The 49ers lose the most embarrassing game of the Kyle Shanahan Era

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Josh Bynes (57) sacks San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard (3) during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — Just how embarrassing was this loss?

The 49ers played the NFL’s only winless team, the Arizona Cardinals, and still lost by 10. The final score was 28-18. The 49ers have lost three games in a row and their record is 1-4.

The 49ers played at home against a rookie quarterback, Josh Rosen, making his first career road start, and still lost by 10.

The 49ers limited Rosen to just 10 completions out of 25 pass attempts —a 40 percent completion percentage — and still lost by 10.

The 49ers held the Cardinals offense to just 10 first downs the entire game, and still lost by 10.

The 49ers allowed the Cardinals offense to gain just 51 net yards in the second half, and still lost by 10.

The 49ers scored a touchdown on their first drive, and still lost by 10.

The 49ers ran 43 more plays than the Cardinals and outgained them by 227 yards, and still lost by 10.

The 49ers had the ball for 40:12 — more than two thirds of the game — and still lost by 10.

How did the 49ers lose by 10 despite all that? Simple. They committed a whopping five turnovers, and the Cardinals committed zero.

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  1. So now who are you going to say we should hire as our next head coach who you will eventually hate and say we should fire?

  2. Yeah, just a continuation of the performance of this team since Shananhan/Lynch took control. The team is undisciplined, sloppy .

  3. This team is embarrassing. It has very little heart. It has problems all over the place. Geez, our draft picks did not improve; they regressed. CJB will never be an elite QB in this league. I need a drink!!!

  4. Breida got hurt on the 20th play. Of the 20, 10 of those plays were rushes (there’s your balance). Breida had 8 carries in the 1st quarter. Shanny scripts at least his first 15 plays, maybe more IIRC. KS’ gameplan (at least early on) was to ride Breida.

    Mostert came in and promptly fumbled, fumbling has always been an issue with him. Morris got 1 YD on his first two carries after the Breida injury which led to 3rd & 9. KS could have easily abandoned the run altogether at that point, but he didn’t. Hey, we were 3/3 in the RZ.

    But here’s the problem(s). Penalties, gaffes in coverage, drops, taking avoidable sacks, putting the ball on the ground, tackling, and celebrating while behind.

    This team is poorly coached on fundamentals and lacks discipline, the buck ultimately stops with KS. He’s got the rest of this season and next season to get this team to stop beating themselves. If all these issues are still plaguing us in December of 2019, he can get packing.

  5. We will get another great building piece and hopefully a better well rounded team next year. This year there’s a lot of heart with no substance. We should be huge players in free agency next year and get building blocks in the draft. Health will to kill us every year until we are deep in talent

  6. Amazing how other team’s 2nd string are capable of being competitive. Other teams can tackle. 49’ers look absolutely horrible. They look like the last place team in the league and that’s exactly where they are heading. Kyle better fix this boat or this will be his legacy. It’s too bad because everything looked great after we got Jimmy last year. This year he looked nervous and the defense has been terrible with all the missed tackles.

  7. That’s what happens when we don’t use cap
    Money to sign players like Malcom butler, mo Wilkerson, etc., and draft backups and projects. I mean why couldn’t we have got josh Gordon? Cause he has issues and the pats gave up more for him (5th round pick smh)? It seems to me that baalke is still running the show cause we are doing nothing to make this team better.

    The time of sitting and waiting to build a team are long gone. The windows of opportunity are closing a lot faster these days and we are getting left behind without even getting started.

  8. sometimes its so easy to see why we get called the winers instead of the niners,thats all our fans do when things dont go are way.
    Thats not to say im happy about yesterday’s results but if you really understand football you realized when the season started we were at best a fringe playoff team and thats with everything going perfect.guess what lifes not perfect, injuries happen ,your not going to win alot of games with 2nd and 3rd string players starting at multiple positions.we need better depth,and a real pass rusher.

    1. eastcoast9er

      Very well said…I’m not happy with the results (so far), but what Bill Walsh did that we could benefit by repeating is… kick out the dead wood, and non performers and PLAY the draftees and UDFA’s , and all the reserves until they prove out as useless…then rehire Scot McCloughan to run our draft and personnel dept.

    2. I agree, what we have for players are ssoofftt choir boys. They cannot compete with the rest of the NFL. Start with Breda, CJB, and all the offensive position players except the fullback. All the receivers are fourth stringers at best. We want players from small schools, players that are saints, and players that look good and for this we continue to look and play like the worst team in the league. I’m a faithful fan…I’m sick over the coaching and players we have. The players have to be doing something to cause so many injuries…if I had to speculate, I will say the players are drinking alcohol heavily. There is no way, these guys are getting hurt standing around. I have never seen so many players on IR. I think some of the players are milking the front office. Players like Davis, Lynch, and many of them that have been cut or release and signed with other teams. The front office and head coach are to dam nice. They need to drop the hammer on these choir boys and get some real men on the team. This is ridiculous!

  9. Well, the only person who can be happy with yesterdays result, is Jim Harbaugh…He’s the one who traded Alex Smith to KC and broke up a winning team…a pox on him !…Back to the drawing board….Go get ’em Kyle..90 % of us still support you….

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