Offseason proof 49ers are aiming for contention in 2019

San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan takes the stage as the team introduced first-round pick Mike McGlinchey during an NFL football news conference Friday, April 27, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

The offseason moves make sense when you realize the 49ers don’t expect to make the playoffs next season. They conceded months ago.

If they expect to make the playoffs, they would have made major investments to their defense. It’s terrible. It gave up 24.7 points per game in 2017, not counting Week 17 when it faced the Rams backups.

No NFC team that gave up more than 21.2 points per game last season made the playoffs. The NFC is loaded with good clubs, and the Niners aren’t one of them yet. They need a defense. They’re incomplete. And they don’t care.

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  1. First, Niners D will be far better than Grant and many fans anticipate. And that includes pass rush. They gave up 25 points per game with a new system, significant youth, and limited talent. In the upcoming season, they will have better talent at both starting and backup positions, and more scheme familiarity and experience for the rookies. I’m predicting 20 points or under per game.
    Second: The offense needed to be overhauled as per Shannyvision. They are now at a good position to execute the playbook.
    Third: Grant ignores special teams where the Niners are also improved.
    “The 49ers probably wouldn’t make the playoffs next season even if they try.”
    I’m chalking it up with Bill Gates’s memorable quote: “640K ought to be enough for anybody.”

    1. Well, last season the 49ers defense gave up less than 20 points per game, over the final 5 games, with Jimmy as the starter. And that was with a defense decimated with injuries. It’s what I like to call the “Jimmy-G-effect!” When an offense can actually sustain drives, it has a huge effect on defensive efficiency.

      Hence, the Jimmy-G-effect, or the “JGE”, for short. This is a factor you’ve either chosen to ignore, or are simply unaware of. Either way Grant, once again, you’re oversimplifying things through the use of statistics without context. I love you man, but geese, sometimes I wonder why you simply can’t see the forest past the trees?

      A word of advice Grant: Statistics without context, are simply numbers, and nothing more.

  2. Why did they sign Richard Sherman then? Just for a laugh? Cap space burning a hole in Lynch’s pocket?

    I mean, I get the mentoring/coaching thing. But they could have brought in a much cheaper vet if the only reason is to coach the young uns.

  3. This sentence is flat out wrong.

    “And Thomas was a total non-factor.”

    I guess you think run D doesn’t matter.

    1. I don’t get it either. Maybe he writes such nonsense to pander to the fans looking for splash plays like sacks don’t care about run defense.

    2. Oh yeah!!

      3 sacks, 41 tackles and 1 Fumble recovery in 14 games, is pretty decent for a rookie who missed most of the offseason. Not spectacular, but not a non-factor either.

  4. Decent article to set realistic expectations around here.

    But the reality is that this team is such an unknown at this point, that I wouldn’t be surprised if we make the playoffs or just miss the playoffs.

    I would be disappointed with anything less than 8 wins though.

  5. LoL .. . . yawn. Another penetrating analysis of cellophane depth and clarity.

  6. “when they could have taken cornerback Josh Jackson or edge-rusher Uchenna Nwosu. Either of those two would have started immediately for the 49ers defense and improved it.”

    Jackson wouldn’t have started over a healthy Sherman and he doesn’t quite have the length to play outside. We’ll see about Nwosu.

    “Pettis won’t help the 49ers until 2019 at the earliest.”

    I’ll remember this. I’ll quote it and link to it several times this year.

    “five meaningless games in a row to end last season”

    Spoken like a true non-athlete.

    “The favorites are the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys,”

    There’s a rumor that you’re a Cowboys fan. Is it true?

    1. “five meaningless games in a row to end last season”

      That’s true.

        1. 80, I agree. That 5 game winning streak was fantastic. The Niners finally started to create that winning culture.
          Those 5 wins showed me and every other Niner fan that they finally found their franchise QB.
          The winning helped attracted decent free agents. It helped attract Sherman. Attaochu will turn heads, He did not play much because he was backing up Ingram and Bosa. Richberg would not have come here because he would not have wanted to go to a 2 win team. Mckinnon would probably had taken less to stay with the Vikings.
          Imagine if the Niners lost their last 5 games. JG might have been franchise tagged or traded away. Then they would have been forced to draft a QB.
          5 meaningless games? They beat 3 playoff teams.

        2. They beat 2 bad teams, 2 highly overrated teams, and a team playing almost all backups.

          1. “They beat 2 bad teams, 2 highly overrated teams, and a team playing almost all backups.”

            So the games would have been meaningful if we played the top 5 teams?

              1. You saying the wins were meaningless was jumping the shark. Notice how nobody agrees with you. My question was appropriate and you still haven’t answered it.

              2. That was meant as a response to Cubus.

                Regarding meaningless games, I said the same thing at the time. The first 2 were flat out bad teams and Tennessee/Jacksonville overrated. Both of those teams would have struggled to reach the playoffs if they were in the NFC imo, plus Jacksonville had a track record of being terrible out West.

              3. You still didn’t answer my question.

                About Jax. See Ribico’s 12:08 comment.

                “Both of those teams would have struggled to reach the playoffs if they were in the NFC imo”

                I remember you said things like this at the time. You said there was only two good teams in the AFC, Pitt and NE (NE has an easy schedule every year Btw). So what happened in the playoffs? Jax beat one of your good teams and almost beat the other one.

              4. There is nothing farfetched about what I posted. Continual losing breeds apathy which is exactly what Bethea and probably most of the other players on the team experienced BKS.

              5. “Continual losing breeds apathy”

                Well said. We see this with the Browns. You can’t establish a winning culture without winning, and the sooner the better.

              6. “Continual losing breeds apathy”

                Eh, about as much as winning a bunch of games at the end of a lost season breeds winning. This is nothing new in SF. Perhaps the difference will be the QB, but there’s some question there too.

              7. “Jax beat Pitt twice. Their only 2 quality wins on the season.”

                The second one eliminated a good team. That good team was familiar with the “overrated” team having already played them.

              8. No Jack. What you state would be applicable to a year that starts out with hope and then plunges into despair (Harbaugh’s last year in 2014). The end to 2017 vindicated/verified all of the hard work the players had put in during the 1-10 record. Jimmy was simply the piece of the puzzle required to create a synergistic football team.

              9. Cubus,

                There were a number of strong finishes to the end of seasons in the late 2000’s that led to hope for the next season like we are seeing now.

              10. So I’m triggered now? Was that what you wanted? Meaning you’re really just a troll?

                Btw, I’m not triggered. I’m enjoying this. Several different posters have made you look silly.

              11. ?

                The fact that Tennessee and Jacksonville had the easiest SOS kind of backs up my point. Sorry fan boys.

              12. “The fact that Tennessee and Jacksonville had the easiest SOS kind of backs up my point.”

                The fact that Jax eliminated a team that you said was good blows your point out of the water.

                “Sorry fan boys.”

                Kind of insulting don’t you think?

                Fan boys according to Jack.
                Prime Time

              13. “blows your point out of the water.”

                Not really. More like the ding made in an aluminum can from an air soft gun.

                ““Sorry fan boys.”

                Kind of insulting don’t you think?”

                If the shoe fits…..

              14. I’m pretty proud to be labelled as a fan boy. Now that Jimmy G is a 49er and we finally have a great HC and front office, I’ll gladly be a fan boy.
                Add the fact that winning is so hard in the NFL, discounting those 5 wins as meaningless can only come from someone who is just a sauce stirrer.

              15. Prime,

                I’m a proud fan too.


                “Not really. More like the ding made in an aluminum can from an air soft gun.”

                Nope. You were wrong about Jax back then, and you’re still wrong.

                But what is your constant negativity really about? It’s about Shanny. You ripped KS, said he only got a job because of his last name.

                You were all for getting JG before last season. You were touting him. But once we got JG, you crapped on him for weeks. Why? Because you knew JG could make KS look good, thereby making your anti KS comments look bad. You would still be ripping JG if I hadn’t dipped into the archives and highlighted your pre-trade comments on JG. You were even asked what changed between the time that you were all for a JG trade to when you were hating on him. You ducked that question.

              16. Constant negativity?

                You are confusing being realistic as being negative.

                Shanahan really struggled in the first half as a play caller and I ripped him. As that changed in the second half I praised him.

                The team won its last 5 and it was exciting. I also realized that they were playing 5 of the worst teams on their schedule though. Say what you want, the Bears had a terrible offense, Texans had their 2nd/3rd string QB’s, Titans/Jags were paper tigers due to their weak schedules giving them bloated win/loss records, and LA played almost all backups.

                Garoppolo was fantastic, but had some definite lucky moments that may or may not continue in 2018.

                Sorry, it’s just reality.

              17. Hammer I guess you could say the same thing then about the Eagles championship run. They played a lot of bad teams and won. The “reality” is you play the teams on your schedule. If they’re good bad, injured it doesn’t matter. You still got to beat those teams and you can never discount a win in the NFL .

              18. Hammer Strength:

                In the interests of “reality”, from the 2014 season forward, which is the best team that the 49ers have fielded?

              19. The Eagles did play a lot of bad teams last year. Their division was awful and so was the AFC West.

                That’s part of why they barely got past Atlanta in the Div Round.

              20. But they won. And winning cannot be diluted because of schedule or strength of it.
                Those five wins last year did wonders for guys like Colbert,Weatherspoon Taylor,Kittle and all the other new guys. As much as losing is a habit, so is winning.

            1. Wrong again, Jack. An NFL football team is more than just the players. It includes the FO (at a minimum, the GM), coaches and players. Even if the 2014 roster was better, 2014 displayed the behind the scenes animosity between GM and HC and that alone resulted in all arrows pointing down midway through the season until KS and JL came on board.. I’m not convinced that the 2014 roster was better because of the superior production of the 2017 offensive roster post the addition of Jimmy G. That superior offensive production was not just Jimmy G, but KS as well. Harbaugh and Roman could never, in their wildest dreams, produce the kind of offensive schemes that KS did. Summary: 2015 all arrows down (as a result of the 2014 season) — 2018 all arrows up.

              1. “Wrong again” LMAO.

                Harbaugh/Roman didn’t have a flashy offense but they were in the top 1/3 of the league in scoring 3 years in a row. A feat not yet matched by Lil Shanny.

              2. Top third?? LOL. After Jimmy G. started, the offense was #1 in the NFL in yards per game, #1 in net passing yards per game, #1 in third down percentage, #1 in time of possession and #2 in scoring per game. This all from a QB who didn’t have an offseason and was still learning the playbook. Sure he has flaws, but considering the situation he was thrust into, it was an absolutely incredible performance by Jimmy G, Kyle S. and the supporting cast players.


              3. Small sample size. We saw how that turned out for Harbaugh/Kaepernick. And no, I’m not comparing Kaepernick’s ability to Garoppolo’s.

              4. Oh here we go with the Harbaugh Pom Pom cheer leading again.
                Can’t wait to see what the Wolverines do this year!

            2. “So the games would have been meaningful if we played the top 5 teams?”

              Not really

              1. Many point to that game as a key indicator of how this team is ready for bigger and better things.

                Try to keep up

              2. “Many point to that game as a key indicator of how this team is ready for bigger and better things.”

                As it should be. Bottom line is that you’re underrating Jax. They were a good team that eliminated a team that you say was playoff worthy.

                You look like a fool right now.

              3. “You look like a fool right now.”

                Come on, you can do better than that.

                Love the copy and paste of the USA Today rankings though. ?

              4. “So the games would have been meaningful if we played the top 5 teams?”

                Go ask the ’88 Rams and ’94 Vikings how meaningful their wins in those season finales against the best team in the league were.

              5. “Love the copy and paste of the USA Today rankings though.”

                That non “fan boy” power ranking stung a bit didn’t it?

              6. “That non “fan boy” power ranking stung a bit didn’t it?”


                Oh wait, you’re serious? ???

          2. Jack: I still remember when, during Kelly’s tenure as HC, Bethea basically said that he was working a 9 to 5 job. That’s the kind of attitude that losing breeds. Are those the kind of players we should want on our team?

          3. Was one of those highly overrated teams the one that made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs? Or was it that highly overrated team that beat other overrated team, the Steelers, then came this close to beating the overated Patriots to play in that overrated game, the Super Bowl? Would those be the overrated teams the Niners beat in those meaningless games, eh Jack?

            WTF happened to you, Hammer? You never used to sh*t on the Niners at every chance like you do now. Did a Raiders fan or worse, Grant, do a mind meld with you?

            1. The Jaguars had been defeated by Arizona/Blaine Gabbert a few weeks earlier. They have a track record of being terrible on the West Coast.

              1. Prior to last season, they had a track record of being terrible everywhere. As evidenced in their playoff run, they were a damn good team last season, your “overrating” based on 1 game notwithstanding.

              2. “The Bears played the hardest schedule in 2017; Jaguars and Titans had it easiest”

                Which I was pointing to even back in late December. They were a combined 2-6 vs the NFC West. They feasted on the garbage teams of the AFC for their wins.

              3. So f-ing what. That both teams held their own in the playoffs showed they belonged, they were rated.

                What’s your deal, Hammer? Did Shanny or JG run off with your girl? Are you going to be pissing and moaning and “but this…but that…” all this coming season too? It gets old, take it somewhere else, maybe where “fans” don’t congregate.

              4. “take it somewhere else”

                Rib is channeling his inner Donald Trump.

                The NFL has a history of mediocre teams making runs in the playoffs thanks to the nature of one and done.

              5. UC,

                Those wins don’t mean anything for the 2018 team, and came against weak opponents.

              6. Jack…

                If you could be a real hammer, which one would you be? Ball peen, claw, sledge, other?

              7. Seasons don’t carry over so I agree that wins from last season are pretty much irrelevant to this coming season. The main thing, at least for me, is that it showed this offense could be very good with a competent QB. The one thing from last year that may carry over and be beneficial is the confidence Garoppolo’s teammates have in him based on that run to close the season. Mindset from last year to this year is very different and that is important.

              8. rocket,

                They also found out that JG could lead a game winning drive, that he was not only clutch, but calm with the game on the line. We wouldn’t know that without winning.

                We often hear that young teams need to learn how to win. That’s an important step, and that alone makes the wins meaningful.

                It also helps to attract FAs.

              9. Let’s not kid ourselves. FA’s will follow the money far more than they will winning.


                “That’s kind of how this whole thing works. Guys reach out to other guys more than coaches or executives. Just in the last 48 hours, to be honest, I’ve had texts and messages from guys. They’re excited about it. Why wouldn’t you want to be here? We’re a young, up and coming team with a phenomenal coaching staff. It’s an exciting time out here in the Bay Area, and hopefully a lot of guys want to experience that, too.”

                “For the first time in a long time, San Francisco might be viewed as a premium destination for free agents. The 49ers, after finishing 2017 with five-straight wins, have locked up their promising young quarterback, complimented by an innovative, offensive-minded head coach.”

              11. Sherman joined a hated rival because of JL, KS and Jimmy G. He was criticized for the contract he negotiated but is happy with his situation.

              12. Way to copy and paste. Impressive. The FA’s were flocking to this team. Oh wait, they really didn’t.

                Paid big $$ to win a bidding war for McKinnon, which proves my point.


                You forgot to mention the importance of facing Seattle twice a year.

              13. I copy and paste because you are beyond reason. You obviously don’t value the opinions of those you call fan boys.

                “The FA’s were flocking to this team. Oh wait, they really didn’t.”

                Two way street. Did we want all those FAs?

              14. “Sherman joined a hated rival because of JL, KS and Jimmy G.”

                You’re right cubus, but like me, you’re just a fan boy. So let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth. Jack will appreciate this, as he has been complimenting my copy and paste ability.


                “Along with 49ers brass, Sherman said there were some players that helped ease his decision and made the picture clearer from a competitors standpoint.”

                “One player in particular was Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers shiny new toy at quarterback:”

                “That had a huge part in it. The way he played down the stretch was inspiring and incredible. … What I saw from him was poise, I saw leadership, I saw the respect from his teammates, I saw command of the offense and he’d only been there a few weeks.”

                “How they managed to land this big fish speaks to the internal structure and foundation that Shanahan and Lynch have been able to build in just one season.”

              15. #80: According to Hammer, Sherman is primarily motivated by spite. At almost 30 years of age he hasn’t grown one bit as a human being. Any of his good works outside football are a result of ………well, you’ll have to ask Jack.

              16. “Sherman admitted that having the opportunity to play the Seahawks twice a season is “definitely a perk,” but he denied that it was the only reason he settled on San Francisco. He cited (1) the 49ers’ “genuine interest” in him because he wanted to feel “wanted,” (2) the three-year offer because he didn’t want to be a free agent again in a year, and (3) the location because he attended Stanford and his family wanted to remain on the west coast. So, there you have it. It’s not entirely about revenge, but it’s partly about revenge.”


                The fact that you guys can’t communicate without trying to throw shade isn’t a good look.

              17. So Sherm was lying when he said JG was a big part of it?

                “The fact that you guys can’t communicate without trying to throw shade isn’t a good look.”

                How cute. Here’s some of your thrown shade.

                “Way to jump the shark”
                “Sorry fan boys”
                “Try to keep up”
                “Come on, you can do better than that.”
                “Love the copy and paste of the USA Today rankings though.”
                “Rib is channeling his inner Donald Trump.”
                “A jack. DUH”
                “Way to copy and paste. Impressive”

                And of course your use of shade throwing emojis.

              18. I never said he lied about anything. Only pointed out that there was one reason left out in the comment as I showed.

                As for throwing shade, yeah I do no doubt, but I don’t talk about others in my comments. When I said “fanboys” I was directly referencing you, and you followed by bringing up others. And I’ll stand by the “if the shoe fits” response because if they take offense to it they’re identifying themselves as such.

                And as for the question about what type of Hammer I’d be, it’s in my name so yeah, DUH.


              19. “When I said “fanboys” I was directly referencing you”

                You said ” Sorry fan boys”, not sorry fan boy. Fan boys is plural, but nice try.

                But let’s say you were only talking about me. You called me a fan boy for saying a team that went to the AFCCG was good. You are the one that has an unusual opinion on Jacksonville, not me.

                “And as for the question about what type of Hammer I’d be, it’s in my name so yeah, DUH.”
                Definition of duh
                1 —used to express actual or feigned ignorance or stupidity
                2 —used derisively to indicate that something just stated is all too obvious or self-evident

                Did you really have to be derisive?

                And what about this? “Rib is channeling his inner Donald Trump.”

              20. Bottom line: You’d be hard pressed to find a knowledgable football analyst/player or even writer that doesn’t believe that the organization is on a significant upswing as a result of those wins at the end of the year. We are now getting more evidence that it wasn’t just Jimmy G. in a vacuum, but KS providing him with plays that were similar to or identical to the New England playbook. Tony Romo is currently my favorite TV analyst. Here’s what he had to say about the 49ers back around the beginning of Dec 2017:

                “There is a chance he comes and catches fire here in the next two or three weeks because this system is outstanding,” Romo said. “(49ers head coach) Kyle Shanahan is one of the top two or three coordinators in the NFL, and I think Jimmy is in a great position to be successful.”

              21. “#80: According to Hammer, Sherman is primarily motivated by spite….. of his good works outside football are a result of ………well, you’ll have to ask Jack.”

                I said those things directly to you, directly to Cassie and directly to Ribby. I didn’t start off addressing you and then reference someone else.

                Try to keep up GOAT.

              22. Shoup ba-doup,

                Of course the organization is on an upswing, I dont think I stated otherwise. How will that translate to the bottom line of W-L’s? I think they win 2-4 more games this season.

              23. I don’t recall ever calling you names, Jack. I was responding to #80 who was referencing my comment on Sherman. Also, I guess you missed the fact that I included the word “primarily” as I already knew that Sherman mentioned he would enjoy playing against Seattle. You can continue to insult me if you want, but I’m moving on.

              24. Never called you a name Cubus, and you didn’t say primarily.

                “Sherman joined a hated rival because of JL, KS and Jimmy G. He was criticized for the contract he negotiated but is happy with his situation.”

              25. “I said those things directly to you, directly to Cassie and directly to Ribby. I didn’t start off addressing you and then reference someone else.”

                Who cares? My point was that you should look in the mirror before criticising the etiquette of others. Funny how you complained about me throwing shade when you were the first throw any. Before your shade, we were having a normal discussion. You started it and are now crying because I and others have made you look bad.

                You are becoming more and more like Darren5000.
                Almost always negative with a few exceptions.
                Using the word triggered in a celebratory manner, this screams troll.
                Targeted political shade throwing.

                I shouldn’t feed trolls. You’re not worth the time. We’re done, go try to “trigger” someone else.

              26. Jack:

                cubus says:
                May 18, 2018 at 7:24 pm
                #80: According to Hammer, Sherman is primarily motivated by spite.

                Regardless, this subject has pretty much been beaten to death. Looking forward to the Warriors winning tomorrow and OTAs starting on Monday. Cheers.

              27. GOAT,

                You’re right, I throw shade and I do it directly to the person. I don’t say, “Hey GOAT, not according to commenter X…..”. And case in point, you now calling me Darren5000 because I don’t say what you want.

                Also, I wasn’t celebrating “triggered”. It’s how you respond almost anytime something less than positive is said about the 49ers from someone other than yourself.

                Cubus, I never said primarily either.

              28. “Also, I wasn’t celebrating “triggered”. It’s how you respond almost anytime something less than positive is said about the 49ers from someone other than yourself.”

                I wasn’t even triggered. You said triggered in response to this comment.

                “The second one eliminated a good team. That good team was familiar with the “overrated” team having already played them.”

                Not at all triggered.

                I likened you to Darren5000 (not called you Darren5000) because the two of you have similarities which I pointed out.

              29. And why are you calling me GOAT? I get it, Rice is the greatest. But it makes me wonder if you’re the guy that trolls Razor while using slight variations of his name as your own. You have also posted on a Raider board, as was proven last year. It all adds up. You are a troll.

            2. Jack – I am pretty much in agreement, there are going to be at least five new offensive players starting at the beginning of 2018 that wasn’t starting at the beginning of 2017.

              I see those last games as repetitions for JG and all the rookies. I also see those games as learning how to win.

              1. Do you agree with UC when he said this…

                “I also see those games as learning how to win.”

              2. And that’s the point Hammer is missing. Those wins are huge for an organization that had no idea how to win anymore.
                I don’t think he meant to say meaningless.

              3. *checks the Niners strength of schedule so I can anticipate Hammer’s excuses when the Niners make the playoffs *

              4. “Do you agree with UC when he said this…

                “I also see those games as learning how to win.”’

                Not totally. The offense will have at least 4 new starters that didn’t play during that win streak so they didn’t learn anything.

                “*checks the Niners strength of scheduler so I can anticipate Hammer’s excuses when the Niners make the playoffs *”

                I’ve already gone on record saying I think they get 8-10 win which could get them in. Nice try though Ribby.

              5. “Not totally. The offense will have at least 4 new starters that didn’t play during that win streak so they didn’t learn anything.”

                You do agree, but not totally. Do you think learning how to win is meaningless?

              6. Jack Hammer, however you want to spin it, sugar coat it, throw dirt on it, you said that winning those games was meaningless. Might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read in relation to sports.

              7. Well said Chris. The 49ers are trying to build a new culture. If the players don’t see the value of their hardwork in the scheme Shanny is building, it’s useless. I believe that’s called buying in. Winning just solidifies that.

              8. I’ve already gone on record saying I think they get 8-10 win which could get them in. Nice try though Ribby.

                So a 1 win team ( not including those 5 wins that were meaningless) somehow goes to 10 wins the following season? With a coach who has done nothing? A team whose only draw for FAs is so they could stick it to their former team. Okaaaay.

                Will the psycho who stole our Hammer please return him?

              9. Chris says, “you said that winning those games was meaningless.”

                They were. Things don’t carry from one year to the next. Case in point, the 2016 Buccaneers won 6 of their last 8. Remind me what their record was the following season.

                Winning 5 straight to finish the season was exciting, means nothing come Opening Day 2018.

              10. Are we talking about momentum or the value of winning? If we are talking about momentum, then yes it does not carry over from year to year. But if we are talking about winning and how rookies or a new team trying to develop a culture of winning, then yes, absolutely winning is meaningful.
                What reference point does Hue Jackson have in Cleveland when coaching his team? Zero. How about Shanny? Can he look to back his team and say, guys remember how hard we worked that week on the field, in the weight room, studying film? Yeah, that’s why we won that week, and the week after and the week after. A tremendous teaching tool for a young team.

              11. I think the most important benefit to winning those games was the belief instilled by Jimmy Garoppolo. It was the beginning of a “mystique” surrounding him that the players gravitated towards. It’ll be up to him to continue that and make it more powerful throughout the season, which I think he will do….

              12. “what is your basis for thinking this can be a 10 win/playoff team?”

                Year 2 in the system on offense/defense, improved WR corps, more explosive RB especially as a receiving threat, improved oline, Sherman helping to solidify the secondary and better depth at LB.

                Plus they were a team that should have won 2-3 games in the first half of last season that they blew.

          4. A win is a win is a win in the NFL. Let’s not act like there are varying forms of wins where one has more value than another.

            1. Well, would you at least admit that, by definition, a playoff win has more value — however you want to define it — than a regular season win?

              1. I’m not trying to be flippant with this statement, but, you can’t be in a position to win playoff games unless you win regular season games. Regular season games are foundational.

                So what do you mean by “value”. Value in increasing the confidence of the players/organization?

              2. Of course, Cubus. Nobody would dispute that. Well, maybe Grant if he’s feeling cranky. :)

                To simplify this, let’s talk just two games. The first, a regular season game that gets you into the playoffs. The second, a win against a playoff opponent. I dunno, I just feel like the second one is going to be more significant, more noteworthy, more important in the grand scheme of things, than the first. Which in no way diminishes the earlier win.

                The second win certainly is more valuable to most players’ bank accounts, too.

              3. Like Cubus said, I think you have to walk before you can run. Learning to grind out regular season wins gets you to the post season. But yes I agree,
                A post season game can help the development of a player ten fold.


        “”It just grew everybody’s relationships on both sides of the ball — veterans, rookies, whatever,” Kilgore told “After that first win, we just kept building off it. It was a great experience for the coaching staff. For the new coaches, some of them haven’t experienced win streaks like that before either. So it was good, great for the whole building.”

        “I think around the league and outside the league, people are seeing the direction this team is going,” Kilgore said. “It’ll be exciting to see who they go get and compete to get, and I’m looking forward to who does come, but just go ahead and tell whoever does come to be ready to work because this is going to be a team that is building off those last five weeks and looking forward to competing and winning every week.”

      2. Heh, imagine if they lost a few of those “meaningless games” then picked McGlinchey at around 5 or 6? Grant’s (and others) heads go Ka-BOOOM!

        1. Around 5 it would probably have been Chubb, or possibly Nelson or Smith, depending on where they were on the Niners board, rather than McGlinchey.

      3. 5 meaningless games? Um …. no Jack! No such thing as 5 meaningless games for a young, inexperienced team in the process of installing new systems, developing their roster, and planning their future.

        That said, there were valid questions and an excellent debate to be had about whether inserting Jimmy into the starting lineup that late in the season was the right move to make, considering not only that the 49ERS OL was really struggling to keep Beathard upright, but that the team HAD ALREADY BEEN ELIMINATED FROM POSTSEASON CONTENTION.

        In my opinion, their were at least 3 questions about this decision worth debating:

        1) The real risk of injury! Was getting Jimmy G. into the starting lineup that late in an already lost season, worth the risk of subjecting your potential FRANCHISE QB to serious injury (keep in mind the 49ERS were using a piecemeal, makeshift OL late in the season, and CJ Beathard was, at that time, taking an absolute beating).

        2) The real risk of sacrificing draft capitol! What if Jimmy outperformed even the most optimistic expectations, while nearly single-handedly changing the trajectory of the franchise? Stringing together a handsome 5 game winning streak would cost the 49ERS valuable draft capitol. Going from the 2nd worst record to the 9th worst record would drop the 49ERS way down the draft order, drastically altering the teams draft strategy, and potentially costing the Niners considerable talent, especially during the first 2 days of the draft.

        3) The outside chance (and risk) of Garoppolo doing the unthinkable by finishing the season undefeated in his 5 starts, some of which came against high quality opponents slated for the postseason, could have serious long term repercussions! Shocking the world of NFL football would DRASTICALLY inflate Jimmy’s perceived value as a free agent, potentially costing the 49ERS a ton of money against the salary cap over the course of a new, long term deal, which could have long reaching impact on building out their roster.

        As we know, that handsome devil, Jimmy G, did indeed shock the world of NFL football. I’ll be honest. I was initially against playing Jimmy last season. I felt like the risk was almost certainly not worth the reward. I understood there was real value of getting Jimmy and the rest of the offense some much needed in-game experience to build on during the offseason. Also, there were some who beleived the 49ERS absolutely needed to know hat they had in Jimmy heading into this offseason. Even though he would have had an excellent excuse (or excuses), had he struggled. ShanaLynch would never have given up on Jimmy after 5 games, especially considering the circumstances, regardless of the outcome. And, as Kyle has stated, you can learn most of what you need to know about a QB during practicer, OTA’s, and training camp. So for me, I never bought into that reason. The obvious question for me was was there enough value in playing Jimmy to justify the risk of injury? I also never bought into the question of “bubble wrapping”. I understand NFL football in a violent sport. Injuries can and do happen. You cannot sacrifice the benefits of winning games in order to protect a player, when the games truly mean something. However, there was some real doubt whether those final 5 games meant much in terms of the big picture. After all, nobody expected Jimmy to do what he did …. NOBODY! And there is a very, very good reason why head coaches severely limit the amount of playtime for established players during the preseason. Everyone knows the more playing time the starters can get during the preseason, the more prepared they will be, and therefore the likelihood that the team is going to be much sharper, and play a whole lot better to start the regular season is much greater. And every game matters in a 16 game season. The NFL likes to schedule important match ups to start the season. Week 1 games often involve divisional match ups. These are often very important games. Yet, head coaches simply will not risk the health of their best players, when these games don’t directly effect their postseason chances. And let’s face it …. a major injury to Jimmy G., considering his contract status and the state of the franchise, would have been absolutely CATASTROPHIC for the 49ERS, heading into the offseason.

        As it turns out though, the move paid off. The way in which the 49ers finished the 2017 season cannot be underestimated. Had I known that Jimmy had even the slimmest of chances of coming in and doing what he did to change the entire dynamics of the way the franchise would be moving forward after ShanaLynch’s inaugural season, I never would have questioned the move. The drop in the teams 2018 draft postion, and the increase in Jimmy’s salary were, IMO, well worth the change that comes with finishing, what appeared to be a brutal, deflating, reality check of a first year for the new regime, into an inspiring, confidence building finish. Thanks to the way Jimmy elevated this team during the final 5 weeks, the San Francisco 49ers are a completely different team heading into the new regime’s year 2. This team has swagger. This team believes in itself. This roster believes in the coaching staff and front office. And this team believes it can compete with anyone in 2018. And that’s a beautiful thing.

        So no Jack. Calling the last 5 games meaningless, couldn’t be further from the truth!

        1. Ok, o meaningless wins. Does that also apply to losses, because it seems to me that those who clamor so much about the wins at the end of the season minimize the losses and make them seem like wins. Which is it?

    2. Jackson wouldn’t have started over a healthy Sherman and he doesn’t quite have the length to play outside. We’ll see about Nwosu.

      I actually think Oliver was the better prospect than Jackson in this defense. He’s physical, long and fairly fluid.
      I also understand that the potential need at corner… Sherman was never very fast or quick, but he has gotten by on his smarts. The question is, will this latest injury make it impossible for his wits to keep him as a top level corner?
      Keeping Ward for this year though should alleviate the immediate need.
      Street was the only pick I hated… as I thought that at that point Sweat offerred so much more upside.

      1. “I actually think Oliver was the better prospect than Jackson in this defense.”

        Yes, in this defense, as you said. But Oliver wouldn’t start over Sherm either. So taking any CB would be about 2019 and beyond, contrary to what Grant said. I said after the draft that not drafting a CB high led me to believe that the team thinks Sherm will be ready to play. And now he appears to be on track.

        I would have taken Sweat too. But there’s no guarantee that he would have seen the field. They only liked two Edges.

        Chubb. Would have had to give up our 2nd and more to get him. T is a very important position and became a huge need. The T class wasn’t good after the 2nd round.
        Davenport. Huge project. That pick would have been about 2019 and beyond.
        Landry. Red flag.
        Key. Major red flag.
        Every other Edge. No guaranteed starters. Would have been about 2019 and beyond.

        1. But Oliver wouldn’t start over Sherm either.
          This is all based on the idea that Sherman will return to full strength or close enough to it. That’s a big IF when talking about injuries. I think Oliver could have stepped in right away in that case, but with Ward resigned I’m guessing he gave them enough assurance to go ahead with Pettis.
          In any case, I’m guessing you are correct on their feelings toward Sherman’s playing ability.

          1. Oliver may turn out to be the best CB in this draft, unless Denzel Ward is, and would have been a steal in the second round. We’ll see whether Sherman can play at even 90% of his former self (hooray if he can) and how the Tarvarius Moore experiment works out (no doubt he’s an impressive physical specimen). But for whatever reason, the Niners clearly weren’t overly focused on defense in this draft.

  7. I don’t know Grant, its not just about the six wins its also the fact they lost five games by a field goal or less with Hoyer at the helm. I wonder if those five losses would of been wins if Jimmy G was the QB. The defense will be improved just because the offense will control the ball more and score more points taking some pressure off the defense. If the defense shows up it would not surprise me at all if the Niners go deep into the playoffs. If they don’t show up could be another long season.

    1. Not sure if the Titans and Jaguars thought they were meaningless games.

    2. Undercenter,

      “The defense will be improved just because the offense will control the ball more and score more points taking some pressure off the defense.”

      I would suspect we will also see fewer injuries as a result of this… something that has plagued the defense for 2 seasons now.

  8. The defense made improvements in the run game. And I expect to see more improvements this season, but we all know that a big missing link is an EDGE. Luckily, there will be a great bounty of EDGE player’s in next year’s draft. Attoachu and Cassius could hold down the fort or be a bridge until next year.

    But I do agree with the timeline it will likely take to build a viable contender. Rams are the cream of the crop at the moment and will eventually be our biggest nemesis going forward, but playing them will make us better.

      1. Jay,
        If Attoachu can be half as good as Fred Dean we could fill the EDGE position asap.
        But like someone said earlier, there are many “if’s” going into the new season.

        We should have a better lens of what type of team we have by game 5-6. Atm, all we have is hope and a bus load of if’s.
        I’ve determined that this season is about seeing our young players developing and watching which one’s become stars.
        8-9 wins will be a nice improvement but it may not get us in the post season.

    1. Arizona could surprise some teams in the NFC West (and elsewhere) if Rosen plays to his abilities (or Bradford returns to form and doesn’t get injured). Their most pressing need the past few years has been QB, and the rest of the team is pretty sound, if not quite as loaded with superstars as the Rams are. Seattle’s not the team they were three years ago, but they’re no cakewalk. The NFC West will be a challenge for the Niners this year, and the rest of their schedule isn’t exactly loaded with gimmes, except for the Indy and maybe Chicago games.

    1. Shhh…quiet we don’t need your narrative busting facts. The Defense is bad, Grant said so.

  9. This is something I touched on as the draft unfolded. I agree they are continuing to take a longer term view to the roster rebuild. Unlike what many fans (myself included) expected after winning five straight with Jimmy G. It makes sense though – the overall team still does have a lot of areas for improvement.

    However, I don’t think they are just ceding this season. I am sure they believe the offense will be good this year, and the D will improve from last year. The overall roster talent is better. But they weren’t willing to jeopardise the long term roster build for a short term fix.

    1. I’m glad they aren’t exactly looking at short term wins. However, some of the choices are bit of heas scratchers.

      In either case, I don’t believe they are ceding the season, anymore than last year, nevertheless there are meaningless games. It may not be to the players playing, but it is tothe coaches and management. That does tend to affect play.

      And this team still has lots of holes. Particularly defensively the team is vulnerable.

    2. Scooter I agree with your evaluation, but I also enjoy the fact it’s a view with a positive outlook. It’s amazing that very similar conclusions can be reached by “he who shall remain nameless” with a much more negative tone.

      As an eighth grader, in 1946, just hearing the 49ers win a game on the radio was a great joy. This year I’ll be very happy for each game that I can watch — “the Super Bowl is just one more game.”

      1. Depth is better, but not yet where it needs to be. There still aren’t adequate mid-to-long term replacements for a number of key players, the loss of whom would be devastating. And a number of starters have injury tendencies and histories that aren’t exactly encouraging.

        As someone else has noted, the Niners are in only the second year of a complete rebuild, so while optimism is fun, a little realism is called for.

  10. Grant

    I think that we’ll win 10-11 games in ’18…The only reason we don’t make the playoffs is injuries…and who is going to be the backup QB…Although I really like CJ Bethard for his toughness and overall durability, I don’t think he can win with this team …this year. The pieces are on the board…now can they coalesce into a complete team….Jimmy G HAS to survive, and lead us…our backup is for garbage time….GO NINERS !

    1. Not so much a snoozer as much as it’s an old tired song being played over and over and over and over again. All this guy is trying to do is irritate 49er fans so that they comment on this pathetic blog.
      Let’s see I’ll write a column,tell the fans once again how bad their team is and wait for them to get irate and comment over and over again. Then I’ll collect a pay check doing it. Easy peezy.

    1. While Breida was an incredible find for an UDFA, still not sold on their running game after last year (granted, a lot of that was the work of an often execrable offensive line which should be better without execrable Daniel Kilgore, Zane Beadles, and Brandon Fusco stinking up the place). Optimistic for MacKinnon, though, and hope Williams shows something, anything other than promise justifying his pick.

  11. I think the 49ers off-season went by the cliche “patch holes in free agency, draft for two years down the road.”

    I would have preferred Derwin James (and cornerback or Edge rusher in round 2) but that doesn’t mean I’m right.

    If the 49ers have more than 7 wins they might miss out on the defensive lineman (assuming Edge rusher) they’re targeting. The sweet trifecta of Need+Position Importance+BPA has eluded the team in the last five or so drafts. (Lattimore an exception but he hsd injury concerns)

  12. Agree making the playoffs will be tougher this year then much of the chatter assums. As long as team is improving and playing high-level football I’ll remain optimistic.

  13. While they aren’t putting all their eggs in the win now basket, they are definitely looking to win now. You don’t sign the FA’s they did if you’re looking to 2019. While the draft is for the future for the most part, their first pick was a player that will start right away to help them win now. I doubt Shanahan was putting a time line on how long it would take to truly be competitive, but as soon as JG was acquired and played as well as he did, the plan became about competing now as much as building for the long term.

    Whether they make the playoffs or not is anyone’s guess, but the offense is capable of being top ten and if Sherman comes back healthy the pass defense will be better so they have a very good chance of contending for wild card imo.

    1. I agree, Rocket. I think they realized that the only chance the team currently has of making the playoff’s is if Jimmy G finishes the season. When he is in, both the offense and defense are better (see stats cited by #80 above). Hence, the pick of McGlinchey in the first round. The FA picks also were designed to improve the run and protect Jimmy better. With the team as it currently is, it is all about Jimmy. As the years progress, I hope they can reduce the dependence on Jimmy such that a good backup QB could still squeak the team into the playoffs. Right now, though, they realize it’s all about Jimmy and that’s primarily where additions/subtractions need to focus. Follow the money.

            1. I’m looking for 10-6 this season. 2nd in the NFC West and squeaking into the playoffs at number 5 or 6 seed.

              1. I see something in the range of 7-9 and 9-7…possibly making a run at the last NFC wildcard slot.

              2. I can see this team with anywhere between 6-10 wins. If things go swimmingly I would push for the higher number but if there are stumbles, especially out of the gate, then expect more of the latter.

      1. “As the years progress, I hope they can reduce the dependence on Jimmy such that a good backup QB could still squeak the team into the playoffs.”

        That’s a good perspective. If our talent base becomes strong enough to win even if we need to go with a backup QB, the FO has managed to do its due diligence in drafting and acquiring good free agents.

    2. Still a lot of ifs, though. This team will be better than last year and I could definitely see more wins but the schedule is tougher and teams will be more aware. I posted an article on the last thread that pointed to some of the challenges facing the team.

      Additionally, the OL, while I assume will be better, still has lots of questions. If Sherman does not return to form and Witherspoon and some of the other players hit the sophomore slump it will have a highly negative impact. Last year the defense was better than the previous year but that is like saying it is better to be shot than burned alive.

      The offense improved only when JG was on the field and though all indications are he will be really good, he still may come down to earth. Additionally, this team cannot afford to lose him and injuries have been an issue for several seasons now.

      Lots of gaps everywhere and that can have a serious effect when and if injuries occur. Can the team make the playoffs? Hard to say, it’s a tough division and lots of other contenders are pretty good and won’t lie down. A lot has to go right though it is not outside the realm of possibility. Either way, it should be an entertaining and interesting season.

        1. Not really, especially at the front end. Last year was .502, this year it’s.500. I guess I would say they are more or less even but some of the games will be very tough. I think it is foolish to underestimate opponents.

          1. The schedule to me is easier this year because we have acQB and a defense playing in the same scheme 2 years in a row.
            The second reason is we play 4 teams who made the playoffs last year and one of those is the Rams who are not that great and we can and should split with.
            I understand why the Rams are getting all the hype, but they have a big turnover and their head coach has to get a lot of those outspoken vets to buy in. Talib, Suh, and Peters have all been known to be me first guys.

            1. The Rams are a good team. So are some of the others that didn’t make the playoffs last year. Some of the criticism of the Rams applies to us too. Lots of change and that can have a detrimental affect. All things being equal, Rams are a better team, Seahawks are too until we can beat them readily. Cardinals are still pretty good too.

  14. I imagine the 49ers will be much better than 6-10 in 2018, if for no other reason than Jimmy G will hopefully be available all season long as will, hopefully, all the guys injured before or during the 2017 season on offense and defense.

    Add in better play from recent high draft pick players who now have another year’s experience in the NFL, and, presto, a much better team, particularly with LB Foster (who I predict will beat legal challenges and significant NFL suspension).

    Perhaps the defense will be much better than 2017 without adding more rookies who have yet to prove themselves in the NFL.

    If it’s enough to make the playoffs in 2018, fine. If not, bring on 2019!!

    Lynch and Shanny are rebuilding according to how they feel is best for the 49er Organization, short term and long term, and don’t particularly care about sportswriter’s, or vocal fanatical fan’s, opinions about how they would do it.

    On a positive note, how refreshing to NOT HEAR ANYTHING about Jed York or Paraag Marathe meddling in draft/personnel decisions (at least not publically) and letting Lynch and Shanny sink or swim on their own.

    1. Plus, the position coaches and assistants/quality control types–most of ’em anyway–have been in-place and working for many, many months under the current HC. Not like they’ve been with the 9ers 15 weeks and have yet to be part of game prep and planning under Shanahan.

  15. Welp…… Niners are making the playoffs. Thanks Raider boy! You are definitely right at something…..Always being wrong.

  16. Conceded? Wow…

    From the Macmillan Dictionary…

    1 [TRANSITIVE] to admit that something is true
    2 [INTRANSITIVE/TRANSITIVE] to stop trying to win a war, competition, or argument because you realize that you cannot win it
    3 [TRANSITIVE] to give something that you own or control to someone so that they own or control it

    So, Grant…. Which is it?

  17. Good article GC. After a really frustrating draft for fans expecting them to fill the biggest holes on D and watching them draft injured players, this makes sense of the madness.

    Typically teams that get better quickly get better on defense, but Shanahan has a complex offense so he needs his type of players in now so they can learn the offense.

    Next year they’ll load up on the defensive talent that they will need to take them to the next level along with a core on offense that will already know the system.

    I hope Sherman and Harris are able to play, let alone play well, Foster is exonerated, Moore can play CB, and Street can play next year, but that’s a lot of hope and change. Still I can’t imagine anyone on this team with double-digit sacks or more than 6 INTS. Yeah they were close in a lot of games with Hoyer at the helm and they won with Jimmy GQ, that defense still needs improvement.

    IF they draft next year like they did this year, (ignoring gaping holes and drafting players who don’t provide immediate value) then its time to burn it down.

  18. Jimmy with a modicum of a running game equals Firepower. With weapons drawn we claim the future, and seep out through every storm. Bring in the foe to be defeated. To pulverize from dusk to dawn.

    Lynchahan have taken a methodical approach, no question about it, and I’ve already got my eye on next years Leo. Clelin Ferrell and Joe Jackson are two prime time players to target. We’ll make some noise with plenty of offensive ordnance, and with a little luck, who knows?

    1. I think many expect that during the offseason, teams will “figure out” Jimmy and be able to at least partially neutralize him. I don’t subscribe to that because I think he is on a path to eliteness and because it’s not just Jimmy, it’s KS as well. The Jaguars admitted to be totally confused by what KS was throwing at them. Further, a better run game will take some pressure off Jimmy and they’ll be able to “hide” pass plays better (ie. make it more difficult for defenses to diagnose a play as a run or pass).

      I’ve been rewatching the games and see more clearly that he is more of a gunslinger than I originally thought, but I suspect KS will reign him in and with more command of the offense, the “gunslingerness” will naturally abate somewhat. But I’ll take an attitude of “we’re gonna throw at or beyond the third down marker” any day over Tomsula’s “you can’t be afraid to punt”.

      1. Well said, Cubus. The thing is; he was throwing through tiny windows last year. They can’t get any smaller. One item defenses will figure out and quick, is once he aims for the target with laser and lights, releasing his trigger will put victory in sight!


      2. Cubus,
        Against the Jaguars, the DBs often read him correctly and made the right plays to the ball. JimiG (that’s my new go to shorthand for Garoppolo the Great) just beat them to the punch with his lightning-quick release.

        1. Mood: See if you can replace the second i or maybe both i’s in JimiG with a lighting bolt. That would be pretty cool.

    2. If Clelin Ferrell continues to play at his current level I dont think the niners will have a chance at him considering I would expect them to be drafting in the late teens.

  19. Good write-up Grant, not as much negative tone as we’re used to from you. I agree with most points, and I believe it was Scooter who said much of the same things, which makes sense. They are rebuilding no matter how we dice it up, sure a franchise QB should speed up the process, but a 2019 complete turn around from the 2016 team we saw would be a phenomenal achievement at any rate. I still think they will show improvement on both side of the ball, mostly on the offense. I think we will be very competitive week to week, but i think a 7-9 to 8-8 record would be fantastic and show us to be on pace for a fun 2019 season. I’m really looking forward to watching this offense week to week.

  20. “And they don’t care.” By your standards Grant?

    Please, at Saleh’s next presser, please challenge him on the level of care being applied to the 2018 defense. Please do that. Please.

  21. LOL
    “It’s terrible”
    OK, I’m a hopeful skeptic about SF making the Playoffs (Play Offs? Playoffs?) in ‘18.
    But Dude….?…..
    John Fox sez McKinnon will “break out” in Shanny’s Offense in 18, and Niners 48/52% PO shot.

    1. Year 2 in a complete rebuild and we have a puncher’s chance. Impressive.

    2. (Les) Miserables in Santa Clara…

      I Dreamed a Dream…

      I dreamed a dream in time gone by,
      When hope was high and blogs worth readinging.
      I dreamed the 9ers would never die,
      I dreamed Grant would be objective and forthcoming.
      Then I was young and unafraid,
      And dreams were made and used and wasted.
      There was no ransom to be paid,
      No song unsung, no wine untasted.

      But the tiger comes at night,
      With his snark as soft as thunder,
      As he tears your hope apart,
      And he turns your dream to shame.

      To the barricades!!!!

  22. Once again Grant starts with a fair premise but defeats his own point by resorting to negative and factually incorrect reasoning. Case in point: “And Thomas was a total non-factor.” All along, he has maintained that the problem with Thomas was his draft position — being drafted so high. Yet, now, to hopelessly support his premise, Thomas was a non-factor. So what is it Grant, was he not worth the #3 pick (as before), or is he now a non-factor? Big difference, but I guess this was needed to establish your premise.

    Is the team aiming for contention in ’19? Maybe so. But why make this argument by saying ridiculous things like this.

  23. Courtesy Eric Branch:

    Last year, 16 NFL QBs threw for over 3500 yards.

    There’s only one team in the league whose QBs have not thrown for 3500 yards in any of the last 16 seasons (during which Brady threw for more yards in each and every season).

    Rescue this once -great franchise from this humiliation, JimiG!

  24. Thomas was a non factor? 41 tackles and 3 sacks.
    He would have done better if he had OTAs to help him learn a new system. With the coming OTAs and a full TC, he will improve.
    Saleh was also a rookie coach. He learned a lot and grew into the job. Year 2 will allow him to make more educated assessments, after watching how the players performed last season. This will hopefully direct him to put players in their best positions to succeed. No matter what, Last season was so much better than the 2016 season, because the run defense improved, and Solomon Thomas helped.

    1. Seb..

      It’s always been a mystery to me how someone from STANFORD gets a grace period because the Pac-12 chooses not to let its student-athletes play in TC before their class graduates….Why should Solomon Thomas get that allowance when Arik Armstead from OREGON doesn’t ? It cannot be an excuse for one and not the rest…Thomas is just not the same quality of player as AA. Fortunately, this year, the Pac-12 is changing that outdated rule….that ‘King’ Solomon is chosen for a breakout year…well, I’ll hide and watch….not sold…

  25. I wish to disagree with Grant.
    The fact that they drafted offense demonstrated to me their confidence in their team, and you can bet your sweet bippy that they are aiming at a winning season with a shot at a wild card.
    They did not draft defense like last year because the run defense did not give up 200 yards per game to third string RBs. After Davenport and Landry, most draft pundits declared that this was a weak pass rushing class.
    This whole team has improved, and they had the luxury of selecting the BPA, after spending 100 mil signing players. They now have jettisoned the players that do not fit their system, and the roster depth will make the 53 cuts painful.
    Jackson is good, but they still managed to find speedy DBs in Moore, Reed and Harris. Nwosu is good, but they think Marsh, Attaochu and Toomer are all superior compared to an untested rookie.
    Improving the offense will help the defense. Unlike 2 years ago, when the defense stayed on the field and were wore out, late last season, the offense helped sustain drives and kept the defense fresh.
    Maybe the most appropriate adage is- The best defense is a good offense.
    They obtained their franchise QB. They improved the O line. They traded away Kilgore and Brown, and got good value for them. They let Hyde go because he was not a good fit. They signed McKinnon because KS knows how to properly utilize him. The WRs and PR improved with Pettis, and Garcon is returning from injury.
    Those close game losses could have been wins with a better QB. Now that they have JG, he will make everyone better. I will concede that the Rams are favored to win the division. They were a playoff team last season, and signed elite FAs. The Rams coaching staff improved by light years over Fisher and his staff. So, a Niner winning season with a shot at a wild card, is optimistic and realistic. The Niners winning the division may be a tough row to hoe.

      1. TY, George. Sure look forward to your posts. You bring a lot to this site. Hope your ticker keeps going steady and strong.

        1. Thanks, amigo. Remember John Cameron Swayze? Takes a lickin’ but keeps on tickin’.

    1. “with a shot at a wildcard”
      Completely disagree Seb… They aren’t building for a shot at a wildcard, they are building for a shot at the division, then the super bowl. No team starts off the year saying, I wish we could win the wildcard. Just sayin

      1. Steele, after going 0-9, I was just hoping for at least one win.
        Now that they had JG fall in their laps and ended with a 5 game winning streak, I am sure they are setting their sights higher. However, this is a 6 win team, so making the wild card playoffs would be a major improvement. Like the SF Giants, all they need to do is get to the playoffs, and anything is possible.
        I am not overly exuberant. I am cautiously optimistic, and realistic. The Rams are a daunting challenge. You must admit that the Rams are favored to win the division again, with all their FA pickups. They have a competent QB, an elite RB, an intimidating defensive line, and got one of the best FAs in Talib. Coaching, which was their Achilles heel for years, has been totally changed, with McVay and his innovative play calling. Philips is a SB winning DC. They just had a good draft. I am just keeping it real.
        Sure, I hunger for another ring, but I am content with this methodical, structured rebuild.
        Lynch says they are building this team brick by brick. He is smart, by not over promising, because look what happened when Jed said- SB or bust.

        1. Seb.. I completely agree that the Rams are the favorite. But still as head coach of any team, nobody builds for the wild card. I think Kyle and John have carefully planned what it takes to be successful for an extended period of time in the nfl. I believe they are executing that plan to a T. That said, everything they do will not pan out. But I believe in and agree with their vision. I haven’t felt that strongly since the regime that brought us Deion and Norton and a 5th Bowl. Now I believed Balkee wanted to win, but his vision of 3 yards and play defense was not a bright vision. The Rams are bad azzes at the moment, but as it’s been said, “that is why they play the game”.

    2. “After Davenport and Landry”. See Seb, Landry was a figment of this blogs imagination. The 49ers and alot of other teams never believed they hype like this blog did.

      1. Let’s see how Landry does on the Titans. If he gets 10 sacks, and is fully healthy, our pre draft assessments may pan out. Saints WAY over spent for Davenport, so they need a SB to justify giving up 2 firsts for him.

        1. Seb,
          Landry’ back issue is much more alarming than his ankle injury because of his freakish ability to get a low bend. This will be a recurring issue throughout his career.

          We passed on Davenport because he is very raw and would take time to develop.

          Our defense will be much improved and we could possibly get Foster back at some point. If Malcolm Smith can have a good comeback season and if rookie Warner makes a contribution we will have the makings of something special.

          1. AES, I agree. Foster’s redemption, Smith’s healthy return and Warner contributing will help improve the interior defense.
            While I mocked Landry a lot, I was happy with the McGlinchey pick.
            Saints way overpaid for Davenport, especially since you say he is kinda raw, and needs development.
            One of my quibbles about the draft was Lynch and KS not being patient, and saving that 74th pick.
            With that 74th pick, they could have selected- Gerone Christian OT, Derrick Nnadl DT, Sam Hubbard DE, Malik Jefferson OLB, or Rasheem Green DE, who were picked with the 74th- 80th picks.
            I doubt that Pettis, who was rated the 22nd WR and ranked 146, would have been taken before 59. Only 3 WRs were taken before him. DJ Moore, Calvin Ridley, and Courtland Sutton. Only Christian Kirk at 47, and Anthony Miller at 51, were taken before the 59th pick.
            If they had gambled, and patiently waited until 59, they could have not only selected Dante Pettis, they could have selected Sam Hubbard at 74. Dorian O’Daniel OLB, Jalyn Holmes DE, Da’Shawn Hand DE, and Dorance Armstrong EDGE, were all taken after 74, and before 128, when the Niners selected Street.
            My biggest quibble about the draft was selecting ACL Street.

            1. Sadly, I completely agree with your take on Pettis.
              It will be interesting to see how Landry does going forward. The back issue is alarming but sometimes these things cause teams to be overly cautious see Jay Ajayi. Still, it’s understandable not taking a risk on a player that early in the draft.

  26. Know your Niner history? A 2-14 team went 6-10 with some close games with a new QB inserted halfway through the season, then went 13-3 after losing 2 of their first three games, with a blend of acquired Vets and Rookies. They got their
    ‘Elephant ‘ (Leo) from the Chargers (same system) and went undefeated in the playoffs. So I’m wondering how this team, which overall has more talent, has conceded.anything?

    Game on.

  27. Reading through Grant speak and looking past some of his terminology used, he was basically right. He could have used different terminology such as prioritizing the future above present in stead of saying they “don’t care“. Basically Grant recognizes that they have a long term plan and they are still sticking with that instead of attempting to plug enough holes to get more wins this season, which they surely could have done.

    I am sure they were tempted, being that falling into Jimmy spread up their rebuilding process at least a year. They could have very well competed for a playoff position this year if they had wanted. However, the didn’t care enough to trade off their longer term plans to do so. They pretty much articulated their rebuilding plans right after they were hired. It’s just that most people didn’t pay attention and just speculated what they, themselves, figured they should do instead of what they said they wanted to do.

    I am personally encouraged that they didn’t give into temptation and get off track from their plan. Previous posters who say that the Niners are not tanking this season, rather they are going for as many wins as possible, are correct. That is not, necessarily contradictory to what Grant has pointed out in his article. Both points can be correct. They are trying to win as many games as possible, but still within the frame work of their long term rebuilding plan. They are not going to do what the Rams have done this season. Which to use up all their resources to win short term , at the expense of future years.

    They stated right after they were hired, that their intent was to build a team that would be able to consistently compete long term. Not a team that would have a limited window. Most fans are impatient. They would make free agent and draft pick moves based on one or two year windows. Much like most coaches with short term contracts would make. That is the mind set they are conditioned to function under and why they seemed clueless to what Lynch and Shanahan were and are doing. At least Grant is now recognizing what criteria they are operating under.

    1. What they also stated early on was that they didn’t believe in Tanking because they feel establishing a winning tradition and culture was very important. This was evident in their first season. Just like they are not going to sacrifice the teams future for immediate wins this coming season, they were not going to sacrifice wins just to get better picks in the draft their first year. They do care about winning and they also care about setting up the team for the future. With them it is about prioritizing to keep them in their proper balance.

  28. The entire tone of this article is just silly. You could say the 49ers are building for the future and recognize they are still in transition. You could disagree with the order in which they are building the team, offense first. You could disagree with the roster moves. BUT to say the 49ers don’t care about contending next year is just asinine. You wrote, “Then, just to show how much they don’t care about next season, they drafted a backup wide receiver.” Perhaps the 49ers had Pettis rated as the best player available at that point? It’s like you’re trying to be the Skip Bayless of Bay Area journalism. What’s next? Are you going to accuse a player of being gay? The snark and negativity framed as a positive article about the order in which the team is being built really is nothing more than an effort to differentiate yourselves from other Bay Area writers who are more reserved and fact based in their reporting. This article says more about you and the notoriety you crave as opposed to the 49ers lack of interest in winning next year.

  29. Grant,
    I agree with you the front office is doing a great job. They are building for the long term. Teams that build looking at next year only, never win, while teams that build with long term goals are the teams that you see in the playoffs year in year out. I differ with you on one point, how can you call the wins versus the Titans and the Jaguars meaningless? Those were good wins against playoff teams. imho

  30. One thing I’ll always disagree with, how can you call any win an NFL team has, meaningless? The way those boys go out and pound themselves day in and day out. I’ll bet you the 5 teams they beat didn’t call those wins meaningless. The jags played their guys, the Rams rested theirs, and I’m pretty sure our team wasn’t 100 percent healthy. Neither won the super bowl. So I’m pretty sure those wins weren’t meaningless.

    1. Those wins showed the league this is a team is on the rise. What free agents are going to come to 2-10 team finishing out the season on a 6 game losing streak?

      1. There’s also the mental aspect of the wins. If stories are true that the players were working very hard and continued to believe and work hard despite the 1 and 10 record, at some point the confidence of even the most mentally strong begins to waiver. That last spurt made all of the football hardship endured by the players worth the effort. And while I agree that there isn’t as much carryover from one season to the other as one might hope, that last spurt of wins shows that the team can win with the current players in place.

        1. and….the final 5 wins cemented total “buy-in” from the squad for Kyle & Lynch’s plan going into 2018…
          I don’t recall any grumpy public comments from any of the players at end of ’17 season….
          job satisfaction was pretty good amongst the team…

            1. Not really. A team practices a certain play or plays and wins by executing them, that builds belief, confidence in the scheme.
              Winning is always meaningful!

              1. But you can execute and practice those plays successfully and still lose or not care about the outcome. One does not follow the other.

              2. Practice and execution are completely different than a game. Everything is correctable in a practice. A game is the ultimate measuring stick against an opponent.
                I can’t believe you are saying winning is meaningless in any context.

            2. Not for young player fighting to make the team.

              I’m pretty sure that Matt Breida didn’t think preseason games were meaningless last year.
              I believe that the first 3 preseason games will determine which players possibly make the roster and the 4th game is meant for the starters to sharpen things like timing and clock management.

  31. Today is the day we’ll find out if Mr. Foster’s future is bright or dimming.

  32. The latest Better Rivals podcast was published last night. See the link below. They’ve been quiet since before the draft due to personal matters. So in this podcast they review our draft and, as usual, they go quite deep. I like these guys because they love the team but are not homers. There’s also quite a bit of humor.

    1. I believe they actually paid to attend a scouting camp — so they have more cred than the average armchair GM with regard to draft…

    2. Thanks George. The difference between these guys and Grant is enormous. They actually know what they are talking about.

    3. Definitely enjoy listening to these guys.
      They have a lot of knowledge and do a good job of breaking down how players help the team or “where they win” , in terms of their position.

    4. George,

      Thanks for posting the link. I too enjoy the BR podcast and didn’t know if they were posting much this month.

  33. From the link 80 posted above (post JG):

    Offensive yards per game: 410.0 (3rd)
    Points per game: 28.8 (5th)
    Yards per play: 6.1 (4th)
    Passing yards per game: 297 (3rd)
    Completion Percentage: 67 (6th)
    Total QBR: 80.0 (1st)
    Rushing yards per game: 113.0 (16th)

    Barring significant injury we are going to have a top 5 offense this season. The Harbaugh years showed the team could compete for a title with a less than scintillating offense and a top ten defense. Whats to prevent the same when switching the script? This year.

  34. Patiently waiting for Grant and Ann Killion to eat their heaping plate of crow. BON APPÉTIT!

    1. This is direct examination from the DA. Foster’s team hasn’t even had the chance to cross yet.

      Reading those tweets, I don’t think that is even needed. I hope that woman gets the help she obviously needs.

      I’m not seeing how there can be any suspension based on this. What exactly did Foster do but be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person?

      1. Fortunately, the 49ers didn’t listen to the “take him out and shoot him” mob mentality around this accusation. The prosecution is as bad as the accuser. There is no way they should have brought this case to a hearing. The DA should somehow be punished for this gross incompetence, but I don’t know how or even if that could happen.

        1. Judge needs to call the DA to his chambers, and dress him down with a verbal condemnation in the strongest terms.

      2. What exactly did Foster do but be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person?

        This is a common theme with him and that’s the problem. Whether he’s exonerated on the DV charges or not, he has shown he has very poor judgement in regards to many things in his life. The league suspended Zeke Elliott with little evidence and against the advice of the lead investigator in his case. Foster will get a suspension of some kind from the drug and weapons arrests at the very least.

        1. I hope some of the more mature presences on the team take him by the scruff of the neck, sit him the f down and read the riot act to him.

  35. Grant quote from 15 April…

    “I predict the 49ers will release Foster or a week or two after the draft, probably on a Friday, just to bury the news. And I predict Foster will go to prison.”

    Well, the first prediction failed. Odds on the second prediction failing (not going to prison in this particular matter)?

    1. In (somewhat) Grant’s defense, was that before his accuser recanted? Did anyone see that coming?

        1. Still got the gun charge and the pot charge. Wont be a long suspension couple of games. Too me both charges are bogus, but in some states its the law so….

          1. Yeah, I would sit him out 1 game on sheer stupidity!
            Hope he learns from this. The “do you know who I am? ” crap he pulled at the combine won’t ever work for him again.

          2. More likely 6 to 8 games. There’s a lot of overboard from the League office to avoid liability and patch up PR, so it is what it is, and it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be. We fans may regard Foster as a cute, funny, awesomely talented ragamuffin, but others see him as just another negligent knuckleheaded athlete who’s one stupid mistake away from career oblivion. To Roger Goodell, does Foster more resemble Larry Fitzgerald, or Zeke Elliott? Tony Gonzalez or Aaron Hernandez? Peyton Manning or Johnny Manziel?

      1. Doesn’t matter. The legal system should always be allowed to play itself out before someone determines them to be guilty or innocent. Cohn spoke too soon and was too quick to judge, like always.

      2. My only point is that Grant gets really fast and loose with predictions, assertions, condemnations, and conclusions. He could have crafted his message a bit differently and still communicated his point. He could have used the word ‘if’ as a conditional; such as: ‘It’s likely the 49ers will release Foster a week or two after the draft IF…………….”

        Anyway, it is what it is. Bring on OTAs!

        1. The writing, opinion, or whatever you want to call it is dictated by the amount of potential clicks. How many times can you tell forty niner fans their team stinks, it’s so obvious.

    2. The entire case is hanging by the thinnest thread. He’s not going to prison. I’d be surprised if he even goes to trial.

      The DA is coming off looking overzealous and under ethical; and the PD is looking incompetent.

      What a waste of tax dollars.

    1. Scarlet and gold
      Scarlet and gold
      Mean so much more
      When I see
      Scarlet and gold 49ers
      On ev’ry football field

    2. Those uniforms were awful. But they could have worked if they had made the numbers gold with a red outline, and the helmet had been a matte or chrome black with a red mask maybe.

      All I know is no monochromatic look (same colored jersey and pants), though I do like the all white photo shop Marquise Goodwin posted earlier in the year.

    3. I liked the black unis (but only occasionally). Maybe a different color helmet for better color coordination could help.

  36. After the Ennis testimony all I can think of is why the heck did they DA take this to court? Did he check anything?

    Its not over, but man, sure looks like Foster will be playing some football for the 49ers this year.

    1. The only reason that comes to mind is politics, and self aggrandizement.

      1. Headlines! What do they say about publicity, getting the name right? Plus the DA will look tough on the privileged and that they are tough on DV. Shouldn’t be any surprise.

  37. How is McKinnon as a blocker and picking up blitzes? One of the big knocks on Hyde was his missed assignments. Wonder if he is an upgrade in this department or if it is too early to tell. Also have to wonder how much trouble he will have adjusting to Shanahan’s offense as it takes so long to get a grasp of it?

    1. From what I have read he is good at picking up blitzes. We shall find out in a few months if that’s true.


      “McKinnon may be small, but he’s freakishly strong — his 32 bench-press reps are an NFL Scouting Combine record for all running backs. He shows good footwork in order to square up and then explode toward blitzing defenders, often standing them up, or knocking them to the ground.”

      “McKinnon never shies from contact; rather, he appears to seek it out. He throws his body toward defenders in order to protect his quarterback from last-second blitzes, and when he goes low against a much larger linemen, he makes good contact and ensures he finishes the block:”

      “Jerick McKinnon’s film demonstrates that a blocker can overcome a lack of size with his technique, strength and attitude. The San Francisco 49ers — and especially quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo — will soon benefit from their new running back’s pass blocking skills.”

  38. I guess Grant is not live tweeting from the hearing. Too disappointing for him?

  39. David Lombardi

    Verified account

    1h1 hour ago
    More David Lombardi Retweeted Richard Sherman

    I wrote that Richard Sherman’s presence at Reuben Foster’s arraignment was significant. The public didn’t know a lot of these details at the time. Now, Sherman chimes in (presumably about the case).

    Richard Sherman

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @RSherman_25
    Funny how people rush to judgement so quickly they can’t accept when the truth comes out so they sensationalize a lie and trivialize the truth.


    “On Feb. 13, Ennis told Los Gatos Detective Jim Wiens that she had been involved in a fight in San Francisco and that she sustained her injuries there.”

    “Wiens, who testified after Ennis, said he had doubts about that fight taking place and did not follow up with authorities in San Francisco because he did not have a location or further information to go on. Wiens also testified he was not aware of Ennis’ previously accusing a former boyfriend of domestic violence in Louisiana.”

    “In addition to Wiens and Ennis, the only other testimony delivered Thursday morning came from a man who was driving the car that Ennis flagged down so she could call 9-1-1 on the morning of Feb. 11. That man testified that Ennis approached his car in a calm manner and asked to use his phone.”

  41. Hey Grant. How’s my idea of him getting no jail time looking now? Here’s something my dad taught me when I was young. Never let a hateful thought, overcome a clear way of thinking.
    You didn’t get that advice I see.

  42. Grant is only here because of Cohn A, and who else would work for virtually nothing?
    The Niners do have a chance to make the playoffs, if Jimmy G stays healthy.
    Grant should also realize that there are many women who do lie, especially about domestic violence and gold digging issues.
    That certainly does not take away the #MeTooMovement, but Grant and society should not underestimate the power of women. Hear me roar!

  43. DV is a serious problem, but evidentiary hearings can establish in some cases that the victim’s claim does not stand up to cross examination. This is why I suggested that everyone wait and see what happens. But that does not sell newspapers and attract clicks so people make statements based on headlines and not on real facts.

    That being said; Foster needs some new friends and a mentor who could guide him. Maybe Sherman can help there too.

  44. Off Topic,
    But I would like to take this opportunity to publicly state,
    That I had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the Price Fixing Scandal
    With regards to Albacore, Yellowfin, YellowTail, SkipJack, Ahi
    Or any other kind of Tuna.
    Geddaphukouddaheah! I wuznt involved, I had nuttin 2 do widdit.
    Believe me.

    1. We should skin and then can you. But just to demonstrate that I have morals by today’s standards, you can choose whether to be canned in oil or spring water :)

  45. I think there is some truth to the article. If anything, they have focused on protecting their new prize, Jimmy G. We should have a top 5 center vs a mediocre one. And we spent our first round pick on a tackle. Yes we traded Trent Brown, but he wasn’t a good fit and had 1 year left on his deal. McGlinchey could be locked up for 5 if we decide to take his 5th year option.

    And I agree that the Rams are in win now mode. Aaron Donald is an UFA next year, Gurley is an UFA the following year and will be more expensive on his 5th year, and then they will be looking to extend Goff’s contract.

    That said, I’m sure Shanahan would love another shot at the SB and Pettis might make Grant eat his words. A fan can dream!

  46. Brother:
    I am so happy to hear you will not have to tuna your life around like so many others. And don’t forget to stay in school.

    1. I wanted him suspended and was disgusted, gets no apologies from me. Prior problems leading up to this cast enough doubt. For me the best part was he didn’t throw the dog…….

  47. No Grant column on the Foster arraignment yet? No doubt he wants all the facts in before commenting.

    1. Yes, Grant has shown time and time again that he waits for all the facts to be in before passing judgment.

  48. It is unconscionable that Grant is remaining silent regarding the story.
    Stand by your guns, double down, apologize, just say something. When you were quick to rush to judgement when all the facts are not known it is unseemly two remain silent when the facts are becoming known.
    Perhaps Grant is on vacation?

    1. I’m wondering if Grant might be getting tired of this blog gig. Believe me, I have no insider information, but he’s been ‘running’ the blog for a few years and I think he has his sights elsewhere–the next rung up on his career as a sports ‘journalist’. At first, running the blog was fun–emphasis on ‘at first’. As his commitments to the Press Democrat–and his career in general–have grown, it’s possible that the once cool and fun blog czar responsibility has grown mostly stale for him. It’s time consuming, and for a guy like Grant, probably boring. He could shed this pain-in-the-neck; perhaps as early as training camp, or as late as January 2019. Just my opinion. No predictions.

      1. Or it could just be he is covering the Warriors right now and that is taking up the majority of his time.

        1. Not buying it. Warriors last played on Wednesday night and don’t play again until Sunday. Kerr said it all with regards to that pathetic effort on Wednesday coupled with outstanding 3 point shooting by the Rockets.

          I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even read Grant’s articles anymore. I only come here for the posters.

    2. Perhaps he is too busy regurgitating the odious taste of his own foot he keeps cramming down his throat.

  49. I think Foster could be suspended the maximum for the marijuana misdemeanor ( 4 games?) because he was already on the NFL watchlist for the diluted urine sample, busted in Alabama, and the Santa Clara police reported heavy smell of marijuana when he was arrested for the domestic violence. If I’m Goodell, I’m thinking even if he wasn’t smoking in Santa Clara, he shouldn’t have allowed it in his place.

  50. I get it that Ms. Ennis was sleazy whether she lied initially or at the hearing. But we don’t know if the video of Ms. Ennis’ fight clearly accounts for her injuries. The video is undated. It may be old, her injuries were fresh. We don’t know. Why question the D.A.’s integrity? You asked for the legal process to proceed. If the judge doesn’t dismiss, then she, too, thought there was probable cause.

    1. I’m no lawyer, but the consensus seems to be that the judge will most likely not let the case go to trial. Apparently, the standard for a judge ruling that a case go to trial (after a hearing) is very low. It’s almost surprising when a judge doesn’t rule immediately after the hearing that the case go to trial. See the twitter account of David Lombardi at the Athletic. Here’s a good post (the DA really needs to be disciplined):

      David Lombardi

      Verified account

      16h16 hours ago
      In his closing argument, prosecutor Kevin Smith argued that Ennis has lied to many times that the judge should believe Ennis’ first account — to police.

      The obvious conundrum for the DA here: He’s essentially arguing that Ennis is such a big liar that she should be believed

      1. Sometimes when you “seize the moment”, you’re left afterward holding a large, pissed off, nasty moment… the kind with claws and fangs.

  51. I will defend Grant on the Foster controversy, because she very easily could have been abused by Foster. He went ballistic over a med tech telling him to wait in line, so he has a history of losing control, and abusing people who he perceives as less important, and less powerful than him.
    In this society, we tend to believe the victim. Apparently, the DA did. So did Grant.
    Now we have the victim recanting, apparently after lawyering up. I kinda stayed quiet on the subject because I knew that the payoff was coming. To those who are shocked at the thought of hush money buying her silence, I just say- wake up and smell the coffee. It is nothing new, and happens all the time. It was even predictable, because it closely follows the Tremaine Brock saga.
    To all those slamming Grant, I agree with him. If the Niners want to change the culture, they need to stop enabling bad behavior. They need to stop acquiring head cases, because things happen, and they create more self inflicted wounds. However, I will not advocate for the Niners to cut RF. I think they should trade away Foster, so they get something for him, instead of getting nothing. Trade Foster to Gruden, he likes those rebels, or maybe the Bengals, they tolerate players who hit women (Mixon).
    Sure, she is a gold digger, and knew how to game the system. She got into a fight because she knew the cops would arrest Foster, and he broke her phone so she could not call the cops. That is classic modus operandi for abuse. That is why she flagged down a motorist. Foster was at fault for ever getting involved in such a woman. He exacerbated the situation by throwing her out. He should have just quietly moved away, and minimized his contact with her.
    There 50 ways to leave your lover.
    Just slip out the back, Jack, make a new plan, Stan.
    Dont need to be coy, Roy, just listen to me.
    Just hop on the bus, Gus, dont need to discuss much.
    Just drop off the key, Lee, and set yourself free……

      1. k …

        yeah! …. but .. the Paul Simon lyrics, at the end was a
        nice touch…. doncha think ? …. even for the Sebster !

        It showed a little bit of …u-hhh …creative thinking
        (a little bit)

        Made me think Paul is going for the “Most Improved Poster”
        crown …which Cassie spoke about earlier ….

        Got a ways to go Sebbie

        1. As Ray Stevens crooned…. ‘Everything is Beautiful’……. Even Sebbie. Mostly.

    1. sebnynah,do you babble much or what? It’s called innocent till proven guilty. Cohn like always tries to slander the Niners in any which way.If that means rushing to judgement he will do it.

    2. Je….Sus…. Slip out the back??? Of your own house. Oh well if u sayso. So your saying she’s risking her freedom for “hush money”. This is in no way the same thing because she got her Happy butt on the stand to testify. She didn’t get paid and went away. That being said, if she lied on the stand, then she’s going to jail. That woman is not risking her freedom to lie on the stand, she’s habitual. But saying that, maybe she would.

  52. Your girlfriend arrives at your home with noticeable injuries. Sometime later police are called and you are accused of causing those injuries but….what?…you forget to tell the police they where already there when you arrived? Hmmmm. Just keep believing in the system.

  53. Grant .

    When you realize they didn’t expect to make the playoffs , and don’t care . And to show you they don’t care . By Drafting a WR . (Pettis)

    That’s a rather blank assessment. Thinking they staying to there plan , weather you like it or not grant . Brick by brick .

    5 meaningless games , you never really played ball before . No one learned the play book , rookies didn’t get playing time , and our team did nothing ,but grow together and got stronger , again I. Think you missed that ( players only )

    Thomas a non-factor / your peering through that same small glass on this one to my friend .

    And just a note for you grant , how many rookies took snaps for us last year ? Weren’t we close to having more rookies take snaps than any other team .

    One thing your right on is they went offensive this year .
    Keep JG upright , and now we can keep there offense honest , against our defense . (Time wise anyways ) thanks for the read .

  54. Seb

    One glad to see you back ,

    I didn’t hear that RF hit anyone at the combine , heard about him not liking the fact that another person grabbed him ,and that’s what set the exchange of words ( or the abusive nature ) in motion , look Seb , don’t know you well , but as a player ,that got tested ,blood urine , shoot even hair follicle test, I myself don’t like the idea of anyone but the physician touching me , and hell no to the nursing staff ,no don’t touch me either ( all day long they see people ). , that are sick ,or not feeling good , people’s nerves are tore up from the emotional rollercoaster they are on from the event . That too gets a pass ,

    And how is it his fault that she lied , numerous times ,
    Only thing I can fault him for right now is he needs to become a better judge of character. ( We’re you not a little naive in your youth)
    No Seb ,,,, I think there is some growing up to do , no don’t trade him , and yes ,get him a supporting cast that will show him .

    What you think Seb ?
    Did you play , HS , college?
    Do you think they have thrown in the towel already like grant says ?

    1. 78, I admit that while Foster needs to grow up and mature, but he did not become physical with the med tech.
      However, getting sent home from the combine, flunking the diluted sample test, getting caught with weed in a Reefer madness state, now the DV accusations and gun charge, just means he needs to stop with the self inflicted wounds.
      Making a single mistake is excusable. Making several mistakes is a pattern.
      We all watched All Done start the same way. We all know how that turned out.
      Trading away Foster means they get something for him, not cutting him with no compensation. Maybe once he clears his legal hurdles, they can get a conditional second for him. If the other team makes the playoffs, that second round pick is upgraded to a first round pick. Getting a supporting cast did not work for All Done.
      Sure, I was naive in my youth, like us all. However, painful experiences taught me how to become wiser.
      No, I did not play football. I played soccer in college, and then club soccer until my thirties, and coached at times.Thankfully, this site is not restricted to only posters who have played in the NFL. My football education started in 1979, when my brother in law took me to the games because no one else wanted to go. I watched that 2-14 team, so I knew how NOT to play the game. Then I had a front row seat to the Glory Years, and saw how Bill Walsh was a master at his craft. Eventually, after the divorce, I inherited the season tickets. I held them until the last depression, and had to choose between season tickets or educating my children. One son went to Cal.
      No, I do not think they have thrown in the towel. Lynch even admits there is a talent tolerance. If Foster was a 6th round pick, he would have been long gone. Foster is not indispensable. The Niners planned on the possibility of moving on from Foster by drafting Warner.
      However, if Lynch is trying to change the culture, he needs to choose high character guys, not guys who are characters.

  55. Analysis of a strange article

    1. Everyone player has a story or quirky anecdote. Player A can deadlift 700 lbs, player B can eat 30 tacos in 1 hour etc. Until they line up in pads and prove they are capable on the field against NFL opponents, it is meaningless.

    2. Everyone has a highlight reel.

    3. The Titans and Jags games were not meaningless. They were both either trying to clinch playoff spots or playing for home field advantage. Both teams were playing their starters.

    4. Solomon Thomas did not live up to a 3rd overall but he was a good run defender . I would hardly call him a non factor.

    5. Niners D gave up less than 20 points a game on average in the last 5 games.

    6. I do agree that Pettis is a questionable pick in the second round and Ward the highest paid D player is criminal.

    7. Foster situation: Foster’s girlfriend recanted days before the draft . Since then Grant has referenced Foster going to jail at least 2x. That is inexcusable. Now his silence since yesterdays court appearance is even more inexcusable.

    1. Pretty good breakdown…. I think Pettis–sans injury–will not embarrass.

    2. Grant gives himself a pass by saying that he is not a journalist. I think he is referring to himself as a blogger or opinion blogger or something like that. The resume or CV should reflect that.

      1. When cornered and even his fans realize he wasn’t being truthful, Sean Hannity also plays the “I’m not a journalist card”. That’s very, very bad company.

  56. Agree Cassie

    Don’t expect 10 touchdowns .

    But very useful in mismatching the alignment of the defense . Shanny has a new toy to play with.
    Similar to Sanu in ATL
    Can you imagine all that speed on the field at once , we got some pretty fast guys .

    How you think they going to use him .

    1. Using? Shanahan will create holes and seams, destined to be filled by Shanahan’s toys.

    1. Foster is an okay guy. He’ll be a model citizen after this stuff is behind him.

      In other news, I watch “Good Morning Football” every morning beginning at 4:00 AM. It’s a great and fun show that appeals not only to old fogies like me but to the players, coaches and owners as well. Their guest sheet is a Who’s Who of the NFL. It’s positive, witty, fun and irreverent. In other words, it is the complete opposite of what Grant is pedaling.

      I think at some point Cohn will finally understand that he is going nowhere in the sports industry. He has consistently displayed a serious lack of maturity, analytical skills and just general writing chops to go much beyond this blog that he commandeered seven years ago.

      Negativity and childish name calling can only take you so far. This blog is way better when he is gone. The conversations become more interesting, deeper, kinder. No one needs what he is pushing. It’s a serious distraction and has the smell of sulphur about it. And it goes all the way back to his first year when he picked a fight with Anthony Davis.

      So he’ll be back. He has nowhere else to go — we are stuck with him. In the meantime, y’all have a great weekend. I made a killer Thai curry last night and have leftovers until Monday. It’s foggy here as usual but the weather ain’t half bad. And, now, I leave you with this. You’ll have to supply your own beer and chips…

    2. Exactly. Like she had the Road rage fight when?
      Also, may be no big deal to her if she does jail time for a false police report if she’s getting rewarded $$$$. Folks making too big a deal that she’s implicating herself. I had a wayward youth and know from experience, I could do jail time standing on my head

    3. Thanks for the link, JSA. Good column: Reasonable, responsible point of view, and well written. My favorite lines (among many): “Have we learned a valuable lesson here? No. Almost certainly not. It’s not our forte. Because as quick as we were to form a posse and ride after Foster, we’ll probably just turn the horses around and gallop in the opposite direction now, yee-hawing and firing our six-shooters in the air.”

  57. As a subscriber to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat I can read Grant’s straight reporting articles in the paper and his blogs here. I notice that his more opinionated and controversial blogs (such as this one) do not appear in the paper. I believe these are intended to incite the blog audience (click bait, if you will), and they should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s hard to believe anyone so close to the team could come up with such fanciful theories.

    Sometimes his more sober pieces that are mostly reporting of facts appear here and in the paper. His Press Democrat articles (which include coverage of the Golden State Warriors) display a plodding pedestrian writing style similar to his Fathers, which means he will probably never be anything more than a journeyman sportswriter at a small paper. His Father once wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle but was let go and found a job at the much smaller Press Democrat.

  58. Lol! Look at all the people who take his bait in here. Grant is a clown. His articles are to serve one purpose only, generate clicks based on incendiary titles. There is so much willful ignorance in this article it’s hard to get through. Press Democrat must really be hurting.

    1. Its a sports blog, not gospel or life and death.

      I come here not just because of the moderator. I’ve been here since the day’s of Matt Maiocco, so it really doesn’t matter who the moderator is.

      I come here because I enjoy (and learn) football from fellow 49ers fans. Not sure how others on this blog might take this, but I personally feel that we have something of a family atmosphere here.
      We don’t always agree with each other, but we can all agree that we love our team and that we have a platform (PD) that gives us a voice.

      1. Family is right! It’s your turn to take the garbage out…and make it snappy

        1. Yeah! and
          Take out the papers and the trash
          Or you don’t get no spendin’ cash
          If you don’t mop that kitchen floor
          You ain’t gonna rock and roll no more.
          (Yakkity yak) DON’T TALK BACK!
          Get busy cleanin’ up your room
          Let’s see that dustpan with that broom
          Tell all your hoodlum friends outside
          You ain’t got time to take a ride
          (Yakkity yak) DON’T TALK BACK!

      2. Yep. I hardly ever even post but I read all the time and it’s not because of Grant. It’s because of you guys.

  59. On another issue, for those hoping Jeremiah Attaochu is the answer at LEO, a great write-up in The Athletic about concerns as to his pass rush ability, and why I see the glass half-empty. I hope he surprises…

    “Going into the draft, it seemed like a given the 49ers were going to draft an edge rusher high. Defensively, the 49ers are solid at each position but still lack a ferocious pass rusher at the LEO (weakside end) position.

    Harold Landry seemed to be an option when he fell into the second round because of injury concerns, but the 49ers passed and curiously, didn’t use any of their nine picks on an edge rusher.

    “Part of this deal is you have to develop your own talent, so we believe that collectively we’ve got to get better as a unit,” general manager John Lynch said. “We’ve got to become better finishers. We believe we have that right within. Were we adverse to adding to it? Not at all. That’s just kind of the way the draft fell.”

    So the 49ers seem content with relying on their interior pressure and developing the players that are already on the roster. Eli Harold and Pita Taumoepenu will attempt to make the transition to LEO and provide some juice off the edge, but unless they make some major improvements in their games, it’s unlikely that one of them will be the solution.

    There seems to be hope that free-agent signing Jeremiah Attaochu can get his career on track and fulfill some of the promise that his athletic testing inspired. The 49ers signed him to a one-year deal and Attaochu looks like the frontrunner to win the LEO job. So far, Attaochu’s career has been underwhelming. The highlight of it was a six-sack year he had in 2015. He was derailed by injuries in 2016 and couldn’t get much playing time behind Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram in 2017.

    Let’s take a look back at his play during that six-sack season and see what Attoachu could bring as a pass rusher.

    The first thing that stands out when watching Attoachu is that he is a high-effort player. Most of his sacks came on second efforts; he didn’t have any sacks where he flat out beat an offensive tackle with speed off the edge, which is somewhat surprising considering his 1.55 10-yard split is an indicator of a good get-off.

    This sack is likely the best of his career so far. Against future Hall of Famer Joe Thomas, Attoachu looked like he attempted to use the long arm technique by sticking his inside arm on the inside chest plate of Thomas. Attoachu is supposed to use his length by extending that arm but was unable to get full extension. However, Attoachu kept pushing and eventually got to the quarterback.

    Here, he used the long arm technique much more effectively and essentially gets the same type of sack against the Packers’ David Bakhtiari. He got full extension, threw off Bakhtiari’s post foot, and knocked him into the backfield, but only got the sack when Aaron Rodgers stepped up in the pocket.

    Attoachu’s get-off is decent but it’s not elite. He also lacks the flexibility to really bend and finish for sacks. Lynch talked about wanting guys who could finish plays with sacks, but so far Attoachu hasn’t shown that ability. In the clip above, he got a decent jump but didn’t show much bend around the corner and tackle Eric Fisher was able to push him past the quarterback.

    Attoachu does display some good change-of-direction ability and can cut inside of tackles if they overset against his get-off. However, this type of move is dependent on poor technique by the tackle and no inside help.

    Overall, Attoachu’s sacks in 2015 were mostly low quality — meaning they took too much time, came on second efforts, or he was untouched. He has some athletic ability but I’m just not sure how much he can improve in his fifth year in the league. It seems the 49ers will really have to rely on an improved secondary and the development of DeForest Buckner and Solomon Thomas to improve their pass rush.”

    1. PK,
      Good read.
      But I’m not sure if there is a textbook sack on the QB.

      Deacon Jones (before it was outlawed) used a head club method to get a sack.
      Reggie White used sheer strength and Von Miller uses speed.

      Whichever way Attoachu, Cassius or any other player gets a sack works for me.
      I believe that sacks this year will come in a variety of ways and by different players.

        1. Cassie,
          I’m dating myself, but I actually watched that game. Ben Davidson was a load.
          I’ll never forget the late hit on Chiefs QB Ken Dawson back in 1970. It almost created a riot.
          Ah, those were the days (lol).

            1. Ha! Classic.
              That was a textbook somersault tackle and the fact that Dawson could get up after the hit made it an iconic play.

  60. Well… I remember reading Lowell …( peioridicallly )
    in the Fremont Argus … who stood by their motto …

    ” Yesterdays News … Tomorrow ”

  61. Pre-Jimmy Starts Post Jimmy Starts
    Defensive yards allowed/game 374.2 (28th) 301.8 (7th)
    Defensive yards allowed/play 5.41 (18th) 4.96 (9th)
    Points allowed/game 25.82 (28th) 19.8 (T-9th)

    What does this tell you?
    When we have a legit offense, the defense is well rested and able to make plays.

    1. “What does this tell you?”

      While the offense did help, the offenses faced in those 5 games also weren’t very good. The best QB they faced was Blake Bortles, and he was missing a few WR’s in that game.

      1. Yeah, but I’ll take a win over a loss any day even if we play against the Sister’s of the Ascention.

  62. Living in Utah and a big Ute fan, I think fans are selling the 49ers short—ie, short of the playoffs.
    I’m a big Pita Taumoepena fan and at every stop his yr 1 to yr 2 improvement has been prolific.
    This man is Haley’s comet from the edge, and now with the proper D-Line rotation of Attaochu, Marsh, and Pita (now at 240 instead of 220 last year with a full NFL weight room program behind him) + Sherman (other speedy CB’s) and Julian Taylor, Buckner, Thomas (a whole offseason program instead of no program due to Stanford Final Exams) , Fred Warner, Foster (testimony lets him off ), Malcolm Smith (4-3 low 40/d; 4-4 high 40/yd speed) and the plethora of offensive/special teams improvements, my bet is Shanny pulls a fast one on the haters !

    Not a big BYU fan (Kind of like Cal fans rooting for Stanford) but watch out for this PLAAYah, Fred Warner…He’s that good and will put on a show for Niner fans !

    1. TomD,
      I hope your right about Pita. His weight transformation sounds more like muscle which will serve him well.
      Fred Warner will make some valuable contributions and Jilian Taylor might be the biggest surprise of TC.

  63. And Warner’s video vs. #10 Wisconsin, 13 LSU, #14 Boise St., Arizona St, UCLA, W Virginia, etc, you guys got a star in the making the way he blows up there offensive backfields @!

  64. Charley Casserly names 49ers among most-improved teams this offseason
    6 hours ago • 1 comment

    “John Lynch, I’d be smiling too if Mike McGlinchey was my first-round pick, the best tackle in the draft,” Casserly said. “Richard Sherman, he was playing at a top level when he got hurt last year. Jerick McKinnon will shine with Kyle Shanahan calling the plays.”

  65. Here’s a stat for all those who feel that post Jimmy G was nothing to e-mail home about. Jimmy G had the highest completion percentage under pressure and it wasn’t even close. According to PFF, JG was at 62.3% with Case Keenum coming in second at 55.7%. Brady was at 55.5% and Brees was at 54.4%. But hey, it was blind luck and is unlikely to be repeated.

    1. Here’s some more:

      Jeff Deeney
      Feb 8

      A few numbers where Jimmy Garoppolo led the NFL in 2017:
      (min. 160 dropbacks)
      Yards per attempt: 8.76
      Comp. % when under pressure: 62.3%
      Passer rating when outside the pocket: 116.5

  66. Here’s a PFF stat I don’t think I’ve ever seen.

    Lowest Rate of Throwaways: Attempts vs Pressure (2017)

    Jimmy G. – 1.8%
    Blaine Gabbert – 2.5%
    Matthew Stafford – 3.4%
    NFL Average – 10.5%

    This is an incredibly low average given that Jimmy was just learning the playbook. You would think that in that scenario he would have a higher throwaway rate.

    1. I’d bet Alex Smith leads the pack in throw aways. This only shows me that Jimmy is a baller. Helooks to make plays, not throw the ball away. It’s going to be good and bad. It might cause a number of int’s but it’s also going to produce more explosive plays and points.

  67. Pita ,,,,, If he is at 240 , and didn’t lose any speed . He probably has something to work with . Technical skills can be taught ,,,,, physical ones ( skills ) can’t.

    Can’t put the cart before the horse .

  68. OTAs commencing in a few days. Wonder if any players will be ripped for being out of shape.

    1. Pita. He’ll have to lift his shirt to prove that the extra 20 pounds isn’t fat.

      Expect more Pettis isn’t a natural WR talk. Shanny is spending too much time with the QB, WRs, and TEs. Not nearly enough discipline for the first OTA.

      Maybe a shot at McG? If McG doesn’t play well 100% of the time, Grant might say we should have taken Kolton Miller.

  69. 80,
    “Grant might say we should have taken Kolton Miller.”

    Haven’t put much weight on Grant’ comments since he said Frank Gore’ legs were gone about what, 4 seasons ago?
    Gore was 40 yards short of 1,000 yrds last year.
    Not bad for a guy whose legs are gone and playing for a team without a starting QB which the defense could focus more on him.

    1. They tried to do that last year. Armstead and Thomas play the same position in this scheme and Armstead is the better interior pass rusher at this time.
      That is the reason I disliked the pick. Unless he proved he could play the edge the niners would eventually be forced to choose between Armstead or Thomas in a best case Scenario. If one of them proves to be only a run stuffer the niners could move on with the better player. And worst case scenario they both prove to only be run stuffing players.
      In no scenario did the niners improve 2 positions.

    2. I am optimistic. Why? Because Saleh has had a year to learn how to be a DC. He has had a year to watch and assess each player’s strengths and weaknesses. He installed a brand new system, and now the players are getting familiarized with it.
      The fact that Armstead and Thomas may be duplicative, just means the Niners now have depth. Saleh can now rotate in those players to keep the D line fresh.Hopefully, Saleh can put them in positions to succeed, and play to their strengths.
      This past draft was illuminating. They did not draft a QB because they signed JG. They did not draft a RB because they signed McKinnon. They did not draft an edge because they signed Attaochu and Toomer. (Street will not play this season). They did not draft a TE because they like Kittle and Celek.
      They drafted McGlinchey because they wanted to move on from Brown. They traded Brown once they drafted MM. They drafted Pettis because he will help STs, and Garcon is past 30 and coming off a neck injury. They drafted Warner because of Foster, and his uncertainties.
      Last season, they wheeled and dealed to get as many bodies as possible, because they had many holes to fill. This season, KS specifically targeted players he wanted to fit his scheme, and they drafted the BPA, instead of reaching for need. They added much needed depth, so the position competitions will be fierce, and the possible 53 cuts will be painful.
      That said, what should the Niners do? They should closely monitor the other teams, and watch for injuries and weaknesses during OTAs and TC. If the opportunity presents itself, they should trade away Armstead and Ward for as high a draft choice as possible.

      1. So did they draft all those corners because they don’t like Sherman and Witherspoon? Your logic sounds good, bit doesn’t pass the sniff test.

        1. Sherman is a huge risk, since he had an Achilles problem. Pretty good logic to me for them to draft CBs.
          Witherspoon has never been known as a heavy hitter.
          Ward tends to become injured, so they drafted 2 safeties.

          1. sebnynah, shut up, you were loser then, then you turtled away into your hole playing the victim and calling for safety. Hows your wife, is she scared you are back being a non stop mouth piece

              1. Probably not as creepy as Seb outing himself and blaming the whole incident on his wife.

      2. “They added much needed depth”

        True, especially in the secondary. Robinson, Johnson and probably Mabin are out. Sherman and Moore are in along with Witherspoon and Ward. Reed and Ward are depth for Williams. Tartt, Ward and Reed can play FS. Harris can play SS.

        1. 80, I like how they have acquired players who are versatile.
          Just hope the coaches can put them in their strongest alignments to be effective.
          Maybe with tighter coverage, the pass rush will have time to get to the QB.

  70. Agreed

    Frank Gore
    Warrior , football player ,HOF back (IMO), great work ethics . All pro for sure .

    And a good person .

    1. I totally agree. I hope Lynch trades for Frank Gore, so he can help the team win while teaching the young RBs how to prepare for and play the game. He would be valuable for his blocking skills, and he would be a good change of pace back to McKinnon.
      For years, Frank Gore was the heart and soul of the Niner offense, and I hope he retires as a Niner.

      1. can’t believe I’m sayin’ this…. but
        I agree with you… here… Sebbie …………….

        still … it may … take a little more for Cassie
        to award you the “Most Improved Poster” crown…. though

        (you’ll hafta check with her)

        1. Please, I hope you realize that I am trying very hard to ignore certain posters. Do not lead me into temptation. ;p

          1. oh bring the insanity back then you play the boo hoo card….loser…go back to playing the wuss…it looks good on you..

        2. While the act would resonate with some heartstrings, Gore ain’t coming back to hold down a roster spot on Shanahan’s 9ers. If he ever resigns, it’s the one-day retirement deal.

            1. Yes, Gore will gash them.
              Still can’t understand why, after Gore rushed the ball to get the Niners first and goal, they handed the ball to LAMICHAEL JAMES. Smh.

          1. Yeah. That’s the way I see it too.
            At this point Gore would be a 3rd string running back on this team and those players need to give you something in special teams.
            I do think he will get a 1 day retirement deal from SF. And honestly would be pissed if the org didn’t make him such an offer.

            1. I respectfully disagree. Frank Gore would be the number 2 back. McKinnon would handle those OZ runs, but Frank Gore could run between the tackles. Frank Gore would automatically be the best RB blocker on the team.
              How could they obtain Frank Gore? Niners could trade Matt Breida, straight up for Gore. Miami would pay back the Niners for trading Kilgore to them. It would be a win/win for both teams.
              With Joe Williams coming back from injury, and Jeremy McNichols waiting in the wings, Breida may be the odd man out. Breida is duplicative now that they signed McKinnon, and McKinnon is way more talented. Mostert, with his ST value, may out compete Breida. With a crowded RB squad, Breida may be expendable. Niners could direct where Breida goes by trading him to an AFC East team. If Breida is cut, just expect the Seahawks to snatch him up.
              It would be poetic justice and a kick in the teeth to Baalke, to bring back Frank Gore.
              I still think Frank Gore can play the game, and he is exactly the type of player that Lynch should covet if he wants to build that championship culture, even if it is for only one year. Frank Gore bleeds red and gold, and he would help the team win. I bet JG would want him on the team.

              1. Sebbie, Sebbie, Sebbie…. Okay–as you’ve opined in the past, let’s bring Tomsula and Chip Kelly back too. Just buy them out of their current obligations. Oh the value they’d bring! And it’s only fair, correct–as you argued on many occasions? Yes, you cried loud and long about bringing those two back.

                Gore’s not returning to fill a roster spot. Yea, let’s not worry about that, let’s justify the move on poetic justice. Let’s grow the 9er foundation on poetic justice.

              2. Sebber, you’re like a candle with a wax that burns nostalgia rather than cottage breeze.

              3. Razor, a candle can be illuminating.
                Considering that Baalke brought us into a black void, ‘It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.’

              4. Cassie, cottage breeze is the by product of cottage cheese for those lactose intolerant.

                Sebber, what happens to the candle light when a stiff cottage breeze comes along?

              5. “Niners could trade Matt Breida, straight up for Gore. Miami would pay back the Niners for trading Kilgore to them. It would be a win/win for both teams.”
                If they did this, they would be trading away the better player not just the younger player. Breida averaged 4.4 yards per carry to Gore’s 3.7 (* McKinnon had 3.8) and had a terrible run blocking line in front of him, so even a bad line excuse for Gore doesn’t really help him.
                As to the others being more talented, I’m not sure I can agree with that. As Athletically, he is probably the most explosive running back on the roster (going by psparq, I couldn’t locate all the scores)

              6. Shoup, of all the RBs, who do you think will make the team?
                I think McKinnon, Williams and McNichols, with Breida and Mostert fighting for that 4th spot.
                KS really likes Williams, since they moved up in the draft to take him.
                McNichols out weighs Breida by 25 lbs, so he may better be able to take the pounding.
                Breida was a pleasant surprise last season, but he may be a numbers casualty this season.

              7. “Shoup, of all the RBs, who do you think will make the team?”

                I expect McKinnon and Brieda will split the carries.
                I’m not sure about Williams, they protected him last year by making up an injury that he wasn’t even aware of.
                He already had a lot of questions after stealing from a teammate and quitting on his team, so I expect he will be fighting hard for a role as a 3rd or 4th string back. However he will get the spot if it’s close at all.
                I like Mostert for the last spot because of what he offerst on special teams.
                I think McKinnon, Williams and McNichols, with Breida and Mostert fighting for that 4th spot.

                “Breida was a pleasant surprise last season, but he may be a numbers casualty this season.”
                He may be, but he may also be the best running back on the roster. McKinnon, was not exactly lighting the world on fire these past 2 seasons.

            2. “Niners could trade Matt Breida, straight up for Gore. Miami would pay back the Niners for trading Kilgore to them. It would be a win/win for both teams.”

              What are you smoking Butterball? The 49ers are building for the future, not trying to relive the past. That would be a win for Miami and a loss for SF and has about as much likelihood of happening as Deadpool dying.

              1. What are you smoking Butterball?

                Sebber is partial to Mango Haze. A heady, fruity sativa hybrid that stimulates and encourages creativity.

              2. Dont dominate the rap, Jack,
                If you got nothing new to say.
                If you please, dont back up the track,
                This train’s got to run today.
                Things went down, we dont understand,
                But I think in time we will.
                Now I dont know, but I’ve been told,
                In the heat of the sun a man died of cold.
                Keep on coming or stand and wait,
                With the sun so dark and the hour so late.
                You can overlook the lack, Jack,
                Of any other highway to ride.
                Now I dont know, but I been told,
                It is hard to run with the weight of gold.
                Other hand, I have heard it said,
                It’s just as hard with the weight of lead.

              3. Razor, actually, this season, I have gone with Purple Querkle for my 3 plants.
                It is an indica, with a fruity flavor. Some say grape, but I say more berry like.

              4. Sebber, I’m quite familiar with the purps and querkle strains. I’m growing a Bruce Banner #3 that I crossed with a NYC Diesel. I’m calling it, Bruce Dieselson.

  71. Me too , it would be a nice ending ,to come home ,so to speak , lots of love , Frank Gore .

    Thank-you for the memories .

  72. Hey do any of you , happen to know the coach from FLORIDA that we hired on defense , trying to do some research,so to speak .
    Think he was defense end , or lineman ? Anybody ?

    1. Chris Kiffin, the son of Monte Kiffin, was a DT. He coached for Lane Kiffin. John Lynch played for Monte Kiffin at TB.
      Florida Atlantic Owls went from 124th ranked defense to 63rd ranked nationally.

    2. Wouldn’t be surprised if Kiffin is a DC in the future. He’s like the defensive version of Shanny.

      “Fast track? Shoot, the youngest Kiffin had seen more football before his 24th birthday than most coaches see before their retirement parties.”

      “Chris could explain Monte’s famous Cover 2 in his sleep.”

      “In Los Angeles, he watched Carroll”

      1. #80
        While I did know WHO he was, there was a lot about him I didn’t know…..thanks for a good read!

  73. Thanks guys appreciate it.

    I have to go see ,who he has coached , going to start there .

  74. Temple head coach talks Jullian Taylor and how he fits perfectly into the 49ers’ plans

    System fit can have great influence on a draft pick’s potential success. They can set the world on fire in college, but if they are brought into a different system that doesn’t take advantage of their skillsets, then they might have some difficulty transferring over.

    “Our (Temple) system is very similar to the Pete Carroll system that has been inherited and adopted in the Bay Area. I think he’s going to fit in perfectly, because what we do on defense is a mirror image of what the 49ers do and what the Seahawks have been doing for awhile.”

    At 6’5, 280 pounds, Taylor brings some serious size to an already loaded defensive line. Given that the system is something familiar, that might expedite his growth and allow him to get some production. This is invaluable given Taylor’s relative inexperience with football, something Collins also addresses as well.

    TomD’s Take: Premature doubters forgot about this plug and play playmaker

  75. Ute player watch:

    Perhaps the main way Harold could “regress” is if he is beaten out by second year pro Pita Taumoepenu.

    Their (49ers keeping him on the active roster rather than risk him going through waivers speaks volumes about their belief in his potential (and that other teams resultantly may have claimed him themselves). A good camp could see him take Harold’s job…

    TomD’s Take: One by one, Baalke players are disappearing….If it’s even close, Harold gets the axe !

  76. Hard Knocks…

    The NFL–in an effort to further fuel fan frenzy (and increase revenues)–should feature a Hard Knocks series centered on the crazy world of pro football blogging. How cool would it be to have Grant’s blog get the Hard Knocks treatment this summer? Include the top 20 posters (need to figure out what ‘top’ means) and Grant. Yes, Grant would need to be included. Follow the 20 plus Grant through the summer’s blog activity. The last episode would have the 20 plus Grant be sequestered in a Millbrae hotel over a weekend–perhaps the Best Western Plus El Rancho Inn . There we would all meet for the first time. A small team of clinical psychologists would be part of the mix. The Press Democrat could spring for security and metal detectors–fair given publicity the PD would get. For each episode leading up to the finale, a Hard Knocks crew could spend time with posters one-on-one. Grant would be given time too.

    What fun!

        1. just a few suggested alterations to your concept pitch:
          — Location: change from El Rancho Inn to Mills Peninsula Behavioral Health Services, 3rd floor interview and observation room…
          — Primary Character/s: change from “Top 20 posters+Grant” to One particular poster we all know well…
          — Secondary Characters: change from “small team of Clinical Psychologists” to “small team of Clinical Psychiatrists”…

          I’m sure you’d get a better shot at “greenlighting” this concept down in lala land…

      1. That just might work. I think I saw Grant get tossed from the ring and stomped toward the end.

        1. Cassie sez:
          “…You’d be a good candidate for the top 20…..”

          I seek no fame or glory… but thanks anyhoo … besides …
          if you hold this event in Milbrae… you’ll most likely find me
          chowing down on some linguisa & eggs with some
          strawberry pancakes… over at the Milbrae Pancake House…
          (a favorite family stop every time we travel back home)

          tjf sez:
          — Primary Character/s: change from “Top 20 posters+Grant” to One particular poster we all know well…

          hope yer not thinkin’ … who I …think
          yer thinkin’ about

          1. MWN,
            Love Millbrae House of Pancakes. It was one of my family’s favorites along with Toto’s Pizza which was in Daley City back in the 80’s.
            Someone said Toto’s is now in San Bruno.
            But I digress.

            Was Seb the only candidate for comeback poster award?
            What’s the criteria?
            1. Coming back after a long layoff?
            2. Better content?
            3. Breaking the boring monotony of the off season ;-)

            1. Ah yes, Totos… Been there a few times when I was in San Carlos and Burlingame. Good…


              I think we may have a few candidates for the comeback poster award. Criteria? Maybe return from a six month+ absence with good content (good insight, good humor) and behaves/plays reasonably well and is mostly respected by other posters. Absence must be six or more consecutive months. In Sebbie’s case, I don’t believe he had enough time away–consecutive is key. Now if Sebbie would leave at the end of today, and not return until end of November, he could be a candidate. Can only be eligible once every two years. Who judges? His/her peers? Winner (for 2018) would be named the second week of January.

              Prize? A calamari lunch with Grant at Original Joe’s Westlake (Daly City). Buy your own.

              Other categories? Most disappointing (fall from good to woefully bad)? Largest ego? Most missed predictions? Other?

            2. AES…
              yeah… been a family tradition since I was a young-un…
              My brother in hangin” on the wall, along with the other
              members of his Little League team… from back in the early ’60s…
              And I always check it out and remark about the fact that
              he doesn’t look like that anymore

              1. MWN,
                Awesome about the pictures or your brother and the little league team. I also liked the pictures of Dean Martin who would frequent Toto’s when he was in San Carlos at the Circle Star Theatre.

                Did you ever try The House of Prime Rib? Still a staple in the city.
                Eddie D. would treat the team there on occasion.
                Ahh, good stuff!

            3. “Comeback Poster of the year” selection criteria:
              — infrequent posting upon initial return after self imposed “Seb-batical”…
              — blatant disregard of current coaching staff’s tendencies and offensive football philosophies…
              — continual references to players of prior iterations of team without consideration of scheme fit or suitability for current team philosophies on offense or defense…
              — convenient lack of reference or follow up comment regarding “crisis” triggering “Seb-batical”…
              — suggestions for team strategies, especially with regard to the offense, that are incredulous, fanciful, and illusory, designed to provoke retorts, arguments, or disgust from poster community…
              — torture of the english language in unnecessarily lengthy posts, again to provoke other posters into replies of incredulity and disbelief…

              hmmmm, sounds a bit like Grant’s gig to me…

    1. Jersey Shore (for banality) meets McLaughlin Group (for shout-downs and dismissive put-downs) plus unfortunately, Trade-Breida-for-Gore catch-the-pass-
      and-drop-to-the-ground comedian. #Coo-coo’sNest

    2. Plot twist. Grant is called into the editor’s office because he continues to go missing for days. Will Grant survive? Tune in next week.

  77. Why won’t you answer my question Jack? You agreed (in part) that the team learned how to win in the last 5 games.

    Do you think learning how to win is meaningless?

    1. “Do you think learning how to win is meaningless?”

      Things don’t carry from one year to the next. Case in point, the 2016 Buccaneers won 6 of their last 8. Remind me what their record was the following season.

      Winning 5 straight to finish the season was exciting, means nothing come Opening Day 2018.

      1. Case in point, the 2014 Panthers won their final four games. Remind me what their record was the following season.

        Spoiler alert. They went 15-1 and made it to the SB.

        1. Awesome, you showed one that carried on and I showed one that didn’t which again points to the fact that each season is its own entity. If you don’t want to agree, which I’m pretty sure you don’t, that’s cool. ✌?

          1. “Awesome, you showed one that carried on”

            So you admit that the momentum carried over for Carolina, but that somehow proves your point that things don’t carry from one year to the next. Hmm.

            But you’re still dodging. Do you think learning how to win is meaningless? It’s an important step. Is it not better to have learned how to win last year rather than this year? So we don’t lose close games early, which could cost us a playoff berth and valuable playoff experience.

            1. GOAT,

              I’ve answered this question about 1000 times in the last 2 days. Not really because things don’t necessarily carry from one season to the next. Each season is its own entity and the 49ers will have at least 4 new starters on offense alone that didn’t participate in any of those wins.

              1. Lowell Hammer,

                You’re getting better. First it was “Things don’t carry from one year to the next”. Now it’s “things don’t necessarily carry from one season to the next”.

                “the 49ers will have at least 4 new starters on offense alone that didn’t participate in any of those wins.”

                What about the returning starters on offense? What about the defense?

              2. Everyone, players included, was excited after the 49ers finished 2008 winning 4 out of 5 and then the next season when they won 3 of their last 4.

                What part of things don’t carry over from one season to the next don’t you get?

              3. I get it just fine. But this is just you changing the subject. You admitted that they learned how to win. It’s meaningful even if it was only one player that learned how to win. But it’s not just one player. We have a lot of returning players.

                You also dodged the FA attracting issue. You admitted that JG was part of the reason Sherm signed. But you still say that JG winning five in a row was meaningless. Do you think Sherm would have been as impressed with JG if he lost some of those games on the final drive? Don’t you think it’s likely that those game WINNING drives led Sherm to think that JG is cool, calm, and collected with the game on the line?

              4. Wasn’t one of the excuses for last year’s losses the fact that it took new players time to acclimate to Shanahan’s system?

              5. So what I’m hearing from Jack and others is that a team could go 16-0 in one season and just as easily 0-16 the next. At what point in a team’s trajectory do they learn consistency ?

              6. If 80 was the receiver and Hammer was the cover guy on this play (discussion) I’d have to say TOUCHDOWN #80!

                Hammer tried his tactics of press defense off the line by switching subjects a tad to avoid the questions. But 80 swatted that down beat him on the go route and scored!!
                +1 for 80. Or should I say +6?

  78. Where is Grant? Yea, there’s the Warriors diversion, but… Maybe he’s filling his spare time on video games. I wonder which…Mario Kart, Sims III, World of Tanks, Pong?

    1. “World of Tanks,”

      Tank in a pit. Grant has been stuck playing WoT for days now. Too bad he didn’t listen to seb.

    2. “Where is Grant?”

      He’s covering the Warriors. He’s written some pretty good pieces on them in the last couple days.

      1. Then I guess no one at the PD is “inside the 49ers”. Despite a pretty eventful week to be….inside the 49ers.

        1. What was eventful? The only news was finding out that the accuser had previously been jailed for falsely accusing.

          1. Oh gee Hammer, I guess that’s why we heard nothing about that from any of the other Niners reporters.

            Are you trying extra hard here to be the most annoying a$$hole on the blog?

            1. Ribby,

              We might have heard about it from other writers, but it wasn’t news. It was mostly a regurgitation of what we’d been reading since her attorney went public with her recanting.

              1. So how different is that from any sports reporting? We all saw the game, why do we need to read about it ad nauseum for the next week? Following your logic a lot of writers would be out of jobs.

              2. Apples and Oranges.

                Shortly after Foster was arrested Grant went on record on Twitter saying Foster would be cut by the 49ers and in prison. I responded that my prediction is that he’d be wrong.

                We heard one new thing last week that may or may not change the direction of this case, that’s it. This week when the judge rules one way or another we’ll have news. If I turn out to be right I’ll rib Grant. Pun intended.

            2. A development in the case of whether the teams first round pick keeps his freedom. Whether he ever plays again? And that’s not news? Making all the national sports outlets, all the local beats ? And somehow it’s not worthy of a mention in a blog purportedly “inside the 49ers”. You are dreaming Hammer.

          2. “The only news was finding out that the accuser had previously been jailed for falsely accusing.”

            That’s a major piece of news… and It’s amazing that this never came out until now.

        2. rib,

          We should stop throwing shade at Grant. It doesn’t sit well with Lowell Hammer.

  79. I’m sure Grant took a week off from the blog before OTA’s start. Running the blog is, I would guess quite a bit more time consuming than writing a daily column. I just wish he had warned us ahead of time but I believe the PD would discourage that because most posters would stop posting and just skip straight to the 2 Matts.


    “it’s just hard to do so when you get one and then you get another back-to-back, it kind of becomes a habit. And you want to form those good habits, especially leading to the end of the year. We want to finish strong, finish as a team and have high hopes for next year so I think we are getting the ball rolling, things are starting to fall into place.”

    “All year, Shanahan and most of his team have talked about the need to “learn” how to win games. In reality, the only way to actually learn how to win is to go out and do it.”

    “We haven’t won a lot this year, and to win these last two — I believe that’s three of the last four, I think — it’s definitely exciting,” Shanahan said. “You can feel it in our building. Guys are gaining that confidence.”

  81. This whole conversation about whether the 5 straight wins mean anything is nuts.

    Jack is 100% right that the 5 wins does not mean the 49ers are going to come out in 2018 and carry on that form. Just like the Eagles SB run is 100% meaningless in terms of their 2018 record. Each season is indeed its own entity. What happened at the end of last year is not a predictor of the 2018 season.

    And yes, the games were essentially meaningless for the 49ers from a 2017 standpoint. However, suggesting they beat nobodies in those 5 games is ridiculous, and at least 2 of those games weren’t meaningless for the opponents. They were good wins. Those 5 wins do absolutely give the team some confidence and something to build on leading into 2018. That is where their meaning ends though for the 49ers in 2018. It gives them a positive vibe heading into 2018, which potentially played into some FA signings and potentially will give some players the confidence and swagger they need.

    With that said, just because they beat some good teams and won 5 straight does not mean they were or are a good team. There were some big holes in the 2017 squad, not all of which have been addressed, or addressed well this offseason. A large part of those wins was down to 1 player providing a spark and playing very well, at the most important position, all while doing a fair bit of ad lib play. We simply do not know yet what JG’s real baseline is. If he comes back to earth with a thud then this team will likely stink.

    It is entirely up to the team to come out hard and start fast in 2018 and those 5 wins at the end of last year won’t help them do that.

    1. “They were good wins. Those 5 wins do absolutely give the team some confidence and something to build on leading into 2018.”

      Then the wins weren’t meaningless, which is what Grant said and Jack agreed with Grant.

      “We’re a young team, we’re learning how to win,” Garoppolo said. “I think these close games will pay off in the long run, I think for next year and everything.”

      1. Go back through the thread and you will see when asked Jack clarified he meant they were meaningless in terms of their record in 2018. He is 100% right.

        Getting some confidence from those wins is meaningless in terms of their 2018 record. Confidence comes and goes pretty easily. By the time the season starts any confidence from those wins will mostly (if not entirely) be gone. It gives the team a bit of a boost heading into the offseason program. How they feel come the first game of 2018 will almost entirely be based on how TC goes, how the coaches get the players prepared, and the attitude of the individual players themselves. Worth noting though that even teams like the Browns will have their confidence renewed by the time the season starts. New season, clean slate.

        Re: the JG quote, good on the players for saying the right things after winning games that meant nothing for 2017.

        Tbh, at this point you are arguing for the sake of arguing. You know Jack makes a good point about the wins not meaning anything for the 49ers record this year. You simply take exception to the idea there was nothing good to come out of those wins. But Jack has already clarified that is not what he meant. So why are you still arguing?

        1. I read what Jack said in terms of the 2018 season. But for the wins to be meaningless, there would have to zero benifits. You mentioned confidence and something to build on leading into 2018. Is that not beneficial?

          “Re: the JG quote, good on the players for saying the right things after winning games that meant nothing for 2017.”

          They believe in what they said. They know they have QB that can get it done. They’re thinking playoffs this year. The bar has been raised and I think that is meaningful.

          Let’s say they didn’t win out. Does JG get locked up or do we tag him? JG winning those games (some on the final drive) got him his contract. KS passed on a proven QB in Cousins because he felt JG was better a option. That’s meaningful.

          “You simply take exception to the idea there was nothing good to come out of those wins. But Jack has already clarified that is not what he meant.”

          OK. If that’s what he meant, then he doesn’t agree with Grant. I’m not guaranteeing it will carry over either, it might.

          1. And your take that Grant is wrong is based on the same interpretation that his statement “they won five meaningless games” means no good comes from those wins. That isn’t what he said.

            When I read what Grant and Jack wrote my initial take was they were referring to the fact the games had no real meaning for the team’s prospects in 2017 (they were already eliminated so winning was just about pride) and shouldn’t be viewed as a precursor of great things in 2018. That’s all. Jack then confirmed that was his take.

            1. But Grant said meaningless. Had he said something like the winning streak has no bearing on the 2018 season, then OK, that’s different. But meaningless is a poor choice of words IMO.

        2. “But Jack has already clarified that is not what he meant. So why are you still arguing?”

          Not exactly. He said the wins don’t carry over, that was clear. But he kept arguing against my posts where I mentioned the different benefits of the streak. I still haven’t seen Jack say if he thinks the wins were meaningful in some other ways or not at all.

          “However, suggesting they beat nobodies in those 5 games is ridiculous.

          I said the same thing and got called a fan boy. The fan boy comment changed it from a discussion to a minor argument.

          1. “I said the same thing and got called a fan boy.”

            You got called a fan boy because you whine just about anytime someone other than yourself writes anything negative about the 49ers.

            “The fan boy comment changed it from a discussion to a minor argument.”

            Exactly. You couldn’t drop it after that. ✌?

            1. That’s not true. If I disagree with something, I provide counter points just like everybody else. I do the same thing when people write positive things I disagree with, Armstead for example. Remember when I agreed with you about needing more balanced play calling last year? I’m pretty sure you were the first to mention that, you certainly mentioned it before I did. Did I go emo because someone wrote something negative that I didn’t bring up first? No, I agreed because I thought your were right.

              “Exactly. You couldn’t drop it after that.”

              That’s why I called you a troll. Tit for tat. I thought we had moved past the homer/hater talk on here. It’s already been discussed extensively twice this year.

          2. “Let’s say they didn’t win out. Does JG get locked up or do we tag him?”

            Garoppolo was going to get that deal regardless. Basically all they did was give him the same $$ as if they tagged him, and they structured it in such a way that they can get out prior to year 3 with a cap hit of only $4.2 mil which is chicken scratch for the position.

            1. Not with the possibility of getting Cousins. Losing some of those games would have meant that JG and the offense failed on the final drive in the clutch. Shanny was in mourning over Cousins. JG had to be really good to beat out Cousins, the game winning drives played a part.


                “For Kyle, I think the thing I would tell people is, we made the trade, but then there were some days that Kyle Shanahan was like in mourning, because I think everybody knows his master plan was to have Kirk Cousins come in eventually,” Lynch said. “I was proud of Kyle, because I think he knew that this was the right thing for our franchise. And he didn’t hesitate. But then, even then, Jimmy had to really prove himself.”

              2. BTW Jack, I provided a shade free reply to your JG/Cousins response. And you predictably went emo with shade (“Delusional take.”). You’re guilty of what you falsely claimed I do.

              3. “You’re guilty of what you falsely claimed I do.”

                Nope, I told you that your take was delusional instead of bringing it up in a comment to someone else. Try to keep up.

                Also, you don’t trade a second round pick for a guy you won’t keep.

              4. You’ve accused me of so many things, so I’ll let you know what I meant. You accused me of going emo. You went emo and called my take delusional without providing a counter point.

                “Try to keep up.”

                More unwarranted shade. Keep it coming bully.


                “With a potential pick among the top two in the 2018 NFL draft and roughly $60 million in salary-cap space in the offseason, the 49ers could decide to draft their quarterback of the future or use some of their money to sign a free-agent quarterback such as Washington’s Kirk Cousins, sources said.”

                “If the 49ers do not sign Garoppolo to a long-term deal, they could use a franchise tag on him and then dangle him to the highest bidder in a trade. If they were to do that, other teams would be interested, sources said, and they could possibly get back more than the second-round pick they surrendered.”

              6. #80, Lynch’s statement says it all. But not the way you interpret it. Once the trade was made they were on the JG train. Thus why Lynch (jokingly btw) said he was in “mourning” after the trade. He was well aware as soon as they made that trade they weren’t getting Cousins anymore.

                As for JG’s contract, I think the plan all along was at worst tag him. The way he played most likely added some money to his deal, but he was always getting paid by the 49ers one way or another.

              7. Scooter,

                I kind of agree. Yes, KS was in mourning after we got JG. But that was because he believed in JG. JG still had to prove himself though as Lynch said.

                I agree that the plan was to tag him initially. The only things that would have changed that plan were, he played really well (which happened) or he played really bad.

              8. #80, can you please stop saying Shanny was in mourning as if he actually was in mourning. It was a joke by Lynch! His way of saying Shanny really liked Cousins and was a little disappointed that was no longer going to happen. That is all. He wasn’t actually in mourning. He wasn’t grieving.

                Honestly, I don’t believe there was anything JG could have done on the field that would have stopped them tagging him. If he had struggled they would have switched back to CJ and put JG on ice the rest of the year to let him sit and learn. Tagging him (if no long term contract was sorted) was the plan as soon as they traded for him. At worst, tag him and see how he goes with a full offseason behind him.

              9. Scooter,

                I used the word mourning because it’s part of a recognizable quote from Lynch. It supports the fact that Cousins was Shanny’s master plan. I don’t actually think that Shanny was wracked with grief.

              10. Jimmy killed any chance Captain Kirk would get another commission on the USS Shanny. Garoppolo played hungry from the years of chomping at the bit, and he devoured his adversaries….

              11. “It supports the fact that Cousins was Shanny’s master plan.”

                Until they made the trade for Garoppolo

              12. Exactly Jack. If they hadn’t traded for JG then sure, Cousins was option A this offseason. Once they traded for JG the plan changed – JG was the QB they were going to build around. They didn’t expect to be able to get JG mid season in a trade.

                The talk that they could tag and trade JG was just that – talk. Wasn’t ever really going to happen. The 49ers had committed to JG as soon as they traded for him.


                “I think the mourning thing was a little bit off, but we were ecstatic when we got the trade,” Shanahan said. “It kind of came out of nowhere, so we were truly pumped up about it. It surprised us at the time. But I think really what he was trying to explain was after we made that trade, nothing was a set deal.”

                “At the time, the 49ers believed that, at worst, Garoppolo provided them options no matter how much he played or how well he performed over the final eight games. If he struggled or was just OK, the team could tag him and get a longer look in 2018. That could still have left the door open for Cousins, and that indeed was still a possibility after the trade. Finally, in what seemed the most difficult-to-attain option, Garoppolo would get a chance to play and would look so good that the Niners would shut down their search for a franchise quarterback and pay him like one.”

              14. From the above link.

                “Jimmy went out there and played very well in the first game,” Shanahan said. “I was extremely excited. The second game I was even more excited. By the third game, I think we all kinda forgot about free agency and about the draft, and we were like, ‘All right, we can isolate on one guy right now,’ and we were very happy that it happened.”

              15. They wanted Garoppolo even before the season started but were told he wouldn’t be traded.

              16. Wow. Yes they tried to trade for JG. That was because they didn’t know for sure if they could get Cousins, who was the master plan.

                Shanahan himself said nothing was a set deal at the time of the trade. He then said that they forgot about the draft and free agency after JG’s third start, which was a win the JG won on the final drive.

                I think the evidence is clear. You have your opinion, and I have my source (Kyle Shanahan).

              17. I had forgotten about that article. Would have been interesting to see what they really would have done if JG hadn’t looked so good. I still find it hard to believe they would have just moved on from JG after trading for him without giving him an offseason to learn the offense. He would have needed to be putrid for that to happen, and even then it would have been completely unfair to him. He was thrown into a very awkward position.

                The whole tag and trade idea was a bad one, as the 49ers would have had no leverage on other teams. No way they were going to commit around $50M – $60M in cap to two QBs in 2018. Never really understood that as a real angle. They would have gotten cents to the dollar.

              18. Scooter,

                Yes, it wouldn’t have been fair to JG. But if KS had a chance to upgrade the position and chose not to, that would be a mistake. Thankfully, KS was all in with JG after the third game.

              19. “I think the evidence is clear. You have your opinion, and I have my source (Kyle Shanahan).”

                The same guy who tried to trade for Garoppolo prior to last season.

                “The whole tag and trade idea was a bad one, as the 49ers would have had no leverage on other teams.”

                Chalk that one up to just throwing stuff against the wall and hoping it sticks. Lynch is very good at not denying almost anything and letting the reporters run with it so that he doesn’t tip his hand.

              20. “Yes, it wouldn’t have been fair to JG. But if KS had a chance to upgrade the position and chose not to, that would be a mistake.”

                Sorry, I was unclear. When I said it would have been unfair to JG I meant it more in terms of they simply couldn’t have made a fair judgement as to whether Cousins was the better option, the “upgrade” as you put it. Not that JG was being treated unfairly, though there would have been that too. Regardless of how JG performed in those 5 games they couldn’t properly evaluate whether Cousins was an upgrade or not (and even with him playing well those 5 games, they have no way of really knowing yet whether JG or Cousins would have been the better option).

                If he had played poorly and they had given up on him that would have been quite the story, and in reality it would have been a case of Shanny playing it safe, going with the known commodity.

            2. Jack:

              I don’t think JG gets that deal. What he would have got is the franchise tag. Those five wins at the end of last year helped to confirm for the FO that they should give him a large deal. If they didn’t win those games, I bet he would have been FT’d. Can you imagine the uproar had JG been given a 137 million plus deal based on only seven games started most of which he had lost. It would not have inspired confidence in JL as a good choice for GM. JL would have been a laughing stock around the league.

              To suggest that he would get the 137 million dollar deal regardless of whether he won or not seems delusional.

              1. The deal he received is about the same money as if they tagged him, and it’s really only a 2 year deal. They structured it to have minimum dead money after that second year.

                Compare that to what Cousins received from Minny. It’s much more team friendly, and the player is 3 years younger with more upside.

                You don’t make that trade and not expect to go more than 1 1/2 years. As soon as that trade was done they were committed to that path.

              2. “You don’t make that trade and not expect to go more than 1 1/2 years. As soon as that trade was done they were committed to that path.”

                Of course, but a one year FT at around $25 million is a lot less than$90+ guaranteed, IIRC the numbers correctly.

                The 137 million deal (with $90 or so guaranteed) says the team is completely sold on him. The $25 million FT says they want to explore further. Not sure about the FT amount anymore, but it sure is a lot less than the guaranteed money in the contract he actually got.

              3. Jack,

                Answer this so there is no confusion about your take. Are you saying JG would have gotten his current contract regardless of how he played last year? Please don’t say not totally or something like that. Give me a yes or no so your position is clearly defined.

              4. Jack Hammer says:
                May 21, 2018 at 12:04 am
                “Let’s say they didn’t win out. Does JG get locked up or do we tag him?”

                Garoppolo was going to get that deal regardless.”

                I do believe that was a direct response to you. Seriously, try to keep up.

              5. “Not sure about the FT amount anymore, but it sure is a lot less than the guaranteed money in the contract he actually got.”

                Actually it’s not. I was fairly close to predicting the money in that deal, guarantee included, and I did it by calculating out what the FT would have paid over the next 3 seasons as a starting point. (74.1 mil was gtd)

                All the hand wringing by some about will he sign or won’t he sign and so on was one of the silliest things I’d read. It was common sense.

              6. Yes, over three year, but if they hadn’t won those games and they only FT’d him they could get out after one year and only be out around $25 million. The fact that they won those games at the end of the year provided concrete support for giving him the big contract.

              7. OK, just needed confirmation so you can’t pivot later on. Thanks for the additional, emotional shade. Keep it coming.

                I’m sure KS would have commited big money to JG if he failed. I’m sure KS would have aborted his master plan to get Cousins and went with a QB that played poorly.

              8. Garoppolo guarantee was $74.1.

                2018 QB Franchise Tag was $23.189.

                The tag increases in value every year by roughly 10%.

                Using that as a starting point the 3 years on a tag would have been approximately $76.76 million.

                By instead doing it as a longer deal the 49ers were able to manipulate the numbers in a much more team friendly way while actually saving a couple million in cap room and having a small out after 2019 should things go South.

              9. You’re missing the point, Jack and there’s no point in continuing on. Will we get OTA reports today?

              10. -saving a couple million in cap room and having a small out after 2019 should things go South.

                Jimmy G won’t go south. He’s a franchise QB.

    2. Scooter: I think most of the bloggers who view the 5 wins positively are doing so primarily because of the confidence and “something to build on leading into 2018”. I know that’s my view.

      1. Having said that, I’m now thinking about what criteria a reasonable person would use to “guesstimate” the 49ers record in 2018. I have to admit that it will be pretty hard to just ignore those 5 wins when coming up with a guess. Why? Because the team showed that the offensive system does work with a competent QB at the helm. The team showed that they “belong” and can play “head-to-head” with playoff bound teams. Since a “guess” on the 2018 record is a “more likely to happen than not” situation, it would seem that the 5 wins would skew a reasonable person’s “guesstimate” when compared to that “guesstimate” without the five wins. As I look at some of the guesstimates offered by bloggers (including myself), I doubt any of us ignored those five wins when coming up with the guesstimate (subconsciously or not).

        1. The “meaning” is therefore derived from how you now view JG, based on those 5 games. However, those 5 games did not make JG a good player. It won’t impact on whether JG plays well this year.

          1. It’s more of a future’s thing. It will have an impact on betting odds, for example. However, clearly the five wins don’t guarantee anything in terms of the actual win loss record fo 2018. Still in terms of “value”, I don’t think anyone can argue against the fact that winning at the end of the season energized the fanbase. That provides “value” to Jed, KS and JL (different for each, but still value (albeit short term)).

          2. Will those five wins impact your “guesstimate” of the win/loss record in 2018? I bet if you’re honest with yourself, they will. How could they not? Even Jack has the wins at 6 to 10. My own prediction is a 10-6 record.

            And from this emanates perceived value.

            1. Of course it does. But my (and anyone else’s) perception of the team has absolutely nothing to do with how they will perform. If JG had been kept on ice those 5 games and the team lost them all it would have no bearing on whether JG will or won’t be a good player, and how the team performs this year will largely come down to how JG performs. Those 5 wins mean nothing to that, other than raising the expectations of observers from the outside.

              1. Yes. My point, though, is that in the short term, perception often overrides reality. For many they will receive a benefit (value) that is separate from the actual W-L record at the end of 2018. For example, Jed is probably breathing a sigh of relief, because those 5 wins seem to vindicate his decision to bring in KS and JL (for now at least). The fans are pretty much off his back and things are looking up. Had the team gone 0-16, I don’t think he would be sitting as comfortable as he is now.

            2. “Even Jack has the wins at 6 to 10.”

              Actually I have them at 8-10, and the win streak at the end has nothing to do with it. I agreed with Grant that the 2017 team had potential to reach 9+ wins and contend for the playoffs. They were better than the 1-10 start, which is why I ripped on Lil Shanny to the chagrin of some here.

      2. Actually, I take a different approach (what else is new).

        Every game has meaning. Why?
        Because coaches are filming each player based on field merits.
        How a player performs (win or lose) is being noted by the FO and is closely evaluated from game to game and future reference.

        Technically, what our record was last year bares no meaning to this upcoming season.
        But don’t say that to the player’s who know that one false/mistake could put them on the bench and possibly send them packing.

        The meaningless term can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on who reads it.

    3. Yup, once Jack defined what his meaning of meaningless was the whole conversation becomes a mute point. Its quite possible half the opening day offense will be new….

      1. He just reframed the discussion. I provided quotes from KS, JG, and Goodwin. I bet they would disagree that the wins were meaningless. Whether the wins carry over is a side issue created by Jack.

        1. No, its entirely what Jack’s point was. Your interpretation that he meant nothing good came from it is what has carried the argument.

          1. I disagree with Grant’s take that the wins were meaningless.
            Jack said Grant’s take was true. That’s where our conversation started.
            If Jack is saying that there was some good, then he shouldn’t have agreed with Grant to begin with.

              1. The original discussion was about meaningless wins in general, not just if the wins would carry over to 2018. Did I misinterpret Grant’s take? Maybe. But if one person gets it wrong, blame the reader. If a lot of people get it wrong, blame the writer.

              2. “if one person gets it wrong, blame the reader. If a lot of people get it wrong, blame the writer.”

                There’s a large group of people around here who get all emo anytime Grant or someone else types anything negative or about the 49ers in less than glowing terms.

              3. The original comment was that the last five games the Niners won were meaningless. That’s what jackhammer said.

                When winning in professional sports or any sport for that matter becomes “meaning less” there will be no more sports!

              4. “When winning in professional sports or any sport for that matter becomes “meaning less” there will be no more sports!”

                Nah. There’s plenty of meaningless games played across all sports leagues every year. Case in point, about the last 10 games played by the Warriors this season were for all intents and purposes meaningless.

              5. “There’s a large group of people around here who get all emo anytime Grant or someone else types anything negative or about the 49ers in less than glowing terms.”

                No doubt about that. Not sure if you include me in that group, but I still tell Grant “good read” when I think it’s warranted. I just said good read in response to one of his pieces about a week ago even though I disagreed with him on several points. I think I’ve given him credit for all his mocks.

              6. And Hammer hits the nail on the head, again! He and Grant are right (even if Grant’s style tends toward the polemical). I’m glad that Scooter pointed out what he did. Needed stating and he has the gravitas.

              7. “Case in point, about the last 10 games played by the Warriors this season were for all intents and purposes meaningless“

                I’d love to hear Steve Kerr’s reaction to that comment.

              8. And there’s a group of people that get all emo anytime someone types anything positive about the team. And they resort to calling people fan boys and homers if they dare disagree.

              9. I’m a fan boy and I’m proud of it! And every “meaningless win” we get next year I’ll be in full fan boy mode.
                Go Niners!

    4. The kind of context that you just provided, Scooter, is often what’s missing with quick-strike comments about entirely subjective terms… and what subsequently generates fervor and backlash.
      As inappropriate as it is to suggest that the end of 2017 determines the start, or progress, in 2018, it is equally inappropriate to suggest that the games were not meaningful (in effect, meaningless) to the players, the coaches, and the fans for any team. let lone one that has been struggling mightily.
      In an era of technology, and short attention spans, context is often sacrificed for convenience.
      I can’t imagine anything good coming from that.

    5. Scooter, I’m sure Jack appreciates the lifeline but if you scroll a few hundred posts up you’ll find his point wasn’t the unoriginal technical observation that wins aren’t grandfathered forward season to season. He went to great lengths in running down the opponents in those wins – that they were meaningless in the season they were played . He got pushback and then lashed out at “fan boys” (I never understood that insult on a fan blog). Then went on some sort tangent about the Niners not being a FA destination and some gratuitous swipes at Shanahan.

      1. I am not trying to defend Jack, he can do that himself. As I said in my post, his take about the opponents was off base imo. They were good wins. However, he was responding to people arguing they beat quality opponents and gave his take on it. It doesn’t have any bearing as to whether the games were meaningless from a perspective of the 2017 season, or how the 49ers will perform in 2018, which is what got people’s nose out of joint in the first place.

  82. Sorry for stating the obvious, but injury rates will have alot to do with win totals. If injury rates are anything like 2014-2017 it wil be hard to garner 8+ wins.

    1. Brodie, I pointed this in an earlier post. The injuries can affect outcome and the. recent history of this team is no buemo in regards to injuries.

  83. Richard Sherman yesterday, interviewed by Michael Robinson (NFL Network):

    Q. Will Jimmy Garoppolo be the QB of the future for the 49ers?
    A. “I believe so. I wouldn’t have signed with the team if I didn’t believe in him. I watched his film. I watched how he moved down the stretch, I watched how poised he was. I had conversations with his teammates, I had conversations with the head coach about how they coach him, about how he approaches the game. And just seeing his demeanor and seeing how he interacts with his teammates, I think I made a fantastic decision [to join 49ers]. I’m excited to see him go out there.”

    On his relationship with 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster:
    “You know, I’ve had conversations with him. Obviously he knows mistakes have happened in the past and he’s trying to move past it. He’s doing his best to deal with the situation the best he can. Basically, he’s an incredible young man. We’re all human beings and I think that’s what society forgets — that we all make mistakes. These young men are under a microscope that most people don’t have to deal with. And, obviously, he’s handling it the best he can, but I’m trying to do my part to just be a good teammate and be there for him in any way I can. And I think he’s going to be fine.”

    Q. What will it take for 49ers to win the NFC West?
    A. “Just consistency. Consistency and discipline. On the defensive side of the ball, they got all the talent in the world. We have talent up front. We’ve got talent in the second level, the linebacker group. Obviously, Reuben Foster is a tremendous talent and Malcolm Smith has been in this system and plays as well as anybody I’ve ever seen. Brock Coyle is also adept in this system. Eli Harold has been doing a great job. … so we’ve got talent all around. And the secondary is young, but they’re incredibly talented and they work incredibly hard. Adrian Colbert is a great safety. … Ahkello Witherspoon has all the talent in the world, can move, can cover anybody. So it’s just understanding that it’s a day-to-day-to-day grind to be great, and that’s what I’m trying to get through to them, but they work as hard as any group I’ve seen.”

    1. Nice read George.
      No one deliberately talks about how ugly their baby is. However, I never saw Sherman as someone who was vocally elusive, so this just “feels” genuine… Here’s hoping for the best, and hoping that Sherman comes back at top form..

      1. Thanks Saint. I sense also that he would not lie about his player evaluations. For example he called Colbert a great safety. He could have called him up and coming and no ones feelings would have been hurt. Not many games to base that on but Sherman must see something. Will be good for AC’s confidence. Sherman’s a mensch. Even when he was beating us I respected him. Yeah he gets emotional but he has a warrior’s code.

  84. I’m finding it humorous that a lot of the posters complaining about Grant’s columns wonder where his next column is (mea culpa).

    1. I think some of that ‘wondering’ is akin to poking a stick in the cage.

      1. Another stimulus was Pope Grant’s declaration from his balcony high above Press Democrat Square that: 1) Foster would be released on a Friday within two weeks of the draft’s conclusion (late on a Friday to bury the news), and 2) Foster would go to jail. The first declaration proved false, the second remains open.

        Anyway, Pope Grant’s minions have heard nothing from him since he turned and exited his perch. A tad odd but not completely unexpected. So, as we minions mill about Press Democrat Square, voices are heard calling for Grant to return.

        1. Cassie,
          The mental image of your Pope Grant description gave me a good laugh!
          Good stuff.

          But I wouldn’t hold my breath in waiting for an apology from Grant.
          It is, what it is.


    “I was fortunate to come from a system in college, and have a coach in college, that required me to do everything the NFL does,” McGlinchey said. “So conceptually it’s all the same. It’s just a matter of getting the language down the best I can and as quickly as I can.”

    He’s a smart kid, that and his pro style experience should make the learning curve less steep. Really happy to read that Staley has been answering all of McG’s questions. Also happy that McG is willing to ask.

  86. The idea that those last 5 games were meaningless, is dependent upon one’s point of view.
    According to Jed, you are rewarded for losing, so they lost draft position.
    According to the Rams, yes, it was meaningless because they locked up the division, and their goal was to avoid injury.
    According to KS, it was meaningful because those 9 losses were also meaningful.
    According to J Lynch, it was meaningful because he wanted to create a winning culture.
    According to some fans, it was meaningless, and they do not care if a team wins or loses.
    According to some fans, it was meaningful because it gave them hope. They love their team and wants the Niners to have a winning record and make it to the playoffs, with a shot to go all the way.
    I think they were meaningful because winning attracts decent FAs. I think they were meaningful for JG because he proved his worth and the Niners spent a boatload of cash to lock him in as their franchise QB. I think they were meaningful because winning is contagious, just like losing. I think they were meaningful because it gives the Niners momentum going into this season. I think that 5 game winning streak was incredibly important and meaningful to the players.

      1. From a purely transactional outlook, all wins are meaningless if there aren’t enough of them to push your team into the postseason. But what kind of fan boy (or girl) has such a dispassionate relationship with their team?

        1. Yup.

          For me, arguing over ‘meaningless’ gets tedious (almost meaningless?)…

          Sure, several consecutive wins at the end of the season don’t bring physically tangible things into the next season. They don’t give you ‘cheats’, they don’t give you an advantageous ‘numeric’ handicap, they don’t guarantee you wins. But we’re talking about humans here. Those players who exited last season excited and optimistic, and bringing that feeling into camp–well, that’s a good thing. Those players who weren’t excited–good for them. Those from the coaching staff who feel energized–great. Those fans who choose to be optimistic–guarded or not–that’s an okay thing too. In all, if some players, some staff, and some fans sense a degree of mojo building, that’s okay. What did mojo taste like through the 80s?

          Imagine if we had ended last year at 1 and 15–Chip Kelly and his staff still coaching, Blaine Gabbert battling Josh Johnson for the starting QB position, and Baalke as GM. Would I want to start the 2018 season with that, or start with what we have to day under Lynch and Shanahan?

        2. I tried to cover all the bases. There are fans who do not think they were important, and others who think those wins were huge, no matter who the opponents were.
          Additionally, I tried to consider whether Jed, KS, JL JG and the players thought they were meaningless or meaningful.

  87. What is the essence of ‘meaningless’?

    Who decides or judges what is meaningless? Is this judgement limited to the individual making the judgement, or is it cast upon others?

    Are there cultural and experiential aspects to meaningless? If so, what are they? If not, why not?

    Those participating in this dialog are eligible to receive 4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

  88. Grant I think its time for another meaningless topic. This whole thing about what is or what is not meaningless has run its full course.

      1. It sure has and now the term meaningless has become meaningless to me. Hmmm….

  89. Agree guys , (sebbie , Cassie

    Meaningless games ,
    They probably never played at a high level in college . ( There not players )
    There are no meaningless games just like there are no meaningless practices .

    Apparently they don’t no of ,teaching ,or learning hands on so to speak .
    Cause every practice ,every walk through,every game. I’ve played in was a learning experience .

    Just my 2 pennies worth .

    Meaningless no . Not from the view of the people that matter .

    The organization .

    1. The reps are helpful, but there will be 3 new guys on the oline, a new starter at RB, and a WR who didn’t participate in any of those reps. That’s 45% of the offense that wasn’t on the field for any of those 49ers wins.

      With FA the way it is there is far less carry over. Back in the days pre FA the Walsh led 49ers had the same 4 guys at RT,RG,C,LG from 1979-1986.

      1. That’s 45% of the offense that wasn’t on the field for any of those 49ers wins.

        But still 40 some or more returning members who will lay into those newcomers, don’t f up the groundwork we laid.

  90. I re-read Grant’s post, and found a couple things to disagree upon. I disagreed in an earlier comment, but I think his whole premise is flawed. Grant asserts that because they went hard on the offense in the draft, they do not care about winning next season. He thinks they are building to compete in 2019. However, the first 2 picks were on offense, then the next 6 picks were on defense.
    The Niners concentrated early on the offense by drafting McGlinchey and Pettis. Grant claims they ignored the pass rush, so they are content to let the Rams take the division, since the Rams loaded up with elite free agents. I disagree. They went hard on offense in the draft because they signed several talented free agents on defense, that filled all their needs. They are comfortable with talent they signed, and determined that the defensive pass rushers in the draft were not improvements over the personnel they already had. The Niners were also expecting several injured players to be returning, so there will be strong depth and stiff competition among all the positions.
    Some say, the best defense is a good offense. Last season, that was especially true during those last 5 games. JG sustained long drives, which allowed the defense to rest. Scoring points puts pressure on the opposing offense, which will help the Niner defense.
    ‘Pettis won’t help the 49ers until 2019, at the earliest. They don’t care.’ – Wrong.
    Pettis will help with Special Teams, and every WR position this season, and they do care, immensely.

    1. Seb,
      While I understand your arguments for most of the above, there is one statement I can’t understand the justification for.

      “They went hard on offense in the draft because they signed several talented free agents on defense, that filled all their needs”

      With the exception of Sherman (who’s not a pass rusher), the niners sifted through the NFL rubbish bin to find someone to compete with their current edge rushers.
      They essentially brought in D grade players to compete against D grade players. While they added depth to a position group that desperately needed starters, the group is worse than they were last year, because it lost its one somewhat productive edge rusher.

      1. We will just have to agree to disagree. They signed Attaochu and Toomer. Both are grizzled veterans. They have Cassius Marsh, who BB liked. Attaochu did not play much because he was behind Ingram and Bosa, but maybe he will shine with more opportunities to play. They still can bring back Elvis Dumervil, if others falter.
        Additionally, Malcolm Smith and Arik Armstead are coming back from injuries. I have high hopes for Pita and Dekota Watson. There is so much talent, Coyle may be out competed.

        1. Attaochu – 10 sacks in 4 years. Yes, he was a backup but he wasn’t productive in his snaps either.
          Toomer – has 2 sacks since he was drafted in 2012. He was brought more as mlb replacement.
          Marsh – was loved so much by Bellachek that even though he could have used some pass rush help he cut him.
          Others teams could have gone after these players but few did that’s why they were so cheap. See Jordan Davey that’s the level of player they brought in.

          1. Hope it will be like the Cowboy situation, when he came to the Niners and flourished in a new system.
            Cassius Marsh played so well for the Seahawks, BB gave up 2 draft picks for him. BB poached a player from a division rival to not only weaken the other team, he got good intel from him. Marsh was then expendable.
            All of those players have size and skills. They are light years better than Devey, the turnstile tuba QB killer.

  91. Hello, Grant, maybe you should bring up a new subject.
    How about the O line lineup, who survives the WR cuts, and whether Sherman is completely healthy and can help the team, or if they will shut him down and try to bring him back mid season. ?

  92. Agree sebbie ,

    Who going to be swing tackle ?

    Who are the starting guards , and the back-up ?

    And who will back-up center ?

    1. “Who going to be swing tackle ?”
      Gerry Gilliam

      “Who are the starting guards , and the back-up ?”
      Laken Tomlinson/Jonathan Cooper, backup will be Joshua Garnett

      “And who will back-up center ?”
      Erik Magnusson

      1. I want to see how they are lining up in the OTAs.
        I want to see who is getting the first team reps for the WRs and RBs.
        I would like a status report on Sherman.
        I am counting on Grant to give us the nitty gritty.

        1. Sherman has been working out, just running on the field for the first time last week. Likely won’t be much to report there. He’s going to start training camp on the PUP list.

    1. On Pettis: “But how’s he going to be against the Richard Shermans, the Brandon Browners, that type of corner?”

      Good thing he won’t have to face either of those guys.

      Seriously though, Pettis wasn’t brought in to start day 1. The question there is can you project him as a guy who can build himself and his skill set in year 1 to take on that role in year 2.

      1. KS seems to like the small quick receivers and with the understanding that they tend to be injury prone. I see Pettis as depth with not much of a drop off if any once he gets acclimated.

        1. Every GM has a philosophy, and Scottie lived and died with his preference of size and strength at all positions over speed/quickness and elusiveness (“the NFL is a big man’s game”). His Parcellosaurian philosophy resonated with kindred spirits like Nolanterry, Baalke and Harbaugh.

      2. Pettis is one of my least favorite picks. I would have been ok with him in the 5th round. Given his position in regards to our team it was a poor choice in my view at that point in the draft.

    2. It’s tough to debate players before they have even hit the field professionally and seen how they will be used, but there were some tactical mistakes made imo. Trading up for Pettis was questionable and it took a valuable 3rd round pick away. Not addressing the edge and OG positions was another major question mark for me along with drafting some players with major injury concerns. At the end of the day however we will have to wait and see how it plays out before determining how well they did or didn’t do.

  93. Will be interesting to see how the 49ers incorporate McKinnon into the passing game. The number of targets to RB’s decreased sharply last season once Da Jimmy G took over at QB.

    Hope Lil Shanny can take a page out of Big Shanny’s playbook and make him a better version of Ricky Watters.

  94. Anyone a season ticket holder that is going to OTAs this week? I am going on Thursday, viewing from the Owner’s Box, but unfortunately they restricted access to 12-2 (not sure what activities will be going on during such 2 hour window).

    1. Say hi to Jed. Tell us what comes in the VIP swag bags. Twelve to two–prime time for seagulls and pigeons to comb the field.

      1. Another avatar fail! Happens when radiation levels drop below 1000 mSv per week.

  95. I’m guessing Jed will not be there…and swag bags? Please, the fact that I am deemed allowed into the box is the swag.


    5. Finding a long-term starter at tackle on the cheap
    4. Signing Jerick McKinnon to replace Carlos Hyde
    3. Signing Richard Sherman to provide leadership on defense
    2. Signing Weston Richburg to play center
    1. Signing Jimmy Garoppolo to his five-year extension

    “Garoppolo is a potential star and could become an MVP-candidate if he builds off his explosive start to his 49ers career by bringing the team back to the playoffs in 2018.”

    “But given that start, and Shanahan’s history of developing quarterbacks, the 49ers have reasons to feel optimistic about having their coach and quarterback duo together under contract for the next five seasons.”

  97. 49ers LB Fred Warner’s Ceiling is ‘Way up There’

    Fred Warner may have been the San Francisco 49ers most popular pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

    That’s because Warner brings with him a versatile skill set and an intriguing athletic profile. He’s got 32-inch arms and ran a 4.64 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine. That’s an impressive time for a 6-foot-3, 236-pound linebacker.

    “You got a gem there,” BYU head coach Kalani Sitake said on the 49ers Studios Podcast. “He’s one of the best players that I’ve ever been around – not just with talent but the overall package. He gets it. He loves football. He’s worked extremely hard to get to the level he’s at. He’s a great teammate. I could go on and on about him.”

  98. The blog the last couple of days reminds me of a watermelon seed spitting contest

      1. Cornhole and testosterone…a deadly combination. Might be a special teams prospect in there…

        1. All we care about is who won! And will that carry over to the next toss!!

          1. That was a meaningless corn hole game. Just ask the participants.
            Cassie was that you shouting out the “Git” order?

        2. Wherever that is has a different definition of cornhole than the one I’ve heard.

  99. In the football world this time of year allows fans to have long involved discussions about important issues like the meaning of meaningless. In other words, meaningless discussions about meaningless topics.
    For me I primarily care at this time of year with OTA/s starting:
    1. Avoiding serious injuries;
    2. Players learning the playbook;
    3. Avoiding any injuries;
    4. Players avoiding getting arrested;
    5. Avoiding writing these types of meaningless comments, yet I can’t help myself.

    1. With this franchise the past couple of years, not getting arrested would be my number one worry.

  100. You want to get into the definition of meaning.
    Let’s discuss how this headline reads.

    The word “proof” is all you need to know on how this article is a joke.

    Grants “proof” is nothing more than his opinion but states it like he has serious evidence of this being the case.

    And some are saying it’s not for clicks?

    1. I hope Grant returns from his sabbatical with a fresh approach. Maybe he gets a new 6 year deal, and he won’t feel like he needs those “click” articles. He can concentrate on real journalism, and that Red Smith Award he’s always coveted….

      1. Heard he’s interviewing with The Humboldt Sun…Winnemucca Nevada’s premier newspaper.

        1. Cassie …

          sheesh !!
          …. the rent in Santa Rosa must REALLY
          be high !

          (or wherever Grant lives)

        2. Or maybe the Tucumcari Quay County Sun. What are the leading fish wrappers out of Tehachapi or Tonopah?

          1. Lil’ Feat ref, you dawg?
            I dun think he, or even his dad is quite that hip.
            ‘Rock & Roll Doctor’

            1. Brotha, that line, for my money, is one of the most evocative in all of rock and roll lyricism. RIP Lowell George, another artist drugs took way too soon.

    1. Not even close. If my memory serves me correctly it went over 900 a couple of time in much shorter time. My memory…….could be meaningless.

      1. UC,
        You might be right.
        I’m thinking that all those hits were during the height of the Alex Smith Wars.
        We lost some good soldiers during that time.
        1. Hofer 67.
        2. Stampede.
        3. 49er Girl (although she’s been here occasionally).
        4. usclemons.
        I know that I’m missing some names. It was the wild west around here :-P

        1. AES
          Alex Smith Wars – It was crazy in here, today its rather tame by comparison. Even the Seb/Prime skirmishes fail in comparison.

          The infamous – DS
          Then there was BayAreaFanatic, Tim, Hov, Adam and others.

          Hofer 67 – All Arrows Up!!

          1. Uhg Hofer…. jumped ship along with Onelame when Alex left.
            And who could forget Jordan??
            Always liked that guy. Although not a lot of others did.

          1. I think he meant msclemons who was around for awhile. The one I miss most is Claude Balls. Really good smart contributions and funny as hell.

            1. Thanks for the correction rocket. It was msclemons.

              Claude Balls hit a lot of home runs here.
              He would certainly fit Cassie’ criteria of Comeback Poster of the Year Award ?

          2. C4C,
            I believe Stampede was here before the Alex Smith Wars and may have left right before things got crazy.

            I may have misspelled Usclemons moniker but he was active in many AS skermishes.

    2. Yeah, and how many were talking about the ridiculous notion that winning is meaningless. WTF?

    3. LOL
      All he has to do is post a Period.
      And we’d get 400 comments.
      850 if he’d post: “Niners suck!”

  101. Shout outs to McVay and Harris Barton.

    “McVay said the current 49ers front office dynamic reminds him of the days when McVay, Bill Walsh and Eddie DeBartolo were in charge.”

    “The three of us worked beautifully together. And I kind of see that right now with Jed York, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan,” McVay, now 87 said.”

    “We had a locker room full of great guys — not at first. But then they made some changes, just like you see them doing right now.”

  102. Proof… Grant concludes there is proof the 9ers are aiming for contention in 2019 (strongly suggesting the 9ers have given up on 2018).

    Think back to high school geometry–remember proofs?
    “Geometric Proof – A step-by-step explanation that uses definitions, axioms, postulates, and previously proved theorems to draw a conclusion about a geometric statement.”

    How would Grant’s assertion be represented as a proof? He has his definitions, he has some tired axioms, he certainly postulates (and postures), and he uses selected theorems which fit his narrative. Would be cool to see this diagrammed.

    1. While we wait for Grant’s scintillating OTA report, here you go Cassie. Grant often postulates the absurd; almost like saying 2 = 1 (note that the symbol “^” means squared):

      1) a = b

      2) a^2 = ab [multiply both sides of the equation by a]

      3) a^2 – b^2 = ab – b^2 [subtract b^2 from both sides]

      4) (a-b)(a+b) = b(a-b) [now show the simpler parts of the expression on the left and parse out b on the right]

      5) a+b = b [divide both sides by (a-b)]

      6) 2b = b [remember that a = b]

      7) 2 = 1 [divide both sides by b]

      1. Sometimes I feel that Grant’s entire journalistic worldview is founded on this old chestnut…

        1. Give the man a gold star! I have to admit that in 7th grade I was at first stumped by this little puzzle. Still I think Mood said it well.

            1. Ha! But I’m not sure that’s any worse than debating the meaning of the word “meaningless”. Not that I’m going there again.

              1. Cubus,
                Reminds of pres. Bubba Clinton :
                “it depends on what the word
                “is” is.”

  103. Also a good article from the Sacramento bee with former executive scott mclougen assessing the niners first four picks, sorry can’t figure out how to link from my I pad, loves the first pick thinks he is left tackle in the future, like most of us and grant thinks Pettis is a head scratcher, loves the lb from BYU and likes the safety cb but since he came out of no where thought the third round was to high. As you know he was an advisor for the Browns this draft.

    1. Yea, and it was obvious that the Browns draft had McCloughan’s hands all over it.

  104. Is this jerkoff a beat writer for the 49ers or not?

    He hasn’t posted anything despite there being Niner news and OTAs having started.

    1. Some feel that Grant is 100% consumed by covering the Warriors–completely tapped out. Drained.

      1. Grant is tapped out or drained or is he reporting the warriors are tapped out and drained?

    2. Is this jerkoff a beat writer for the 49ers or not?

      Nope, he’s not a journalist. Said so himself, at least I think he did. He’s a blogger with media credentials (figure that one out).

  105. OK, so here’s a Piñata to whack at:

    With the Court’s decision to allow States to permit sports betting, the NFL is now posturing that they should get a cut of each State’s take.

    My opinion is that that is complete bull#*@€. The NFL has no legitimate right to a single penny from the States. People bet on anything and everything. There were bets placed on aspects of the royal wedding; Windsor Castle didn’t get a cut. People bet on results at The Oscars; it’s nobody’s business.
    I think the States and Congress should tell the NFL to “Go fish!”

    1. Will be interesting to see if legitimized pro football betting materials/sites/venues use any of the NFL’s iconic logos–the shield, team identities, etc.

      1. You could be correct on that, but it doesn’t change my thoughts. These teams promote themselves in the public sphere. Should you and I pay to offer our opinions here? No imo. Should the PD pay for Press access to the team?
        If we predict wins and losses, particular games outcomes or who gets drafted in Round#1 do we owe anything to professional sports?
        If you and I make a bragging rights-only, no $ bet, is it anybody’s business?
        So if we bet $50 on it now a league wants $5-10? NCAA gets a cut of $ from March Brackets?
        The benefit is to the organizations as they garner more attention to their product. I don’t get the sense of entitlement.

        1. If gambling on the outcome of NFL games had been legal this past season, I wonder what the fallout would have been from Belichick’s decision to bench Malcolm Butler for the Superbowl game.

        2. Don’t disagree BT. My question is, are people who haven’t been gambling all of a sudden going to run out and start?

          1. I can’t afford to gamble unless it’s a sure thing. Joe Montana made me a lot of money. Biggest win was the ’84 Super Bowl against Miami, which won me $500. Boy, the majority was really slobbering over Marino back then….

    2. The NFL is a registered business corporation.
      If it is now legal to gamble off this corporation it seems that from a business standpoint the NFL would study all legal aspects in an effort to garner any financial opportunity from any outside interest their business has invoked.

      Legalizing gambling in the NFL may have opened a huge can of worms.

    1. Sorry Under, just scrolled up and saw you posted this article already.

    2. I disagree. I’d say McCloughan is overrated if anything. He drafted some good players obviously, but a number of the players he drafted didn’t play well once they left Harbaugh and Fangio, and McCloughan’s last two drafts for the Niners were terrible. Harbaugh and his staff were the key reason this team contended for 3 years. The facts bear that out pretty clearly.

      1. rocket says:
        May 22, 2018 at 10:55 am
        I disagree.
        Lol. There’s a surprise. ;)

      2. Scot didn’t have a great track record with WRs. Scot not liking the Pettis pick is encouraging.

        Scot had a good track record with LBs. Scot liking the Warner pick is encouraging.

        1. If Shanahan thought it was worth trading up for Pettis, in the second round no less, I think there are going to be a lot of positive surprises coming from this young man, and soon.

            1. Frankly, the offensive weaponry Shanahan’s putting together makes the Harbaugh offense look like 11 guys playing wheelchair football. Apologies if anyone is offended. Just making a point. Btw is Greg Roman still in football?

              1. Well, George the Rams obviously were apprehensive about facing Shanny’s offense this year as evidenced by their off season moves. I think Shanny countered by adding McKinnon to exploit the Rams LB’s, along with targeting Pettis. The plan on the ground will be to make Suh and Donald run sideline to sideline all game long, with the ultimate goal of wearing them completely down….

              2. Yeah, he’s got a lot of viable targets.
                And KS can scheme people open (Celek time).

                Roman is assistant head coach & tight ends coach for Baltimore.

  106. “The other kid, Adrian Colbert, is going to be a special player now,” Prisco said. “You talk about a find in the seventh round. He can run, he’s physical. He calls himself the Punisher and there’s a reason for it. Usually when a guy is the Punisher, usually with a guy like that, they punish and they’re good in the run game but they’re not great in coverage. But that’s not his case at all. He can fly, and he flies to the ball. He might be the next great safety in this league.

    “That’s how impressed I was with him down the stretch. It’s funny because I watched him, I kept talking to guys in the league and they kept saying ‘the Colbert kid, the Colbert kid.'”

    1. Thanks, uc. Echos what Sherman said a few days ago — that Colbert’s already a “great safety” — and could be partly why they passed on Fitzpatrick.


      Prisco on Kittle.

      “As a rookie, Kittle caught 43 passes for 515 yards (yards-per-catch average of 12.0) with two touchdowns. But he flashed star potential at times, including in Week 17 when he had four catches for 100 yards against the Rams, with one catch going for 44 yards. Kittle saw his snap counts dwindle a bit down the stretch for some reason in 2017, but I expect him to be the primary pass-catching tight end this season for the 49ers. My guess at his numbers: 64 catches, 770 yards and seven touchdowns.”

  107. Grant Cohn
    I’m covering 49ers OTAs today and Game 4 tonight.

    The hardest working man in sports journalism?

    1. Do you think he’ll find time to give us the good and not so good? And what exactly does he mean by good?

        1. It gives us something to talk about if nothing else. I actually think Grant is pretty good when he isn’t being sensationalistic for clicks. We all disagree from time to time.

          1. Yea, Grant seems like he’d be alright to share a couple mermosas with at dawn to end an all nighter.

            1. That would come after he used his Taco Bell coupon (hope it’s not expired)…

    2. “The hardest working man in sports journalism? ”

      You forgot the LOL at the end.

  108. The Kittle pick seems to indicate that Shanahan understands how people fit in his offense. I think we’ll see this with Pettis as well.

  109. See Branch’s twitter feed for the video.

    Eric Branch
    4m4 minutes ago

    Coach Richard Sherman, who is not medically cleared, has been offering plenty of instruction to his teammates during DB drills. #49ers

    1. How the hell are they supposed to hear and digest any information with that crap blaring?


    “He’s been very impressive out there. … He’s very smart and he plays like it on the field.” — Kyle Shanahan on third-round pick Fred Warner, who lined up at Mike lb today.

    “James Arik Armstead (foot) went through the full practice.”

    “#49ers practice is over. My biggest takeaway: Draft Jerick McKinnon early in your fantasy league. He caught a lot of passes from Jimmy G.”

    1. But Lynch sooo overpaid for him!

      Although it’s early, I think it’s safe to say that in a Kyle/Jimmy offense, a player like McKinnon is going to be a terror. Good luck opposing defenses. You’ll never get off the field.


    “#49ers practice is over. No Richard Sherman, though he was very active from the sideline helping out his teammates. No surprises among starting lineups. Top LBs we’re Malcolm Smith (mike) and Korey Toomer (will) with Reuben Foster absent and Brock Coyle out.”

    1. Sherman is a question mark, not a leader. Everyone knows he has personal things to prove before he can lead the rest of the team.

      –Grant Cohn