Should 49ers fans be concerned about Nick Bosa?

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa works against offensive guard Aaron Banks in drills at an NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

Nick Bosa has been on the field for five of the 49ers first seven practices in training camp. He has appeared to be in good shape while working with the defensive linemen during the individual period of each practice.

The 2019 defensive rookie of the year is trying to make a comeback, having played in just two games this past year because he injured his knee against the New York Jets in Week 2.

After Wednesday’s practice, 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans was asked if he feels that Bosa needs time in the preseason to get ready.

“The main thing for Bosa is just him taking the time to make sure he has the confidence in his knee to go out there and perform at a high level,” Ryans said. “Once he gets, you know, the reps he needs, gets the confidence in his knee and he’ll be fine.” 

So when will Bosa begin to take the reps necessary to get his confidence back?

During the five practices in which he has participated, Bosa has yet to take part in any of the one-on-one periods between the offensive and defensive linemen or the full team periods. This is noteworthy because the other two players working their way back from similar injuries, Dee Ford and Jalen Hurd, were on the field for snaps during the team period of both fully padded practices on Tuesday and Wednesday, even though their careers in San Francisco seemed on the verge of ending only weeks ago. 

Bosa sat out practice on Wednesday, and the team is not practicing on Thursday.

When practices resume Friday, it would be the perfect opportunity for Bosa to start getting the live work in that will be needed to help the team when the season kicks off on Sept. 12. 

Until Bosa returns to full practice and shows that he is able to regain his 2019 form, 49ers fans should be concerned.

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  1. Not concerned. I expected it. We’ll need him back to himself in November so it’s wise to stay patient and not rush him back into action prematurely. The real question should be with Anthony Zettel retiring, who’s gonna keep Bosa on a snap count until then?

  2. Not concerned with his knee. Just about every player across the league who is recovery from major surgery is being slowly eased back into action. I am concerned however about his ludicrous refusal to get vaccinated. He may potentially cause the 49ers to forfeit a game. A sports writer should ask him the following question: Nick, which scientific and medical sources are you consulting to gather information about covid vaccine efficacy. Are you also seeking advice from non-traditional sources? If so – who?


    1. +++

      I see nothing good for the team, let alone society at large, from his anti-vax stance.

      Once the FDA grants full approval, probably as soon as before regular season starts, the league should implement full, no excuses, mandate.

  3. I believe that Bosa’s inactivity is the 49ers panicking over the rash of injuries they have experienced the last couple of years. They are being over protective with the whole roster. Short practices, days off and a Freddy P Soft general attitude. I understand that health is extremely important to this aging team but preparing the team for games is possibly more important. They have a pretty soft schedule the first 2 games but i’m concerned they are going to look terrible early in the season.

  4. This may become a story similar to the Kentavious Street ACL injury that he suffered on his pro-day in 2018.
    There’s been some positive reports about Street from TC so far.
    It’s taken him at least two years to fully recover.

    Bosa should not be rushed back just because he’s our best defensive player. As Razor said, Bosa should be held out until November. Late November for me.

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