Reggie Bush comments on Jay Glazer’s report re: Colin Kaepernick


Reggie Bush just spoke in the 49ers’ media room. Here are selected quotes.

Q: How would you describe Colin Kaepernick and his style of leadership?

BUSH: He’s a hard worker. He works really hard. And I’ve said this before – he’s one of the hardest workers I’ve been around, especially in the weight room. He works his butt off. He’s constantly on the field talking to guys, just trying to get better on the field. He’s young and he still has a long career left in this game. He has a lot of football left to play. Obviously, we’re all struggling. Nobody is playing well on offense right now. So, we can all be better. We can all improve, and that starts with practice, film study, and then putting it all together on Sundays. I think one thing we’ve done a really good at is with our practice habits and with our study habits, but for some reason we’re not translating it to the football field. We’ve got to do a better job of taking what we do in practice onto the football field on Sundays.

ME: Jay Glazer reported this weekend that Colin Kaepernick isn’t connecting with players on this team, that he’s on an island in the locker room. How close are you and Colin, and how much does he interact with teammates?

BUSH: I see him interact all the time. I see him always talking to guys. On the football field he’s always talking to guys and working with guys and talking and communicating. As far as I’ve seen, he’s doing a great job. It’s easy to dig up stories and say things when the team isn’t playing well. I think the most important thing we can do is focus on us, block out everything outside and try do go win this next football game.

ME: But what’s your relationship with Colin?

P.R.: Sorry guys, I’ve got to get (Bush) to a meeting real quick.

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  1. Real version:

    ME: But what’s your relationship with Colin?

    P.R.: Sorry guys, I’ve got to get (Bush) to back to the trainers room. He would not know what to do without rehabbing something.

    Total waste of money this guy has been.

  2. “he’s one of the hardest workers I’ve been around, especially in the weight room.”

    Is being the hardest worker in the weight room the right “plan of attack” for fixing a struggling QB’s issues. How about more film study. Maybe the new virtual thingy could help with his pocket presence, if it can accurately simulate pass rushes. That might help him be less jumpy.

    1. That’s a nice way of dodging the question by Bush. By saying that, Bush gave a positive compliment without acknowledging any of CK’s weaknesses.

      1. You might want to revisit the statline of the Vikings vs 49ers during that rookie year of Petersons….

        1. You may want to look up our roster for that year.

          I wasn’t referring to when AP played us, I was talking about his career day against the chargers I think it was.

  3. Perhaps Jed Y. will spring for some cast iron practice balls for QB7. Ellington and Patton better be on their practice A game or wear a ballistic breast plate. Sideline personnel and cheerleaders clear the area or suffer the consequences. What bunch of kids. A national embarrassment at seemingly all levels.

  4. “especially in the weight room”

    This is what we have all suspected. He is a great athlete who obviously takes care of his body.

    Lowell Cohn, recently interviewed by Tim Kawakami, talked about watching Joe Montana walking around the team headquaters and he always had a playbook in hand. Lowell called Montana a “grind”, he always worked hard on the mental side of the game. Admittedly, the plays were drawn up by Bill Walsh so he had good materiel to study.

    Are the coaches giving Collin good plays to study and how hard is he studying on the mental part of the game? He is a great athlete but it is becoming apparent that he may not be a great qb.

    1. Mike Nolan on drafting Players: “These are guys you can take home and have dinner with.”

      Jim Tomsula when asked how his team played: “These guys play hard–great bunch of guys.”

      Mike Singletary, Mike Nolan, Jim Tomsula when asked to expound on any game. Either (1) “I have to check the film,” or (2) “We have to meet as a team and go from there.”

      Reggie Bush on Kap (above): I see him talking to players….

      Bush is not about to criticize the field CEO and be cut. With this year’s injuries he’s one complaint from the unemployment line.

  5. This has Jed written all over it.

    The harbough leaks ended up with him getting fired

    This is Jed and Baalke setting up letting go of kap this summer.

    The fall guys are diminishing.

    Kap, Vernon Davis, joe staley, Navarro bowman are the only people left if any value to devalue and blame.

    Next it’s a couple position coaches, then tomsula.

    So Jed and Baalke have at least another year and half of slipping info to media and then firing people.

    I guess they hope that in that timeframe they can reload in talent and lure a good coach to come in.

  6. Bush gave canned answers to the questions in a directive given from Jed, Trent, and Paraage in an attempt to circle the wagons as the season spirals out of control.

    1. He’s still a pompous guy but a great football coach! He makes Tomsula look like an amateur

        1. You must mean like the great team from Stanford his first year when he beat USC in LA. Everyone on that team played on Sundays for years right?

          Walsh had great team talent for eight of his ten years with the 49ers so how did he lose out on winning the Superbowl five of those eight years? There are great opponents, that’s how.

            1. The point was that Stanford had Division II talent that year. The reference to playing Sunday was my poor inept attempt to be sarcastic.

    2. Yup, we all miss Harbaugh.
      What was interesting was his immediate reaction from him after the loss against MSU — something to the effect “Mistakes were made”. This is the first time I’ve heard him blame players for a loss.

  7. NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Raiders enter top half; Colts drop
    By Elliot Harrison

    Gnarly, man. That’s what Thursday night’s game was for San Francisco. Not that people use that kind of language anymore in the Bay Area, which has been overrun by techies and $5 million condos. Complain about Colin Kaepernick all you want, but the entire offense stunk it up, with only 142 total yards. At least the Niners made up for it by going 1 for 11 on third-down conversions. Back to Kaepernick for a second: Is he required to wear those Beats headphones in the postgame? I’d like to think he had them plugged into a MacBook, watching game film in solitude after that showing. Maybe?

  8. 1BA1982 ‏@1BA1982 · 12m12 minutes ago

    @DamonBruce Anybody who whines about U telling the truth about the 9ers ain’t a fan, they’re a Jed York PATSY, a sheep

    1. Comment probably directed fans like Seb and his illogical man crush on Hayne (now benched) and Kap, whose fastball hit an unfortunate person in the head on 49er’s sideline and had to be medically checked.

      1. TrollD, the Seahawk troll who kisses Sherman his pal’s arse end.
        TrollD, who engages in Schadenfreude, while true fans are hurting.
        The Niners are underperforming, and the coaches cannot make adjustments.
        They can still turn it around and at least become respectable. but TrollD is joyous and his pomposity shines from every orifice.
        I will still root for them to win games. TrollD can only spew venom.

    2. Nothing wrong with criticizing the 49ers. There’s plenty to criticize, that’s for sure. It’s just when it’s done in a super dopey way, with the poster in question writing the same things over and over again, it gets irritating.

      1. Well, when I talk about inviting the blitz and then burning them, then see Big Ben do exactly that, I will keep saying things that other teams seem to be able to do.
        When I say that Kaep should reduce his sacks by throwing quick slants and outlet passes, then see Eli do exactly that, I feel like the Niners need to learn from their mistakes.
        When I advocate the third down bomb, then see Carr execute that play to perfection, I just hope my saying those things might interest a poster who knows a coach.
        When I tell them to be bold, then see them timid and fearful to fail when they should be seizing the initiative, I repeat good advice, with little effect.
        When I advocate running the no huddle with quick snaps, then see them waste time outs or getting a delay of game penalty, I think they are not learning or listening, so repetition may make those points finally sink in.
        Believe me, there are a lot more irritating posters on this site, so a little repetition should not make you go crazy mad. I heartily invite you to ignore all my posts, if offended. I will just keep telling my point of view. I know that I do have an impact, because Greg Cosell mentioned that some posters are advocating letting Kaep leave the pocket. I think that he was directing that comment at me, because I have written myself hoarse advocating letting him move, as you well know.

        1. Seb all your suggestions are valid except for the fact #7 cannot do any of those consistently.
          The other part of all the suggestions he should do is they’ve tried everything. Pocket passer, read option, roll outs etc, etc.
          Broken record time: at the end of the day a NFL QB has to be able to play exclusively from the pocket in order to be successful. Otherwise you better have the 1985 Bears defense, the 1992 Cowboys offensive line, Bill Walsh coaching and Eddie D signing the cheques!

          1. I am appalled that a player they pay 14 million dollars to cannot get a play off in time. There is a basic competency issue here.
            Kaep really failed as a leader if the Aldon GF rumors are true. He basically drove his best pass rusher away from his team over a woman. SMH.

            1. All the beat reporters refer to Aldon’s ex girl friend. And Aldon’s repeated drunk driving driving along with serious a serious illegal fire arms violation caused York to terminate Aldon’s contract.

              You really shouldn’t be pilling on Colin because his performance disappoints you.

              1. A true leader is not uncommunicative and surly in press conferences, and a real friend does not covet a players GF. Kaep may have all the physical tools, but he needs to grow up before he can become a real leader. I am extremely disappointed with Kaep, and he may have shot himself in the foot too many times to salvage this season.

              2. Wow, Seb, you’re really going down the Girlfriend road? If the woman is seeing Colin, then by her definition she is no longer anyone else’s girlfriend. Not Aldon Smith’s or John Mayer’s or Sean Penn’s. No one has a claim or her or my daughter without their agreement. Get off of this gf stuff, it’s nobody’s business and the least of Colin’s problems.
                As to surly and uncommunicative leaders, I give you Parcells, Ditka, Billichek, Jim Harbaugh and your boy, George S. Patton.

              3. ” If the woman is seeing Colin, then by her definition she is no longer anyone else’s girlfriend. Not Aldon Smith’s or John Mayer’s or Sean Penn’s. No one has a claim or her or my daughter without their agreement.”

                +1, Brotha!

              4. “Aldon’s repeated drunk driving driving along with serious a serious illegal fire arms violation caused York to terminate Aldon’s contract.”

                I agree, HT, and will add that Aldon’s poor choices and apparent lack of contrition for those poor choices are his own responsibility, regardless of whether or not someone else’s actions upset him.

              5. Patton lost his command due to slapping a shell shocked soldier.
                Parcells is no longer coaching and lost his GM positions.
                Ditka was a flash in the pan.
                Bellichick is good enough to be surly.
                JH could not man up, got fired, and now he is coaching young men.
                I prefer men like Bill Walsh, who was smart enough to out think the competition, even the press corps. He wrote a book about How to be a Champion. The first thing he wrote is to be a champion, you got to act like a champion. Destroying your season over a woman is petty and obtuse.

              6. “A true leader is not uncommunicative and surly in press conferences … .”

                Yep, because press conference demeanor is the true measure of leadership. It seems that you and TomD have finally found some common ground.

              7. JPN, when Aldon got so upset that he self destructed, he did not have friends around him that had his best interests at heart. I am reminded of this adage- With friends like that, who needs enemies?
                What is more important, to keep the best pass rusher on the team, or satisfy your libido and destroy any semblance of being a team leader?

              8. And you wonder why you are mocked. Wait — I forgot that you do not even realize you are being mocked. Sorry. Carry on.

              9. Kaep is not pitiable if he did what they say he did. He deserves all that has happened to him.
                I have been one of Kaep’s staunchest supporters, but if he cannot get a play off in time, I want a QB who is smart enough to be able to be at least competent. When he walks up to the line of scrimmage, looks confused and wastes a time out, I just SMH.
                Associating me with TrollD may seem snappy to you, but it is just snark.

              10. It is not Kap who is pitiable. And, as you often do, you mistake someone pointing out the irony and/or illogic of your posts for ‘snark’. SMH. ;)

              11. Mock away, I relish the challenge. Stop defending the indefensible. Kaeps actions drove away his best pass rusher. I consider that poor leadership.

              12. JPN. Again, you want to engage me, but you refuse to answer my questions. Sounds not only snarky, but cowardly too.

              13. What question, Seb? I thought your question was rhetorical (and poorly executed, at that).

                “What is more important, to keep the best pass rusher on the team, or satisfy your libido and destroy any semblance of being a team leader?”

                What is more important is to use better logic in constructing one’s questions so that they do not contain causal fallacies. As it is, the question is only answerable if one assumes the causal relationships you assume. As I do not assume those same relationships, the question is moot. Only fools answer questions constructed by fools.

              14. Oh boy…

                Thank god for Sebnynah.
                Those posts were incredible.
                I really needed those laughs in a season this bad.
                I wish we had him in 2007.

              15. JPN, I see you doubling down. Getting back the GF issue, you may not understand relationship dynamics very well. If a woman dumps you for another man, it hurts. Kaep should have stepped back and given Aldon time to recover, then asked politely later if he could start seeing her. Obviously, Aldon felt like Kaep stabbed him in the back, and his recent remarks confirm what some have up to now have whispered.
                Again, I ask you. Is it important to keep the best pass rusher on the team? Looking at how anemic the pass rush has been, to me, it is a crucial problem for the team.
                I think you are foolish if you think it is not important, and the whole GF fiasco may doom their season.

              16. “Again, I ask you. Is it important to keep the best pass rusher on the team?”

                It is important, but that is not what you asked above. Your original questions assumed a causal structure that rendered the question unanswerable without assuming the same causal fallacies that you had assumed.

                It is unfortunate that Aldon Smith was apparently not capable of handling the situation in a mature manner. It is also unfortunate that he took actions that were detrimental to his career and the team. No one else is to blame for his poor decisions, both in years past or more recently.

                The rest of your post is high school nonsense and harkens back to outdated notions of patriarchal control of females. SMH

              17. Well, at least you answered my question, instead of falling back into lawyerese.
                I concede that Aldon could have handled the situation more maturely, but real friends act like friends, not sharks.
                I am sorry I had to accuse you of cowardice to extract an answer, but this whole sorry mess has upset me greatly. There have been way too many unforced errors, with little accountability.
                Understanding relationship dynamics with huge fragile egos goes way beyond High School nonsense, it is a part of life, and needs to be factored in when discussing repercussions.

              18. Seb,

                I answered the latest question simply because you finally posed the question in a manner in which it was answerable without assuming fallacious causal relationships. If you had not, I would not have answered.

                As for Smith and relationship dynamics, fractured egos are the responsibility of those who allow themselves to be fractured. I will agree that one should not go out of one’s way to harm the ego of those who are emotionally immature, but, absent malicious intent, I also do not believe one should subvert one’s own interests solely on account of the emotionally immaturity of others.

              19. Seb you never refer to the young lady in question as Aldon’s ex girlfriend while beat reporters always do. Has it ever occurred to you that the young lady may have declared herself an ex girlfriend because she could no longer deal with Aldon’s alcoholic self destructive behavior?

                Based on your moral view of women I should have not married my wife of 52 years because she divorced her first husband who was our classmate in high school. One of our other classmates forbid his wife (another classmate) to associate with either of us. Your comments about Colin seem similar to me.

                You make it sound like someone called dibs on her, and regardless of what she wanted, Aldon owned her – at least among his “teammates”.

                Where was Aldon’s concern for his teammates when he acquired three illegal automatic weapons, fired a weapon at his house party, was found collided with a tree, became argumentative with airport security, or left the scene of a finder binder while intoxicated?

              20. “Based on your moral view of women I should have not married my wife of 52 years because she divorced her first husband who was our classmate in high school. One of our other classmates forbid his wife (another classmate) to associate with either of us. Your comments about Colin seem similar to me.”

                That was very selfish of you, HT, to put your own happiness and that of your wife above the fragile egos of others. You must not be a true leader. Alas, I am likely guilty of similar transgressions, thus marking myself as not a true leader as well. We are lucky we have Seb to be our moral compass and show us the errors of our ways.

              21. Ht, I have been happily married for only 28 years. However, before I was married, I would have asked my friend the status of his relationship with his GF before even thinking about asking her out. Kaep obviously did not do that, because Aldon became very upset. Even if she said the relationship is over, it is just common decency to ask him first, to make sure he did not still have feelings for her. Some times, it is better to wait, and let things cool down before jumping in with both feet. Say what you will, the end result is that Aldon is not playing for the Niners, and the lack of a pass rush is dooming the season. Of course Aldon needs to become more mature, but a true leader would think about how his actions would affect his relationship with one of the best defensive players on the team.
                Usually I say that players’ private lives should be off limits, but when the Niners lose their best pass rusher over an ex GF, it affects the team and is relevant. I consider her the Delilah, the one who weakened the Niners.

              22. Seb, the people who discussed this issue with you do understand you, and we also are clear on what you understand.

        2. Seb

          …You’re advocating teaching High School football to a 5th year Pro QB ?….Face reality…Kaep is like a dead battery; a surge here or there, then darkness

          1. What? Some one referenced high school romances, but I want Kaep to stop playing ineffective boring and predictable football, and re establish his dominance by letting him move outside the pocket so he becomes a double threat.

  9. No qb drafted or picked up is going to make us better it is the oline.worst in nfl middle right. Blame trent that’s who this belongs to.this is Alex Smith all over and when and if we draft a qb it will be the same in till we fix the terrible oline period

    1. Shssst, ec9er, you might shake the hornets nest with comments like that.
      Remember, it’s all Kaep’s fault.
      Once he’s gone the sun will shine and roses will bloom (haha).

      1. We know that’s exactly what was expected when they started the ball rolling down hill last February 2014.

      2. Wait, I said that in another post. There is an echo here. Weird.

        We don’t just need an OL. We need a TE a WR who is big, young, fast and can stay healthy. A good interior DL who can tie up two blockers and generate pressure up the middle. Some competent interior ILBs who can tackle before RBs get into the secondary. Oh, and a semi accurate passer with decent mechanics, good leadership skills and the sense to lay off his buddies girlfriends.

        1. The echo that you hear is based on not understanding what I meant.

          “Once he’s gone the sun will shine and roses will bloom (haha).” … AES

          Jed expected that getting rid of Harbaugh would provide what AES is referring to sarcastically. Now the same machine is being recognized as processing Kaepernick,s departure. Jed will be disappointment again because there is still a rat in the building.

          Until there is a football brain with power installed to oversee selecting a new GM who then will have the power, unimpeded, to select a new HC, who will then have the power to select his staff, nothing good will happen.

          The new football brain at the top should also have a long range concept that goes further than Parcells.

          It trite to say it, but looking for better new players without a solid long range plan, guided by someone with talent, is like moving the deck chairs around on you know what.

          As Jed has wisely said, his job is to write checks and make sure the grass is growing.

    1. Thanks for posting, Mood. This is good stuff. Goff is still a favorite of mine although I worry about his slight build in our division. Check out Paxton Lynch of Memphis.

      1. I hear that Lynch is pretty good, but I am not much of a talent evaluator :) College QBs start off with such a steep learning curve to become an NFL QB, it’s tough to say who’ll pan out after 2-3 seasons. All I know is that without the right coaching staff and commitment to develop rookie QBs, teams have only a small chance of hitting on a franchise QB by sheer luck.

      2. I like Connor Cook and Cardale Jones, so a QB could be found in the second round, especially since the mock drafts I have seen do not have a QB going in the first round.

  10. es anyone who thinks other wise is crazy!!!oline is one of the most important positions in football for the qb.anyone we draft or pick up will look the same behind this oline,sorry it is the worst in the nfl.Everyone can complain about JT all they want it is not his fault it’s Balkee period.Ok I got a qb trying to learn new aspects of the game e.g.footwork going threw reads.College qb or kap or whoever. I got an idea let’s get the worst players at there position and see if the qb is any good.any qb we get or have will be destroyed behind this oline period.u have to give the qb a comfort zone, we don’t have it .Alex Smith 2.0 is what this season is anyone who denies it has never watched a Alex Smith game ……plead for Goff or cook or whoever all u want in the end they will meet the same till the line is fixed we will obleterate any qb playing for this team

    1. Its so funny how almost all the niner fans I KNOW gave up on Alex smith and now those same fans are asking why they let him go. Kap has issues but he probably is the most athletic qb the niners have ever had, outside of maybe steve young. The oline and play calling in my eyes have been the big issue over the last few years. Kap has no time to throw the ball. He still misses sometimes when he does but he’s not perfect, no body is. He needs consistent blocking to find a comfort zone and he can lite it up. He needs to be himself and not worry about being a pocket passer. Most of the games he lit it up came when he was able to throw on the run, run the ball and had the time to find a receiver. Some of the wideouts look to give up on plays when they think kap is going to be sacked and kap gets a second chance to throw but nobody is open because they gave up. I don’t know, I’m not a expert but I think kap can win a superbowl whether its here or with the niners or somebody else.

    2. Sir, you speak the wisdom of the ages. It is so true. Also, the Niners need a pass rusher, or they will have more games like the Giants game. It will not matter if Kaep or the next Niner QB scores to get the lead, only to have Eli or another QB march down the field to win it for the opposition, because of no pass rush.

  11. Kaepernick is a disaster and never deserved to be the starting QB. So tough luck all the garbage is piling on him. As for Reggie Bush; Who in the world would take anything serious he says? He’s got no credibility on any level. It’s still unbelievable that the 49ers brought him on.

  12. If anyone wants to point a finger, it needs to be pointed at balkee.JT has no control of the roster, but guess who does Balkee.In my non expert opinion that’s where the problem lies.Has JT been out coached, yeah but guess what that was to be expected at least in my eyes it was.the oline being so terrible has one person’s finger print on it and that is balkee Blame all the players and coaches u want. My grandpa use to say u can polish a turd all u want in the end it’s still a turd and that has to do with balkee.if he thought for a minute the guys he got were any good that just shows how bad of a talent evaluator he is period.or he just wanted us to fail

    1. Its true what you say about Baalke, but better coaching would have the team playing better in lots of respects. They look confused and unprepared on both sides of the ball. JH wouldn’t be 2 and 5. It was really dumb however to not get a reliable back up for Hyde. Bush and Hayne don’t work. All of us here questioned Hyde’s durability.

    1. Am I the only one that thinks it’s funny to ask if Colin is going to continue to play well against the Rams and then follow up that question by asking if he’ll get benched if he plays poorly?

    2. What is PFF’s grade for Jimmie Ward this year? My understanding is he’s grading out decently, though I don’t have access. I believe prior to the Ravens game he had +1.9 coverage grade, and he was graded +1.2 vs the Seahawks.

      The theme that Ward is a bust must of course be perpetuated, but his play this season speaks otherwise.

      1. I don’t think Ward has lived up to his draft status. Neither really has any of Baalkes top picks.
        I like Ward and he could still be an asset. The problem right now is every single player is under the microscope and we need better contributions from all these guys.
        Would not surprise me if a new regime came in and Ward was expendable.

        1. I think he is performing to his draft status for now, but the hope would be he develops into a play-maker over the next year or two.

          #30 pick that has been a starter since day 1 and progressively improving, and is receiving mostly positive grades from PFF this year. That’s what you hope for from the #30 pick in his second season, that has only played 17 career games so far. If he stays the player he is today for his entire career he’ll be a disappointment, as what he currently is is an ok starting nickel back. But he’s on the right track for now.

          I think the issue is a lot of fans expect #1 picks to be dominant from the get go, or at least be impact players (in a good way). Not many are, in reality.

          1. If we are talking Baalkes drafts then yes he is on course to possibly be a good player after maybe, 1-2 years. Big maybe!
            My expectations for 1st round
            picks from1-30 is that they demonstrate some big play capability. Some electricity in their play.
            I haven’t seen that to date in Ward but then again, I haven’t seen that in any of Baalkes selections over the past couple years.

            1. From what I have seen of Ward the past few games he looks like a guy that isn’t far away from making that leap from an ok DB that plays pretty sound coverage and doesn’t give up many big plays to a DB that gets his hands on the ball. But time will tell whether he does take that leap.

              1. I agree. Ward seems to be improving weekly and just being healthy and playing regularly is the likely reason why. His foot finally appears to be holding up and I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen so far this season.

              2. Well Scooter it looks like he has now been passed over by last years 1st round pick.
                Doesn’t look like Ward has impressed too many people at 4949!

              3. Prime,

                The kid hasn’t even played the equivalent of a full season yet and has just recovered from the foot injury that caused him problems for the last year and a half. Give him some time to show what he can do before writing him off.

              4. Rocket if he is still hurt that’s one thing. But he isnt. He’s been replaced by a rookie, what does that tell you?
                The problem is Baalke drafting these kids with injury baggage. Crabtree, Ward, the RB from South Carolina, Dial, Tank Carridine, Brandon Thomas.
                Wasted picks!

                Seattle who has chosen with less picks and in later rounds comes out with this physical specimens who play hard and fast. Instead we are coddling these guys. Like you say “give him some time”. Meanwhile the rest of our divison and their rosters makes ours look like a day care!

              5. Prime,

                He wasn’t replaced by a rookie. His role on this team has been as a slot CB and he’ll continue on in that role. I don’t disagree with you on the wisdom of drafting of injured players, but Ward looks like he’s improving, at least to me.

                Seattle really hasn’t drafted all that well either Prime. Look at their team and tell me where they have drafted explosion every year? They got lucky with late round picks in Sherman and Chancellor, and they had a great year in 2012 when they got Wagner and Wilson who became key pieces, but their drafts overall have been pretty mediocre especially in the early rounds. They don’t have much talent at WR, Oline or RB behind Lynch. They have little depth at LB and DB. Their best Dlineman, TE and RB are FA acquisitions.

                Seattle has drafted some solid starters no doubt, but explosive players in the first round? Second round? Not really. Their best picks have been in the late rounds or UDFA’s.

              6. On the depth chart Ward is listed as a safety. The starting safety goes down, next guy up you would think is Ward. He isn’t. So to me he’s been by passed.
                You don’t draft a slot corner at 30 do you? If so, another reason to fire Baalke!
                As for Seattle exactly what I said. They have chosen studs in the later rounds that have big play capability.

                Seattles draft picks that are studs with big play capability:
                Tyler Lockett:5th round

                Bobby Wagner:4th round

                Chris Matthews: 2nd round

                Bruce Irvin:4th round

                Thomas Rawles: undrafted but better than any of our RB’s on the depth chart.

              7. Prime, find them prior to the 2016 draft and then put them in a hermetically sealed envelope addressed to Trent Baalke. After the draft is over, reveal to us your picks….

              8. Prime,

                Wagner was a second round pick, Lockette was a 3rd round pick, Irvin was a first round pick and Matthews was brought in as a FA. I would take Hyde over anybody the Seahawks have right now including Lynch as he’s coming to the end of his career.

                The Seahawks have really not drafted well since 2012. They had the good fortune to hit on two late picks at CB and S along with their 1st rounder at S, to form the nucleus of a great secondary. They got Wagner who was a great 2nd round pick and the heart of their defense and then it’s a mix of pretty good to average players and FA’s that round it out. Irvin hasn’t panned out as the pass rusher they thought they were getting which is why they had to go out and sign Avril and Bennett as FA’s. Their Oline picks haven’t panned out, RB picks haven’t panned out, hell you can pick out many areas their picks haven’t panned out for that matter which is why they are struggling now that the core guys have been paid and they have to rely on depth players they drafted.

              9. Prime, as the others have said, Ward is the starting nickel back. Unless Tartt has taken over that role, how has he been surpassed? Tartt was listed as the backup SS, so not sure how having Tartt step in as the starting SS when Bethea gets hurt comes as any kind of surprise.

              10. Boy, you really were re-writing history there, Prime! You need to re-check what rounds those guys were drafted in.

              11. Tomsula says ““Yeah. Jaquiski is there. Obviously we have between Jaquiski and [DB] Jimmie [Ward], we’ve got two guys there that play the safety”

                But Tarrt was chosen to start. So who do they think is better and therefore who has been surpassed?

              12. Worth noting that Tartt was “chosen” according to the PR person’s depth chart. Tomsula has not said who will be starting. And its interesting to see when Tomsula was asked if Tartt would take that role, he was quick to mention Ward as a possible replacement too.

                But I would be surprised if they did move Ward to the starting safety role. Yeah, Ward can play safety. They could move Reid over to SS, have Ward play FS. He is the starting nickel back though, and that would mean moving two players out of their starting positions. Ward’s on the field most plays already. If you put him at safety, who plays the slot?

              13. Id like to D. Johnson given another shot at it. Not sure why the coaches have soured on him.

              14. D. Johnson hasn’t played in the slot all year, Prime. When he was playing, Brock moved into the slot. But Brock sucked in the slot.

                Johnson doesn’t have the lateral quickness to hold up in the slot. He’s a perimeter CB.

            2. Well Prime,

              The problem is your expectations, not Ward as a pick.
              They are just unrealistic.

              It’s funny how people just assume that EVERY first round pick should be a star player and yet, every year, more than 50% of the selected players in the first round never become stars. Let alone a guy picked at 30.

              1. Well then maybe someone at 4949 should do a better job at picking those 1st rounders hey?
                I mean if it’s a crap shoot like you suggest that only 50% make it, then every team should trade out of the 1st round every time.
                Or maybe they could do a better job of evaluating, scouting and selecting!
                My point is Baalke has killed the 49ers because he has taken flyers on injured guys like Ward.

              2. I did not say only 50%.
                I said it is fewer than 50%. And that’s for the whole first round.

                You said that your expectation for a 30th pick is “that they demonstrate some big play capability. Some electricity in their play”.

                Maybe you could take a look at the last 10 picks of the first round from 2011 to 2014 and see how many players meet your criteria.

                Maybe I’m wrong but my feeling it is way less than 50%.

                That’s not to say that every team should trade out of the first round every time. It’s just that it is a difficult job and every time you get a solid starter out of the 30th pick you should be happy with the pick.

                Fans want star players from every first round pick but that’s just not realistic.
                No NFL team gets that.

              3. I took a look at the last 10 picks from round one through 2011-2014 and here is the electricity big play capability I’m talking about:
                2011:Muhammad Wilkerson
                2012:Doug Martin
                2013:DeAndre Hopkins
                2014:Kelvin Benjamin

                Now of course the draft is hindsight after the fact. All those players I listed have big play capability selected in the later part of round 1. So if done throughly it can be done. Baalkes hasn’t done it.
                He did not do it in 2012 with AJ Jenkins, in 2013 with Eric Reid, 2014 with Jimmie Ward.
                All marginal players but still young. The fact is you would think 50% of those guys would have some big play capability. They don’t, they are just average players.

              4. Prime,

                Those are just 4 guys out of 40 picks, or 10% (and it’s even subjective also because Doug Martin is very debatable if it is such a good pick).

                Did you just find these 4 players in those drafts that meet your criteria?
                Even if I thought there would not be many, I expected more.

                Because, like I said, if 10% is the sucess rate for getting players with “electricity big play capability”, you cannot fault any GM for not getting one with a pick in the 23-32 range.

                In fact, he could find just one in 10 drafts and perform like league average. If he could find 2 he would be well above.

              5. Al I think those 4 picks prove my point. You can find good players, playmakers in the later round in the 1st.
                My point is with Baalke picking since 2011, he hasn’t hit on any big play capability type players.
                Of course I could find players selected in the later part of round 1 that don’t have big play capability. That’s the NFL the draft but when you have not hit at least one in 4 years, that’s why you are 2-5!

              6. They don’t prove your point at all.
                Actually, they do just the opposite.

                If all you can find are 4 players out of 40, you can’t say you expect a pick in that range to be a high impact player. After all, 90% won´t be, so you HOPE to get a star player but you cannot EXPECT that.

                Of course it’s possible to get those kind of players in the late first round picks. It’s possible to get them at almost any round, in fact.

                Just look at Chancelor, Sherman, Brady, Aaron Lynch, Antonio Brown, and many others.

                But just because some late round picks become great players it doesn’t mean mostly will too. The same goes for the late first rounders.

              7. Al how many more players would you like me to list? The point was as you said it’s hard to find impact players late in the 1st round. I did! I can find more if you like?

              8. Prime,

                An article was written in 2012 outlining the rate of Pro Bowl appearance of NFL first round picks. The article covered the preceding ten years and showed that the chances of a first round pick appearing in at least one Pro Bowl is 31%, and only 17% for two or more Pro Bowl appearances.

                Of course, many of the players in the study have much of their career ahead of them, and may make the pro bowl in the future, but the success rate (as indicated by %Pro Bowls made) is so low, that I don’t think the future appearances to come for a few of the players would change what this study shows: the NFL draft is hard.

              9. Prime, having a player come in from pick #30 and be a high impact player from day 1 is against the norm, and thereby should be a player that exceeds expectations (at least early in their career). Expecting all picks at #30 to be high impact players because it is possible to find them (at a low rate of probability) is destined to lead to disappointment in the long term.

                Also, worth noting that Wilkerson, another #30 pick that you listed above, while an excellent player now, was just a decent starting DL his first season (though good for a rookie), that gradually got better and became a dominant player in his 3rd season.

              10. “Al how many more players would you like me to list? The point was as you said it’s hard to find impact players late in the 1st round. I did! I can find more if you like?”

                If you say you expect a player in the 23-32 range to be an impact player I guess you should find at least more than 50%, so 21 players.

                I said it’s really hard and you found 4 players (one kind of questionable) out of 40 players. That’s 10%, which actually proves my point.
                How much harder does it need to be?

                But I know now you are not trying to make a reasonable argument.
                You’re just ranting against everything 49ers. That’s ok.

            3. Prime,

              Are you describing your expectations, or your hopes, for a first round pick? Because if you’re describing what you think each 49er first round pick should be, you’re not being realistic. Take a look are how different each first round is in a “redraft” article for any given year. Then you might see how difficult the NFL draft actually is.

              The success rate of first round picks is nowhere near as high as you seem to think it is. Getting a good starter in the late first round is a successful pick. Ward is that already, is still improving, with the potential to be a play maker, should he ever get the chance to play FS.

              1. I’m talking about a guy who can make big plays. Whether it’s a catch or run to the house, sacks, tackling machine.
                The 49ers have not drafted a game changer since Patrick Willis!

            4. It’s kind of curious how Prime and FDM have the same argument against Ward and also make the same mistakes about the rounds and years players were drafted.

              1. No sense in developing Hayne because there’s a chance he might fumble and cost the 49ers a playoff run….

              2. Razor, Hayne looks nervous back there. It might be in his best interest to learn the NFL game more and practice more.
                If he continues to fumble he might be out of the league. He was a high risk low reward type of player anyways.

              3. I’ve got a better idea, let the Seahawks have him and show the 49ers how to use him….

        2. “I don’t think Ward has lived up to his draft status. Neither really has any of Baalkes top picks.”

          That’s not true at all, although it is a popular notion lately.

          2010 – Both first round picks performed really well.
          2011 – Aldon Smith was a great pick and performed superbly before having problems off the field.
          2012 – Terrible, no arguments.
          2013 – It was a really bad class and even though Baalke got one of the few notable players:
          2014 – Ward has been solid so far and has been improving. It’s always a good pick when you get a Slot CB starter that grade positively most of the games, with the 30th pick.
          2015 – Too early to tell.

          So, except for 2012, all of Baalke’s first round picks have lived up to their draft status so far.
          That they had to be cut (Aldon), letf in FA (Iupati) or retired (A. Davis) is another whole issue. As is that Baalke could have picked even better players.

          But to say his first round picks have not live up to their draft status is just not true.

          1. Allan,
            But this is all objective and fact-driven — which totally disqualifies it from consideration in this discussion!
            Objectively, Baalke’s overall picks over his tenure with the Niners have been above average, and his picks of defensive players have been very good.
            However, he has whiffed badly in recent years on the offensive side, not just on the picks, but also ignoring drafting QBs based on BPA. That has definitely been a problem.

            1. Agreed.

              The picks for the offensive side have hurt us. Specially the skill players.

              That´s a problem we have had for year’s already, not just with Baalke.

          2. Baalke’s approach of stockpiling picks is exactly what a GM should be doing since successful drafting is a numbers game. Had he been willing and able to attract solid offensive talent evaluator(s) and acted on their advise, he would not bee in this bad position. He never transcended the limitations of the Parcellosaurus Age of offensive football from which he had emerged, and hence he must go.

            1. Mood:

              Unfortunately if the 49ers are going to become a force within the next year or so, we will need high draft picks to perform at a high level right out of the gate. I know that many here believe that that is an unrealistic attitude to have, but again if the desire is to become competitive again ASAP, it has to happen. Now if the reality is that it most likely can’t happen because it’s unrealistic to expect 1st rounders to contribute at a high level immediately, then we need to adjust our expectations. Still, I have to believe the probability of selecting immediate starters within the first five picks is significantly higher than selecting them at the lower end of the first round.

              1. Cubus,

                I don’t know if you included me when you said “I know that many here believe that that is an unrealistic attitude to have”, but I take the opportunity to say that I totally agree that “we will need high draft picks to perform at a high level right out of the gate”.

                I don’t think it is unrealistic to expect a top 10 pick to be really good.
                It’s a difficult goal to reach, but it’s doable.

                That’s exactly what we got from Aldon Smith, for example.

                What I think is unrealistic is to expect EVERY 1st round pick to perform at a very high level.
                History shows that it’s much more difficult to get an impact player in the second portion of the first round so we should adjust expectations accordingly.

                That’s not to say that we should not aim to get a star player on every pick. It’s just that we should not label solid players as busts if they don’t get to become impact players.

              2. Expectations do need to be adjusted to the reality that exists now with all the faults/strengths of Jed, Baalke, Baalke’s staff, Tomsula, Tomsula’s staff, and the current roster including the “taxi squads of all thirty two teams”.

                Right now we/they are not who we/they told ourselves/themselves we/they are.

              3. Cubus and Allan,

                I agree with both of you.

                One is a hope and desire, the other is reality. It would be great if the two can intersect…

              4. Cubus, you are correct that for this team to turn things around next season they will likely need their high draft picks in the upcoming draft to be impact players from day 1. However, it is still unlikely to happen. Which is why it is unlikely the team will turn this around in one season.

                What they also need is for the guys taken in 2014 and 2015 to be developing into quality starters. They need 3-4 guys to develop into high impact players, and others to become solid starters.

            2. Hmmmmm, well if so I hope they have a better plan for recruitment and continuity than they did at the last amputation, er mutual parting.

          3. In 2010, both guys are gone. One because of retirement, the other because the GM was a moron to let a solid young guard leave via free agency with no real replacement in site.

            2011: Aldon Smith, good player, bad human being and will be suspended again once the investigation gets done.

            2012: Enough said

            2013: Ward is being looked over by last years 1st round pick. How is that promising?

            2014: Eric Armstead. Too early to tell but my guess is he could have been chosen a lot later. Without hindsight of course, the 49ers needed some punch in their lineup and could have chosen Shane Ray, Phillip Dorsett.

            1. FDM,

              Regarding 2010 and 2011, I guess you missed the part when I said:
              “That they had to be cut (Aldon), letf in FA (Iupati) or retired (A. Davis) is another whole issue.”

              I don’t think Ward is being “looked over by last year’s 1st round pick. (this year’s 2nd, actually)

              Tartt will (probably) be a starting safety and Ward will remain the starting slot CB.
              I don’t know why that’s such a bad thing. Hopefully they are both good players.

              We also got their years wrong.
              2013 was Reid. Ward was 2014 and Armstead is 2015.
              And his name is Arik, not Eric.

              When you come to think of it, that’s a lot of facts you got wrong in just one post.

              I get the feeling by your response that you think I’m defending Baalke’s tenure. That’s not the case (although I don’t think he did as bad in the draft as many think).

              I’m just arguing that saying his first round draft picks have not lived up to their draft status is, in my view, a false statement.

              1. Allan you say:

                “I don’t think Ward has lived up to his draft status. Neither really has any of Baalkes top picks.”

                That’s not true at all, although it is a popular notion lately.

                Ward was drafted in the 1st round as a safety. Last years pick Tartt was also drafted as a safety. Now he starts in place of Ward. How does that happen if you have performed well enough?

              2. Ward = starting slot CB and backup FS.
                Tartt = backup SS.
                Bethea = starting SS.

                When the starting SS gets hurt, who do you think should take his spot? The starting slot CB and backup FS, or the backup SS?

                It would seem pretty obvious.

            2. Not that I’m giving Baalke a pass on anything regarding the draft, but not resigning Iupati was the right thing to do imo. He was a good run blocker, terrible pass protector who got paid at the top of the OG wage scale. No way I overpay for what he brings to the table. Throw in the fact he’s also had injury issues the past couple of years and it’s pretty much a no brainer to let him walk imo.

              1. Everyone gets over paid in free agency. The problem with not signing Iupati was no qualified replacement was achieved.
                Yes he struggled with pass protection but he was a beast in the run game.Pro bowler in fact. He’s only 28 and what’s to say he would not improve that part of the game? You give Ward the benefit of the doubt but not Iupati? You know it takes awhile for oline to develop! Hypocrite!
                He might be Baalkes best 1st round pick since 2011 and you let him walk for nothing? That was dumb when you look at the 49ers issue all along the line!

              2. Prime,

                Are you just arguing for arguments sake? Ward has played in 15 games. We had Iupati for 5 years. He was a liability in pass protection after 5 years. He was near the bottom of PFF’s rankings. He was not worth 8 million a year. Out of Davis, Kilgore and Iupati, I’d say Iupati is the guy they miss the least to be honest.

            3. Tartt was drafted this year.

              Ward was drafted primarily as a slot CB and a possible future safety.
              He has been the slot CB starter since then and Tartt is not replacing him as a slot CB.

              And, since most here appear to rely a lot on their stats (I’m not one of them), Ward has been grading well in PFF’s as a slot CB.

            4. FDM,

              Bethea is a SS.

              Ward is a FS.

              Tartt is a SS.

              Bethea is injured, so Tartt is replacing him.

              In the meantime, Ward is maintaining his starting slot CB position.

              How is it that Tartt has passed Ward?

    3. – Can Jimmie Ward Cover Tavon Austin Man to Man? Quinton Dial can… if he falls on him and refuses to let him back up.

      – Will Jaquiski Tartt Bite on Another Play-Action Fake? With a name like Tartt, how can he not take a bite?

      – Will Colin Kaepernick Continue to Play Well Against the Rams? Not unless Hyde’s foot is good to go. Against good defenses without the aid of play action, CK will get eaten alive.

      – Will Colin Kaepernick Get Benched at Halftime If He Plays Poorly? No. When the 49ers are getting walloped, they run/punt, run/punt, run/punt, run/punt to keep the score within a respectable five touchdowns.

      Seriously, giving up on games 2 scores down in the mid 4th this goes back to Nolan, Singletary and yes… Harbaugh. Why break tradition? It won’t matter who the QB at that moment.

  13. People do what they are familiar with and Kaep loves the weight room, the guy has great physical skills but lacks football smarts and your not going to find that with a bunch of barbells. He needs to be in the film room and look at Joe Montana film.

    1. They should have all those taped meetings by Bill Walsh put on a loop so the players and coaches can learn from a legend at any time of the day. Kaep also needs to throw passes over and over until he can throw it before the player makes his break.

  14. I am officially fatigued by the team I have lived and died with for my (!gasp!) 50 years. I am tired. I went to Levi’s once last year, I will not ever be back, at least for NFL. I cannot imagine what a dough-boy like Jed must think when he looks at himself in a mirror I am sure he spent 100 g’s on. That is his personal trial.

    1. The San Francisco 49ers would never let an opponent eat turkey on their logo.

      The Santa Clara 49ers would meekly ask “would you like some spuds and gravy?”

      The Debartolo/Yorks need to write the following on their $100K mirrors before making any more personnel decisions: “The 49ers have never won a Super Bowl with a team that didn’t have players once coached by Bill Walsh.”

    2. Maximus, I am right there with you. This isn’t like the mid-2000’s when we just sucked. We are an embarrassment and disaster. After nearly 40 years following this team, I find myself really not giving a s**t anymore. In fact, I find myself wanting them to just blow the whole thing up and start from scratch. I mean, the veterans we do have with any value, will be washed up by the time we are competitive again. Hell, Boone will likely be somewhere else next year. This team is better off trading Davis, Kaepernick, and Bowman at season’s end, drafting Goff and hoping he becomes a franchise QB. The fact is, no one ever knows how these prospects will transition to the NFL. Aaron Rodgers lasted until the mid-1st because no one thought he was that good…it was considered another “weak class”. Derek Carr was a second round pick. Right now, Mariota looks lost, Winston who knows, it’s a crap shoot, but one every team has to try and find the next Brady.

      What I will say, is the things Goff does well are tough to teach at the next level: accuracy, pocket awareness, making throws under constant pressure (for three years), moving through progressions, excellent feet and positioning. Those are all things that 90% of the Kraeppy QB’s can’t do at the next level. When it is all said and done, he will be the top QB rated in the draft for those reasons. Paxton Lynch is ultimately just another great athlete playing QB. We’ve seen how that worked out for us. He reminds me of Jake Locker coming out of college. Watch both of their highlights, it’s scary how similar they are.

    1. Yeah, maybe the NFL needs to stop drafting athletes to play QB and look at who the really good one’s are. Hell, half of them can’t run :)

  15. Whoa! We’re all wallowing in the negative, LOL! Yeah, me too! Look, it’s been twenty years since SF won a SB; we’re kinda old news in that regard. We were competitive for a window, but now, well, not so much.
    So, screw it, let’s get competitive again!
    World Series in the 13th Inning? Okay, that’s dramatic.

    1. We have returned to a period in 49er history that I’ve been in many times. All you can do is enjoy each play, but instantly discard all memory of the bad ones and look to the next play. You can also follow selected individuals and watch their progress.

      The great years actually weren’t as constantly great as some people seem to remember. There were a lot of years when the team fell short of the Superbowl, but it only became a curse when the owners, including Eddie, came to believe that winning the Superbowl was a birthright. Anything short of a birthright win was a major failure and someone has to pay. Who bought into that birthright idea?

      1. Did you actually live through the 80’s and 90’s. I did and they were unprecedented years. Every year we were in the hunt. We missed the playoffs twice in 16 years. We were in the NFC Championship Game almost every year during that stretch. We won 5 Super Bowls in 13 years. The closest to that level of success would probably be the Steelers of the 70’s (4 SB’s in 6 years). The problem is most people who are under 40 don’t have a clue of how special that time was and the mark we left.

        1. DaNiners,

          Ht has been a fan since the team played at Kezar Stadium.

          I became a fan in the late 70’s as a kid and got to see the run in the 80’s and 90’s. Ht is right, they did fall short a number of times and had some really embarrassing losses in big games. The success far outweighed the failures but there were setbacks and unfulfilled expectations even back then. Unfortunately that has no bearing on the last 20 years which have been mostly disappointing and forgettable.

          I will always cherish the years Walsh ran this team and the years after when Seifert took over as HC. I even look back fondly at Mariucci’s time because from the day he was fired it’s been a chamber of horrors with a 3 year reprieve under Harbaugh. To see this team in the situation it is now is truly depressing.

          1. I became a fan in the late 70s as well, and I agree with both Rocket and HT. Yes, the 49ers Super Bowl era was filled with overall greatness, but there were plenty of stinkers along the way.

            And moreover, the overall greatness does not negate HT’s point that, over time, the high points of the era of greatness overshadowed the low points and the struggles and generated unrealistic expectations, even before Eddie D was ousted. Unfortunately for Jed, he has inherited not only his father’s unrealistic expectations, but he has also absorbed Eddie’s attitude from the 90s, when Eddie had forgotten what it was like to struggle up from mediocrity and create something great.

        2. I didn’t say those were bad years, but they didn’t satisfy the “Superbowl of Get Fired” mantra that Eddie came to hold as ultimate truth. I doubt that he has felt that way in a long time, but his nephew seems to have gone a step further.

          Game number one in 1946 was when I started following the 49ers. Does it matter?

          I was an eighth grader who got a youth seasons ticket to Stanford’s home games for my birthday. Stanford lost all their games that year. The radio and the sports section of the news paper was my access to the 49ers until later in high school.
          s home games

          1. Sorry, I don’t have an edit capability.

            “Superbowl of Get Fired” > “Superbowl or Get Fired”

      2. Great advice. I would add one thing, don’t get swallowed by the internet on the team either.

      3. Amen HT.

        That’s that same mentality I was talking to Prime a few posts above regarding first round picks.

        We have to get over those unrealistic expectations of:
        Season = Super Bowl or failure
        First Round Pick = Star Player or bust

        1. I’m not getting swallowed by the Internet, so I didn’t join your debate, but I agree with you. It’s the dance where enjoyment is found, not the chest thumping of an occasional Superbowl win. Where is Buck Shaw now that we need him?

  16. Just curious, does anyone really see another win for this team based on their schedule. Their remaining home games are all against playoff caliber teams who are clearly better than them. The teams they arguably could beat are all away games and likely after they have lost to the rams, falcons and hawks. That would mean they would go into the stretch @ 2 – 8, headed into Chicago. By then, they would have mailed in the season. Not to mention, Fangio will be motivated and have his defense well-prepared against us.

    Basically, I am not sure I see this team winning another game. Having the first pick in draft is absolutely realistic.


    1. Well if they force Kaep to be only a pocket passer with Devey and Pears as turnstile line men, they might not win another game.
      However, Atlanta almost lost to the Titans, the Niners might split with the Rams, and Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit look almost as bad as the Niners, so there are 5 games they could possibly win, for a 7-9 season.
      At 7-9, the Niners will be assured a high draft pick, so they could get a highly rated pass rusher or O line help. If they draft a QB, I see a 4-12 record next year.

    2. They likely won’t win many more, but there are games that are winnable including this weekend. The Rams should win, but they are a one dimensional offense that the defense should be able to keep in check. It comes down to how well the Oline holds up in pass protection and whether the Niners can run the ball. Kap has a history of playing well against the Rams, but he’s not in a good place mentally right now so who knows what we are going to get.

      1. “Kap has a history of playing well against the Rams, but he’s not in a good place mentally right now so who knows what we are going to get.”


    3. It’s probable that the 49ers will win one or more games starting now. Remember Harbaugh beat the Mighty Trojans his first year at Stanford with a Division II squad.

      1. Check the Rams recent history with very high draft choices and some that got them great trade opportunities. It takes as long as required depending on the talent of the “organization” doing the rebuilding.

  17. For fans of the ultimate team sport, it is amazing how few seem to realize that every successful QB needs a solid offensive line. Kap of 2015 is no different than the Kap who beat Atlanta, Carolina, and Green Bay in road playoff games, and came within a lucky Sherman tipped interception of beating the Seahawks on the road as well. The difference is that Kilgore, Iuapati and Davis have been replaced by a bunch of stiffs who have no business playing in the NFL and even Staley and Boone are not playing at top level. Joe Montana, Steve Young, or even Johnny Unitas in their prime could not win behind this line.

    There are certain posters here who hated Kap from the beginning and are now piling on gleefully. It is also clear that Jed and Baalke have decided to scapegoat Kap for their failures. I see the Niners releasing Kap after this season and telling the fans to be patient and put up with losing for another three or four years while a new QB learns the system. Maybe then Fansince77 and other Kap haters will be happy losing under a QB more to their liking.

    I predict Kap will go to another team with a better O line and NFL caliber coaching staff and lead them to the playoffs next year while the Niners go 2-14 under Tomsula and a Rookie QB. At least the Kap haters will be happy.

    1. I disagree that great QBs couldn’t win behind this line.

      The line isn’t good – terrible actually, at C, RG and RT – but a great QB doesn’t need 3 seconds to throw. A great QB has a good idea before the snap, and makes a decision within 1.5 seconds, throws in .5 seconds, and accurately hits his man in stride for at least a short gain. He does it repeatedly to move the chains, something Kap did all of 1 time out of 11 tries on 3rd down last week. Play tight, and a great QB beats you over the top. Blitz, and a great QB calls it out, shifts the play at the line, or finds his hot route.

      It’s a funny thing, once a pass rusher has gone hard 5 plays in a row, all of a sudden he is much less effective. The run game starts picking up chunk yardage. Play-action starts to work. All of a sudden, a limited lineman doesn’t look so bad. That’s why Brady seems to have eons to throw even though they’re investing far less in the OL than other teams.

    2. I can assure you that the next guy up, and the ones after that will have their teams of haters.

  18. Ahem—

    Just listened to the Trent Dilfer, the same one who was raving about Kaep from the Monday Night Minny game, Trent basically says what everyone has been saying, Kaep does not have it. Trent watched the All-22 from the Seattle game, said there were guys open in the first half and Kaep just didn’t know where to go, how to read the play, his eyes don’t follow his feet etc.

    Now that we can all admit he sucks, I do feel bad for the guy because they are going to make him the scapegoat.

    If this is a lost season, and Kaep will never be a NFL caliber QB, I want to see him go out in a blaze of glory. He should try and break the QB rushing record for the season. He should go rogue and dare them to put in Gabbert. He should run around like a crazy person, call out the O-Line and just try and be the FLASH. Notice how I said FLASH and not Superman. He should do the unthinkable, throw a 50 yard bomb to himself! No one would see that coming! Just throw it like he’s trying to hit the trainer on the sideline, and then runs out and catches it!

    Who wouldn’t want to pay money to see that?

    1. Fan, I hope Kaep breaks out of his slump and becomes the dynamic QB that many want him to be.
      To say he sucks, then say you do not hate him is incongruous.

      1. Seb — You have to accept that fact that kaep is not every good. He may be athletic and have a lot of talent, but he will drag the offense down the drain if he cannot do the basic things.

        So yeah — he sucks. Doesn’t meant I hate him. Hey I like Alex Smith. Guess what? he sucks!

      2. “To say he sucks, then say you do not hate him is incongruous”

        Man Seb the stuff you come up with….smh…

        The dude sucks period. Do I hate him? Heck no, I’ve supported him his entire career always hoping he would develop into that Dual threat franchise QB. He is what he is, he’s not going to get any better. Sure he’ll look better when he has a top tier OL, along with a top tier Running game, and a top 5 Defense to boot, who wouldn’t. He’s not going to carry any team. Can he do some amazing things? Heck yeah he can, but not consistently. He has hit his ceiling. Now I still believe he can be an asset to another team, but they will have to surround him with all the things he needs to thrive. We are far removed from having the tools to utilize Kaepernick.

        He’ll get his shot somewhere and maybe do okay for himself, maybe a buffalo or Cleveland, but it won’t be here.

        Dude open you eyes already, I’m embarrassed for you.

        1. Overall, I agree with Leo, and I have been a fan of Kap since his first year at Nevada. However, he has hit his ceiling with the 49ers, and maybe overall. It is likley in everyone’s best interest to end this sooner rather than later.

          1. The best thing for Kaep is that he goes to the Eagles. I personally would love to see what he does under Chip Kelly. You have to run an unconventional offense to get the most out of Kaep. He won’t have a top defense but it will be fun to watch!

            1. I actually agree with you there Fan. Now here’s a question, say Chip’s out of Philly come end of season and we have an opportunity to bring him in, do we then keep Kap?

              Just a fun thought.

    2. Trent Dilfer is a treat. He’s always ready with “Dilfer” wisdom after the fact. He’s also one of very few QBs to have been fired right after winning a Superbowl.

  19. Seb and others laughted at me when I said that Jeff Garcia was a better QB than Kap, whose never gone to a ProBowl, or thrown for over 4,000 yards. Seb also ridiculed me when I mentioned that Garcia should be the person coaching Kap on the 49ers…Guess whose laughing now at 49er ignorance

    49ers will face Rams team whose wide receivers are coached up by Jeff Garcia

    1. Except for Harris Barton, the 1989 49ers were later round picks. An Astute GM can find

      Talent anywhere, including the 11 th round or today’s 7th round.
      G–Jesse Sapolu– 11th rd #289, All Pro, ’94-’95, ProBowl ’93-’94
      T–Steve Wallace– rd 4, #101, All Pro ’92,’94, ProBowl ’92
      G/C–Guy McIntyre– rd 3, #73, ProBowl, ’89-’93; AllPro, ’90-’92
      T–Harris Barton– rd1, #22, All Pro .92, ’93; ProBowl, ’94
      G–Bruce Collie–rd 5, #140

      1. Walsh ran an offense that just happened to need a different kind of OL than the power running rest of the NFL was looking for. Now we’re that power running team without much power.

    1. Scary — just right for Halloween reading. Sigh — the Yorks have not learned any lessons and have now used up all the goodwill of the fans. Wonder if they understand where they stand. They surely should care since the franchise will be plummeting by several 100 millions of $$ despite the sunny new stadium they have built.

  20. Oh Seb, Rocket, AES, Brothers, where art thou? because it appears the ticket out of SF is to pick a fight with Kap like Aldon did. Are you still standing beside Kap as the whole team lines up to fight with him in hopes of being traded?

    Source: Vernon Davis and Joe Staley involved in two locker room quarrels

      1. Maybe we need a visit from Mary to lighten the mood, because it appears Jed may be forced to step into that locker room…Reports emerging that it’s spiraling downhill faster than expected

  21. Sorry to break it to you JPN, but I have not been wrong about the Rams or the 49ers records this year, and this, a repeat of the RAT IN THE LOCKER ROOM, just repeats that 1950’s horror film, revisited again:

    From 49er Paradise:
    westcoastguy: Scary how similar that story is to what happened last year and so far this season
    TANK: It’s five years old and it reads as if could have been written this month.
    ntodd51: Actually if you want to have any resemblance of hope for this franchise.. Don’t read it.. TANK: WOW! Read ntodd’s last link. Within hat column is a link to Singletary and a rat in the organization. It’s a column written in 2010 and it makes your head spin. Please read. It’s a great insight into what we have and how we got here

  22. Ummm…. where have I written anything about the Rams? I was referencing that you and Seb share some thoughts on the Aldon Smith matter.

  23. Aldon Smith was sent packing for his poor decisions involving alcohol, not for picking a fight with Kaepernick….

  24. I disagree with those who maintain the
    notion that Kaep sucks …
    not when I’ve witnessed him beating the likes
    of Brady, Rogers and if not for a horrendous
    call against Brooks .. woulda beaten Breese, too !

    (all in an impressive fashion)

    My point is … why ..
    has he regressed since that time ..?

    I’m thinkin’ … it’s probably not much fun
    comin’ to work, lately ….and … if ..I’m
    right …
    I bet it’s probably because, Kaep has
    witnessed … what the two weasels (upstairs)
    have done to this team …

    He probably feels like he might benefit from
    a fresh start … somewhere else …

    Ya know … somewhere where he can be coached
    by another QB guru ….

    h-mmmm … maybe someone like …
    Andy Reid !


    1. Kaepernick doesn’t play defense so saying he “beat” Brady, Rodgers is pointless.

      FWIW….Alex Smith also beat Rodgers and Brees as a 49er QB. I rest my case.

      1. Maybe he should have against the Falcons in the first half, and again against the Super Bowl Ravens….

      2. ‘Kaepernick doesn’t play defense so saying he “beat” Brady, Rodgers is pointless.’

        FWIW….Alex Smith also beat Rodgers and Brees as a 49er QB. I rest my case.’

        1. A great athletic qb with a strong arm can take the league by storm especially when surrounded by a loaded team. But NFL defenses are working all the time to game plan against your strength. NFL defenses have CK figured out, he has been fully scouted and they take away his strength and make him beat them from the pocket. CK has not yet shown that he can take the next step. I don’t think he will. His incredible athletic ability will get some wins against weak teams, but strong defenses have his number.

      3. Jack …

        yes n no …

        technically… you’re right … howsoever …
        in all 3 cases .. Kaep put up bigger scores
        than the other three … so-o-o …

        in that way …

        he beat ’em

  25. Cam Inman

    #49ers Jim Tomsula says no changes to offensive line “at this time” other than rotating RGs, different formations

    1. I remember people stating Brady was through due to the poor execution by Devey….

      GM/Coaches who do not study history, are doomed to repeat it….

      1. Pointing a finger at OL play is just an excuse for crappy QB play. QB hates allow no excuses because they are “real” men.

      2. I can’t believe they are keeping Devey in there. He’s played himself out of the rotation.

  26. Our whole organisation from top to bottom needs a makeover.
    We need a GM who understands that our major problem is in our passing department
    because we still have the same issues that we had under Harbaugh also for example: a O-line who was oriented for powerblocking, a QB who doesnt gets to the 2-3-4th read, our weak passrush(except aldon) and our CB’s who are getting exposed in man coverage.

    I personally think we need a different identity on Offense and Defense(with Harbaugh who was a good HC we masked some things).

    I hope that Jed finally learns it and spread the dollars for guys like Eric Decosta from the Ravens,Eliot Wolf from the Packers, or Nick Caserio from the Patriots.

    And about the QB position even that i like Kaepernick we need a upgrade because since Steve Young we always had QB’s with major flaws and we need a guy who can carry a

    1. Steve Young was targeted for a ride on a rail because of his major flaws. The year the 49ers won the Superbowl with Young, Montana was cheered in SF when KC defeated the 49ers playing Montana. No one cared that Young was playing behind a line at the start of that season missing four starters. Young couldn’t win the big one, and he wasn’t Montana.

      1. he won important games ht waits and not really choked, ok he was not Joe Montana but still way better than all our other qb’s after him

        1. I’m not expressing my view of Young. I’m pointing out how his treatment by the fans is so much like the way they treated Alex Smith and now Colin Kaepernick.

          As Young himself pointed out, if he hadn’t won a Superbowl his career, as far as the “faithful” was concerned, would have been a failure.

          There is a discussion about the “Win the Superbowl or Else” mentality by ownership and the “faithful” earlier in this thread if you’re interested.

          1. You cannot deny that he still had problems of getting to multiple reads and lacks pocket presence ,i dont think that he sucks but he is not elite either and what you call bad treatment is only the truth a professional athlete has to realise that its normal that complaints are coming when the performance is not there

            1. Young, Smith and Kaepernick have all been punished by the “fans” for not winning a Super Bowl. Young finally won one.

              Kaepernick needs more time than average to read a defense and get the ball out. That’s a major weakness, but what makes him look awful is that most of the time he gets less time than the very best QBs need. The 49er OL cupboard is bare. Even the best two OL men are inconsistent.

              Right now, defenses can even put on max pressure with a four man DL and still control all the exit lanes. That’s what Seattle was able to do, and there’s a good chance the Rams will be able to do the same thing.

              1. Razor your new avatar gives you a lot more moxie than your old one. Good change.

                Now if Jed can let go a bit and bring in a high level football brain with power, the sun might still come out in my lifetime.

              2. Thanks, but to your point, it’s a longshot but I never discount the power of prayer….

  27. We need a QB who can carry a team even with a bad o-line because the big time QB’s can take a team over the hill.

  28. A line from a long forgotten comic’s stand up routine:
    Yeah, it’s sad, I lost my girlfriend recently. Weeellll, I didn’t actually lose her; I know where she is; there’s just some other guy sleeping there now.

  29. A large portion of the “conversations” going on around here are disturbingly similar to those that generally occur in the off season. Not a good sign.

    1. Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs, tattoos and headphones giving bad vibes. Do this, don’t do that, then prey it’s benign….

  30. An ongoing thesis has been that Jim Tomsula is really good guy who is in way over his head and was put in this impossible position by Baalke/York. It is becoming obviously apparent that his in over his head, but it is possible that he is not a good guy. When Jim Harbaugh was mean to Jed York and Trent Baalke, somebody must have been whispering in their ears telling them things they wanted to hear. Somebody convinced them that he was the right guy. Perhaps our poor befuddled butcher is not the great of a person. He certainly does not appear to be a great coach. So, who sold whom a bill of goods?

    1. Tomsula is nothing more than a ‘yes man’ that is willing to work for peanuts.
      That’s what Jed wants.

      1. correct … ht …

        and he’s now sipping pina coladas somewhere
        in Ann Arbor

        (and ..we can thank the two weasels for that )

        1. Pray for a brain with power inserted at the top of the organization’s structure that can tell the Yorks where to go.

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