Rumor: 49ers “taking offers” for Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is “on the trading block” according to Jayson Braddock of KBME SportsTalk 790 in Houston.

Remember, Trent Baalke screamed “Throw the ball!” in the press box when Kaepernick scrambled for a short gain against the Rams in 2013.

If Braddock’s rumor is true, maybe the 49ers can trade Kaepernick to the Buffalo Bills for their second round pick. Greg Roman is Buffalo’s offensive coordinator, and head coach Rex Ryan said in 2012 he wanted to the Jets to draft Kaepernick.

Update: The Eagles and Bears already have contacted the 49ers about trading for Kaepernick, according to Braddock.

Update: Matt Maiocco tweets “Trent Baalke strongly denies the 49ers are shopping Colin Kaepernick.” Does that mean Baalke isn’t taking offers?

Update: Braddock stands by his report: “Story has been verified by 3 different sources. Time will prove it. Been here before.”

Update: According to Matt Maiocco, Trent Baalke says, “Colin is our quarterback and we are excited to have him. He is not going anywhere. The media reports suggesting otherwise are without merit and quite frankly ridiculous.”

Update: Braddock just retweeted this: “The fact that Baalke felt the need to issue a statement refuting it means that it has to be true.” And this: “I bet come Tues morning, Kaep is no longer a 49er.” And this: “I’ll say this had Mallett to Houston before anyone else, and Maxwell to Philly before anyone else.” And this: “Why would risk his sky rocketing credibility to break this story, I’m going with what he is saying.”

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  1. I’m not even a big Kap guy, but trading Kap for anything less than multiple 1sts is a huge mistake.

    1. Would NEVER happen…I’d take a third/low second and a ham sandwich. Be very lucky to get a 2016 first…I’d take that w/o the sandwich.

    2. With Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, Gore, and Crabtree going, Baalke is going to need more draft picks. Both O-Coordinators/QB coaches are versed in the West Coast offense, with Steve Logan adding some spread offense to his version of the WCO. Quick reads via crossing patterns, picks, Slugos and slants in multiple formations is not Kaepernick’s strength. It makes sense to bring in a vet and draft a rookie QB

      1. Bay Area Sports Guy: Baalke says Kaepernick is not going anywhere, which means Foles is on his way to 49ers

    3. Im not even a ‘little Kap guy’, and there ios no way anyone in their half right mind is gonna fork out multiple 1st rounders for #7…..he still has to prove he is an NFL QB, in that he hasn’t shown he can be efficient from the pocket, and we kniw that the NFL is a pocket passer league….good athlete, good foot speed, strong, but inaccurate, arm…but seems to lack the intelligence factor…

  2. Grant I don’t agree with it but don’t you think sf thinks a hoyer can give them everything they want ? Hoyer would make Torrey smith useless he has a pop gun arm better to keep stevie or crabtree ?

    1. u r right about hoyer as he is not a good deep thrower–but in truth neither is kapernick—he has a very strong arm but throws the deep passes too much on a line—most of the good deep passers put some air under the ball to give the receiver a chance to adjust to the ball

      1. You can’t teach arm strength. You can teach someone to put air under the ball.

        1. He’s (Kap) is still developing after four years. Montana won a SuperBowl in his 3rd year…I would like to know how many more years you would give him if you were the GM…I’m not being sarcastic, would just like to know…
          Just so you have a ball park figure to work with, it’s generally acknowledged that a Pro QB should be totally developed within 3 years.

  3. Haha, sure we are… That makes zero sense as we pick up expensive vets in win-now mode. The only plausible scenario would be trading for a top pick to ensure we got Winston or Mariota, and who would be willing to pay Kap twice as much as the top young rookies to be mediocre?

  4. Oh please let this be true! The only down side is complicating/competing needs during the draft and remaining FA period. If CK is off loaded, along with Gore and 90% of the former staff, can we at least be honest and call this a rebuilding, not a reloading?

  5. Wow..I thought this was a “really tooling ” not a rebuilding……I’m not the biggest fan of Kap….but this is crazy!Baalke thinks we’re the u6 steelers!Let’s just draft 6 running backs this draft..We’re gonna run the ball!I grew up a 49er fan my whole life..I’ve been longing to see a passing game since Marriuchi and Garcia..oh Niners where have you gone?Baalke is so old school he must far dust..Who are you gonna get?!!!!!You must be able to pass the fricking ball…Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  6. I find it very hard to believe this rumour is true. If they were offered a bucket load of draft picks for him they may consider it, but with no other QBs on the roster, no good QBs available in FA, and unlikely to have a shot at either Winston or Mariota without trading a king’s ransom, this would appear to be a dumb idea.

    1. Unless the deal includes a QB like Foles or Cutler…I still think this rumor is extremely unlikely. I’m not sure why Baalke would want either guy and neither is on what would be described as a “good” contract. (in the final year of his rookie deal, Foles will need an extension) Plus Kap is on such a team friendly deal, why move it this year?

  7. the key word is “rumor”. as always, i believe in what i see people do, not what people say they will/might do. it’s a timeless advice. maybe the audience should try it.

  8. Mike Garafolo ‏@MikeGarafolo 6m6 minutes ago
    Not shopping him. Can’t say for sure if teams called them. RT @Robert915SCS: can you help out on this dumb rumor going around about kap


  9. Great idea!
    Kap totally sucks, right?
    Gore sucks…Harbaugh sucks…Fangio sucks…winning sucks…

  10. Trent Baalke has strongly denied the 49ers are shopping Kaepernick. What a shock. This rumour really made no sense.

    1. This rumour really made no sense.

      Neither did the one about trading Harbaugh to the Browns. It’s probably not true, but it’s difficult to completely dismiss any rumor about the team as of right now.

  11. What if there’s a qb and draft pick involved for kap? Let’s say Cutler and the bears 1st Rd pick? Naaaaaaaaa hello noooooo

  12. This is bs. Taking offers…..please. So they spend big money on a receiver and then dump their qb. Joke. Never will happen

  13. “The fact that Baalke felt the need to issue a statement refuting it means that it has to be true.”

    Sure thing Mr Braddock, whatever you say…

    1. It’s also a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. If Baalke says nothing, then it looks like he has something to hide. If he denies it, then “it must be true”.

  14. Two things. This guy stating this is a nobody, it’s not schefter. Second, if the bears and eagles called it doesn’t make this BS true. This guy is looking for attention and these SF beat writers are giving him what he wants.

  15. I’m pretty sure Braddock was the first to report the Maxwell deal today so I’ll give him that but the way he keeps retweeting followers giving him support is making it look like amateur hour.

        1. Yeah, so was TK about Aldon’s imminent release. But….
          The rumor doesn’t seem too plausible to me, but who knows? If the assertion were correct that the deal happens Tuesday, I don’t think TB would be offering such a strong denial on Sunday.
          Just fasten our seat Belts! My brother said the Eagles fans are scratching their heads trying to figure out wth Kelly is up to.

      1. Kind of an easy thing to go all in on though. Even if Kaep doesn’t get traded, he can still say they were shopping him but they didn’t get an offer they liked. Wouldn’t be surprised if a Houston source was playing him because they want Torrey Smith or something.

        1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. This information sure is well timed for a team trying to unsettle Torrey Smith.

          1. Gotta realize that Braddock’s main source on this is a guy who started a sports blog about a year ago. With everything that has gone on around this franchise the last year or so it’s not too hard to throw something out there and start getting hits.

            1. No need to convince me Jack. I don’t believe these rumours, they make little sense.

              1. Scooter, I also don’t believe these rumors because like you said, they make absolutely no sense. But Jack makes a good point though, this kind of BS reporting would have zero merit if the whole Harbaugh fiasco did not happen or was handled better than it did. :(

        1. Mods please delete the above double post. My ancient steam powered computer didn’t do an automatic time change. It made my posts look like they weren’t sticking.

  16. Rumors like this could cause Torrey Smith to have second thoughts. Maybe that was the whole Idea.

    1. Rumors like this could cause Torrey Smith to have second thoughts. Maybe that was the whole Idea.
      MAYBE, the 49ers let Smith know they were shopping Kaepernick and that was the only way he’d sign with us. :)

  17. “I bet come Tues morning, Kaep is no longer a 49er.”
    Don’t tease me.

  18. this rumor is false eagles and bears trying to scare torry smith from the 9ers cause they want him best way to do that make up a story about kap

    1. Will there be a “molestation” out by Monday morning?

      It does seem possible that those who have used rumors in the recent past to get what they want are now targets for the same kind of attack.

  19. This is the only way we can erase Harbaugh’s biggest faux pas….Oh please be true….I’m more upset with the loss of Frank

  20. “The fact that Baalke felt the need to issue a statement refuting it means that it has to be true.”
    It does? If I’m ever on trial for something dear God please do not let that man be on my jury.

      1. MWD….Yep, and Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, the weatherman, unicorns, etc…….

  21. I have to say even with all of the silly rumors this is one of the more exciting Free Agency’s in awhile.

    1. Long gone are the days when the 49ers were usually dead quiet early in free agency… making moderate moves once the bidding wars calmed down.

    1. Yes, the 49ers would take on dead money of $9,863,013, but they would end up saving just over $5.4 million. That savings is part of what would make a move like this plausible.

      1. The only way such a trade makes any sense is if they got a draft choice that puts them in play for Winston or Mariota, or got a QB with some starting potential + some other picks in return.

        With that in mind, only a top 5 choice really makes sense from a draft capital point of view (and even then, anything other than 1 or 2 means they aren’t guaranteed getting one of the top 2 QBs).

        In terms of QBs they could get in return, I don’t think they’d be willing to take on any big salaries so can rule out the likes of Cutler. Maybe the Eagles (Foles), Bills (Manuel) and Buccaneers (Glennon) could make some sense, plus some picks. Though none of those seem good options.

        1. Mariota is too much of a project to be considered for a high pick. The only scenario that makes sense if they traded Kaep would be if the 49ers drafted Mariota then traded him to Philadelphia for Nick Foles. And then even that makes little sense.

  22. The next step in the madness of the Dorks. Anything to save a buck.
    The Dorks don’t want a winner. They have locked in season ticket holders with the PSL. Now they want to make money. I think we are in for another 10 years of futility.

    Get rid of the Dorks. Please!!!!!

  23. The 49ers front office would have to be absolute morons to trade Kap just when he’s heading into his third fulll season with his great potential … oh wait … this is the 49er FO we’re talking about …Kap’s gone … so, who do y’all think will be available with the no. 1 pick in the 2016 draft?

  24. Just traced the rumor to the source folks … Kap started it … He really doesn’t want to waste his late 20s on this sinking ship and is praying that he gets to be free of the three stooges (Jimmy T, Jed and Trent) before he gets hurt (no disrespect meant to Moe, Larry and Curly by the way who would probably do a better job running this formerly professional football team).

  25. you’re a bigger moron than you’re father!!!! It’s idiots like you that give hacks like you ZERO credibility. Biggest joke of the year!!!!

  26. Hot of the press. The 49er’s owner York and the Raiders owner Davis have worked out a trade. A swap of 49er GM Baalke and their first round draft choice for the GM Mckenzie and the Raiders first pick. They had also considered swapping themselves as well but they couldn’t figure out how to draw up the paper work to bring that about. I mean who would sign what?

    1. My guess is Willis. The other guesses are that a well-liked player is about to be suspended for the entire season or retire at an early age.

      1. It could also be Justin Smith,forgot about him and maybe that’s why we did get Dockett.

        1. I don’t think so. Where they are saying it wil shock everyone doesn’t lead towards Smith retiring. That would be more expected than anything.

    2. If I had to guess I’d say Willis, which I think is a mistake. I guess thats why I’m working a 9-5, not sitting in a front office.

  27. I hope the story is true and #7 is on his way out but I thought this part was funny.

    Update: Braddock just retweeted this: “The fact that Baalke felt the need to issue a statement refuting it means that it has to be true.”

    And if no statement was made the same guy would be saying the silence coming out of 49ers HQ confirms the story.

  28. Seems like some here are more excited over the concept of Kaep being traded over the ramifications.

    Let’s face it, except for Foles, there is no other QB that we can get in return that gives us immediate QB for QB trade sense. I happen to like Foles a lot but he is starting to look like the type of QB that will spend an equal amount of time on the injured list as he does on the field and that negates the deal for me.

    Winston and Mariota could be future stars or they could be future busts. Trading CK to get into position to possibly get one of these QB’s who are unknown commodities makes no sense whatsoever.

    Brian Hoyer is the safe and most logical QB to pick up at the moment. He is the type of QB who could push CK in TC and could immediately booster our current QB situation.

    As for the CK trade rumors, well anything could happen. And after being a witness of the FO absolving itself of anything having to do with Jim Harbaugh, CK could very well be part of the idiotic purging.

    Brian Hoyer is actually the type of QB that could push CK during TC. Hoyer makes much better sense than any current backup we have.

    1. Agree with everything except Hoyer AES. He’s too turnover prone. I call him Eli the Second.

    2. Hoyer is signing with the Texans. That’s out of the question. If Baalke gets rid of Kaep, he’s committing career suicide. Not that Kaep is that great but there’s no one better right now. Baalke needs to win.

      1. Unless the team is working on a trade for a top QB that no one would think would happen. Big IF on that speculation though.

  29. A sign of the times…if there’s no news, you just make something up. It keeps those cards and letters coming in.

  30. I think the person(s) who started this rumor did not take the York’s ego into account. I have stated it many times the York.s want to be in this next Super Bowl more then any other. Getting rid of CK takes it from a slight possibility to virtually no possibility of getting into the 50th SB played at Levi. I do not see this happening.

  31. Now there’s a “strong” rumor that Patrick Willis will retire today. Of all the rumors flying around the 49ers I hope it’s this one that’s BS.

    1. His toe injury might be more problematic than first that or they could have found something seriously wrong at his last physical.

    1. Really Razor? Just a hunch? And what would the team do for a QB? Convert to the Single Wing? Obviously I haven’t a clue what Trent’s thinking, but I can’t find ANY logic to that notion. Right now the position is perilous with CK and no competent back-up; eliminating CK empties the room.

  32. Is there any truth to the rumor that the 9ers would take a 10 million dollar hit on the cap if they traded CK?

    1. It looks that way. According to, a pre June 1 cut (trade) would result in dead money this year of $9.863 million with cap savings of $5.4 million. Interestingly, if they designate him as a June 1st cut the dead money is only $2.466 million with cap savings of $12.8 million. I don’t know if they can designate a trade as a post June 1 trade like you can a cut.

      1. Cubus I know in the NBA they make trades on draft day that they finalize at a later date. I’m not sure if they have the same freedom in the NFL.

  33. What the heck????
    I thought for sure they would give him one more year, and then ship him off. I bet he ends up with the Eagles. Chip Kelly would know what to do with him. I said that last year!

  34. I heard that Ballke tried to work out a trade but because it was Kaepernick it took to long and the team was charged with a delay of game

  35. Who the hell is Jayson Braddock? Oh he’s the guy everyone is talking about because his BS source in Texas gave him some misinformation… I think some idiots were duped by a Cowboy fan, trying to get his name out there.

  36. Im a niners fan. Please git rid of kap. Please i promise u we will win. Niners has had some qbs which took the niners to the superbowl. Niners have defense and they have some really good offensive players. But they have nk quarterback. WHY CANT ANYBODY SEE THIS. The raiders new qb looks better then kap get him to come over. Kap had only one touchdown pass in the 4th quarter allllllllllll season long. Him and alex smith were the reasons the niners have not won a superbowl yet. Once the niners get a real quarter back for once since steve young then the ni ers will be back on a dynasty

  37. Look Mr. Ian? Here Me Out Football Just Ain’t That Complicated? If you Don’t Have a Roger Craig, a Running Game & Legitimate WR with Size, Hands & Speed you Lose. Super Joe Wins No Super Bowls. Capise? Gore 17 carries for 14 yards against Seattle is a Crime. How The Hell Keep to Blame for That? Baalke is to Blame Mostly & Roman-Harbaugh the Rest. Speed Kills & Trent”Tiny-Draft Boss” Baalke has Driven The Draft with The Slowest RB & WR Talent or Lack Their Of in the League. “TB” Can’t Find a No.#1 WR to Save his Life? Gore has Tank Speed Hyde is Not Much Better.
    No Niner WR is Faster Than Kaepernick. VD is a TE. IfNot for KKaepernick We Would NotEven Been in That NFC Championship Game or Comeback in The Superbowl.

  38. Baalke has Drafted & Signed a Series of Speedy “Failed Midgets” at WR. Ted “TD Grim” Ginn, Kyle “Killing Wins” Williams, AJ “Absolutely Jinxed” Jenkins, (Colby Fleener) with 6′-5″-40″ Vertical He Would Have Been Option instead of 3 Throws to Crabtree? , Quinton “Quit Pretending” Patton & Bruce “Broken Excitement” Ellington (Martavius Bryant). Imagine Kaepernick Actually Having Real Legitimate Outside Speed Recieving Threats Taller Than 6′-1″ with 4.40-40 that Teams Fear? WR that have Size & Speed to Consistently Battle CB Sherman & Peterson from Sneaking Up in the Box to Stop the Run Game! Or a Damn Breakaway RB Like Knile Davis, Christine Michaels or Use B.Ellington as a Change of Pace RB.
    49ers Are a Seriously Flawed Team Built under Baalke Dysfunction Philosophically & Fundamentally. Not Utilizing the Speed & Allusiveness of LM James, but Now you Get Bush who Barely has Speed Left.

    How Arrogant Are Roman-Harbaugh Too Not Use Screen Passes & Draw plays b/c of Stupidity & Stubborn to Some Jurassically Outdated Play-Calling that Leaves to Many 1st Downs & Plays on the Field.
    Imagine 49ers Trading Down to 23 picking Up an Extra 2nd & 3rd. Drafting Beast Mismatch WR Dorial-Green Beckham 6′-5″ 238 4.49-40; Early 2nd ILB Stephone Anthony 6′-3″ 247 4.56-40 (Replace Willis) ; Early 3rd Mario Edwards DE 6′-3″ 280 4.84 (Replaces McDonald) ; Late 3rd Ali Marpet OT 6′-4″ 310 Bench Reps 30 (Replaces Lupati);

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