The return of an NFL golden oldie: kneeling for the national anthem

Members of the San Francisco 49ers kneel during the national anthem before a game against the Los Angeles Rams Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

In December 2017, 49ers players were taking a knee in protest, with or without Colin Kaepernick. (AP photo/Mark J. Terrill


We don’t even know if there is going to be an NFL season this year. And after watching the futile flailing by Major League Baseball and the confusion over the NBA Florida bio-dome, it doesn’t look encouraging.

Or maybe you have checked the numbers among college football programs which have started practice. There are 30 players quarantined at LSU, 23 positive COVID-19 cases at Clemson and outbreaks at Texas, Houston, Kansas State and others.

So if the season does start, there are going to be problems, from keeping the players safe to staging games without the presence (and ticket sales) of fans.

But we can also expect the reappearance of an old favorite from 2017 — kneeling for the national anthem.

At this point it pretty much looks like a foregone conclusion. Baker Mayfield, of all people, came out to announce that he will “absolutely” kneel for the anthem. Other players have, and will, follow. This is a moment where sports figures have been thrust into the political spotlight and, for a change, are welcoming the opportunity.

And we can also expect an equal and opposite reaction from President Trump, who fueled this whole thing back in 2017. He’s already at it, taking a swipe at the NFL in last Saturday’s rally.

“We will never kneel to our national anthem or our great American flag,” he said. “We will stand proud and we will stand tall. I thought we won that battle with the NFL.”

So far, this is the second verse, the same as the first. Just like before, the players protest, the president protests their protests. Trump thinks he wins that argument.

“This is a winning, very strong issue for me,” he has said.

Just a quick reminder. Some people seem to believe that Colin Kaepernick was the only kneeler, or that only a couple of players joined him. Not so.

Kaepernick attracted Trump’s attention in 2017, which is when the president said if someone takes a knee, the owners should “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now!”

The reaction was immediate. On Week 3 of the 2017 season, 14 of 16 games featured some kind of protest. At its height, the protest included over 200 players around the league.

If anything, NFL players — 70 percent of whom are black — are more motivated now than ever with #blacklivesmatter. And as you have seen, red meat conservatives like Trump are doubling down on “Never Kneel,”

So what’s new? That’s actually an interesting question. We have seen some significant changes.

First, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who in 2017 wrote a memo stating that every player should “stand for the national anthem,” has spun 180 degrees.

This month Goodell said in a video that the league was “wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encouraging all to speak out and peacefully protest.”

Which has to be seen as pretty much a green light for passive protests. What happened to Roger? Well, as always it has to do with the bottom line.

Trump is right. In 2016-17 this was a great issue for him. In Oct. 2016 a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that 54 percent of American adults disapproved of protests and only 38 percent approved.

But a Yahoo Sports and YouGov poll this month asked the question “Is it OK for NFL players to kneel during the national anthem to protest police killings of African Americans?” The result was 52% yes, and 36% no.

Times are changing. And we are all looking for little weather-vane moments to gauge the strength and direction of those changes. This is one of them.

Funny, isn’t it? The national anthem only lasts about a minute and a half. Hard to believe we can pack so much symbolism and emotion into that short piece of music.




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  1. Kaep is a hero. He has been right all along, and Goodell admits the NFL was wrong.
    Now, many athletes will kneel, and no one will be able to have a hissy fit, claiming they are disrespecting the flag. People will finally have to admit it is about social justice, not attacking the military.
    Kaep has been blackballed, so in order to atone for their egregious behavior, the NFL must finally allow Kaep to play. There are at least 8 teams where Kaep could compete for, and win the starting job. Pete Carroll and Anthony Lynne are right. Kaep is talented enough to be a starter in this league. Will some team have the courage to sign Kaep? Will a team be so sick of losing, actually try to win by signing Kaep? Right now, some teams would rather lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep.
    On another note, Phil Barber was right. Now is the time to finally change the name of the Redskins, into something less racist. How about the Washington Warriors?
    We still have not heard a word about who tested positive for Covid 19, and who is quarantined. It would aid in the contact tracing to divulge the names.
    It was powerful to see the support Bubba Wallace received before the race. Racist hatred has no place in American sports. I hope they find who did it, and ban him for life.

        1. You thought Kap was gonna come back and take the league by storm. That was 3 years ago. Still waiting.

          FYI lawnmower man, Shanny would have made Trubisky a good starting QB

              1. What was Hoyer’s and CJB’s win loss record?
                KS’s ability to groom QBs was a little lacking. Trubisky would have been the same thing. Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Kaep, on the other hand, led his team to the SB after only 10 games, and was one pass from returning. Too bad Baalke dismantled that SB team.
                Fortunately, JG fell into their laps.

              2. You seem to keep forgetting that you were the one who said that Kaep took the league by storm.
                Kaep is so talented, he has set playoff rushing records, and in the biggest game of all, threw for over 300 yards and ran for over 50 yards. Only one other QB has ever done that.
                KS could not make a silk purse out of Kaep, because he did not even try.
                Go ahead, show that one play. I would counter with his play when he put his foot on the one half yard line, then sprinted up field for 99.5 yards untouched, for a TD.

              3. I did say he took the league by storm. I also said the league figured him out shortly after and he’s one dimensional.
                You see weed remover weasel, that’s what happens when you are only a running QB who cannot read defenses.

              4. Typical racist rant. ‘Oh, a black QB is too stupid to be able to read a defense.’
                Thanks for exposing your hatred and ignorance.

              5. Seb, you’re projecting and showing us all what you think of when you think of a black qb.

                Prime never said black Qbs are too stupid to read a defense, he said CK, who is btw 50% white, was too stupid to. To me, it had nothing to do with his smarts, it had all to do with his drive and priorities. When CK should have been working on his passing game he was too busy hitting the gym and posting pics of it on instagram, he was too busy working on his running game and not doing anything to work on his passing acumen (or so he showed).

                So yeah, CK was not smart enough to put in the time and effort on the parts of his game he needed to become better than average, but thats ok, there have been countless QBs of all skin tones who have done the same, and you know where they are…coaching high school, selling cars, or talking on the radio/espn.

                But its nice to know that your first go to when he said CK was “only a running QB who cannot read defenses” you bring up race and intelligence. You played yourself.

              6. Prime never said black Qbs are too stupid to read a defense, he said CK, who is btw 50% white, was too stupid to. To me, it had nothing to do with his smarts, it had all to do with his drive and priorities.

                Too stupid? That’s a morons idiotic damning. Some peoples brains just process stimuli differently and at different paces. Stupidity has fck -all to do with it. So does drive and priorities. Next we’ll be hearing that other 50% is shiftless?

              7. eMJay. Prime has consistently showed his hate for Kaep. He is also a racist bigot, so I was was not being played, but am just being truthful.
                Maybe you cannot hear the dog whistle, but Prime is as clear as glass.
                Kaep can read defenses. He ran the Pistol, which required many reads, because there were many options. He cannot diss Kaep by the stats, because his last season, he had a 90.7 QBR, with a 16-4 TD to Int ratio. A QB who cannot read defenses would not throw for over 300 yards in a SB. Kaep also set a playoff rushing record, something no other QB has ever done, so he is talented.
                ‘Kaep was not smart enough to put in the time and effort.’ Wrong. Kaep was the first person there and the last person to leave. In the off season, he went to Arizona to work with Kurt Warner. He worked on his delivery with a QB guru. Stop denying reality.
                It is so ironic that you would diss Kaep, but think the many drek QBs are so superior to Kaep. It just exemplifies your bias, and showcases your lack of football acumen.
                I am glad to hear that Kaep may be getting that tryout with the Chargers, and now I hear that the Lions may be interested.

    1. Now is the time to finally change the name of the Redskins, into something less racist. How about the Washington Warriors?

      I have thought for a long time that Buckskins would work. Same nickname, same logo, same colors.

      1. Buckskins would be preferable.
        Washington Wolves, Washington Whales, Washington Warlocks, Washington Wolverines, Washington Whippets, Washington Warthogs or Washington Walruses. Heck, Washington Weasels may be a very appropriate name since everyone just loves politicians.

    2. Kaepernick was the best No. 2 quaterback in the league.

      Harbaugh was my favorite turnaround coach that did more with what he had than the prior coaches did; when counting from Erickson to Harbaugh.

      The big miss for Hbaugh was pulling A. Smith for CK when Smith was healthy. AS could read defenses and adjust pre-snap; giving him a huge edge in running game.

      The big hit for Hbaugh was assaulting defensive coordinators’ game plans with CK. He had Patriots spinning out during the first half of CK’s first Monday night game.

      Long-term for CK would be to play the “variable” position: Maybe QB; maybe receiver; maybe running back; like some teams tried to do to attack Niners wide nine. With conditioning, he could be best in the league at that.

      But when CK has to “guess” the result is negative play. When defense has to guess, the result is positive play.
      CK was simply assigned the wrong long-term role. He needs to be an attacking variable.

      1. One good hit on those gazelle legs, one being the titanium rod in his left and he’ll be the best kneeler ever!

      2. After the Cards game, the defenders admitted they knew what play was being called, before the snap of the ball.
        No QB will thrive when the defense has such an advantage.
        Kaep ran the Pistol, which makes the defense have to guess who will get the ball. The coaches were clueless, and did not utilize him properly.
        AS- ‘Giving him a huge edge in the running game.’ No. Kaep ran for 181 yards in the GB game, so he is the true huge running threat. AS was the Checkdown Charlie. In the 2011 NFCC Game, he completed one pass to his WRs and was 1-13 in third down conversions. His subsequent play for the Chiefs just showed a good QB, who could not win in the playoffs, even when surrounded by talent. Hopefully, AS does not try to make a comeback, because he could possibly lose his leg, again.

      3. You’re funny about Harbaugh playing Kap over Smith. Check out Kaps play-off stat against Green Bay And Seattle. Wins, that got them to the S.B. Google it and you’ll see that no other Q.B has the yardage on the ground that carried the Niners to the S.B. He was a force. Not a Q.B like Smith. While playing for K.C , Skiht threw for 300 yards against Oakland. He had 2 passes to his running back Charles behind the line of scrimmage that turned into a 93 and 95 yard T.D’s. Smith would be great in Shanny game plans but harbaugh made the right move-Period

    3. Oops

      The noose found hanging in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway had been there since at least last October, federal authorities said Tuesday in announcing there will be no charges filed in an incident that rocked NASCAR and its only fulltime Black driver.

      U.S. Attorney Jay Town and FBI Special Agent in Charge Johnnie Sharp Jr. said an investigation determined “although the noose is now known to have been in garage number 4 in 2019, nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned to garage number 4 last week.”

  2. Eddie Debartolo was pardoned by Trump and has been rumored to be a Trump supporter. Jerry Rice was very complimentary of Trump after Eddie D was pardoned. Are these sins forgivable? The only sensible thing for 49ers players to do is ask the team to erect statues to Debartolo & Rice on the 50 yard line. Before every home game the offense should go on the field during the national anthem and topple the statues of Eddie D & Rice while the defense stands in a circle on the outer edge with each member burning a US flag. I mean how else can the team possibly show their love for America and bring light to the crippling oppression that prevents free speech? This type of America loving statement is the only sensible thing the team can do to show pride in their country.

    1. Are you still defending Stephen Carrillo? He is the right wing nut job who wrote that it would be a good time to kill cops under the cover of the BLM protests. Now we find he is a Boogaloo member, who also killed David Patrick Underwood, who was protecting the Federal Building in Oakland.
      Now we find another right wing soldier, actually giving information on his own unit, to terrorists.
      You may decry toppling statues. I decry treason, and the killing of cops to try to start a race war.

        1. Hmm, I thought you were not mad at me at all……
          I am actually wanting less people to die, cops included.
          You still seem to be defending Stephen Carrillo. Do you like cops killing other cops?
          You accused me of lying. Do you have the balls to admit you were wrong, and I was right?

          1. I’m in favor of you walking thru downtown Berkley with a MAGA hat on while holding a sign that reads “Antifa is a bunch Nutless Cowards.” Now FO you spineless liar.

            1. “ Now FO you spineless liar“

              Standing ovation!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

              1. You are the infant, being the potty mouth.
                I totally reject your notion that I rejoice in death, of anyone.
                I do not think cops should be shot in the back, just as much as I do not think innocent civilians should be shot in the back. Rogue cops are endangering all of the good cops, with their heinous actions. That is a reality, not my advocacy.
                I want police officers to respect everyone, so they can be shining examples of good behavior, for all to emulate. Rogue cops do the exact opposite. If people fear for their lives, how else do you think they will respond?
                It is telling to see you still refusing to say one bad word about Stephen Carrillo, a right wing nut job and Boogaloo member. I certainly did not lie about him, as you claim. He killed 2 police officers, and wants to start a race war.

              2. Oh poor little Seb/Niner Poe/ Dee Pee. Cry cry cry all the time.

                HOU is right, you are an infant and a little bioch to boot!

            2. What a brave boy you are Houston.
              Why don’t you walk through Houston with a “I can’ breathe” t-shirt and a sign that says: ” The Pigs is a bunch Nutless Cowards.” (sic)
              Berkeley will be tolerant but Texas….

              1. TP, your self reflection is spot on!

                That’s exactly what an infantile little bioch like me would say.

    2. What the hell are you talking about man?
      This is why I hate political discussions on these boards, nothing changes with the exception of the need to scroll past 20 nonsensical posts to find anything relevant to the niners upcoming season. Come on, this was a straight up baited post designed to catch fish… congrats you got me. I like this board but I’m starting to think it’s time to find a new community.

      1. Shoup, it doesn’t take a political post to generate an endless stream of prime and Seb pissing at each other.

          1. It was a post about Kaep. Sure, he was trolling for comments, but I am just glad Kaep may finally get an opportunity to play again.
            I did end my first comment, wondering who hung the noose, and hoped the Redskins name would be changed. Those 2 topics are very relevant right now.
            Do I stalk Prime’s posts? No. He, however, is like a moth to a flame, and just cannot help himself.
            Believe it or not, there is a general news blackout on the Niners. They have not divulged the name of the Covid-19 victim, or how many players were in close contact with him. In this case, ignorance is not bliss, and they should be open and transparent to facilitate the tracing.
            Worried about this site? I am wondering if the PD is about to fold, like many newspapers. The general lack of controls on this blog is a sure sign that-
            ‘We’ve got trouble, right here in River City!
            Oh yes, we got trouble trouble trouble!
            With a T! Gotta rhyme it with a P!
            And that stands for Prime!!!’

      2. Shoup…exactly what I said on an earlier post and got somewhat drilled for… If there was any doubt, this is the kind of political garbage I was talking about, not an actual political discussion that might pertain to sports…

    3. 49ers fly Black Lives Matter flag over Levi’s Stadium……

      Old man Houston is going to be red in the face for a looooong time…

  3. Over 6,000 dead thanks to Cuomo sending them to nursing homes in NY. March 25th his name was the lone signature authorizing the order, and it has since been scrubbed from their website. He was one of 5 governors to make such a colossal mistake, yet he refuses to take responsibility. Every time he opens his mouth you see the two sides competing for the bigger pile to wear your boots through….

  4. Mohammed Ali Jr. on black lives matter and antifa:

    “It’s a racial statement,” he said. “It’s pitting black people against everyone else. It starts racial things to happen; I hate that.”

    “It’s not just black lives matter, white lives matter, Chinese lives matter, all lives matter, everybody’s life matters. God loves everyone — he never singled anyone out. Killing is wrong no matter who it is,” Ali said during an hour-long interview with The Post.

    Of the BLM movement, Ali Jr., a Muslim like his father, said: “I think it’s racist.”

    “Police don’t wake up and think, ‘I’m going to kill a n—-r today or kill a white man,’” he said. “They’re just trying to make it back home to their family in one piece.

    “I think Trump’s a good president. My father would have supported him. Trump’s not a racist, he’s for all the people. Democrats are the ones who are racist and not for everybody.

    “These [Democrat politicians] saying Black Lives Matter, who the hell are you to say that? You’re not even black.

    “Democrats don’t give a s–t about anybody. Hillary Clinton doesn’t give a s–t; she’s trying not to get locked up.

    “Trump is much better than Clinton and Obama. … The only one to do what he said he would do is Donald Trump.”

    “They’re no different from Muslim terrorists. They should all get what they deserve. They’re f–king up businesses, beating up innocent people in the neighborhood, smashing up police stations and shops. They’re terrorists — they’re terrorizing the community. I agree with the peaceful protests, but the Antifa, they need to kill everyone in that thing.

    “Black Lives Matter is not a peaceful protest. Antifa never wanted it peaceful. I would take them all out.”

    1. Razordoll, why don’t you quote what YOU and your fellow soldiers said about Mohammed Ali when he refused to serve the white man’s war…..
      Did you forget???
      Why don’t you come clean!
      For people like you to use his name to further your racist and divisive rhetoric is an affront to humanity!

  5. “If anything, NFL players — 70 percent of whom are black — are more motivated now than ever with #blacklivesmatter. And as you have seen, red meat conservatives like Trump are doubling down on “Never Kneel,” CW

    My issue is that the NFL will bend to the present national rage and could make kneeling mandatory for all of its players.
    If that happens, why not revamp all sports venue seating space to make room for fans that wish to kneel?

    If any player chooses to kneel during the NA, so be it. But sadly, those who choose to stand will be shunned and called racist or “red meat conservatives like Trump.”
    If Covid-19 doesn’t stop major sports activities, division will.

    1. Kneel, don’t kneel, who cares…just hope NFL, Fox, CBS, NBC, ESPN (too much to ask of them), don’t make a spectacle of it and cover it every single game.

      If anything, we probably won’t since in there are no fans they won’t do the NA.

    2. could make kneeling mandatory for all of its players.

      AES, that slippery slope you are treading on is not nearly as steep as Trumps ramp. I never figured you for these @sshat conspiracy theories. md, definitely. Razor, probably. But you?

      But sadly, those who choose to stand will be shunned and called racist or “red meat conservatives like Trump.”

      How much worse is that when those who chose to kneel were called America hating traitors or “SOBs”? Were you as “sad” then?

      1. Not sad, but very upset. Honestly, for me there were many layers of emotions.
        Please remember that what Kaep did (kneeling) had never been done before in a sporting event.
        I supported his cause and still do, but another reaction I had was anger because I’ve had/have many family members who served in the military and fought/fight to protect our country.

        They also fought for the right of every American to express their concerns and protest. So ultimately, I’m good with kneeling in sports. As long as it is not mandatory.

        Conspiracy theorist? Nah. Just going off the current line of thought that assumes that every person who does not march at BLM rallies or salutes and stands for the flag no longer fits in today’s society.

        1. Nah. Just going off the current line of thought that assumes that every person who does not march at BLM rallies or salutes and stands for the flag no longer fits in today’s society.

          Why are you so defensive when it comes to BLM?

          Nobody is saying you should march or agree with everything BLM is fighting for…….I know, I and most don’t and I don’t feel defensive or guilty about not agreeing with them 100%

          This is what happens when you feed yourself with misinformation……4 years ago Fox news and the Repubs was calling BLM a terror, maxist group playing to your fears…….and you felt comfortable believing that……..

          Nobody is saying you can’t salute and stand for the flag – this is another LIE you use to prevent yourself from listening to the TRUTH.

          Now that BLM message on police injustice is mainstream (not left or right) – MAJORITY of the people marching on the streets don’t have a BLM membership….they are white, brown, black americans…….The freaking world is celebrating BLM……

          Again I remind you …last I checked BLM has killed 0 americans while your local white supremacy groups have been responsible for hundred and thousands of dead black/brown people……(You never hear Fox news talk about that)

          Instead of you to wake up and see you were on the wrong side of history and hopefully stop repeating your ignorance….you still continue this false narrative that “everyone assumes if you don’t support BLM you must be a racist


          That is where we are in 2020. If you want to align yourself with the ugly heritage of the Confederacy – which EVERYBODY knows represents RACISM….as much as you lie to yourself about what you think is heritage…..bottom-line is the Confederate flag, people, communities all were enemies of the USA government…….

          Again this is 2020 – nobody is buying your limited ignorant thinking…….it’s either you change and grow with the majority or just accept your way of thinking is outdated.

          1. Yeah, I don’t know where that “current line of thought” is coming from. Maybe these RWers are being fed by Tucker that they came for Aunt Jemima, they are coming for me next.

            So ultimately, I’m good with kneeling in sports. As long as it is not mandatory.

            So were you good with mandatory standing? I thought the line a couple years back was, these are employees, they have to do what their employers mandate. There is no 1st amendment protection after they’ve punched the timeclock. Now not so much?

  6. Seb, you can gurgitate 1,000 words at the drop of a hat. Did you see Barbers tweet? Go for it.

    The Press Democrat, winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news reporting, is seeking a reporter to cover news and enterprise stories in Sonoma County and on the surrounding North Coast.

    You’ll have to lay off the reefer for a while though.

    We are committed to a drug- and alcohol-free workplace. Any job offer is conditional upon completion of a background investigation and pre-employment drug testing.

    1. Not worth it. I have lately been busy working on building retaining walls out of basalt fieldstone.
      I like to fire up a bowl, then work slow but steady. I consider it a challenge, and a puzzle. Stacking rock properly is an art.

        1. The owner has been raving about how good it looks. Additionally, the stacking is so tight, the walls will stay standing for years and years.
          You are totally clueless.

  7. Breaking news:
    SF 49ers have a large Black Lives Matter banner hanging outside Levis’ Stadium.
    Some responders on this blog may decide to change their team affiliation. Not me.

    1. Not me. Unfortunately some of the other blogettes will probably opt to throw a noose onto the field. Disgraceful.

    2. The emperor has no clothes. America is not a racist country. You remember Chicago right? Juicy Smellit had to hire foreigners to do something that Americans just wouldn’t do….

  8. Seb,
    You know I am not a supporter of CK as a QB, as a man I believe he has good intentions. Putting that aside I thought you might find Brett Favre’s latest quote regarding CK interesting. I’m a bit of a techno moron so I don’t know how to bring it up but i’m sure you can google it.

    1. OC, I’ll help you out. Favre quote below. I went to the same HS as Pat – Leland HS, San Jose CA. My brother played on the same Little League team as his bother.

      “I can only think of — right off the top of my head — Pat Tillman’s another guy who did something similar, and we regard him as a hero,” Favre said. “So I’d assume that hero status will be stamped with Kaepernick as well.”

      1. Hero? Get serious. He is not a hero. Tillman was a real soldier. Kaepernick is a fraud and he was a lousy football player.

        1. And TP, you are the kind of fraud that calls him the N-word behind his back, just like you did when Mohamed Ali, Malcolm X, MLK and others stood up for black people.

      2. Tillman and Kaep also have something in common. They both were betrayed by their supposed friends. The NFL was totally complicit in the Blackballing, and most players went along with it.
        Tillman was killed by friendly fire. They tried to make him into a hero during battle, but his mother insisted on the truth being told. Was that heroic? I would say it is more tragic than heroic.
        However, I would call Tillman a hero, but just not the way he died. He was a hero because he had a cush job playing a game. He gave that up and volunteered to serve. He was a true patriot.

      3. BruceLee

        Which only confirms that Favre stayed one season too long….and took one helmet-to-helmet too many..I still revere him as a great QB….’

    2. Old Coach, thank you for that tip. I watched it, and agree with Brett Favre. Kaep is a dangerous player, and should be given an opportunity to compete.
      Being a hero does not come only on a battlefield. Your father was heroic by his stand on blacks in the Longshoresman Union.
      Nurse Allyn Pierce just drove his truck, but he took 2 trips into the Camp Fire, and saved many. He braved the flames, but his truck burnt up.He is a hero.
      Kaep is the very definition of a hero. Bravely facing hate and death threats. Being ostracized and persecuted. He has been blackballed for 3 years, and was proven right. He stood tall for his principles, even with the consequences. Most importantly, he has made a difference, and is the catalyst for change, and reform. Heros do that.
      Those who do not consider Kaep a hero, thinks cops shooting people in the back is OK.

      1. Seb, something anyone has failed to mention here and in the media is that Kaep has been awfully quiet these last few weeks. No chest pumping or ‘I told you so’
        That alone makes him a hero!
        History will be kind to him unlike the Tramp in the WH…

              1. I’m an expert in identifying losers trying to mooch off the government. You seem to be the best at it!

              2. Can you make up your mind?
                Am I mowing grass or am I on the dole?
                I need to know for my piece of mind (sic)….

        1. You idolize the party of the kkk, and your champion, Joseph Robinette (😂) Biden’s mentor was none other than the grand poobah himself, Bobby Byrd!

          1. Razor, do you think Biden will give the racist Byrd a high position in his administration, ala Stephen Miller?

          2. Also all these blacks – 90% of whom that support Biden and the “party of the kkk”.


            1. Do they support tearing down Lincoln? No one gave more for their country than Douglas and he endorsed it.

          3. You idolize the party of the kkk

            Gee, Razordoll you’re still stuck on that old record?
            Newsflash! They have seen their errors of their ways long time ago and made amends.
            It’s called maturing and doing the right thing.
            Too bad you don’t have that ability and NOW you and your MAGAts associate with the party of the kkk!

            1. You make a lot of accusations about people and put words in their mouth. Pretty tough guy behind a key board aren’t you? Wonder if you would ever talk that way to us face to face?

              1. Too bad Razor tells it like it is and you cry and hide like a child. Go smoke your weed!

              2. Yeah, too bad Razordoll and a hoser like you only talks smack after he’s taken his meds.
                Did you want to meet again , face to face, and go at it like a real gorby?
                Let’s do it!

              3. “Did you want to meet again , face to face, and go at it like a real gorby?
                Let’s do it!

                Where, when and what time? It would be my pleasure!

              4. Wait a minute.
                Are you telling me you don’t know where I live???
                After all your stalking, you haven’t figured that out?

              5. Just what I thought. All talk no action.
                Maybe Mr. Devore can shed some light on where you live. I’ll give him a call.

              6. Since you know my real name, address, phone number and gender, why don’t you post your info or are you to chicken for that, chucklehead?
                Let’s start with your name.
                Or do you want to keep hiding behind your computer ?

              7. Just what I thought.
                No guts, no nuts, just chicken soup!
                Hiding behind a black player’s moniker…

              8. You want to meet or be pen pals?

                You want to know my name or you want to meet and settle this like men?

                You want my address or you want to see me face to face?

                What is it?

              9. COWARD!
                Spineless Coward!
                I knew you would chicken out.
                You can’t even stand up for yourself!

              10. Ok Prime tell me it was some kind of joke. You didn’t just post another posters home address and phone #?

              11. OC, how is this some kind of joke? Who’s laughing?
                He’s had it in for Seb for a long time.
                He should be banned permanently!
                Despite all his faults, Grant didn’t tolerate this kind of puerile behavior.
                Printing someone’s name while staying anonymous is what childish cowards do.

              12. TP, you are a spineless canuck with a chip on his shoulder.
                An anonymous coward who hides behind others.
                That’s why they kicked you out of the army…

  9. Anyone notice the Red states are getting hit hard with Covid?

    Where is the noise on the incompetent Repub gov officials?

    EU considering banning all US residents travel to the EU………how low our country has sunk……..

    I just can’t see how you can love this country and still think of voting for Trump………….I mean I understand he plays to your fears of Liberals, Blacks, Immigrants,…..and he did get you 200 conservative judges……but is the country better if we are all divided with a corrupted, self centered, incompetent leader in the White House?

    1. since the alternative is a dead body named Biden, that may be the reason. My gut tells me Trump’s chances are slim, but we’ve all been wrong before.

      I’m voting Trump even though I’m the son of immigrants with a black son, so go figure…..¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. This generation will learn that you cannot erase the past. You need to contextualize it, learn from it and move forward.

            1. under, you missed me by a few generations and continents.

              But it only took Germany a few decades to recover from their racist and murderous recent history. America is what…a couple hundred years and counting? Maybe that “contextualization” is just an excuse to keep things as they are.

              1. When’s Biden coming out of the basement to educate us on which direction the political wind is blowing? After all he’s a 50 year political blowhard!

              2. All he, and you, needs to know about which way the political wind is blowing is that America is fed up with the 2 year old toddler mistakenly given the reins to our country.

    1. All we need to know about the Merchant Marines is that those SOBs are braver than 99% of the people posting on this board. And just as instrumental in defeating fascism as any grunt toting a carbine.

  10. I wish to applaud Bryant Young for entering the 49ers Hall of Fame.
    He is richly deserving of such an honor, and I hope Canton is next on his list.

  11. Tweedle Dee is being dumb again. He supports tearing down Grant’s statue but makes excuses for his own party.

    1. Wait! There’s a statue of Grant Cohn?
      Who the Hell put that up, Lowell?
      That one should definitely come down! ✊

  12. Police account for 0.5% of black deaths in America. That’s not systemic. It’s endemic to your kneelers and democratic party.

  13. Let’s get real. Good people do bad things and bad people do good things. It’s called human nature. There is no such thing as a perfect person, and there never will be no matter how many statues you tear down….

    1. You’ve not noticed social justice concerns are a pretty big thing in the sports world now?

      Maybe you’d rather talk about other prominent sporting stories? MLB that is self destructing as we speak? NBA that’s about to head into the countries hottest corona hotspot? The college programs that opened then abruptly closed their football workouts? How about #1 ranked tennis guy Novak Djokovic testing positive and infecting just about everyone else on the grand slam tour? Want to discuss those cheery sports topics instead?

          1. I would change the term “mandatory” to kowtowing. That seems to be the new normal these days.
            Btw, speaking of kowtowing, how is Seattle’s “chop zone/chaz” doing?
            I hear it’s beautiful this time of the year!

              1. Nope, saying that CHAZ was supposed to be a peaceful 6 block non-police, non- violent, non-political gated or blocked off community that has seen a 17 yr old killed and a few dwellers injured or seriously hurt.
                Great example of true community love, right?

                Mayor Durkin was so impressed by this community that now she is asking for a 8am-8pm activity time so she can have the city sweep in at night to help homeless people. But wait! weren’t the people who claimed autonomy supposed to help everyone in their 6 block new neighborhood?

                Rib, I have my doubts that this issue (allowed by the mayor and city officials) will end well.
                Especially given the fact that some of the squatters have weapons.
                Seattle may have opened the door to potential injuries and possible deaths.
                I’m hopeful that this situation has a peaceful resolve.

              2. its funny you care so much about potential injuries and possible deaths in Seattle…….but nothing on thousands of Americans dying in Red states like Texas because of incompetent leadership

                It’s really easy to see what your priorities are…..

              3. Meh, you have me confused with someone who gives a sht about what’s happening at that space. They had the same thing in NYC with occupy Wall Street a few years back. A bunch of this generation’s hippies sitting around a drum circle (And this is speaking as someone from the original hippie generation) play acting government. This is just another version of Cliven Bundy and his band of nitwits. I seem to remember there where guns involved there as well. These do it on our own Galts Gulches, on either the left or the right, never work out.

              4. generation’s hippies

                you mean Antifa……..I am still waiting for 1 member of Antifa to be arrested….

                You have to give them credit for making Trump hide in bunker

  14. I’m guessing the PD took down the post showing another posters home address and phone #. Thank God. If the poster who did that doesn’t get a life time ban I fear his next post will be him posting where our children or Grand children go to school.. PD do the right thing, please.

    1. Coach Seb posted his name last year on this site. Google that name and all his info comes up.
      It’s called the internet and it’s his fault it’s been posted. Don’t act like this is some kind of crime! Jesus!

      1. Only a cowardly stalker like Prime Slime would think nothing of posting people’s info while staying anonymous. Since when is Seb responsible for what YOU post???

        1. Since when do you think this blog is stupid like you and doesn’t know you post under both aliases?
          You seem pretty upset for it not being your info?

          1. Prime Slime maybe you think people will feel sorry for you if you show off your low IQ by insisting that I am someone else.
            You are a pathetic coward by posting private info of a respected and loquacious senior citizen (who can also be annoying at times).
            Seb has original thoughts.
            You only have base instincts and foul language.
            You are a coward!

    2. OC, this blog has gone to the dogs. It is just incessant, juvenile bickering with the occasional new blog entry that rarely has all that much to do with the 49ers. We’ve had a player break his foot, a player test positive for COVID-19, rumours about trading for Adams, and some rookies sign, yet none has been reported here. Awful. And I don’t mean that as any kind of attack on the current blog host, I’m sure he is just doing what he is asked to do. It is a PD issue.

        1. Yep. I said at the time to those crowing about to be careful what you wish for. Had a feeling this was the way it would go.

          1. Lest our Grant colored glasses become rosier, remember a couple things here. It’s not like Grant did more than a smidgen of policing this site in the first place. That prime/Seb pissing contest should never have been allowed to fester for years. Those catfish postings, easily IDed, should never have been allowed to stand. And Grant ungraciously departed when there was still a lot of Niners and football news to discuss. Pre-draft. Still wrapping our heads around the defo trade that upended the DL.

            There is an unprecedented sports vacuum at the moment. Sports fans are a notoriously opinionated and grouchy bunch, they have to opine and grouse on something, what’s left these days? Play it (sports) and we will come around.

            1. I bet Grant wishes he were back here to. Little to no comments over on the Team page at SI and the ones he does get are mostly to tell him what an idiot he is. I think people have short memories about how bad things got at times even when Grant was here. The Seb-PT slap fight is nothing new. Neither is Razoreater arguing politics with multiple different people. The only thing that has changed is that people are more miserable due to the pandemic.

          2. There could be a simple solution to this problem.
            The PD should allow moderators to police this site. CW seems to be too busy, so some level headed long time posters could help this site. I would like posters like htwaits, JPN, Scooter, Old Coach, George and AES to have the power to kick off the trouble makers.
            I know, it might be my demise on this site, but honestly, I have tried hard to stick to football, and cannot help if some catfishes and haters want to stalk me.
            In order to continue posting, I would vow to assiduously ignore Prime. However, if he is kicked off, my gadfly would disappear.
            Maybe they could throw a bone to Rib Razor, Dee, Bruce and others, and make a political post that they can all post to their heart’s content, then keep the other posts on topic, and focused on football, pertaining to the Niners.
            Then, this site will be cleaned up, and we can all get back to a team we all love.
            I must admit this was not my idea. I told my son I was Doxxed, and he said there was a simple solution.

            1. “I would like posters like htwaits, JPN, Scooter, Old Coach, George and AES to have the power to kick off the trouble makers.” Seb

              Really? Speaking for myself, I would never want to be in that position.
              Everyone here has a right to express their own opinion. If we don’t like the content let’s scroll past it.

              Also, Grant was given a great opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Matt Maiocco (who made this site popular) and he left it in shambles.
              Not only did Grant allow the name calling to fester, but his mostly negative reports regarding 49ers Org and players were over worked and tiring.
              Seems like Grant himself, is finding that this style is no longer viable as he publicly apologized to several 49ers players and the Org a few days ago.

              But if we’re going to disagree with the political/virus daily content, then we should point the finger at the PD (CWN) for giving us the green light to do so.
              Not sure that there is any 49ers news to speak on these days except for how they plan on playing a full season without any players or coaches being affected by the virus. This is ultimately my biggest sports concern.

              1. Aes,
                I am in total agreement with you. I don’t trust myself to not wake up in a disagreeable, get off my lawn pissy old man mood and throw all of you off the board. I don’t think anyone should be thrown off the board for any reason other than releasing private info about another poster. If any of us slip up and give out some personal info, I don’t want it to be followed up by another poster releasing info on where any of our children or grand children attend school. imho

              2. Another stupid idea by the idiot Seb/Niner Poe/Dee Pee.

                Coach you would never have to worry about me exposing your personal info. This was something I found on the web through a google search when Seb posted his info last year.
                It was simply a right cross to his face because he got smart with me asking me for my personal info.

                The sooner you guys realize this guy is a POS and a cancer to this blog since joining, the better you will understand my motivation.

              3. The sooner you guys realize this guy is a POS and a cancer to this blog since joining,

                Slimey, you describe yourself very accurate. I’m impressed.
                Especially considering that you got NO support for posting private info on Seb.
                Not even Razordoll backs you up….

              4. If you know anything about me, the last thing I care about is what people think of me on this blog. Get serious. I’m not a weakling like you crying looking for some type off “blog support”. F off!

                You are a POS and a cancer. I said it all along. You came on here with the wrong bravado and drove a lot of people away.

              5. Slimey, you keep contradicting yourself…

                The sooner you guys realize this ……….the better you will understand my motivation.

                and then

                I’m not a weakling like you crying looking for some type off “blog support”.

                Thanks for the heads up and DON’T skip your anger management classes!

            2. The solution to the problem is to report 49ers news as it happens.

              Instead of breaking down the incoming rookies, the recent injuries, the Shanahan extension (not yet announced by the team), other potential FA additions due to recent events we get this.

              This place has turned into a cesspool and requires nothing more than a quick glance to see who the comments are coming from before leaving.

            3. The PD should allow moderators to police this site.

              Ahhh, the slippery slope!

              I know, it might be my demise on this site

              Yes, you would have been voted out, hands down a few months ago.
              People have been asking you to moderate yourself, you refused, often doubling down on getting the last word in. Now finally you have turned the corner.
              What happened?
              Prime Slime with his TURD syndrome is incorrigible and a danger to himself. He tries to use this blog as therapy, which only backfires on him. His foul behavior was banned before by Grant and should be reinstated permanently.

              1. Why don’t you go buy a box of Kleenex, a blanket and roll up in the fetal position and cry yourself to sleep.
                How did you get through life being such a weakling? Oh that’s right, you have not! Just complain and cry for help. FO!

              2. go buy a box of Kleenex, a blanket and roll up in the fetal position and cry yourself to sleep.

                Prime Slime, thanks for describing in detail your daily routine!

            4. I would be a poor moderator. I would fall on the side of protecting expression much, much more often than censoring it.

              1. I posted it below in a different thread, but I suspect you will not agree with my take, my friend. But that’s okay. One of the things we stress to judges with respect to the rules of procedure and evidence is that reasonable judges can disagree. ;-)

              2. Read it and thanks.

                Speaking of disagreement, what’s your take on Roberts’ 180 and stare decisis?

              3. I do not perceive it as a 180. Stare decisis is a principle, not law. It is one of several factors a court weighs, and it will not bear the same weight in all cases. So, it will be the deciding factor sometimes and a non-factor other times.

                And as a general rule, what the public, politicians, and pundits often see as contradictions in the courts are in fact much more nuanced applications of consistent legal principles. For example, a couple of decades ago the U.S. Sup. Court found that federal drug laws preempted state law on medical marijuana (specifically California’s law), meaning that people in possession of medical marijuana in a state that had legalized it would still be subject to federal criminal law under the Commerce Clause. The majority consisted of four liberal justices and Justice Scalia. The minority was four conservative justices. From the outside, it might have appeared that the liberal justices had voted against medical marijuana and the conservative justices had voted in favor of it. But the real issue in the case was the extent that the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution allowed the federal government to intrude into state law matters. The conservative justices except for Scalia voted consistent with their views of the Commerce Clause, as did the liberal justices. These kind of battles over legal principles sometimes result in decisions that appear to make no sense unless one is aware of the Court’s internal battlelines.

              4. Thanks. Seems like the majority of judges interpret the law, where possible, so that it works in concert with their ideology and against the ideology of their enemies….

              5. “the ideology of their enemies….”

                Very much your view of democracy Razor. A war and clearly not valued opponents working toward a compromise.

    3. OC, I wrote to CWN @ and asked to have this nuisance removed.
      Please, I hope that you and others will do the same and help cleaning up this site.
      The fact that Prime Slime doubles down and justify his action is repulsive.

  15. I agree this blog has turned to mush. There are frankly too many senior citizens bickering and barking at each other. It will take a rational individual to restore truth , justice and order. Therefore, I am making an official bid offering for the all assets of Press Democrat including the website , printed material and multimedia podcasts etc. I have diligently reviewed the content and my official offer is $4,500.00 . I am prepared to cut a check immediately. All “journalists” and staff will remain through the end of 2020.

  16. The hatred for Trump is so malignant by the left that they cheer on the virus. These marxists must be defeated!

    1. This virus must be defeated!

      Fixed that for you Razor.

      No, we acknowledge the virus. Unlike the other side of the aisle that ignores it. Well, 100% ICU capacity in Houston hospitals is a clanging cymbal even Pence can’t push under the covers.

      Are you doing your part, Razor? Wearing your mask? Think of it as some sort of cool death metal fan boy look.

      1. Death metal? You have me confused. I like my bands to have a vocalist that can actually sing. Ronnie Dio, Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson. All these vocalists have a couple things in common. Range, power and incredible talent.

    2. “left that they cheer on the virus ”

      No one is cheering the virus. We are working on defeating the incompetent and mentally unfit person in the whitehouse .

  17. Ronnie Lott likes what he sees in Kinlaw. The excelling against a high competition level, just proved to Ronnie that Kinlaw will do well in the NFL.
    I liked what Ronnie Lott said about JG. He cited his lack of experience, then mentioned he went to the SB. He thinks KS will enhance JG’s ability to get the ball into the hands of his playmakers, so they can run after getting the ball. JG’s familiarity with the system, with a better O line, should help him improve.
    Will Aiyuk be able to replace Sanders? This pandemic has put a crimp in their plans.

    1. Yes, I agree. With the Covid-19 on the rise in many cities, having a full season of football will be huge challenge. At the moment there are no absolutes in acquiring a vaccine for this season in major sports. I’d hate to see a team back into the playoffs and Superbowl because the best teams lost their star players due to the virus. That wouldn’t be football, imho.

      1. Not really. The players will be tested, trainers, et al. Bringing back fans will be the tricky part. I imagine it will be done like the europeans. Slow at first with limited admissions to keep some distance between them all. If there’s a city with a hot spot they’ll just move the game elsewhere….

            1. Raz,
              The real problem is that there is no vaccine as of now.
              That fact will loom over the football season until there is a vaccine.

              The odds of the NFL playing the entire season without a player contracting the Covid-19 is a big one.
              I said at the very outset that unless there is a vaccine, all sporting events should be delayed.

              I’ve been a football fan for the better part of my life, but I’m not so desperate for the game that I want to throw the dice and hope that no one gets infected.

              What I would like to hear from the league office is what is their plan B and C, if the virus reaches into the locker rooms.
              Basketball and Baseball (and other sporting events) have delayed their play. I wouldn’t be upset if the NFL did the same.

      2. “Twice the fun in ’21”. Remember that, you might be hearing it a lot soon.

        The Pro Football Hall of Fame has canceled the NFL’s preseason-opening game next month between the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers and postponed its annual enshrinement ceremony because of the coronavirus pandemic.

        The Cowboys and Steelers will instead play in the 2021 Hall of Fame Game, and the enshrinement ceremony — originally slated for Aug. 8 — will be held next year.

        “The health and safety of our Hall of Famers, fans and volunteers who make Enshrinement Week so special remains our top priority,” David Baker, president and CEO of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, said in a statement. “The Hall will honor the Centennial Class of 2020 next August, along with what promises to be an equally spectacular Class of 2021, as part of a multi-day celebration of football with an atmosphere that will deliver for fans ‘Twice the Fun in ’21.'”

        It had better be twice the fun.

  18. Michigan with the most severe lock down and their virus cases are up. This is additional evidence that the lock down was the wrong move, while targeting hot spots and proactively protecting the most vulnerable should be the SOP moving forward….

    1. OK, simpleton. Just repeating stupid things from Scump doesn’t make COVID go away.
      “Unfortunately, as many states struggle to contain the virus after having prematurely loosened restrictions, hospitals are becoming overwhelmed by patients.”
      “When the European Union reopens its borders on July 1 after months of coronavirus restrictions, travelers from China, Uganda, Cuba and Vietnam will be welcome to visit.

      But probably not those from the United States.”

      1. Being cool and racking up endorsements from… Republicans. So much for that argument he’s a tool of the far left.

        Joe Biden is a person of humility and empathy and character. We need humility and empathy right now. And character counts.

        –Carly Fiorina

          1. Fiorina is a dope, but she sure isn’t a fire breathing radical leftist. Other republicans will take notice.

            Razor, I truly appreciate your devotion to Trump. Trump does nothing but play to the base of which you are firmly ensconced in. Meanwhile turning off and disgusting the moderates he absolutely needs for any hope of re-election. Remember, his minuscule margin of victory was 5 figures of votes spread over 3 states. He has zero room for error. Zero. Keep it up! Keep prodding him to appear more toddler like. “I can drink with one hand!” (cheers from Razor)

              1. The democrats do not want to solve issues.

                That’s rich from someone who thinks that the lock down was the wrong move.
                How’s Europe doing Razordoll?
                How come they are banning Americans?

              2. It’s always been the Democratic lot in life to clean up the messes leftover from Republican administrations. Bush—> Clinton, GWB—>Obama. And since Razor is still living about 100 years ago, Hoover—>FDR. But none of those compare to the shtshow that Biden’s going to inherit.

    1. Razoreater

      A bit off the beaten track here, but if you don’t mind, how old are you, and how long have you been following the 49ers…?

  19. Grant surmised the Niners might trade for Jamal Adams. Then he heard from an agent, who said Adams was a turd, so Grant apologized to Tartt, and extended an olive branch to the rest of the team, offering to provide a pizza if they would deign to grant him an interview. Too bad he burnt those bridges.
    Now, he is stating that the Niners do have intense interest. Of course they do. If they looked at Brady as a replacement for JG, it is just due diligence to look at Adams as a replacement for Tartt. It makes sense, since Tartt will be a free agent after this season (If we have a season).
    The Jets pundits are insisting on a first round pick AND Tartt. I think the Jets lost all bargaining power by having Adams insisting on a trade. Maybe a fifth, and a future third, like Trent Williams.
    However, there is another alternative, that might be a win/win for both teams. The Niners should bundle players to make a 5 for 1 deal. Since the Niners have the third deepest roster in the league, several Niner backups may supplant starters on the Jets. Tartt is a starter, and he would be an adequate replacement for Adams. The Niners should sweeten the deal by adding Dante Pettis, Ahkello Witherspoon, Shon Coleman and CJB to the deal. Even CJB, if given a fair chance to compete against Darnold, could win the starting job, since Darnold has struggled, to say it nicely. The Jets certainly needed to upgrade the O line and WR positions, since they drafted Meckti Becton and Denzell Mims as the first 2 players in their draft.
    I hope the Niners save their first round pick, since those are so precious. Trading away 5 players will allow some of the newcomers to make the team, and obtaining an All Pro Safety may be enough to help them win a couple rings.
    It would be a win/win. Niners may achieve their Quest for 6, and the Jets may make the playoffs.

    1. Have Grant’s “sources” ever been right? There’s no way in hell Lynch will trade for Adams. He wants more than Jackson’s 4 year-$58.4 million deal. Can’t afford to reset the safety market and the te market at the same time. Why do you think we traded Buckner? We’re already on the precipice of a championship. We don’t need Adams to make the jump….

      1. Adams says he will play for 2 years on his contract. That is affordable.
        He is wanting that big payday, and like Trent Williams, he thinks the best way to earn the max amount is to win a SB. The Niners give him a good chance to win a ring.
        Adams is disgruntled, because he does not like toiling on a loser. The Niners are winners, and just need that last piece to the puzzle, to achieve greatness.

          1. The 49ers have the talent to win the SB now. The key to this season is the health of Dee Ford. If he is relatively healthy this year I believe we are the favorites along with KC. He isn’t healthy and we are a wild card team at best. Of course it all really comes down to whether we have a vaccine in time. Without a vaccine I don’t see them completing the season. imho

            1. I agree. Injuries in general may doom a season, but Ford is pivotal.
              I also agree that the season does not seem certain, with the explosion in new cases. A vaccine may take months.

              1. We’d be lucky to get a vaccine before the end of the year. Even if we have one the availability will be a huge problem/controversy. Who gets it and when/where.
                It’s not gonna be available for everyone for a long time.

              2. There is a fairly decent chance that they never have a valid vaccine for this.

                Or when they do, it morphs into something different ala the common flu, so some years the vaccine created has no effect on the current strain. There is just not enough info right now.

                I’m guessing they will still have a season, too much money involved, but this year will definitely be different.

    2. So far Grant Cohn is the only one who has pushed this story so that tells us how real it is (note: it isn’t). It would make no sense for the 49ers to give up another 1st round pick to get a guy who is going to want a massive new deal in the near future. They traded Buckner because they knew they couldn’t keep the guys they had never mind bringing in more from the outside. Now they supposedly are ok with acquiring a SS who is going to command huge money. Not going to happen.

    3. I’m sure Grant is right and the 49ers absolutely are looking into how they can add Adams. Great player. But doubt it happens.

      1. It’s really a no brainer if they could make a trade, especially since he’s already said he’d play out his current deal.

        1. Yep. Obviously would depend on how much they needed to give up, but definitely a no brainer to explore the trade.

          1. Give them the 2021 1st as a starting point. This is would be a major upgrade at a position they may be drafting again next year anyway

            1. Yeah… it’s one where a 1st is where the price probably should start but not sure I would want to pay it. End of the day there is a very real possibility you only get him for two years, and also that he will be a nuisance if he is asked to play out his contract. Tartt is fine as the starter this year, albeit unspectacular. If the deal also included Tartt for a day 2 pick I’d be fine with it.

              1. What is the price for Adams? It might be the equivalent of what the Rams gave up to get Jalen Ramsey.

            2. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I agree a 1st straight up would be a good trade, regardless of what they can get back by moving Tartt. Adding an elite safety to the back end would provide them with an elite front 4 and a very strong middle at all three levels.

              1. I never said he wasn’t good. Sure he’d improve the team. Like I said, that steam is manufactured.

              2. Oh, I’m sure they did their due diligence like they did with Brady but I don’t think it went anywhere.

                I’ve got sources too, and they say Adams is headed to Dallas in exchange for Collins.

              3. So when you said no way in hell would Lynch trade for him, you meant Lynch would but it isn’t going to happen as the Cowboys will win that race.

              4. Chris Biderman had some thoughts on this in a podcast and he came to the conclusion that it didn’t make much sense to trade for Adams for a few reasons. He doesn’t play a prime position in this defense, they traded a better and more important player in Buckner because they knew they couldn’t afford all the big contracts they were facing and they have so many key free agents after this season at much more important spots like CB and LT. Adams is a really good player, but FS is the more important of the two in this system and giving up a first round pick for one year of Adams at a low price isn’t worth it. They’d be better off signing their own guys including Taart who played really well last season and won’t cost as much as Adams. I bet the Niners didn’t consider this one for very long. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense really.

              5. Kam Chancellor, Keanu Neal, Derwin James… if SS isn’t that important in this scheme why do the teams that run it keep paying premium $ and draft picks to get good ones?

              6. Let me make it as clear as possible. Lynch looked into the trade and determined it was a bad idea. The steam Cohn is referring to is agent driven….

              7. So why is it a bad idea? Is it purely the financial reasons you outlined in an earlier post?

              8. I don’t think Neal is among the highest paid safeties and James isn’t just a SS. Chancellor was good but again I don’t think he was among the highest paid or the most important on his team. Adams is good but I agree with Biderman on this one. They’ve got a pretty good player at that spot already plus it would cost them a valuable pick or more and take away their ability to sign others long term. That’s cool if you disagree. It just doesn’t seem like a smart move to me and certainly not one the 49ers would seriously consider with the way they’ve operated this offseason.

              9. Isn’t it always about the money? They also don’t need him. Tartt isn’t a liability, and they got rid of the Person that was….

              10. When Chancellor signed his last contract it made him the 3rd highest paid safety in the NFL at the time. Neal was the 17th overall pick. James primarily plays SS. These two players were drafted high to play SS in this scheme you say doesn’t place a premium on the position.

                The point being that the argument that FS is more important is not really supported by what teams running the scheme are willing to invest at SS. Clearly both positions are seen by teams running the scheme as important. If you don’t think Adams is worth trading for that is fine, but diminishing the importance of the position in this scheme as part of the reasoning doesn’t seem to make sense.

              11. I wouldn’t give a first straight up for him.

                I just don’t think a strong safety is worth it. To me, it’s one of the least important positions in the league, especially in our defense. So even if he is a big improvement over Tartt he wouldn’t be a massive upgrade to the defense as a whole.

              12. Scooter,

                I was referencing Biderman in regards to the positional importance angle but again I agree with him. The SS is not as important in this defense according to most accounts I’ve read about the system through the years. Obviously if you have a safety who can play in the box and also as a great coverage player like Derwin James it’s a different story but but from what I know about Adams he’s better around the line of scrimmage and being aggressive. I’m not trying to diminish him, I’m just agreeing with Biderman that this is not a move the 49ers should seriously consider and I don’t think they are.


                That’s my take on it as well.

              13. FL, Adams is one of those rare safeties that can do everything well, like James. Maybe not an uber athlete like James, but still exceptional, and reads the game very well. He’s more than just a SS. Very good in coverage. I think you are under selling how good he is.

              14. The 49ers were pretty good in coverage when Ford was healthy.

                Tartt is a good, solid player. Put good players around him and he can be very good. But he isn’t close to the player Adams is. Adams is excellent regardless of who is around him, which is why he has been able to excel despite playing for the Jets. In fact, he makes those around him better. Heck, I know you know this as you were right there with me talking him up ahead of the 2017 draft.

              15. One of the few but costly draft mistakes of John Lynch’s tenure. I don’t mind giving up a 1st for Adams but it will probably take a 1st, 3rd and roster player to get him.

              16. No one is disputing your talking points regarding Adams, but the benefits of making that transaction do not warrant the costs associated with it….

              17. I agree Razor. No need to give up that much draft capital. He is a good player but not a necessity. With that being said, the corner position needs a upgrade next year.

              18. If the cost was a 1st straight up, which should be a very late 1st, I think it is worth it. Which is what I said at the top. If it takes a lot more than that then no.

                All good if people disagree on whether he is worth it for the 49ers. As to whether he is worth it on a team that already has a very good D, including a decent SS, is operating under a tight salary cap, and will have a bunch of other needs it needs to address with draft picks in 2021, I can understand people’s reticence. I just think (a) any argument around the position not being of high enough value in the 49ers scheme to warrant it is blind to what many of the teams running this scheme think of the position value, and (b) any argument that suggests the player himself isn’t worth a 1st round pick is blind to how good and impactful a player he is.

      2. Again Grant is the only one who has stated things are gaining steam and that is more than looking into it. They looked into Tom Brady for about 24 hours and moved on this is more than that according to Grant. Nobody else reporting it or even saying there could be something tells me this has no merit as well as the simple fact it doesn’t make much sense to to dump your best DT because you can’t afford him and bring in a player at a lesser position, that is manned by a decent player at the moment, who is going to want to be the highest paid player in his group. Giving up another first round pick for a guy who wants a big deal in a year or two is exactly what the Rams did and are now paying for.

  20. Sh!t is gonna start hitting the fan in the next 2-3 weeks. The cancellation of the HoF game is just the first shoe to drop.

      1. Texans don’t wear no stinkin’ masks. It’s their right to be stupid and make sure the virus spreads at a high rate. Freedom baby Freedom!

  21. The 49ers have the talent to win the SB now. The key to this season is the health of Dee Ford. If he is relatively healthy this year I believe we are the favorites along with KC. He isn’t healthy and we are a wild card team at best. Of course it all really comes down to whether we have a vaccine in time. Without a vaccine I don’t see them completing the season. imho

    1. Definitely agree re Ford. The injuries last year has turned a few fans sour on him, but when healthy he is a difference maker. The D was historically good last year before he got hurt.

  22. This site should be allowed to die. It’s the same regurgitated nonsense from the same 8 posters with a disinterested writer as committed to cleaning up the issues as Jed was to reform social injustice.

    It’s a shadow of what it use to be and is an example of what untreated cancers do to success in a locker room or a blog.

    1. Wait until there’s actual football to talk about before you bury the site. Seb and prime will still be a sniffing at each other’s balls (that’s been going on for years) but there will be something other than politics for the rest of us to talk about.

    2. I am still trying to figure out who is the bigger moron – razoreater or his catfish

      I wont be shocked if it is the same person………

  23. 06/25/2020 – Over 126,000 Americans dead from Covid……where are the fools that called this a simple flu?

    1. Canadian COVID Stats

      103,000 confirmed cases

      65,425 recovered

      8504 dead.

      Your population didn’t listen initially and that is why you still have a problem.
      It is a flu and with distancing and a good health care system, you could have beat this thing.

      1. which population are you talking about?

        we have a moron as president who continues to go against his own health admin guidelines

        1. The people all across your nation didn’t listen when they said, stay home, isolate.
          Is that Trumps fault?

          1. The people all across your nation didn’t listen when they said, stay home, isolate.

            The people in NY, especially NYC, did exactly that and our new cases are pretty much nil.

            Is that Trumps fault?

            Guess where the new cases are spiking? Nearly all in the states run by MAGA wannabes, so yeah, it is exactly Trumps fault. That toddler has thrown up his hands.

            Remember when we had debates in here on whether the warm weather would crush the virus? Seems pretty quaint now doesn’t it?

            1. Rib, I can’t go there with you. NYC is one of my favourite places and I can’t wait to see it again.
              I hope you guys get a hold of this thing soon.

              1. Yeah, same here. We are not out of this thing by a long shot. NYC is just starting to poke it’s collective head out now, but one or two missteps and we could be right back in it.

              1. No. Cuomo displayed leadership. He made the tough call in a pandemic, and was responsible for flattening the curve. You say he was responsible for 6000 deaths. I say he was responsible for saving thousands more in a state that has close to 20 million people.
                Meanwhile, Trump has dithered, and is responsible for thousands more deaths that could have been saved with prompt focused action. His abdication of leadership has resulted in this mess. He wants less testing, so his stats look good. Meanwhile, while he fiddles, America burns.
                It is extremely tragic to hear about the Covid 19 deaths in the Veterans Homes. Trump may claim he is all for the military, but has not lifted a finger to help the vets. China built a hospital in 6 days to house the Covid 19 patients. He has not lifted a finger, except to confiscate needed supplies- for redistribution to his buddies.
                I predicted that there would be a second spike. This surge in new cases will probably result in the cancellation of the season, once whole teams are affected, like the Clemson and LSU teams. I hope it will not take the death of a Head Coach, before they take this pandemic seriously.
                If you are blaming Cuomo for 6000 deaths, you should blame Trump for 120,000 deaths.

              2. ProPublica recently released a report outlining catastrophic missteps by Cuomo and the New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, which probably resulted in many thousands of needless coronavirus cases. ProPublica offers some appalling numbers contrasting what happened in New York with the outbreak in California. By mid-May, New York City alone had almost 20,000 deaths, while in San Francisco there had been only 35, and New York state as a whole suffered 10 times as many deaths as California.

                Federal failures played a role, of course, but this tragedy was absolutely due, in part, to decisions by the governor. Cuomo initially “reacted to De Blasio’s idea for closing down New York City with derision”, saying it “was dangerous” and “served only to scare people”. He said the “seasonal flu was a graver worry”. A spokesperson for Cuomo “refused to say if the governor had ever read the state’s pandemic plan”. Later, Cuomo would blame the press, including the New York Times for failing to say “Be careful, there’s a virus in China that may be in the United States?” even though the Times wrote nearly 500 stories on the virus before the state acted. Experts told ProPublica that “had New York imposed its extreme social distancing measures a week or two earlier, the death toll might have been cut by half or more”.

                But delay was not the only screw-up. Elderly prisoners have died of coronavirus because New York has failed to act on their medical parole requests. As Business Insider documented:

                “Testing was slow. Nonprofit social-service agencies that serve the most vulnerable couldn’t get answers either. And medical experts like the former CDC director Tom Frieden said ‘so many deaths could have been prevented’ had New York issued its stay-at-home order just ‘days earlier’ than it did. On March 19, when New York’s schools had already been closed, Cuomo said ‘in many ways, the fear is more dangerous than the virus.’”

                The governor has failed to take responsibility for the obvious failures, consistently blaming others and at one point even saying “governors don’t do pandemics”. (Actually, some governors just don’t read their state’s pandemic plans.) But much of the press has ignored this, focusing instead on Cuomo’s aesthetic presentation: his poise during press conferences, his dramatic statements about “taking responsibility” (even when he obviously hasn’t), and his invisible good looks.

                Cuomo’s record was shameful long before coronavirus began
                The mask mural is yet another publicity stunt mistaken by the press as a sign of leadership. On 29 April, Cuomo unveiled a wall of handmade cloth masks that had been sent to his office by concerned citizens all over America. He called it “a self-portrait of America. You know what that spells? It spells love.” Since the arrangement of masks doesn’t form words, the mural doesn’t actually spell anything, but it is a perfect symbol of Cuomo’s leadership failures. Handmade cloth face coverings are not as effective as N95 masks, of course, but if unsuitable for healthcare workers they would still have been perfectly appropriate to distribute to New Yorkers (some of whom have been brutally arrested for not wearing masks). But Cuomo, rather than putting the needs of New Yorkers first, chose to tack hundreds of cloth masks on a wall as a monument to himself. Cuomo’s record was shameful long before coronavirus began. He enabled the IDC (Independent Democratic Conference), a group of conservative Democratic state lawmakers, in allying with the Republican minority to block progressive legislation. (Cuomo denies any role in the IDC, but that stretches credulity.) Before the pandemic, he pushed through Medicaid cuts which shut down necessary hospital space in the name of “efficiency” despite the warnings of medical professionals. And on 3 April, as 3,000 New Yorkers already lay dead from the virus and hospitals like Elmhurst in Queens were overwhelmed with cases, Cuomo forced through further Medicaid cuts, slashing $400m from hospital budgets.

                As the state now staggers to its feet, Cuomo has partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to “reimagine education” (which almost certainly means privatization), and with the ex-Google chief Eric Schmidt to – as Naomi Klein puts it – “permanently integrat[e] technology into every aspect of civic life”. All of this has happened without the democratic input of New Yorkers, who would likely prefer that the progressive legislators they elected could govern without interference, that their hospitals have enough money to function and that billionaires don’t infiltrate and control every element of civic life.

                There’s something disturbing about Cuomo being hailed as the hero of the pandemic when he should rightly be one of the villains. As Business Insider notes, he is now only able to attain praise for his actions because his earlier failures made those actions necessary. He’s lauded for addressing a problem that he himself partly caused. Of course, part of this is because Donald Trump has bungled the coronavirus response even more badly, so that Cuomo – by not being a complete buffoon – looks like a capable statesman by contrast. But this is the problem: for too long, Democrats have measured their politicians by “whether they are better than Republicans”. This sets the bar very low indeed, and means that Democrats end up settling for incompetent and amoral leaders who betray progressive values again and again.

              3. ‘Of course, part of this is because Trump has bungled the Corona Virus even more badly.’
                Yet Trump refuses to take any blame, while Cuomo has admitted to making mistakes, and has accepted responsibility, while also being credited for leading his state through uncharted waters, flattening the curve, and reducing deaths.

              4. Razordoll, when you copy & paste an article, you need to disclose the source.
                Otherwise you’re hiding something on purpose, like distorted facts….
                1st sentence = “which probably resulted”, that’s right it says PROBABLY!
                Thus an opinion, not a fact!

              5. Razor, did you even read what you pasted? A piece claiming that had Cuomo and diBlasio implemented stringent stay at home and social distancing protocols earlier, lives would have been saved. The same protocols you absolutely reject because …. “freedom” You are too much, dude.

              6. And doing a quick backgrounder on the co-authors reveal them to be, what America considers far left ( moderates in just about every other part of the civilized world). One has even written a book entitled “why you should be a socialist”. That someone like Razor posted their article is tooooo delicious. In political jargon, they call that a useful idiot. Lol.

          2. wait…..i know it’s cold out there but do you even have clue what is going on here?

            The people all across your nation didn’t listen when they said, stay home, isolate.

            You mean Trump and his minions didn’t listen……..

            I am in MD….and our Repub governor has performed above expectation……then again it could be he listened and worked with mostly Dems in the state.

            Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican and chair of the National Governors Association, on Sunday dismissed as “absolutely false” Trump administration claims that states have adequate coronavirus testing capacity to begin gradually reopening their economies.

    1. Capitalism baby! Make money control my own destiny. I wish we had private health care.
      Leeches like you would love it here. Too bad you wouldn’t last an afternoon. One blast of winter and you’d crumble like the bioch you are!

      1. You sure like to contradict yourself in public!
        “with distancing and a good health care system, you could have beat this thing.”
        but instead of that
        “I wish we had private health care.”

        Brilliant way of thinking!

        “The people all across your nation didn’t listen when they said, stay home, isolate.”
        Capitalism baby …..

          1. For someone who doesn’t care about what other people think, you sure are a carbon-copy of our IMPOTUS and respond likewise.
            You don’t like to hear what you said yourself!!!
            No word play, just your own words and “thinking”.

  24. Its too bad we are having this discussion about Jamal Adams. If Lynch/Shanahan hadn’t had their heads so far up their butts back in 2017 he would already be on the team. Solomon Thomas god bless him is one of the worst draft busts in 9er history. I wanted them to draft Adams soooooooo badly but hey you can’t change the past. If they give up a future #1 when they should have drafted him with our #1 from 3 years ago it won’t make any sense. If they do trade a #1 for him the Jets should have to pick up Thomas’s contract this year.

      1. I wanted them to trade back again, and get Malik Hooker, because he had similar skillsets to Earl Thomas. I wanted the Niners to get that FS who can cover the field. Ward was injured, so he was not a good option at the time.
        Adams was more of a SS, but has proven to be a dominant player. He would improve the team.
        I beg to differ with your assessment of Solomon Thomas. I do not think he is a bust at all. His problem was being overshadowed by Buckner. Now that Buckner is gone, I hope Solomon Thomas can excel, like Shaquil Barrett did when he moved from under Von Miller’s shadow. Thomas has proven to be a solid rotational defensive lineman. A bust does not play 29 snaps in the SB.
        You have to remember, the Niners were last in run defense in 2016. Solomon Thomas helped improve the run defense. Sure, as a number 3 pick, he has under whelmed, but just imagine what the Bears are thinking about their number 2 pick, Trubisky.

        1. There is a huge difference between Shaq and Solomon in that Shaq was productive when on the field while Thomas wasn’t.

          1. Now that Buckner is gone, I fully expect Solomon Thomas to have more tackles and sacks, just like Shaquil Barrett did when he exploded for 19.5 sacks last season, after having only 3 in 2018.
            The problem with drafting Thomas, was that he was redundant, due to Buckner. Now, he will be competing with Armstead and Kinlaw for playing time. That is what happens when you draft Defensive Linemen in the first round, year after year after year.

            1. That is what happens when you draft Defensive Linemen year after year after year.

              I agree with their philosophy, and it facilitated turning a terrible team into a championship one in 3 short years.

              1. Sure. I am not faulting the philosophy, but the logical results are that some players will not have as many snaps, due to the plethora of first round D linemen.
                I have always believed that it all starts in the trenches.
                In this past draft, I advocated for Kinlaw, until it looked like he would go top 10. In 2019, I wanted them to trade back and select Clelin Ferrell, but they struck gold with Bosa. In 2018, I wanted them to draft Harold Landry, who had 68 tackles, 9 sacks and an interception last year.

              2. That plethora is part of their philosophy. They want to come at you in waves of aggression, and they want to rotate extensively so that each wave is as aggressive as possible….

            2. Seb

              I fully expect that if he gets picked up by some OTHER team…that Kaepernick will get more tackles and sacks than Solomon Thomas will…Mark it…The Offensive player can’t play offense…and the defensive player can’t play defense….

        2. Seb,
          If N Bosa received the same amount of playing time in his rookie year as Thomas did we would still be talking about how great he is we would just be complaining about his playing time. Thomas was going to be the 2nd pick in the draft before the Bears crapped the bed with their trade up and pick Trubisky fiasco. The 2nd pick of the draft should be an overwhelming talent and not only has Thomas not been overwhelming as a pro he wasn’t an overwhelming talent in college. Did he make a difference in our run D? Yes but R. Blair a 5th round pick has been a better overall player than Thomas. Will he be better this year (if we play)? I hope so but if he doesn’t get at least 8 sacks I will call him the greatest draft bust in 9er history. (especially in that he was going to be the 2nd pick of the draft) imho

              1. If you’re saying he’ll finish last it’ll be because he put his team mates first.

                I don’t have any grand illusions for Thomas all of a sudden becoming a pro bowler, however he has the athletic ability, character, surrounding talent (very happy to see Bosa working with him on his hand to hand combat, which I believe was a weakness in his game), and opportunity to become a force in the rotation. I look forward to seeing how he responds….

          1. Sorry, Old Coach, but Thomas is not a bust at all. He is still playing, and will get better. He suffered a horrendous personal tragedy, and has only recently moved on from it.
            Todd Shell used to be the one of the biggest busts in Niner history, but that was because he was injured so much, he was nicknamed ‘Crystal’.
            However, that designation now goes to AJ Jenkins. Baalke pulled his name out of his rear end, and I do not think he caught a pass for the Niners. That pick may have cost the Niners a SB, since Alshon Jeffrey was chosen 15 picks later, and would have been a way superior selection.
            Personally, I think it is unfair to call ST a bust if he does not have 8 sacks. I do not think Saleh will assign Thomas as a pass rusher like Ford and Bosa. Thomas may be best utilized as a first and second down run stuffer. If he got less than 100 snaps, you can label him a bust. However, he should be in the rotation, and I hope he gets at least 400 snaps.
            If Solomon Thomas has 400 snaps, 40 tackles, 8 TFL, 6 sacks and 10 QB hits, I would call his season very successful.

            1. Seb,
              You are right, I just pulled the #8 out of my butt. If he achieves the stats you listed I agree he won’t be the biggest 9er draft bust but if he produces like last season or even with a 20% improvement I will consider him the #1 bust. That doesn’t mean he has less talent than any other 9er first round pick it means as the #3 (actually #2) pick in the draft he is our biggest bust. imho

              1. Yes, but Bill Walsh said that it does not matter where he was drafted, just as long as he can help the team.
                Yes, there is an expectation that a top 5 pick should be a starter, and excel, and ST certainly has not shined brightly.
                However, I just perused a list of 49er first round busts, and came up with Reggie McGrew. He lasted only 2 years at the Niners, and had 10 tackles and 1 sack for the Niners. ST is light years better than him.
                Number one on the list was Jim Drunkenmiller. With good reason. However, he sure could tow a car!

              2. “ Yes, there is an expectation that a top 5 pick should be a starter, and excel, and ST certainly has not shined brightly“

                Well dummy, we have a bust according to that statement. Thomas has not been a starter or excelled in any capacity. And he most certainly has not shined brightly.

              3. No, Solomon Thomas is not a bust at all. A bust would not be a solid rotational player in the lineup. It is their fault if they drafted a player who was redundant. I thought they had a bigger need at safety, not a 3T with Buckner ahead of him. Now that Buckner is gone, he should get more snaps, and play a bigger role in the lineup. In fact, he is now listed as the starter. I am hoping that Thomas will shine, like Shaquil Barrett did once he got out from under Von Miller’s shadow. I had advocated for the Niners to trade for Shaquil Barrett in 2018, and my assessment of him was spot on.
                Solomon Thomas is not a bust. He has played for all his career, and if he was a bust, he would have had a trajectory like Reggie McGrew, who played for less than 2 years.
                Solomon Thomas also played 29 snaps in the SB. Like Kaep, who started the whole game in his SB, players who compete in a SB are considered to be SB players, not busts.
                Next you will be saying that Trubisky is not a bust, when he may be losing his job due to competition, not Blackballing. True-Busty is hesitant to throw the ball downfield, and has only a 6.1 yard average. In his last season, he had 17 TDs, but also 10 interceptions. Kaep had 16 TDs, but only 4 picks, for a 4 to 1 ratio. Your assessment skills are non existent. You wanted to bet the Niners would draft CJ Henderson, and the Niners did not bother to draft a CB.
                Old Coach and I were having a pleasant discussion. You were not invited to join our civil discourse. Bug off, leave me alone, and stick to Pee Wee football, you welcher. How can I ignore you if you keep stalking me?

              4. Funny you mention “competition”, Seb when referencing Trubisky but when it comes to Kaep I guess it comes out the other side of your mouth….

              5. I have been pretty consistent. Kaep should be given a chance to play. He should not be handed a job. It should always be a competition.
                They did not even allow him to try out. At the last minute, they insisted Kaep sign away his rights. Kaep allowed the public to watch his private workout, and it sure seemed like he made almost every throw.
                Kaep is a pioneer, who has effected change. He has been proven right all along. He will play again. History demands it. The NFL will have to atone for their spiteful Blackballing. Right now, they have a chance to make a difference, but the silence is deafening.
                If there is a TC and a preseason, some team will bring him in for a tryout. Kaep will need to earn the respect of the owners, front office, Coaches players and fans. Nothing should be handed to him without some competition. I wish him well.

    1. Coach,
      When you compare his production to his high draft status, I could understand your statement.
      But if he was a 5-7 rd pick, would he still be on the team?
      I believe that he would.

      Thomas has done enough to warrant another season and speaking for myself, that doesn’t make him a bust.
      The “bust” title should be reserved for players like Ken MacAfee: 1978 / Round: 1 / Pick: 7. …
      Kwame Harris 2003 / Round: 1 / Pick: 26. …
      Kentwan Balmer 2008 / Round: 1 / Pick: 29. …
      Joshua Garnett 2016 / Round: 1 / Pick: 28. …
      Rashaun Woods 2004 / Round: 1 / Pick: 31. …
      A.J. Jenkins 2004 / Round: 1 / Pick: 30. …
      These guys couldn’t stay in the NFL not long after leaving the 49ers.
      Thomas’ production is marginal at best, but I don’t view him as a player who has been a liability as the afore mentioned.

      1. Aes,
        I would consider MacAfee Thomas’s only rival for #1 bust. The other players you list were end of the 1st round picks and shouldn’t be judged the same as a #3 (actually #2) pick in the draft. I ranked MacAfee #2 instead of #1 because he was a true bust as a pass catcher but he was a decent to good run blocker and started and played quite a bit (if my memory serves me correctly) While Thomas isn’t good enough to even get into games other than to give a starter a quick blow. imho

      2. Funny I think Solly is about the same level as Kwame. Started for a bit but was completely overwhelmed as a starter.
        Once he became a backup other backups started eating into his time… which I expect to happen with Blair.

  25. Left wing mayor of Brussel not allowing fans at the national final bowl game(soccer) but he did allow demonstration of BLM where they rioted and looted.
    That’s called a double standard.

    1. The national stadium has a capacity of 50.000, and they would only allow 10.000 people.
      So more chance to have this under control than a demonstration with much more people who everyone knew(who doesn’t put on dark glasses) that there would be coming violence of it.

  26. What I see , know and experienced that as a white Belgian there is no one to help you if you are racially attacked by foreigners here cuz the anti racism service is only for people from other skin if you have complaints.
    The racism and bullying comes from them.
    If don’t believe go out in Antwerpen or Brussel, and especially if you are a couple of gays or if you are a good looking woman with a skirt.

  27. This just in : Bubba Wallace finds kkk uniform in his hotel room.

    FBI: Bubba that is your sheets and pillow cases for the bed !

    Bubba : oh my bad !

    1. Post your racist crap under your usual screen name so we can see moron we are dealing with or fck right off. On second thought fck right off anyway.

      1. How is that racist, or do you just throw accusations around blindly. Tell me, how does that fit in your narrative?


        So tell me.. why are YOU RACIST??? Rethink your bias.

        1. It’s not racist but extremely inaccurate, given that Bubba didn’t find it or report it but was told about by NASCAR and reacted to it.

          1. It is inaccurate. Do you not realize it’s a joke? Are jokes pretty accurate? Especially political ones? Those on late night TV? Not usually. Have a laugh, and then blow it off and move onto the next thing. This was not racist at all and the libtard cancel culture is turning the world into an utopian nightmare.

          2. My comment didn’t “cancel” you or prevent you expressing your “sense of humor”, did it? (Btw, if you have to explain something as a joke…. not really a joke. Pro tip there.) Utopian nightmare????? Sheesh and you clowns call us easily triggered.

  28. With respect to Covid response the curve in the Blue states looks like Europe. The curve in the red states , FL, TX AZ, look like Brazil. It is not a coincidence. Unfortunately quite a bit of football is played in those red sates and the primary reason the season is questionable at this point.

    1. This just in: TX Governor shuts down bars , limits restaurants to 50% and closes river rafting . River rafting ???? Unfortunately the damage is done. Remember back in April when many people , including some PD folks, said Covid was primarily a blue state problem. They were wrong. The reality is the anti-science red states continue to be a burden on the blue .

        1. Where would Grifter Barbi get her cheap crap made ? The benefit I guess would be Trumpy would not have to repay the 50 million debt he owes them from his numerous failed business dealings.

          1. That would be the Bolton doctrine. The guy you were heralding for his book not 2 days ago, and also the guy Trump fired….

            1. You are an idiot with no credibility……your comments are like shyte…….just flush em

              How many national security advisers has Trump had in 4 yrs?

              he said in June 2018 that “Mike Pompeo has been fantastic. John Bolton, working together with Mike, has been fantastic,” or a year later, when Trump declared that “John Bolton is doing a very good job.”

              Democrats greeted the news about Mr. Bolton with deep alarm. “The person who will be first in first out of the Oval Office on national security matters passionately believes the U.S. should launch pre-emptive war against both Iran and North Korea with no authorization from Congress,” said Senator Christopher S. Murphy of Connecticut. “My God.”

              Republicans, however, expressed satisfaction. “Selecting John Bolton as national security adviser is good news for America’s allies and bad news for America’s enemies,” said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. “He has a firm understanding of the threats we face from North Korea, Iran and radical Islam.”

              1. He had one but Obama’s coup d’etat took him out. He’s been exonerated. Maybe you’ve heard of him. General Michael Flynn….

              2. Sullivan. 😂🤣😆🤦‍♂️

                I have no idea what that means. Sullivan and Cromwell, NYC Law firm? Gilbert and Sullivan, light operetta composers? Sullivan’s Travels, Preston Sturges screwball comedy from the 40s? What?

                Anyone here who speaks RW bathsh!t crazy, can you translate?

              3. I can’t speak for JPN, it’s likely the full D.C. Court of Appeals be brought in to determine the validity of the Trump appointed judges ruling. It’s likely headed to the Supreme Court.

              4. A Writ of Mandamus is a writ issued by a court ordering a lower court or some other government entity to perform a function the lower court or government entity is obligated to perform. In exceptional circumstances, it may also be used to correct and abuse of discretion of a lower court. This is exceptional because absent plain error, higher courts are reluctant to review a lower court’s discretion.

                When a judge accepts a guilt plea, the judge makes sure that the plea is offered knowingly and voluntarily, and asks the defendant to affirm under oath that there is a factual basis for the plea. If a change of plea is requested, even when the prosecutor agrees, it is within the judge’s discretion not to accept the change of plea because the defendant has sworn to the court that a factual basis exists. Under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, a change of plea from a guilt plea can be accepted by the court on the judge’s discretion, after showing the terms of a plea agreement are invalid, or by a showing of good cause. Judge Sullivan, by appointing a special master to determine whether good cause existed, was following the rules. He was not required by the rules to accept the change of plea without making said determination, and given the political implications of this matter and questions raised in certain aspects of the press concerning his neutrality, he decided to shift the determination of good cause to the recommendation of a special master. This was fully the correct path once political pressure was brought to bear against the court (it is what we taught state judges to do in such a situation). Under the doctrine of ‘Plain Error’, no such existed in this matter.

                The three judge panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued an extraordinary order that substituted the majority’s discretion for Judge Sullivan’s and subverted the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. This is a highly unusual course of action for an appellate court for an alleged abuse of discretion in allowing the withdrawal of a guilty plea. I would be surprised if the D.C. Circuit does not grant the petition to hear the case en banc (with the whole court), and if the D.C. Circuit en banc were to allow the panel’s decision stand, I would not be surprised if the U.S. Sup. Court were to grant Cert. given the unusual nature of the D.C. Circuit’s ruling.

              5. JPN, as always thank you much for your education of we unwashed masses.

                if the D.C. Circuit en banc were to allow the panel’s decision stand

                Considering the outpouring of judicial opinion “stunned” over that decision what is the likelihood of that, in your opinion?

              6. I do not think it will withstand an en banc review, but it is possible. Courts are sometimes reluctant to reverse their panel’s decision.

              7. This whole saga has been nothing short of bizarre (using the most charitable term I can think of). While this Justice Dept decided to reverse course does that prevent prosecutors of a future Justice Dept from arguing Flynns guilty plea back to the court?

              8. does that prevent prosecutors of a future Justice Dept from arguing Flynns guilty plea back to the court?

                The short answer is ‘no’. But that does not mean the case will end.

                If the court accepts the change of plea, or the writ ordering the court to accept it stands, then given the Justice Department’s decision not to continue prosecution, the case will be dismissed. If it is dismissed without prejudice, then it can be refiled (within the statute of limitations), but that starts everything over again, so there would need to be a new plea entered. If it is dismissed with prejudice, then the case is over regardless of whether a new administration would like to pursue it. Whether a case is dismissed with or without prejudice is in the discretion of the trial judge, and many judges are reluctant to dismiss a case with prejudice.

              9. Rib,

                I misread your question. As should be clear from the longer answer, the short answer to your question is “yes” not “no”.

            2. The guy you were heralding for his book not 2 days ago,

              The guy I called a slimy POS. Read again.

              I can only imagine how far up his butt you were in the GWB era.

              1. That’s all it would be is your imagination, because I never liked Bolton, and I stayed out of the Bushes!

              2. I see. 9/11 didn’t do it. The most disastrous American military misadventure in its history didn’t do it. You became politically active only when the black guy was elected. Got it.

              3. You see what you want to see. I don’t give two $hits abut politics, and I wasn’t raised with skin color prejudice. I care about my country, and the content of one’s character. Obama’s policies sucked and his character was corrupted by Chicago politics. I could party with him but that would be the extent of any relationship. On the flip side, I could not party with Trump because he’s never been that kind of guy, but I believe he deserves more than 4 years to show what he can do for America rather than going back to one that’s had 40 years and done nothing….

              4. I care about my country, and the content of one’s character.

                but I believe Scump deserves more than 4 years to show what he can do for America

                WOW Razdoll.
                Do you have any clue how much you contradict yourself in the same paragraph???
                If you still don’t have a clue about IMPOTUS’ character and can’t see how he has degraded this country, then you are exactly what’s wrong with this country!

              5. Biden locked up the blacks and Trump set them free.

                The democratic party is the party of slavery, and the republican party fought a war to set them free. You are systemically stupid, Tweedle Dee!

              6. I don’t give two $hits abut politics

                That’s news to us, you being involved in every political dust up here.

                I care about my country

                You and I agree on that. What’s in dispute is the best way bring that about. And that, wait for it….is politics.

              7. Biden locked up the blacks and Trump set them free.

                The democratic party is the party of slavery, and the republican party fought a war to set them free.

                Yet those descendants of slaves overwhelmingly support that “party of slavery” and the candidates they put forth. And Trump, your second coming of Abraham Lincoln, gets rounding error level of support from them. How do you account for that? Are they systemically stupid?

              8. Nurse Ribby, I wasn’t the one that instigated political banter into a 49ers blog, and I ignored it until a few on here started a daily diatribe of horse $hit. Pretty soon the smell becomes unbearable, and someone has to clean it up. I have every right to my opinion, and you have no right to coerce me into yours….

              9. Trump did more for blacks in 3 years than Obama did in 8.

                Blacks have voted for democratic leadership for decades to their detriment in a city like Chicago.

              10. I have every right to my opinion, and you have no right to coerce me into yours….

                On your opinion I agree and nor am I “coercing” anything. But to claim you are above politics is just silly. You and I are on the same game, trying to score gotcha points by pointing out the supposedly inconsistencies of each other’s positions – me a stand-in for the “radical left terrorists” you a stand-in for the “maga deplorables”. And that is also…wait for it…politics.

              11. Trump did more for blacks in 3 years than Obama did in 8.

                Take a look at the right hand panel of this government chart.

                Care to point out where the Obama administration ended and the Trump one took over?

                Blacks have voted for democratic leadership for decades to their detriment in a city like Chicago.

                So systematically stupid it is. Got it.

              12. Razdoll, if you REALLY care about your country and you really are a veteran, tell me how you justify IMPOTUS knowing about a bounty being placed on killing our soldiers by Russia.
                What does that really say about YOUR character

              13. I never said I was above politics. I said I could give two $hits about the profession of lying. If you can’t separate the two, how is that my problem?

                Coerce as in, cancel culture, mob rules, statue destruction, coup d’etat, impeachment, accusations of murder by the speaker for not bending to her will, et al. If she had her way, the city outside the white house walls would be littered with defecate, needles and it wouldn’t be called the white house anymore. Don’t be a Nancy!

              14. cancel culture

                As an American you have the right to espouse whatever the f*ck nonsense you want. No one’s stopping you, unless you are some kind of snowflake cowering from a little criticism. Other Americans have rights to not be subjected to a stream of f*ck nonsense. Are you put out by corporate entities deciding it’s not in their best financial interest in advertising in, giving their money to supporting what they consider views that will turn off the majority of their customers as abhorrent? (talking about ad pulls from Fox, T. Carlson in particular, O’Reilly before him and Facebook). We’ll, I think you said it here earlier, ain’t capitalism grand? The first amendment only protects you from the government cancelling you.

                statue destruction

                Monuments to Confederate traitors, most erected during the era of Jim Crow , have no business defacing the landscape of our republic. This was also the height of the KKK. And as an expression of the “democratic party” I’d think you’d be more open to their removal too.


                A remedy mandated in the Constitution. What else would you like to see removed from the Constitution?

                accusations of murder

                Wait. Are we talking about Trump and Joe Scarborough? The horrifying thing about that is, Trump, being the head of the DOJ, can actually go about drumming up an investigation into something that is nothing more that a personal grudge against a critic. Should we ignore a President when he says “someone should look into this”? What someone? Is that marching orders to the AG? You tell me. If not, then what else should we ignore a President on?

                coup d’etat

                You really have no f*ck of an idea what that really is, do you? You no doubt know the phrase “watering the tree of liberty”? The 2nd amendment, as argued as the last bulwark against tyranny, is useless in that regard. Not with half the country seeing someone as a tyrant, the other half as savior.

      1. Let me guess.

        If someone referred to Michelle Obozo as a 200 lb black cancer you would be screaming bloody racism, correct?

        Typical liberal culture.. “my rules only apply to you.”

        1. MO isn’t morbidly obese and didn’t run the country into the ground like orange fatboy so it is not an apt comparison. And yeah it would be racist , rude and undignified. We need more dignity.

          1. MO is black by birth (her race). DJT is orange by choice (his idiocy). See the difference? Doubt it. Sure, go ahead an demean MO by her skin color, you know you want to.

            1. So it ok to choose to terminate a viable fetus but you’re an idiot if you choose to tan. Got it. Btw, as I recall Michael Jackson chose to take pills to lighten his skin color. Was he an idiot as well?

              1. Always pivot to abortion. Glad to see you follow those talking points.

                but you’re an idiot if you choose to tan

                The idiocy comes from thinking that unnatural hue ( it definitely isn’t “tan”) makes him look better.

                Michael Jackson chose to take pills to lighten his skin color. Was he an idiot as well?

                Idiot? I won’t pass that judgment, but he was obviously a disturbed young man on a lot of levels.

              2. Not my fault you talk out of both sides of your mouth like your governor for political expedience.

                Not going to pass judgment on Jackson? Why not, did you sign some kind of non-disclosure agreement?

              3. Don’t you know Razor? MJ had already been canceled by the libtard cancel culture committee.

                That’s because libtards never have skeletons in their closets. If they do, they just find a special reason why it’s justifiable in this particular case and why it should not be in YOUR case.

                Blacks are now the flavor of the month for libtards, so I wholeheartedly expect that women and immigrants must take a back seat for the moment while any wife beating or child beating black male is stood up in front of the world as someone who was just getting us his life together and becoming a wonderful human being.

                Meanwhile if a white male even so much as questions what’s going on he is the definition of a racist. Don’t worry, America has shown throughout its history that if one side starts resorting to mob mentality and strays from our founding fathers intent, we tend to reset. This has applied whether we’ve moved too far left or too far right, and is why I still have faith in this wonderful country, despite the ongoing Salem Witch Hunt from our current set of social justice warriors.

              4. My name is Ribico and I use my real name as my screen name on social media. I swear.

              5. Abortion, the go to for every conservative religious nut when they are painted into a corner. It’s always about someone’s personal freedoms until it isn’t. Ron Desantis and Sweden handled things perfectly, Trump is somehow still a viable leader, now abortion being brought in as a response to a spray tan. Razoreater you are without a doubt the most confused and uneducated individual I’ve ever come across on a public forum and that’s saying something.

              6. MJ had already been canceled by the libtard cancel culture committee.

                Regarding MJ, I’d suggest a viewing of the flick “leaving neverland” before going all libtard cancel culture on us.

  29. Reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.

    –Physicist Richard Feynmann (whose intellect – and common sense – was greater than the collective of this board and, it would seem, the brains running the sports leagues) on the determination of the cause of the Challenger tragedy.

    1. Yet there you are just a few comments above accusing someone of being racist and completely ignoring reality in the process. Wow. Just WOW.

        1. A PROUD DEMOCRAT…!

          I’m one also, and it will be fun on November 3rd to listen to the Repubicans yelling “SHUT UP AND DEAL…”

            1. You mean by the constitutionally mandated process of impeachment? First they’d have get The House under their control, and that ain’t happening for a long long time.

              Or do you mean the old fashioned time honored military coup? With all those military flag officers repudiating Trump for his trampling on the constitution, theres 0% chance there too.

              You’ll just have lump it and whine the next 4-8 years, Razor. Maybe the Niners can make up for it by winning a bunch of championships in that time. And no concerns about having to skip the WH invitation 😀

              1. I’ve given some thought to a separate party that represents The Working Man across the globe in unification, and independent of any majority party in their respective countries….

              2. Cool. There’s already a song out there (an anthem?) they can gather under.

                Arise ye workers from your slumbers
                Arise ye prisoners of want
                For reason in revolt now thunders
                And at last ends the age of cant.
                Away with all your superstitions
                Servile masses arise, arise
                We’ll change henceforth the old tradition
                And spurn the dust to win the prize.

                So comrades, come rally
                And the last fight let us face
                The Internationale unites the human race.

              3. Razor says….

                I’ve given some thought to a separate party that represents The Working Man across the globe in unification, and independent of any majority party in their respective countries….

                MF you don’t WORK… haven’t worked in years…’s no news you have been mooching off government handouts……..milking that veteran status……

              4. “You mean by the constitutionally mandated process of impeachment?”

                You mean elected democratic leaders who used (abused) the constitutionally mandated process to support their hatred of the president from day one of his presidency?

                If the animosity by the democrats towards the president was not so profusely obvious, I might listen to their voices. But hate is never a good platform for action and decisions. Hence, the partisan farce that resulted in the impeachment.

              5. The basis of two modern day impeachments (aka “coups” to you).

                Demanding a foreign country interfere in our election.

                Consensual sexual relationship.

                Which do you find more constitutionally egregious? If you say the latter, you deserve every bit of anguish you will be suffering, and more, the next 4-8 years.

              6. The party of slavery needs to change their name.

                They have. Going by Republicans now. But seeing how more and more Republicans are disgusted by DJT, that party needs to change it’s name also. Trump Party sounds about right.

          1. OneNiner, if you lose again are you going to come back and take your medicine like a man? Ooh I should be more aware of the poly-gender society we live in, so sorry. 😐

            I wouldn’t expect any less if you’re L-G-B-T-Q-2-S+… I don’t think I have enough Latin letters left on my keyboard to cover all your attention seeking acronym consonants.

            1. Nice. homo and trans phobe. Two bigots for the price of one.

              One posts under his longtime usual name. WhoTF are you, coward?

              1. I dunno about him but I am Ribico. Since you asked me earlier the same question- I post under Ribico because it’s right there under First Name on my birth certificate. We are like brothers, you and me.

              2. Rib…..stop replying to a deranged individual…… should feel sorry and pray for him.

              3. That is primo slime, Rib
                After he got a tongue lashing and last warning from CWN, he’s back to his old dastardly ways of hiding behind his nana’s skirt.

              4. No Dee, I’m not buying it. PT, like razor, is not afraid to mix it up under his regular usual handle. Dollars to donuts, these clowns, who think they are so cute with their throwaway screen names are cowardly lurkers.

      1. Science and cultural biases (racism) are two completely separate things. Or did Feynmans statement go completely over your head?

        1. Once again. Liberals find ways to make sense of their constant oxymorons and conflicts in their beliefs.

          “Oh, it’s right here but wrong there. But because it’s really this over there it’s totally okay.”

          Yeah, I’m convinced.

          Don’t trip over yourself trying to justify your conflicts and inconsistencies in reasoning. You always find a way to “make it justifiable” in your head, right? While casting aspersions on others about what they think. 🤔

  30. The freedom of the American people is what made us into a super power. Not some government or dictator. Every human being has the ability inside them to be the best they can be, but what they don’t often get is the opportunity to unlock it. That’s why we as Americans are truly blessed and why it’s worth the constant struggle to hold onto our freedom when you have a democratic party, along with domestic terrorists that want to take it all away….

    1. So do away with the Democratic Party, what do you get? One party rule. You haven’t thought this “dictator” thing through very far, have you?

        1. That’s why we as Americans are truly blessed and why it’s worth the constant struggle to hold onto our freedom when you have a democratic party, along with domestic terrorists that want to take it all away….

          Equating Democratic Party and domestic terrorists, taking it all away, how do you read that? ( btw it’s been RW domestic terrorists that have been charged)

          1. The cities with Mob Rule have one thing in common. They are led by democrats who seem to have bought into the belief that the police are a bigger problem than rampant disorder. They are either cowed by their party’s left, or they agree that America is systemically racist and rioting is a justified expression of anger against it. They offer pro forma disapproval of law breakers but refuse to act to stop them. Let me ask you this. What happens when you need EMS? Do you really think they are going to respond to a rape victim, a shooting or any emergency involving lawbreakers without police protection?

            1. Raz,
              I’m waiting to see when governors and mayor’s will say enough is enough.
              Protestors are being allowed to destroy property without punitive action and are making legislation on the streets rather than complying with proper avenues.

              Minnesota has turned into a farce thanks to the spinless leadership that bends like a weak branch in the wind.
              They are already working to defund the police (as petitioned by protesters). But now, that is no longer a viable request, they are now asking to completely abolish the police dept’s.
              Waiting to see if the political leaders in Minnesota will finally grow a backbone and say enough is enough!

              1. Black Lives Matter leader states if US ‘doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system.

                Sounds like terrorist demands to me. I hope York and Brotha awaken from their woke-ness.

              2. Why not burn a system aligned with systemic racism ?

                Since you are ok with not working and mooching on government handout – I can see why the system works for you.

                AES and RAZ….you two morons are still on liberal states – you should know the country has moved on……..we are on confederate statues now……hurry and go feed on your talking points…

                ….You blindly and sheepishly ignore the Americans in the Red states who continue to die due to incompetence of their Repub Gov and the Repub president.

                Am guessing you loofs also think facemasks will kill you…….

                I really love how you both have showed yourself….

          2. Typical libtard. Completely avoids quoting the entire sentence, turns a blind eye to the statement “Democratic Party, along with, domestic terrorists”..

            What part of ‘along with’ do you equate to one in the same? If I said “I am visiting Miami along with my girlfriend“ do you now think I’m trans-gender, bisexual, two-spirited, multi-sexual or whatever you people who sorely need mental health call yourselves these days?

            You morons constantly pick apart everything and anything that comes out of anyone’s mouth. That’s okay America will vanquish you so we can all return to normalcy instead of having to walk on pins and needles 24×7 to avoid hurting your ‘feelings.’

      1. Get rid of today’s democratic party and bring back the Kennedy democratic party. Hope that doesn’t make your head explode from over exertion….

    2. Most citizens in the Western world have the same freedoms as Americans. The difference is they are supported and given opportunity through government programs and health care. It’s hilarious to read this constant rhetoric about how great life is for US citizens when The top 1% control more than 70% of overall wealth and half the working population is either in poverty or working poor and can’t make ends meet if even one small unexpected problem arises. Quality of life and health care is higher in many other countries compared to US yet brain washed uneducated right wingers like you Razoreater eat up every piece of propaganda thrown your way. That is why nothing changes.

      1. Raz is not intellectually capable of getting it…..

        Breaking News: Russia offered Afghan militants bounties to kill U.S troops. Evidence of money paid by Russia.

        Trump is back in the white house bunker…..

        1. Biden set a record for VP’s flying to China. His son flew on Air Force 2 over there and by the time he got back he had over a billion dollars wired into his account. Joe is Xi Jinping’s vassal….

      2. And yet, the list of countries at the top of the list as most desirable destinations for immigrants has, wait for it, the UNITED STATES as #1.

        Go figure, with all the free government crap in Europe, they’d still rather come here. Hmmm… 🤔

        1. Anyone remember oneniner’s unhealthy obsession with Alex Smith, much in the same way I drink a morning cocktail of Kaep semen daily?
          Pepperidge Farm remembers.

        2. Go figure, with all the free government crap in Europe, they’d still rather come here. Hmmm…

          God bless them despite back of the hand they’ve been getting from Trump and Miller. Most immigrants take the long view and know the current spasm this government has been inflicting on our country will not last.

          I’m helping my immigrant housekeeper achieve her American dream. Of course USA an easier destination from Mexico than some transatlantic location.

          1. Really? Because Syrians, every other middle eastern migrants, Africans, Asians ALL favor the United States even though they would have to cross an ocean to get here.

            1. And told to go back to the sh!thole countries they came from when they got here. They realize this too will pass. Like I said God bless them.

            2. What BS? Are you saying America is more welcoming to immigrants under Trump? I’m not just talking undocumenteds (otherwise known as rapists, drug dealers and criminals by you) but even H1-B Visas. DACA. Remember his first act as president, ordering the banning of entry from majority Muslim countries. Immigrants want America as they’ve always had. Trump says go back to your sh!tholes.

          2. I normally don’t step into political discussions but the idea that most Europeans would rather live in America is false.
            I work at an international company in the Czech Republic that has people from nearly every part of Europe and I haven’t heard a single person say they would want to live in the US. They mostly ask what’s wrong with us…. and not in a left vs right way. From our our cancel culture and 20 names for genders to gun control and lack of health care. They seem to think Americans only take extreme views and are incapable of nuance.

            Listening to this board it’s hard for me to disagree :/.

            1. While naming all that is wrong with America, did any of them happen to couch their comments with gratitude for helping ’em out against the Germans?

              1. If the comments were coming from the vicinity of Russia and what used to make up the eastern bloc countries, it would probably be along the lines of WTF took you so long? The answer then, as now, “America First”

              2. Razor,
                Not my German colleagues :D.

                Seriously though, Most are good with Americans on an individual level and they don’t dislike America… they just think our culture has gone too extremist and our systems are about 60 years behind the times.

                My Czech/Polish and Slovak colleagues though would have a bit more of an interesting take on Americans though considering they were liberated from the Germans and then handed to the Russians.

            2. That is my experience as well, Shoup, but what is interesting is that the divide between the political poles is much greater in Europe than in the U.S. (except when totalitarian leftists meet totalitarian right wingers in the same totalitarian ferver). The different is that many Europeans tend not to be binary in their views the way people in the U.S. tend to be, and that makes it appear that we take more extreme views.

              1. That’s probably partially due to the fact that they have multiple parties to choose from and so the people drawn to the most extreme wings are more clearly defined.

              2. Yep, that is a large part of it. And I also find that Europeans tend not to invest as much of their own identity into the political parties they support. Well, except with respect to those most extreme wings.

                Convereley, here in the U.S.A., the majority of folks embrace their political affiliation as a major part of their identities, and they entrench behind bulwarks of ideology rather than engage in open, reasoned discussion when someone challenges their beliefs–or even worse, when reality challenges their beliefs. They gravitate toward like-minded people to guard against such challenges, which reinforces the mistaken belief that everyone save a few misinformed folks must agree with them. And since there are only two major political enclaves, the extreme views of those enclaves are then projected onto, and even sometimes adopted by, more moderate members as a means of preserving membership in the enclave. Thus, a perception of polar extremism emerges despite a plethora of studies that find that the majority of U.S. citizens fall somewhere between moderate left and moderate right on most issues. But I fear that is changing, and not for the better.

                I have been registered as an independent for nearly twenty years, and I no longer feel any draw from either party or the ideologies they represent. My identity is my family, my world view, my profession, and my interests. But I watch with growing concern as many of my friends and family divide along partisan lines (by party an/or ideology) and embrace more and more extreme views in response to the policies of their “enemies” on the other side. To my chagrin, I find that my political objectivism makes me more of a cynic every day.

              3. @JPN:

                You’ve pretty much summed up my views exactly. I still remember a time when people could reasonably discuss these issues and even accept the premise that “reasonable people could have differing opinions”. Those days are long gone.

              4. JPN,

                True, I find it quite sad that so many people’s identities are tied to their political party… not even their beliefs, but their party. Hell, even dating sites are asking for this info in some cases… which seems very strange when parties are supposed to represent their people, not vise versa.

                Anyways I’ve spoken too much on this topic.

            3. That is what I’ve seen in my travels as well Shoup. I’ve lived in a number of different countries around the world and while many like things about the USA – Movies, Sports, Disney theme parks – most don’t want to live here.

              1. Truth,
                Yeah, Honestly I would like to move back some day to help my parents out on the family ranch… but my gf is very much against the idea even though she loves visiting.

            4. Europe is no Utopia. WW2 was kinda a big deal. Right wing Populist Nationalism is not only an American problem nowadays. In Europe, they were the latest area to have a genocide, in Bosnia.
              Hungary, in your neck of the woods, is descending into the abyss. Brexit is not a shining example of inclusiveness and welcoming immigration. In Italy, they push people back onto leaking boats, and their system of government is chaotic, to put it nicely.
              With all this chaos and uncertainty, I hope a new Neo-Nazi party does not re-emerge.
              Sure, people in other countries in a homogeneous setting with jobs and stability, would not want want to come to America. I would never want to move to Europe.
              However, in America, it is the grandest experiment in the world.
              Lady Liberty says it so well-
              Give me your tired, your poor,
              Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
              The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
              Send these, the homeless, the tempest-tost to me,
              I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door!
              America is the greatest nation on the planet. In some other nations, some of us would be shot for speaking our minds.
              America is a melting pot, and we are stronger for it.

              1. Seb,

                I certainly wouldn’t argue Europe is a utopia at all.
                I would actually guess most countries here are more racist than in the US, even if they suffer fewer violent incidents in regards to it. It’s less visible because most nations here are fairly homogeneous in terms of race.
                Their pluses are they are almost all enjoy freedom, and have a higher quality of life on average with access to decent healthcare, 5 weeks paid vacation and mothers can usually take at least a year of paid leave after having a child. People are relatively safe and their is far less violent crime or mass shootings.
                Their negatives are that they almost all depend on the US in terms of military power. Their healthcare system while free, also typically runs in debt. They are in the middle of a culture war with immigrants from the Arabic countries. The EU can enact laws/rules that every country must follow and the people of that country don’t get a vote on it.

                Their are pluses and minuses to both places… but neither is a utopia.

              2. I will certainly concede that neither are Utopias.
                However, the United States has come a long way, from condoning slavery to electing a Black President.

      3. The Truth didn’t set you free because you cannot name another country where someone will pay a coyote to get them into this country, hide in a wheel well of an airplane, brave the seas in a raft or any other means possible no matter the risk to their lives or loved ones. You sir are a moron and that’s the unadulterated truth!

        1. OMG, Razdoll, when you want to show off your ignorance you sure double down!

          The highest number of arrivals – 1,015,078 – was recorded in 2015. More than 800,000 of them were trafficked by sea from Turkey to Greece, and the majority of them continued to travel through Europe to reach Germany and Sweden.

          Europe is one of the world’s top destinations for international migrants. In recent years, their population has grown as high numbers of immigrants have entered Europe, including some seeking asylum.

        2. The truth is like many uneducated and indoctrinated Americans you have no idea what quality of life is in other countries around the world. Equating the desire of people in impoverished countries trying to flee violence, corruption and poverty to quality of life for every citizen is pure ignorance. The USA is where immigrants want to go because the American dream is better than any realistic outlook they have. There is also the small fact that the US is the closest geographically to Central and South America where millions of people live under these conditions.

          But I digress because that has nothing to do with the statement I made:

          Most citizens in the Western world have the same freedoms as Americans. The difference is they are supported and given opportunity through government programs and health care.

          Here’s the quality of life rankings for countries around the world. Don’t bother looking for the US until you click on the link to add more entries beyond the top ten.

          Some eye opening truths about health care, quality of life and life expectancy in the USA:

          1. And yet, the demand for immigration into the United States dwarfs the demand into all those 6 countries combined. Seriously, ask them one by one if they had a choice, which one would they pick. You’re an idiot. We’re still a great country and still the one most desire to move to, whether you like it or not.

            1. Again, the fact refugees want to come to the US has nothing to do with the quality of life of it’s citizens. If you can’t understand the topic don’t bother commenting. The US ranks 15th on the quality of life index provided above and it’s health care system is among the worst for developed countries. Accept it or don’t but chanting USA and saying you are great is empty propaganda. The US has a lot of benefits but it certainly isn’t the best country for the majority of it’s citizens, and to link this to the original point yet again, the rights that Americans have are shared by the majority of citizens in other western civilizations. You just don’t know that because your mind has been brain washed for so long into believing this is as good as it gets.

  31. What should Kaep do? (Sorry Old Coach, I know you do not want to fixate on Kaep, but this post is all about Kaep.)
    Kaep is being smart, by staying quiet. If he spoke now, he would be a lightning rod for criticism, and draw away the focus on police brutality. Due to his past efforts, real change and reforms are happening. I was amazed that those police officers were charged so quickly. Usually, they would be put on leave with a full salary and benefits. Now, due to Kaep’s past protests, those rogue cops are being fired and charged relatively quickly.
    I would like Kaep to be bold, and not wait for an NFL team to show interest. He should challenge teams with drek QBs, and propose a fair and unbiased competition against those starting QBs. There are several QBs who Kaep could easily out compete. Jarrett Stidham, Tyrod Taylor, Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, Teddy Bridgewater, Gardner Minshew, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Dwayne Haskins. Even Matthew Stafford, Josh Allen, Ryan Tannehill, Derek Carr, Baker Mayfield, Ben Rothlisberger, Phillip Rivers and Joe Burrow could lose to Kaep in a fair competition. Those are 16 QBs, half the league.
    Of course, during this pandemic, it must be done safely, with stringent testing beforehand, and in an isolated and safe environment.
    The NFL is on the wrong side of history. They will continue to earn criticism, until they do the right thing. Blackballing Kaep was mean and spiteful, and has given the NFL a black eye. In order to make amends, and atone for their sins, the NFL must allow Kaep to compete.
    Of course, this may all be moot, if they do not have a season.

    1. Kaep wants to continue his civil rights cause, good on him. That can be done in many many many arenas other than sports. That time has passed imo. His Q score is pretty damn high ATM. How about a run for political office?

          1. Personal glory? That is what an election is all about to many, while football is a team sport.
            First of all, I hope Kaep has registered to vote and has voted in this last election.

            1. Personal glory? That is what an election is all about to many, while football is a team sport.

              Though the “government is the problem” types here would disagree, Kaep could effect much more change from say a congressional office than as a probable NFL backup. Think of your own reference to AOC. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but she has advanced the national conversation in concrete ways. Plus congresscritters have a longer average job length than NFL players 😏

              1. Sorry to disagree, but Kaep has been waiting patiently, and still wants to play.
                He can run for office after his NFL career is over. Kaep is not in office, and has done a lot for social justice. If allowed to have a platform like a SB winning QB, he can do even more.
                I said AOC because she is in your neck of the woods, and Kaep would probably align with her progressive thinking well. Also, Kaep is living in NY, IICRC.
                I like AOC, and support many of her ideas, but just think she may be too impatient.
                I like what Lebron James has been saying. Kaep is owed an apology for the blackballing. There are several teams who should at least allow him to try out with.

              2. Kaep is a hero, and it is a sick burn on you.
                Kaep will take the league by storm, again, and all your tantrums will not stop him.

              3. Sorry to disagree, but Kaep has been waiting patiently, and still wants to play.

                I’ve been waiting patiently to win powerball and still want to play to make it so as well.

                At some point Kaep has to face the reality of the situation, unfair as it may be, and move on to the next phase of his life. Just how dedicated is he to the civil rights dialog he ignited ?

              4. Rib, at least you can play Powerball.
                Kaep can’t play, but the tide is turning.
                My prediction- Some team will want to win so much, they will take a chance on Kaep, and I think he may have a job after November 3rd.

              5. I am sticking with my original prediction that I made just as soon as Gabbert beat him out, prior to any thoughts of kneeling. He will never play another down in the NFL….

              6. Well, your prediction did not happen.
                Gabbert unfairly won the starting job because Baalke shut down Kaep and would not let him compete.
                Then Gabbert pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself. Kaep ultimately won back the starting job, and finished out the 2016 season.
                I do not only think he will take the league by storm, again, I expect the NFL will give him an apology for Blackballing him.

              7. Those who learn from history will see the Democrats vilifying the Nazis and KKK, while the head Republican thinks they are fine people.
                Now we hear that the Putin led GRU ordered bounties on American and British soldiers in Afghanistan.

    2. Seb

      I don’t know if they would still accept him….but the Canadian Football League might find space for him on their bench….

      1. Pshaw, Kaep will play again in the NFL. He has been proven right, and the Blackballers need to find a rock to crawl back under.
        Even Drew Brees now supports Kaep’s cause, and thinks kneeling is fine.

        1. Brees bent like a sapling. If you really believe he changed his mind that fast I’ve got a Kaep jersey to sell you.

    1. Raz,
      Woerner is my 2020 sleeper pick. Imo, he was highly underrated because he played in a offensive running scheme.
      Looking forward to see what this kid can do with the ball in his hands.

      1. Could lightning strike twice? I’ll be pulling for Woerner to show he’s the next Kittle for obvious reasons.

          1. If Woerner can be an adequate replacement for an NFL veteran in his rookie season, our future will look good at the TE position going forward.

            1. If Toilolo was so valuable, I wonder why did they let him leave?
              Toilolo was mainly in for his blocking, and that seems to be Woerner’s forte.
              I am wondering if Woerner can become a receiving threat, too. Kittle did not catch many balls in college, and look how he turned out.

              1. “Toilolo was mainly in for his blocking, and that seems to be Woerner’s forte.”

                We knew who Toilolo was when he was signed.
                Kittle had the same (blocking) MO when he was drafted and then he became much more. Like Razor, I’d like to see if lightning strikes twice with Woerner.
                Woerner is coming in as a good blocking TE, I’m intrigued by Shanahan’ vision for him.

              2. I think they are grooming Woerner to become a FB/TE.
                Woerner may out compete Dwelley for the number 2 TE position, unless Dwelley has improved his blocking. Sounds like KS wants versatile players who can be utilized in many ways.
                The player who may be the biggest surprise is JaMycal Hasty. The good thing about having a winning culture is that they are attracting good talent, even in the later rounds and free agency. KS may have found another UDFA who will shine like Mostert and Breida. With the improved O line, the Niners may lead the league in running. I think they will be running left, a lot.

        1. I’ll be pulling for Woerner to show he’s the next Kittle for obvious reasons.

          Since Kittle is the current Kittle, he’s really going to have to show what he has in the limited opportunities given to him. I don’t think the team will be reducing anything going through Kittle in order to send him a message (these comments are void if they come to a contract agreement before camp). But then, who knew what Kittle what turn into? Wasn’t his biggest plus, post draft, is that he had chemistry with CJB, being college teammates?

  32. Both the Chiefs and the 49ers should benefit from this time off, and with a little luck; offset the vulnerability to injury that a 19 game season typically imposes on the body….

    1. Razor, just got notified by the Indy 500 people, they are planning on running on the 23rd of August. They are going to apply cdc restrictions with a recommendation that anyone over 65 stay home. I still plan on coming your way. I have a VA appointment the 12th, I have to be at the 500 on the19th. So what I think I am going to do is leave right from the appointment head straight to your place, talk some Niner football drink a beer for a day or two and call it good. After the 500 I am going to do a self imposed quarantine in the National Forest with a Nam buddy for 15 days is why I cant come after the race.

  33. Grant proposes an argument for either retaining Kittle, or Trent Williams.
    I think they should retain both. Hopefully, the Niners win a ring next season, and even though other teams will be throwing money at them, they will recognize what a special situation they have at the Niners, and both would take a home discount in order to win more rings.
    The Niners moved on from Buckner, so no player can’t be replaced. The key is to retrain certain players, and keep the core team together for as long as possible. Every year, there is change, and the roster has turnover, but JL should not dismantle this team like Baalke did.

    1. That’s not an argument. It’s a no brainer. You keep the left tackle, and that’s what Shanny will do if that decision is forced upon him by Kittle’s representation….

      1. I respectfully disagree. You may be right, but I like Kittle, and his moxie.
        George Kittle is only 26, so he has many more years that he could play.
        Trent Williams is 31, so he is on the downhill side of his career. Not every O lineman can play until 36 like Staley.
        Trent Williams also cannot be franchise tagged, so he may very well leave for a huge payday. The Niners traded away Buckner because of the salary cap restraints.
        I sure would like to keep both, but who knows how this will all play out.

        1. Oh, I love Kittle. Got his t-shirt jersey after his first year, but I don’t allow my feelings to supersede my brain like left leaning liberals do….

          1. Lol. Now making a push to keep the teams MVP into another partisan culture war issue. Razor, you are losing it, friend.

              1. Now that you explain it as a joke (see my posting up forum about the death of humor is having to explain it) it is kind of funny.

  34. Casserly:

    “Another guy, Solomon Thomas; played a little better last year than people gave him credit for,” Casserly explained. “He’s a sleeper to come through. But they’re going to need more than one to replace Buckner.”

  35. College football and the NFL seasons are in jeopardy . Businesses are closing instead of reopening. Covid cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in AZ, FL and TX. Meanwhile in Europe sports and business are cautiously resuming. The difference is that Europe treated Covid like a health/science crisis and Trump after ignoring it treated Covid like a political pissing contest.

    1. I give better than even odds the NBA scraps this before even getting started. And much better than even they’ll be forced to pull the plug before completed.

      Despite what Adam Silver, the N.B.A. commissioner, described as an “increased” level of concern over a significant rise of coronavirus cases in Florida, the league moved forward on several fronts Friday by formalizing its plans to restart the 2019-20 season at Walt Disney World near Orlando.

      Hours after Florida announced a single-day record of nearly 9,000 new coronavirus cases in the state — up from 5,511 on Wednesday — Silver said that the league had “no choice but to learn to live with this virus” and that no options for rebooting the season “are risk-free right now.”

      1. Yep and the US under it’s absent President is seeing a rise beyond the original spike. Only country in the world seeing this right now. Florida and Texas – we don’t wear no masks according to Houston niner – seeing record highs for new cases and running low on intensive care beds. But we’ve got our Freedom!

  36. Tweedle Dee:

    125.000 people dead and IMPOTUS is finally taking decisive action against COVID to protect US citizens!!!

    BIden 2 days ago, “Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.”

    At the rate Biden is going, by the time he gets elected(not) he won’t have much of a country left to preside over!😎

  37. I haven’t seen any posts from Houstonniner lately, With what is going on in Texas I hope he is healthy and i’m not being sarcastic.

        1. WOW.
          El Mafioso is starting to talk to his imaginary friend and then respond to himself.

      1. Hopefully when football starts again we can get a bit more on topic. By then though, I wonder if there will be anyone left. We’ll see I guess.

      2. Well, those who said be careful what you wish for were right. This blog is in a downward spiral since Grant left. And the PD is complicit. There have been newsworthy items such as the signing of our two first round picks. I’m quite sure Grant would have published an article on this but CW does not seem to be as interested. We’ll see what happens when the season starts.

          1. OC: One area I thought Grant was the best at (in the Bay Area) was his training camp coverage. He generally went the extra mile to try and report something novel/interesting. For example, when he was doing video coverage of open practices showing the lineman going one on one or WR/CBs, etc. Based on what we’ve seen so far, this will not happen under CWN’s watch. I hope he proves me wrong.

            1. Cubus,
              One of the things I really like about Grant was during camp if you asked him to he would watch a specific player for you and report back, also if you had a question for the coach, on occasion he would ask it for you. C.W. is semi retired he writes one column a week on Sun. He is not the long term replacement for Grant, he is just a placeholder until they hire a replacement. If they do hire a replacement which I kind of doubt with the direction the blog has taken. I am looking for another site that is easily accessible to a techno moron and has a good group of commentators to interact with. Do you know any good sites?

              1. Thanks for letting me know about C.W. I didn’t realize that this was a one-day a week collateral duty for him.

              2. coach,


                Although you still post there under screen aliases, there’s none of the catfish and throwaway account nonsense that plague this site. Seb is banned so you’ll still have to interact with him here ;)

    1. This place has really gone to the pits, huh?

      Renas, while some things haven’t changed. For one, the endless seb/prime pissing contest which now includes baseless accusations of other posters being shadow accounts for either. Then we have the lurkers who pop up under adorable screen names for one-off drive-by insults. Always have had that too. So really, the site hasn’t changed much at all (except for fewer PD posted topics). But generally there’s more pressing things currently on most peoples minds than entertainment including sports.

      1. Rib,
        Thats what places like this are for, a place to talk sports and take your mind off of your troubles. imho

      2. Rib, if you can’t see how much worse it has gotten since Grant left you are probably part of the problem.

        1. Scooter, a lot of people think I am part of the part of the problem, and not probably ;)

          But Grant’s leaving was only coincidental to a much larger set of circumstances affecting the tenor of the site. IMO.

          1. I don’t think anyone disagrees there were problems here while Grant was in charge. But those issues have been magnified significantly since he left.

            It is easy to blame the people in charge for these issues and ultimately it does rest on their shoulders, but the issues are caused by the people posting on the blog. What we are seeing is that without policing and without regular content to distract, there are a lot of posters that really just want to verbally abuse other people. That’s on them.

    2. Renas, considering that Grant has left, and the new bloggers seem indifferent, having 611 comments on one post does not make it dead.
      Yes, we have the usual subjects, but this pandemic has changed everything.
      You also have to remember that this is the slow time during the off season, and not much is happening to the players, except one has contracted the Covid 19, and there may be contact quarantining.
      I hope you post more, because I like a fresh perspective and a foreign view. Hope things are going well in Britain, and you are staying safe..

    1. I have been expecting this for a while. I did not expect Belichick to resist kicking the tires and seeing what Cam can do.

              1. Amen.
                However, I am hopeful. The new drug remdesevir shows promise and the new steroid treatment may allow the most severest respiratory cases to recover.
                I think it may be a cocktail of treatments, like they found out with AIDS, that proves to be the best treatment that reduces the mortality rates.

  38. PT,
    Just caught that news 40 minutes ago.
    Cam’ signing could be very good for him, but it likely closes the door for any chance that the Patriots was one of the teams showing interest in Kaepernick.

      1. I don’t recall any team making an announcement, but NFL Network reported that some teams have shown interest.
        If I had to guess, I would go with seahags.

        1. The possibility of playing Seattle, with maybe Kaepernick under center, would be the easiest two wins of the season.

          1. Ha! Right, but I don’t see Kaepernick getting a starting job.
            Except maybe the Bears? Trubiski really needs to up his game this season or he may find himself on the bench carrying a Chrome book.

            If a team does sign CK, it will happen at the beginning of training camp, because he needs all the time he can get to become acquainted with the playbook as well as WR’s.

            1. he needs all the time he can get to become acquainted with the playbook as well as WR’s.

              And shake off the rust of a 3-plus year layoff.

              1. Yes sir, correct.
                What the league did to him was wrong. But Kaep’s play was in decline.
                I’d love to see him get another opportunity in someone’s training camp, but being out of the game for over 3 years does not sharpen one’s QB skills.

      2. What other teams are interested in Kaepernick?

        I could see Jacksonville, Washington, Denver, Chicago, Tennessee, possibly Carolina if Bridgewater can’t reproduce his NO effort, possibly Miami if Tua is not physically ready (Kaep still has that Dolphin merch, right?) all potentially kicking the tires. Please note I’m not going all Seb here with “they’d rather lose with what they have than win with Kaep”. Kaep guarantees nothing. But nothing is pretty much what most those teams have now.

        1. Bears would have to have both Trubisky and Foles flame out, then would not have any money for another QB.
          I did not include Bridgewater because he did so well at NO. However, that is a rebuilding team and may struggle with the Saints, Falcons and Bucs in their division, so Kaep may toil in obscurity there.
          Tennessee? I think they like Tannehill, so that would be a hard sell, unless they started 0-4.

          1. Seb,
            I believe that only a team with a Black HC or GM can sign CK. If a white HC or GM sign CK and he performs poorly (which is all together possible after sitting out 3 years) and they release him they will be painted as racist for cutting him regardless of how he plays. A Black HC or GM would have a little cover and might get away with it without their reputations being dragged through the mud. imho

            1. Wow Coach, that’s deep. If this is the type of mentality then as a nation, you are in big trouble moving forward.

            2. he performs poorly which is all together possible after sitting out 3 years

              Lmao! Possible? He was playing poorly prior to getting woke. 3 years out of football and you say it’s possible he could play poorly? It’s a near certainty and blaming it on the color of the HC’s skin is ridiculous to put it mildly….

              1. Razor,
                No where did I blame a HC for his possible poor play i’m not sure where you got that. My point was if he did play poorly and was released that the HC might be painted as a racist (unfairly)

            3. Old Coach, you may be right. However, Kaep is half white, so that is another factor to consider.
              I sure wish race and politics would stay out of football, but that is just the reality now.
              I would much rather discuss whether Deebo and James’s injuries will allow Jauan Jennings to make the 53.

            4. they release him they will be painted as racist for cutting him regardless of how he plays.

              I don’t agree coach. Professional sports are the ultimate meritocracy. If given a fair shake, it’ll be evident if he can produce or not. And he will be given that fair shake. If some team goes to the highest of high profile lengths of signing him, it won’t be to bury him on a pre-season bench, that’s for sure.

              1. Rib, I did not say it would happen, I said it was possible and would any HC/GM want to take the chance of having their Character dragged through the mud, potentially called racist scum in the press where their children could read it. In the media you have your Sean Hannitys on the left also. Sports journalists might be fair but they could get eaten alive on the oped page. imho

          2. Kaep may toil in obscurity there

            Kaep has no leverage in holding out for a position on a contender. Contenders are generally set at the QB position anyway.

            1. I also did not think he should go to the Bengals, although I believe that Kaep would be far superior to any unproven and untested rookie.
              Maybe Zimmer would take him, if Cousins falters or becomes injured. He is an adherent to Sun Tzu, and really badly wants to win after getting close. Vikings are a playoff team, like the Pats. I said the Jags. They are not a playoff team, but they were in the AFCC Game recently.

          3. “However, that is a rebuilding team and may struggle with the Saints, Falcons and Bucs in their division, so Kaep may toil in obscurity there.” Seb

            Does your “toil in obscurity” comment mean that you only view CK as a starter?
            Let’s take into account that CK’ skills were in descent in 2016 and his obvious discomfort in the pocket were on full display.
            I believe in miracles and must admit that it will take one for Kaep to become a starter in the league again.
            Also, the worst thing that can happen to any QB is to be benched in favor of Blain Gabbert 🤪

            1. AES, I also believe in miracles. ;p
              Even in that ugly 2-14 record 2016 season, the Niners had the 4th best rushing attack in the league. Kaep had 468 yards. Too bad they also had the worst rushing defense in the league.
              If utilized properly, Kaep could play as well as Lamar Jackson, another dual threat QB.
              Kaep was benched by Baalke. Baalke was content to lose, and was really mad when Kaep won that last game. Nuff said.

              1. “ If utilized properly, Kaep could play as well as Lamar Jackson, another dual threat QB“

                Come on man!

              2. Kaep has run for 181 yards in a playoff game. Lamar Jackson has only run for 143 yards in a playoff game.

              3. Seb you are indicating that a guy who has not played in 3 years can play at the same level as the reigning MVP?
                What kind of stupid are you?

  39. Yeah, Biden misspoke about the number of Covid cases and immediately corrected himself in his next sentence. I am voting for him rather than the guy whose lethal incompetence accelerated and continues to accelerate Covid. Oh, and new information reaffirms what we knew which is Trump is Putin’s b!tch. This time it cost the lives of American servicemen.


    1. Trumpy is treasonous traitor but some people like him regardless.

      Steve Schmidt: “It is slightly past 1800 hrs in Afghanistan. Americans are being hunted. Americans have been marked for death by Putin and Russian intelligence. The President knows this but does nothing. In fact, he rewards Russia. It is a singular and astounding betrayal. Trump shames us.”

          1. AES, just do not rise to the bait. There is a catfish who is just a pathetic troll, trying to stir up trouble, if we let it.

              1. This is an interesting turn of events!
                TP calling himself an imposter for calling out his archenemy Seb for catfishing and Seb defending TP for catfishing?
                I’m all confused as to who’s talking to who.
                Does this mean that Seb = TP???