Prospects who turned heads at NFL combine may be on 49ers’ radar

LSU tight end Foster Moreau runs a drill during the NFL football scouting combine, Saturday, March 2, 2019, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

The combine is over and the results are in. How should the 49ers use them?

Late Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis would simply draft the combine’s best performers every year, and was in love with speed, regardless of how those players performed in college. He assembled a track team, not a football team.

That is not the way to use the combine.

Players who run well in underwear don’t always play football well in pads. Teams should remember this basic fact. The combine is a tool they can use to discover players who weren’t initially on their radar. After the discovery, teams should go back and watch video to make sure that player can play football in the NFL. Al Davis seemed to skip that all-important step, especially near the end of his life. The 49ers almost certainly won’t.

Here are five combine standouts the 49ers should investigate further.

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  1. 1st degree Burns.

    Gonna need to trade up into the bottom of the 3rd round to feel Tranquill. I think he goes around 96ish.

    I think the 6th round will have a smorgasbord of running backs to choose from, even though taking Barnes would be Noble.

  2. 5 players who may be available in the later rounds
    1, Justin Hollins EDGE.
    2. Gary Johnson LB.
    3. Isaiah Johnson CB.
    4. Oli Udoh OL.
    5. Chase Winovich EDGE.

    1. Other sleeper picks-
      LJ Collier EDGE
      Blake Cashman LB
      Jamal Davis EDGE
      Sean Bunting CB
      Darrell Henderson RB
      Tony Pollard RB
      John Cominsky DL
      Maxx Crosby DL
      Zedrick Woods S

      1. Other sleeper picks:
        Seb, I like your reference to Sean Bunting (I’ve brought him up before). I think he would be a great FS prospect (some services list him as a CB, but he plays better at FS as a center fielder). He has issues turning and running with a receiver, but has

        People others have mentioned:
        T Bobby Evans (I’ve mentioned him before)
        G Dru Samia
        TE Caleb Wilson, UCLA
        TE Foster Moreau, LSU
        CB Isaiah Johnson, Kentucky
        CB David Long, Michigan
        RB Alex Barnes, Kansas State

        Ones I like:
        Edge Porter Gustin, USC (in terms of speed, not power). Can also play SAM
        Edge Sutton Smith, Northern Illinois (if only I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller…). Should only be an outside linebacker, not a LEO.
        CB Justin Layne, Michigan State
        CB Kris Boyd, Texas
        Edge Ben Banogu
        LB Ben Burr-Kirven, Washington. Tested much better at the combine then I thought he would; tackles everything, just not as athletic as would like.
        LB Jahlani Tavai, Hawaii. Also a guy who tackles everything. Great instincts, really studies to make up for his less athletic traits. High on him.
        C Ross Perischbacher. Can also play guard. If we wait until the 6th round to address the interior of the offensive line, he should still be there.

        1. I put both Ben Banogu and Caleb Wilson in my latest mock.
          I like your list, but would pass Kris Boyd. He did not shine in the Senior Bowl practices.

  3. 1. Marquise Brown
    2. Lonnie Johnson Jr
    3. Germaine Pratt
    4. Taylor Rapp
    5. Bryce Love

    Pratt is a great cover LB, LJJ is a Richard Sherman Clone, Taylor Rapp kind of reminds me of John Lynch, Bryce Love is obviously made for our system and Hollywood Brown is a younger version of his cousin!

        1. 6th round will have a cornucopia of running backs. Ozigbo outta Nebraska at 230 lbs. looks like a good candidate.

  4. Either gonna use #2 pick on Nick Bosa or Josh Allen. Still trying to sneak in Josh Allen? Let it go. They arent drafting him.

  5. LSU has a tradition where the football team is let off a bus at the top of hill they call Victory Hill. The team and coaches walk down Victory Hill to get to the locker room and fans align both sides of the street to cheer the team as they walk down the hill. The walk is probably about 1/4 of a mile. It’s a neat tradition we wanted to experience so we left our tailgate in the LSU v Ole Miss game last year to go see the walk down Victory Hill. You have to get there 1 hour to 2 hours before the team bus arrives to get a good spot to stand. The first thing that you notice on your first visit to Victory Hill is the security. Both sides of the street are lined with these metal barriers for crowd control. There’s a huge number of law enforcement and several of them are decked out in full military looking gear with what looks like a Colt M4 Carbine to me. Looks pretty intimidating. So we go and stand in a good spot and this woman is in front of us chatting it up with family and she’s wearing an LSU jersey. They were all very nice and friendly. Had a good visit with them. So we are set up about 3/4 of the way down Victory Hill where the ground flattens out before the entry to the locker room. Team arrives and the people we’d been chatting with start going crazy. Team is walking down the hill and the woman in the LSU jersey grabs a camera from someone in her family and pushes through an opening in the barrier and goes out to the middle of the street – presumably to take a picture. My reaction is “Holy S*** this woman is crazy.” So 2 police officer start walking over to her very quickly telling her she has to get behind the barrier. The woman turns her back to them pointing at the name on the back of her jersey and starts yelling, “I’m Foster Moreau’s Mom, I’m Foster Moreau’s Mom.” She wanted to get a picture of him walking down the hill. The police stood next to her and let her get her picture and hug her son and then made sure she got back behind the barrier.” I instantly became a fan of this kid. When she got back the rest of her family was laughing and calling her a crazy woman. It was a fun experience.

    So I watched Moreau in that game. My assessment is the kid is a good blocking tight end. He looks like he’s got a good skill set to be a receiving tight end but it’s really hard to say. He can run and is very athletic for a big guy. He’s certainly worth a pick as long as it’s not too high. IMO the best pass catching tight end in the draft is Jace Sternberger. He is a bull fighter as a blocker so if you want someone who makes an effort in the run game it ain’t Sternberger. Moreau is a much better blocker.

      1. Moreau can definitely catch. He looks like a fluid pass catcher to me. LSU has a long history of being absolutely awful in the passing game which makes me thing Moreau perhaps has the most potential for improvement in the NFL if he gets connected with good coaching.

    1. This is a great story. Now I hope the 49ers draft Moreau so I can ask him mom about this at training camp.

      1. She’s a pistol man. Watch out. I may even have a short video or picture of her in the middle of the street that my wife took. If they draft him I’ll see if I can find it to send you.

  6. Miles Boykin tested off the charts at the combine is right!!
    6’4″ 220lb…4.4-40…43.5″ vert…6.77 3-cone…4.07 20yd shuttle!!
    Unbelievable…can he play?, well if he’s going day 2, probably Yes!!
    The new coaches can polish him off and they have a very fast, tall, high jumping Red Zone WR.

    1. I hope they draft Hakeem Butler, instead, but there are several great prospects, if only they can trade back for more picks.

    2. Yah, I’m kind of surprised Boykin isn’t getting more buzz coming out of the combine, although Mel Kiper did have this to say about him: “I watched a lot of Boykin at Notre Dame, but he really had only one season of high-end production, and we didn’t have true testing numbers. I thought he might be a third- or fourth-round pick coming into Indianapolis. After measuring 6-foot-4, 220 pounds, Boykin ran a 4.42 40 and had a 43.5-inch vertical and an 11-foot-8 broad jump. Those are tremendous numbers. You could make the case that no one prospect rose higher than Boykin here, as he now has a chance to go near the top of Round 2.”

      When I watch his tape, I see a similar player to my guy Michael Thomas, who I mocked to the 49ers on this blog back in 2016. Thomas was my “sleeper” WR pick in 2016, and although he wasn’t truly a sleeper, he also wasn’t getting nearly enough attention in my view, heading into the draft. Of course the Saints were smart enough to pull the trigger on Thomas with the 47th pick of the draft, and we all know how that turned out.

      And I even read some of the same kinds of things in Michael Thomas’ scouting reports, like: “While he (Thomas) has the size and potential to excite offensive coordinators, Thomas is still a work in progress who must develop a greater feel for the position if he is to match his traits with real NFL production. Thomas has a relatively high ceiling, but his floor is “bust.”

      Well …. Boykin didn’t even have Michael Thomas’ overall production as a college receiver, with 400 fewer receiving yards and 7 fewer TD’s over the same number of seasons, although Boykin’s big play ability surpassed Thomas by over 3 YPR over his college career. Michael Thomas wasn’t exactly a prolific receiver while at Ohio State, but he was just scratching the surface of his potential, and Boykin looks like a near carbon copy to me, in terms of style and technique, only Boykin is an inch taller, almost 10 lbs heavier, and considerably faster than Thomas, who put up a 4.57 40 at the 2016 combine, though he certainly plays faster than he tests.

    1. Boykin is a better football player than Hill was. How he fits is as a possession receiver, and red zone threat. If he can improve his short area quickness, flexibility, precision, and learn some more routes, I feel like he could be a good WR2. The problem is he killed the combine, which will inflate his stock into the round 2 conversation. Round 3 is as high as I’d go for his services….

    2. Boykin’s flexiblity and speed in the 3 cone is about as good as it gets. His short area quickness that shows in the 3 cone and 20yd shuttle is pretty damn quick. His broad jump was almost 12 feet and his vertical about 44″ are crazy. If he can improve in these area’s anymore it would be impressive. If he listens and learns routes well, he’ll be a great 2/3rd round pick.

    3. Look back at his career and you can see why.

      Didn’t play as a Freshman.
      Only played 6 games as a Sophmore (more special teams).
      As a Junior he had Brandon Winbush throwing to him, and he can’t hit the broad side of a barn anymore – total QB yips.
      But as a Senior they got Ian Book in and Boykins had a very productive year with 59 catches, 872 yards and 8 TDs…and that all pretty much happened once Book took over after game 3 and they developed chemistry.

      A WR can only catch if someone gets him the ball.

    4. So now in the NFL with the Pro-level QB’s and the best WR coaches, Boykins should have a good chance to improve and be a good Red Zone WR. He jumps so high he’ll almost be able to clear over the shoulders of those 5’10’ DB’s in the end zone for many TD’s in his career as a 49er.

  7. I was sold on Burns months ago before most on here heard of him……..they shld trade down and get him….

    I have to say it’s really hard to pass on Bosa……

    1. I know both you and Razoreater love Burns. I like Burns, but given Lynch’s comment that he prefers power at the LEO position as opposed to speed, I think the Niners are going to pass (unless to play him at SAM).

      1. Ah yes, had forgotten that.

        End of the day, while it is th e same overall scheme as the Seahawks, some of the ways they play it are different. If what they want is power at DE then Bosa, Allen, Sweat and Ferrell may all be more likely than Burns.

        1. The original Leo was Chris Clemons, who was 6’3″, 234 pounds and not particularly powerful. He lined up in a Wide 9 technique and tried to win with speed. Cliff Avril was similar.

          1. Yes, and that’s the prototype I have been using to guide what the 49ers want at that spot. But they haven’t tried very hard to find one, and have been happy to try Armstead and Thomas there. I suspect when Lynch says they want power at that spot they aren’t lying. Obviously need to get someone with better speed and ability to turn the corner, but power genuinely appears to be desired.

            1. They did sign Cassius Marsh, who has zero power. It will be interesting to see what the 49ers do with Armstead and Thomas next season.

              1. I think Marsh was initially brought in with the idea he would be a SAM with potential to be an edge rusher in nickel. I understand this is where Allen and Burns would likely fit as well, but I suspect they might be looking for a true Leo that can be a DE all 3-downs.

              2. Sure, and then you have the query as to whether he matches what the 49ers are after in a DE, if power is a key consideration.

              3. He needs to develop consistent strength against the run, but I wouldn’t say he’s a liability. Athletically, I think he compares to Garrett more than any of the other edge rushers in this draft….

    1. Cubus,
      If they do trade for Griffen(and I wouldn’t give up any more than a 2020 4th rd pick) I believe that would cement a Bosa pick.

  8. OK i’m calling for a one on one mano y mano face off with Miaocco on one side and Grant on the other. A debate as to who the 9ers should pick if they stick with the #2 pick. Miaocco defending a Bosa pick while Grant defends a Allen pick.

      1. With many teams tagging their Edge/DE players it leaves the 49ers with limited options at that position.

        They could plug two vital positions on the Dline by staying pat.

        They could draft Q. Williams (who has no equals) with #2 and still get a second tier Edge in rd 2.

        I know that waiting to get an Edge in the 2nd Rd is a gamble, but a couple of players that have been mentioned as potential FA signings are 2nd rd picks – DeMarcus Lawrence and Frank Clark (recently tagged).

        I agree with Grant, that no “one” player in the draft is going to get them in Superbowl right away, because this team has so many holes to fill.

        Q. Williams and a 2nd tier Edge can help fill two holes this year.
        We can still get a good WR and a Olinemen on day two.

        With some big name Edge players being tagged we could now turn our attention on FA Safety and LB.
        This “stay pat” scenario has the potential to fill 4 positions from day one.

        Also, the 49ers (and Cards) are in great position to trade down for more picks in this draft rich year.
        Don’t know what they will do, but it’s going to be must see.
        Can’t wait!

        1. AES, DeForest Buckner is a 2019 Pro Bowl 3T. Even if you Q. Williams “has no equals,” is it really the wisest use of a #2 pick overall to take the place of the lone Pro Bowl talent and not address an outside pass rush? Shanahan said the EDGE pass rush is the equivalent to a defense that a quarterback is to the offense. Establish the outside rush and it disrupts the timing of everything an opposing offense wants to do.

          Draft Bosa or Allen to anchor LDE/EDGE. Sign Anthony Barr, Za’Darius Smith or Shaq Barrett to pressure from RDE. Send Buckner and Armstead up the middle. That is how you construct a line given realistic

    1. The Niners are tied with two other teams at 4-12. We had the SOS tiebreaker that awarded us the no. 2 pick in the first round. We rotate draft order in each following round with the Jets and Raiders, the other two 4-12 teams.

  9. Off topic, but here’s an interesting quote from NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly regarding Kyler Murray:

    “Anyway, leadership — not good. Study habits — not good. The board work — below not good. Not good at all in any of those areas and raising major concerns about what this guy is going to do.”

    I hope the Cardinals draft Murray. That will insure their suckage for years to come.

  10. Seb would like this word: Intel

    Rod Simmons asks: If the 49ers draft Quinnen Williams, do you see them trading Solomon Thomas or Arik Armstead?

    That wouldn’t be shocking. There simply wouldn’t be enough room for four interior pass rushers to get the reps they need to be successful. And Thomas is one of the few players the 49ers might consider trading who has any real value (it’s hard to envision another team wanting to give up anything for Armstead and his guaranteed $9 million contract for 2019). Thomas has two years left on his rookie contract plus a fifth-year option for 2021.

    But as good as Williams might be, it’s hard to see the 49ers taking him. They’re log-jammed with interior pass rushers, and Williams’ best position is occupied by the team’s best player, DeForest Buckner.

    I have to think the 49ers would rather trade back than draft Williams in order to focus on pass rushers such as Montez Sweat, Brian Burns or Clelin Ferrell later in Round 1.

    For Seb: Better Intel—Shanny or Baalke’s Combine Scouting Strategy

    During Trent Baalke’s tenure, scouts would often be instructed to stay at team headquarters to continue crunching film, leaving top members of the personnel department and coaching staff to meet with prospects at the combine.

    It’s my understanding that’s changed under the new regime. Scouts, coaches and personnel executives were in Indy for the combine, which makes divvying up responsibilities easier with 60 meetings to go through in less than a week.

    1. Tom,
      I watched that Monday Night game and it became clear to me that we had the best two WR’s in football.

      Nice to see our HOF’r Jerry Rice blocking down field on both TD catches.
      Taylor was the perfect example for not having to be the fastest WR on the field to be effective.

  11. Blockbuster trade. Niners only trade back as far as 6, so they can still get Sweat.
    However, Niners still pull off a trade with Denver. Denver wants to get back into the playoffs this season, and the Niners need more picks for their rebuild. Niners trade 3 starters to Denver for 3 picks.
    Denver has extra picks in the 4th and 5th rounds, so they give up pick numbers 10, 113 and 148, for 3 Niner starters.
    Nick Mullens was the starter in the late season, and Scangarello would be wanting to reunite with Mullens. Mullens started against the Broncos and beat them, so Elway may want Mullens, instead of an aged QB or untested rookie.
    Solomon Thomas, according to Whitner, is more suited for a 3-4 system, which Fangio runs. Fangio would want Thomas since he is still on his rookie contract, and could utilize him to his utmost potential.
    Witherspoon played in Colorado, and he would be the replacement for Roby, who they may be moving on from. Fangio would be able to coach up Witherspoon, who does have good physical traits.
    It would be worth it to the Broncos to get 3 starters. Thomas was a number 3 pick, and Mullens has shown he can lead a team to win in the NFL. The Broncos could then trade away Keenum, to recoup some draft picks.
    The Niners would get a bonanza. That number 10 pick would be pure gold, and could go a long way into helping them rebuild. Broncos were going to spend that pick on a QB, but the QB pickings are slim after other teams move up to grab Murray, Haskins and Lock. Broncos would still have a pick in every other round other than the first.
    It would be a win/win for both teams. Broncos only lack a QB to succeed, but Thomas and Witherspoon would help the defense, too. Niners could stockpile picks so they lock up many players under rookie contracts, which will help rebuild for the future. Broncos would not have to bundle picks to move up to get Lock. Flacco would be fine as the backup, but if he wins the QB competition, all the more better. Broncos want to win NOW, before Von Miller turns into a pumpkin.

    1. A young Paraag Marathe would be high-fiving/bragging with Niner Execs about how he screwed other teams during his trading tenure. What’s wrong with some mud slinging after winning your trade, Seb??—Then you could rub shoulders with Jeb about whose gridiron watering bill it is, the 49er’s or City of Santa Clara?…Well, it’s a court matter now.

    2. Maybe instead of the number 10 pick, they give up the number 41 pick, along with a conditional 2020 third round pick. If the Broncos make the playoffs, it becomes a second round pick. If the Broncos make the AFCC Game, it becomes a 2020 first round pick.
      Then, if they trade Keenum for a second round pick, they would still have a pick in every round.

      1. Seb, you do realize the Broncos just acquired Joe Flacco, bloated contract and all. I would imagine if they are going to address the position, it’s going to be through the draft. This makes a lot more sense than trading for someone with NFL experience like Mullens, just to sit him behind Flacco.

        In fact, I haven’t heard any buzz surrounding Nick Mullens, so far this offseason. I know it’s still early, but it’s still a surprise if you are under the impression that Mullens could garner the 49ers a 2nd round draft pick which I think is a bit unrealistic. I like the kid, but as an UDFA, the 49ers are unlikely to find suitors who are willing to give up a 2nd round pick. I would imagine a 4th round pick is closing to the kind of compensation teams would be willing to part with in order to acquire him. And at that price, it probably makes more sense for the 49ers to hold onto Mullens this season, if they think the postseason is a real possibility, especially with Garoppolo coming off of a torn ACL. Even if Mullens doesn’t see a single regular season snap which would be a good thing, he would be a valuable asset even for purposes of having 2 experienced QB’s on the roster through training camp, and the preseason, whether he’s backing up Jimmy G while the Niners ease him back into the fold, or running their scout team offense throughout the season.

        1. 49. I am counting on Rich Scangarello, the OC of the Broncos. Fangio is defensive oriented, so he will give Scangarello lots of power on offense.
          Scangarello discovered and developed Mullens. He loves Mullens. He may be Mullens biggest booster.
          Actually, I thought Thomas would garner the second round pick, Mullens the 4th round pick, and Witherspoon the 5th round pick.
          However, you may be right. The Broncos do not have much cap space.

          1. I could see the 49ers moving Thomas to the Broncos, I could certainly get behind that ….. but Mullens? That wouldn’t seem to make a lot of sense Seb, because then they would be setting a QB controversy between a ridiculously overpriced veteran, albeit a former Pepsi NFL ROY and Super Bowl MVP (yah, back in the day… lol), and an up and coming former UFDA with 8 NFL starts.

            The Flacco trade seems like a head scratcher, but nobody wants a QB controversy, certainly not a first time Head Coach!

    3. Seb,
      I hear that Elway likes Drew Lock. But Mullens would likely be an immediate starter while Lock is groomed to take over.

      Also, there’s nothing in Thomas’ and Witherspoon’ play that would convince any team that they are solid starter players.
      But your idea is as good as any other lately.

      1. AES, when I claim they are starters, it is because they started last season. I will not claim they will be starers for the Broncos, but they are starters on the Niner depth chart.
        Solomon Thomas may be like Cowboy, and go to a team and flourish. Whitner claims he is a 3-4 lineman, and Fangio is a master of the 3-4. Thomas ran a 4.69 forty, had 30 reps, leaped 126 inches, ran a 6.95 three cone drill and a 4.28 20 yard shuttle. He excelled at Stanford in the 3-4 defense.
        Who would Thomas compete against for a starting job? Derek Wolfe has injury issues. Adam Gotsis also hurt his knee, ran a 4.88 forty and only had 23 reps
        Mullens played against the Broncos, beat them, and Scangarello loves Mullens like a son.
        Witherspoon does have talent and size. He is 6′ 3″ has 4.45 speed and ran a 6.93 -three cone drill. Maybe he would benefit from a clean slate, and a different system.
        Maybe a first is way too optimistic, so a second , 4th and 5th, along with a conditional 2020 third round pick, is more reasonable. Niners will be giving up talent, but that is the only way Denver would consider a deal.

        1. When Wolf is healthy he is much better than Thomas. If the Broncos feel that Thomas is the answer and worth giving us a pick (depending on which pick) it’s at the very least worth entertaining.

          Regarding Witherspoon, the Org has to be wondering if Witherspoon is the player of last year or the player who showed promise in his rookie season.
          Personally, I see them giving Spoon another year to see which Witherspoon shows up.

          Whatever the 49ers decide to do, this promises to be an exciting off season.
          Like you said earlier, I’m going to get my popcorn ready, although I prefer chips and salsa 😉

          1. When Wolfe is healthy. He had a neck, ankle and rib injuries. In 2017, he missed 5 games and had neck surgery. Over the last 2 seasons, he had only 2.5 sacks. Solomon Thomas had 4.
            Yes, this off season, things are looking up for the Niners. I hope the strength and conditioning coach can keep players healthy.
            This draft will be exciting. The number 2 pick is a good position of power.

      1. Cassie Baalke,

        A more entertaining product could be you and Seb vying for the title in a game of thrones.

        Seb once said he took a punch when when a party patron took a swig of his beer w/o permisssion. He’d be a tough opponent…Beware!!!

  12. Seb,

    To my knowledge, Paraag has not made one block buster move. Possibly because his focus is on fleecing the other team, rather than pay a few bucks more–as the Eddy D/Walsh era did—to make San Francisco the place free agents want to go, instead of the place they want to avoid!!!

  13. I hear he’s incredible at contracts, but that’s all I hear.
    Then I hear it around NFL circles, but nothing about it being the place for free agents to flock to…Eddie D used to account for California’s taxes and pay extra to entice these free agents….The focus on the current regime seems to have been on upper management and screwing Santa Clara out of its watering bill, before 49er fans gave them an empty stadium en mass walkouts, showing the suits, we don’t come to watch the suits, and leaving their hot dogs to rot, which was how we arrived at Shanahan.

    It got so bad that the NFL quietly asked major networks not to show the stadium at Levis (even though it was brand new) due to the empty stands.

    1. *EddyD was also the first NFL owner to charter jumbo jets for his team. Until then, NFL teams cramped into smaller aircraft.

      The 49er charter was so spacious that offensive linemen had their own aisle.

      Eddy also had a chef on board to customize meals.

    2. Oh, how I long for a return to the Glory Years, when former All Pro players would take peanuts, just for an almost guaranteed ring.
      Even the Niner third string would convincingly win against the other team’s first string during the preseason.
      Yes, they have failed lately, but winning will cure everything. They must spend all of their salary cap, and trade back to get a boatload of picks, but I have faith in JL, and hope KS can learn from his mistakes.

      1. Yes,

        They must pull off a Bill Walsh, 1986 draft, no question.

        If you had to choose one of these players (w/o a trade down) who would you build with Seb.

        1. Joey Bosa
        2. Josh Allen, Kentucy
        3. Quinnen Williams (ALA) now being referred to as a larger and quicker Aaron Donald….But this would mean admitting you made a mistake drafting Solomon Thomas, however, NFL analysts recently have been talking about the interior line damage Buckner and Williams could do.

        1. Right now, with no trade backs, Josh Allen. Good game tape and impressive Combine.
          5.79 Bosa does not impress me, and Q Williams is redundant.
          Oliver may also be an intriguing prospect at number 2.

  14. I can definitely get on board with the 49ers trading the #2 pick. If the raiders are willing to give up their 4th & 24th pick, and sweeten the deal with their 141st pick, I’d be happy to oblige.

    Unders this scenario, the 49ers would still have a very good chance of grabbing Josh Allen at #4, and then trade the 24th pick, loading up for a deep, 2nd round draft class. According to Drafttek’s 2019 chart, the 24th pick has a value of 740 points, and the Texans own picks 54 & 55, worth 710 points. I like the added advantage of picking back to back in round 2, so I’d be willing to make this trade, and I could see the Texans also taking advantage of back to back picks in round 1 (they own the 23rd pick), so that’s the 49ers trade scenario I’m rolling with in my latest 4 round mock:

    Pick #4, RND 1) Josh Allen – DE, Kentucky. Kyle recently hinted to some tweaks to the scheme along the DL. And he hinted to “using more Wide-9 concepts” as being one of the changes Robert Saleh and new DL coach – Kris Kocurek, will be making. Josh Allen is a he prototypical player for this kind of role! In the 49ers current scheme, the LEO is usually the best pass rusher on the team. And for whatever reason, ShanaLynch have been unable to find a prototypical pass rusher to fill this role. While he does play the C gap in run support, his primary responsibility is getting after the QB. He generally aligns himself out wide, angled back toward the quarterback, which is all about isolating the Offensive Linemen, and giving the LEO defender room to operate and a good look at the big red bullseye on the targeted QB. I can’t think of a better role for the dynamic pass rusher out of Kentucky.

    Pick #54, RND 2) Chauncey Gardner-Johnson – FS, Florida. Gardner-Johnson looks like a perfect player for the Niners FS position. A lot of scouts see him as a Cover-one, high safety, with the range and ball-tracking skills to dominate the backend of a defense like the 49ers deploy. He’s an explosive athlete, with above-average makeup speed, who seems to understand angles, and enough ball hawking skills to take it away over the top. Even if the 49ers sign Earl Thomas, and I hope they do, they need to keep add depth at this position, as Earl Thomas will be 30 years old, and throws his body around with reckless abandon.

    Pick #55, RND 2) Miles Boykins – WR, ND. The 49ers could really use a fast, outside receiver with the ability to high-point the football, and create mismatches in the redzone. At 6’4″, 220 lbs, Boykin fills a need. He blazed a faster than expected 4.42 40, and absolutely jumped through the roof at the combine with a spectacular 43.5″ vert, and 140″ broad jump. And he also put up jaw dropping numbers in the 3 cone drill (a WR combine best 6.77) and the short shuttle (his 4.07 was the 3rd best). Like a lot of college WR’s, his route running will need to be developed, and he’ll need to play with more focus on each and every play, but he’s a fantastic WR prospect, and I love his fit for Kyle’s offense.

    Pick #67, RND 3) Dalton Risner – OT/OG, Kansas State. Risner is a versatile OL who can play both OT or OG, and I really like the idea of the 49ers drafting him and moving him inside to RG, where his core strength, body control, and strong hands, will serve him very well in the NFL. His college film shows an OL with a mean streak, but also the ability to gather and adjust to moving targets at the 2nd level. I’m not big on player comps, but Risner has been compared to fellow KSU standout Cody Whitehair, and I think it’s a fair comparison.

    Pick #104, RND 4) Sean Bunting – CB, Central Michigan. While I am confident that Tarvarius Moore will handily beat out Witherspoon and solidify himself as a starting CB opposite uncle Sherms, IMO the 49ers still need to address the CB position, because Witherspoon has been wildly inconsistent and Richard Sherman isn’t getting any younger (he’s definitely in the twilight of his career). Bunting is long-limbed with fluid hips, and he’s another athletic DB who blew the doors off of the combine (with a 4.42 40 and a 41.5″ vert). Bunting comes out of a small conference, and even though he was a shutdown CB for the Chippewas, named first-team All-MAC in 2018 while allowing less than 39% completion rate, there is a good chance he’ll still be on the board in round 4, because he played in the MAC.

    1. 49reasons,

      If the 49ers do your draft it would be great…Really like your (FS), as you say, perfect for this D.
      Also, I agree with your logic regarding the Texan’s…Solid, well-reasoned draft

    2. 49reasons,
      This trade is one-sided according to the NFL draft value chart, with the Raiders getting hosed. But, if the Raiders are willing to make such a deal – hallelujah!

      1. How’s that Nick?

        According to Drafttek’s recently updated 2019 Trade Value Chart:

        #2 pick (49ers) is worth 2,600 points

        #4 pick (Raiders) is worth 1,800 points
        #24 pick (Raiders) is worth 740 points
        #141 pick Raiders) is worth 35 points

        If the Raiders picks are worth 1,800 + 740 + 35 = 2,575 total points according to Drafttek, and the Niners pick at #2 is worth 2,600 total points, wouldn’t it be the Niners who are getting the short end of the stick by 25 points worth of “draft value”, at least according to Drafttek’s most updated 2019 NFL Trade Value Chart?

        help me out here Nick, how exactly would the Raiders be getting hosed?

        1. Another alternative that Gruden may prefer is the Niner number 2 for the Raiders first, second and third round picks (4, 35, 66). Gruden may want to keep 3 first round picks, and it misses the exact score on the trade value chart by only 10 points towards the Niners.

  15. I forgot about the 49ers own 2nd round pick, #36. Trading #24 to the Texans, for #54&#55, would give the 49ers 3 – 2nd round picks, so I am going to have to adjust my mock draft.

    With pick #36, RND 2) the 49ers may have to take Boykin, or Risner, as either guy could conceivably go early in round 2, IMO.

    So I’ll change my picks for rounds 3 and 4.

    Pick #67, RND 3) How about the big, aggressive, yoked up CB Rock Ya-Sinto out of Temple? Razor can probably do wonders with a name like that. Ya-Sinto is 6′ tall, with long arms, and a chiseled physique. The first-team All-ACC CB might not be the fastest CB in this draft class, but his 4.51 was fast enough for me, considering the fact that this two-time state champion wrestler, is widely considered, pound for pound, the toughest CB in this draft class. And Ya-Sinto is also light in his backpedal, and possess the quick feet, and fluid hips to mirror opposing receivers. He definitely needs work on his technique, but he was a coach-favorite at Temple, not just because of his toughness, bu also his great attitude, and a willingness to be coached up. He’s a good fit for the Niners defensive backfield, and man …. this is a kid I’d love to go to battle with if I were a Niner!

    If the Niners go with Risner in round 2, and “the Rock” in round 3, I’m going to change my 4th round pick as well.

    Pick #104, RND 4) I’m going with Josh Allen’s teammate. The confident, and some would even say cocky, Kentucky RB – Benny Snell? A less than impressive performance at the combine could allow Benny to fall to the Niners in round 4, and the Niners could use a bruising, powerfully built RB like Snell. He doesn’t have break away speed, but he’s an absolute grinder, with a compact, 5’10” 225 lbs frame, decent hands, and a nose for the endzone. CBS Sports currently has Snell ranked 77th on their big board, but I think, after the combine, that’s a little high, and I have a feeling that he’s going to last into the 4th round. Snell certainly has the pedigree. His father was drafted by the Ravens in 1998, and his great uncle, Matt Snell, was a fantastic NFL RB who, in 1964, was named Rookie of the Year in the AFL, and played a big part in the NY Jets’ famous upset win over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. Benny Snell wasted no time making a name for himself in college, where he was named All-American as a rookie, as well as SEC All-Freshman honors. He followed that up with second-team All-SEC honors as a sophomore, and was named AP third-team All-American & first-team All-SEC as a junior. Despite leaving a season early, Snell finished his career as the Wildcat’s all-time leading rusher.

    1. By the way, Benny Snell’s great uncle – Matt Snell, was well known for his rushing, but also became an important part of the Jets’ pass-blocking scheme. Toward the end of his career, Snell became one of the first third-down specialty backs in pro-football, and he was absolutely exceptional in pass protection. He was such a good blocker in fact, that he was reported to have helped teach pass-blocking to Jets running backs over the course of his career. The game has certainly changed since Matt Snell’s day, but you can bet he worked with Benny when he was young, and probably passed along some of those traits.

      Another note about Benny Snell. As I mentioned, he’s an absolute grinder who excels at picking up the tough yards. According to PFF, throughout his college career, Benny Snell was one of the best RB’s after contact, in the entire FBS. He’ll pinball his way into the endzone of he has to, or simply run people over. And even though as I noted, Benny doesn’t have break-away speed, he did run for 94 yards and a touchdown against the Georgia Bulldogs, a team which only allowed six total rushing touchdowns ALL SEASON!

  16. Jamie Collins has been released by the Browns. He might be worth going after, but probably won’t be cheap. A lot of teams have a lot of cap space available.

  17. Calvin Watkins

    Let’s clear this up now. A source tells @TheAthleticDFW Cowboys have no interest in Earl Thomas or Landon Collins. The financial price is too steep. This isn’t new news. Now Cowboys also have no interest in Eric Weddle either. Price is everything.

    1. I say overpay for CJ Mosley…….

      .drafted by the Ravens No. 17 overall in the 2014 draft. He’s a very smart, athletic linebacker who would pair tremendously with the also athletic Warner. Mosley has 597 tackles and 43 tackles for loss in five seasons. 

      We need this guy on team………price is nothing when it comes to this guy…

  18. Mosley and Thomas with Bosa or Allen as the draft pick. Watch out.
    This is my offseason in a nutshell.
    Youd have two elites on every level of the defense. Well Warner isn’t elite yet, but…

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