Report: 49ers bench Colin Kaepernick

The 49ers have benched Colin Kaepernick and named Blaine Gabbert the starting quarterback, according to Kyle McLorg of Ian Rapoport of confirmed the news via Twitter.

Benching Kaepernick practically guarantees the Niners will cut him at the end of the season. Do you think he ever will start another game in the NFL? And who do you think will be the 49ers’ starting quarterback next season? Gabbert?

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  1. Kyle_McLorgBASG – “Source: 49ers were going to do this last week, but decided to wait so that Gabbert could debut against a weak Falcons defense at home.”

    Jason La Canfora – “Vernon Davis was among those sick of Kap walking around team headquarters with headphones on all day. Guess Tomsula was too”

    True or just piling it on? Not sure about BASG and Jason La Canfora. I’d buy Maiocco, Barrows etc. as voice of record.

    1. We’ll know their fruits by their works. If the offensive line suddenly starts to play at an All Pro level, the reports are genuine….

      1. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard.

        Martin pears and pevvey couldn’t play at an all pro level if joe Montana was back there for just one play to score the final touchdown in Super Bowl.

    2. A combo of both Brodie. I think there is some truth to it but that it is also the front offfice ‘leaking’ information so they won’t look as bad when they trade or release Kaepernick.

      1. Leaks are a terrible management tool. Like others have pointed out, when problems are seemingly multiple, the main problem is usually at the top.

        I have my issues with Baalke… but how does Baalke compare to other GMs relative to how Jed compares to other owners?

        1. You’re right about the leaks Brodie. Tomsula could’ve said something at his presser today. Class.

          1. Maybe someone else has already made this point, but by announcing the change on Monday, they let the NFL know that someone will be answering the phone until the trade deadline arrives.

            The normal 49er tactic would be to keep the other team thinking of two QBs until late in the week. Not that it workd but it’s their normal approach.

            1. Great point. Sometimes the 49ers excessive secrecy only makes them appear to lack confidence.

            2. Don’t make such thoughtful remarks about a possible trade. Some of us on here 2 weeks ago said as much and were tarred and feathered over such absurd and ludicrous ideas as a possible Kaepernick trade, or Gabbert starting, or SF not winning 4 games. Isn’t that right Rocket?

    3. Guess what? Colin Kaepernick had a birthday so he either got the news on or before his birthday. Wow, what a bad week for him: Dressed in a monkey suit, still wore the Beats, talked to the media, then Tomsula pulled the chair out from him, but we all know Tomsula was probably ordered to make the switch since the fat monkey can’t think without a peanut. Enjoy meeting the bench, Sackorpick, whoo! I’m a happy 49er fan!

    1. Yup! Let’s see what Gabbert can do, maybe a he’ll do better compare to his previous stop. One positive note though, we are going to stop hearing from the same group of posters whose been bashing CK from Day 1.

            1. Was it wrong to bench CK?

              Yes…I’m horribly bashing him, awful isn’t it?

              Interesting how negative comments are bashing if you have some affinity for the player, honest criticism if you don’t. Much like politics! ;-)

              1. You’re just proving what I told Richardo would happen. Thank you for doing so.

              2. I’ve proven nothing for you. I’ve just asked a question if you disagree with the benching which you have refused to answer. I wish CK to succeed in SF, he’s a tremendous athlete, but he, with all the offense, is struggling…you assume much.

                Do you agree with benching him? Do you believe he can succeed in SF.

              3. You kept nagging about if those who have harshly critized Kaepernick since Day One were wrong, thus you are evidence of what I said.
                I will however answer your questions from your last post on this thread.

                Do you agree with benching him?

                No, but that’s because I believe they should have benched him sooner so that maybe he could’ve had a chance to truly turn the corner after knocking the cobwebs out of his head. Leaving Kaepernick in as long as they did was nothing short of detrimental to him.

                Do you believe he can succeed in SF.

                I don’t believe anyone can succeed with the 49ers thanks to Jed the Dork. You know, that person cowering underneath his fancy desk and refusing to be held accountable.

  2. Do you think he ever will start another game in the NFL?
    Did anyone think Blaine Gabbert would ever start another game in the NFL?

    1. My one cent… I just don’t see them trading Staley. I think the benches was the “other big news” people hinted at.

    2. Gabbert already changed one set of drawers, what’s going to happen when he gets the news Staley has been traded?

  3. I think the 49ers will cut or trade him. If not, a drastic re-do of his contract. Say $1m per season, no guarantees.

    I think Colin Kaepernick will start another NFL game somewhere. There’s a shortage of quality backups,and guys get hurt. He will impress some desperate HC. I don’t think he will ever play another full 16 game season.

    Next season I have no idea who will start. If they lose the rest of their games, maybe Braxton Lynch or Goff… but I think they should sit rookies at least a year because the O-line is such a mess and neither runs a pro set.

    1. You realize both of those spread qbs are busts waiting to happen. Goff is the second coming of Tim Couch.

      1. I did note “and neither runs a pro set.”

        I have no idea how they will do. QBs are hard to evaluate. I give myself credit for hating the Druckenmiller pick right of the bat.

        Very few pro-set QBs coming out. Hogan in a later round?

        1. Hogan is one of the few QB prospects that I like. Sit him for a year or two and I’ll think he’ll be ready. But then I thought David Fales was a good QB prospect too.

    2. it`s Payton Lynch and he has a real chance to be an NFL QB,Lynch is not just a spread QB but a pocket QB also and He most definitely can READ Defenses unlike One-Read Sack-Puppet.Have you”Brodie” actually watched Payton Lynch play? or are you just being a repeating parrot?

      1. I don’t see Paxton falling to the 49ers. Bad as they are, I don’t think they’ll have the first pick.

        1. I don’t know, they’re built right now for the first pick. Maybe trading Staley would solidify it….

          1. Strength of schedule works against the 49ers in tie breakers. They are currently 6th. Chicago and Jacksonville having only played 7 games, so they could be 8th.

            Its possible the 49ers would have to lose all the remaining games and still not pick number one.

              1. Both with likely easier strength of schedules once the season’s over. They would draft ahead of the 49ers in case of a tie.

              2. Throw the Lions into the mix as well. A team benching their starting QB is not exactly a vote of confidence for the guy.

              3. Goff, Cook, Hackenberg, Lynch and Jones could all be available, but the Niners should draft Bosa or Shaq Lawson with their first pick. Pass rusher is so important, and the Niners are so deficient.
                Laremy Tunsil or Ronnie Stanley are 2 tackles who should be in the mix, because if the Niners do not shore up the O line, they could draft Joe Montana and still fail.

              4. Not with the first pick Razor.
                I’m developing an man-crush for Nkemdiche myself Seb. Adding him would give the 49ers a pass-rushing threat at DT that has had to be triple-teamed at times by the competition.

            1. That wouldn’t surprise me at all, unless the rest of the AFC and NFC North, Giants of the East, Falcons of the South, and our division does a little better if Ari, Sea, and St. Louis can keep winning to help our percentage if we keep losing.

          2. They can’t win a tie for the first pick and two teams are one up plus the tie breaker and about ten team are tied plus the tie breaker. You better start rooting for some losers to go mad and win more often.

  4. Yes, I think Kaepernick will start again for a team. The Eagles come to mind.
    As for who will be the starting QB next season, I can honestly say that I have no idea.

    1. Colin could start again right here in Santa Clara. Maybe they will use him in the remaining three division games.

      1. Even if Kap starts again (e.g., if Gabbert is injured), I don’t see Kap coming back next year. The Kap era is over for the Niners,.

        1. Didn’t say he would. Just joking about how they might try to keep on QB healthy for the easy part of the schedule.

  5. Where are the stats to support Kaep’s performance? C’mob stat man! Don’t let Kaep go out like this!

    Please tell us why he’s the best thing sliced potatoes!

    1. Fan77,
      Let it go bud, your boasting is meaningless. Let’s at least see what BG has to offer before going bonkers over Kaep’ demotion.

        1. I love how all the people who were so condescending and arrogant, are still condescending and arrogant!

            1. Fan77,
              Fan, stop playing the victim bud. You created your own target by your incessant Kaep ramblings.

              And how is this post by you, “Where are the stats to support Kaep’s performance? C’mob stat man! Don’t let Kaep go out like this!” not condescending?

              Again, your boasting is meaningless – because your one target throughout has only been Kaep. There’s fair and balanced opinion and then there’s agenda driven opinion. You have always followed the latter.

              1. Fan77,
                It’s only sarcasm and irony when it fits your agenda bud.
                Your incessant shots at CK have never had a microcosm of irony and sarcasm.

                In any case, it’s Gabbert’ turn to shine. I hope he takes the bull by the horns and restarts a fresh and successful chapter to his career as a 49er.

              2. It’s not an agenda, just a reflection of the truth that you chose to ignore until now.

                Stat boy likes to state that Kaep was a top 10 QB in 2013.

                Yeah — so was Nick Foles and Jay Cutler!

          1. Hi Fan old buddy. Seeing Kap getting his and on his birthday is karma, baby. Kap deserved it, stole Smith’s job and thought of himself as one of the elite by kisssing his tattoo bicep. Well, Kap can do all that on the bench now, pucker up Kap baby, whoo!

            1. Darren5000
              Looks like our old friend Fan77 has a way of bringing out the best in you.
              Very nice following you have Fan.

              1. AES
                Didn’t you know? Thats’s DS. He/she has been dogging other sites for a long while. You shudda got dat one.

  6. Remember last season when Hammer Time and MD were saying that Kaep reminded them of a young Montana? Where is that hammer?

        1. Sanfranbob,

          If you’re talking about Jack Hammer and Niner MD, you’ll have to produce proof that either of those guys said that CK reminded them of a young JM.

          Beyond that, I can’t recall anyone taken serioulsy on here ever said that CK reminded them of JM.

          1. Ninermd
            October 29, 2014 at 11:24 am
            Montana was no “Montana” in his first Super Bowl. His defense didn’t give up points like ck’s did in his first. So what’s your answer to that?
            1. bayareafanatic
            October 29, 2014 at 11:41 am
            MD you are talking to brick walls…..
            2. sanfranbob
            October 29, 2014 at 11:45 am
            Montana led two TD drives of +70 yards in the first half. One for a super bowl record 92 yards. Putting the niners up 20-0 at halftime. The largest halftime lead in a Superbowl at that time. Obviously big plays from d helped keep Cincinnati off the board but to say that Montana was not Montana is ridicoulous. He threw and ran for a TD. Maybe you would say he was ” “kaepernickish” oh wait he didn’t have an INT though. He was however MVP of the superbowl champions.
            3. Ninermd
            October 29, 2014 at 11:52 am
            This whole comparison is dumb anyways. It’s this simple. Out of all of our qb’s mentioned. Ck is coming along faster than the other two. That not what counts. The end result is what counts.
            2. •
            • Fansince77
            October 29, 2014 at 12:10 pm
            How is Colin farther along the Montana or Young. I’d love to hear that one. Guy is a middle of the pack QB.
            1. Ninermd
            October 29, 2014 at 2:28 pm
            as far as his first three years he is coming along faster. Young had played in the nfl before coming to SF.
            I think supplied the stats that show he is coming along faster than Montana did.
            Again stupid comparison.
            Montana had a new system in place that nobody could defend back then for YEARS!! Not just one season.
            Another point in why this is a stupid comparison.
            Young sat behind Montana, and something you simpletons like to bury is the fact that ck had what 11 games as a starter in the Super Bowl year?yeah that’s no big deal at all. Again 77 is it that you would rather have kept smith?

          2. • • sanfranbob
            October 29, 2014 at 12:26 pm
            I don’t think anyone is saying that kap isn’t good. Let’s think about this, through 36 games who would you rather have on the field under pressure? with the game on the line? Would the turnover ratio be your come into play with your decision making?
            • sanfranbob
            October 29, 2014 at 12:28 pm
            Excuse me, Would the turnover ratio come into play with your decision making?
            • Jack Hammer
            October 29, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    1. Whoa!!! Please dig up that. I went bananas over someone comparing Alex smith to joe Montana. You’re on drugs.
      I guess making up stories is your way of proving someone wrong. I’ll wait for this proof.

      1. I remember that because it was me that everyone went bananas over with that. The thing is that I never did make a comparison between the two; I only said that they both had a Catch linked to their names, which is not a comparison of the two QBs.

    2. Wrong Bob
      Other than the disappointed AS supporters, Jack Hammer was one of the earliest critics of CK on this blog. No revisionist history please.

      1. Actually it was Prime, DS, and Hof that were the earliest critics.

  7. Theres no reason to subject Kap to the pummeling any further let. Let Gabbert do what he does best, take hits, flinch get sacked etc, we can rebuild for next year. Kaps not going anywhere

    1. Yeah I guess you’re right…I mean the niners are kind of locked in with that contract…

      1. No, they’re not locked into Kap’s contract. It’s one of the most team-friendly contracts for a starting QB in the NFL. If Kap is released/traded before next April 1st, the team only has dead money of about $7.3 million instead of a cap hit of about $16.7 million.

          1. Oh and I’m pretty sure that contract has something to do with why he has no friends on his team or in the league

  8. They are cannibalizing each other now. Jed thought he could control the leaks and the damage he started last year…it continues. It will get worse..

  9. Kap’s 400 yard game against the Packers seems like an eternity ago. What the hell happened to him?

      1. Only one person was feared on the 49ers offense when the Seahawks lined up against them. Colin Kaepernick, and no, not for his throwing ability, but his running ability. Remember when VD said, “Man, I’ve never seen the ball thrown through the windows Colin was delivering”….

        1. The key word is ‘was’. The Seahawks, like almost every other team, learned that by keeping him from taking off running by having a man assigned to him and forcing him to beat you from the pocket was the way to defeat Kaepernick and the 49ers. The deterioration of talent on the offense just exposed the limitations even more so.

          1. By assigning a spy to shadow Kaep, that meant that there was one less defender covering a receiver. Niner coaches are so clueless, they could not devise plays that take advantage of one less defender in coverage.
            Niner coaches just played into their hands by forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer with a turnstile O line so the pocket collapsed like a house of cards.
            The Niner coaches did not allow Kaep to move, and the result was predictable. They succeeded to destroy his confidence so he was so rattled, he missed uncovered players. Kaep played bad, but the coaching was the main reason for his regression.
            Gabbert may suffer the same fate if they do not bench Devey and Pears.

            1. You need to stop just blaming the coaches for Kaep’s deficiencies. It has been shown time and time again by people breaking down the film that the coaches have gotten players open for Kaep, he just doesn’t see them.

          2. Its simple all they had to do was get into his head……#7 needs a babysitter aka JH to feed him baby stories…….until he stops getting distracted by opposing calling him out or pressing his buttons……he is done!!!!!

      1. Against a poor pass defense. He’s done squat against the good ones.

          1. Which means what exactly? That was one game that he struggled. Kaepernick meanwhile has struggled in several like that. Your argument is past the level of weak.

  10. Hate the new OT rule. All they had to do was move the 5th qtr kickoff to the 50 yardline for the odds to come close to 50/50 of winning.

  11. Ted Ginn Jr. is going to be the sickest man in America if the Panthers lose. tonight.

    1. There was a thread last week, based of a Barrow’s article, discussing why Cam is being talked about as an MVP candidate when his individual stats are similar to Kap and other ‘bad’ QBs this season. I am not a Cam Newton fan, but I think last night he showed why he is being touted as an MVP candidate (I do not think he will or should be MVP, but I can see why he is being talked about in that context). Sure, he made some throws in overtime into tight coverage that could have been intercepted. Sure, he made some mistakes during the game before overtime. But he never wavered in his confidence.

      You could see it in his face while Luck was leading the final scoring drive in regulation. You could see it in his face when the Colts scored the first field goal in overtime. Cam Newton was confident that he and the Panthers would find a way to win the game. It is amazing how far he has grown from the guy who sat on the bench, apart from everyone else, with a towel covering his head. He is not really a better QB, fundamentally speaking, then he was the past couple of years, but he has an easy confidence now that makes him very dangerous.

      1. Couldn’t agree more, JPN! And I believe that CK had that “face” once and I’m not sure if he will ever get it back. I remember when he threw that pick-six on the first drive against Greenbay in his first playoff game, you could tell that he wasn’t going to let that affect him the rest of the game.

          1. Attribute that to heavy rain making the football too slick for players to catch it.

  12. Kap is the fall guy for a GM that has drafted terribly, let top talent leave via FA and thought he was more important than winning HC. Look at luck without an o-line. Take away Seattle’s D and Russell Wilson is winless this season. It’s a team sport and no QB can overcome ineptitude on all levels from management down.

    1. True but I don’t think Kaepernick is the answer. The next great 49er QB isn’t on the team yet.

      1. “The Next Great QB” doesn’t grow on trees Pete, and the farm isn’t growing them like they used to. I don’t think Baalke knows how to shop for offense anyway. The trick is to find a guy that knows how to develop a quarterback in an innovative offense built to win the division. I don’t see that guy on this staff….

        1. Razor,
          I agree. Baalke runs a Bill Parcell offensive philosophy which is based on power running and the QB throwing no more than 20 passes a game ala Phil Simms.

          With Gabbert now installed as starter, the offense will still have issues because of the continued OL issues compounded by and injured C.Hyde. Gabbert will be asked to pass at least 25-30 times per game if our RB’ are either hurt or ineffective.
          Yet, I expect Gabby to have some success in his stint as starter simply because defenses may now need to tweak their (CK type) game plans.

          As much as I like Kaep, I actually want to see BG succeed because it would mean that my team is making a necessary change to improve.
          I believe that we all want to see even the slightest improvement at this point.

      2. Bro the next 49er great QB has missing for almost 20 years until Kap showed up. How are you not aware of this?

        1. So great that he missed a wide open Torrey Smith that the Rams chose not to cover.

  13. The decision to send him to the bench likely means the 49ers are done with Kaepernick, and that he’ll be traded or cut before April 1, when his 2016 base salary becomes fully guaranteed. If that’s the case, and given that he has more than $31 million guaranteed for injury from 2016 through 2018, the decision to bench Kaepernick could represent a decision to put him in bubble wrap for the balance of the season.

    1. Try to get this straight from here on out. The $31M guarantee only takes place if Kaepernick has a career ending injury.

      To make it even less important, Kaepernick had to pay for a $20M policy benefiting the 49ers if he should have a career ending injury.

      Kaepernick will get nothing if he’s injured and no one wants to hire him because of a lack of talent. The injury must be recognized as carrier ending. You know, like his right arm is paralyzed, or one of his legs is amputated.

      1. Actually the 49ers are doing kaepernick a big favor by benching him. Keeping Kaepernick in a bubble wrap for the remaining 8 games of the 2015 season, he would be able to pursue another team if the 49ers trade or release him prior to April 2016. Kaepernick might have played his last game as a 49ers Qb against the Rams.

        1. If the 49ers play him again this year he will still be a free agent if they release him before April Fool’s Day. Playing or not playing makes no difference.

      2. Kaep only looked like his arm was paralyzed and had one leg amputated because the coaches tied one hand behind his back and chained his legs together.
        I am at the point where I hope they let Kaep leave, allow him to have competent coaches, and watch him destroy defenses.

        1. The only competent head coach that can understand kaepernick was Jim Harbaugh. Now that Jim is no longer coaching kaepernick his just a lost soul on the playing field trying to find his own identity, which he doesn’t have all.

    1. They could get more by waiting to trade him in March, when a team like the Eagles could be in better position to offer more value for Kaepernick. By making a play for Kaepernick now, the Eagles would be disrupting the chemistry of a team that is only one-half game out of first place in the NFC East. By waiting until March, when quarterback Sam Bradford could be heading to free agency, it will be a much smoother transition.

      The 49ers also could have more suitors in the offseason for Kaepernick, when more teams will be looking for competent quarterbacks in a league that doesn’t have nearly enough of them.

      Regardless, the move makes it clear that Kaepernick is available now for the right price. Whatever the right price may be, there’s only one way for an interested team to find out.

      1. Although CK’s contract has no 2016 guaranteed money (other than injury guarantee), I think a trade would be more attractive to other teams with a contract re-do.

        Still trying to figure out what the 49ers do with the rights to Anthony Davis. Is his publicized desire to return to football genuine, or legal maneuvering in case the 49ers go after the 2016 portion of his prorated signing bonus?

    2. I’ve been posting that it’s at leased an announcement that Jed’s phone will be answered until the trading dead line passes.

    3. I don’t think we can rule it out. Teams like the Jets, Texans, Redskins, Eagles, and Rams need a QB.

  14. Grant,

    Are you really that confident that their going to move on from him?

    One game to sit and one week on the bye and then Seattle at home and he’ll be back on the field (with Kilgore as his starting C).

    As much as people think “the righting is on the wall” it doesn’t seem like it to me. They just signed two WR who are deep threats in the offseason why cut the one person who you know can throw it to them. Might as well cut Torrey Smith and Simpson in the offseason, if your going to cut Kap. People think Kap is getting paid too much but not really when you consider other QBs salaries, increase in cap next year, and inflation of QB salaries (I.E Russell Wilson, who has more turnovers than Kap). The 49ers already have loads of cap space, and aren’t going to get a QB that is as good as Kap or better at a lower price.

    On top of all that you have to consider that he is the 49ers all time leader for consecutive games with a touchdown. He was the last QB to take them to a super bowl. He exclypsed 10,000 in under 4 full seasons. At his current pace he would only have to be the 49ers QB for 8 more years to pass Joe Montanna all time.

    Everyone’s jaded personal opinion on Kaeprnick forces the media to make disengenius statements, without much reason.

    Please tell me why the 49ers would be better without Kaepernick has their QB.

    1. The fact that the news is coming the night before the trade deadline, via widespread leaks to multiple media outlets, invites speculation that the 49ers have made the move now in order to induce someone to call with an offer for Kaepernick between now and Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET. The decision to trade tight end Vernon Davis shows that the 49ers have entered fire-sale territory. So why not get what they can for the fallen franchise quarterback who perhaps never really was one? And the trader for Vernon to the Broncos, the 49ers gets a 6th rounders in 2016 and 2017.

    2. I can’t. I think kap has more talent than 60% of the other starting qbs in the league. 1 or 2 qbs in the nfl can carry a terrible team. The other 30 need a running game, a defense, good play calling and time to throw. Kap was good when he had that, now he doesn’t. Dumping kap is not fixing the problem. Firing Baalke and hiring an actual head coach is a good start in the right direction.

      1. There’s no doubt that the 49ers will hire a new head coach next season.And it’s obvious not only rumors that maybe kaepernick has played his last 8 game as 49ers Qb. And Baalke will soon will be departing as the 49ers GM. Sorry to say the 49ers will be in a rebuilding mode once again, whether we all like it or not it’s going to happen soon later.

        1. There is no doubt Kap has played poorly
          But he is not the only person to blame.
          A cheapskate ownership got bottom feeders on the OL, an “NFL Europe” coaching staff and a discounted rookie punter who is ranked in the bottom tier of NFL punters.
          The 49ers ownership have mismanaged Kap to almost a criminal level and then to release rumors which denigrate Kap. That shows this ownership has no decency or class.

          1. Stopped blaming the OL and the coaches for Kaepernick poor performances. The only person to blame is Kaepernick his the field gemeral on the field and he can’t cut it.

          2. hawki,
            I’m sure that there are numerous reasons for Kaep’ ineffectiveness but what has concerned me about his game of late is what seems like a total lack of fire and passion.

            In the first series against the Rams when CK took off on a run, I swear that it was reminiscent to his runs of a couple of years ago – it wasn’t a long run, but it was fast with authority!
            In Kaep’ cameo appearances when Alex Smith was still the incumbent, he ran hard and even looked to run defenders over.
            That kind fire is what is missing from CK’ game these days – and the opponent knows it.

      2. Agreed minus Baalke I like him. He’s clever, and in reality the draft is hit or miss. At least Baalke increases his odds of finding talented players by accumulating draft picks.

  15. Last year when the rumor mill started turning, whispers concerning coach JH. I mentioned in a post at that time, a napoleon bomb just exploded in the 49er’s locker room. The fallout destruction continues…

    Jeb York said to hold him accountable….

    “It’s up to us we compete for and win Super Bowls. That’s our only goal. We don’t raise division championship banners. We don’t raise NFC Championship banners. We raise Super Bowl banners. Whenever we don’t deliver that, I hope that you will hold me directly responsible and accountable for it. We look forward to getting this thing back on track and giving you guys exactly what you deserve.”

    Its time to hold Jeb accountable for his part in this melt down. !!

    1. In the past, Tomsula has been quick to quell speculation Kaepernick would be benched, including last week leading into the Rams game.
      “Colin is our quarterback. There’s no controversies,” Tomsula said Oct. 23. Behind the scene Jed & Baalke probably ordered Tomsula to bench Kaepernick. And they’re leaning towards trading or releasing Kaepernick in March 2016 before he gets injured.

  16. How sad…

    How did they fall so far, so fast?

    Remember when they had Delanie Walker and were in the Super Bowl season? There was so much anticipation and hope. What is left now? Tatters and acrimony, wasted opportunities and inflated egos, selfish attitudes and individual accolades, what happened to my beloved team?

  17. Gooooooooooooooooo Falcons. Falcons got to win so we can get Jared Goff. Hope the 49ers trade Kaepernick.

  18. Jim tomsula day
    Look at the film
    Have a bad press conference
    Cook an Italian dinner
    Read a book on his next job of how to be a plumber.

  19. C’mon Baalke, you did VD a favor. Do Kaepernick one by trading him to the Eagles for Sanchez….

    1. Why Sanchez? How about Sam Bradford he’ll be available in the free agency market after this season and maybe the Eagles would want to trade him to the 49ers for Kaepernick? if that happen both parties involved will be happy.

    2. It will be crazy to see CK leading the Eagles to the playoff. That division is weak and wide open.

      1. I’d prefer a real owner, like Kraft. And a real GM like Schneider, and a real offensive minded coach, like Payton….

        1. A real GM like Schneider lol. A GM that tries to unify enemies and drafts defensive tackles to play offensive line.

          1. And has one Super Bowl title under his belt. Don’t forget to add that little tidbit to your snarky comment.

          2. Good teams are built through the draft, and so are bad teams. Thank you Trent Baalke….

        2. here here!
          I feel Kap while he has played poorly has been completely mismanaged and is now being scapegoated for the follies of the Yorks The cheapest owners in the NFL. As long as Yorks are in charge I see little hope for the Niners to be competitive

  20. Dear Kaepernick supporters,


    Thanks for helping York make me practically hate my favorite team. It’s been a laugh.

    1. And with Harbaugh gone, who would protect Kaepernick in Santa Clara, and even from himself?

      Because as the losses piled up and the stats became more unseemly — the Niners have the 32nd-ranked offense in the NFL, and their 109 points scored is the fewest in the league — whispers of Kaepernick’s act in the locker room became audible grumbles. The guy is a loner and is not a team player very selfish individual who only care for himself.

      1. Anyone with any sort of character barometer would have been aware of his issues the first year he was left at starting QB. I certainly noticed. The ‘swag’, tats, sunglasses in doors, rock star demeanor were red flags. While a certain element of the fan base related, they didn’t stop to think that that entire package leads to failure. It was as if, for a brief moment, all the blinging dopes who talk big but barely hold down jobs had a mascot in Kaepernick. They supported him because it supported their own idiotic approach to life. Well, Kaepernick’s idiotic approach to life got him benched. Sarcasm: Gee, who saw that coming?

        The old 49ers may have been smug, maybe arrogant, maybe even cheaters, but they knew how to pull their crap together and win. Only the Patriots can compare to what the 49ers once were. The 49ers of today are literally Fool’s Gold.

  21. I thought Kaepernick was trash? I just want to make a fair trade, and see how he does with Chip on his shoulder….

  22. One of the weirdest parts of the way the teams been gutted over the last year… it deprives fans of the usual moment of poignancy when a top player leaves the team.

    Typically, when a key player or coach leaves a team, its a time to reflect on all the great things they did. Yes… there are press conferences with some cool highlight reels, but it all seems so cold.

    Under normal circumstances… we would celebrate the tenure of people like Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, Jim Harbaugh, Vic Fangio, Vernon Davis. Instead its angst, anger and worry.

    This team has a cold feel to it. They better warm up in a hurry if they want to attract good free agents and coaches.

    1. Having all this problems swirling around the 49ers team and with the bad ownership & management. It’s unlikely good players and coaches would want to come and play for the San Francisco 49ers. They the 49ers don’t have any leadership in the upper management, head coach, assistant coaching levels and as well with their players.

  23. Jeff Deeney
    2015 PFF Run Blocking Grades:
    Boone: -8.9 (79th of 80 Guards)
    Martin: -22.0 (35 of 35 C)
    Devey: -7.3 (78 of 80 G)
    Pears: -13.7 (78 of 78 T)

    Any of these guys gonna get benched?

      1. I’m to old or you could count me in. At my athletic peak, I weighed in at 172 lbs and 5′ 11″. Out of my way!

    1. For who Grimey? Silberman stinks, Thomas isn’t even being given a chance, Brown is a raw and unconditioned rookie, and Kilgore is still injured.

    2. Naturally all the chatter’s about trading Staley, who’s on a reasonable, long term contract.

    3. Coaches need to get their heads out of their arses and read the assessments of other football people, because their own assessments should be used as toilet paper.
      Of course, I have been questioning their reading comprehension abilities, so maybe some one should stand next to them and shout those stats into their ears.

    4. @Jeff Deeney Benching the offensive line should be easy with all that “talent Baalke has put on this team. I’ve heard it for years “the 49ers are stacked with talent”. Sure. And pigs fly if you repeat it often enough.

    5. Wow, I thought that Staley and Boone were our only studs on the OL.
      Now Boone’ game has gone south as well.
      Maybe Gabbert will rejuvenate the entire OL now that he’s the starter – NOT!

  24. If you were a top QB prospect, would you try to avoid the 49ers organization? Matt Leinart was a terrible NFL QB, but he would have been the #1 overall pick over Smith had he entered the draft that year. He insinuated on many occasions that he stayed at USC to avoid the 49ers and their dysfunctional organization. I don’t know how a top tier HC or QB could ever feel comfortable working for the York’s or Baalke. How can you be committed to your job when you are always looking over your shoulder?

    Harbaugh probably knew what he was getting into and just didn’t care. He stayed true to himself, won games and pissed off everybody along the way. He also looks like a genius now. He took advantage of a window and had tremendous success. His way worked and Jed’s way has failed. I don’t think that many coaches are dysfunctional enough to savor that type of challenge or working environment, especially if they have other options.

    – Erickson
    -Tomsula (his day of reckoning will come)

    These guys will never be NFL HC’s again. They should never have been HC’s in the first place. They jumped at the chance because they didn’t have options. The York’s don’t like coaches with options. The York’s seem to prefer losing on their own terms to winning on somebody else’s. The owner of the franchise is hiding while his franchise is failing, and this is occurring after he spent the offseason preaching about accountability. Enough said.

      1. HT- It’s 1978, Joe Thomas is our GM and former defensive backs coach Pete McCully is our HC Pete lasted 9 games into his first season as HC. McCully was the second of three HCs hired by Thomas. Only way Eddie D turned things around was by first firing Thomas and bringing in a real football GM. Today, we can only hope.

    1. In 2011 when Harbaugh was deciding between Miami and the 49ers, he must have assessed the talent before making his decision.

      The 2010 49ers were talented, but severely under-coached team with some nice, juicy high draft picks in April of 2011.

      If Harbaugh returns to the NFL, I expect him to cherry pick a similar franchise.

      The team that best fits that description now is the Rams. Loaded with high draft picks, but struggles to stay over 500.

    2. Enough said? Sorry but Leinhart never did well and I think he is out of the league. The Niners SHOULD have chosen Aaron Rodgers, who lasted until the 22nd pick.
      In hindsight, the Niners may have gotten a couple more rings if they had passed on AS.

      1. That was and still an illogical conclusion considering:
        1) Rodgers sat for almost all of the first four years of his career and would have been inserted too early into a horrific offense like Smith had been, and
        2) Rodgers has been in a system that plays to his strengths, yet he has only won one Super Bowl title.

          1. With that Niner defense in 2011 and 2012, AR could easily have picked up a couple rings.
            I concede that throwing AR out in the starting role could have hurt his QB maturity, but quality shines through, and AR would have been in his 5th season in 2011.

      2. Seb,
        It doesn’t matter who they should have chosen, Leinart would have been the guy had he entered the draft. I can’t stand him but he would have gone #1 overall. I wanted Rodgers, but that ship left the docks a decade ago and it’s next stop is the Hall of Fame.

  25. Our 9ers are officially irrelevant. It’s a long season when the team you care about has nothing to play for every weekend. If you offered me $50K to go to Levi’s all season I would turn you down. That is sad.

  26. I’m reposting this image because I like it.

    Gabbert has my best wishes. I have this image lurking of a guy standing with his back to a garden wall, and a blind fold over his eyes thinking “This is my big chance!”

      1. Big, you’re right. Gabbert is going from the frying pan into the fire. It’s probably going to be a repeat of his Jacksonville days. If so, I won’t fault him for it. Our line from C to RT is egregious.

        1. This is purely a desperation move by the Management. Jebaalke can’t stomach finishing last in the league, the fools.

  27. This “rebuild” was bound to happen. They had older vets in their short prime when Harbaugh came 4 years ago. It’s the way it’s happening hat squarely sits on ownership.
    With that said. My take is they brought Gabbert in and want to see where the draft will be going. They can’t sit him the whole year knowing ck will be gone and not knowing what they have. It’s a long shot but a shot they have to take before April. And I’m guessing they may think it will rejuvenate his confidence if Gabbert is injured or sucks.
    I don’t see him back next year even with a contract restructure. Baalke didn’t want smith, Harbaugh talked him into keeping him, ck is not a Baalke pick either. There is no Harbaugh around telling him to keep him.
    Ck may play again this season but anything beyond isn’t happening. Unless this benching lights a fire and makes him all of a sudden smarter on the filed. (Don’t hold your breath)
    Now is like to see these young draft picks play more. They’re obviously saying the season is lost. Where’s more tank? Where’s purcells? Why is devy and pears still playing?
    This is a crucial time to see what you’ve drafted and get them so experience entering the draft.

    And sanfransiscobob… I’m still waiting for that proof.

  28. Somewhere, bayareafanatic is crying himself to sleep. LOL.

    Trade Kap for Matt Stafford, straight up. Or draft Lynch

      1. Hate to break it to ya Mid, but I don’t think the Packers will accept a Kap for Rodgers proposal.

        1. Did I say anything in regards to that? Besides, Stafford has a contract that is too excessive.

      2. We did that with A.J.J. to save face. It didn’t work but we know that doesn’t stop some decision makers.

  29. You guys who are calling for us to draft a QB are hilarious. You want to get rid of Kaep, draft QB’s who have ran nothing but spread offenses that are pretty much one read offenses. Then let CHRYST develop them. Is the really your plan? That’s the STUPIDEST things ever. You talk about a confidence killer on this team. It doesn’t matter how great the QB is in college. If we rely on this organization to develop a QB, we are in trouble.

    1. It’s cute that you actually believe Chryst and the rest of the goofs will still be here next year.

    2. Only a sample of posters had suggested or indicated that KY49er. Most of us believe that a new coaching staff and a year or two is needed in order to properly develop a QB out of the incoming draft class.

      1. MW, do you believe a legit coaching staff will want to coach under Baalke? I don’t see a holmgren wanting to coach under power hungry and control freak Baalke. He either has to go or needs to be forced to give up control.

        1. No, but if you look at the GM history under the Yorks, you’ll see that might be the best option that we can hope for.

    3. We should draft a quarterback and let another organization develop him. I’m sure the Pats or Packers wouldn’t mind having a 49er quarterback on their practice squad.

      Seriously, know of any good free agent quarterbacks?

    4. KY49er, admit it whether you like it or not Kaepernick played his last game as a 49ers Qb against the Rams. Let’s face it, the NFL teams defenses have adjusted to Kaepernick and he can’t adjust to good NFL teams with good defenses. He lacks the smart and instinct to be an elite Qb in the NFL, Plan on watching a new starting Qb for the 49ers next season. It’s been written on the wall kaepernick era with the 49ers is over.

  30. I thought the Niners had reloaded, but Baalke went cheap and shot blanks. Every FA was a bust. Trading for Devey was infuriating and trading away a center when Martin is the worst center in the league was just pathetic. Cutting Hayne, then having the RB that replaced him run for 6 yards in 5 carries, just showed how lacking in common sense or intelligence Baalke has displayed.
    The coaches were all has beens and retreads, and are seemingly clueless.
    Logan, the QB coach, managed to mess up Kaep so bad he got benched.
    The coaching was illogical, predictable and the team has been unprepared with no focus.The team is undisciplined and keep shooting themselves in the foot. Better coaching would prevent that.
    Kaep deserves his share of the blame. He has not shown any leadership skills. He managed to drive the best pass rusher from the team. He is paid 12.8 million dollars, and cannot get a play off in time. He dressed like a thug for his interviews and wore cheap headphones to make a buck. He finally got the message and answered the questions instead of being surly and uncommunicative. He finally dressed well, but too late to save his job. Kaep regressed so badly, he ignored players jumping up and down waving their hands because they were wide open. Torrey was uncovered. Kaep has failed basic competency. Wasting time while behind is just obtuse. Kaep may not recover, but I hope he learns from this debacle, ditches his headphones, ditches his Delilah, and studies hard instead of just working out.
    If the Niners do not activate Hayne and utilize his skillsets, I will accuse them of not wanting to win. If they do not shake up the O line, I will accuse them of not trying.
    Right now, I accuse them of becoming a travesty, and make me SMH at a once proud franchise. I am literally ashamed of this team, from Jed to the taco boys.

    1. 49ers sign RB Pierre Thomas Tuesday, November 3, 2015 at 8:10 AM • Comments – See more at:


      Hayne does is not qualified to be an NFL runner because he runs through the wrong holes. I worked in the industry as a running back so can comment on it..And the one thing the 49ers hired Hayne to do, return kicks, he fumbles at, so Hayne is yet another wasted Baalke F/A signing. Along with Kap, who can not read coverages (Even missing an uncovered Smith vs. Ram’s) the 49ers are better off w/o them…It’s time to stop thinking with your heart, and start using your intellect when it concerns Jed and Trent.

      1. TrollD, obviously, you have taken too many blows to the head. I am not impressed with your credentials or comments.

    1. “After conducting a thorough coaching search, and meeting with a number of outstanding candidates, Jim Tomsula clearly is the right man to lead this team. Jim is a great teacher and a tremendous mentor who conducts himself with great class and integrity.”

  31. “Benching Kaepernick practically guarantees the Niners will cut him at the end of the season.”

    Perhaps, but this is not necessarily the case. Another possible scenario is that the team uses this as leverage to renegotiate his salary, either to retain him for a year (as backup or a cheaper stopgap) or to make him more appealing for a trade. Even if Gabbert plays worse and the 49ers stick with him as starter anyway, this still may be a viable strategy in handling the Kap situation. In this way, they might get more from him than an outright release, especially if they can talk him into a “prove it” contract like Aldon had, either by keeping him as a cheaper alternative to an journeyman QB or by trading him.

    “Do you think he ever will start another game in the NFL?”

    I think that the chances are quite likely that he starts for either the 49ers or a different team next season, or at least part of it. Further, I think it is possible that he starts for the 49ers again this year. That depends on whether they are maneuvering him for an exit, and whether that exit is a trade or a release. If they are maneuvering him for an exit and the plan is to release him, there is no reason to start him any more, barring injury to Gabbert. If they want to orchestrate an off-season trade, then it might be best to sit him a few games then start him again to see if he does enough better to get a better trade deal. If they are not at this time maneuvering him for an exit, then I think he does start again this year, unless Gabbert plays quite a bit better than Kap was playing.

    “And who do you think will be the 49ers’ starting quarterback next season? Gabbert?”

    I think this is the toughest question posed. We have insufficient data on Gabbert to make a determination at this time. If he is Gabbert from Jacksonville, then the answer is “not Gabbert”. If he is better than he was in Jacksonville (as I think he might be) but no better than Kap has been this season, then I think the answer is “maybe Gabbert” unless Kap renegotiates. If Kap will not renegotiate and Gabbert performs even a little better, then I could see Gabbert as the stopgap next year — he is relatively cheap and on a two year deal.

    1. Perhaps, but this is not necessarily the case. Another possible scenario is that the team uses this as leverage to renegotiate his salary, either to retain him for a year (as backup or a cheaper stopgap) or to make him more appealing for a trade.
      This has been the prevailing thought ever since the suggestion of benching came around. Once you’ve benched your starter this scenario becomes the most likely case. Let him come back and try to earn hi starting job back at a lesser salary. Win win for the team.

    2. “Barring” injury being the operative word councilor. I’d be interested in knowing your thought process behind believing Gabbert has developed under this coaching staff, while Kaepernick has regressed….

      1. That’s an easy one Razor. The QB who hasn’t played behind our OL is bound to have improved until he does play behind our OL. Also, Atlanta may be moving into the category that the Vikings (first game) and the Ravens are in. Start the count on Gabbert after he plays in Seattle. Then check again against Arizona.

        1. I agree, HT, that the Atlanta game may not tell us much. Gabbert is a bit of an unknown in this offense, other than preseason.

          Razor, I am not expecting any great improvement on Gabbert’s part, just some from the disaster that was Jacksonville. The reasoning is that he showed marked improvement in preseason, some of which may translate into real games.

          And if such improvement has come, it would be problematic reasoning to attribute it solely to the current coaching staff. Further, it is fallacious to presume that because a coaching staff has been ineffective with Kap means that a different QB may not respond differently. To just conclude that an ineffective strategy with one player will be ineffective for another without data to support that conclusion is problematic, and the data is not yet available to make that determination, the same as it is not yet available to make the determination whether Gabbert’s apparent preseason improvement can translate to real games. I think it will, but that is conjecture until we have the data.

          1. Kaepernick was not developed under Harbaugh with Chryst as the quarterbacks coach, and he’s regressed under Chryst the offensive coordinator. Maybe he just can’t be developed. Once Gabbert takes that first good hit, you’ll have all the data you’ll need to start making your determination….

      1. In which of the points made above do I assume any such thing? The posts lists different possibilities without any a prior assumptions as to which will be the case.

        1. You mention a 2 year deal. That implies longevity. I am wondering if he will survive 2 games.

          1. Unsurprisingly, you have misconstrued the implicature of the statement at issue:

            “If Kap will not renegotiate and Gabbert performs even a little better, then I could see Gabbert as the stopgap next year — he is relatively cheap and on a two year deal.”

            The statement is a conditional. Integral to the statement’s validity is the condition “…Gabbert performs even a little better…”. This is a condition precedent (i.e. the conditional is only valid if the condition is true prior the subsequent action or state). For the condition to be fulfilled, Gabbert would have to be able to perform under his contract (the duration of which is factual). Thus, longevity is not an assumption, nor it is implied by the conditional. It is a necessary condition for the statement to be valid. If the condition is not met, the statement’s purport becomes moot, but the statement does not assume (or better, presume) the condition will be fulfilled.

            Finally, regardless of the status of the statement as a conditional rather than an indicative statement, the notion of “longevity” as you construed it is an inference on your part, not an aspect of the statement’s implicature.

            1. Watch out JPN, Seb will use his superior debating tactics on you if you aren’t careful. :-P

              1. There is no argument possible as no controvertible proposition was made. A conditional statement was offered, but the validity of its purport (the meaning of the conditional statement as a whole) is not determinable until the condition precedent is either met or not met. Further, the conditional itself asserts no proposition as to the probability of the condition precedent being met, so there is no presumption to be rebutted. In the same vein, as no argument is advanced in the conditional, no valid argument can be raised against it as there is nothing factual or presumptive to be contested. The logic of the conditional is internal to the conditional.

                You approached the conditional with an inference based on a specific presumption regarding Gabbert’s longevity. Much like bigfoot ‘researchers’ frequently do in similar instances, you substituted your presumption for the condition precedent. But even if we accept that substitution, it does not change the internal logic of the conditional. If your presumption turns out to be factual, then the condition precedent is not fulfilled and the purport of the conditional becomes moot. Interestingly, if your presumption does not turn out to be factual but the condition precedent is not met (i.e. Gabbert is not injured and his performance is not “a little better”), then the purport of the conditional is still moot. The only thing that can lead to a valid purport for the conditional statement is that the condition precedent is met.

                Now, there are conditionals that are really do contain presumptions and/or advance propositions. So, if I offer the conditional below, I am using it to assert a presumption, which is then rebuttable, as well as to advance an implicit proposition:

                ‘If Seb understands this, I will be surprised. ‘

                In this instance, the conditional is used to convey an opinion in an indirect manner. The purport of the conditional, that my surprise is conditioned on Seb’s understanding, is secondary to the implicature that Seb will not understand this. Since the implicature is a presumption and advances a proposition, albeit an implicit proposition, it is rebuttable by argument (although perhaps not by successful argument). On a secondary level, the purport of the conditional is still at issue until the condition precedent is either met or not met, but the validity or mootness of the conditional is not the primary content of the statement.

                Now, let’s consider a different conditional, one with a similar implicature to the one at issue:

                ‘If Seb understands this, it will make me happy.’

                The conditional statement here is used to convey that, if the condition is met, then the purport of the conditional is valid. It makes no presumptions regarding either the condition precedent or the validity of the purport in isolation from the fulfillment of the condition precedent. Or, put another way, it does not advance a proposition in its implicature. As there is no proposition, there is nothing controvertible and thus no possible argument. As with the conditional at issue, its logic is internal to the condition – either the condition precedent is fulfilled and the purport of the conditional is then valid, or the condition is not fulfilled and the purport is moot. In neither instance has a proposition been advanced either before the condition is fulfilled or after.

            2. Oh yeah? Well I’m rubber and you’re glue and everything bounces off me and sticks to you.
              I say ‘Good Day!’
              Just kidding of course, I enjoy the exercise.

            3. Yea, that was pretty tingly on my tongue reading that one which translated to a smile of amusement….

            4. Thank you for making my point. You surmise about next year’s stop gap, with implications of him being able to play that long. I question the validity of that condition based upon the recent O line performance. I believe that condition will not be met, so postulating a condition that may not occur is a false derivative. Hence your statement and its purport may not occur so its moot to assume or presume to surmise he will last that long.
              I did not write your words, but you need a better defense if you want others not to challenge them. Making an improbable assumption, then saying that the conditions may not be met so it is moot, is illogical.

              1. There is a big difference between presenting a scenario and assuming something will happen, Seb. JPN provided a scenario. In the scenario you are debating, certain conditions must be true, but that does not mean that JPN believes those conditions will be met. It is not illogical to do so.

                JPN did not present a scenario in which Gabbert gets injured due to poor OL play. That is your main issue with JPN’s comment.

              2. I also think your own belief that Gabbert is unlikely to survive behind this line and thus terming JPN’s scenario as improbable is both overly bullish and misses the point.

                It is bullish because Kaep survived 8 games behind this OL, so why are you assuming Gabbert can not? Why is it so improbable to conceive he could? Maybe he will, maybe he won’t, but calling it improbable seems like a big exaggeration to me.

                It misses the point because JPN has presented multiple scenarios. He is not saying anything about their likelihood (though obviously he believes they aren’t out of the realms of possibility). One could easily argue the idea of Gabbert being/ not being better than Kaep is improbable, or the idea that Kaep would/ wouldn’t restructure.

              3. Thanks, Scooter. However, it is a lost cause with that one, I am afraid. The subtleties of logic and rhetoric cannot be counted among his strengths.

                And I must admit that I was a bit uncharitable in that I, for my own amusement, nudged him toward one of his typically emotional and nonsensical responses.

              4. Back at ya, JPN. I just made a short single comment, then you provided a dissertation in rebuttal. Presenting a scenario with assumptions, then defending those implications by saying conditions might not be met, so a counter opinion is not applicable, just means that arguing any point is futile.
                Kaep did not survive behind that line. He go rocked and his play was affected so badly, he got benched. Gabbert may suffer the same fate, so talking about stop gap quarterbacking with a 2 year contract is a point of contention to me. If the Niners do not change up their O line, I do not see his future condition to be anything but grave.

    3. I’d totally disagree with you. There’s no way that the 49ers are that stupid to retained Kaepernick and restructure his said contract. Why would the 49ers keep this guy for? Already management and his co-players are displease with kaepernick performance. The guy just don’t have it, he plays good against lowly teams with bad defense and his inconsistent in every way.

      1. That is the fan’s perspective, not the business perspective. Form a business perspective, it makes a lot of sense to keep him as a backup, or even a stopgap starter, if he can be had for less than a stopgap veteran from outside the team (unless someone considerably better becomes available for a similar rate). The devil one knows, and all that.

  32. The 4 non-Harbaugh coaches hired by the Yorks have combined to go 48-88 with no playoff berths in 9 seasons (counting this one).

      1. Jack loves to snip. Maybe thats what he did protecting our country. Good training stays with you.

  33. The Nightmare on Centenniel is so pervasively dysfunctional that the prospect for HC and GM change could come at the end of this year. I’d felt differently until recently, thinking both Jim and Trent would be given some time. Now I assume everything is on the table, but I won’t try to predict what Jed does.
    Grant and some others predict CK will be cut at the end of the year. If they cut him and get no value after giving up a draft pick for washed-up BG, it will be a dismal, epic failure by the GM. I don’t know how Blaine will do, but not expecting much due to the other deficiencies in the offense.

    1. Blaine might do well for a couple of games till the defenses adjust to his game. The O-line has not changed so the success of any QB is not to be expected.

  34. Kaep still has trade value, though IMO not high. In a rational world, his market would be limited to teams with lines that can pass protect. I think that’s obvious. I can see a mediocre team with such a line starting him. He can win games. And I can see a good team use him as a backup. He may become a journeyman who goes from team to team, like Hoyer, Fitzpatrick, etc. So I suppose he will start another game eventually. Who’s our starter next year? I say Gabbert. Look, without a good line we are going to continue to be a bad team for who knows how long. And even with one, we are not talking winning the division the way it is now constituted without a very good QB.

    1. Adam Schefter
      ✔ ‎@AdamSchefter
      Big move in Bay Area: 49ers benching QB Colin Kaepernick for Blaine Gabbert, as @Kyle_McLorgBASG reported.

      8:44 PM – 2 Nov 2015

      Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter · 2h2 hours ago
      Quite a 12-hour period. Ken Whisenhunt fired. Colin Kaepernick benched. Trade deadline still to come at 4 today.

      1. Although Kap news has been posted, just letting 49er fans see what the National media is thinking

          1. Seb, no, Not Hayne, Thomas will be starting in Hayne’s place, a man with thousands more yards gained on the NFL level than Hayne will ever have.

            1. Although, Seb, I will retain my rights under the 1st Amendment to defend my posts under attack by yours, certain that it will require little effort, as people will realize that the Napa Sanitarium is minutes away from your residence if help is needed for you.

  35. Kap will find a place in the NFL and may last for several painful-to-watch years. But he is done here. We know this because Jed’s hack, Tim Ryan, continues to shoot him down. He just said that the top-echelon QBs could do well with this team, implying that Baalke is not at fault. Tim, the fault lies almost entirely with Baalke and Jed, no matter what you have been programmed to say.

    1. Funny since it was painfully obvious Kaep had issues and wasn’t improving going back to his first game as a starter. Kaep is a problem onto himself, he’s not a starting level qb in the NFL and anyone who thinks otherwise is, well, blind.

  36. the 49ers running back Corps for this weekend against the Atlanta Falcons is looking like Thomas, Draughn and Kendall Gaskins. I am not entirely sure who gets the start in that group. Gaskins knows the playbook, so he might be the starter, but Thomas has solid veteran experience to quickly acclimate.

    Whatever the case, this is not pretty.

    Bleacher Report

  37. V. Davis, by A killion,

    His trade, for sixth-round picks in ’16 and ’17 — also known as the Trent Baalke special — is a sign that an era has come to a close. What Baalke, the general manager, will do with his new stockpile of draft picks remains to be seen; precious little has been done with the last ones he had.

  38. Last week, Jed York said it wasn’t his place to talk about football during the season, though it certainly seems to be his place to talk as the season unravels in a manner even the most skeptical couldn’t foresee. The men most responsible for breaking the

    A Killion, sf Chron

  39. Kurt Warner’s coup de grace against his long time division rival. He beat us on the field and then ruined our QB. Well played Kurt, well played…

  40. Tim Hasselback on Gabbert, “As long as I have been doing this job, Blaine Gabbert has played some of the worst Quarterbacking that I’ve ever watched. He’s been terrible”.

    It’s going to be a LONG season.

    1. With names like Couch, Akili Smith, J. Russell to name just a few it’s hard to take him seriously when he says that Gabbert has played some of the worst quarterbacking that he’s ever seen.

      And why did he capitalize “Quarterbacking?”

  41. It’s a little sad to see the Colin Kaepernick come to a fizzled end of ineptness. He got his chance, almost won it all, but close doesn’t cut it.

    He was Harbaugh’s guy, he couldn’t get over the hump. I thought that Harbaugh may have been too tough on him, and didn’t give him the tender love he needed to get better. I thought Tomsula would be a better presence. In the end it comes down to the player. Yeah he didn’t have the best coaching but if you miss a wide open Torrie Smith, and you throw 2 INTs off your back foot in AZ, you’re not meant to play the hardest position in sports.

    Gabbert is not the savior of this season, but he can’t possibly do much worse then Kaep regardless of the O-Line. The team will play a little better because at least they can open up the play book just a bit, especially now that they really have no running game.

    Defenses had figured out Kaep and the 2015 Niner offense. With Gabbert there’s a chance they win a few games. Atlanta just lost to a rookie QB.
    Anything can happen!

  42. If Colin hadn’t missed the uncovered Smith and scored a TD on that play but the team loses the game anyway does he still get benched?

    With the entire internet and pretty much all of the sports related media outlets trolling him and the team over the images of Torrey standing out on the edge waiving his hands frantically how much of an effect did that one play(and it’s media fallout) have in the team finally deciding to bench him? None, some, a lot?

      1. Fan,

        Your glee over the failing of the QB of the team you profess to cheer for is disturbing. You have literally turned this into a situation where you are so fixated on being right about something you fail to understand exactly what this means for the future of the team. We are now at a point where the team may literally have to be completely rebuilt and provide us with bad football for the next few years, but the surly guy with the tats who got the nice guy traded is on his way out too so all is good in your world.

        There has been zero argument from me that Kap has been terrible this year and yet you continue to post nonsense like this. You don’t seem to understand that you can’t rewrite history. The Kap we are seeing now is not the same guy we argued about previously. That guy was playing well enough while learning the position to win a lot of games, and you bitched and whined throughout. The Kap we are seeing now has become debilitated with non confidence and is completely non functional. Your dream has been realized and you can’t hide your joy over it. Congrats to you.

        1. Dude,

          Can you admit that you were not very kind, or respectful in our debates? This started last year, where you were arrogant and condescending.

          You still can’t even admit that you’re wrong. This has nothing with me being right.

          You still try to make it as if this is not the same Kaep. You can’t admit that maybe this has always been who he is and that 2012 was simply an outlier year. You love stats so much, why don’t you look at the ones that show his gradual decline since he took over as a starter. The Washington Post article has all kinds of numbers for you to chew on.

          The FO sucks. The Org sucks. The quicker we move away from the disaster that is Kaep, which if you look all the way back in the beginning of this year, I had TOLD YOU that he’s made small improvements but not enough and just wait until teams figured him out — you were so ARROGANT to say I was wrong, stupid, didn’t know anything, love Alex Smith. You failed to look at my points of the debate.

          You admit that you were wrong on this one, and maybe I’ll stop bringing it up.

          1. You keep referring to 2012 as an outlier and yet Kap was a top ten QB who went to the NFCCG in 2013. You’ve been on the guys case from the day he was given the job and jumped on anything negative you could even before the decline began.

            If you look at that Washington post article you’ll see a trend I referred to a long time ago, and that is the steep decline in Kaps game began with the Kilgore injury last year. From that point on his game started going down hill and this year just continued to get progressively worse to the point he is completely broken down mentally.

            You keep referring to my arrogance and condescending attitude and yet you are the guy who continually ripped the QB whether he was playing well or not. If you want respect you have to earn it and your behavior on this topic hasn’t warranted respect at all.

            We’ve been through this repeatedly fan and you still want a cookie for being proven right on something that you have created a strawman argument against. We’ve rehashed this over and over and you can’t seem to grasp the fact I have not been a blind supporter of Kap as you have perceived in your mind for whatever reason. If I predicted Kap to be a franchise QB, I would be here saying I was wrong, but I’ve never said that or implied it. All I’ve ever done is support Kap against biased criticism that was unwarranted and provided the numbers to support the argument. I’ve also been open with the things I thought he needed to improve on and the fact he was a QB who needed a lot of development and was winning without really knowing how to play the position at this level. I’ve said these things over and over for years, but you either don’t read them or you just want to create a black and white debate where it’s you saying Kap is bad and I’m saying Kap is good. Get over it man. I’m not going to give you credit when it’s not deserved. You have simply been a hater who is finally getting his wish. That is not going to be rewarded, not by me anyway.

            1. Are you seriously saying Kaep was the top QB in 2013? do you even know how to read stats?

              He was 5-14 in one game for 91 yards,

              See, you don’t get to be an arrogant jerk to try to prove your point, You were wrong, and you are still trying to make this sound like there’s a grey area.

              You try to change the narrative that I was a hater. You still cannot admit that we argued repeatedly, and you weren’t nice about it. I don’t need you to give me credit. I don’t even need you to admit you’re wrong. I’m just going to keep annoying the crap out of you because you’re just too stubborn and stupid to realize you don’t know anything.

              Ive made my peace with others on the blog, and will with you when you just admit you were wrong, Stop living in denial rocket!

              1. Are you seriously saying Kaep was the top QB in 2013?

                Kap was a top ten QB who went to the NFCCG in 2013.

                Do I really need to say anymore? Nice melt down by the way. Very entertaining.

              2. You can’t say anything more because you were so wrong on so many levels. And you had the arrogance to think that you were right. And now that it’s proven you were wrong, you try to change the subject.

                Oh— and here’s another article for you. I’m sure you won’t read it because it will show how little you know — it says that Colin was always late on his throws, as far back as 2013, you know that year you said he was the top QB? Yeah remember how I told you that he was a split-second late on his throws even back then?

                I think I need to refresh your memory — Hey Rocket! Kaep can’t make reads and is always late on his throws!


              3. Already read it and commented on it in the next thread. You are really starting to unravel fan. Might be time to take a break and go back to celebrating the demise of the tattooed mean guy who pushed out your hero.

              4. Fan,
                Just let it go. Rocket gives detailed breakdowns as to why he believes what he does. He’s informed. Kaep had a short, amazing run with Harbaugh, as did the whole team. That team is long gone and it’s not coming back. Harbaugh picked Kaep over Smith because he thought he was better. He was when he was surrounded by a strong supporting cast. At the end of the day, Harbaugh wanted Manning over Smith or Kaepernick. He knew there was a short window to win a SB with this team and he went for it.
                Kaep is done. Smith is being Smith in K.C. Both teams are bad. The Niners are who most people thought they were and the Chiefs are underachieving. You should appreciate both the hot hand that got us to the Super Bowl and the steady hand that never quite got there. Smith might have made the final pass in the Super Bowl, but he wouldn’t have gotten the team there.

                It goes back to stability. This franchise doesn’t have any. Harbaugh brought that to the team. He’s gone and the wheels have fallen off. It sucks, but blaming Kaepernick is misguided. Smith was so bad at one point that fans created an earthquake at Candlestick chanting “We want Carr!” He was able to say goodbye with fans chanting “Alex!” two years later. He can thank Harbaugh for that. I do.

                The blame for this dysfunction falls solely on Jed York. He ruined a good thing because his ego convinced himself that he was responsible for the teams success. Now that he realizes he isn’t the reason, accountability isn’t in his vocabulary. It sucks, but it’s time to move forward.

              5. ex,

                What’s even more head shaking is he repeated it again in his next post. He’s lost it, or really never had it.

              6. Rocket,
                Nice try with the top Qb and the meltdown.
                I’m just enjoying how I ripped out your eyes and pissed down your dead skull on the whole Kaep argument.
                Seriously, you were out matched the whole time. I miss Bay Area Fanatic. At least he was some crazy fan and love Kaep, which I respect. He goes down fighting for the man he loves. You’re trying to change your tune. First you say you never thought he was that good in the first place, yet you claim he was one of the top QBs of 2013. For real? Are you serious? He didn’t even make the Pro Bowl that year! What’s his face Alex Smith did.
                SMH And SMHSM

            2. “the steep decline in Kaps game began with the Kilgore injury last year.”

              That was the beginning of the decline for the entire offense and something that I wrote about last year as it was happening.

              1. You did Jack and you also had some other insightful thoughts last year in your articles. Not sure why you aren’t writing anymore but you did a nice job and they are missed by many around here.

              2. If it don’t make $, it don’t make sense. Maybe I’ll start a NSFW 49er podcast and just roast Jed nonstop.

              3. Thanks Rocket. I had some family stuff come up and don’t have the time needed to do it right so I’ve stepped back so far this year.

              4. I hope everything works out for you regarding that Jack. I also hope to see you writing articles again sometime in the future.

        2. Rocket it’s obvious he took the Alex smith benching personal. Wouldn’t doubt if this was onelame under an alias.

    1. It’s an image that was a major summary of what many think of Kaepernick.

      No one has asked if Kaepernick had the authority to change to a pass in that situation, in that game, in this season. If he didn’t have that option he wouldn’t have even looked.

      He could also be so beaten down that he didn’t look. Then he could also be so beaten down that he looked and couldn’t trust himself to throw the ball where it could be caught. What I’m personally sure of is that I don’t know what was in Colin’s head in that moment.

    1. Fan, at the beginning of the season, I tried valiantly to point out how I hoped the Niners could succeed. Kaep did make it to a SB after 10 games and he almost won it, then almost went back the next season.
      However, we have all watched Kaep self destruct this season, and I do not take joy in that fact or relish the aftermath. No QB will succeed behind that putrid line, and the Niners have taken too many body blows from the beginning of the year til now.
      Please do not engage in schadenfreude, it does not help the situation and just defines you. I hope to still have spirited discussions and disagreements, but I feel like you are kicking a man while he is down. I expect better of you.
      Please tell me and the other posters how you would help the Niners to win a game, that is what I am more interested in. Gleefully dumping on Kaep just does not make the situation any more enjoyable. Looks like we are in for hard times. Those past glory years will sustain me, but I must admit that things do not look bright and sunny.

      1. Seb,

        Okay I’m done. You’re a true fan. I’ll leave it alone now because I respect your passion for the team. I just had to stick it to a few peeps because they were jerks!

        Let’s all cheer for Gabbert!

        1. Let’s all cheer for the white guy you mean. Bet you gave Alex smith his whole time here and never gave up on him. But I guess the white guy gets 6 years of sucking. Smh

  43. Crab is gone.
    Kaep is gone.
    Get rid of Boldunn too.
    Just can’t forget the bad memory (now)…
    the 3 of them jokin’ their way through
    a postgame press conference.
    The joke is on them, huh?

  44. I’m conflicted here…

    While I don’t entirely disagree with the benching of Kaep, I can’t help but think of this situation as Alex Smith v2.0.

    It’s quite likely that given their record, the 49ers will end up picking in the top five of next years draft. Given the culture and history of this team under the current management, who’s to say that they won’t pick another talented QB then proceed to run him into the ground..

    Am I wrong in thinking this?

    1. Any fan that loves their franchise and has at least .02 cents, is thinking the exact same thing….

      1. Who says they’ll pick a talented young QB? I’m thinking PK or LS in Rd#1, then Value Picks; QB and OL in rounds 6&7.

    2. No, you’re not wrong in saying that. To paraphrase Razor, “Any fan with a lick of sense in them should be thinking the same exact thing.”

    3. Abe,
      Did the Maitre d’ get snooty with you at lunch? Lol. Your take is spot on and is as depressing as you think it is. It’s FUBAR.

  45. Kaepernick was terrific when he had a strong running game and a D that gave the offense short fields via turnovers

    As those things decreased so did his production. The league had caught up and he couldn’t adjust.

    1. Yep, spot on Jack.

      I for one and happy about this move. Not because I believe Gabbert is a good QB. Not because I believe Gabbert will have improved much, if at all, since his Jags days. I am happy about this move because the season is done, we know what we have in Kaep, and its time to find out exactly what Gabbert provides (even if we have a pretty good idea already) so that important decisions can be made about the QB spot for next season. It also means Kaep is unlikely to get hurt and make his contract guaranteed for next season.

      1. I’ll be fine and you can be dandy, but who’s going to be the important decision maker? I’m scared Scooter….

            1. I remember a certain somebody trying to convince everyone Baalke’s 2015 draft was excellent. What happened to that razor?!

              1. Armstead looks promising still to me, Tartt looks good too. The problem is the 49ers need offense, and that’s not his forte`. The coaching staff he selected does not compensate for that inadequacy. Rut-roh….

              2. The main thing this team needs is OL and QB on offense. He did alright selecting Iupati and Anthony Davis in 2010. Maybe he’ll revert back to 2010 Baalke…

                QB could be problematic though.

                At this point I’d be shocked if there aren’t significant coaching changes next year. Tomsula may hold onto his job for the start of next year, but Chryst looks like a ready made scapegoat to me, as does Logan.

              3. Out goes Chryst, in comes Whisenhunt. They could use another failed head coach on the staff.

              4. If Gabbert is anything better than pathetic, I think that Chryst still goes but Logan either stays or is promoted.

              5. If Gabbert is anything better than pathetic, I think that Chryst still goes but Logan either stays or is promoted

                I think putrid is definitely within reach.

              6. At this point rocket, I am just hoping he doesn’t hit an equipment person standing about 10 to 15 yards past the sideline in the side of the head. That would be a step up.

              7. Rocket and Razor,

                My comment was somewhat flip, but with a thread of real expectation. Chryst will likely be the fall guy if there is not a complete coaching staff change (he still has Harbaugh stink on him, in addition to his performance). It probably will be difficult for the 49ers to attract an OC without significant changes to the front office and/or coaching staff. Add to that the reports throughout preseason about how Logan was working with Gabbert and had helped him. Thus, if Gabbert plays at all above expectations and the coaching staff and/or front office remains substantially the same, Logan either remains QB coach, or if no other OC is available (or willing) once they dump Chryst, he becomes OC.

                If Gabbert is putrid (which I would put lower than pathetic), I think Chryst and Logan are both gone before the season ends, unless no one else will take the job.

                So yes, Razor, ‘better than pathetic’ is the new bar. Good times.

              8. Or skip multiple short and intermediate passes off the turf, Scooter. Underthrown deep passes are understandable. Overthrown deep or intermediate passes also make sense (trying to keep them out of the defender’s reach). Even the occasional wildly errant overthrow is forgivable. Skipped gimme passes is just mind boggling.

                All kidding aside, it seems like Kap’s mind and body were trying to do two different – and incompatible – things at the same time. Things probably would have been better if Kap had just reverted to his former limiting habits when everything went south rather than having the bizarre mix of new mechanics and old mechanics that made him non-functional.

              9. JPN,

                I know what you were saying I was just being silly.

                In serious response to what you posted here and Scooter did above, I will be surprised if Gabbert doesn’t perform better than Kap has the past two weeks. Kap is playing so poorly right now that it’s truly disheartening. To reach a level like that means he has completely fallen apart mentally, and doesn’t trust anything about his game right now.

      2. That last sentence is important Scooter, but htwaits reminded me of the fact that Kap has the $20 million insurance policy. That lessons the pain for the Yorks, but I wouldn’t think that would impact the Salary Cap in any way. I would think that the $30 or so million that would be paid would all go against the salary cap (probably pro-rated over some years), but would not be lessened by the insurance payment. If it were, every team in the league would have insurance on their players (esp. QBs) and the teams would probably pay for it as well.

      3. Wow, Scooter. Do you really think fiscal considerations had anything to do with it?
        Iron sharpens iron, but gold prevails at the end of the day.
        I do note that some of the ex-players on ESPN are saying benching Kap is a mistake, but for most of them their reasoning is around how bad Gabby was in Jax.

      4. Scooter, I’m having a brain-fart… will you please elaborate on the last sentence? Thanks.

        1. Kaep’s contract is only guaranteed for injury up until 1st April next year (at which point his 2016 salary would be come fully guaranteed). If he gets injured, seriously, the 49ers will have to pay up (or reach an injury settlement).

        1. Since you didn’t seem to be referring to a career ending injury I have to assume that the team can’t just refuse to pick up Colin’s 2016 contract if he has less than a career injury. I’ve always assumed that each year was a simple end to Colin’s contract much like any contract that’s ending.

        2. His 2016 and 2017 salaries are currently guaranteed for injury only. Doesn’t matter when the injury happens (though I am assuming it is only for football related injury) – if they cut him while injured they need to pay him out for those two years.

          1. There you go. I thought that he was protected in16 for injury if he got the 16 contract. The same for 2017 as in protection for that specific season.

            So I am surprised that an injury this year would protect him for 2016 and 2017. Thanks for the information.

  46. Will York admit his mistake and let Tomsula go after just one season? Considering his rather inflated opinion of himself, that seems highly unlikely.

    Instead, the powers to be will be looking for yet another fall guy. That’s likely going to come in the form of a quarterback in Colin Kaepernick that was put in a no-win situation to start the year.

    With the remainder of his guarantees only coming in the form of an injury caveat, San Francisco’s brass will likely find it reason enough to bench him in order to move on from the embattled signal caller without any financial commitment beyond the 2015 season.

  47. Titans fire Whisenhunt after he drafted a rookie QB. What could go wrong? Apparently Colonel Sanders is the CEO of the Titans. He is announcing the termination on t.v. I’m waiting for him to start talking about the eleven herbs and spices that compromise his secret recipe. Yikes.

  48. I read where Baalke wanted to bench Kaepernick last week, but shrewdly changed his mind, choosing to wait for the quarterback friendlier defense of the Atlanta Falcons. If true, highly unprofessional and bulletin board material for the Falcons defense….

    1. When you say Baalke, is that because you believe (as most) that he makes all the decisions, or because the report specifically said it was Baalke’s decision? I had heard it was the coaching staff’s decision (or whatever that means).

        1. Joking aside, I think Baalke does let Tomsula make decisions… until he doesn’t. And by that I mean I believe he steps in when he thinks he needs to, but doesn’t deal with the day to day.

          Would be interested to find out if this really is a Baalke/ FO decision or a Tomsula decision.

      1. I’m convinced that he makes the big ones like when to switch to Gabbert. Call it contract management.

    2. It was reported last night on Total Access Live that it had been decided that Kaepernick was going to be benched if he had another bad outing, but then he played well againat the Giants and Ravens, so it was believed that he had turned the corner. Then the games against the Seahawks and Rams happened, and it was decided that it was time to pull the plug.

          1. Both chains of events could have happened.

            McLorg’s been pretty good with the scoops, so I dare say there was indeed some talk about benching Kaep after the Seahawks game and one of the reasons they didn’t was because they didn’t want to throw Gabbert in to get destroyed by the Rams D.

        1. Don’t you believe that or even think the Falcons are in trouble. They still got Julio JOnes and a decent running game. Even if the D might be problematic, Falcons to me can still win by 17 at least. They keep the 49ers from scoring 13 points, Tomsula is out of here and any 49er fan should be encouraging for the removal of Tomsula that’s done NOTHING for this team.

    1. Famous quote from last year when Madden stated you don’t get rid of a coach, you get rid of the suit.

  49. Just sour grapes because of RGIII. Washington Post is desperate to change the subject about how bad their team is. Snyder and York are equally disliked.

  50. I am a happy 49er fan right now. All the Falcons got to do is just win, hopefully be a big margin and Mr. Plumber in Tomsula will finally be fired. Oh the joys that my birthday wish may be coming true as Mr. Bicep Kisser is SOON going to be off my team as we never should’ve drafted him and he has done what he did. I don’t care about the Oline, lack of talent, Kap has no leadership skills and he has showed nothing on the 49ers. Great Qbs throw 300 to even 500 yards in a game and Kap has shown he can’t do that. I know, he has had a couple of games where he did throw 300, but keep in mind when the other team’s D plays like garbage too, sure Kap can have an inflated number. Kap leaving the 49ers will make me very happy right now. Then firing tomsula will be utter joy as he never should have been hired in the first place as he cost Sing and Harbaugh the job. No matter what Jed may have done, this is on the little rat in Tomsula and he deserves to be fired. Tomsula has done nothing to warrant coming back, and if Jed York wants to be held accountable, you get rid of Kap, you get rid of Tomsula, you get rid of Baalke, and you and your family get down on your hands and knees and BEG the NFL to reinstate Eddie D to own our team and for you York to get out and SELL THE TEAM, either back to Eddie or somebody that KNOWS football!

  51. 10 worst free agent signings through Week 8

    Eric Eager gives the worst 10 free agent signings in terms of production and value this season.

    1. Brandon Browner, CB, Saints (three years, $18 million, 30.9 overall grade)
    2. Jermey Parnell, OT, Jaguars (five years, $32 million, 45.0 overall grade)
    8. Erik Pears, OT, 49ers (two years, $4.7 million, 43.7 overall grade)
    The offensive struggles in San Francisco aren’t exclusively the fault of the recently-benched Colin Kaepernick. After struggling for the Bills in 2014, Pears was acquired to take over for the retired Anthony Davis this season. The exchange has been a disaster thus far, as Pears ranks 56th among tackles. He has surrendered six sacks, tied for second among OTs.

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