being met.

          1. Maybe the main issue is that Saleh lacks an elite FS, and giving him Deionte Thompson with their first pick rectifies it?

              1. I was thinking the same thing but with Thomas. If Thompson is the answer, then they should pull the trigger and take their edge later on….

              2. To justify that move, they would need to sign a decent pass rusher during free agency and probably trade out of the top 5 as well.

        1. One issue is that Ryan and Shanahan’s would probably butt heads Coach. Another is the fact that Ryan runs an old school 3-4 defense.

        2. Ryan runs a 3-4 and they’ve now spent 2 offseasons building personnel for a 4-3. Going back now doesn’t make sense.

          Plus, Ryan hasn’t been a coordinator since 2008 and I don’t think his personality now is a fit to be anything but the head coach.

          People around here like to make fun of the Browns, but hiring Ryan would create a similar atmosphere that they had there the first half of this year before starting to clean house.

  22. What I learnt today by Prime Time

    Watching all the good games and teams LAR, LAC,Saints,Packers and Pats, Steelers, Chiefs,they have 2 things we need.

    A QB with a quick release and pass catchers. All those teams QB’s get rid of it fast and all those teams have playmakers on the inside and outside.

    That is what I learnt today by watching football.


  23. Sure this been talked about earlier. Just didn’t want to read all 260 responses.

    If Mullen’s plays well these final 7 games combined with one good/great game under his belt. What would his trade value be?

    1. Why would they trade Mullens?….

      He has spent more time learning the offense compared To the other 2 QB

      If Mullens stays legit ….they trade JimnyG

    2. No, this season has shown how important good backups are to keeping teams competitive.
      I would be perfectly happy with JG, with Mullens as the capable backup.

  24. In other news, my Jr Micro team made the playoffs for the 1st time. So proud of our boys, it’s been a tough season, but I’ve had a blast coaching. Now we have 2 weeks to prepare for our 1st playoff game.

      1. Thanks Seb and Rebel, we still got a long road to the championship…but you guys are right, when you make it about the kids it makes it so much more rewarding.

    1. Good luck Leo! My 7th grader is playing in a championship game next week. As they say not about the x’s and o’s But all about the jimmy’s and joe’s! My son has good coaches and fun to see what they accomplish together. Been a fun but long road. Hope you also get to the championship game!

  25. Won the Marin County rec U14 girls soccer championship by posting three consecutive shut-outs in the playoffs- I preach an intense and attacking defense and believe it will always keeps you in the game – Now here is to hoping the 49ers D can keep it rolling next Monday.

  26. In other news, Frank Gore passed Barry Sanders on the all time list of career yards from scrimmage.
    Sure wished the Niners could have traded for Frank.
    Next up, LaDanian Tomlinson. Then, Canton.

      1. When the day comes, wonder if he’d want to return to the 9ers for the one day retirement contract. Would be cool if he did, but uncertain what he’d prefer.

  27. So I am watching joe fonzi make goo goo eyes
    at mark ibanez, and this kid shows up to say
    Nothing and get paid. Wow.
    Happy thanksgiving. 🦃

    1. Thanks for the reference Nick.

      Of course, Beathard has been failing the most important test – “the eyeball test” since his first start, so there’s no surprise there for me. I’ve posted a number of CJB evaluations on this blog, and none of them have been particularly complimentary. And most importantly, look no further than Kyle Shanahan’s record as a head coach. He’s 6-1-1(undecided due to injury) in games started by an NFL caliber starting QB in Garoppolo, and 1-11 in games started by Beathard (and 0-5 in games started by Hoyer). It’s easy to draw the obvious conclusions when breaking down the 49ers record over the last 25 games, including the manner in which they’ve lost them.

      Most striking is the number of close games the 49ers have been unable to finish without an NFL caliber starting QB. Then again, it’s usually how well you play in the 4th QTR that separates the best from the rest! The good ones rise to the occasion and find ways to win the close games, and the bad ones find ways to lose them!

  28. The Giants will not be a pushover. They are ranked 20th in offense. They are ranked 9th in passing, but 31st in rushing.
    They are ranked 21st in defense. They are 16th in pass defense, and 23rd in run defense.
    So, hopefully, the Niners can shut down the passing game, and run the ball on them.

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