The 49ers hold down COVID-19 – Whoops, except for Fred Warner

Middle linebacker Fred Warner was all set to start the season. Then he was put in the reserve/COVID-19 quarantine list. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Just when you think you have figured something out . . .

At 10:30 Monday morning, I was writing about how surprising it was that the NFL has been able to keep COVID-19 cases under control. Although there was a spike of nearly 100 players when training camps started, once those players were quarantined and cleared, the virus seemed to be staying down in professional football.

The NFL even put out a press release saying between Aug. 10 and Aug. 20, 58,397 tests were administered and only six positives turned up — none of them players. So apparently the regular season is on. Get ready for the 49ers’ opener in three Sundays.

And that was when I checked my emails and saw a press release from the 49ers saying that linebacker Fred Warner has been placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list. He’s either tested positive or been in close contact with someone who has. You have to hope he isn’t infected because he was running all over the practice field a few days ago.

It is just a reminder that this virus — and what to do about it — is tricky.

Two points about the NFL: First, teams are testing like crazy — 58,000+ tests in ten days. And they must be getting the results back quickly. When I was tested, it took a week to get results, making the test nearly pointless. Players need to know within 24 hours at the very least.

If that’s what they are doing, it seems to be working. We will have to wait and see about Warner. Hopefully he’s not sick and isn’t a “super-spreader,” who could infect lots of people.

But if the positives are limited to Warner, and if they can get him back after a short quarantine, the effect will be minimal, and we can go ahead with the season.

If it turns into an outbreak, all bets are off.

But let’s assume there’s a season looming and evaluate positions at the end of formal camp.

QUARTERBACK: Only two teams have a quarterback from last year’s Super Bowl in uniform and the 49ers are one of them. Garopollo doubters can form a crabby cluster in the corner, but there’s no doubt, Jimmy Garopollo is the guy. The team traded for him, bet on him, paid him and went to the Super Bowl with him.

Backups will surely be Nick Mullens (undersized, but impressive enough to be featured in trade talk) and C.J. Beathard. Beathard has reportedly buffed his body up, which we’d have been watching for if there were pre-season games, but there are not. Also remember, sadly, that Beathard’s brother, Clayton, died last December after being stabbed outside a bar.

OFFENSIVE LINE: At this point we offer a piece of advice for the 49ers — tone it down on Trent Williams. He hasn’t taken a snap yet, and we’ve penciled him into the Pro Bowl. That said, there’s a reason for the raves and some very smart football people think Williams is a star.

The other tackle, Mike McGlinchey, embarked on a fitness routine that has him looking so svelte that Richard Sherman has nicknamed him the “Big Slim.” Guard Laken Tomlinson is now referred to in terms of a solid pro.

What they don’t have is a center. Which is one of those things you don’t even notice — until you do.

TIGHT ENDS: Watching goofy George Kittle blossom into an elite NFL player is a little like realizing your nerdy neighbor has just founded a billion-dollar startup. Yet he is now routinely called “the best tight end in football,” and just signed a blockbuster contract. Stay healthy George.

And to help with that, the team has signed Jordan Reed. A former Pro Bowler at Washington, Reed is another new addition who is getting rave reviews. But there is also the wince factor. He’s had seven official concussions in six years. He’s clearly at risk for more. In fact, Reed sat out all last year after suffering a concussion in pre-season. If you have a moment, send some good wishes and good fortune to Jordan Reed.

WIDE RECEIVERS: Usually, the 49ers’ receivers story goes like this: We hear about a whole bunch of new guys who show promise, and then it all comes down to Kendrick Bourne. OK, that’s an oversimplification. But with the loss of veteran Emmanuel Sanders, they are once again trying to find a productive newcomer.

One for sure is second-year guy Deebo Samuel, except that he broke his foot before camp. There’s talk Samuel may be ready for the opener, but that seems optimistic. Meanwhile, we never even got a chance to over-react to the potential of big Jalen Hurd before he was lost for the season with a knee injury. Skittery Trent Taylor is back and hoping to stay healthy. And draft choices Brandon Aiyuk and Jauan Jennings are getting good marks. (Check out Jennings on YouTube if you like to see WRs run over folks.)

RUNNING BACKS: We finally get to see Jerick McKinnon, who has spent two years rehabbing injuries amid tales of how, when healthy, “Jet” was defense-stretcher. Well, he’s healthy now, so check him out. Raheem Mostert had a breakout season last year. Rookie JaMycal Hasty is said to have breathtaking change-of-direction.

DEFENSIVE LINE: This will be interesting. Everybody always said that defensive tackle DeForest Buckner was under-rated. So the 49ers traded him to Indy for a first-round draft choice. So now let’s see if that makes a difference at the team’s signature unit. With Nick Bosa and Dee Ford on the edges, getting after the quarterback is a big part of team identity.

The team used the first-round pick from the trade to chose Buckner’s presumed replacement, Javon Kinlaw, who has so far mostly made news for how big he is. Former #3 pick Solomon Thomas has to pick it up in his contract year. Watch for Kentavius Street, a weight room legend who is finally healthy.

LINEBACKERS: If Warner didn’t make it clear he was intending to make a splash this year, his hits on teammates in training camp reinforced the point. He’s clearly someone with eyes on the next level — if his COVID experience isn’t serious. Dre Greenlaw represents the NFL LB trend: speed not bulk.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: You have to like the safeties. Jaquiski Tartt is a thumper who can play pass coverage. And Kyle Shanahan likes Jimmie Ward so much he says he’d wear his jersey. Cute. Unfortunately, both Tartt and Ward often end up injured, reminding us that the greatest ability is availability. Richard Sherman was targeted a bit in the postseason, but you can be the one to tell him he’s over-the-hill.

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        1. I’m almost done with my final 2020/21 49ERS roster projection.

          For those of you who are working on your own roster projection, it’s worth noting that, per the new collective bargaining agreement, significant changes have been made to the rules and regulations of game day active rosters, increasing from 46 to 48 players, as long as one of those extra players is an offensive lineman (NOTE: a minimum of 8 of the 48 players dressed on game days must be offensive lineman).

          Additionally, each team can now promote 2 players from the practice squad, per week, effectively expanding from the widely recognized 53-man, to now 55-man roster. This change will give teams more flexibility, specifically offensively, with potentially 3 extra OL’s on game days. Practice squads were also expanded from 12 to 16 players, as NFL owners ratified increased practice squads of 16 players per team. In 2020, the practice squad won’t just be young guys looking for a break either. Six of those players have no limit on the number of accrued NFL seasons, allowing teams to effectively “stash” veteran players on their practice squads. Perhaps most importantly, four players can be “protected” at 4 PM Eastern on Tuesday through the end of your game that weekend. This keeps 57 players, at minimum, for ShanaLynch to work with between their 53-man roster, and four-man protected practice squad, which also keeps the players in your building AND in your testing protocol in case they need to play that weekend. It is my understanding though, that once the game is over, those four protected players will go unprotected until Tuesday, but I am looking for clarification on this aspect. This, the league hopes, will also help spread out the wear and tear players would incur if, or should I say when, the league expands to a 17 game season in 2022 or 2023.

          1. My Projected 49ERS 2020 Final Roster. I’m going to break it up in THREE parts: PART 1 – Offense, PART 2 – Defense, PART 3 – Practice Squad

            PART 1 – Offense (26 players)

            QB (3): Jimmy G., N. Mullens, CJ Beathard
            Notes: COVID-19 practically necessitates carrying 3 QB’s

            RB (4): R. Mostert, K. Juszczyk (FB), J. McKinnon, T. Coleman
            Notes: I’d like to see Coleman traded, starting the season with Wilson slated as the 4th active RB, but if Coleman remains on the roster, it will be interesting to see how the 49ers handle a significant part of their future RB stable in UDFA’s Jeff Wilson and JaMycal Hasty. I think the 49ers could potentially lose both of these RB’s to waivers, so it will be interesting to see how the team handles potentially protecting both of these young RB’s.

            WR (6): D. Samuel, B. Aiyuk, T. Taylor, K. Bourne, D. Pettis, T. Austin
            Notes: I believe Pettis needed an excellent camp to earn a spot, and I think he went out and did just that. I also believe Tavon Austin’s play sheet versatility and veteran leadership earn the nod for the final spot. Until his injury, I actually had the other veteran WR – JJ Nelson, penciled in as the 6th WR.

            TE (4): #85The Unicorn a.k.a. G. Kittle, J. Reed, C. Woerner, *R. Dwelley
            Notes: I have Chase Harrell and Charlie Woerner neck and neck, so the 6th RND pick and blocking specialist, gets the nod. *I have a healthy Ross Dwelley penciled in because I am guessing 4 TE’s, but this is one of those guesses subject to change depending on the number of TE’s, and injury clarity.

            OL (8): T. Williams, M. McGlinchey, L. Tomlinson, B. Garland, D. Brunskill, C. McKivitz, R. Reynolds, J. Skule
            Notes: Active, game day rosters have expanded from 46 to 48 players, provided at least one of the extra players is an OL (it’s worth noting that at least 8 of the 48 active players must be offensive lineman), therefore, the 49ers will likely carry at least 3 OL on the Practice Squad, and they will suit up more than 8 OL’s on game days in order to take advantage of the new rules.

            1. OK, I am changing my mind on the RB’s. Jeff Wilson makes the final 53, therefore the 49ers end up keeping 5 RB’s, and 27 total offensive players, on the final 53 man roster.

              Also, I have an uneasy feeling about Ross Reynolds being healthy by week 1, so I am switching him out for OG – Tom Compton on the final 53, although I have serious concerns about Compton.

              1. Reynolds isn’t making the team, and Dwelley is either shelved or practice squad. Same goes for Wilson and Hasty. Running backs aren’t valued by most GM’s. 3 TE’s and 3 RB’s is my best guess….

              2. They will stash CJB on the PS.
                They have to protect Hasty. Maybe waive Jet, because no one wants to risk picking up an ACL player who has not played for 2 years.
                I hope they put Reed on the IR, with a mid season designation for return. That way, he will take a lot less hits. Maybe even hold him out until the playoffs, if they have a winning first half of the season.
                They need to keep another O lineman, because they can add an O lineman to the roster, past the 53 on game day, I believe.Maybe have Brunskill at RG and Grasu backing up Garland.
                The Niners may carry 5 Wrs, so they an protect 5 RBs.

              3. Reynolds isn’t making the team, and Dwelley is either shelved or practice squad. Same goes for Wilson and Hasty. Running backs aren’t valued by most GM’s. 3 TE’s and 3 RB’s is my best guess….

                Like I said, Compton likely makes the team thanks to his history with Kyle. Reynolds certainly makes the PS, and I am betting that, when healthy, he gets promoted at some point this season.

                Dwelley’s ticket to the 53 is based on two factors: Jordan Reed’s extensive injury history, and the fact that Juszczyk is nursing a hamstring injury that has his status in doubt for week 1.

                With the projected salary cap issues next season, Jeff Wilson Jr. has to be part of the 49ers 2021 plans, plus he’s just too good of a receiver to expect him to clear waivers. He’s making the team, Razor. Mark my words.

              4. I have Reed on the veteran PS. KS wants to limit his exposure to hits.
                My list has only 5 WRs, but expect James back soon. I have 5 RBs, because they can be used in the passing game. JaMycal Hasty will need to be protected, because other teams would likely snatch him up if available.

              5. They have to protect Hasty. Maybe waive Jet, because no one wants to risk picking up an ACL player who has not played for 2 years.

                I get where you are coming from Seb, but McKinnon is expected to have a big role this season as a 3rd down specialist. Kyle’s been scheming ways to take advantage of the qualities that make McKinnon such a fantastic 3rd down weapon (he’s a fantastic receiver out of the backfield, and also a great pass protector) for years now. This spring, he restructured his contract to a 1 year – $1,160,000 deal. Wouldn’t this make McKinnon exactly the kind of low risk, high reward player that teams looking for a 3rd down RB would likely be more than happy to take off of the 49ers hands?

              6. Sure enough , the 49ers force Tom Compton to take a pay cut, confirming my theory that he was/is on a serious roster bubble. As you can see above, I wavered by and forth on him while making my roster projection, and now you can see why. He’s still likely to make the original 53, but he could be one of the veterans the team hopes to “stash” on the PS. This also tells me the team has another interior lineman in their plans for some point in the season, whether it’s Ross Reynolds, Hroniss Grasu, another OL either currently on the roster, or a player acquired via trade, or perhaps even waivers.

          2. My Projected 49ERS 2020 Final Roster.

            PART 2 – Defense / Specialists (26 players)

            DL (9): N. Boas, A. Armstead, D. Ford, D.J. Jones, J. Kinlaw, S. Thomas, K. Street, R. Blair, K. Hyder
            Notes: Rookie juggernaut/sss rushing work in progress – DT Javon Kinlaw, will likely start the season as a two-down interior lineman, which is just fine because I believe he’ll excel on the early downs (thus improving the 49ers run defense), while the deepest interior defensive line in recent 49ers history will be able to more than make up for the loss of DeFo’s ability to rush the passer. The most talented starting defensive line in the NFL, may very well be the deepest as well. Robert Saleh and Kris Kocurek will put together a relentless rotation, up and down the 49ers DL, and this group will absolutely dominate in the trenches.

            LB (6): F. Warner, K. Alexander, D. Greenlaw, A. Al-Shaair, M. Nzeocha, D. Flannigan-Fowles
            Notes: Everything I’ve heard about Fred Warner’s training camp points to his potentially being the season he’s named All-Pro and becomes a household name. Despite a devastating first-round swing and a miss (Reuben Foster), ShanaLynch have been able to quietly put together a top-ten linebacking corp, giving them yet another elite defensive group up along their front seven! In fact, with no OTA’s and cancelled preseason schedule, this 49ers front seven has an opportunity to be historically good, which should be terrifying thought for opposing offenses who are likely to spend the first month or two of the season trying to catch up to where they would have been during a normal offseason.

            DB (8): R. Sherman, E. Moseley, J. Ward, J. Tartt, K. Williams, T. Moore, A. Witherspoon, J. Cyprien
            Notes: Two of the biggest, and perhaps most unexpected stories of training camp, had been the strong play of two talented, veteran defensive backs – Safety – Johnathan Cyprien, and former Pro Bowl Cornerback – Jason Varrett. Cyprien beats out Marcell Harris, but unfortunately for Jason Varrett , yet another medical setback at the worst possible time has likely all but shut the door on his 2020 comeback. What a shame. On a positive note – Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles’ terrific camp, and prior experience exclusively as a Safety, as well as Tarvarius Moore’s ability to cover the slot, allows the 49ers to start the season with only 8 DB’s on the final 53.

            SP (3): R. Gould (PK), M. Wishnowsky (P), K. Nelson (LS)
            Notes: No changes for this excellent group of Specialists.

              1. Throw Verrett on the dumpster fire. And Seb will gladly mow over the entire pile on his riding tractor.

            1. 49, well thought out. I agree with many of your points.
              However, I will still slightly differ. I think Kevin Givens makes the team.
              I certainly think they will go more than 8 DBs, especially with all the jackrabbit/WRs the Cards have. So the Niners need at least 9.

              1. You could be right Sebnynah. Keep on mind that Moore can be used in the slot, a lot like DJ Reed has been in the past. If they do carry 9, I think J. Mayden would be the guy, because I have a sneeky suspension that J. Varrett is ticketed for the Practice Squad.

              2. Prime Time, this Kaepernick crap is some tired ass sh_t these days, don’t you think?

                We get it. If Colin were an NFL Super Star, he’d have a job as an NFL QB. So what? Whether he was technically “blackballed” or not, in the end, maybe not in your eyes, but Colin Kaepernick is a Super Star in a lot of eyes. He’s more popular now than he ever would have been if he hadn’t chose to kneel in protest, even if he had won a Super Bowl ring and ended up in Canton Ohio!

                So who’s the loser in all of this?

                He may not have been the perfect messenger at the time, but Colin Kaepernick is an American Icon these days, and he also has more money than he’ll ever need in his lifetime. On top of that … the NFL has basically sanctioned kneeling in support of the very platform for which Colin Kaepernick originally took a knee during the National Anthem, back in 2016.

            2. OK then, I was told that Varret’s hamstring was a Grade 2, so if it’s a mild strain, add Varrett to my roster, as I was light 1 player anyways.

              I am also currently considering a way to fit Mayden onto my 53, perhaps replacing D. Flannigan-Fowles.

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  1. Williams IS a star. Dude was the 4th overall pick in his draft (picked behind Sam Bradford, Ndamukong Suh, and Gerald McCoy) and has probably had the best career of the 4.

    He’s also a 2nd team All-Pro, playing on some awful Redskins steams.

    He’s also a 7x Pro-Bowler, and would have made it 8 in a row had he not sat out last season.

    He’s a star. And he’s a stud. And he’s probably a future HOFer, especially if he sticks in SF for a title or three.

    1. You left out how expensive he’ll be next year. That’s why we have to win it all this year. The same fashion as the Patriots did with Trent Brown….

      1. Trent Brown was massively overrated around here because of how much Grant touted him.
        Pff showed Bosa was whipping him badly but Brady was getting rid of the ball so fast that Bosa’s efforts were nullified.

  2. Didn’t the NFL have a few guys who had a false positive test? Will be interesting to see how fast Warner returns

  3. CW,
    Good updated material, but the Kittle new contract and Jalen Hurd injury are now passe.
    Any chance that the PD can hire someone who can provide almost daily reports?

  4. We hear about a whole bunch of new guys who show promise, and then it all comes down to Kendrick Bourne.


    True, true that.

  5. For all the trash Grant was handed, I’m sure most of you miss him now that the replacement gets news out at the same rate of speed as the US post office’s 1st class mail system.
    It’s a shame that this inside the 49ers went from Matt Maiocco to this dribble.
    Two weeks until the season starts. This is going to be an exciting ten days!

    1. Grant’ (Pete Franklin) type shtick was entertaining for a while. Then it got old and tiresome.

      I don’t miss Grant and wish him well in his new digs. I would just like for the PD’ Inside the 49ers blog to hire someone who could provide daily updates to its readership.

      1. I would be happy just to have a site that posts a link to an article that the board members can discuss.

        1. Shoup,
          I agree, but I’m ok with bypassing the so-called middle man and just going to the source, which in this case there are many 49ers news feed sites.
          The PD has dropped the ball in this vital area.

          1. Agreed, but we need the board to be cleared every few days just so we don’t have to scroll past 300 or so posts. Also, new topics typically bring out more niner related topics and interesting discussions and for the most part I enjoy the many different view points when it comes to football:)

  6. The NFL is scheduled to stop everyday testing in 3 days. The NFLPA has requested that the daily testing continue. I hope the owners relent and keep daily testing through out the season

  7. When are you going to learn to spell Garoppolo consistently? I know it’s the Democrat, but wow.

    Just refer to him as Jimmy G until then.

    1. Yep. Guilty. I managed to load the wrong spelling into the dictionary, so now unless I watch it, it auto-corrects to the wrong one. Sigh

  8. “Chris Rumph came in to what we thought he was going to be out of high school,” Cutcliffe explained. “He was not a highly recruited guy, he was recruited believe me. He just fits the mold, he is a great pass rusher. He’s a disrupter even in the run game. We use the term with Chris, “sack-fumble”. We don’t even just say “sack”. He’s got a great knack for tackles for losses. Chris Rumph has first round draft abilities. If he stays healthy that’s what I expect to happen. He’s got to go earn it and he knows that. I’ve talked with him and his dad, who is a Defensive Line coach with the Houston Texans. His dad’s well aware of what he’s got to do. The pandemic has put those two together. You should see Chris now, oh my God. He’s had a personal coach at home and he’s gained almost twenty pounds of muscle. That guy can fly, he can really, really run.”

    If what Cutcliffe says is true that Rumph has put on 20 lbs. of muscle, then he would move up ahead of Oweh on my board. Provided he proves just as quick and flexible as he was prior to the weight gain. That would put him around 245 lbs. He should very much intrigue Saleh, perhaps allowing them to move on from Ford’s salary in 2021….

    1. Wonder if this kid is related to Mike Rumph. That was one of the 49ers biggest misses in the draft.

      1. I know his dad is the OLB coach for the Texans, but I don’t think he is related to Mike.

        1. On a related topic, the Texans have to be in the top 3 in most dysfunctional franchises in the NFL. Bill O’Brien is an absolutely horrible coach. Deshaun Watson has serious talent and O’Brien is pissing away his career. The only reason the Texans win any games is through the sheer talent of Watson. I feel bad for the kid. That is one situation where I would tell the player to sit out and demand a trade.

      1. Not sure I get the humor. I always prefaced Oweh’s physical freakiness with the fact he needs to show he can stop the run, develop pass rush moves with a plan, and improve his hand to hand techniques. Dude’s 6’5″ 255 lbs. and runs an unofficial 4.33 40 yard dash. That alone will get him drafted in the 2nd round….

        1. Razor, I just find it amusing that you touted Oweh so vehemently, then changed your mind so easily, just because Rumph is a workout warrior.
          Personally, if they do draft an EDGE, I hope Quincy Roche falls to 32.Sounds like he is a good run defender, who can also rush the passer.
          However, I think they should draft a center, so Creed Humphrey may be a good acquisition, at a position of need.

          1. Rumph’s game is more developed but he weighed 225 lbs. We wouldn’t have considered him for Ford’s role at that weight. I’m glad you’re easily amused but the fact that he was able to put on that 20 lbs. of muscle is huge for him if it doesn’t hinder his quickness….

            1. He may have all the intangibles, and can perform at a high level, but if he loses a step because of the added weight, he may be limited.
              One handicap the players have, is the possible lack of a college season, so they will have to rely on 2019 tape. Maybe like Old Coach said, they can develop a vaccine, so they can have a spring season.

              1. If Roche is only 235 lbs. that’s too light to play for us in Ford’s role. You want to be around 245 lbs. and cat quick….

              2. He is listed as 235, but one scout thought he looked 20 lbs heavier. Another scouting service feels he will get bigger.

  9. 58K tests, and 77 positives, that turned out to be negative.
    If there are false positives, it just seems logical that there are also false negatives.
    JL is smart. He is assuming that the team may become decimated with Covid 19, so he is finding as many veterans as he can. If there are more Covid 19 cases, having a veteran replacement would be better than a rookie replacement.
    Looking at the recent developments of the other leagues, Basketball seems to be handling Covid 19 correctly with their bubble system. Baseball seems to like to gamble, with nimrods going to casinos. Several teams have had to cancel games due to Covid 19. They think that a bubble is not necessary, but have been proven wrong. Football, with their large rosters and travel between cities, is an accident waiting to happen.

    1. The question is will they cancel the next game when 1 player tests positive like baseball does.

      1. College football will be another salient example to derive comparisons from.
        Alabama has 1000 students testing positive for Covid 19. Now, we hear of at least 5 football players..
        Auburn has 9 players testing positive for Covid 19.
        The NFL Cowboys will allow fans? What could possibly go wrong?

    2. I believe most, if not all of those false positives were attributed to one lab in New Jersey that traced it back to some type of contamination. But at this point we don’t even know if Warner tested positive for covid-19. It could be that he was traced back to having spent time around someone that has tested positive.
      At any rate I hope he’s back soon.

      1. I hope Warner can come back soon, too.
        58 K tests over 10 days, means that there are approximately 5800 people being tested.
        The NBA has 341 players being tested in the bubble, with zero positives.
        Sure seems like the NFL is trying its best to cover up any positive tests, because I know of at least 2 HCs who have tested positive. Only 6 positive tests without a bubble? Implausible. I see many teams who have a player on the injured list, with no designation as to how he is injured. They just say- Undisclosed.
        I wish the NFL was more transparent. They should openly designate whether a player has Covid 19, or if he was in contact with a person who tested positive.

  10. It’s weird, this new season is kinda creeping up on me and I’ve barely gotten pumped up for it.

    1. JG threw 5 straight TD passes in practice.
      19-0, Baby!
      The Quest for SIX begins!
      GO NINERS !!!!!!

    2. Same here Renas. It’s hard to get enthused over a season that, at this point, is still largely theoretical.

  11. Lol I just realized GRANT COHN moved to sports illustrated??? Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha whaaaaaaaaaat in the world lol theyre letting anyone write now hahaha whaaaaaat a joke that is now. First the press Democrat let’s anyone with a pulse write for them, now SI. Lolol

    1. I’m speculating, maybe I’m wrong, but I bet it’s because they have some kind of “independent contractor” model. So it’s not like he’s a staffer at a national, well-respected outlet, more just a gig worker. It makes sense (business-wise) that the PD would cut him when they did, and he had to find a job somewhere, after all.

      1. SI is a mess. There was a link to a story here awhile back that explained it, but it’s being run by some Internet company called Maven and Grant is essentially a beat writer for the 9ers like he was here ( I think he also has an editor credit) for the 49ers team page on the website. He doesn’t write for SI the magazine or main website and judging from the other writers he has on the page, there isn’t much experience needed to get something uploaded. It seems more like Fansided or something of that nature. Having the editor title is good as it’s a promotion on what he was here, but he is still just a beat writer for a small outfit.

        1. The PD just cut off its nose to spite its face. Sure, they fired Grant, but they had no replacement. Barber and CWN are nice, but having only a weekly article is just caretaking.
          Of course, all newspapers are struggling. The fact that they do not have the money to pay for a daily blogger is proof of that.
          I think Grant has landed well. He is leading the All49ers site for SI, so he has gone national. Breaking the Kittle scoop just shows that he has connections. Maiocco did not break the story, so the leak came from the agents.
          I will say, the underlings have not impressed me. However, Jack Hammer has come on board, so maybe he will elevate the discourse.
          Maybe the PD does not care about what happens to its Inside the 49ers site, but maybe they have bigger worries to deal with, like plummeting circulation, and a cessation of advertising dollars.

  12. Finally. September on the 49ers 2020 calendar features a player (McGlinchy) who hasn’t been traded or gone unsigned (Breida, Buckner, Goodwin) or chronically on the verge of being traded or going unsigned (Pettis, Solomon). Only one calendar player has made it to the covid list (Warner).

  13. 1. I just realized that Jordan Reed and Shanahan intersected in Washington in 2013. It was Reed’s rookie year and Shanhans final year.
    2. Devonta Freeman is still a FA if anything should happen to Mckinnon.
    3. It is Fournette waiver claim day . The experts are predicting Pats, Bears or Bucs.
    4. Will the Niners allow for 25%-35% fan occupancy in October ?
    5. Did Jed ever construct a cover or mini dome at Levis.

    1. Did Jed ever construct a cover or mini dome at Levis? Nope. He did complete that hotly contested cabana in his back yard a few years ago…

  14. My most encouraging stories coming out of the 49ers training camp.
    1. Dante Pettis – got his groove back
    2. Jerrick McKinnon – got his legs back
    3. McKivitz – seems to have a back-up spot.
    4. Jordan Reed – making a come back.
    Most encouraging. Good chance of getting our injured players like Juice and Deebo back.
    Now it’s time to go BACK to the Superbowl and win!

  15. Razor and Houston won’t like this……

    The NFL will join other leagues with social justice messages on its playing surface, writing “End racism” and “It takes all of us” in the end zones at each stadium.

    It will allow players to display the names of victims of police violence and/or systemic racism on the padding along the bottom of the backs of their helmets.

    The league also will play “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” which is known as the Black national anthem, before every game.

  16. OT, I have been very impressed and entertained by the NBA playoffs. The degree of skills displayed, the team work, and excitement generated, make these playoffs a big success. The good sportsmanship after the 7th game of the Nuggets and Jazz, was nice to see.
    The SF Giants have also been impressive. They did not start well, but they have been hot lately, and may be only one game from having an even record, if their 17-2 shellacking of the Rockies holds up.

  17. Jimmy G stats last year versus cards. Reminder that Kittle was injured in the week 9 game and did not play in the week 11 game. Feels great baby.

    Week 9: 28-for-37, 317 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT
    Week 11: 34-for-45, 424 yards, 4 TD, 2 INT

  18. I’m sooooo ready for 49ers football! I told you guys the season was never in doubt. Now let’s go redeem ourselves!

  19. Would be fun to know who the 9ers have been scouting as backup QBs–should any one or two of the current QBs get injured, or end up on covid19 time out. We’ve seen scores of WRs and DLs coming through for tryouts. Wonder about prospective QBs….ones who could step into a Shanahan offense and not embarrass themselves (badly).

    1. The 49ers are thin on the edge of the DL. Should see if Clowney would come in for the cap they have remaining.

      1. Kocurek ain’t down with part time effort. Upon entering Kocurek’s office the first thing you see in bold writing is, Relentless. Hard pass!

        1. I’ve watched Clowney up close and personal for several years. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that mans effort. He’s an absolute beast. He may lack elite first step quickness that leads to alot of sacks but Clowney is a top 10 solid NFL DE against the run and pass. If the 49ers sign Clowney they have the makings of a historically great NFL defense.

      2. That’s not a bad idea but I think they want to be able to roll the cap space they have left over into next year if at all possible to give them a little more cushion if the cap drops to 175 mill or some other number well below what was expected before the pandemic.

      3. If the 49ers can sign Clowney as a 1 year cheap rental i’m all for it. It kind of reminds me of the Sanders signing back in 94.

        1. You’re comparing Clowney to the greatest cb ever? 2nd best punt returner ever? Clowney plays when he feels like it, and that’s why he’s available. You want to introduce that into the culture Lynch worked so hard to cultivate?

          1. There is nothing like getting an under performing physical freak in his contract year. If he doesn’t perform he will never see a big contract again. He performs well (especially with the supporting cast he will be playing with) he will score a huge contract and be set for life and we can let the next team deal with his effort issues. Not only do I think he will make the D better but he will help Ford reach his potential. If we only have to use Ford in obvious passing situation he will excel and will stay healthy for the year. imho

              1. I like Clowney, but can we afford him?
                If his agent can convince him that he has a great opportunity to get a Ring with the 49ers, perhaps he can be more flexible.
                But if Clowney is adamant about getting paid he will wait until a viable suitor comes calling.

              2. AES,
                I dont think SF would be smart to spend the remainder of their cap regardless of if he would agree to come at that price or not. Next year nearly the entire defensive backfield are free agents as is Williams, DJ Jones, Juszczyk, Mullens, Givens and the team is already going to be cap strapped and that money can be rolled over to help keep a few of those players.
                I actually like Clowney a lot and think he would make the defense better but I don’t believe he would make them that much better.
                A player I would be more interested in picking up is Justin Britt to play Center.

              3. Because Britt was a free agent last I checked and shouldn’t cost much as he is more of a stopgap.

              4. We’ve got plenty of “stopgaps” at center.

                They are not even stop gaps, Britt actually graded out higher than Richburg per PFF if I remember correctly. He’s at least capable of being a below average to average center…. the others are not.

              5. Garland was superb in the running game, and we have no idea how good Brunskill could become at the position if he was allowed to fully concentrate on the one position….

              6. Ben Garland was above average in the running game but that doesn’t make someone superb. If he was great at it he should have been starting over Richburg or even make him a quality starter.
                Additionally, those perceptions in terms of the run game, are largely due to GB’s inability to defend the run… Person also looked great against them. In. Terms of the the other 50 percent of the game, ( the pass game) he’s kind of the Lawrence Phillips of centers.

                Ok, he’s not that bad but he’s still not good.

              7. Garland kept us afloat during high pressure playoff games. Let’s first see if he can build on that experience, and second let’s see if an improved RG helps him out as well….

              8. Kept us afloat, for a few games yes. But that is not a position group I feel comfortable with heading into the regular season. And by all accounts from Matt Barrows to Grant Cohn the position group has not looked good and is clearly the biggest concern going into the regular season.
                Call my crazy but I like to try and improve obvious weaknesses. Especially ones that Shanahan thinks of as critical to his offense.

              9. Understood, but if Shanny thought it was a big deal he would have made a move. Let’s see how it plays out before we get too uncomfortable….

          2. You’re wrong Razor. Clowney is a high motor guy. He may have had some injuries that limited him but his effort has never been in doubt.

            1. Houston, he came into the league with question marks about his work ethic and he’s never gotten rid of them. That tells me there’s truth to them, and the truth is he’s available for a reason….

              1. The truth is that Clowney is better than any 49ers DL player not named Bosa, Ford, Armstead or Jones and right now their depth with that group is razor thin.

      4. Then they would lose all the cap money that carries over and with Williams and nearly the entire defensive backfield unsigned that could be problematic.

      1. Naw, Cassie, that was 2 years ago. Murray was not even on the team then. Washington was the last team he was on, so he may divulge some intel on personnel, but I am not too worried about the WTFs.

  20. Some good news.

    Jennifer Lee Chan @jenniferleechan
    Kyle Shanahan expects WRs Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk and OL Ben Garland back at practice next week.

  21. The wr cuts just got more interesting with the report that James will be ready week 1. You’ve got 4 locks in, Samuel/Bourne/Aiyuk and Taylor. If the next guy is Pettis, and the decision for the last spot comes down to Austin/James or Jennings I think they’ll go with James….

  22. Nothing to read……guess we’ll make something up….

    No way my all time NFL team is losing 1 game ……..

    QB – Steve Young
    RB – Barry Sanders
    FB – Kyle Juszczyk
    WR – Jerry Rice
    WR – Randy Moss
    TE – G. Kittle
    T – Larry Allen, Bruce Matthews
    G – Steve Hutchinson, Larry Allen
    C – Mike Webster

    DE – Reggie White, Nick Bosa
    DT -Bryant Young, Warren Sapp
    ILB – Ray Lewis
    OLB – Patrick Willis, Lawrence Taylor
    DB – D Sanders, Rod Woodson
    FS – Ed Reed
    SS – Ronnie Lott

      1. My all-time ——can’t get that Bosa interception of Panthers QB off my head…….J.Peppers is the only I think I saw made a similar play……and he is 49er

        I think Bosa is better at coverage (in case I need my DE to cover a RB) than Bruce Smith or Deacon Jones

        1. The potential is there, for sure :) Let’s see double digit first team all-pro selections before “all-time” though.

  23. 49er 53 and PS prognostication.
    QB- JG, Nick Mullens.
    WR- Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Kendrick Bourne, Trent Taylor, Dante Pettis.
    TE- George Kittle, Ross Dwelley, Charlie Woerner.
    RB- Raheem Mostert, Tevin Coleman, Jerrick McKinnon, Jeff Wilson, JaMycal Hasty.
    FB- Kyle Juszczyk.
    OT- Trent Williams, Mike McGlinchey, Justin Skule, Colton McKivitz.
    OG- Laken Tomlinson, Daniel Brunskill, Tom Compton.
    C- Ben Garland, Hroniss Grasu.
    DE- Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Arik Armstead, Kentavius Street, Kerry Hyder.
    DT- DJ Jones, Javon Kinlaw, Soloman Thomas, Kevin Givens.
    SAM- Kwon Alexander, Mark Nzeocha.
    Mike- Joe Walker, Azeez Al-Shaair.
    Will- Dre Greenlaw,
    CB- Richard Sherman, Emmanuel Moseley, Ahkello Witherspoon, Tim Harris.
    NB- K’Waun Williams, Jason Verrett.
    S- Jimmie Ward, Jaquiski Tartt, Tarvarius Moore, Marcel Harris, Jonathan Cyprien.
    K- Robbie Gould.
    P- Mitch Wishnowsky.
    LS- Kyle Nelson.
    Veterans- CJB, Tavon Austin, Richie James, Jordan Reed, Jamar Taylor, Dion Jordan.
    Rookies and 1st year- Jauan Jennings, Shawn Poindexter, Chase Harrell, Ross Reynolds, Jaryd Jones- Smith, Darrion Daniels, Demetrius Flannigan- Fowles, Jared Mayden, Evan Foster, (? Player cut from another team).

    1. James is back and he’s our best pr. The fact that he’s been activated off of NFI means he was better able to keep himself in football shape with a wrist injury as opposed to Samuel….

      1. Richie James can be one of the 4 players activated off the PS each game.
        Yes, he has fresh legs, but catching punts one handed may be problematic. I agree, and expect when he is fully healthy, he will be their best PR option.

          1. Practice squad:

            1)Tim Harris CB
            2)Mayden S
            3)Walker LB
            4)Fowles LB
            5)Daniels DL
            6)DIon Jordan Edge
            7)Wilson RB
            8)Hasty RB
            9)Hokit FB
            10)White WR
            11)Jennings WR
            12)Poindexter WR
            13) Shepley OG
            14)Smith OT
            15)Reynolds OG
            16)Harrell TE

        1. Meh, stat wise they’re close enough that I think they’d prefer James because he’s more apt to break one. Not to mention the fact that they’re not gonna want to expose him to pr duties just for a measly 1.5 yards they’d get by making Taylor the pr…

          1. I’d like to see Pettis take over that role. I mean, wasn’t that the reason we drafted him?

            1. No. You need someone that can secure the football. I don’t want to start clenching my butt cheeks together every time we receive a punt. I trust James back there and he’s elusive enough that he can take one to the house.

              1. Stop your homo musings, moron. Razor has no interest in your “butt popsicle,” whatever that is.

            1. That would be surprising given Jennings doesn’t know his assignments and hasn’t shown anything in camp to warrant a spot on the 53….

        2. Jack,
          What gives? I haven’t seen an article from you at the SI for a while. Any chance in seeing an article soon?

    2. Your roster predictions don’t make a lot of sense in some areas. Not enough WR’s, too many RB’s and DB’s, no Warner at LB – even if he has Covid symptoms he won’t miss more than a game – they will keep 3 QB’s and Reed will be on the active roster as the 4th TE. Other than that good job Lol.

      Here’s how it will play out:

      QB- Garoppolo, Mullens, Beathard (3)
      WR- Samuel, Aiyuk, Bourne, Taylor, Pettis, James (6)
      TE- Kittle, Reed, Dwelley, Woerner (4)
      RB- Mostert, Coleman, McKinnon, Hasty, Juszczyk (5)
      OL- Williams, McGlinchey, Tomlinson, Brunskill, Garland, McKivitz, Grasu, Skule (8)
      DL- Bosa, Ford, Armstead, Jones, Kinlaw, Thomas, Givens, Street, Hyder (9)
      LB-Warner, Alexander, Greenlaw, Al-Shaair, Nzeocha (5)
      DB- Sherman, Moseley, Witherspoon, Williams, Verrett, Tartt, Ward, Moore, Harris, Johnson (10)
      ST- Gould, Wishnowsky, Nelson (3)
      PS- Harris, Mayden, Taylor, Wilson, Daniels, Flannigan-Fowles, Walker, Hokit, Compton, Reynolds, Jones-Smith, Shepley, Harrell, Jennings, Poindexter, White
      PUP- Blair, Richburg, Taylor

      1. I just think that Jet McKinnon, Jeff Wilson, and JaMycal Hasty will be very involved in the passing game, because they can set up mismatches.
        I wonder who they might poach from the cut lists. Maybe an O lineman from the Cowboys or Steelers.

        1. While I do see a few opportunities for Jeff Wilson this year, barring injuries, I think next season is when he really has an impact, along with the little 205 lb Bull – JaMycal Hasty. Both Coleman and Jet are schedule for Free Agency next season, and I expect the 49ers to let both of these guys walk away next season, unless McKinnon has a big year but decides to give the Niners a huge discount, which is unrealistic, and highly unlikely.

          Way too early 49ERS Running Back depth chart / 2021 roster:

          Raheem Mostert – 6th year Halfback out of Purdue
          Jeff Wilson – 3rd year Halfback out of North Texas
          JaMycal Hasty – 2nd year Halfback/Scatback out of Baylor
          TBD – Rookie/Veteran
          Josh Hokit – 2nd year Fullback out of Fresno State

  24. @Razor – Are we doing the Fantasy Football again this year? Or was there another league created? I’d be interested in playing with you guys again.

    1. Sure if there’s enough of us left. I kinda feel like we got ambushed and lost half our regiment.?

          1. Hope you guys don’t mind if I join… long time follower of the comments section here and looking for a league to join. Looked like there was room

      1. Razor,
        Unfortunately I will not be able to enter a live draft… I live in Europe so these things can be tricky.
        If this will be a problem then perhaps you can kick me from the league… but hopefully I can set my rankings and enter an auto draft.

        1. Shoup, gonna be planning a trip to Europe in 2022. I’ll be traveling with my family, and would fancy a visit with you if you’re up for it. Will probably be flying into Schiphol, and make our way towards Germany. If memory serves me you’re in Prague….

        2. What does it mean by setting rankings, and could you do an auto draft, too, for me? Please?
          I mainly concentrate on the Niners, so I am not too familiar with the players on other teams.
          I will try to make the draft, but if you auto draft, it will ensure I am entered.

          1. Seb, if you want to auto-draft either click on it or just leave it and it will draft for you automatically.

            You can set your own ranking of players by making a big board just like Shanny would do for draft day.

            1. Ah, OK.
              Having never done this before, I am wondering why Lamar Jackson is not ranked number one by most of the draft pundits.

  25. Prime, I just heard the Glinch praising Shepley. Said he’s been seamless, a good mover and strong. Gonna be interesting to see how the iol shakes out….

  26. Austin’s on IR and now reportedly Verrett has a hamstring injury. Good thing we have a “head of player health and performance” named Ben Peterson. Mamma mia!

  27. Apparently, Trent Taylor has missed two days of practice in a row. As KP says “you can’t make this stuff up”.

  28. He is a disgusting traitor who consistently undermines the military. Yet, some people will never stop supporting him.

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    “Trump called John McCain a ‘f—ing loser’ and said ‘we’re not going to support that loser’s funeral’ “

    1. And threatened to disown his moron son “in a second” if he ever joined the military.

      Razor, under…both vets….there’s your guy. Enjoy your vote.

      1. Now I might vote for Scump since he called Razdoll a sucker and a LOSER!
        What a guy! great bone spurs too!

        1. he called Razdoll a sucker and a LOSER!

          I’m pretty sure he only called POWs and KIAs suckers and a losers (because neither of those can suck up to him). I’m also pretty sure the closest Razor ever came to either of that was smelly latrine duty.

          1. Really funny seeing them confirm they are not a news organization but a political mouthpiece of the republican party….

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            1. Please do NOT print the TRUTH
              It really confuses Deranged Scump Syndrome sufferers.
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              1. “ It really confuses Deranged Scump Syndrome sufferers“

                When Trump wins again, will you cry?

              2. Prime, I’m not sure what skin in the game you have with the American election? Other than feuds you have here with certain other posters who also happen to be anti-Trump? Or maybe with the pandemic still raging under Trumps watch there is the advantage of Canada keeping we pesky Americans out of your homeland?

              3. Prime, I’m not sure what skin in the game you have with the American election?

                Every freedom loving country in the world has “skin in the game” when it comes to America’s viability.

              4. Rib Canadians love Americans and pretty sure Americans love Canadians. Well most of us.

                What we love about Trump is his ability to keep both our economies flourishing.

    2. Razor, under…. do you subscribe to Stars and Stripes? Better hurry up and get your last edition. Trump’s Pentagon is shutting down the 160 year old military publication. I guess Orange’s little ego couldn’t take the poll in there showing him underwater with active servicemembers or them covering the a presser held by retired military officers headlined: “Former admirals and generals warn Trump is ‘dangerous’ to military and country.”

    3. Don’t just blame Trump. He’s the leader of the Republican Party. Every Republican publicly agrees with everything he says. Remember that.

    4. Get your facts straight! This article from the Atlantic is false. Even John Bolton claimed Trump never said it.

      1. The false story confirmed by other news organizations from AP to Fox.

        And as far as “anonymous sources”? Who can blame them when even Dr. Fauci of all people is getting death threats from the Trump goon squad.

  29. Here’s the 53:

    3 QB’s Jimmy/BDN/CJ
    4 RB’s Mostert/Coleman/McKinnon/Juice
    3 TE’s Kittle/Reed/Woerner
    7 WR’s Samuel/Bourne/Aiyuk/Taylor/Pettis/James/Jennings
    8 OL Williams/Tomlinson/Garnett/Brunskill/Glinch/Skule/Compton/McKivitz

    10 DL Ford/Armstead/Kinlaw/Bosa/Jones/Thomas/Blair/Hyder/Street/Givens
    5 LB’s Warner/Alexander/Greenlaw/Al-Shaair/Nzeocha
    5 CB’s Sherman/Moseley/Williams/Witherspoon/Verrett
    5 S’s Ward/Tartt/Moore/Harris/Cyprien

    1 P Wishnowsky
    2 K Gould
    3 LS Nelson

  30. With Garland banged up, Richburg a massive question mark to play at all this year, and Brunskill sounding like he struggled while filling in, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a centre added to the 53 that isn’t currently on the roster. 49ers aren’t averse to trading for a guy near final cuts either.

      1. I don’t know. I’ve not followed other teams enough to know who might be available. But I very much expect the 49ers will be actively trying to improve the interior OL heading into the season.

        1. Not so sure about that, Scooter. I don’t think there’s a Laken Tomlinson level talent out there that’s going to become available at the center position via trade. The team with the biggest surplus of talent on the offensive line is probably the Ravens….

            1. Yea, dude’s not athletic enough. I don’t think he’s a fit or an upgrade over what we already have.

              1. Again he’s got slow feet, balance issues and not a smooth mover. Don’t think he’d be a fit either, Seb. Firt and foremost we need someone that at the very least has functional athleticism, along with high intelligence….

              2. OK, then. Maybe Marcus Henry or Adam Redmond from the Cowboys?
                I just hope they are scouring the waiver wire.

          1. BTW, Laken Tomlinson was being widely viewed as a “bust” before being traded to the Niners. You can bet there’s another Tomlinson out there right now, the FO just needs to find him …. that’s the tricky part.

        2. I agree with you Scooter. The 49ers will be actively looking to improve the interior OL heading into the season, and could make a substantial trade in the near future.

          The team has more than their share of tradable assets right now, thanks to the expanded Practice Squad (16 players this season, up from 12), and the fact that the team had some very good fortune with every single one of their released players having actually cleared waivers (which sure surprised me).

          Are there offensive Centers out there right now, like their OG compatriot – 2015 1st round pick – Laken Tomlinson was back in 2017, a player who was widely being seen as a “bust”, who hadn’t “lived up to his draft status”, but was in reality actually quite capable of turning things around and reaching his potential given the right kind of situation, environment, and system fit?

          Absolutely! And you can bet your top dollar on that!

          Listen, there are all kinds of NFL players who are currently on the bubble for very different reasons. Look at a guy like the Niners’ Ben Garland. As recently as January of 2017, Garland, who had been a practice squad player and/or on the roster bubble all season long, recorded his first career safety as a Defensive Tackle, after downing Russell Wilson during the NFC Divisional Playoffs. Just over 2 years later, Ben Garland is in the Super Bowl as the starting Offensive Center, for the NFC Champion 49ers.

          So yah … they are out there, it’s up to the 49ers FO & Scouting Department to find them.

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  32. Interesting. The Niners were interested in trading away Ahkello Witherspoon last week. Guess the injury to Verrett may have put that on hold.
    I wonder if there were any other players considered for a trade. Maybe the emergence of Hasty could put Coleman on the radar for a trade. They could get 2,9 mil in cap savings, if they managed to trade away Coleman.

    1. I believe they like Coleman…….if there were someone to be traded, Thomas might be it w the development of Street/Givens at DT- but I believe they like the depth there and won’t sacrifice it.
      I imagine they’ll roll w things as they are unless they need help at C or WR.

      1. Thomas has a 9 mil cap hit, and only 90K in cap savings. Other teams would have to be pretty desperate before they would trade for Thomas.

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  34. “When Trump wins again, will you cry?

    Their plan, Prime is to file a lawsuit just as soon as Trump wins and drag out the process for weeks until the court issues a deadline. At which time they’ll claim Trump is an illegitimate president, and will call for riots and civil war. You can see it coming from a mile away! They think they’re so smart but street sense beats elitism every Eucking time….

    1. When Trump wins? lol. The guy who has been whining for months about a “rigged” election, exhorting his moron base to break the law and vote twice? When he loses it’s Trump that’s going to the courts with his “rigged election” case.

      and will call for riots and civil war….street sense beats elitism every Eucking time….

      Let me get this moron logic straight. “Elites” will be calling for “riots and civil war”? What exactly does “street sense” call for, eh Rittenhouse?

  35. To the powers that be here at Inside The 49ers, please start a new story for cut down day and raise the question on what the 49ers plan is by converting Ford’s salary into a signing bonus, making his cap hit this year go from over $15 million to just over $6 million, thereby creating $19 million in available cap space.

    My take is if they’re smart they’ll use that money to lock up Williams. Looks as though Ford will be here next year too.

    1. Agreed Razor.

      They’d be smart to lock up Williams now, while they can. LT is one of the most important positions on any football team with a right handed QB (protecting the franchise’s blind side), and the fact that he’s an amazing fit in the run game, is the proverbial “icing on the cake”.

      Let’s get ‘er done!

        1. I see that, Razor. I think the bigger news is that both TE Ross Dwelley and RB Jeff Wilson appear to have made the team, as I projected. I suspect Reynolds knee injury likely cost him any chance to start the season on the final 53, but I also expect he’ll end up on the PS. In fact, with the expanded roster and practice squad rules we should expect a lot more action than usual with the offensive line throughout this crazy season, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Compton ends up being a roster casualty at some point this season, perhaps even sooner rather than later.

          I don’t think ShanaLynch are settled with the interior of the OL, so I think were going to see something happen before long. Perhaps something along the same line as we saw on the opposite side, at the end of August 2017 trade, when the Niners traded for RG Laken Tomlinson. That move sure paid off.

          1. As I said earlier, with the projected salary cap dropping next season, there was simply no way they were going to risk letting Jeff Wilson get away.

            I get what you’re saying in terms of the devaluation of RB’s in this day and age, but I think you underestimate how tough this system (Kyle’s offensive system) is on RB’s, and the team has quite a bit invested in Wilson in terms of development. I think Jeff Wilson is likely vastly underrated. He does everything well, and he’s probably the best short yardage back, and has great hands and very good route running skills (plus very good in pass protection) making him the 2nd best receiver in the 49ers backfield, behind only the Jet.

            Mark my words …. Jeff Wilson will have a big role in 2021!

    2. I was thinking it could be a move to accommodate a guy like Alex Mack. He’s 35 and in the last year of his contract for the Falcons and they just drafted his replacement – maybe for the right deal the Falcons could decide the future is now. While he would be a perfect stop gap for the 49ers for a SB run.

      1. I was thinking that as well, however Mack is a team captain and I don’t think the Falcons are of the mind to move him.

  36. Matt Barrows Retweeted
    David Lombardi
    Per source, the 49ers have waived rookie fullback Josh Hokit, but he intends to sign with the team’s practice squad. After Hokit’s impressive camp, the 49ers want to keep the Fresno State product in their building
    Show this thread
    Matt Barrows
    #49ers have informed C Dakoda Shepley of his release. He’s an interesting guy — CFL standout, very athletic for the position. SF eyeing him for the practice squad. (Re-posted because I had misspelled Dakoda)

  37. Matt Maiocco
    I’d be very surprised if DL Kevin Givens does not make the #49ers. John Lynch strongly intimated that Thursday on
    . He talked about the “collective group” that’s going to take over for DeForest Buckner. Lynch mentioned Javon Kinlaw, Solomon Thomas, Kentavius Street & Givens.

  38. Hammer, there goes your boy Jennings. Don’t worry we’ll bring him back to the practice squad.

  39. 25m
    I’m hearing WR Deebo Samuel will be activated off the non-football injury list for a spot on the #49ers’ 53-man roster. That makes him eligible to play in Week 1 vs. the #AZCardinals.
    Matt Maiocco
    This means Ronald Blair will be ineligible to practice or play for the first six weeks of the season.
    Quote Tweet

    Jennifer Lee Chan
    · 32m
    #49ers Ronald Blair will start the season on the PUP list.

    According to his agent @ChafieFields Blair is doing very well coming back from the ACL injury he sustained Nov, 11, 2019 but needs another 6 weeks to be 100%.

    I always believed Blair would start out on PUP.

  40. The ultimate metaphor : At least four boats sank at an event promoted as a Trump Boat Parade on Lake Travis in Texas on Saturday,” the New York Times reports.

  41. Catch And Released:

    DL Alex Barrett
    WR River Cracraft
    S Johnathan Cyprien
    DL Darrion Daniels
    LB Evan Foster
    OL Hroniss Grasu
    TE MarQueis Gray
    TE Chase Harrell
    CB Tim Harris Jr.
    RB JaMycal Hasty
    FB Josh Hokit
    WR Jauan Jennings
    CB Dontae Johnson
    OL Jaryd Jones-Smith
    DL Dion Jordan
    DL Cameron Malveaux
    S Jared Mayden
    WR Shawn Poindexter
    OL Dakoda Shepley
    OL William Sweet
    CB Jamar Taylor
    LB Joe Walker
    WR Kevin White

    1. Out of that list of 23, 7 will not make the 16.
      My guess at 7-
      Jamar Taylor, Alex Barrett, River Cracraft, Dontae Johnson, Jaryd Jones- Smith, Dakoda Shepley and Kevin White.
      Most of them are good enough to improve another less talented team, so I expect several will be claimed by some other teams.

  42. Here’s your 2020 Forty-Niners. I expect the first domino to fall from this group will be Fowles when Warner returns:

    QB (3): Jimmy Garoppolo, C.J. Beathard Nick Mullens

    RB (4): Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert, Jerick McKinnon, Jeff Wilson Jr.

    FB (1): Kyle Juszczyk

    WR (6): Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Trent Taylor, Kendrick Bourne, Dante Pettis, Richie James

    TE (4): George Kittle, Jordan Reed, Charlie Woerner Ross Dwelley,

    OT (4): Trent Williams, Mike McGlinchey, Justin Skule

    OG (3): Laken Tomlinson, Daniel Brunskill, Tom Compton, Colton Mckivitz

    C (1): Ben Garland

    DL (9): Arik Armstead, Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Javon Kinlaw, D.J. Jones, Kentavius Street, Kevin Givens, Kerry Hyder, Solomon Thomas

    LB (5): Kwon Alexander, Dre Greenlaw, Azeez Al-Shaair, Mark Nzeocha, Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles

    CB (5): Richard Sherman, Emmanuel Moseley, Ahkello Witherspoon, Jason Verrett, K’Waun Williams,

    S (4): Jimmie Ward, Jaquiski Tartt, Tarvarius Moore, Marcell Harris

    K (1): Robbie Gould

    P (1): Mitch Wishnowsky

    LS (1): Kyle Nelson

        1. I will acknowledge your football acumen. We both had Hasty and Grasu, but you got more than me.

  43. So the 53 man roster is set for now. Is there any time limit on when the 16 man practice squad needs to be finalized?

  44. I’m good with the 53 man roster. I believe that our team is stronger than last season.
    Only 3 areas of concern.
    Center – question mark.
    #2 WR – is Aiyuk ready.
    Will Moseley start.

    PD asleep at the wheel again. The 53 man roster should have been front and center Inside the 49ers blog reporting today. Show your readership that we are not an afterthought.
    Please hire someone who could hit the ground running!

    1. Too, I think it’s a matter of the PD being willing to lay out expanded expectations for the blog–frequency of updates/articles, etc.–and then fund at an appropriate level. Currently, the PD seems quite comfortable with its minimalist approach, just keep it on life support……..

          1. Agree. I only came here today because I was sure not even the PD could fail to post about the final roster, and they disappointed again.
            Want to get the PDs attention? We should all stop clicking here until they provide some content. Until then………see y’all.

  45. Tim Harris is the first to be signed to the practice squad. Who’ll be next?

    See, it’s not hard. I’m willing to be the next steward of this blog, and like President Trump, I’ll do it for free!

        1. Hokit has been signed to the practice squad.

          Shepley has also signed his practice squad contract.

          1. The rest of the best:

            WR River Cracraft
            S Johnathan Cyprien
            DL Darrion Daniels
            OL Hroniss Grasu
            TE Chase Harrell
            WR Jauan Jennings
            DL Dion Jordan
            S Jared Mayden
            OL William Sweet
            LB Joe Walker
            WR Kevin White

            Seems Shanny was quite persuasive with Mr. Cyprien.

    1. and like President Trump, I’ll do it for free!

      Nah, wrong comparison. This blog is completely devoid of mass grifting opportunities. Nor are you likely to go to prison after your run as blogmaster. Though, averaging 1 comment per SI posting, it can be argued Grant is now in purgatory.

    1. Thanks, morro.
      The PD should pay you an “information fee.”
      Your daily updates are very helpful.

    1. If they think he is better than Shepley as a developmental prospect I’m all for it, but not as a guy they expect they could call up to play this year.

    1. His he really worth a roster spot?

      I mean everyone is sentimental because of the one hand……but his he really good enough ?

      1. He is on Seattle’s practice squad so its moot but the 9ers need a back up outside rusher. Could Griffin develop there IDK but he is one hell of a ST player.

  46. This TC and off season has gone well. No major injuries to key positions, so the roster is almost intact from last season. Hopefully, they should benefit from the continuity.
    Where there were losses, the Niners found equal or superior replacements. Kinlaw for Buckner, Aiyuk for Sanders, and Williams for Staley. They had a very good Free Agency, and hit a home run in the draft. They took Covid 19 seriously, and have been fortunate to have only one player in the Protocol.
    It was interesting to see JL signing veterans all during TC. Guess he was trying his utmost to improve the team. Getting Kittle extended was a huge relief. How nice, players want to come and stay on a SB team. JL has changed the culture, and team camaraderie is strong. Now, all they need is to rekindle that winning attitude from the Glory Years, and they will finally achieve their Quest for 6.
    I was extremely happy they have resigned JaMycal Hasty. Who Knows? with the specter of Covid 19, maybe the team with the best depth on their PS, will be the eventual winner.

    1. They haven’t replaced Buckner yet, not even close. Will Kinlaw ever get to Buckner’s level? Maybe but he is not close yet. I believe DJ Jones will be better than Kinlaw this year.

      1. Kinlaw wants to be the greatest dl ever. I think our run defense will be stouter, and I expect by week 8 he’s improved enough as a pass rusher that he’ll be an asset there as well….

      2. Kinlaw did not have a great TC, but he was assigned to bull rush. That is because they did not want him to club/rip/smash his Offensive linemen. Wait until they turn him loose in a game, he will be a force to reckon with.
        Kinlaw has the exact same measurements as Trent Williams, so he is able to anchor against double teams- something Buckner was not able to do, because he was 25 lbs lighter.
        I fully expect Kinlaw could handle first and second downs, helping shut down the runs, so they could bring in Ford as a third down specialist, along with Thomas, and move Armstead inside.
        Kinlaw could play with DJ Jones in a tag team manner, so they both stay fresh and are not worn down.
        Replacing Buckner is hard, but it is not impossible to do. Losing Buckner allowed the Niners to keep many players, so that is another factor to consider. The return of DJ Jones will allow the Niners to bring Kinlaw along slowly, and help put him into positions to succeed.
        Kinlaw may be in the consideration of DROY, since Chase Young may be toiling on a cellar dweller, while Kinlaw could be helping the Niners have home field advantage.

  47. Watching the 2019 NO game again….

    Who else thought we got a lucky when the Saint TE Jared Cook left the game ……..?

    Then again Tartt did not play in the game….

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  49. Will be fun to see how the Press Democrat–through this blog–approaches the run-up to game day and the post game analysis.

    1. Just wondering, did you defend your championship last season?
      If no one else wants to join, I will be a willing participant, if you need bodies.

        1. I just signed up as Mango Haze.
          I am expecting to be cannon fodder for you seasoned vets, but will be a good sport.
          Hmm, maybe I should draft an all-49ers team. I certainly would want the Niner defense.

  50. Never too early…

    Niners 33, Cards 20. Game will be messy. Strong, opportunistic special teams play gives the 9ers a few breaks.

  51. I love to bet football both college and pro but I have no idea who will play well this week and who won’t. So my 9er prediction for this week is totally from the heart with little or no thought going into it. Robbie Gould will be the hero with 4 field goals including the last second 40-45 yard game winner 26-24. Has the spread been announced yet? Speaking of spreads I believe you will see smaller spreads by an avg of 3 points, with the home field advantage going away.

      1. I was pretty damn close on the over/under. Razor do you think the 9ers would be favored by 10 if the crowd was allowed in?

  52. Javon Kinlaw goes to IR.
    Uggh. May return mid season.
    The season cannot start fast enough. My Niners are getting killed before the battle starts. ??‍♂️
    Next man up. GO NINERS!!

      1. I checked Barrow’s, Maiocco’s, and Grant’s twitter accounts and have not seen anything regarding Kinlaw. Also, NN does not have a story about Kinlaw’s injury.

      1. I’m thinking it’s the catfish Seb. The real Sebbie doesn’t use emojis… Not that I’ve seen anyway.

      2. Sorry guys, no catfish this time. Rather, my wife the practical joker at it once more.
        Note to self to lock computer when away.
        No truth to the story, but I’ll have a word with her over supper. ;p
        GO NINERS!

        1. Are you trying to kill me, Sebnynah? Putting me in a coronary arrest over here!

          Because, this big dude is a physical freak, and he’s going to be tossing OL’s around like ragdolls, by the time the 2nd half of the season rolls around, and flat out dominating as the Niners once again roll through the NFC in the postseason.

        2. Seb,
          Take a couple of days off from the blog. Sounds like your better half needs some attention bud ?

          1. Sigh, I thought you could tell between me and my catfish.
            Why would I state something that is not true, and could be fact checked easily?

            1. Now my catfish is really mouthing off.
              Will the real catfish please stand up. Please stand up!
              Sigh, at least the team behind Grant was a bit more on top of things.
              If you are confused I apologize but this imposter right above me is the catfish.
              And yes, I did speak to the lady over supper. It did not go well. ;p

              1. .
                Sigh, at least the team behind Grant was a bit more on top of things.

                You’re joking, right? Take off your Grant colored glasses, dude. In the halcyon days of Grant this site was a cesspool of catfishes. They, or he, did squat about the infestation.

  53. Oh no. Warner got the flu.
    I highly doubt he will be one of the 9,000 people who actually died from this disease and not getting smoked while testing positive.
    But let me guess for the cnn bots in here.
    The cdc is wrong this time, and Pelosi was suckered.

    1. You MAGAs are adorable, just adorable . No wonder such easy marks for the Bannons and other grifters that fill Trump-world.

    1. Sourdough,
      Everyone on this blog has determined who they are going to vote for dating back 2-3 years ago.
      No mudslinging at this point is going to change that.

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