Kyle Shanahan remains upbeat despite 1-4 start

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan speaks at a news conference after an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — On Monday, head coach Kyle Shanahan explained to reporters his message to the 49ers, how he plans to motivate them going forward and his goals for the rest of the season.

This was necessary because although the 49ers season isn’t officially over yet, it’s over.

Their record is 1-4. They’re beat up. And they just lost at home by 10 points to the Arizona Cardinals, who were winless and generally considered the worst team in the NFL. Now, the 49ers may be the worst team. They’re in the discussion.

Next Monday, they will play on the road against the Green Bay Packers, who are 10-point favorites. The next Sunday, the 49ers will play the Los Angeles Rams, who are undefeated. The Sunday after that, the 49ers will play the Cardinals again, this time in Arizona.

High degree of difficulty.

“I totally understand the frustration,” Shanahan said about his team’s disastrous start. “People did have higher expectations going into this year. So did we. It was a tough blow early in the year, as everyone knows, losing (running back Jerick) McKinnon. And then, losing our starting quarterback (Jimmy Garoppolo). That takes a toll, and I think everyone understands that.

“But, that doesn’t mean we can’t win games. We have played two games now without Jimmy, and we have been more than capable of winning both of those games, and we haven’t gotten it done. There are lots of answers to what we could have done better to win, and that’s really all you can focus on.”

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    1. I don’t see that happening.

      While some have pointed out that the defense isn’t as bad as portrayed, I think some of this is due to the game flow.
      One thing I have noticed is that if the offense is doing little the defense has typically looked ok, while if the offense is having success, the defense has struggled.
      I think this can partially be attributed to coaches realize they don’t need to open up, they shorten game and still beat SF. However, when opponents have needed to open up and score they have been able to.

      This is not to blame the defense for the teams woes but rather say they have still have multiple issues that need to be resolved.

      1. Don’t let anyone fool you – this defense is bad. Very bad. Saleh is in over his head unless he’s going against the worst offense and OC in football and even then he couldn’t keep them under 21 points… If Shanahan is smart he’ll kick Saleh to the curb at season’s end (along with the strength and conditioning staff) and grab Kris Richard if he wants to keep continuity. Otherwise he should look at Fox or even Del Rio… Rodgers is going bend this D over on Monday night – hobbled knee and all. If the passrush was inconsistent we might have a chance but under Saleh it’s pretty much nonexistent.

        1. Red

          You have no clue whatsoever…you must be in a contest with ‘Petaluma’s Pride’ for thee most obnoxious rants on the blog. With Jerrick McKinnon and Jimmy Garropolo watching from the sidelines, anyone with half a brain could see that things weren’t going to happen well for the Niners. As for your DC candidates, why aren’t they working for someone else now ? Pay attention…!…and get back on board… Go Niners…

          1. Anyone with half a brain could comprehend I was referring solely to the defense above but hey, half a brain right…. I haven’t found much at fault with the offense other than drops, penalties and TOs. Best of luck keeping up next time junior.

  1. Grant… Any thoughts on who could be called in at rb if Brieda has to miss time? Joe Williams? Heck I’d take Ricky Williams at this point. These injuries are whack.

  2. Good to see Kyle upbeat. He should be. Look at the team. It’s in shatters and he still has them competing. Vince Lombardi could be coach and when you lose the turnover battle 5-0, lose your key players to injuries, your most likely going to lose. I thought the silly grades thing (see plumber grading Bar test) was unfair to Kyle but that’s expected (see Grants weird animosity towards Shanahan). So predictable.

    1. That’s a cool word you just coined: “shatters” — something that’s shattered and is in tatters?
      I can sense the frustration in Grant. He and a few other commentators have been assiduously assaulting Shanalynch with their sophomoric diatribes about the latter’s responsibilities for the current state of the Niners, but it’s not gaining traction. Grant must find Kyle’s calmness and aplomb to be partly infuriating, along with the tight locker room. The combination of the disastrous rash of injuries at key positions has put the glaring spotlight of the inexperience of the backups and the second year players that has led to mental mistakes that has cost at least one game, maybe two. I think the coaching is not without some blame, but it’s pretty competent. There is no perfect coaching staff in the league.

  3. THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The weak minded men and the fair-weather fan will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their team; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of teammates, coaches, and fans. Losing, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as WINNING should not be highly rated”

    1. That last injury had nothing to do with him being fragile. His legs were twisted in a weirdly when the defender fell on them. Certain types of injuries can happen to anyone.

  4. It is just a game. There is ultimately one winner, and 31 losers. How one deals with losing is the key. It is not whether one wins or loses, but how one plays the game. During the season, there are 16 opportunities to win, and 16 possibilities of losing. Talent is one big factor, but injuries can cripple a team. Coaching is another determining factor, but it may end up just being a factor of luck, and the bounce of the ball.
    I am glad KS is remaining upbeat. He will be facing 2 upcoming opponents who should have double digit betting lines against him.
    Hope he is not delusional, and acts like he will easily beat them, but having an optimistic approach and leading his team with such confidence, will hopefully at least make them competitive.
    Any given Sunday, an underdog can bite, but it will take playing focused and disciplined, with no errors. Hope KS and his coaches can prepare them well enough to get the job done.

  5. Niners are flexed out of Sunday night football Oct 21 against the Rams. Cant blame the networks after the Niners pitiful performance against the Cards.

      1. We shall see. Right now till things like pre snap penalties and players like Colbert doing their own thing stop, this team isn’t going anywhere soon. No Discipline. The team needs to get back to basics, blocking, tackling, taking care of the ball….

  6. “49ers had seven 10+ loss seasons in their history prior to Yorks taking over. Since the Yorks started hiring GMs & HCs, they’ve had seven 10+ loss seasons in the last 14 years. If they lose 10+ in ’18 it will be four straight seasons at 10+ losses for 1st time franchise history”

    Nice factoid from the Great Al Sacco.

    Welcome to Santa Claraland. New home of the perpetual rebuild.

    1. “perpetual rebuild” – Jack, SMH, eh…ouch! It certainly is looking that way. Wait till next year is the Niners mantra. We are in fine company tho, Lions, Bills, Jets, Browns.

      1. Hah, yes Grant, when you are in year 2 of a total roster overhaul, you need things to go relatively smoothly if you want to win in this league. Last time I checked it was a QB driven league, and a league in which pass catching RB’s were the latest threat. Unfortunately, when it comes to QB’s, there are only about 20 good ones to go around. And when your lose you top offensive weapon, who happens to be that pass catching kind of RB who is trending high in 2018, odds are things aren’t going to go as planned.

        That’s reality Grant, look that word up in the dictionary. Tell me again how great Bill Walsh’s 49ers were with Steve DeBerg running his offense?

        How bout them Raiders though? Wow, now there’s a franchise who deserves all of the criticism! When was the last time they won a playoff game? They have been relatively healthy this season, AND they just gave away one of, if not the best pass rusher in the league. And here they are also at 1-4, coming off a total blowout (the Raiders lost every single statistical battle to the Chargers) by the same Chargers team that the 49ers nearly beat despite having 5 backups starting at various KEY positions. The juxtaposition between these 2 franchises is simply startling!

        Being a Niner Faithful is certainly depressing, but not because their coaches are failing. It’s the injury curse that has absolutely decimated this roster (the 49ers have suffered, BY FAR, more key injuries than any other team this season). That’s the reality of the situation, and most unbiased observers get that. In fact, rumor has it, the NFL was considering flexing the 49ers/Rams out of their SNF spot the day after Jimmy went down. However, the 49ers continue to fight.

        The Raiders on the other hand …… oh boy! If I were a Raiders fan though, I’d be pissed off. No excuses for them! Then again, when the team is set to walk away from their fanbase for the second time in the last 37 years, it’s probably a lot harder to be as outraged about their current lack of effort.

        1. You just can’t kick the habit. We need to get you into a blog rehab.

          “This is why I’ve left this place and not coming back”

        2. Im sorry, that’s a typo. I wish it were 5. Try closer to 10-12 backups starting at key positions.

          And FYI Hammer, I’m posting less, but somebody needs to offer this blog a reality check.

          How bout them Raiders? Derek Carr or CJ Beathard? That’s what you call a toss up! 6 for 1, half a dozen for the other!

          1. 49er reasons– Good posts. Makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately too many people just use sports to find excuses to vent about things that they are ticked off about in respect to their own lives.

            1. 100% spot on willtalk.

              Listen, it’s frustration. A lot of people expected the 49ers to make some noise this year. And the reasons for this were obvious:

              1) It appears they’ve finally found a bonafide franchise QB. Well, after admittingly struggling in game one against a very tough defense, on the road. Bad games happen to the very best QB’s every now and then, it’s only when you see a repeated pattern of struggles is when it becomes alarming. Mind you, he lost his go-to WR early in that game (tough luck), a week after he lost his go-to dual threat RB (tough luck), AND, half the OL suffered injuries before the 2nd half was barely even underway (more tough luck). What QB wouldn’t struggle under those conditions? It’s how a QB responds to a tough week that matters most. So how did Jimmy respond after a tough week 1? 4 TD’s – 0 INT’s, 457 yards, and a 116.2 Passer Rating through the next 2 games prior to tearing his ACL by way of a non contact injury while orchestrating a furious comeback late in the game VS the Chiefs. Tough luck!

              If only the tough luck ended there.

              2) The 49ers perineal pro-bowl LT has been hobbled, and struggling because of it. So has there pro-bowl Center, and their first round pick @ RT. Oh, but it gets worse. After a strong start to the season, and early dominance running the ball VS the Cardinals, the 49ers lost another key player, their 2nd best RB who was going to be the key to victory against the Cardinals.

              Do I need to even get into the defensive injuries? Nah. Unlike the offense, defensive injuries have only been part of their problem.

              There are areas where criticism seems valid. I don’t think the defensive personnel fits the scheme, particularly in the defensive backfield. The defense has made way to many mental mistakes and blown assignments! Pass rush was an obvious issue, and a problem I addressed right after the draft when I said quote: “The 49ers FO failed in EPIC fashion to address the pass rush!” (but at least they didn’t trade away the best pass rush/defender in the league, like the Raiders did).

              It’s been a messy, disappointing start to the season. Unfortunately their brutal early schedule, compounded by a slew of injuries to KEY personnel, along with some questionable coaching on the defensive side of the ball, have conspired to sink this season. But let’s stop pretending that the root of the problem isn’t the fact that this team has suffered an unprecedented number of injuries to key personnel, at an early juncture. Let me make one more point. The very worst time to suffer key injuries is early in the season. It’s a time where continuity is most important in order to find a rhythm, dust off the cobwebs, and get on a roll.

              Questionable defensive coaching aside, this season’s high hopes were snuffed out in its infancy, before they even had a chance to succeed!

    2. A parallel example is the warriors. They were consistent losers during Chris Cohan’s regime as the owner. Within a couple of years of Cohan mercifully selling the team to Lacob and co, three championships in four years.

      It cannot be a coincidence that the 49ers stopped winning as soon as the York family took over as owners. 18 years is a large enough sample size.

      Mark my words. This team will never be a winner as long as a York is running it. Oh there will be an occasional winning year here and there; but a consistent year in year out winning culture…Not a chance.

      Oh well. At least I was smart enough to get the cheapest ($ 2000) PSL seats. If I dump the season tickets and tell York to take a hike next year it will only cost me two grand. I also took the 49ers offer of no interest financing over 10 years. So I have only paid $ 1000 of the PSL price so far. Maybe I will refuse to pay the balance and let Jed sue me next year. I will have to pony up eventually, but if it costs Jed 10 grand or so in legal fees to get my money it will be worth it.

    3. It’s been a history of losing under the Yorks, no doubt about it. They have had no clue and for the first few years were hiring people based on their own interviews which was a case of the blind leading the blind. The only successful HC in that time was jettisoned because he was too hard to get along with and they favored the GM who as it turns out, was terrible at his job. Nothing but disappointment under this ownership.

      However, for the first time I get the sense that they now understand they have to leave the decision making up to the people they hired, and contrary to what is being said around here, they have a potentially great young HC. Lynch was a questionable hire to me. He should be a VP who oversees rather than makes decision on personnel imo but he did hire a good young personnel guy to run the scouting department or at least that was the reputation he brought with him anyway.

      For the first time in a long time I think they have the Coach who fits what the 49ers are supposed to be and while it is looking like another year of spinning the wheels, I have a lot of confidence that this team will ascend under Shanahan. There has to be patience, especially in light of the injuries that have decimated the roster, but for the first time since Harbaugh was here I think they are going in the right direction. They just have to have better injury luck and add playmakers in the draft and FA. Easier said than done, but they aren’t that far away imo.

      1. I think the Cardinals will be our main competitor from the one win teams for the top pick in the draft. To the victor go the spoils to the team with the fewest meaningless wins….

            1. The team is in a win- win situation. Even if they lose a lot of games thats a win for draft position. Besides everything would have had to work out for them to be in the play off hunt this season anyway. If they are not going to make the playoffs at least they can win in the draft. Often teams that have major injuries in one season can use that advantage in the draft.

              The spurs only got Tim Duncan because David Robinson was injured the previous year.

        1. “meaningless wins….”


          (J/K 😂)

          1. Football Outsiders has the 49ers with a 19 percent chance to finish with the top pick in next year’s draft. They’re followed by the Cardinals at 16.9 percent, then Buffalo at 14 percent.

            1. They’re probably right.

              You’re close to Indy. What percentage chance would you put on the 49ers having a 2012 Colts type turnaround next season?

              1. I think that hinges first and foremost on whether or not we get the 2017 Jimmy or the 2018 Jimmy. I’ve always believed that 9th win for teams that haven’t learned how to win is very difficult, and it’s a sign of good things to come if they can get there. Given all the things that would have to go our way to be a team over .500 at the end of the year, I’d probably lean towards a 40% chance to answer your question….

      2. I too thought they were not far away when they hired Shanahan and traded for Garoppolo. But when they made no effort to bolster the WR group over the winter they lost me.

        Barring a few exceptions, almost all winning teams have a go to #1 wide receiver. A guy who can battle for the so called 50 / 50 ball and come down with it more often than not. A guy who can go up and bring down a fade in the corner of the end zone when it is third and goal from the three. This was their biggest need going into the off season, but the 49ers decided to draft another small guy in Pettis when they already had a similar player in Marquise Goodwin. Now both Goodwin and Pettis are injured and the team is left with over the hill veterans like Garcon and a bunch of mediocre receivers such as Bourne and Taylor. The Giants have OBJ. Bengals have A.J. Green. Falcons have Julio Jones. We have a bunch of no names at the WR position. No wonder opponents have no fear of our passing game and can stack the box with 8 or even nine to nullify the running game.

        My other peeve is no effort to improve the pass rush. We know Buckner, Armstead, and Thomas are run stuffing d line players. None of them was known as a pass rushers in college. They made no effort to sign a pass rusher in free agency or the draft. And, when the best pass rusher in the league became available in their own backyard, they made no effort to try and get him. You seriously think the 49er could not have put together a better package for Mack than the Bears did. No, the Yorks were too cheap to pay Mack. that is why they did not try for Khalil.

        I am convinced that the Yorks don’t care about winning.

        1. Rick,

          I wanted them to sign a FA WR, namely Allen Robinson because like you, I wanted them to have a true #1 WR and I wasn’t convinced Garcon would come back at the same level he was previously. However that wasn’t as big a deal as I thought. The WR depth chart is not the best in the league, but it is pretty good and has some young developing players behind the starters. Would we be better with a guy like Robinson? Perhaps, but I don’t think there is a big issue with the group they have. You named some really good WR’s but all I can say is look at how poorly OBJ and Jones’ teams are playing to see how little a top WR affects the win column. This league is pretty much dependant on QB play and team defense now and that is the way the Niners need to build imo.

          I agree with you 100% on the pass rush point. They failed miserably this offseason by not doing more to improve the position and it’s now biting them in the ass big time. I don’t agree with your Mack point though. The Yorks had nothing to do with that. There was no way the Raiders were trading Mack across the bay to then have it thrown back in their faces by the local media day after day. The 9ers also weren’t interested in trading 2 #1 picks for him and I agree with that. He’s playing great in Chicago and yet they were in some extremely tight games before TB because you need quality QB play to win consistently. No defensive player is worth what he’s being paid imo and it’s proven every week when QB’s are the main difference in wins and losses. The Niners have to build the defense as a whole; not focus on pouring a ton of money into 1 position.

          I’ve never been a fan of the Yorks and I’m not now, but their actions don’t support your view that they don’t care about winning. They ate a lot of guaranteed money in firing Tomsula and Kelly. They signed Lynch and Shanahan to 6 year deals which is unheard of in a league that fires Coaches so often. Both Lynch and Shanahan have said the Yorks have given them the green light to do whatever they want and we haven’t heard a peep out of Jed since they took over. It’s been a pretty bad run under this ownership overall, but I don’t think you can criticize them for what they’ve done in regards to Lynch and Shanahan.

          Baalke left the roster in bad shape and there were new systems on both sides of the ball to learn. Now they’ve lost players to injury they couldn’t afford to lose and the lack of depth is showing. If Garoppolo comes back healthy and they address the Edge rush position in both the draft and FA along with adding more young talent in the draft, this team isn’t far away imo. I truly believe that and I’m somebody who most on this board used to get angry at because of my negativity during the Tomsula and Kelly years. You gotta have some patience and recognize the situation for what it is.

          1. Just for the record, The Bears also got a second round pick and a conditional fifth round pick along with Mack so it was not a straight two firsts for Mack.

            I don’t know why you think a great pass rusher is not worth two firsts. A great pass rusher instantly makes better players out of your secondary by shaving off the amount of time they have to cover receivers. Also having Mack on the team would have allowed Buckner / Armstead / Thomas to play to their strengths on the D line instead of trying to rush the passer which is not their game.

            I think a great pass rusher is the second most important position on a team, just behind the QB. It is only once every three or four years that a talent like Mack comes into the league. I think two firsts alone would be a cheap price to get him, much less getting a second and a fifth back in the bargain.

            I will agree with you that perhaps my comments on York not wanting to win were a bit harsh. the disappointment on having yet another losing season to look forward to is hard to swallow.

            I will try and be patient.

            1. Rick,

              The 2nd and possible 5th round pick (it’s not a guaranteed pick) were swapped for a 3rd and a 6th so it really is 2 1sts when it’s all said and done.

              I agree that an elite pass rusher is arguably the second most important position on a roster, but there is a huge gap between that and #1. Mack is being paid like a QB and it’s impossible for him to have that level of impact. As good as he is he didn’t affect the win column in Oakland or keep their defense from the bottom 3rd of the league. He’s been great in Chicago, but they already had a top ten defense to begin with. The deciding factor on how well the Bears do is Trubisky. If he plays well they can be a playoff contender; if he doesn’t they are a bottom ten team.

              You aren’t the only one to disagree with me on this but I’ll give you some reasons why I wouldn’t pay a pass rusher that kind of money:

              Defense is team oriented. Sounds kind of obvious I know, but offenses can function well enough to compete with a Franchise QB and a bunch of guys. Defenses need to have top talent at all levels. The Raiders were a clear example of that. They had Mack who was great but not enough at the next two levels to compete.

              Four of the top 5 paid defensive players last year were on teams that didn’t make the playoffs. Von Miller is a great pass rusher and was the highest paid defender before Donald and Mack got paid and yet the Broncos haven’t made the playoffs since Manning retired. You don’t win consistently without a QB in todays game. When you are paying a QB big money as the Raiders are it’s tough to give a DE more guaranteed money than you gave him. It tilts your salary structure dramatically and puts you in a position where 2 players are accounting for a high percentage of the cap. No team in the league had ever had two players making more than 20 million for a reason. The Bears could afford to do it because their QB is on a rookie deal and they don’t have many big priced players at this point. In the future if Trubisky doesn’t pan out, they will have spent all this money on a flashy defense but will still be losing games.

              As it was, it was rumored that both the Niners and Rams were interested in trading for Mack for this year only for that very reason. Both were interested in acquiring him, playing him this year and then trading him in the offseason. That’s exactly how I think the Raiders should have played it but they feared Mack would hold out the same way Bell is right now so they took the best deal on the table.

              Time will tell whether the Raiders made the right decision, but based on the fact Mack didn’t help them win before and the lack of talent they have in key places now, I think they did the right thing. Those picks are cost controlled and will allow them to improve more areas of the roster than if they had Mack making 90 mill guaranteed.

        2. If I am not mistaken, OBJ also missed games because of injury. And had other games when his production was shut down.

    4. Not having a very good..great QB coach marriage… has what has done us in..
      Not ownership….
      Brodie, Montana,Young..Garcia…
      Walsh,Dick Nolan,Seifert, Mooch

      Many NFC Championship games,playoff games and Superbowl wins..
      When that happened…we got spoiled.
      I said it before…and I’ll say it again.
      Now I know why we’re called The Whiners.

      Once you go from not winning…to winning championships back to not winning..It effects the psyche of the fan base.
      Fan base now expects perfection and feels entitled..

      Pre Walsh era fans know what this feeling is…..
      Kinda remeniscent eh?
      I was born in 81…so that era was before my time

      But Kap and Harbaugh blew it!
      Thats while we’re still having this conversation about ownership..and losing
      They win… everything is all good..

      Those Harbaugh teams was a result of
      2004-11 high draft picks …Nolan…Singletary..and Mccloughan put that team together..

      We just begun putting it together..

  7. Loses, smoses. I’ve watch every game this year and have seen frustrating mistakes that have taken their toll on the field and consequently the win/loss record.

    Dropped passes, bad defense angles, poor QB decisions and lack of talent all add up to our current reality.
    But placing high expectations at the beginning of the season on a team with young players and a one year head coach was over the top.

    I’m not part of the critic movement here because from the beginning of the season, I kept my expectations in the 7 to 9 win area.
    And my possible wins record was measured with Garoppolo and McKinnon in the lineup.
    The losses have been frustrating, but the rush to have this team win 10 games with the possibility of a playoff birth (some were predicting two months ago) was a big hurdle from the start.

    3-4 year rebuild is my patience level for the team and nothing has changed my view on it.

    1. “Dropped passes, bad defense angles, poor QB decisions and lack of talent all add up to our current reality.”

      That is nothing new, been that way for years, you might include pre snap penalties, missed assignments, tackling and yes injuries. The names have changed but the same problems persist, why?

      1. UC,
        We are (have been) seeing a lot of the same problems since Harbaugh left actually.
        There has not been stability since the time he moved on.
        And I venture to say that the team is still rebounding.

        The Tomsula and Kelly hires only served to put the team in a deeper hole.

        Shanahan and Lynch had to begin the building stage from ground zero because of lack of talent save a few players.
        I don’t argue that fans should not be critical of the current state of the team, to each their own.

        But in looking at the hot mess we were a few years ago, I’ve given Shanahan and Lynch 3-4 years to see overall improvement.
        I’m still giving this team and coaches a grace period especially after losing key players for the season.
        I kinda look at it as going from honeymoon to having the first big argument – that doesn’t amount for a reason for divorce in my book.

        1. Mind you, I am not pointing fingers. I like KS and Lynch and the teams direction its just some things need to change and most of its on the discipline side and they are fixable at any time they decide to fix it.

          1. UC,
            Sorry, not sure I understand your
            “they are fixable at any time they decide to fix it” remark.

            Are you suggesting that Shanahan and his coaches aren’t giving attention to the errors we see during games?
            If so, that is quite a statement.

            I’m not at practice throughout the week, but it’s hard for me to believe that the coaches are negligent in correcting mistakes.

            The losses have been frustrating and we’ll see more this year, but we’re only in year two of the rebuild process.
            It’s true that we are what our record says we are – but I’m putting an asterisk * next to it.

    2. AES— How dare you hold reasonable expectations! Reality should never be a consideration as far as fans immediate wants and needs require.

  8. Can’t get much better than battling Green Bay on Monday night! A classic tilt between 2-2-1 and 1-4 leviathans at Lambeau Field…. Mid 40s and chance of precipitation.

  9. Grant,

    Against the Chargers two weeks ago, Shanahan mismanaged the clock at the end of the first half. He called three-straight passes, possessed the ball for just 17 seconds, punted and allowed the Chargers to kick a field goal before halftime. The 49ers eventually lost by just two points.

    You keep saying this and yet week after week Coaches around the league do the exact same thing. He didn’t mismanage anything. He was trying to be aggressive and get into position to get a FG knowing they would need every point possible with the way the defense was playing. He did it knowing his offense was moving the ball well. They gave up the ball with 30 seconds left in the half and likely no damage if not for a breakdown in punt coverage. You don’t make coaching decisions based on thinking your coverage teams are going to let you down. You base it on playing to win and he did that. You are entitled to your opinion but you’re wrong on this one and simply reacting to the fact they gave up a punt return which led to the Chargers FG instead of looking at the whole scenario.

    1. “You keep saying this and yet week after week Coaches around the league do the exact same thing.”

      I know Grant can speak for himself but I think you are misquoting him. What he said was that, with a QB like CJ, KS should have been more conservative. The rest of the coaches “around the league” don’t have CJ at QB. Personally my sense is that KS tailored the offense to Jimmy G last year in order to win games. This year he is insistent on installing his offense and not willing to tailor his offense to the particular skills/deficiencies of his players. This comment also applies to Jimmy G whose performance this year was not comparable to last year. You can blame it on other defenses wising up or on Jimmy not getting off to a bad start or even injuries but I believe that all of those two explanations are not the principal reasons we are playing poorly. I think KS should be phasing in his system over a longer period of time. No one can tell me that JG was working with the whole system last year. Right now they look dazed and confused to me and that’s on the coaches.

      1. It doesn’t fly either way. The Niners were moving the ball well against the Chargers. They had decent field position and knew it was going to be a high scoring game so they tried to put more points on the board. The only reason this is even a topic right now is because the coverage team gave up the big return. If they tackle the PR the Chargers aren’t doing much with less than 30 seconds on the clock and Grant never mentions it in the first place. He is criticizing based on a result the HC had no way of knowing about; not the decision itself.

        Personally my sense is that KS tailored the offense to Jimmy G last year in order to win games. This year he is insistent on installing his offense and not willing to tailor his offense to the particular skills/deficiencies of his players. This comment also applies to Jimmy G whose performance this year was not comparable to last year.

        Your sense in this case has betrayed you. In the two games he’s started, Beathard has averaged:

        62% completion percentage
        325 yards passing
        2TD passes per game

        You and a few others are tying mistakes he made with scheme and that’s not the case. The play calling has been working. The turnovers were a result of Beathard being careless with the football; not the plays that were called. That’s what happens when a lesser player has to play a bigger role.

        Your Garoppolo point isn’t supported either. He had a rough first game against the Vikes, but in the next two
        he averaged:

        68% completion
        225 yards
        2TD passes and no turnovers.

        The offense was and still is moving the ball. The problem has been Breida not being able to get through a full game and in last weeks game, too many turnovers.

        Neither QB was or is confused. The scheme usually takes a full season to get comfortable in and the way both were/are trending supports that.

        This is why I shake my head reading all this stuff about Shanahan needing an OC and the team being terrible and years away from competing. They aren’t that far away if they can keep their key players healthy and upgrade the Edge and Secondary.

        1. “The only reason this is even a topic right now is because the coverage team gave up the big return.”


          “You and a few others are tying mistakes he made with scheme and that’s not the case. The play calling has been working.”


        2. “against the Chargers. They had decent field position”

          They had the ball on their own 25 after a touchback. As for moving the ball well, the previous possession it took the over 10 minutes and 21 plays to go 72 yards. Moving the ball the necessary 40 yards with only :47 seconds left was a long shot. And the defense was reeling at that point.

          The thought process would have been decent if they didn’t have their backup QB in the game and the defense was holding its own.

          “In the two games he’s started, Beathard has averaged:

          62% completion percentage
          325 yards passing
          2TD passes per game”

          You forgot that he’s also averaged 3 turnovers per game.

          Beathard’s played in 10 NFL games and has 10 interceptions and 6 fumbles. But let’s keep dropping the guy back 40-50 times per game. Sounds like a very sound strategy.

          1. They had the ball on their own 25 after a touchback. As for moving the ball well, the previous possession it took the over 10 minutes and 21 plays to go 72 yards. Moving the ball the necessary 40 yards with only :47 seconds left was a long shot. And the defense was reeling at that point.

            They also had a 3 minute TD drive previously, so they showed they could move the ball regardless. You don’t go into the fetal position when your defense has shown they can’t stop them and you need every point you can get. They played it right and the only reason anyone is complaining is because the coverage team gave up the return.

            Beathard’s played in 10 NFL games and has 10 interceptions and 6 fumbles. But let’s keep dropping the guy back 40-50 times per game. Sounds like a very sound strategy.

            You call the game based on what you think will work against the defense you are playing. In both games Beathard has started the play calling has worked. They have moved the ball well. Turnovers are a part of the game that have no bearing on the play calling. If you call plays because you can’t trust your QB to do what you need him to do you have no chance. Playing safe and conservative is a losing mentality. These are pro players and you have to play the game the way you know how to play regardless of who’s in there.

            1. Your entire response sums up Shanahan’s thought process perfectly. It’s why his team lost the Super Bowl and why he’s 1-12 as a head coach in games started by a QB other than Jimmy Garoppolo.

              1. They lost the SB because the defense collapsed and Matt Ryan fumbled and took a sack on two late possessions. The offense did more than enough to win that game and mistakes cost them. He should have ran the ball a few more times to bleed the clock, but blaming him for losing the SB is silly and completely negates everything else that is involved in winning and losing.

                He’s 1-12 with Hoyer and Beathard, he’s also 1-12 in the midst of a rebuild that is missing key starters. I’m not sure why you feel he should be winning anyway, but that’s your prerogative.

              2. “They lost the SB because the defense collapsed and Matt Ryan fumbled and took a sack on two late possessions.”

                Talk about passing the buck. After going up 28-3 the Patriots ran 30 plays on their next 3 possessions compared to 12 by the Falcons on their next 3. The defense was gassed and reeling. Similar to the 49ers defense reeling in LA.

                They were up 28-20 with under 5 minutes to play and the ball on the Patriots 22 yard line, with one of the best kickers in the game.

                Instead of running the ball and kicking the FG he stayed aggressive and called passing plays. A holding call and a sack later they’re instead punting the ball to a red hot New England offense that now only needs to score once.

                It’s a perfect example of his over-aggressive mentality costing the team a win.

                “I’m not sure why you feel he should be winning anyway, but that’s your prerogative.”

                It is…and they should have won both of the last 2 games. Red zone failures and mismanagement of the game against LA. Going away almost completely from what was shown to work against Arizona, and expecting a QB who has proven to be a turnover machine to not do so just isn’t smart football.

      2. Jack, #80 – Thanks for standing in for me. Rocket’s response to my post completely missed my main point which was that he completely misquoted Grant’s statement that because his QB is CJ he should have been more conservative, which he completely ignored in his response to me. I was just kind of fooling around with posting something he would agree with but now I’m thinking about posting: ” It’s 5:27 Pacific Standard Time” and seeing if he will say: ” I agree with that”. Of course it will not be that time when he responds so maybe I can start another argument thread along with a lesson on how to tell time.

        1. I didn’t ignore what you said. I said it doesn’t matter because I don’t see the logic in changing your system or play calling because of who is behind Center. They were moving the ball against the Chargers and their defense was not stopping Chargers. You need to score points to have a chance to win so why in the world would you go conservative in that situation? There is no chance Grant or Jack are even mentioning it if the Niners don’t give up the return anyway, which is why I’m saying it’s a reaction to what happened; not the decision to try and move into FG position.

          You also said a number of other things that I responded to directly that you don’t seem interested in now. I wonder why?

  10. I dont think the Niners are like the Browns sans Garoppolo . Any team who loses their franchise QB will struggle. Colts without Luck was a disaster last year. Colts without P Manning yielded Luck. My fear is that we are turning into the Raiders. A decade littered with losing records with an occasional 8-8 mixed in . A decade of wasted drafted picks. A decade of poor management and leadership. Everyone seems to think we are on a 2 -4 year rebuild yet we keep making the same mistakes over and over.

    A team can turn their fortunes around fairly quickly with a good coach, franchise qb and 1-2 years of solid drafting and FA activity see – Rams, Jags and Bears.

    Until Jed steps down and away from the Niners , I see more of the same.

    1. “Any team who loses their franchise QB will struggle. Colts without Luck was a disaster last year.”

      The Colts won 4 games last year with their backup QB, one of which was over the 49ers. And they did it with a coach who got dumped.

      Should Shanahan be fired? No, but his performance should be closely scrutinized. Especially considering his overall lack of success throughout his career when it comes to wins/losses and scoring points.

      1. Should Shanahan be fired? No, but his performance should be closely scrutinized.

        What does that mean? He’s not going anywhere for the next 3-4 years. The 49ers finally have a front office and coach combination that works now and what people keep forgetting, is that this is a rebuild.
        Firing or “scrutinizing” the coach makes absolutely no sense when he has at least another 3 years to remake this roster. That’s 3 more drafts and 3 more free agency periods.

        Now you can cry and post your little stats about Shanny all you want. He has a long leash and won’t even earn a meeting with ownership about his job security til at least 2021. You better get use to him being here for another 4 years. The sad part is we have to hear you bioch like a crusty old man!

      2. Jack Hammer- And who is supposed to closely scrutinized him- you? When they did that with Harbaugh what was the result. He has four more years on his contract so scrutinizing at this point in time serves no purpose other than to undercut him. He was fairly clear what his rebuilding plan was and he is still on track Actually obtaining Jimmy sort of put him a year ahead. So now he is just back to the original plan.

        When you give someone a responsibility, you should allow them the freedom to either succeed or fail. If you interfer then you will never know if the interference was what destroyed the plan or it failed on it’s own merit. That is what Jed learned the hard way and why he gave them a 6 year contract.

  11. My recipe for success for the Niners. I agree wholeheartedly with posters wanting the Yorks to sell. It’s no coincidence that the team has been awful since John and Denise stole it from Eddie. I often wonder if they were even in on the sting in some ways. But they won’t ever sell. So here we go:

    • Hire John Fox as the DC in the offseason. I mentioned this and Grant picked up on it, now it has gained some momentum. I think he’d be a very good fit.

    • Hire Mike Shanahan to be the OC. In a role reversal from Washington, dad takes over the play calling and allows Kyle to be the HC. Kyle thinks he’s a genius in this area, and quite frankly, he’s very bright, but I think both roles are taking their toll on him and the team and he won’t entrust his sacred duties to just anyone, Enter dad, whom he respects and could call a mirror game, allowing Kyle to coach. The last time the Niners won the Super Bowl, his dad was the OC.

    • Here comes the most radical fix. Trade Jimmy G. I don’t think Jimmy G and KS are a good fit at all and I will even throw this out there; Kyle Shanahan is the reason Garapolo got hurt. My gut tells me, that Jimmy G was struggling most of the season, pressing, not looking natural, second guessing himself under Shanahan’s constant scrutiny. He over compensated, tried to make something happen due to pressure and stress coming at him from Shanny. Trade him. Trade him to Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers. That relationship is headed for a break-up. Garapolo would be just fine under McCarthy and Rodgers could finish out his career with the team that should have drafted him in the first place.

    • Draft Justin Herbert to be Rodgers successor and allow the Shanahans to groom him.

    There’s more but that’s a start.

    1. The only thing you said here that has any chance of happening is the hiring of John Fox and that is very unlikely as well.

      Shanahan doesn’t need an OC and his Father doesn’t want to be involved on a day to day basis any longer. KS has a number of position Coaches who all play a part in the game plan and to take play calling away from one of the best play callers in the game makes no sense.

      Your JG trade idea is pure Fantasy with no logic for either side.

      Can’t wait to read the rest of the plan.

    2. Hmm, maybe you should throw in a multi player deal, too. ;p
      Congratulations, you make my proposals look reasonable, although I proposed the MS hire for OC before.

      1. Congratulations, you make my proposals look reasonable, although I proposed the MS hire for OC before.

        Ha! You finally admit your proposals are unreasonable! Although you take credit for something you did after Grant proposed it.

        1. East, my proposals are reasonable enough to be considered. I tend to think outside the box.
          No, I have been harping for KS to hire an OC for a long time. I do think I had proposed MS as OC for a while. Most other posters panned that proposal, because they did not think MS would be subservient to his son.

    3. Or perhaps Jimmy gave it extra effort last season because he was playing for a contract. Now that he had it – he let of the effort and was playing it safe until Shanahan called him on it. Then he overcompensated and made that stupid decision to go for the extra yard.

      The biggest difference between last years Jimmy and this years was using his quick release to throw the ball at the last second. He would turn quickly to protect from the hit. Until the 5 minutes left in the second half of the game he was injured I never saw him turn once to avoid a head on hit in the pocket. That was why he took all those sacks. It was because he would prepare and protect himself from the hits he knew were coming. He often had plenty of time to get rid of the ball but it seemed he was afraid to get hit while in the act of throwing the ball. This is why the Chicago defender meant that he was playing scared.

      Now the question is – Who is the real Jimmy. The QB who was aggressive and used his quick release to move the offense, or the cautious and scared Jimmy who would rather take sack than be hit in the act or throwing the ball.?

  12. Running back Matthew Dayes, offensive lineman Najee Toran and defensive back Tyvis Powell back to the practice squad. Wilson is about to take the elevator up to headquarters for an opportunity to carry the rock for the 49ers!

  13. PFF named McGlinchey to its Team of the Week:

    “McGlinchey has had a lot of ups and downs this season as a pass blocker, but he is showing signs of progress. 64 pass-blocking snaps was by far the highest this week, and the 49ers offensive line did a good job keeping things in front of them vs. the Cardinals solid pass rush. Quarterback C.J. Beathard was twice stripped of the ball, but that came in part due to not stepping up with his blockers. The 49ers offensive line as a whole ranked second in pass protection, according to PFF’s pass blocking efficiency stat.”

    1. The OL has played pretty well overall this season. A lot of the sacks have been due to the QB, while the running game has been very good.

  14. What really bugs me are the mental mistakes; the false starts, the blown coverages, even CJB’s fumbles were as a result of either not stepping up in the pocket or throwing the ball away. I accept this is a young team with limited talent and its QB and RB out for the season, but they need to stop beating themselves.
    I do think there is a bit of panic among the fans. Even Bill Walsh’s teams struggled his first couple of years. Paul Brown thought he was a coordinator and not a head coach and would not offer him a the head coach position. Some fans feel the same way about KS. I think we have to give him time.
    This season maybe a blessing after all, if the Niner’s can draft a big time pass rusher in 2019 as a result of having a terrible record. Don’t forget in 1981 it was not just drafting Lott, Wright and Williamson , it was trading for Fred Dean that put them over the top.

    1. Paul Brown was a scum bag who wanted credit for Walsh’s innovations. He did not recommend him and in fact undercut him when ever he was up for a head coaching position, purely because he wanted to keep him as his OC. That way he could get the credit, and keep Walsh from being able to show what he could do on his own. Now everyone recognizes Walsh offensive genius, but that probably wouldn’t have happened if he stayed as Browns OC. Walsh pretty stated that himself.

      Who knows if Paul even stole the practice system he was credited with creating. If he was going to do that to Walsh then he very well might have done that to another assistant of his.

  15. + 1000 Rocket. Your correct that Grant is entitled to his opinion just like everyone else on here, though his is in the public being printed almost daily in the Santa Rosa YNT, and maybe elsewhere. In my view, his opinion comes across as extremely arrogant, as if he knows more than the coach(s). Kind of like the student lecturing the teacher(s). Personally I think before you grade professional football players and coaches publicly, and analyze and critique games played, again, publicly, you should have more actual lifetime experience in the sport, playing or coaching, than just Madden ‘18, if even that. Maybe he should transfer to the San Jose Earthquake beat and cover them since he claims he played soccer in HS. Every coach on the Niner staff, down to the assistant to the assistants assistant has forgotten more about football than he knows. Nothing personal, just the truth. I’ve stated before that his human interest stories (Dwight Clark for example) are well written and a pleasure to read. That’s where he should focus. JMHO

    1. I still think he drops DL into coverage too much, and I don’t like the amount of snaps Armstead/Thomas are getting inside. If we’re going for Bosa in next year’s draft, I hope his defense keeps giving up all those points too….

        1. Thomas didn’t do a lot with those 8 snaps though this week. I was disappointed by his lack of hand usage on his rush from the interior. There were a few times where he had the OG or centre on skates for a few yards but instead of using his hands to then knock him off balance and get after the QB he kept trying to bull past right through the centre mass of the guy and got stalled. On the occasions he didn’t try and bull rush he got caught at the LOS playing paddy cake. He needs to learn how to string moves together in the worst way.

          1. Scooter (and Razor),
            Do you think that Thomas just doesn’t have the nose for the ball and doesn’t have the natural instincts of a D lineman to feel his way and slide around blocks? Last Sunday the QB had twice the number of tackles that Thomas had. Do you think he may be traded?

            1. Yeah, definitely lacks the natural instincts right now. When it comes to pass rush and getting off blocks everything looks like he is thinking about it too much. His pass rush “plan” is hindered by not being able to link moves together naturally, by instinct.

              The most frustrating part of it all for me is he has the natural physical gifts needed to not only be good, but to actually be very good and a real handful as a pass rusher due to his combo of explosiveness and strength. And as far as I am aware it isn’t a lack of effort on his behalf to learn, and he’s not stupid. Plus he plays the run quite well from the edge, holding his ground and impacting the run game. This all suggests the talent is there. He just hasn’t put it together. No idea whether he ever will.

              As for his tackle count this past week, that doesn’t worry me much in a one off. If he continues to put together low tackle counts for a DL then sure, start worrying. But really his role in the D is to set the edge in the run game and rush the passer, not make lots of tackles.

              I doubt he gets traded. But if he doesn’t improve his pass rush then I expect he will find his snaps getting more limited next season.

            2. What, Scooter said. He’s just playing too robotic. Nothing is coming natural to him, and his hand usage has to be more violent. It just hasn’t clicked for him yet, for whatever reason….

            3. Thanks to both for your inputs. If he shows improvement as the season progresses, I wonder if they will release Armstead before June 1 and then have Thomas full time inside on passing downs….

              1. It will be a pretty crowded interior DL unit if they add two new starting DEs. I think more likely is they will get one starting DE and a specialist pass rusher in the offseason, with Thomas continuing to play DE in base and some (though hopefully less) snaps on the edge in pass rushing situations. If that’s the case, I can see them keeping Armstead as well, and just rotating.

            4. Mood Indigo– Perhaps they should move Beathard to play on defense. He seems to be able to make solid open field tackles.

        2. I will defend Thomas. He is not a bust. They are just not using him properly, and playing to his strengths.
          Obviously, they should not drop him into coverage against the TE. That was a mismatch, that they exploited.
          He was drafted to help the run defense, and last game, they shut down David Johnson.
          Usually, it takes 3 years to make a proper assessment of any draft pick. Luckily, the D line has not suffered many injuries, but when that does happen, Thomas is a more than adequate replacement, and he will get more snaps.
          Marsh may be the weak link, so Thomas may supplant him. Then we will see if Thomas can get more sacks.

          1. My memory tells me that they had plans for Thomas to do more than solidify the run defense. They thought he could transition to rushing the passer. You don’t spend a third round pick on a player to stop the run at the at his competence level. They saw him as someone who would have multiple uses. They value versatility. Thomas has not yet shown what they expected of him.

            1. IICRC, that bowl game showed how Thomas, with his explosive first step, could get to the QB.
              They drafted him after the defense could not stop 3rd string RBs from gaining 200 yards.
              I agree, he still has not shown all his versatility.

        3. I think Thomas won’t rush from the interior until after the October Trade deadline. They might be trying to shop Armstead(which is why we see so much of him), though they might be unsuccessful.

            1. Yep. Though I do believe with the addition of two good edge rushers this D would look a lot better. After that its tinkering around the edges – they can get better at CB, safety and SAM but are probably good enough if they had consistent pressure from the edges.

              1. Agreed. Get a vet edge rusher to pair with your 1st round edge rusher in the 2019 draft. Then see if you can strengthen the secondary with a CB/FS.

              2. With the quantity of edge rushers available in the coming draft a good vet might turn up on the market from some team planning on going with a cheaper rookie. When the draft is loaded at a position those type of players are more apt to become available either through trade, release or free agency.

        1. Yep. Now let’s look at the points given up by the D in their losses.

          17 of 24 points against Vikings on the D
          23 of 29 points against Chargers
          7 points against Arizona

          There were 2 possessions that the Chargers scored 6 points on in which they started in FG range because of the offense/special teams.

          Against Arizona they gave up TD’s on drives that started on the 18 and 26. The 26 yard scoring drive came after the game was put away and the offense turned the ball over for the second straight possession.

          The defense is being tacked with points given up by the other 2 groups and being put in really bad situations.

          I had this conversation with Grant quickly last week because I’d like to see these situations taken into account across the league. Don’t think there’s a site that does it though.

          The D is also 9th in yards per play allowed, 6th in yards per rush attempt allowed and 10th in yards per pass attempt allowed. The defense has also faced the 12th most plays in the league.

            1. Right. I left out the points against Detroit because I said they weren’t 1-4 because of the defense and that was the game they won, and had held Detroit to only 13 points until the 4th when they had a 17 point lead.

              The Chiefs game was just bad. They had opportunities to hold KC to only FG’s on the first two drives and blew it on both.

              1. All the games I saw were winnable. They could have been 4-1 or even 5-0. But here is maybe were I differ with you, I think they don’t have a coach that INSPIRES. We have a coach that can do the X’s and O’s real good on the board, but he doesn’t give them that little extra that turns them into winners.
                Good ole Tomsula was great as a line coach, but couldn’t do a thing as HC. He’s back at what he does best and it shows.
                KS needs to do what he does best = OC!

      1. This team isn’t 1-4 because of the defense.

        I agree. They are 1-4 because a thin roster has lost some key players including the QB.

      2. Hammer,
        Witherspoon was absolutely getting toasted early on and Colbert took a bad angle on Sunday.
        Oh, and as you said a couple of weeks ago, Foster was completely lost on one play.
        Btw, I believe the above mentioned resulted in touchdowns.

        The blame for the losses is well distributed imo. But the defense is not exempt by any means.

  16. JG fell into our lap, please remind me how many impact players have we gotten since KS/JL took over? What is the percentage of good additions to the team?
    Why is that York’s fault?

        1. We need a bust carousel with players rotating in and out every week.
          When the player turn 30, we send them out on the Carousel…

        2. “So, Fred Warner is a bust?”

          No. He’s a good player, not an impact player. I don’t think the D would miss a beat if he was replaced by Coyle or Lee. Just like they didn’t miss Foster in week 1 or 2.

          1. If Warner can stay healthy this season and get a ton of reps, he should be rather good next year–and on to a very, very good career. I see him as a fine addition. An emerging impact player.

            Back in training camp Grant (and some others) were gleefully ripping McGlinchey. Recall all that Grant-supplied video of McGlinchey getting humiliated in drills. So funny.

            1. I also was against the McGlinchey pick because the team had other holes that needed addressing (pass rush, DBs). The lack of pass rush is definitely showing. And while McGlinchey is looking good, I still question how much better than Brown he is.

              This actually brings up a point that I think is important. KS seems to be somewhat inflexible in his approach to games. I think he has tactical prowess but lacks strategic thinking. The SB and the San Diego games are somewhat illustrative of this. The constant dropping back of Beathard is another. It’s like he doesn’t recognize better game situations.

              Yes, the team had no way of expecting that SD would have a great run back but a more conservative coach (Harbaugh) would have played the percentages and gone into the locker room better off. And Harbaugh won a lot of games. He’s not the only one. I think Shanahan May be too fixated on his system to recognize that you play situations as much as system. I think Walsh, for all his offensive genius, was also good at game management. Not sure that Shanahan is.

      1. Also we had significant cap space . We could have made an impact via free agency which we did not.

        The reason all of this is Little Jeds fault is there is no one to supervise a rookie HC, DC and GM. We needed an authority to say we are not drafting CJ Breatherd in the 3rd. We needed an authority to say we are not trading up for a trick play specialist Pettis when we have significant other needs.

        This last draft we could have drafted Derwin or Minkah in the first and traded up for Harold Landry or Courtland SUtton in the 2nd.

        Let’s not forget , Lynch volunteered his services to brand new head coach KS. So does that mean KS has veto power over Lynch on trades , draft picks and free agents? We are making the same mistakes over and over and our owner has not clue about what to do next.

  17. The way see it, this is team is awful. they have been awful for the last five years.
    There is a school of thought here that hangs on to the rebuild theory and some how that nullifies their awfulness.
    There is another group that is sure if the York’s sold the team that the awfulness will go away with them.
    Then there is the coach/GM theory, just change one or both and all will be good.
    All I know is it is Oct and again the talk is about the draft. This sucks big time!
    I am in my 8th decade and I have been a fan watching this all of this time. This team for last 18 years has been awful
    I know the Harbough years , I think those where an adoration .
    This just sucks!!!

  18. A Fish Rots From the Head –
    Most surely, the majority of us have heard and know the meaning of this proverb in its metaphorical sense.
    When an organization, or in this case, specifically the San Francisco 49ers, fails or is failing, it is the leadership most often which is pinpointed as the root cause of the demise.
    In essence, poor and dismal leadership at the highest level yields a trickledown effect where subordinate agencies and organizations subsequently underperform and flounder because of the lack of direction and governance from a management tier above them.

  19. Bunch of whinners..😧😧😧

    Please can we stop with “I wanted them to sign or draft or b.s……nobody gives a fck what you think or thought……you are just as irrelevant as seb….nobody gives a fck what we think…….

    Just take the losses……we are stuck with shanahan……we have no choice….first we wait for him to grow as a coach before we can expect the players to follow….

    Fyi- I still think we make 8wins this season….

    1. Wrong. Just listen to KS. He fully admits he tries to discount the social media, and implores his players to ignore the criticisms.
      They should take JG’s perspective to say that they do not care what is written, and they have more important things to be concentrating on.
      Then we have KS talking about social media, and its impact. He just spilled the beans.
      Do not worry, I do not send my posts straight to the Niners. I just post here, and if they choose to ignore my missives, it is their loss. Speaking of losing, I stated before the game that the Niners could lose the game by beating themselves. Sure looked like they ignored that comment.
      I also said that they could counter the stacked box by spreading them out with 4 receivers. I saw many 3 receiver bunch sets to one side, with one receiver on the other side. I mentioned screens and swing passes, and thought that they should use Juice more. One play I recommended was to spread them wide, then gash them up the middle with Juice. I was glad to see him run for 12 yards up the gut.
      Of course, KS had to waste another time out, but at least he saved the second half time outs to stop the clock, wisely using them.
      I will not wait until KS grows. I have done that, and he still is making the same mistakes over and over. He needs to swallow his pride, and hire an OC, for the good of the team. Heck, an OC might even help them win.
      Speaking of irrelevant, that 8 win prediction is bombast. I had predicted an 8 win season with a fully healthy JG. Now, everything will be harder. I had counted on 2 or 3 wins in the division, but now, they may be swept. I had counted on a win over the Bears, but that was before they got Mack, and MT threw 6 TDs.
      5 wins may be wildly optimistic. Raiders, Giants, Bucs and maybe one division victory, along with the Lion win, would give the Niners a 5 win season.

      1. Ha ha ha! Soooo Sebbie!

        He just knows in his heart that the 9ers seek out and read his comments–of all the blogs out there, of the thousands of posters, they seek him. And when they don’t, they screw up. Naturally…if the 9ers do something in violation of Sebbie’s plan, they either didn’t read or understand what was posted by His Excellency. When they do something that appears to align with a Captain Obvious axiom, then that’s lead-pipe-lock evidence they read his stuff.

        We have a nice definition of delusional around here somewhere…

        1. Cassie, since you haunt my posts, you know that I mentioned many things that did come true. Also, I warned against things like defeating themselves, but I guess you think 5 turnovers are no big deal.
          One thing I mentioned was that I believed that the Niners should have moved CJB out of the pocket. If they had done that, maybe there would not have been those 2 strip sack fumbles.
          There were other times when Morris was stymied for a short gain. I wanted some naked bootlegs, because CJB was undefended, with the defense concentrating on stopping the RB.
          If those are so obvious, why did no other poster on this site mention any of those things that did come true? I was being specific, and called that 12 yard Juice run up the gut. You are just jealous that I did make some calls that you, and many others did not make. You did not make them because such thoughts never crossed your mind.
          I have kept up the mantra that the Niners need to avoid the self inflicted wounds. Now, even Ryan, Barrows, Maiocco and Robinson have been talking about reducing the unforced errors.
          Thankfully, we did not have KS wasting more time outs on illegitimate challenges. He still did waste a time out, so there is still room for improvement.

      2. Seb- Why do you just spend your efforts on complaining about Shanahan. Just fire him! I mean yous seem to have the power don’t you?

    1. Hacksaw …
      you haven’t posted here much .. (for awhile now) …and I gotta
      say … that your extended absences have been noticed … and missed
      Sure hope your health is good …

      And I’m shocked to think there’s someone here more senior than I
      Tip o the hat to you sir …and may I say …. this blog could benefit
      from some quiet wisdom provided by the elders ,, here…
      There’s way too many young-uns among us singing -=>

      1. MWNiner,

        I really don’t have much to offer in the off season.
        But while the season is going on, I comment… I love this game and oh yeah the 9ers of course.
        and for an old guy I am good.

        1. “….I really don’t have much to offer in the off season….”

          I bet you’re hiding more of the knowledge… insights.. and wisdom
          you’ve accrued during your trips around the block … than you’re
          admitting to … but
          yeah …. it seems the off season is mostly for the stat junkies who like
          to use said stats … to prove their various points …and i got a feeling that
          sharing what you know … would be a good thing … even if only
          during the season !

          “….and for an old guy I am good….”
          Great to hear ! … you just …“Keep on … keepin’ on !”

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