Report: 49ers favorites to sign WR Torrey Smith

The 49ers are the favorites to sign 26-year-old wide receiver Torrey Smith, according to the Baltimore Sun. One source tells the Sun it’s a “done deal” that Smith will sign with San Francisco.

Smith would be a terrific signing. The 49ers need a deep threat, and Smith certainly is a deep threat. He is averaging 16.9 yards per catch in his four-season career.

If the Niners sign Torrey Smith, they wouldn’t have to draft a wide receiver in the first round or second round of the upcoming draft. I figured Trent Baalke would prefer to draft a receiver early as opposed to signing an expensive free agent like Smith.

But a rookie receiver would have to develop. Smith already is developed. He probably would have a greater impact on the 49ers’ offense next season than any receiver the Niners could draft.

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  1. Agree it would be a very good signing. I’m not counting my chickens just yet though.

    1. Scooter:

      I think if we sign Smith and then don’t draft a WR in the first round, you’ll finally have to give in and admit that Baalke doesn’t trust his ability to draft a game-changing WR. Wouldn’t you agree. :) Of course, I shouldn’t count my chickens….

      1. That’s a leap in logic I don’t think can be made, cubus. As Grant said, it is unlikely any rookie WR would come in off the bat and have the impact Smith would provide, or the instant respect for his abilities to get deep on a D.

        Quite honestly, if Baalke doesn’t trust his ability to judge WR talent he first of all shouldn’t be allowed to sign one for big money in FA and secondly needs to find someone he can trust to guide those decisions on WRs. I find it exceedingly hard to believe the rhetoric around Baalke being “gun shy” or not trusting his/ his staffs’ judgement when it comes to the WR position.

        1. Although I was kidding around, I’ve only postulated this theory with respect to the draft not free agency. Free agents have NFL history, which is easier to judge and Baalke has done alright there.

          1. Yeah, sorry, I realised you were kidding around so I shouldn’t have gone on another of my rants about Baalke being gun shy!

    2. Great!…However, when the 49ers make a F/A acquisition fans rarely see it coming. This announcement appears to be an agent leveraging the 49ers against others prior to the 3/10 feeding frenzy.
      If true, it would allow the 49ers to draft a skilled passblocker to Aid in Kaepernick’s development or to trade down and acquire more picks.

  2. It would be an outstanding signing. He would instantly force defenses to account him, and the fact that he’s only 26 bodes well for chemistry development with Kaepurnicus….

  3. Believe it when I see it. Not holding my breath. Goes south when I do that. Lol

    1. Also don’t see it happening. If it does, then expect the cuts and/or trades to come.

      1. Cutting Brooks would cover it and they probably will cut Stevie Johnson and still have money.

        1. Brooks won’t be designated as cut until after June 1. Any earlier and there would be approximately $5.5 million in dead money. Cutting Johnson might help, but it is largely going to depend on how much guaranteed money is in the contract and when it is dispersed. And we still need at least $5 million in order to sign our draft picks.

    2. Geez Mid, you sure can find a way to see the cloud in every silver lining! :-P

      1. I’m not seeing anything that tells me this team can compete with the Seahawks
        Scooter. Dockett was a nice addition, but he’s 33, coming off an ACL tear, and is graded as one of the worst run defenders in the league. There’s no telling if he will return to the pass rushing menace that he was prior to the injury. Meanwhile the hot commodity that is making everyone giddy is inconsistent, prone to drops, and has questionable route running skills. And to top it off, we signed a drug dealer. Oh happy day. :-x

        1. Its not all doom and gloom Mid.

          I wouldn’t even say you are a glass half empty kind of guy. I’d say you are an “I ordered a dang bottle, what’s this glass rubbish!” kind of guy. :-)

          1. I’m just not a fan of the signings. Dockett makes sense only if he can still be a pass rushing menace, but the two WRs make no sense at all.

            1. Torrey Smith makes no sense at all?

              I get that you aren’t a huge fan (though I think your issues regarding him are significantly exaggerated), but saying it makes no sense at all seems a bit like hyperbole. A deep threat WR is a pretty clear need, and that is exactly what Torrey Smith would provide. And despite your concerns about him he really is one of the premier deep threats in the NFL.

              1. He’s a deep threat prone to drops and is inconsistent. We traded Crabtree for a faster version. I can’t get excited about that.

                And despite your concerns about him he really is one of the premier deep threats in the NFL.

                Suh is classified as one of the premier DTs in the league, but I wouldn’t him on my team. Same goes for DeMarco Muarry at RB.

              2. He had a drop rate of 6.5% last season, 5.1% in 2013, 2.7% in 2012 and 6.3% in 2011.

                For a guy that is apparently prone to drops, those are some pretty decent drop rates.

              3. Over the last 3 seasons Smith’s drop rate is better than $10mil/yr man Randall Cobb.

              4. Woo-hoo. That’s not really convincing Scooter, especially considering that he is expected to be paid $8 million/year.

                Cobb is a three-way threat Jack. That’s why he’s getting $10 million/year.

              5. “Cobb is a three-way threat… That’s why he’s getting $10 million/year.”

                Yes, he’s a three-way threat with a higher drop rate than a receiver who will likely sign for less.

              6. Did I deny his drop rate Jack? No. I just said that he’s a three-way threat which is why he’s getting that much money. He’s a dangerous receiving threat as well as from in the backfield and he’s one of the better returners in the game.

              7. From ESPN:

                Smith has not been consistent. He has caught more than 50 passes only once in his career — the 65 he had for 1,128 yards in 2013 — and is coming off a career-low 49 catches while being tied for second with 11 drops.

              8. Bizarre. No idea why there is such a discrepancy.

                What I do know is that teams fear his ability to get deep, and he has consistently produced well while at the Ravens. He’s a good WR, and would be a nice fit for this team.

                He’s not a true #1 WR, but you are a hard man to please if you don’t like the idea of bringing a WR like Torrey Smith to the team.

              9. Crabtree produced as well and was good in the clutch (another area that Smith is questionable at) but he was also inconsistent and prone to drops ergo I don’t think he’s worth #1 money. The same goes for Smith.

        2. “we signed a drug dealer” Well at least now the players can get their fix in-house and that reduces the odds they will be busted in a sting by the SJPD and cause further black eyes for the franchise. besides im sure it was for medicinal purposes

    3. I may be mistaken, but I believe 8 of his 11 TD’s came in or near the Red Zone last year….

  4. Great move but Boldin is turning 35 years old next season, wouldn’t rule them out still taking a wideout in the first.

  5. Bye bye Michael Crabtree. 2 years ago people on here argued to me that “Crabs” was an elite WR, best hands and a go to guy. He just needed a different QB cause Smith would not throw him the ball.
    Well he is what I always said he was: slow and a China doll. Good riddance to #15.

    1. Don’t count your chickens, Prime. He ain’t signed with anyone yet and wasn’t on many Top 5 FA WR lists. If he doesn’t get an offer he may be back on the cheap! ; >)
      I wondered if he’d land at NO or Houston as a #1B possession receiver.

      1. Crabtree would probably be happy to sign cheap in his home state of Texas on a one year deal.
        His time in SF is done. If we get Torrey Smith, we can draft a WR in rounds 3-5 and get cheaper and faster than Crabtree. One of Baalkes worst draft picks. There was a reason why he dropped so low that year in the draft. The foot was and has been an issue ever since.

    1. He won’t be on my fantasy team. Like any other wr on KC. Their Qb doesn’t get them TD’s because he sucks!

  6. Now let’s pick up Ray Rice and John Harbaugh and let’s make a run at this thing! #whodis

  7. Awesome news! Exactly the guy we needed to sign. Torrey Smith will be a huge upgrade over Crabtree.

  8. Smith will give Baalke draft flexibility. Seems like Baalke had two choices:

    1) Spend major draft capital. Trade way above chart value to move up a few spots for Parker.

    2) Spend significant cap capital for Torrey Smith. Have plenty of picks for draft day two kung-fu trade mania.

    I hope the “done deal” is real.

  9. For arguments sake let’s say we stopped here for wr:

    (Rookie special teams)

    I think I’m good with it. I wish boldin was 3 years younger and Simpson wasn’t growing weed by the barrel but I feel much better about it then 2 weeks ago.

    Add a running back and OL and our offense has been remade.

    Now all we need is some nfl level coaching.

  10. Can he block? All the 49ers WR are able and willing blockers. He better know how to block.

  11. I hope the report is true that the Niners is getting Smith. I’m sure CK will love that :) On the news, I heard that Gore is heading to the Eagles. If that is true, I wish him the best! One of my all-time favorite 49er player.

  12. You got a link, Prime .. ?

    or are ya just blown’ some smoke ?

    Everyone knows he’s gone.. but it ain’t happened ..yet …

    has it ?

    1. Why would they bring him back if Torrey Smith is pretty much a done deal?
      Even if they don’t sign Smith, why would the Niners want slow and injury prone Crabtree back?

    2. Yes he has a source. Madden 2015 told him through the rumor wire.
      Like all of the kc receivers last year Crabtrees numbers were not as good with Smith. He’s still bitter that crabs didn’t like the checkdown King.

  13. Grant you are on fire! 3 for 3 – Dockett and Torrey – yeses and Gore – no.

  14. First it was fans expressing the need for a change at QB in order for the 49ers to get what they expected when they drafted Michael Crabtree….well, that didn’t transpire…now, the rumor mill says that Torrey Smith signing with the 9ers is a done deal….great addition if it comes to fruition…..question is, will this just be another WR that #7 overthrows or underthrows? Fair question, I would suggest…

  15. Signing TS does two things (as a minimum): first, it gives Kap another downfield WR (Simpson being the other) who can start opposite Boldin. Two, his signing and parting ways w/Gore opens Baalke up to take one of the stud RB’s…I’m talking Gordon, Gurley, Ajaji. It could also mean him drafting TE Walford in the 2nd rd. Whatever way Baalke does it doesn’t really matter…what counts is getting faster, younger & stronger, which is what TB and Jed said they’d do. This is freakin’ exciting, man.

    1. Like Wilbur once said to Orville …

      “….. yeah … but will it fly ..?” …

    1. WOW !!

      An informative column .. on BR … and ..
      it was our own Grant Cohn .. who
      put it there !!

      (who woulda thunk.. right ?)

      Great job, Grant !!

      One question for ya Grant …

      Are you old enough to actually remember
      Merton Hanks playing ?

      (not slammin’ ya, bud .. just really curious)

  16. Any FA coming to the 49ers is only doing so because they are offering him MUCH more money. They will HAVE to overpay to get anyone as any player with viable/financial options will go somewhere else. Let’s see if another team gives this guy as much cash before we count him as a 49er.

    I predicted here weeks ago that Tomsula would be HC, that Geep would be OC and that Gore would most certainly do the smart thing and get off this train wreck for a team that can contend next year. I have always been an optimistic 49er fan since 1967, but that also means I can see what’s coming. I will be surprised if this team goes better than 3-13 next year though I think 5 wins are a possibility. Next season should be fun watching Baalke take it in the shorts. He should be fired about the time the 2016 season ends with this team earning the no.1 pick in the draft. Remember this post. Maybe Pete Carroll will want a new gig for the 2017 season.

  17. It’s jeds fault gore is leaving.
    So says some 49er “fans”
    Trends are funny sometimes

    1. BigNiner ..

      I would think playing the Eagles will be
      a lot simpler .. than .. say …

      the day..

      Jed has to officiate the ceremony .. when
      it’s time to add Frank Gore’s name ..
      to the Ring of Honor ..

      On that day .. if you look in your Funk & Waggenals
      under the word “awkward” ..

      you, may see Jed’s face there

      1. Yeah…it’s going to be hard to cheer on our defense against him. That’s what I meant

        1. yeah.. I knew what you meant, Big ..
          but what are the odds, that on the day I mentioned ..

          little Jeddie-poo gets the very same reception
          (from the Faithful) .. that
          his Daddy got.. the day
          they retired Jerry Rice’s number ??

          (I was there .. Alex got booed, even though
          he beat the SeaChickens)

          1. He’ll get booed next year If he’s even seen on the jumbo tron. People aren’t happy with him. He used harbaugh to build that stadium

  18. Thumbs way up for Torrey Smith!! Billy Bob Baalke is trying to redeem himself. Dockett now Torrey Smith, damn good news!!…..As HoferFan used to say …..”All arrows up!”

      1. MWN – not quite official…Should be by tmrw….I appears #7 is now on the trade blocks……It’s getting very interesting.

  19. Breaking news, Colin kaepernick has been put on the trading block!!!!! Dead serious..

  20. I’m sure we overpaid a bit, but this is the right move for the short term. Having Boldin and Patton as your top two WRs heading into the draft would have been very risky. Smith is a solid citizen, good athlete, and adds the skill set we’ve lacked. Hyde will appreciate the respect safeties will need to give Smith. Along with Dockett, he’s doing a good job of taking care of needs before the draft, so he can target the best players available and/or trade down

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