Nick Bosa deletes pro-Trump and anti-Kaepernick tweets because he “might end up in San Francisco”

Ohio State defensive lineman Nick Bosa plays against Rutgers during an NCAA college football game Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018, in Columbus, Ohio. (AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)

The 49ers own the second pick in the upcoming draft, and quite possibly could take Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa, an outspoken supporter of president Donald Trump, and an outspoken critic of former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Bosa knows the 49ers may draft him. So, in order to potentially fit into the 49ers’ locker room and liberal local fan base, Bosa has deleted some of his pro-Trump and anti-Kaepernick tweets.

“I had to,” he recently told ESPN. “There is a chance I might end up in San Francisco.”

Bosa blocked me on Twitter last month for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of his game.

Here is a snapshot of Bosa’s social media activity from the past few years:

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      1. So are implying that you have little control over the topics you write about? What just is meant by ” assigned to write this”.? What kind of guild lines are you given? Your answer is either a pass the buck sort of answer or you are implying that your articles lack a degree of jounalistic integrity. I mean if you just write what you are told to. Or is it that you are assigned a topic that you yourself initially propose? Something about this just doesn’t sound right.

          1. It sort of explains why Grant swings between controversy hatchet jobs and his really insightful articles. The two often seemed like they were written by different people. I often suspected that Grant was better than many of the articles he wrote. This certainly throws some light upon that puzzle. Sort of like the hard rock performers who’s onstage persona was entirely different than their private life ones. It all didn’t make sense to me until now.

        1. “Journalism integrity” isn’t really about picking and choosing what you write. It’s about ethics – delivering the “truth” to the public with accuracy, objectivity, and fairness. Typically, the way stories are chosen are purely on what is newsworthy and ultimately approved or assigned by an editor. Staff writers can also submit an idea for a story outside of assignments that can be approved or denied by their editor too. It all depends on the company and the type of beat they are covering.

      2. Sadly, the PD seems to have joined hands with TMZ.
        Stories like this one along with Kaepernick’ social views take on a life of themselves with the help of the media who continue to squeeze out every ounce of dirt for the sole purpose of garnering more readership.

        Regarding Bosa. There was never any reports that his political views divided the locker room at Ohio St. But now there is a thought that he could potentially be a problem in the locker room of the team that drafts him.
        Assuming this view is very destuctive on many fronts. For one, it could hamper a person’s career before it starts.
        Shame on you, PD.

        1. There are teams out there that would like nothing more than to see Bosa fall right into their laps.

          1. There are teams out there that would like nothing more than to see Bosa fall right into their laps.

            the 1936 German Olympic Team?

        2. I think he, “made his bed and will have to sleep in it” as it may not sit well with a new locker room, and I believe it is relevant as it pertains to how the fan base will react as well. I also believe JL and crew will heavily scrutinize his social media post as a factor into his selection, but I believe Grant should have done it regardless if he was prodded by PD brass.

          1. Wow, those tweets go well beyond supporting Trump simply because they prefer a lot of his conservative policies.

            This is some truly ugly, vile, and insensitive garbage, IMO, and if I were him, I would worry how well this stuff will play in any locker room, not just the Niners’.

            1. I knew he had expressed his support for this administration weeks ago, and still I have had no problem advocating for drafting him. In fact, I’ve used his picture on my avatar for the last week in a half. I may disagree with who he supports politically, but that’s of course a personal choice on his part, and he has every right to support whomever he chooses.

              However, after reading through his twitter feed …. wow …. it’s obvious to me that this isn’t somebody I can in good conscious advocate for drafting at the top of the draft. I think he comes across as incredibly insensitive, entitled, homophobic and racist. I think there is potential for conflict in the 49ers locker room (or any locker room frankly), and the last thing wee need to destroy one of the best things this current regime has accomplished – team unity! He’s also certainly not someone I want to be associated with in terms of my avatar, that’s for sure. So I’m changing my avatar, ASAP!

            2. +1

              His twitter feed reminds me of the exterior of that homeless pipe bomber’s van. He’s an idiot. Once he gets out of the coddled bubble of athletics he’s been in since childhood and gets an eyeful of actual real life and real world issues he might modulate.

              If Niners pick him, he’d better be good for double digit sacks per season, otherwise he’s good for nothing.

              1. +10000
                you both just hit it on the head…..

                why anyone would want to associate with his kind ….baffles me…….and the excuses are freaking sad

              2. I think many of us are lucky twitter wasn’t around when we were young, arrogant, and ignorant as to the true complexities of life.

              3. You’re right Matt. My twitter feed probably would have been all “Impeach Nixon!!!!”. My bad, right!

  1. I for one really want this guy now. Plus it’s not like he has anything going on in San Francisco. The team and offices are located in Santa Clara where it’s more politically diverse than the filth in San Francisco.

  2. I don’t fault Bosa. He is an impressionable young lad who has fallen victim to the right wing media complex.

    Here are some things he should consider.

    1. Protestors are not responsible for the hurt feelings of those whose feelings are inclined to be hurt.
    1a. Athletes have always been on the forefront of civil liberty movements – Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Ali …
    2. The NFL, which we all love, is a socialist construct.
    3. A partial list of other popular socialist endeavors include: Moon landing, Navy Seals, Stealth Technology, Fire Department, Centers for Disease Control and Interstate Freeways.

    1. Owens and Robinson just wanted to compete in their chosen sports. They did not choose to be at the forefront of any movement. Robinson was picked and given the opportunity to be the first, other than taking what was offered he was not an activist. Owens was not political at all and was also used by the media to drum up patriotism in the black community. Ali on the other hand chose to be what he became. While there were athletes who were you picked two out of three who were certainly were not.

      1. “Owens and Robinson just wanted to compete in their chosen sports. They did not choose to be at the forefront of any movement”

        You are incorrect. Owens/Robinson made the the conscious choice to compete in a world from which they were previously denied inclusion. Their presence alone made them iconic civil liberty figures. Jackie Robinson could have played out his career in the Negro Leagues . Similarly Rosa Parks could have kicked it in the back of the bus sipping her latte.

  3. Grant –
    I will be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of yours, but at the same time, I can admit when someone is right. Your video breakdown of Bosa’s strengths and weaknesses is very telling and was done very well. I encourage everyone to go watch them. The bottom line here is that he didn’t face very good competition and you can see that just by watching the film. I’m not saying there isn’t talent, there is. But there is bust potential and it’s right in our face.

    With his social media activity… I keep seeing “who cares” “this is just about football” “as long as he sacks the quarterback” etc etc. Here is the thing…this isn’t just about him being a fan of Trump (everyone has a right to support who they want) but there is pattern of racism tweets and likes, anti homophobic, anti any religion that isn’t christian as well as following and liking of ultra right wing groups that have extreme views. And it isn’t just him. His whole family actually has this issue, with his dad being the worse. Go and research for yourself and you will see. If this was just a simple “I support Trump” thing, then this wouldn’t be an issue. But it’s not…it goes much deeper.

    On top of all that, then we have contract issues. Do you think it’s going to be easy to sign him? His father has already indicated that he won’t be cheap and pointed toward doing things beyond what his brother did and we know what happened there. Will he fit in? the locker room no doubt has other Trump supporters, but are they walking around doing what Bosa has done for years? Yes talent is talent, but with all of these issues….is it worth it? Just something to think about.

    Good job on the breakdown Grant.

    1. Never liked him after he quit on his team in favor of personal preservation and business interests. Throw in obvious injury concerns, and the personal attacks on liberals, kaep, and draymond……trade bk and take Allen or Williams who both seem to be amazing character guys by all accounts. No way we take Bosa, I prefer Allen but wonder what a wreckn ball like Williams would do for this def. DeFo and Ford would get more 1 on 1 if Williams is getting doubled by c and og.

  4. It’s Groundhog Day!

    They say we’re young and we don’t know
    We won’t find out until we grow
    Well I don’t know if all that’s true
    ‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you
    I got you, babe
    I got you, babe

  5. Bosa’s political stance alone should be reason enough for SF to draft him so he can expose the putrid, SF Democrats bizarre policies. On the other hand if Kaepernick should keep his politics to himself while “at work” so should Bosa. Freedom of speech is being attacked by the insidious censorship of the left. I think it’s proper to have “conditions of employment” so that protests are not allowed on the football field. What is done on their own time is their constitutional right.

    1. Nice attempt at misdirection oldtimefan! I haven’t read one post on this blog suggesting Nick Bosa doesn’t have a constitutional right to post this stuff, and I suspect neither have you.

    2. Obvisously they shouldn’t draft Bosa for his stance, to expose the bizarre politcs in SF. He does have a right to his beliefs and doesn’t care for certain music and people which is fine. He doesn’t go around knocking peoples hats off, berating people in their face for different beliefs or goes into restaurants berating people at dinner or on college campuses causing mini riot protests when a speaker he doesn’t like shows up like the leftist Libs do.. It’s true the left attacks people’s freedom of speech.

      Many people think Kaep is a clown but they aren’t racist for that. Kaep shouldn’t of brought “all that” onto the field, just on his own time. But Libs pull out the racist card more often than their credit card. Bosa should be careful what he puts on social media. He’s ‘young’ and a little ‘careless’. But Bosa isn’t a racist. He might have a hard time now from teammates and others that have different beliefs from his because they can’t handle different beliefs.

    3. The way the media has been a lickspittle for the deep state should concern every American.

  6. My fear is that Jed will tell Lynch and Shanny no dice on Bosa. Don’t want to create waves in the PC universe.

    1. Ok so it’s clear none of things above bother you. But how about our locker room? Did you know that CJ and Kittle are Trump supporters? They are. Here is the difference. They aren’t going around doing what Bosa has done for years. And if Bosa is just a simple Trump supporter, why not own up to it, instead of trying to hide stuff. He scrubbed it because there is some pretty extreme views on there. Lastly, does it seem like he really wants to be here anyway? I saw pics of him standing with our scouts and he looked bored. It’s kind of like Robbie, I love him but if he doesn’t want to be here let him go. Bosa might be more of a headache than worth it. Just my 2 cents.

      1. I agree. Glancing at his tweets, no doubt 49er management must be concerned about this young man’s maturity. The tweets read like an entitled, mean-spirited, disaffected teenager, not a soon-to-be professional athlete who must be able to effectively work with others.

      2. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to be drafted by the 9ers since the Yorks took over either. The added disadvantages of the tax situations in California for multi-million dollar athletes make that all the more true.

        Not taking a political stance one way or the other here. From a purely “competition” standpoint, if I were an athlete about to be drafted into the NFL, San Francisco is the last place I’d want to end up. They’re going to be drafting in the top 5 for decades, unless they trade down out of the slot they will have “earned.”

  7. I try my best to ignore the noise and stick to basics. For me that usually means to stay logical. So for what it’s worth, I think all that really matters is —

    -1. If they think he’s the BPA at pick 2, how will his presence affect the locker room. I guess the best way to tell is learn about how he was treated by his Ohio State teammates. Idk. Do any of you know and care to comment?

    -2. What can they get in trade for pick 2 that has a good chance of making the team stronger than by drafting him.

    So I think we’re back to square one, and I’d love to see more of Grant’s analyses of the DL and edge players.

    1. According to sources he was loved within the locker room. They lit up when they saw him at his pro day.

      While fans often overreact to this kind of stuff teammates don’t unless your preaching in the locker room. We have probably all worked with someone who loved Trump or Obama. Would you really like or dislike them if you learned they had a sign up for said candidate?
      If he were doing more than tweeting like leading marches and it became a team distraction because everyone was being asked about it to the point it was a team distraction I would care.
      How many people even knew about this crap before today? And suddenly they are supposed to worry about the locker room dynamics and move him below lesser graded players when no one knew about it yesterday? That’s stupid, SF should draft him based upon wherever he’s ranked on their board.

      1. Twitter/Facebook deleted a Mother Theresa quote as hate speech:

        “Abortion is profoundly anti-women. Three quarters of its victims are women: Half the babies and all the mothers.”

        This is the world in which we now live.

      2. Shoup as always, is a voice of reason.
        I really don’t see this stuff being a locker room problem. If there was a public record of the stupid things I said when I was 19 I’d likely be in hot water too.

        My concerns with Bosa are the same as they were at the start of the draft process. Injuries, and Bosa family selfishness. Daddy Bosa is too hands on. The Bosa boys get hurt and don’t play through it.
        Lastly, is something a lot of people don’t seem to be keying in on. When you draft a player in the top 5 (10) you’re trying to get a franchise player to be a cornerstone for a decade. Given what we know about the Bosa’s, isn’t anyone concerned with how he’s gonna behave when his first contract comes up? If he has identical production to his brother, he’s going to want to be the top paid edge rusher in the league. Meaning he’s going to want way more money than he’s worth and there’s a very good chance they won’t resign him for a second contract.
        Josh Allen doesn’t have the same character concerns. He doesn’t have an injury history and he fills a bigger need on SF than Bosa does. Plus he has a much higher ceiling, and given the talent surrounding him in the front 7, he’ll be in a great position to succeed.
        Bosa will be a good player. He probably has the highest floor in the whole draft. I genuinely believe the Niners will select him. I would still much rather have Allen, who can drop into coverage, is a great complimentary edge rusher to Buckner and Ford, and doesn’t have any red flags.

        1. Thanks Bebsie,

          While I slightly lean towards Bosa over Allen (very slightly). Every concern you listed is legitimate and I would not mind at all if they took Allen over Bosa for the reasons you just listed. He’s very good, but he is not a Myles Garret can’t miss prospect either.

          1. If they do take Bosa, I hope I’m wrong about all of those things.
            And I’ll cheer for him regardless of any political allegiance.
            I mean, he’s clearly really damn good at football.

  8. wow,……i didn’t know this guy had this much background in celebrating racist views…….I won’t lie my view of him as a person has changed…..I really didn’t think he was this dumb…..

    how can you not like beyonce?………..

    this are major red flags…….with all the white privilege and the comfort provided by his family…..he still had time to post disruptive messages……why his he mad/angry?

    I see a boy who grew up with a silver spoon lashing out for no f..king reason…..

    This guy is trouble…….no doubt the locker room is already divided based on this….

    Can you imagine Joe Staley posting all this…..NAH

        1. well you can always relocate to Mars

          according to you lets blame the world we live in……..its the world fault Bosa can not stand up to his beliefs……what kind of person does that make him?

          1. Your first post for today supports my statement. According to you, his tweets show a character issue, but in reality Bosa’s tweets just shows his beliefs. Unless we find out that his beliefs spoiled out into the OSU locker room or his off-the-field activities in a negative way, there is nothing to worry about. We shouldn’t label a NFL prospect as trouble based on his social media postings or his political beliefs.

            1. We shouldn’t label a NFL prospect as trouble based on his social media postings or his political beliefs.

              why is Colin K not in the league?

              you really don’t need find out that his beliefs spoiled out into the OSU locker room …….what you should be saying is you hope his beliefs won’t spoiled out into the 49er locker room

              he is being drafted at #2 …meaning we expect him to LEAD……… can’t tell me some players won’t have a problem following him….

              1. One,
                You seem to be making your opinions of Bosa based on assumptions. You assume that he will be a leader because of his possible #2 selection. Draft status is not a prerequisite for immediate leadership especially in the NFL. Bosa or Allen, QW or any player picked with our #2 will need to come in and prove himself before taking on the leadership mantle.

                And what player (especially a rookie) is vying for followers?
                This kid has already been called a scumturd, racist, maga follower and a possible locker room nuisance. Seems like he’s already been labeled by many without hearing from him or giving him a chance to apologize for his social media immaturity.

              2. seriously AES… drafting a kid #2 … him that much money and you don’t expect him to lead……

                What do you mean hearing from him?…..we heard from him – SEE TWEETS……..what are you doing painting yourself in a corner…..

                I dont get it…….what is your point?

                you feel sorry for him……just say whats on your mind….and stand by it

            2. but in reality Bosa’s tweets just shows his beliefs.

              you mean in reality Bosa can deny his beliefs…….what kind of a man hides their beliefs………

              Do you hide what you believe?

      1. He’s deleting them because he doesn’t have the balls to stand behind who he really is.

          1. He’s tactfully giving SF the finger while deleting the tweets. The kid is a maestro.

            1. The guy posts all this stuff with an air of righteousness, but doesn’t have the cojones to stand by it? Sounds like the very definition of a snowflake!

        1. No, he is being smart. He is in full damage control, and is learning that actions do have consequences.
          I think it is a mature thing to do. Accusing him of being fearful condemns him forever. Bosa can grow up and become more mature. People can change for the better.

          1. He hasn’t grown up. In his own words he is only doing it because he might end up here.

              1. Doing what his “team” tells him to do has nothing to do with maturity.

                If this is how he truly feels still, he should stand behind his beliefs like those he “clowns”.

                “These were tweets that I stood behind at one time. I have chosen to delete them after taking the time necessary to understand the issues and educate myself.”

                That would show a hell of a lot more maturity than, “I had to delete them because I might end up in San Francisco.”

              2. I sure wish he had said the first statement, instead of what he actually said.
                Just another teachable moment.

              3. He’s young and entitled to his beliefs in this country but he’s learning it’s about being all PC now really fast.

        2. Well, it depends who you ask. Have you talked to those people in Oregon who were attacked by Antifa for their beliefs a few months ago?
          Btw, why are many Antifa followers wearing mask? Seems like they should show their faces and have the “balls” to stand behind their beliefs as well.

          Jack, respectfully this is not meant as an attack on your view. I’m merely trying to make a point that both side of the political spectrum have dirty hands.

          1. lol…when did Antifa become part of liberals?……or when did Antifa become part of our political spectrum…….lengths people will go to defend a racist sympathizer….

            1. Do you think that there are people in Antifa that are republicans? I believe that its pretty clear which party they support.

              But the reason I brought them up was a response to Jack’ post that Bosa should have the balls to take a stance for his beliefs and not hide by removing his tweets. Lets say that Antifa is not grouped in with any political party. Is there any reason that you can think of as to why they hide behind masks?

              In any event, the division in our country today is being spurred on by people like Bosa and by those who choose to attack him by labeling him as a racist and a Trump follower.
              As I noted yesterday, at the end of the day, these conversation lead us to zero. Nothing gets accomplished.
              The only ones who benefit by this topic is the PD.

              1. I believe that its pretty clear which party they support.

                By their name it’s clear which party they don’t support. The fascist party.

              2. No AES ……some children will benefit from knowing these kind of behavior is not acceptable

                Bosa deleting the tweets confirms this unacceptable behavior….

                like i stated earlier 1000s of kids in college don’t get into this kind of racist nonsense…….stop protecting the few knuckleheads

                Next time a top recruit decides to follows/likes racist comments or people he will think twice…

                we as a society need to expose all racists…….its our duty….

            2. Antifa are the “biggest hypocites” around, they are “more facist” than facists are and they don’t even know it..but I believe they know it and deny it. They are left for sure but are true facists, violent and beating the hell out of white protesting nuts.

              1. You obviously don’t know the definition of fascist Henry9er, which also likely explains why you can’t even spell it correctly. A sad commentary on our educational system.

      2. Maybe because of money. He could slide down draft boards because of this news which could potentially hurt his bottom line.

      3. He’s deleting because of idiots like you who can’t see further than their feet.
        You can’t name a single thing he’s said that’s racist.
        Yet because he has different POV than you he’s a racist.
        You are the typical liberal loser.
        Shame and name call because someone doesn’t agree with you.
        You’re pathetic, and you ARE the minority in this country.

        Cmon Onelame and any of you other snowflakes. Pull up some racist comments he’s said. Or trump!
        I’ll wait!
        You still believe because you call something like you see it. It’s true.
        Zero evidence, just feelings and name calling.
        You’re a joke!

        1. You’re a joke!

          Dude, you are a 9/11 denier. You and that ilk are the looniest of the loons, what the internet $hits out if you shake it hard enough. As such, you have less than zero credibility commenting on anything current event, social or political issue oriented. So take your “facts” and save them for your Sandy Hook hoax, pizzagate, Vince Foster and bigfoot is real discussion boards.

  9. This is about as big of a deal as players believing the world is flat. In other words, it belongs at the bottom of a shred pile that one would allow their dog to do its business on. I don’t care what a player’s political standing or beliefs are as long as he is not a locker room cancer, avoids illegal activities, and excels at the position he plays at.
    Grant, please tell the Press Democrat that we the fans want you to get back to 49ers football.

    1. if it was no big deal….he won’t delete them…..

      why is he not proud to stand by his posts…..

      1. Again, because of the world we live in today. James Gunn was fired from directing the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie over something he had said on social media years ago; even though he was recently hired, his firing should not have occurred in the first place.

        1. plz stfu with the world we live in excuse…….repeating that nonsense makes you look dumb

          1. Please understand that his younger posting may have been provocative just to get read and attract attention. People can grow up and become a mature adult, rejecting his past and forgotten posts.
            I am glad Bosa deleted them, it shows that he is learning and wants to be more mature. If he becomes more tolerant, that is a good thing, for him to distance himself from bad tweets.
            Bosa should stop being provocative, and less controversial. I do not want the Niners to draft a political figure, I want a pass rusher.

          2. “The world we live in today” …. you mean people being held into account for what they do and say?

            People have been held accountable for the things they do and say for a long, long time. Nothing new about that. What is new, thanks to technology, is that it’s a lot easier for people to get their views out there in the world we live in today, via social media platforms.

              1. Jussie Smollett ought to be in jail Razor, but we all know that our justice system also favors the wealthy. That doesn’t mean his career isn’t in shambles now though, does it? I don’t think anyone is advocating Bosa go to jail, if that’s your point.

              2. My reply was aimed at your comment, “you mean people being held into account for what they do and say?”

                “our justice system also favors the wealthy.”

                Tell that to Martha Stewart.

              3. I just said his career is likely in ruins Razor. I think he should be in jail, but I don’t know all of the details in that case, other than what I’ve heard and read. I will say, I think if the prosecution didn’t understand that he has a lot of resources, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw at his defense, he’d likely be up for charges.

                Again, nobody is saying Bosa ought to go to jail though, or even that he shouldn’t be employed in the NFL, are they? So I don’t understand your point.

              4. Besides … Martha Stewart went to the cushiest “prison” in the country, for 5 months. She may as well have been at a country club.

              5. Oh please, the Chicago Mayor and Police Chief were both in an absolute rage that he wasn’t being prosecuted, and came out publicly lambasting the district attorney. If he had he been a regular Joe Shmoe, he would have been prosecuted, you can bet on that.

                And, BTW, Martha Stewart went to the cushiest “prison” in the country, for 5 months. She may as well have been at a country club. Again, had she been a regular Jane, she probably would have done at least a couple years of hard time.

              6. And, BTW, Martha Stewart went to the cushiest “prison” in the country, for 5 months. She may as well have been at a country club.?‍♂️

                Oh please, the Chicago Mayor and police chief were both in an absolute rage that he wasn’t being prosecuted, and had he been a regular Joe Shmoe, he would have been.

                The police chief was spectacular and genuine. The mayor? Total acting job.

              7. Oh, you are a mind reader now? Good to know.

                Again though, we are going off the rails because I have no idea how this pertains to Bosa’s twitter feed?

              8. “you mean people being held into account for what they do and say?”

                Your rail, not mine. I just called you out on it.

                Oh, you are a mind reader now? Good to know.

                No, but I’m very good at discernment, and very familiar with the mayor’s background, and deadfish Rahm Emanuel’s little tirade was about as transparent as glass to anyone with a modicum of street smarts.

                *If you’re not familiar with his nickname, “deadfish” allow me to enlighten you. He once sent one with a card that read, “It’s been awful working with you” to a fellow democrat who he had had a falling out with.

              9. Dude, you can’t win a debate with me.

                I know all about Rahm Emanuel, and how he is a favorite boogieman of conservatives. If you haven’t noticed, your typical right-wing talking points don’t work on me Razor, which is why I am so quick to debunk every last one of them.

                But I am tired of talking politics now, because we are clearly going around and around in circles, and I’ve got better things to do with my time than to explain how the real world works to someone who obviously prefers to bury his head in the sand, and is clearly using Fox News talking points as a crutch.

                Have a good night. GO NINERS!

              10. LOL, I think I just did. Looking forward to your 23rd gravatar and your next oeuvre.

                Goodnight Gracie!

          3. Hey Onelame
            Why did Obama keep illegals in fenced in cages and separated them from their family?
            Why did he end wet foot dry foot?
            Why did he deport more illegals than any other president?
            Why have all of your democrat hero’s shame illegals 6 years ago and wanted a wall? And let’s they’re claiming it’s racist?
            Why did Clinton praise Robert Byrd?
            Why did her campaign team call Mexicans a “taco bowl convention?”
            Why is AOC talking with a southern drawl to black people? When she is nothing but a spoiled brat with parents paying her college? Yeah she lied!
            Why do you have white guilt?
            Why do you claim you know him and feel like he’s a racist because of his tweets and political view?
            Why wouldn’t you stop and think that he’s been around more black peolme than you’ll ever be, and nothing has ever surfaced about him being racist?
            Let me guess he’s a closet racist? Tfooh.
            His dad and brother and he have been in sportsomgwr than you’ve been around. You’d think that if dad was raising a racist it would have been news by now.
            But see ignorant blind zombies like you don’t think for themselves.
            You are weak minded so you let cnn and others think for you.
            This is fact. Everything you’ve said , every point you’ve tried to make is recycled leftist racist garbage I see on political boards all day.
            You’re nothing but the same old tired liberal who gets triggered when facts are brought to the surface.
            You jumped on Ribicos post and others claiming they’re right on.
            And nothing YOUVE staree is based in fact or logic. Simple emotion.
            Reality check. Your emotions don’t override logic or fact.
            And I’ve made it clear in the past because of my hate for Bush I am no Republican!
            But your lefties now a days are the biggest joke any party could have mustered up.
            For us independents. You did and do nothing but want to make us vote trump again.
            6 more years guy!

  10. Here’s the latest Jonathan Delmark Niner player analysis video, published two days ago. If it’s already been posted, apologies.

    In this one he focuses on how well Garoppolo does against zone vs. man-to-man. His conclusion is that he does quite better against zone, and he attributes that to his not having enough receivers who win on their routes. He offers a comparison with Tom Brady that I found interesting.

  11. “We stand for the flag. We kneel for the fallen”

    This retweet just shows that he has never taken the time to listen to the issue.

    “I mean everything I tweet”

    Then don’t delete them and stand behind your words like those you’re demeaning.

    1. ding ding ding…..we have a winner. Nuff said.

      People will say that he is just being smart, protecting his draft status. But it doesn’t look like he really wants to be here. Is it worth it for a few years, just for him to leave later on? If he doesn’t feel like he can be himself in this area/our locker room, then let’s not force it.

    2. We kneel for the fallen

      Or if you’re Trump or his minions you get in the face of Gold Star families just because you don’t support him.

      Honor the serviceman… only they agree with you politically.

      1. Ribico… oh you mean the GolfStar family that had crooked ties and were frauds? The ones who came out on national tv to talk down the POTUS?
        Here’s a question. What kind of gold star family disrespects the CIC that way?
        You have no idea how disgraceful that is.
        It doesn’t matter if they like him or not.
        But what would you know about how thing go in the military rankings and Order?
        Again CNN got you seeing half the glass my man. And you sound as ignorant as ever! Keep it going. You’re a most cause anyways, and have no perspective politics! Just race bait, race bait, race bait!

        1. So you $hit on families who’ve lost loved ones defending our country too? Somehow I’m not surprised.

      1. Jack Hammer says:
        August 31, 2016 at 10:19 pm
        Socks with pigs wearing police hats? Kaepernick’s a tool.

        1. Yep. It was definitely wrong of Kaepernick to wear the pig socks. I’ve never defended him on that and he’s a tool for wearing them along with the Castro shirt.

    3. Hammer. You know this “serious crisis”
      Of unarmed black men being shot by cops because of their color is hyped don’t you?
      Michael Brown “hands up don’t shoot” was a total lie.
      Per capita more white men are shot and killed by cops than any other race in this country.
      But you wouldn’t care about facts.
      Right rib and Onelame?
      More black males are far more likely to be shot and killed by their own. It’s old but it’s funny that it’s never brought up by the left. Only by black folks who lean right.
      It is the number ONE killer of black men in this country.
      Kap saw a chance to become a face for an issue that isn’t that big in the mega scope of it all. He ran with it, and became more famous than he was on the field.

      The anthem and standing for it was brought in during World war 2.
      The vets at home at sporting events would stand. It caught on.
      Kap has every right not to stand. I don’t care what anyone believes it’s their right to do so, funny thing is you’ve got guys like Rib, calling Bosa a racist now, because his views are different and he’s excercising his right to free speech, but praises Kap for doing the same thing. And then has the nerve to say right wingers only agree of it fits their narrative.
      This is a prime example of the left today.
      Ignore the real issues, pat you on the back of they agree, spew free speech all day until it contradicts their narrative. Then it’s race, shut up, and sit down.

      Hammer you’re Bettee than this.

      1. “Per capita more white men are shot and killed by cops than any other race in this country.”

        Makes sense considering that white is the dominant race in the US at nearly 70%.

        Difference between Kaepernick and Bosa expressing their beliefs….one has chosen to delete them when the heat was turned up while the other never wavered.

        Is Bosa a racist? Don’t know and haven’t said that he is. I’ll let others fight over that.

        1. Difference between Kaepernick and Bosa expressing their beliefs….one has chosen to delete them when the heat was turned up while the other never wavered.

          You forgot their taste in attire.

            1. Poor attempt to deflect.

              I see you’re loofahing onewiener’s back while Grant is on “assignment”.

              1. At least try to be original.

                I’m not backing up any other commenter on the blog.

                Your “not until he apologizes for being white” comment is straight out of the movie from the character who is the head of the KKK.

                Try to own it. Kinda like I did with the Kaepernick is a tool comment I made which you dug up.

                Yeah I said it. It’s how I felt about that particular incident. I also spent time to further understand the issue and realize that Kaepernick’s protest isn’t about the flag or soldiers. The reason he moved from sitting to kneeling is because he listened to the advice of Nate Boyer who told him that in the military they kneel to honor those who have fallen.

                If Bosa would have taken a minute to try and understand the reasons behind the kneeling maybe he wouldn’t have posted the tweet that I referenced in my original comment today.

                If the feelings he expressed where truly how he felt he should feel comfortable letting them stand and explain his position. Instead he folded like a house of cards because he “might be drafted by SF” instead of saying a lot of other things that wouldn’t make him look so soft.

              2. It was a tongue in cheek comment. I own everything I have, including 3 brothers who are black. Foot in mouth disease is quite prevalent, and it seems you’ve tested positive.

                Took me less than 3 minutes to find your comment, so I didn’t have to “dig” very deep….

              3. “I own everything I have, including 3 brothers who are black.”

                Good for you. Never said you didn’t. Try not to get my comments confused with others.

                I am aware of the black brothers. I’ve been on here long enough to have read that on more than one occasion.

                Foot in mouth? Nah. I knew exactly what I was writing.

                “Took me less than 3 minutes to find your comment, so I didn’t have to “dig” very deep….”

                Regardless if it took you 30 seconds to find that it’s still funny to me. If you want a good one go back to the original report of him sitting.

                I’m pretty sure i called him a POS or something to that affect. Fortunately I have the ability to read and the curiosity to learn and over time I did. Peoples opinions and thoughts can and should evolve over time. It’s a crazy idea, I know.

              4. 3 black brothers, Razor? I suspected you are The Jerk. Thanks for the confirmation ?

  12. sometimes you have to look at this things with a little common sense……I see a guy well fed…from a rich home……great college……great player…….why would you even have these views and broadcast them……..

    it all comes down to the super NEED FOR ATTENTION and a sense of insecurity.

    the fact that he deletes them confirms the point he lack a backbone……if you a racist or a trumpetee be proud……..don’t pretend now when you want to get paid…..

    lol….its so funny these hypocrites think………deleting them actually makes him look worse…….

    1. sometimes you have to look at this things with a little common sense……I see a guy well fed…from a rich home……great college……great player…….why would you even have these views and broadcast them……..

      Just wondering if more than half of the NFL players kids are privileged too, basketball? Baseball? Hollywood? Music?
      Are you going to sit there and say there aren’t enough minorities in those lines of work? Politics?
      This is what make you a racist. You only see color in most things.

      I’ll make a bet. Your kids or will Smith’s kids have a chance at one spot in a well known school.
      Who do you think is going to get that spot out of the two.
      Damn sure won’t be your broke ***!
      So stop with this liberal white priveldge racist garbage!

  13. Well, this will expose the hidden conservative leanings of the National Football league and its fans. I know I am in the minority in the fanbase, because many more progressive people see football as something violent, dangerous and barbaric. The NFL ignored, downplayed, then finally acknowledged the CTE issue. They thwarted research for years, and hired their own quacks to deny CTE is a problem. The NFL is still avoiding any financial responsibility for their aging veterans, who helped promote the sport, while paying a heavy price.
    I know that the majority of football fans are pretty conservative, and pretty religious. The latent homophobia is present, but not advertised. They kneel after every game, but the NFL does not broadcast it. Extreme religious teachings think homosexuality is an abomination.
    The crux of the matter is, Kittle may like Trump, but he keeps it private. Bosa crossed the line, but now sees that actions do have consequences. Immature prejudices should be understood, while a boy is growing into manhood, but I also wonder if he was thinking of the future, or was just living in the moment. Hope Bosa learns from this experience, and observe Kittle’s example is the mature way to communicate.
    I would still want Bosa, even though I totally disagree with his politics. If he can tone it down, and stop tweeting like a ‘clown,’ I would accept him. If he can get sacks, and help the Niners win, while keeping his politics and religion private, he would be welcomed, and I would root for his success and cheer every sack.
    However, I still think trading back is the shrewd way to leverage that second pick. Niners need bodies.
    The Kaep aspect deserves attention, and I could talk for hours, but I want to discuss this draft.

    1. Wow Majority of football fans are conservative what did you do ask everyone of them ? I didn’t think so Secondly Bosa being a Trump supporter there’s nothing wrong with that doesn’t need to be quiet or keep his mouth shut maybe this will help you out Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      1. So, what about Kaep? He is exercising his free speech rights. He is peacefully and silently protesting, seeking to right a grave government wrong: Capital punishment , summary executions under the color of authority. That grievance needs redressing.
        No. I did not ask every single fan, but the latent homophobia is apparent. Many of my more liberal friends think Football is violent and barbaric.
        Since you think Bosa should not be persecuted, I guess you are agreeing that Kaep should not be blackballed.

        1. So did you ask every single conservative or Republican their feelings on the LGBTQ Community ? I would say no !!! Agin Bring facts not emotions or feelings Or regurgitating what CNN ABC NBC CBS have said

          1. What do I think of Colin Kaepernick oh I remember I think he’s great at marketing his own product

  14. First Amendment stuff, up to Management to decide if he’s toxic. Likely they’ve had enough polarization already.

    Allen seems like a better player.

  15. Bosa choose to be politically active and then shuts it down for fear of reprisal is probably very true but he made the choice. You stand by what you believe in regardless of the consequences. He is using a similar tactic liberals use, hide who you are, get what you want then to hell with the rest of us. I pass on this guy he is too soft.

    1. “He is using a similar tactic liberals use, hide who you are, get what you want then to hell with the rest of us.”

      Liberals, smh. This happens with people on both sides of the aisle and all walks in life.

  16. If Lynch drafts Bosa, he should imidiately form an AM radio victims support group to help the youngster assimilate to life in a democracy.

    1. Antifa should join that support group, not Bosa. They don’t have a clue about democracy, just violence and forcing people from protesting and explaining their own beliefs.!

  17. Glad Bosa may still be the number one player in the draft. He still has a ton of potential, and teams may want to move up to get him, because those teams like players like Bosa, and his political leanings are applauded by their fans.
    Since Murray may be the first pick, Gruden could want the second pick to select Bosa. He is the perfect replacement for the loss of Mack. However, if the Giants move up to grab Haskins, the Jets will probably select Bosa, because they want and need an EDGE. So moving up to select Bosa is their best option, and it may not cost an additional first round pick.
    The Raiders should offer their first, second and 5th round picks (4, 35, 140), plus a 2020 third round pick for the number 2 overall pick. The Raiders keep 3 first round picks and get Bosa at 2.

  18. Lots of excuses from a few…..

    Please can you provide an excuse for Bosa blocking Grant……..I mean common sense dictates if he gets drafted by the 49ers – Grant will be talking about him for years to come………

    so many red flags on this guy……

    i did like him since him since high school……..then I jumped ship to Allen……then I went back to Bosa…….with all these red flags…….I think I am back on the Allen bandwagon……..

    what a shame…..with all that talent…. dude is a racist knucklehead……

      1. I am just going by what he put out there…

        “I mean everything I tweet” – Nick Bosa

        Nick likes tweets where his friends and others use the word “N-gga……

        …..maybe you know better…..why would a non-racist embrace racist thoughts and support them publicly?

        Please enlighten me….I am begging

        1. …..maybe you know better…..why would a non-racist embrace racist thoughts and support them publicly?

          What was the racist thought?

          In regards to a retweet of the N word, while I don’t like either… it seems that there is a rather big differentiation between the ending with A vs R. Additionally it would appear that one of his friend’s original tweets was from a woman of African descent.

          I don’t want to use the black friend argument but context should be taken into account. Similar to if we read something stating “49ers qb fined for use of the N word” how it was seen would differ depending on if it was Gabbert vs Kaepernick.

          1. first of all i am not going to disrespect a group of people by trying to tell them A vs R should be less painful to them……

            ….why would a non-racist embrace racist thoughts and support them publicly?

          2. it seems that there is a rather big differentiation between the ending with A vs R. Additionally it would appear that one of his friend’s original tweets was from a woman of African descent.

            next time you see a black person …call them nig…r or nig…a…….and explain to them its no big deal you were using A or R……

            or that your African friend told it was kool to call black people that word…..

            I dare you……

            cmon dude….you can’t be serious with these excuses

            1. First of all i am not going to disrespect a group of people by trying to tell them A vs R should be less painful to them……

              I didn’t say that.

              I simply stated that many differentiate between the two terms… Max Kellerman and Steven A. Smith discussed this in one of their first take episodes some time back.

            2. “next time you see a black person …call them nig…r or nig…a…….and explain to them its no big deal you were using A or R……

              or that your African friend told it was kool to call black people that word…..

              I dare you……

              cmon dude….you can’t be serious with these excuses”

              Here are some links on the differences found in a quick google search and there are tons of articles/videos/podcasts etc discussing the differences… so no I’m not just making up excuses.




              1. I think the N word is filled with hypocrisy. Black dudes address others with that word as almost a term of endearment, but then if a non black says it, it is the worst word in the English language.
                If it is so horrendous, why do black males address each other with that term? The double standard lessens its impact.
                A word can only hurt if we allow it to. Some non whites can say -‘Cracker’ as a pejorative. I consider it a thin biscuit.
                Sure, any word can be used to hurt. When people age and grow up, they have no time for such immature behavior.
                Watch Jackie Chan in Rush Hour.

              2. “I think the N word is filled with hypocrisy. Black dudes address others with that word as almost a term of endearment, but then if a non black says it, it is the worst word in the English language.”

                I agree with you, and I think most older African Amermicans don’t like it either.

                However, from what I have read it’s becoming more prevalent due to the influence of hip hop culture. Proponents are arguing that they are taking back the word with the altered ending… stating the ending with an “a” is more like my brotha. It has become so common that many have noted that in situations where young white men and black men are close, they use the word with each other.

                While the older generation remembers the vitriol and hatred it was once said with and changing the ending means nothing to them. With many in this group it doesn’t matter if you are white or black, its insulting to them.

                Its an interesting, multilayered conversation to have.

              3. Exactly. Do not use a term cavalierly, when others use it for hate and a weapon. It is like they are downplaying its significance, so the hypocrisy runs deep.
                I hope that word is banned from civil society.

  19. I don’t like Bosa, neither as a person or a football player. He’s a closet racist and overrated football player. He’s an entitled brat who cares only about himself, he straight quit on the team to make a “business decision”. Dude has the worst production in college out of the top 10 projected picks. All this hype he’s getting isn’t earned or deserved. 77 tackles, 17.5 sacks in 3 years ? He’s living off Joey’s production. Short arms, injury prone (high school torn ACL also) not explosive, slow first step, body maxed out with no room to grow. Josh Allen in the SEC had more production in his senior year(88 tackles 17 sacks) than Bosa’s ENTIRE career. Some of Bosa’s limited sack count came from also rushing from inside. Why is Bosa rated higher than Quinnen Williams, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Montez Sweat, Devin White, Brian Burns, Clelin Ferrell, Jawaan Taylor, Dwayne Haskins ? Everybody talks about Bosa’s “technique” or “pass rush win rate” because they have NOTHING else to present for their argument of him being the best pass rusher(complete nonsense). His technique obviously isn’t that good with 17.5 career sacks, 0 ints, 0 fumble recoveries, only 2 forced fumbles. That pass rush win rate means jack if he can’t get the the qb. Bosa is NOT a playmaker, doesn’t create turnovers, selfish, injury prone and just an idiot. He is a future bust and if 9ers draft him, my goodness Lynch may soon be looking for a job. I pray Giants or Raiders move up to #2

    1. Do you have any facts to back that claim up ? Sounds like another CNN watcher or Abc CBS NBC or any other weirdo news publication ,Talk facts not feelings or emotions

  20. Since this subject was broached yesterday, it’s appropriate that GC put up this string. We get it from the horse’s mouth, not just characterizations from a third party.
    I’d guess that there are a number of our 49er heroes whose opinions and biases might be unpopular if they’d been so publicly candid on social media.
    Haley in his bi-polar days?
    Romanowski? We already know way too much about his ‘thinking.’
    Social media checks on prospective employees are a common practice in business today, so I’d assume teams are aware. It could be a peripheral factor in deciding on drafting or trading him. It doesn’t seem very likely to me, but the team did pursue OBJ and did not pursue AB (who has lost his mind on Twitter). So I’m not sure.
    I don’t envision Jed weighing in on that. A small outside chance Denise would if she’s sufficiently concerned; e.g. Tom Cable job interview.

  21. ‘We stand for the flag. We kneel for the fallen.’
    Kaep was kneeling for the fallen… too.

  22. I don’t think the 49ers should sign or draft anyone who’s political views aren’t identical to mine and anyone who disagrees with me should shut up. imho

      1. No its not…you guys making excuses…..

        its funny how you refuse to look at his tweets….but rush to “its the world we live”……

        what f…king world do you live in?………is it the same one where unarmed black kids are killed by armed police…..or is it the one where discrimination of women and people of color face everyday…..

        because when those groups complain…..aren’t you the first to say deal with it ….it’s not the world we live in…..

        stop the B.S. hypocrisy…….

        I can point to 1000s of kids in college who don’t post racist comments on twitter……are they living in the same modern day society……

        1. Well, as a person of color I’m very concerned about our country. Also, I’ve been adamant in telling my children (when they were young) that if they get in trouble to do two things.
          1. Don’t run when the police tell you to stop.
          2. And be ready to take full responsibility for your actions.

          So going back to the modern day society comment – it speaks to the hypocrisy of the recent Jussie Smollett fiasco.
          It speaks to the hypocrisy of accepting Loise Farrakhan’ hate rants on white people and Jews.
          It speaks to the hypocrisy of lib’s wanting open borders while probably never having a person of color over for dinner.
          It speaks to the hypocrisy of news outlets who were quick in calling High School student Nick Sandmann a racist because he was guilty of wearing a maga cap as he stood face to face with Omaha Elder Nathan Phillips while he beat his drum at the Lincoln Memorial.
          I think its fair to say that when it comes to hypocrisy, it certainly cuts both ways.

          1. Lin Wood is going to destroy CNN and the Washington Post. He’s an extremely good lawyer.

    1. Pretty much summed up the ridiculous viewpoint of several fans there Coach, which is unfortunate to be honest.

  23. Well, at the rate this is going Lynch may have no other choice but to trade out from #2 if Bosa is there for us.

    The San Francisco, Bay area may not be the right political climate for Bosa. The media here will put Bosa under the microscope and pounce on his every word like fresh meat.
    I don’t see the 49ers Org putting a young man in this politically charged arena. As we can see from many of the posters expressing their thoughts, Bosa would be coming here with a huge target on his back.

    1. I don’t agree with everything you have said on here today. But I think you might be right about this last one. Whether you lean left or right, it just might not be a good place for him, let alone the locker room. I get this vibe he doesn’t really want to be here anyway. The talent is there, but I think it’s over-hyped a bit after watching a lot of film. So with everything going on, why set this up for failure. I feel like he doesn’t want to be in this area and has his reasons, but why draft him and struggle to sign him, then a few years later he’s gone. I’d rather get a major haul for the 2nd pick.

  24. Grant,
    I’m curious, you have been a strong proponent of the 49ers avoiding Bosa and drafting Allen. Do these recent revelations about Bosa make you feel even stronger about not drafting him?

    1. If you haven’t already I’d watch Grant’s breakdown of Allen and Bosa. I think they are quite good. And as I told Grant this morning, I’m not a huge fan of his, but in this case I think Grant has it right.

      1. news flash razorhater as much as you hate it not all white people think like you and your racist pals

          1. lol…..cmon Dude…..Daddy Trump could have told you that……..

            think that one touched one of your kkk nerves…… mad bro!!!

              1. This ground has been so thoroughly plowed that weeds like onewhiner grow in their own fertilizer.

      2. “Not until he apologizes for being white.”

        This sounds just like what C.P. Ellis kept saying in “Best of Enemies”

        1. This sounds just like what C.P. Ellis kept saying in “Best of Enemies”

          I thought it sounded more like Bozo O’Rourke and creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

          Carry on.

            1. The poor oppressed white man.

              Hammer, you’ve proven to be the right tool for the job.

              Who’s the Grand Cyclops of your group?

              Bobby Byrd

              1. Thanks, but I’m rubber, you’re glue; whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.?

              2. he just showed you a link to prove how ignorant and wrong you are………do the children a favor and read it…..

  25. I loathe Trump, and his MAGA trolls (they aren’t the true patriotic Americans they claim to be….I mean how can you be if you are about the Confederacy and their treasonous actions?).

    I despise OSU and everyone who has played for them (except when they are 49ers)

    But this was pointless.

    He’s a dumb kid who thinks it’s funny to be one of those Trump MAGA trolls, thinks its all about the LAWZ(LOLs) to push buttons and stuff.

    Majority of these young people who are like him have ZERO understanding of any of the issues and in reality just like to be a contrarian.

    You should have pushed back on this, if it was assigned, and done something more than screencaps.

    1. You gotta keep digging…there is a lot out there. His entire family is pretty extreme, especially his father, who has suggested they are gonna milk the 49ers for everything. I agree with you on the Trump stuff. But as I said above, maybe this just isn’t a good environment for him to be in and again, there is this feeling he’d rather go somewhere else.

    2. Nick likes tweets where his friends and others use the word “N-gga………

      Our #2 overall pick supports racists propaganda …..lets not sugarcoat it

      I just love how this Bosa topic has shut up Razorhater……and have some on here confused on what to do…..

      Just do the right thing……you don’t have to be right or left…….stand for your beliefs…….stop pretending…….remove the white hood…..

    1. Been on here for over 10yrs now……so you are all family to me……I just love seeing the hypocrites…….its gold to me…..

      1. I doubt it. Arizona is going to do something dumb; either they’re going to draft Murray or trade for Wilson. Either way Bosa will be there at #2 and I think they’ll(49ers) take him over Williams. They shouldn’t but that’s the kind of bad move Lynch will make.

  26. What would be even more of a better controversy is if they ever got a picture of Jed York sitting in his owners suite with his suit on and some police pig socks
    Imagine the clicks on that article Grant!

  27. 10 things John Lynch should do. 4-27-17
    1. Think strategically. Trading back is shrewd and smart, especially for a 2-14 (4-12) team that needs more bodies.
    2. Be aggressive. Leverage that number 2 pick into as many second and third round picks as possible. Maybe even trade back from 34 (36).
    3. Avoid the ACL risks. Niners need immediate help and do not have time to let them heal. ACL players rarely come back 100 % and tend to play tentatively because they do not want to risk re-injuring their knee.
    4. AVOID THE RED FLAG PLAYERS. If JL wants to rebuild the winning culture, he needs high character players. Mixon ( Foster, Joe Williams) and Brantley should be radioactive, and off their draft board.
    5. Make safe picks. Avoid the unforced errors like picking players who are too small (Borland) or too slow.
    6. If there is a player they covet, and he may be taken before they pick, spend an additional later round pick to move up (But make sure they are blue chip players. Maybe the best strategy is- saving their picks, being patient, and still getting the player they covet at the assigned draft number..)
    7. Make available every non starter as trade bait. ( Kilgore, Brown, Harold, MacDonald, Easton).
    8. Do not make desperation deals. ( Too many trade ups). Do not let teams take advantage of the situation (Seattle). Only make deals that both teams can profit from, ( but do not help the Pats win another ring).
    Think about the future. Accept deals that include 2018 (2020) second and third round picks.
    10. John Lynch should put on his Trader Bill Hat, and have fun.

    1. I do not consider Bosa as a red flagged player. He is distancing himself from those tweets, and sounds like he is growing and maturing. Still want a trade back, so missing out on Bosa will not be a catastrophe, but if picked, I will welcome him and root for him to succeed.
      I want the Niners to draft a pass rusher, not a political figure. If he is mean and nasty, and bites nails, all the mo bettah.

      1. He is definitely red (orange) flagged: 1.injury, 2.character (tweets) 4.short arms 5.quitting on OSU.
        I rarely post and even more rarely agree with you: not this time. Little trade down, select Sweat or Allen + OL/AJ Brown in low rd1, select N’Keal (big no on Deebo) or OL (depending on the previous selection) in rd 2 and another starter at S in rd3.
        If everything goes in the right direction (especially with Verrett, Alexander and Matthews) this team is not far from a deep run in the po.
        Book it. 4/11/19. Ciao

        1. Yes the accumulation of those concerns does present some concerns. Hope a QB needy team moves up in the draft, and gives the Niners a boatload of picks.
          I agree. JL did well in FA. He has made this draft more of a BPA than draft of need. If he can manage a couple home runs, or even a grand slam, this team is poised for a winning season, if they can avoid the injury bug.

  28. RazorHater why so quiet today?…… copy and paste from google…….you remind me of those people that kept quiet during those hate-filled lynching days——well actually you did exist in those days… its kinda normal for you

    1. Does wittle onewhiner need my attention. I thought you didn’t pay any mind to my musings?

      1. Cmon Dude….you are the gift that keeps giving……..I need to pay attention to you……

        RazorHater without attention is like a turtle without its shell…….we need you……

        I just need you to take off that damn white hood….and talk to me man to man…..tell me how you really feel

        1. You’re welcome to stop by anytime you’re in town. Might make it a bit easier for you to remove my hood.

          1. nah…sorry but you are not part of my bucket list…….don’t get it confused you are just a cartoon character on Instant 49er……nothing more…..

              1. lol…don’t worry ninermd would be here soon to back you up

                Do you even have a job or work?

                I bet $100 you receive some form of government assistance…….

              2. why won’t you answer?……you always have a response to everything……

                tell us the truth……Do you even have a job or work?……Do you receive some form of government assistance…….

                could be the cat’s got your tongue……

              3. Boy, you sure like to follow me around like a little puppy dog don’t you onewiener?

              4. How the left needs to lie, exaggerate and pull out the race card all the time is ridiculous.

    1. He has to comply until his “assignment” is over, otherwise he would be in jeopardy of getting sacked.

      1. Raz,
        Speaking of sacks, what’s your view of big Zack Allen (Boston College). This guy looks and almost plays like a young Justin Smith. Once this kid gets familiar with the strength and speed of the NFL game, he could turn out to be pretty darn good.
        He might a late 1st rd, or early 2nd.

  29. I’m absolutely shocked Bosa dislikes Beyonce’s music. That fact alone should be disqualifying.

      1. lol…..really comparing ashanti to beyonce…………….is this really the world we live in…….or am I in some kind of parallel universe.

        Beyonce is the M Jordan of female music…….no competition

        1. Young Beyonce was better because there were so many possibilities. She’s turned herself into a cliche that’s all about image over quality of music. IMO she’s wasted her talent and I blame her husband.

        1. Beyonce stays doing way too much. Ashanti’s first album was a classic from beginning to end.

          1. lol… dude… killing me softly…….she is the undisputed Queen B for a reason…..

            soon you will say Ja Rule was the greatest rapper of all time…..

        1. Do yourself a favor and re-listen to Ashanti’s first album. I’m not big into R&B, but I play that album all the time. It’s perfect.

    1. honestly …..I could care less about his support for Trump……..the beyonce one kinda puts him in the category of “lost cause”

      the n–ga comments to me took him to the “land of no return”

    2. Do his tweets say he dislikes here music? I read the one where he says he dislikes her and JayZ but I assumed it was for personal and/or political reasons.

      Can Nick Bosa like music by artists that he opposes politically?

      1. “Beyonce’s music is complete trash”

        Pretty sure that means Bosa dislikes her music.

      2. Absolutely he can like artists that he opposes politically or even dislike them but if they are black and you are white, then the Libs got you and whip out their little racist card like they pull out their phone and now you’re a white hood wearer.

  30. Gil Brandt’s best WR fit for the 9ers (A. J. Brown)…

    “Maybe it wouldn’t be an issue if they were installing a wishbone offense, but the 49ers’ RB-heavy roster is light on receiver depth; aside from tight end George Kittle, no San Francisco pass catcher topped 500 receiving yards in 2018. The team’s interest in trading for Odell Beckham Jr. shows management is well aware of the need for someone to boost a receiver corps stocked with secondary talents like Marquise Goodwin, Dante Pettis, Trent Taylor and newcomer Jordan Matthews. Brown is the all-time leader in receiving yards at Mississippi, having posted 2,984 yards in three years. He also posted 12 games of 100-plus yards in his career there. He’s very physical and makes good adjustments; he’s a good hands-catcher who can make contested catches. He’s also a strong route-runner. Eighty-five percent of his touchdown catches came out of the slot, and the Niners could definitely use a player like that.”

    1. Pay him no mind. CFC says he’s no longer relevant. Still waiting on his answer to my question on whether or not he still holds more relevance than CFC.

  31. He should be able to express whatever political views he wants

    idiotic and stupid or otherwise. The key is HOW he expresses them.

    He could say: “Kaepernick is a Clown”

    Or he could say: “I strongly disagree with Kaep’s actions. I believe they disrespect this great country.” (not my opinion but most likely his).

    Hopefully Bosa uses this time to grow and mature; to understand how to express his views (especially relatively unpopular ones) without disrespect or causing controversy. I think if he keeps his political views respectful, for the most part it won’t matter what his political views are. Football fans are only going to care about his on field production.

    1. I posted the same link and got no action. Everyone is lost in the political debate.

    2. I don’t know why in the hell you’d want to waste 3rd degree Burns in coverage instead of hunting qb’s.

        1. How about we let him hunt qb’s 75% of the time while in our Nascar package, and next year he can develop those coverage skills?

          1. I realize that they’re still rebuilding, so yes, will draft guys who are incomplete in part of their game but have the skills to do more and are coachable. As I recall, Aldon was like that, wasn’t he? He was able to cover in space but not until later? I was just asking if he were more than just an edge rusher, as people say Allen is.

            1. Allen Wrench is the better coverage player, but 3rd Degree Burns is far and away the better pass rusher. I’ve said that from day 1, but if you want a player who isn’t incomplete; you want The Bosa Constrictor….

  32. Until more information comes out, I agree with Florio’s last paragraph regarding the Nick Bosa tweets:

    “Rarely if ever does a player try to convince a team not to draft him, and few if any non-quarterbacks have ever even tried. But Nick’s brother, Joey, told PFT Live in the days before the 2016 draft that has considered the question of whether incoming NFL players should be allowed to pick their teams, not the other way around.

    Maybe Nick is thinking the same thing, and maybe his deletion of pro-Trump tweets and his explanation for doing so represent the first step toward making it known to the 49ers at some point over the next two weeks that he’d prefer not to play in San Francisco.”

    I am now strongly leaning in the direction that the 49ers will not take Bosa. They will look to trade down first (which I’ve always thought would happen) and if unable to trade down, will take Quinnen Williams.

    1. So if he was trying not to play in SF, why delete the tweets? Why not keep them up and be like, those are my views, whoever doesn’t like them, then tuff stuff.. Now that is a way to not get drafted.

      1. The deleting of the tweets and specifically stating SF as the area of the country that might have a problem with his tweets, has called attention to this issue. We are now only two weeks away from the draft and the issue hadn’t been brought up before to my knowledge (at least not to this extent).

        1. Cubus… I understand that. But to me, that would make the case of him trying to change for the better of his career. Keeping them up means he only cares about himself and wouldn’t care who he offended. That would make a guy more undraftable wouldn’t you think?

          1. Yes, if people care. In other words the issue has to be brought to the forefront esp. with only two weeks to go. Now, Bosa and team could have chosen a more aggressive way (as you suggest) to make it an issue. They’ve softpedaled it, I think, because you can never be sure what the outcome will be. They still want somebody to draft him in the top of the first round. I’m just speculating, of course.

      2. It’s a tactful way of giving the 49ers the bird, and giving himself a get out of SF free card.

        1. giving himself a get out of the first round card.

          Fixed that for you Razor. No team is going to want to take on this divisive headache. Not with their #1 pick.

          1. Would you care to make that a wager? To be clear, The Bosa Constrictor will be drafted in the 1st round. You name the bet….

            1. Let’s bet on if you are a mooch or not…..prove you don’t mooch off the government and I will give you $100

              1. You’re living proof that if there’s something wrong with the pup, there’s something wrong with the bitch.

            2. No, you’re right Razor. Some team will probably fall for his image rehabilitation campaign.

  33. The Niner O line allowed 175 pressures out of 593 passing plays, which equals 30% of the time.
    The O line also allowed the third most QB hits.
    With stats like that, JG will not last the season. He needs better protection, so that is why I advocate trading back, and getting an IOL with one of their second round picks.

    1. Totally agree Seb..for protecting JG, getting the running game going, which gets the passing game going along with keeping JG on his feet and healthy. Which helps run the clock and rests the D, plus scoring and winning. The OL needs a solid piece or two every year.

      1. I am really hoping Chris Lindstrom falls to the Niners at 36. I would win a bet, too.

  34. what I find amazing in scrolling through these comments is how critical of Bosa’s tweets many of you are; yet, how many of you were beating your chests so proud of the Niners drafting a rookie whose draft party was sponsored by a “vaping” company and who had several off-the-field incidents during his college years, which should have been cause for concern, and definitely lived up to his bad behavior and decision making habits with multiple incidents during his first two seasons in the NFL.

    1. did you know “a vaping company” – JUUL – has currently the largest amount of VC investment? More then airBnB, more than Uber. Let that sink in. What’s so bad about getting something like that behind you?

  35. I honestly don’t care about his political views, religious beliefs or societal opinions. He is entitled to his opinions. I don’t have to share or respect his opinions.

    What is important is that his peers and teammates are able to respect him as a teammate. And vice versa. That is where his tweet history becomes a concern.

    1. Bosa retweeted: “not afraid to say this stuff and trigger liberals…”

      I got news for the peabrain (Bosa, not you Scooter), liberals are football fans too. If it’s in his opinion to throw shade at a large percentage of any teams fanbase, that idiot can keep walking.

    2. Agree with your first sentence. I haven’t thoroughly looked at his tweets, but if he is a racist, as some are claiming, how is that going to get him respect in any NFL locker room? For that matter, how was he able to function in the OSU locker room?

      1. If I was the 49ers I would do everything I can to speak to his teammates at OSU to see how he was viewed.

        1. In principle, I would too. But what’s to stop one of the teammates they speak to from posting said discussion on social media. Then what’s the fallout from that? The team might conclude that it is easier to just move on, which they may have done already (reports state that the team is enamored with QW).

          1. Why would that matter? So the 49ers talked to a teammate of Bosa’s and asked questions about him. I imagine it happens all the time.

            1. I’m sure they do ask. But questions about a draftee’s politics (and by extension, religion)? I’ve never been good at forecasting possible outcomes from something like this (where logic is not the overriding means at coming to a decision). So, if it were me I would move on, unless Bosa was far and away the top guy (which I don’t think is the case here).

        2. its freaking college dude…….those kids won’t complain, especially since they are not getting paid…….they have much to lose……best shut up and play through college

          once you enter the NFL their chests become bigger……

        3. Remember, he kinda quit on the team because of a ‘groin’ strain. His team mates said they understood his position, and knew that Bosa getting as much as possible, will help them get as much money as possible, too.
          However, I wonder what they thought of him, while they were losing in the championship playoffs.

        4. If he’s drafted by the 49ers all he has to do is keep his mouth shut and get 10-15 sacks per season. If he can do this and help his team win there’s a strong chance that he could be respected by his teammates.
          If this kid was a threat to society then yes, I would do a deeper background check. But talking to former teammates could cause a riff in the current OSU locker room because there may be some that don’t care for him and some who support him.
          Division breeds more division.

            1. Not sure if you are joking or not, but I am certainly not ruling the 49ers out of taking Bosa. I highly doubt the 49ers weren’t already aware of this prior to the recent media frenzy about it. They’ll have done their homework, and I’m sure it will be brought up again during his visit. If they feel comfortable it won’t impact on the team I don’t think it will be an issue that stops them taking him.

              1. If the “fans” in here are any indication as to how he would be treated, I’d rather see him go to the Cardinals where he can fill them with regret twice a year….

              2. If he produces the fans will be silent quick enough. If he doesn’t produce, they’d be on his back anyway. That’s fans for you!

                I really hope the team doesn’t make personnel decisions based on what the fans want.

            2. I am in agreement. The 49ers will not draft him because of the divisive vibe, nor should they. If possible they should trade out of that 2nd slot, pick up either Allen or Sweat or Burns, and accumulate other quality players. Don’t buy into a major migraine when you can already see it coming.

              1. I’ve been a diehard 49ers fan since ’79. I have an entire room in my house that’s nothing but 49ers. Wallpaper, carpet, memorabilia, you name it, it’s in there. My cat Weasley was born in that room. They pass on Bosa for that reason, along with what I am seeing and hearing in here, and it will be the first time in my life that I will consider turning in my faithful card. I do not engage in any other sport nor have I ever. That will leave me with Notre Dame, and it will leave Grant with one less commentator. Peace to you there in the coffee nation!

              2. That’s a bit extreme. You’d stop supporting the team if they don’t draft Bosa based on concerns over his fit with team culture and team harmony? Seems like a reasonable reason to not draft someone to me, if they aren’t convinced his personal opinions and beliefs won’t cause issues.

              3. Lol..

                how much i pray it be…..

                …where is that Lynch voodoo? doll…..dammit?

                RazorHater you left out the part you bought all that with government assistance….

              4. Team culture and team harmony? C’mon. That why The Bourne Identity wants him? It’s not just that, though. I want them to draft him because he’s the best player in this draft, and he’s done nothing wrong. Yet if they were to draft him, he’d have to endure those so called “fans” hoping for his demise. I will have to give careful consideration to whether or not I want to be affiliated with an organization that obsequiously bases their decision on the type of “fans” that have represented this franchise in here today.

              5. I personally would miss your comments very much if you really quit posting here Razor. That said, I would hope that you would be just a little more humble and hope that our brain trust drafts anyone who can make a substantial improvement in our game regardless of how they arrive at the decision. Two things that I think remain of utmost importance: (1) Be careful what you wish for, and (2) Better lucky than good. No matter how hard I try, I’m more scared the 49ers would agree with whoever I wanted to draft than the opposite. My personal preference would be for a team ownership draft to be instituted immediately.

              6. Razor, you need more Blues Brothers.
                Do not let the turkeys get you down.
                I appreciate a poster with a point of view, and the gumption to defend it.
                Scooter and WC speak for me.

              7. I appreciate you saying that, Whine. I would miss yours as well, and I do miss posters like Brotha Tuna, and Rocket who have been driven from this site for their own personal reasons. I regret not getting an opportunity to take up Brotha Tuna’s invitation to visit him, and very much enjoyed welcoming Undercenter to my home here in Indiana.

              8. Well, I for one hope it doesn’t come to that. I would be very sorry to see you leave razor.

              9. Thank you Scooter. I very much appreciate you, and I’d love to visit you and that horse of yours one day.

              10. How he’s been treated? dude, in his twitter feed he took delight in “triggering” and trolling “liberals”. Or did until the coward took it all down, nothing to see here. Well consider us “liberals “ triggered.

                If you decide to flounce from the board, I will miss you. To celebrate together when the Niners win the many of upcoming SBs. And rub in your face when 45 gets his @ss kicked in ‘20 ?

              11. Back off, Rib. It has been kinda cathartic to get this off our chests. I know of his advocacy of Trump, but that is why being tolerant of differing views make is what makes America so great.
                The PD deliberately ordered Grant to stir this up, because they are fighting for their life and love the clicks, and I am sure no one’s opinions have been changed by these past couple days.

  36. All I can say is this guy is in for a hell of $hitty rookie season. The grizzled vets who take a dim view of his “activism” are going to make his first weeks a living hell.

    1. Then the league had better prepare for a lawsuit for workplace harrassment, because is essentially what it would be.

      1. workplace harrassment

        LOL. Rookie hazing? Workplace harrassment? Who’s the snowflake now?

        1. There is a strong difference between harmless rookie hazing and players making a rookie’s season a living hell (as you put it) due to his “activism”.

          1. You don’t think they’d be as stupid as Bosa and come right out and say it, do you?

  37. Whatever happened to the idea that you don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time? Talk about trying to un-ring the bell.

    1. Maybe a better question is whether this is a just foolishness by a young person or a calculated move to keep Bosa from being drafted by the 49ers. Won’t be long before we find out.

      1. Whine, teams that might have looked to employ Keap as a backup QB probably took a pass due the polarization effect on the fanbase and community. I think the same thing is going to happen with Bosa. There’s more teams than the San Francisco one that wouldn’t want this headache. I can hear Hammer quoting Tom Petty through quite a few picks come April 25

      2. I do not think it is disqualifying, especially after seeing him walk back those statements. Football is filled with more conservatives than progressives, and Bosa is being singled out because of his media. Way more hate Kaep than Bosa, so there will be a spot in the league for Bosa, while Kaep is still being blackballed.
        Now, I have another argument for trading back, so I am happy. Missing out on Bosa and Allen may not be the end of the world, and Sweat, Oliver, Gary, Ferell or Burns may be equally good options.

  38. I have not been a Bosa fan from the start. He does not warrant the second pick. Add all of his immature hatred and bigotry and I beg the 49ers not to draft him. So here’s the thing with all the “Trump” stuff and I know this may not sound fair or reasonable but it is how I feel. If you tell me you are a republican and voted for George Bush, I’m ok with that. I never thought much of George or his policies but could see how folks might vote for him and have different views from mine. Totally fine. Now, if you tell me you voted for Trump, I literally cannot stop myself from looking at you and wondering about your intellect. How did you vote for a con man, liar, bigot, divider, evil dictator loving moron who is on his third marriage while he pays off porn stars??? All of that and more. I simply cannot stop myself from feeling different about all the Trump voters. It’s hard for me to not think they are complete morons. Sorry. I will try hard to be a better person and get those thoughts out of my head.

    1. Bosa is a living example of what most Trump supporters are trying to convince non-Trump supporters they are not. Just regular people worried about the economy, loss of manufacturing jobs, “shake up Washington” etc. Yet most Trump supporters are Bosa clones.

      1. I heard he clings to his bible, totes a gun, and he shops with those smelly people at Walmart.

        1. clings to his bible

          Clinging is all he must be doing. Obviously not reading or taking in the lessons contained therein. Golden Rule, anyone? “Whatever you did to the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did to me”, anyone?

  39. Some one is advocating for Thomas and Armstead to be traded away. Thomas to Miami, and Armstead to the Pats.
    There are better destinations. Thomas and Mullens should be bundled and traded away to the Broncos for a second round pick and a conditional 4th in 2020. If the Broncos have a winning season, it upgrades to a third round pick. If they make it to the playoffs, it upgrades to a second round pick, and if the Broncos get to the AFCC Game, it upgrades to a 2020 first round pick.
    Fangio would utilize Thomas correctly, because Whitner thinks Thomas would thrive in a 3-4 system, and Fangio is a 3-4 savant. Scangarello would be jumping on the desk, demanding this trade. He loves Mullens like a son.
    Niners should not help the Pats win another ring. They did that last season when they traded Brown to the Pats.
    The Niners should trade Armstead to the Raiders, to facilitate the Raider trade up. Niners would give up Armstead and the number 2 overall pick for the Raiders 2 firsts (4,27) and their 4th round pick (106), Both teams would benefit. It would be a win/win deal.

      1. I would be very happy to get that Bronco second round pick, and the conditional 2020 4th.
        I want them to get as many second round picks as possible. The Bronco one is 41st.

      2. No..crazy…Oak’s #4,27,106 value is less than #2’s value (2,562, to 2,600)..AND ‘you throw’ in Armstead.!!!!! Oak would jump on it fast. Forget about it, 0% chance is right..

        1. Niners may get a little less on the TVC, but they would be getting 2 first round picks. That sure seems like the Niners benefit. Throw in the Raiders 5th round pick, if the TVC needs to be more balanced.

  40. I’m politically left of center but I think the niners would be crazy to let a guys politics influence The teams draft position on him

  41. “It feels like my entire life has kind of been building up to this moment,” Bosa said of the draft…..

    Dude is really not that smart in the head…….could have deleted all this incriminating evidence if he had a tiny bit of common sense…….

    No surprise here I am liberal leaning……couple of years ago I interviewed for a position at Koch industries…..nobody had to tell me to go back to my FB and delete all those critical posts and dislikes of conservative views….

    It’s that nigga talk i just can’t get over…..Dude is not some poor/uneducated/mentally challenged kid who lacks proper understanding of the world…….for him to put himself out there supporting and encouraging nigga talk just baffles me………

    Even if we conclude the family is about money…..having all this nigga talk out there is not going to help grow the bag…..

    .so wtf is he doing getting caught up in this nigga talk….

    1. Will you knock it off? Even your references to it is offensive.
      We are better than this, and this is why sports and politics do not mix well.
      Please stick to football. Getting into a peeing match just results in everyone covered in pee.
      The draft is 2 weeks away, and I would like to see some mocks, and more player analysis.

    2. Well, onewiener with this kind of manic episode, I would think Librium might be a more effective management tool.

    3. I truly couldn’t care less about Bozo’s politics. He’s entitled to whatever beliefs he likes, and he also is entitled to being able to express these beliefs without the emotional babies here (I’ll omit the names, of course) determining that he must be sexist, racist, and whatever else because he has them. If you can’t accept that someone can disagree with you and not be the root of all evil then the problem is with YOU.

      I doubt locker rooms care that much. I expect there are quite a few Trump fans in the 49ers locker room actually, probability would imply as much. And even if there was an issue, if he comes in and helps the team win I doubt it will remain one. And any player that has one, can find a new place to play. Because they’re useless if they can’t get over their opinions and play ball.

      It really is that simple. It amazes me how many are simply unable to prevent themselves from spewing emotional outbursts like a child throwing their toys out the pram because they don’t get the reaction they want. Isn’t it exhausting?

  42. Pretty pathetic we live in a country that shamed you for having a political view that doesn’t fit the made up and highly generated hoax that is racism by the left.
    He’s a white trump supporter and to less than half the country he’s got to be a racist.

    Even though we have a lefty Muslim in office in Minnesota who openly hates and bashes Jewish people and still holds her seat.
    A presidential candidate who praised two well known racists publicly, and called black youth super predators.
    And nothing I said. The left controlled media, sports music and movie industry will never get the shame they should get for generating this nonsense and fear mongering.
    Fiilling the simple minds of people like Ribico and Onelame who truly believe their opinions are fact!
    This kid should be able to say what he wants in a country that’s supposed to be standing on the right of freedom of speech.
    But because this narrative of hateful speech has been pushed simpletons believe they should be silenced.
    And yet complain because a fake SJW like Kap did his speech on the work clock.
    We don’t live in a time anymore where you can be mad at someone else’s view without silencing them.
    That’s not American. And it’s not what this country is about.
    I don’t agree with Kaps outlook on the kneeling and had he did it outside of work I would simply look the other way. In fact I really didn’t care what he was doing on the sideline, the same as not caring what any idiot klansman is doing on their marches and protests. Both have the right to be idiots, both don’t deserve to be silenced. Period!
    There is no limit on this made up term “hate speech” its free speech. Plain and simple.
    Whether you agree or not.
    Ignore them if you don’t like what they’re standing or “kneeling” for.

    To me this just shows me Bosa will sell himself out for money.
    And I already had doubts about his commitment. One little injury and he will be sitting for weeks and protecting his investment IMO.
    Grab Allen!

    And one last thing. If his teammates are that triggered about who he voted for, they shouldn’t be in that lockerrom.
    THEY are the ones who will be a problem for the team.
    Deuces and I’m done with the politics on this board.
    Stay sucka free Merica

    1. I see it this way. Players are products and they have to be at least tolerable to the fans that support the team. Just as Kaepernick would turn off conservative Cowboys fans if Jerry Jones were to bring him in, Bosa would turn off the liberal 49ers fans. It’s just business.

    2. Ninermd says:
      Even though we have a lefty Muslim in office in Minnesota who openly hates and bashes Jewish people and still holds her seat.

      Ignorant much?

    1. Nice. They can use him as a big blocking TE. Wonder how his pass catching skill are.

      1. Why? That’s like saying the signing of Damontre Moore means they won’t draft a DE. He’s a nobody that was out of the league. He’s a camp body. If he ends up being more than that then great, but his signing will have no bearing on draft plans.

        1. Because there is no need for a starter along the offensive line, only the swing tackle position. They now have their competition for Coleman, and if they want to add more to the mix, they’re more apt to do it via UDFA rather than the draft now. More pressing needs. Maybe if there’s someone they really like that they’re surprised to see sitting there in the 6th round, but we’ll see….

          1. I still want them to draft Oli Udoh. The more competition, the better, and good depth will thwart the injury bug.

          2. That makes no sense. Signing a guy from the AAF will have no bearing on draft plans. It is no different to signing a street FA. He’s a replacement player that will be there to provide a camp body. If they want genuine competition to Shon Coleman for the swing OT spot, that is not where to look.

  43. As long in the tooth lefty, I say we should welcome Bosa. To exclude in advance a young man because of views you don’t agree with will only harden those views. The only way you are going to defeat Trumpism is to respect at some level the ability of his supporters to think rationally about their own interests and that of the country’s. (And who knows, they in turn might convince me my resistance to The Wall is a bit myopic). The key word is young….ah, youth!

    Clearly , Grant has a flair for the tabloid mode (overreach and resentment). Pecker will be calling.

  44. Razoreater says:

    April 11, 2019 at 5:01 pm

    If the “fans” in here are any indication as to how he would be treated, I’d rather see him go to the Cardinals where he can fill them with regret twice a year….

    Please tell me how this loof is a die-hard 49er fan…..

    This mooch would rather see us down because of his love for Bosa…

    ….. he is the same person that would rather see America burn because he has to make a point for his love for Trump….


  45. Interesting that Nick Bosa is meeting with the team today – just a day or two after he mentioned removing the tweets. Coincidence?

      1. Razor,

        The problem I have with Bosa are:

        1. He’s a quitter. He quit on his team and used injury as an excuse.

        2. He’s a hypocrite. He’s free to have his views – that’s his prerogative. If you feel strongly about something (as he does), then stick by them. Don’t delete tweets because it serves you better. Stick with your beliefs and convictions.

  46. Geese after reading this… I can see that there are no sports teams as passionately supported as Republican or Democrat parties.

    I used to think they were shaped by the people that made up those parties but today I think it’s the exact opposite. We are far objective when discussing our teams strengths and weaknesses than that of our party, and that is a shame.

    Can we get back to talking about the teams we support that actually wear jerseys?

    1. Never been a republican or democrat, but I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Whenever someone has asked my party affiliation, my response has been that I am a Freedom Fighter.

      1. I identify the same way, but Republicans talk fiscal conservatism and don’t seem to follow through in the last 20 years.

        1. The republicans nowadays are in name only. They’re weak and spineless rhino’s that need to get out.

      2. fiscally conservative

        Then you must have been appalled appalled at the trillion dollars added to the national debt from that tax cut signed into law by 45.

        1. Cutting taxes boosts revenue, while more taxation has the opposite effect. Of course you should know that living in NY. President Trump needs to answer why he hasn’t addressed balancing the budget, and begun cutting entitlements. Very disappointing, but I hope you’re not suggesting President Sanders would or that President Obama did.

          “I don’t believe raising taxes on the rich,” Cuomo said. “That would be the worst thing to do. You would just expand the shortfall. God forbid if the rich leave.” Your state already has a steeply progressive tax code. The top 1% of earners pay 46% of all the income taxes. Seems punitive to me, and according to the National Movers Study which tracks all states, in 2018 61.5% of New York movers left the state; just 38.5% moved in. Among those who left, 41% earned $150,000 or more. Just 8.4% earned less than $50,000. From 2010 to mid-2017, NY had a net out-migration of over 1 million people, more than any other state. Last year, a study by Wallet Hub looked at states ranked by their total tax burden. Surprise, surprise, NY came out on top. Investors Daily did a report comparing the Wallet Hub data with Census data from 2007 to 2016. New York lost 1.3 million citizens, more than California, which lost just under a million, and Illinois. Now I’m not saying all the people who left NY were rich, but many of them were. The wealthy have choices that others don’t. One of those choices is to move if taxes become not merely burdensome, but punitive, and that’s what’s happening in your state.

          Btw, they also compared the Wallet Hub data with the states that were gaining population, and surprise, surprise: 5 low-tax states — Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Washington — gained the most population. The lesson here? High taxes drive people away, low taxes bring them in. Economics 101, and of all people who should understand that, it’s President Trump and not Bernie Sanders. When those who pay the bills leave, the bills don’t get paid.

          Cuomo just told you that income tax revenues were coming in $2.3 billion below the expectations of just a month ago. “That’s as serious as a heart attack”. He gets it. Why doesn’t the Ribico and the left get it?

          1. Don’t forget Razor, back when “America was great”, there was a 91% top marginal income tax rate.

            1. The Government is too big, and even President Kennedy knew that a rising tide lifts all boats. Find me a Kennedy democrat, and I’ll go sailing with you.

          2. Huh, for some reason, the highest taxed city in the highest taxed state is not scaring off anyone.

            New York City’s population reached a record high last year of over 8.6 million and has climbed 5.5 percent since 2010, according to a Department of City Planning analysis of new Census Bureau population estimates.

            There were 8,622,698 people in the city last year, 447,565 more than were counted in the 2010 census.

            City demographers said the new total was the culmination of an average annual gain not seen since the first half of the 20th century, when the city became dominant in everything from finance to culture and communications — and also had strong manufacturing and shipping sectors with thousands of jobs.


            What does wallet hub have to say about that?

          3. Cutting taxes boosts revenue, while more taxation has the opposite effect.

            Except when it doesn’t.

            The federal budget deficit ballooned in the first four months of the 2019 fiscal year, growing 77% over the same period a year earlier as tax revenue plummeted and government spending went up.


            (cnn, must be fake news, right?)

            Clinton, Obama… it always takes a Democratic president to clean up the economic $hitshow left by their Republican predecessors.

              1. We are going to cut your Medicare and Social Security benefits to make up for the lost revenue of our corporate and 1%er tax cut

                Yes!!! Razor, please please stiffen those rino spines and have them run on that in 2020! ???

  47. Todays prediction, the 49ers draft Allen, Grant criticizes the pick because they folded to political pressure.

  48. What the 49ers need is a pass rusher who can attack both extreme ends of the political spectrum from a moderate position.

  49. Any chance you guys wanna get back to talking about the Niners? That’s what we’re all here for, yeah? A common and sometimes irrational love for a sports franchise that should have nothing to do with politics.
    I don’t agree with a lot of you on a lot of things, but I come here to talk football with fellow faithful.
    I don’t want to cheer for players who beat their wives or kids, but if they support a different political party I don’t care as long as they ball out.
    I don’t want Bosa because I think the dad is too hands on and contracts will be a nightmare. Especially when the rookie contract is up.
    That plus injuries, and the fact that I genuinely think Allen is a better fit and has a higher ceiling makes me not want baby Bosa.
    If they do end up taking him, I hope I’m wrong and he’s a beast and winds up playing a long successful career in red and gold.

  50. Forgive me for not being able to read through the mess of Bosa’s tweets, but can someone just recap the 5 most controversial things he said?

    1. The most egregious tweet was mocking the football players who choose to kneel in protest of excessive police violence and murder.

      What I dont get is why are these people sticking with Trump. It is clear that the guy is a know-nothing , fraud , con-man and all around immoral person. This is especially so for the religious conservatives. Do these people have zero integrity ?

      The thrill is gone – for most .

      1. For not knowing anything, President Trump defeated 17 other established politicians to win the nomination. He then defeated the Clinton machine, with the national media in her pant suit pocket. Arguably the greatest upset in American politics. Day after day he continues to fulfill his promises to the American people, despite the press being a lickspittle for the deep state, perpetuating a 2 year lie. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a guy with thicker skin, and for all his warts, I think that’s what I respect about him the most. Do I agree with everything he says or does? Nope, but he’s the man and I’m grateful he has the love of country to fight the good fight, and I’m proud to be in the foxhole with him against those that would like to turn this country into a socialist dump. This is not my grandfather’s democratic party. Give me a democrat like Kennedy, and you get my vote….

        1. I would add that when President Trump spoke here in my home town at Northside gym, less than 5 minutes from my house, a giant big screen tv mysteriously appeared over the gymnasium just after he left. Coincidence? I think not.

        2. This is certainly not my grandfathers Republican party give me republican like Eisenhower, Ford, Dole, Kemp, Bush1, Murkowski, Collins or Kasich and I would consider voting for them. The problem is other than Murkowski, Collins and Kasich there are no republicans with a moral center left. Mark my word if the 2020 election goes anything like 2018 went both Collins and Murkowski will become independents and caucus with the Dems. imho

          1. Not a fan of any of the republicans you listed other than Ike, but I agree that the GOP isn’t all that grand anymore.

        3. I slightly change change the know-nothing comment. He knows how to manipulate the lazy media and voters who are easily manipulatable. He also knows how to run a scam. But as far as economics, national security , basic governance … Clueless.

          He did win with a whole-lotta-love from Russia and Saudis. Lots of high level indictments and guilty pleas. Now this Julian Asange situation thickens the plot . Trump – “I love wikileaks” . Let’s see the full report.

          Promises? Mexico aint paying for the wall. They literally told him to F-off. Plus, if there is a wall , where will the con-man find workers for his golf courses?

          Razor , I am afraid to inform you that Trumpy will not be in any foxhole with you. He will get another fraudulent family doctor to write him a note.

          1. I slightly change change the know-nothing comment. Hey, we’re getting somewhere. Baby steps.?

          2. “Trumpy will not be in any foxhole with you”

            Bone spurs are painful man. Cut the guy a break.

            “He knows how to manipulate the lazy media and voters who are easily manipulatable.”

            Yep. His best quality.

    2. ‘We stand for the flag. We kneel for the fallen (soldiers)’. ‘Kaep is a clown’.
      However, Kaep kneels for the fallen (unarmed civilians), too.
      He thinks Beyonce is trash, dislikes Black Panther and says he means all his tweets.
      OK, back to football.

      1. I will die on my feet rather than live on my knees.

        I’d reveal every secret I know to escape being in a room with that kind of music piped in.

        I love football.


        1. I think the retweets he posted are more potentially concerning than his dislike of Kaepernick or Beyonce. Not that any of his retweets were too bad, but the people he follows wade into controversy often and this could cause a rift in the locker room.

          He’s also clearly into Breitbart and other controversial right wing media, and his judgment is faulty for not realizing this could jeopardize his marketability. He should “Be Like Mike” and keep his politics private.

          1. So it would also be a problem if he was into media like ‘Occupy Democrates’ and other controversial left wing media??. Whould it be faulty judgement to be into that cr@p??….Right, of course not. Only if it’s conservative/right wing. First, Bosa isn’t racist. He may still have a problem w/SF because they are intolerant to other views like from the nation going down the tubes with huge taxation, weak Defense, socialism, people making money and trying to help those that don’t get on their feet, from thousands crossing the border, ect, ect. Keeping politics private is smart, be like Mike. We will see what happens now.

            1. So it would also be a problem if he was into media like ‘Occupy Democrates’ and other controversial left wing media??.

              Oh you bet it would be, Carl.

              1. Absolutely ..NO it wouldn’t be a problem. Carl is right. If he was a lefty Lib media, no story and you know it.

              2. If he was a lefty Lib media, no story and you know it.

                I guess you missed the last 3 years of the Kaepernick story? Oh wait, it must have been no story, like you say.

  51. Interesting to see them bring in these under the radar players. Hope they sign them as UDFAs. One player did not run the forty, but he looked fast on the game tape. WR, S, CB. Guess we know what type of players they will be targeting in the draft, after them signing an EDGE and OL.

  52. Cassie will be having hot flash. They signed OL Daniel Brunskill, a former aaf player.
    He had a 59.8 PFF grade and allowed 24 pressures in 8 games, and weighs only 260 lbs.
    Hope they convert him to TE.

  53. McVay claims Gurley will be the focal point of their offense. He might be in focus for a couple of games until that knee flares up, and then the Rams offense will become very bleary….

    1. Raz,
      They were fortunate to have C.J. Anderson for the playoffs last year. Now that he’s gone they will need to scour the draft for a RB who could eventually give Gurley a breather.

      The Rams have a very good core of players that will keep them in contention for a minute. I don’t think that even with the loss of Suh will hurt them.

      The 49ers need to get better this season in order to close the gap with the rams. We could be where the Rams were 3 years ago with the ascendance of our young roster and a strong draft in a couple of weeks.
      Also, if our FA signees can play at peak level, who knows. Hate to say it, but the Rams are the cream of the crop for the foreseeable future.

      Personally, I want us to leapfrog the seahags this coming season. And also find a way to stop getting embarrassed by the Cards. Losing to the Cards with a rookie QB who may be on his way out is inexcusable.
      This 49ers play in 2019 has to be good enough to erase the ugly memory of the last two.

      1. The Rams are in some serious doo doo. You don’t don’t just replace a back like Gurley, and that knee is like Bradfords. Degenerative. His career is essentially over. Goff cannot carry that team. They’ve mortgaged the future, and we’re about to foreclose on them!

        1. Rams also have the late first round pick at 31, then no picks until pick 94. They will miss out on a lot of good talent.

  54. In the business world prospective employees have their social media record examined to help determine their fitness for the job. I wonder if Lynch/Shanahan are aware of Bosa’s tweets, and if those tweets play any role in their decision to pick him. I would hope that in their talks with him they probe to better understand him and see if his character and beliefs would be a problem in the locker room and on the field.

    1. I’m sure that they did it for Reuben Foster, and they drafted him anyway. The business of football (like every business) is about the bottom line.
      A mediocre team will bring in a mediocre gate.

      We see this happening with the current SFGiants who are seeing a lot of empty seats at their games. The Giants no longer have any super stars on the roster. Bum’ star has lost its brightness as he has become an average pitcher and could be traded this year.

      Back to the 49ers. If Lynch and the Org feel that Bosa can make them better they will draft him. All Bosa has to do as a teammate is keep his political views and opinions to himself and play his heart out on Sundays. After all, that’s what he would be paid to do.
      And last I looked, every American has a right to work.

  55. Let’s not draft a guy for his perceived political affiliation. The kid is young, political views change and life changes.

    Let’s draft more guys like Ruben Foster. Complete let downs.

  56. Speaking of which, Bling. In other tangential 49er news… Reuben Foster cleared of charges (again) and reinstated to play this season.

  57. In tangential non 49er news… RIP 6 time NFL Champion Forrest Gregg. This says it all :

    Gregg was a quiet sort, but when angered he was one of the few Packers who stood up to Lombardi’s legendary intimidation.

    The former Packer center Bill Curry told of the time Lombardi went into a tirade in 1965 after a late-season loss to a weak Los Angeles Rams team, shouting, “I’m the only one who gives a damn if we win or lose!”

    Lombardi was taken aback by what came next.

    “There was Forrest Gregg on his feet, bright red, with a player on either side, holding him back by each arm, and he was straining forward,” Curry related in the book “One More July” (1977), written with George Plimpton. “Lombardi looked at him and stopped.”

    “‘Scuse the language, Coach,’ ” Gregg fired back, ‘but it makes me sick to hear you say something like that. We lay it on the line for you every Sunday. We live and die the same way you do, and it hurts.’ ”

    As Curry recalled it, Gregg “began straining forward again, trying to get up there to punch Lombardi out.”

    Gregg’s challenge to Lombardi inspired a few teammates to confront him as well, and soon the other players joined in, insisting that they had a will to win.

    As Curry noted, “We did not lose another game that year.”

      1. Although I’m glad he had less success as a coach than as a player. At least in one particular game :)

  58. 1. I don’t like Bosa’s politics at all, but in and of itself it doesn’t translate to not drafting him.
    2. A number of his comments are racist in nature ( using the N word) or borderline as such; note who he criticized.
    3. What would motivate him to criticize Draymond Green, a 3 time World Champion who is popular here in the Bay Area? What has Bosa accomplished in sports that even compares?
    4. As others have noted, and what the Niners should really focus on, is the Bosa family approach to contracts. Will he be difficult to sign? Will he be looking to get out into free agency as soon as he can?
    5. Is he going to be the face of the franchise or is he going to be looking out for himself at all times? Ronnie Lott cut off the tip of his finger to play in a playoff game. I am not sure Bosa would trim a hangnail to play in a game.

    1. What would motivate him to criticize Draymond Green, a 3 time World Champion who is popular here in the Bay Area?

      Most likely Green’s outspoken-ness in not visiting the WH as Champions.

      1. Rib,
        I would want Bosa to get sacks, not run for office.
        Branding a young man (like many have) without giving him the opportunity to change his brash and harsh views is unfortunate. I’ve always felt that we are a country that prides itself of giving second chances.
        Sadly, that doesn’t seem to fit this site. I’m a grateful and (thank God) an upstanding citizen today because I was given a second chance in my youth. Yes, people can change.

  59. @TonyPauline
    Apr 11
    San Francisco 49ers quarterback coach Shane Day flew in from the west coast and worked out Wagner quarterback T.J. Linta yesterday. All accounts say Linta was impressive.

  60. I keep wondering why Bosa would delete his tweets and make that comment on ESPN the day before he is hosted by the 49ers. At first I thought he is probably sending a subtle message that he doesn’t want to play for SF.

    But now I’m leaning towards the thought that he deleted the tweets because, if the 49ers asked about them, he could make a statement about maturing and staying off social media so that he could focus 100% of his energy on football.

    1. “he could make a statement about maturing and staying off social media so that he could focus 100% of his energy on football.”

      Except that’s not the statement he made.

      1. Statement was the wrong word to use. I didn’t mean a statement to the press. I meant that during his visit with the 49ers he could say to the 49ers……….

    2. Cubus,
      This whole deleting tweets thing is being blown out of proportion, imo. Who is really going to care about him deleting his tweets in a few years from now?

      I’m an old man now, but I’ve been around long enough to know that political climates change around every 4-10 years. What a person believes today can change in the future. I don’t like what the kid is doing on his tweeter account, but he certainly is no threat to me and my family.
      We’ve given chances to Aldon and Foster. And to some extent Colin Kaepernick. But when someone disagrees with our views he is castigated and treated like the enemy.
      That’s shameful.
      And I have no more to speak on this.

      1. AES: To be clear, I am not commenting about the tweets themselves. I agree with people like Scooter, yourself and OC. I just find the timing (two weeks before the draft and one day before the interview with the 49ers) interesting. We’ve seen incidents affect the draft stock of other draftees in the past. I’ll be interested to see if this affects him. Unless the interview went terrible, I would still have him at the top of my board, but would probably trade down if a good trade materializes.

        1. Anyone that doesn’t believe that the 49ers do not have a research firm gauging the temperature of their fanbase as to how they would receive a player like Nick Bosa, and use that to factor into their decision making process is just fooling themselves….

          1. According to Seb (and Grant, I think) they keep a keen eye on this board. That should tell them all they need to know, and cut ties to their (probably very expensive) market research consultants. Or I could give them the five word Barr summary equivalent, “fanbase politically riven, proceed cautiously”.

            1. Any smart organization would be monitoring the blog sites of the Niners, and every other team, too.
              You wonder what they pay Bob Lange, Dan Beckler, Roger Hacker, Mike Chasanoff, Emily Lucas, Tessa Giammona and Peter Volmut, for?
              A well prepared organization will be well informed. Sure, they should monitor this site, and NN. Just makes sense to see what posters are thinking about the team. Luckily, Jed admits he gets the message, loud and clear.

      2. Completely agree. And how old are you, AES? I’m 72. Maybe others will dare to join in and this will be the start of another string to get this page moving. : )

        1. George,
          Respectfully, I will only say that our age is within a few years apart.
          Yes, I’m sure we both have seen our share of changes over the years.

          George, this topic seems to be losing its steam and that’s a good thing.

    1. KS says he likes competition but you have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I’m not going to try to predict but have always loved the competition and what it does for the game. BDN is a competitor and in a fair competition I would never rule him out. The only thing I stand for without qualification is a fair competition without any restrictions and let’s go with the best. That includes JG!

      1. If I had to read the tea leaves, by checking out Linta it tells me that Shanny is looking for another practice squad qb and he has no intention of carrying 3….

    2. I’m guessing Mullens will be part of a trade. Maybe he goes to NY or Oakland. It’s just logical. He’s in between a starter and a backup, a luxury a team at our level can’t afford if it wants to reach the playoffs. If he helps us get a potential starter at another position, then so be it.

        1. Idk, Seb. I get the Scangarello connection. But Mullens has proven he can play under NFL fire and win. He releases quickly and goes through progressions. He’s also constantly working at his craft and has some mobility. The quality of his play might be ascending. If the Raiders and Giants compare him to the QBs coming out of college, one of them might think he’s the best and safest bet. As far as Jimmy starting opening day, they’d still have CJB.

          1. I am wondering if the Niners would trade CJB to the Skins, with the Bobby Beathard connection, and that is why they are looking at Linta.

          2. George, I see your point about Mullens being a proven commodity, but the Niners may want Mullens as insurance in case JG is not fully recovered from his ACL. I see that JG is throwing and moving well, but they would have to be totally confident in JG’s health, to make the move to trade away Mullens.
            Guess I am also hoping that the Raiders and Giants trade up with the Niners to get their QBs they covet, although the ideal situation would be for the Raiders to trade up to take Bosa, and the Giants trading up to 4 to take Haskins. This would possibly give the Niners 2 additional second round picks, so the Niners could draft a WR, O lineman and Safety, instead of getting only one of those in the second round.

  61. I was reading an article suggesting that due to the versatility of the RB’s the Niners could go with three running backs and two tight ends at some point in a game. (32 personnel). Could this be the new four horseman – JG, McKinnon, Coleman, Breida

      1. I cant find it Razor, I thought it was over at the web zone, checked the Athletic and I didn’t see it there. If I find will post for you.

  62. He’s a Republican. Most of my friends are and yes, sadly support Trump. Our division is so great, that no matter how bad a person is they will always find support amongst their kind. As a Democrat, I am equally appalled with AOC. She’s trash, but that doesn’t mean the Niners shouldn’t hire someone who supports her. Just like any job, probably best to just keep your political or religious beliefs to yourself.

  63. I would not draft this guy at all, total waste o f money. He has done PISSED some people off, first play there goes a knee. 40 , 50 million guaranteed down the drain.

  64. Nick Bosa appears to be a racist, no matter how many tweets he deletes or sacks he gets for the team.

  65. original guitar player, Ronald Montrose. Incredible talent. Look at him shred that Les Paul. Too bad his demons took his life. I miss ole Ronnie.

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