You can’t win games in May, but you sure as hell can lose them: The 49ers story

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan answers questions at a press conference following an official team activity at the team’s NFL football practice facility, in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, May 21, 2019. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

If Al Davis were alive, he’d tell Kyle Shanahan, “You can’t win games in May, but you sure as hell can lose them,” and, “If you get players hurt during OTAs, you’re a dumbs—.”

Those were two of Davis’ favorite football axioms. He especially loved the phrase “dumbs—.”

Shanahan is no dumbs—. But he has violated both axioms this offseason through the structure of his OTAs, and the unrealistic demands he has placed on players three months before the season even starts.

On the second day of OTAs, the 49ers’ first-round pick, Nick Bosa, suffered a Grade 1 hamstring strain during a competitive, full-speed, one-on-one pass-rushing drill. He will miss the next few weeks. And on the fourth day of OTAs, the 49ers’ starting free safety, Jimmie Ward, broke his clavicle diving for a ball without wearing pads. He will miss the next eight to 12 weeks.

Bosa and Ward are two of 20 injured players on the 49ers’ 90-man roster. This is a staggering amount of injuries. The 49ers ought to have a helicopter on call to take players from practice straight to the hospital.

But these injuries won’t derail the 49ers’ season. They don’t need players to practice through injury right now. And most should be ready for training camp.

But while these 20 players sit out, the remaining 70 will work extra hard, take extra reps and run extra miles during practice. Meaning they’ll have extra risk of suffering their own injuries. Not good.

OTAs shouldn’t be strenuous. The purpose of OTAs is to teach players assignments, alignments and techniques. Players don’t have to run and hit to learn. They can do walkthroughs and accomplish their offseason goals while protecting themselves from injury.

Football players are not in peak football shape in May. They haven’t used their muscles in competitive football settings since December. They’re still developing their bodies through aggressive weight training, still building toward the regular season. They’re not ready to compete.

Shanahan’s OTAs are too aggressive and competitive. He’s laying the groundwork in May to lose games in September by getting key players hurt.

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  1. Nice Grant…

    Are you indicting the many other NFL clubs which conduct their OTAs in a fashion not dissimilar to the 9ers?

    Please identify which teams run their OTAs as you suggest. There must be at least a few.

    1. Grant. Whas a dumb ass you are. #1 who cares what Al Davis would tell Shanahan. Thank God he never had a chamce to ruin the 49ers. Davis would have fired him as stupid as that would have been. Of course you would love that. In the day you would have hated Davis like you do anything 49ers. You need to get over your idea that you are smarter that football people. Your dad taught you well. I guess thst is why you eork for the Press Democrat.

    2. “I can see Shanahan is not in your good books,’ said the poster.
      ‘No, and if he were I would burn my library” said Grant Cohn.

  2. Practice scared, play scared. Not a good mentality. Rookies coming in after being out of football, and those that are in combine shape should each have their respective, and individual plans for incremental intensity. The vets however, have no excuses. They know better, and are paid professionals. They should be in as close to football shape as humanly possible 51 weeks out of the year….

  3. I try to under-react to OTA events. Rookie OTA strains are part of the stupid pre-draft process that turns football players into temporary jet setting track athletes. All teams have to deal with injuries.

    But this is a continuation of a pattern that started after the brutal 2013 post season. A few years ago Niners Nation charted loss games due to injuries 2014-2016. The 49ers had much higher than league average. (I’ll try to link to it if I can)

    Grant, it would be great if you could put something like this together.

    1. Hey Brodie,
      I’ve seen your previous posts about Niners and the “injury bug,” and have to agree that the Niners suffered more than most. Those old posts are validated; and now were looking at a lack or reason being the cause, or at least part of the cause.

      Bill Walsh would have the Niners going “softer” in practice than many other teams; and the Niners were derided for it, at first. The hard hitting practices of the past just look stupid now; because professional athletes are stronger, quicker and heavier than before. Save the “tough” stuff for game day.

      1. Yes, Walsh would have had the team running around in helmet and pads with no contact….kind of like how the OTAs are now.

    1. The ProFootball Reference list of injured 49ers included Garoppolo, who’s was decidedly throwing impressively according to Sherman, and Kyle Nelson, who is serving a suspension for PED (not injured).

      Grant Cohn mentions 20 injured players but only 4-5 of those are due to OTA. Breida injured his pectoral muscle lifting weights. Others were injured last season or prior to the draft, so OTAs are irrelevant.

  4. I agree with this. There should be no collisions in OTAs, whether it be with each other or the ground. No pads, no collisions. Surprised to hear the coaches aren’t preaching that.

    1. I imagine no-contact OTAs (player/ground, or player/player, or player/equipment) are rather rare across the league. I asked Grant to identify which clubs have less-harmful OTAs (in so many words). No response yet.

      1. He gave an example in his column – the Harbaugh coached 49ers. Btw, the Harbaugh years gave us some of the best and healthiest years in recent 49er history.

          1. It’s my understanding that the only difference between OTA’s and mini-camp is one is voluntary. No contact is permitted, and each phase respectively is to lay a foundation, and then make the fundamentals second nature….

          1. I agree. JH had them practice so hard, he wanted to make the game day seem easy.
            Cowboy became injured pass rushing against Iupati (?), and after the practice the players acted like they were at a funeral. That injury may have been part of the reason they lost the SB. The defense did not play as well, when Cowboy tried to play with one arm.

          2. Horsefeathers…!

            You guys hold Jim Harbaugh up like some phoney ‘golden calf’ with all his wisdom, and tough guy stuff, and all of his winning ways…. What has he won ? Other than a divisional title with someone elses players…? I was on that train for awhile probably because I liked him as a player…THEY are different positions…. Trent Baalke probably has a bronze monument in Harbaugh’s front yard for providing a willing ‘scapegoat’ for JH’s faux pas’…He’ll get more chances to coach in the NFL (‘dunno why…) Baalke soldiered up and took the heat for the Smith/ Kaepernick debacle, which ended our string of ‘quality ‘QBs….

            You know, 14 years later, our ‘game manager’ is still on an NFL roster, and is still being paid to play football….funny that…. NO, I don’t intend to get over it….

            1. Ore, I wish to respectfully disagree. JH took SD and Stanford, and was successful at both schools.
              JH took a lethargic, under performing 49er team, and led them to 3 NFCC Games, a SB appearance, and was one tipped pass from returning.
              JH is still relevant, and he signed the 5th best recruiting class for this upcoming season, so he will do well if he finally has a competent college QB. Yes, he has not achieved greatness, but I still think he is a heckuva coach.
              Baalke on the other hand, pulled an envelope out of his rear end, and selected AJ Jenkins, instead of Alshon Jeffreys, who went 15 picks later. If he had selected Alshon Jeffreys, the Niners may have won a couple more rings, instead of a total bust, who did not catch a pass for the Niners.
              You know where I am on the AS/Kaep controversy, so I will not even go there.
              That ‘Game Manager’ broke his leg, which had complications, so he will most likely be retired soon.

              1. Seb

                JH never won the Pac 12 at Stanford nor any league championships at San Diego that I am aware…’Chip’ owned him in Head to head at Uof O vs Stanford despite Stanford having the top name in recruiting. JUST like U of Mich…..TOOOOO full of himself to truly be considered ‘great’

              2. “JH never won the Pac 12 at Stanford nor any league championships at San Diego that I am aware”

                They won back to back Pioneer League championships in ‘05 and ‘06.

                “Chip’ owned him in Head to head at Uof O vs Stanford”

                LOL. They faced each other twice as Head Coaches in college, Stanford won one game, Oregon the other.

            2. Not a fan of Harbaugh as a head coach, but I respect him. I lean towards that tough mentality, and out grinding your opponent. Unfortunately in today’s game it has a short shelf life….

              1. Another good thing JH did well, he attracted good coaches. Vic Fangio and Don Brown are excellent coaches.
                KS attracted, Saleh, a LB coach.
                JH is blunt and irascible, a typical trait for many football coaches. Sure, he wore out his welcome, but that was after he got stabbed in the back. Jed chose a suit over a coach, and we are enduring the aftermath.

              2. Well played Sebbbie! Your post earned a 7.4 on the cliche scale–on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being over-the-top nuts.

    2. Could this be a reaction due to some of the criticism received last year that maybe they were a bit soft?

      1. Sour Yeast

        If, by chance, anyone on here thinks that you are going to take 90 ‘rough ‘n tumble’ characters ( up to 300 lbs and +) and turn OTAs into a Powder-Puff exercise…you’re dreaming… The players didn’t get this size and this tuff by playing ‘flag or touch’ football, they’ve been playing full speed ahead their whole lives…! Some can’t take it, and so they fall by the wayside…I think that includes Ward and Celek…be it a soft ‘egg-shell’ or a lack of bone density, these guys have a shorter shelf life…so they get replaced….to continue to re-sign them and hope for a better outcome….well you know the rest….

        “when an irresistable force meets an immoveable object, something has to give…” Especially at approximately 40 MPH…. ‘Time for some replacement….

      1. Yeah, the coaches should assemble a long string of tables together and have the players compete in checkers and chess games.
        Oh wait, I forgot, carpal tunnel injuries.

        There’s no freaking curse, bad luck or coaches to blame for injuries. It’s football and that means injuries take place when there is contact and also, when there is no contact.

        Whether there is a history of injuries or not, no one is exempt from getting hurt in a game of high collision.

    1. So how are the 49er’s OTA’s contributing to the problem? Grant doesn’t mention anything specific…other than they’re running really hard (without pads on).

      Other than OTA’s, IMO…injuries happen because players who don’t know what they’re doing on the field tend to be hesitant or out of place which makes them more vulnerable to getting injured (poor player selection…not being able to learn responsibilities…poor coaching). Second, injured players tend to get injured again…either because they don’t know what they’re doing or and continue to not know what they’re doing…or their physical injury makes them more vulnerable to further injury.

      1. “injured players tend to get injured again…”

        Yep. Yet the 49ers strategy is to sign injured FA’s and draft players coming off injury. Then people can’t seem to figure out why the team deals with so many injuries during the season.

    2. The sad part about all this is that most here want to blame the 49ers WINNING problem on everything other than the people who are running things. Everything KS and JL and right up the line are doing is really good stuff but, well, things keep getting in the way. You say it isn’t just bad luck and many will disagree but, if it’s not bad luck, then, show me one person who has another theory. Yeah, like I said, crickets…. The people who are skeptical have good reasons. Just look at the record. The people who always defend just attack others who disagree and tell us to suck it up. When they win is time to celebrate. Before that, get a life.

      1. I was going to point this out. Glad someone did.

        Not living on the Bay I don’t have that attitude towards both teams. I like Al and his colorful Raiders and what they mean to football. Don’t have a sectarian attitude about them. So I can see that my team isn’t that much better (if at all) than Oakland/Vegas (yuck hate envisioning that).

        Truth is, most people see the 49ers like the see the Browns of the 50s or the Packers of the 60s —ancient history, has beens.

      2. Jack, I didn’t say the Niners have been better. Obviously under the Yorks they’ve sucked except during the Harbaugh era. I’ve criticized the Yorks more times than I can remember. My point was that Davis wasn’t a model of football acumen. Nor do I think that if Shanahan turns it around it will last.

        1. “My point was that Davis wasn’t a model of football acumen.”

          He was a HoFer. His twilight years seem to make some forget that.

          1. Much overrated in my opinion. He was a pioneer and established his reputation early. But in his later years he became a shell and stayed in the game too long. Commitment to Excellence became a joke. Not saying he doesn’t belong in the Hall though.

            1. “But in his later years he became a shell and stayed in the game too long. Commitment to Excellence became a joke”

              Yeah that’s pretty much what I was saying.

              Doesn’t make the anecdote used by Grant any less true or applicable.

              1. Go back to 1986, Raiders have made 7 playoff appearances, 49ers have made 17 ( 3 SB wins ).

                Davis’ relevance ended in the early 80s. They had a great level of success during the 70s but have been one of the worst teams in the NFL since the late 80s, all the while Al was at the helm.

              2. Meh. The Raiders glory years were mid 60’s through mid 80’s. The 49ers glory years were early 80’s through 97.

                The Raiders were still relevant until 2003, going to the Super Bowl in ‘02. The last 8+ years for Davis were bad, and that’s what people remember.

              3. From 86 to 99 they had losing or .500 seasons for 10 of 14 years.

                Irrelevant. They had a 3 year spurt in 00-02, much like the Niners had those 2 spands in 01/02 & 11/12/13.

                Saying the Raiders were relevant through 2003 is like saying the 49ers were relevant through 2014, but ignoring the decade of crap that came between.

              4. From 86 to 99 the Raiders had winning or .500 seasons for 9 of 14 years.

                From 99-current the 49ers had winning record or .500 season for 7 of 20 years.

                49ers fans like to poke fun at the Raiders futility, when in reality both organizations have pretty much sucked since 1998.

                Yeah I give my Raiders fan friends crud all the time, but they can give it right back too.

              1. But saying they “won” 12.5 more games makes no sense since they didn’t “win”.

                They won 12 games and had a tie.

  5. Anyone–you too Grant–aware of any NFL teams which deliberately conduct OTAs in a markedly benign manner (maximizing player safety to a fault)? There must be a few.

  6. For !@#$ sakes, just stop it. The only way you can keep a player from getting injured is if you put said player in an immobile plastic bubble or something along those lines.

    1. Don’t exagerrate, really, plastic bubbles, lol. Ward’s injury was predictable. So was Bosa’s injury. He’s going 100% in the 1 on 1 drills. Why do this in May??..On Tuesday, Ward in front of the media, dove into rookie wide receiver Deebo Samuel to break up a pass and created a violent collision. Neither player was wearing pads. Ward was out of line, and the 49ers should have rebuked him then. Jim Harbaugh and Vic Fangio would have told Ward to “stay off the f—ing ground.” I heard them use that phrase a hundred times.

      The 49ers’ current coaches applauded Ward’s effort. Sent him the wrong message. So, two days later, during a practice closed to the media and again without pads, Ward dove again — this time for a ball. And he landed on the ground and broke his clavicle. This injury will interrupt his running, conditioning and strength training, so when he returns, he won’t be in peak physical condition.

      Ward is competing to be the starting free safety, which explains why he was practicing so hard. Still, had he caught that ball, he wouldn’t have won the job. You can’t win a starting job in May. You can only lose the job. And Ward may have lost it, depending on how his backups play during his absence. The coaches let him down. The coaches let the whole team down. Stay off the f—ing ground. Practice smarter, not harder. Don’t be a dumbs—. These are all good lessons for the 49ers to learn.

          1. There is no evidence that was happening. Ward fractured his collarbone by diving for the ball, and Bosa strained his hamstring during a drill.

      1. Mark,
        “Jim Harbaugh and Vic Fangio would have told Ward to “stay off the f—ing ground.” I heard them use that phrase a hundred times.”

        Golston, Whitner, T. Brown and Rodgers weren’t competing for jobs like Ward is. Different time, different situation, different players.

        I spent plenty of time watching Jerry Rice during training camps in Rocklin and Stockton practicing at 100 %. I love that Bosa and Ward and others are practicing with an all out effort.

        Sure, players may be more exposed to injuries, but building a culture of practicing hard in the Spring to carry over into the regular season is a good precedent for overall team toughness and confidence.

        Give me a player who gives 100% in practice throughout the week and there’s a good chance that you’ll see a champion on Sundays.
        Bubble wrap is for $5k Apple computers.

        1. I hate to say this, since the 9ers seem to have 35 players from the original squad on IR by October every year, but what ever happened to the adage “You play the way you practice?”

  7. Good god! It’s not like he has these guys running around hitting each other in pads or anything. “Football playing shape” is having your body conditioned to give and take a hit. Being out of “football shape” is not pulling a hammy because you tried to run too fast.

    How specifically should Shanahan be conducting OTAs?

    Just sit in a classroom?

    Have the players play Madden with Kyle’s playbook?

    Wrap the players in bubble wrap?

    1. Yes that is part of the definition. Football shape also involves the body being conditioned for the quick start/stop, cuts and other movements that you are putting your body through.

      You see this with every sport. Just because a guy is in good shape doesn’t mean he’s in basketball shape.

      Each has its own specific skill sets and although some movements are similar they aren’t exactly the same.

      The one point that Grant made that is being missed is staying off the ground. There’s no need for diving around at this point.

      1. There’s no need for diving around at this point.

        How many players are doing that in OTAs though?

              1. That would be incorrect since we have no idea of whether any other players did what Ward did in OTAs.

      2. “The one point that Grant made that is being missed is staying off the ground. There’s no need for diving around at this point.”

        Have to agree with this.

        Mid, hopefully no more.

      3. Jack,

        Right now if I decided to go out and play tennis….even if I warmed up I’d probably strain something. I can still run for miles. But yeah that stop start stuff kills me.

        Expecting professional athletes to be in shape to run fast and stop and start shouldn’t be “football shape”.’

        Guys are going to strain things….it’s going to happen. But running OTAs at walk through speed??? You’ve run spring football practices before. Yes for teenagers…but still….did you have them run move around quickly? 7 on 7 drills? Do you really think paddless non-contact pass rushing drills are that bad for players?

        Ward is an idiot for going to the ground….but again…stupid stuff is going to happen….that would have happened to Ward during training camp…..during preseason….during the season…..I don’t think Ward getting injured at OTAs is an indictment of OTA’s run at full speed.

        1. “But running OTAs at walk through speed???”

          Nope. I agree that it has to be full speed, but it also has to be smart. You know, full speed to the ball, break down but don’t wrap him up kinda stuff.

          This might sound difficult to some for the guys to do, but it’s really not.

      4. Posters need to think about what shape players are in. First practices, they used to be out of shape, and TC was used in past years to get in shape. Nowadays, since it is such a big business, players train year round to stay in shape.
        Football shape is like how you describe it. Being in good enough shape to sprint for 10 seconds. Being able to start and stop. and make sharp cuts. Being able to block, tackle, catch, throw and run.
        There is another shape. Game shape. Being able to play 60 minutes, over a few hours. Being able to tackle and get tackled, then recover to do it again. Being able to handle the physical demands, and also be prepared for the mental aspects of the game. Playing cohesively as a team. Playing sharp, focused and smart.
        This being the start of the OTAs, Players should expect the sundry minor pulls, sprains and tears, with bruises and soreness. However, broken bones are kinda serious.
        Coaches need to get into coaching shape, too. Keeping the players interested, learning, motivated and safe, should be coaching goals.

    2. No, they’re running around hard in May, hitting each other ‘hard without’ pads. Why say ..Oh, just sit in classrooms, bubble wrap. lol. Of course not.

  8. Grant has this right, in spades.

    Bill Walsh would not have put up with practices like these. The Niners were met with derision from more traditional “tough” teams when they would do simpler walk through drills instead of heavier contact. But those walk through drills provided a sharper mental image of what was expected from each player for that play; and prepared the player for what they would encounter during that play.

    Proving your toughness, speed, strength and abilities during OTAs is something new players will be itching to do; and they should be protected instead of exposed to a higher risk of injury.

    1. you’re way off…..Walsh limited FULL CONTACT PADDED PRACTICES. He didn’t lay off running around at full speed with no contact. In the old days, during a game week the majority of football practices were full contact. Walsh thought that was stupid and limited the full contact practices. He didn’t have any problem making his players run hard.

  9. Practice Smarter, NOT Harder!!!!!!! It is totally unrealistic for posters here to think that players are in football shape, as one poster said, 51 weeks a year. To make a comment so obtuse as that reveals only a total misunderstanding of the rigors of the game. No athlete’s body, regardless of sport, can be expected to exist and to function at that extreme state of performance. A body has to have time to rest, to recuperate and to rehabilitate.

    Since the off-season began around April 15, players spent the first few weeks only with the strength and conditioning coaches. There are phases that go into the cycle of a player’s season and off-season with even the weight training and sprint and speed programs broken down into two or three-week intervals.

    The Collective Bargaining Agreement scaled back on the contact and the intensity of OTAs and mini-camps, and teams previously violating the terms of the CBA have been fined and lost days.

    Also, the rookies, FAs and young players have to be taught how to practice and coaches have to establish the tempo for each period.

    Getting hurt in a game can be rationalized as an unfortunate aspect of the game because of the speed and intensity and ferocity of the contact, but getting hurt in a non-contact period wearing socks, jocks, shorts, jerseys and a helmet is unforgivable.

    Stay off the ground; avoid the collisions; if the ball is on the ground, don’t be diving and dog-piling for a loose ball since you are not wearing pads.

    What is the emphasis for the players at this time of year?? You are not getting ready to play a game.

    Learn the system; learn your assignments; learn your alignments; learn the techniques needed to execute.

    1. Here’s some else that has confused “football shape” with being able to run around at full speed without hurting themselves. Being able to run around at full speed without hurting yourself….is called….wait for it……….”being in shape”. It’s not exactly a high expectation to ask players to be able run fast.

      the “rigors of the game” come from high impact hits. yeah…the body needs to recover from those.

      but Non-padded no contact practices????

    2. Mike, tell that to OBJr. who trains year ’round, along with Khalil Mack, J. J. Watt, and Von Miller.

    3. Mike – the flip side of what you say is that the 49ers have clearly demonstrated that they can’t properly carry out assignments and execute properly with any kind of consistency. Their execution errors are done with ferocity, violence and abandon but so what. Are the 49ers really deficient in the area of toughness or are they just a bunch of great athletes that don’t know how to play the game well? If you’re like me and think it’s the latter, then people will continue to make arguments to let KS and crew just keep on doing the same things because – well – he’s a genius. From my viewpoint, if they just did walk throughs and conditioning they would show more improvement than they have so far. Funny thing is that we all constantly hear about how complex and sophisticated Kyle’s system is but see a team focused on teaching professional football players how to hit and be tough. The constant defenders of the status quo here should ponder what Winston Churchill once said: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” The alternative is what we’ve seen so far: players getting injured often while violently screwing up their assignments.

  10. 20 out of 90 is around 22%. Over a fifth of the squad is injured, and about half of the starters.
    The Niners should drop the ‘Good Value’ numbers, and emphasize the ‘Good Availability’ criteria.
    Drafting fully healthy players is easy. They should avoid the injured players.

  11. For what it’s worth, Al Davis never saw an OTA. They were invented by the current collective bargaining agreement, which took effect in August of 2011. Davis died two months later.

  12. I think there is some confusion here. Playing shape involves many factors including things that can affect injuries. But those injuries are generally soft tissue.

    Think of fighters. They are “in shape” year round but it takes months of preparation to get into a ring for a few minutes of maximum exertion at “fight time”. This is to train the body, mind to work at maximum efficiency for that short bout.

    The Tour de France is also instructive. Cyclers train for months for the various scenarios that can come about in the grueling race. The reason that PED use has been so prevalent is that cyclers are looking at ways to train and recover faster with the goal to have greater ability to withstand the stressors of the race.

    As Hammer and others have pointed out it is no different in football. However, soft tissue injuries are not the same as falling off a bike and breaking a collar bone. Training for endurance and mental strain can minimize these injuries because of fatigue, but a fall and the force of impact as well as the angle and the make up of the bone will determine if the bone breaks and it’s severity. Can’t really train the body to avoid breaks (to a degree because you can do things to help minimize impact and how to absorb shock). The point is that if you apply enough force to bone it will break.

    Jimmy Ward fell on the ground with enough force to cause a break. Can’t really train for that (to a degree). Bosa and some of the other 1st rounders may have suffered strains due to over exertion, over enthusiasm, poor conditioning or any combination of these. Some of this can be engineered away. How much of this falls on the management or training staff is anyone’s guess.

    What is true is that some people are more robust than others. Some are more prone to injury for a variety of factors which can include conditioning. For some over conditioning can be a problem. It’s more of an art than a science (which George pointed out in a previous thread).

    Not sure what the answer is. But this team sure has had its share of injuries for the last few years and it would be wonderful if we stopped getting players that are likely to be injured. In either case, great teams get beyond injuries (even to key personnel). Poor teams wish and hope.

  13. So Jimmy Ward and Nick Bosa get injured in OTA’s and we are already blaming the coaches practice regime?
    I think its way to early to blame the practice regime they are using. Especially when the players that were injured have been injured under the watch of basically every coach they have ever played for.
    I get an argument made against the players they have chosen… but the info just isn’t there to suggest they are running unsafe practices at this point. Additionally, last year the majority of the injuries happened in the games, almost indicating they didn’t receive enough football conditioning in practice. Even with that said, let’s wait until actual practices begin… these are really just installs.

    1. Don’t tell me Shoup – your theory is that all of the 49ers misfortune is just plain bad luck. We’ve all read all of the reasons why it’s not the practice regime or pretty much everything else KS and JL have done, so there’s really nothing left but that. I’m not saying your wrong but I’ll never understand the people here who reflexively jump in to defend KS and JL no matter what. Then people who call them to task are criticized for being negative. Like Hammer says a lot, it’s not negative if you wait for success to actually happen before celebrating it.

      1. I’m not saying your wrong but I’ll never understand the people here who reflexively jump in to defend KS and JL no matter what.

        The same can be said about those who reflexively jump to criticize Shanahan and Lynch no matter what.

        1. “The same can be said about those who reflexively jump to criticize Shanahan and Lynch no matter what.”

          Shanahan and Lynch have had 2 years of failure together, and Shanahan had plenty before even getting here.

            1. Shanahan and Lynch have no track record to back up the defenses of their performance so the criticism is warranted far more than the defense.

              1. Some criticism is warranted, but most of it is not or just completely ridiculous.

        2. Stop treating KS like he is a 12-4 coach. He is a 4-12 coach, and deserves all the criticism he gets.
          There are 2 main types of criticism. There is the Schadenfreude type that delights in their misery, and there is constructive criticism, pointing out mistakes so they can learn from them, and not repeat them.
          I want KS to become better, but that will not happen until he changes, and coaches better. Pointing out mistakes does not mean he should be fired. But if he continues to make the same mistakes, he may fire himself.
          Some rip me for advocating he hires an OC. I do that because an OC may help him win games. He is without an OC, and went 4-12. KS himself admits he should have won at least 3 more games. An OC is not needed? Only for a HC full of hubris.
          To those who call him a genius, I counter by saying that a genius would not implode in the SB. Yes, he is clever, and has a sharp offensive mind, but he is just adding another wrinkle to the Bill Walsh WCO. KS is not creating a brand new scheme, it has been done before. Creating mismatches, scheming to get a receiver open, attacking the edges, exploiting weaknesses; that is BW 101.
          Andy Reid and Sean McVay are also disciples of BW, and Belichick used a FB in the SB, so he has copied BW, too. KS needs to eat some humble pie and admit he neglects things when solely concentrating on calling plays. His red zone woes and lack of ability to be able to finish games, could be corrected by having an OC. Maybe he should hire MS. They worked together well, before.

            1. KS is a 4-12 HC. Many 4-12 HC’s would be fired by now. I do not want him to be fired. I want him to learn from his mistakes, do not repeat them, and improve, so he can start winning games.
              What inaccurate or slanderous thing have I said about JL? I have generally praised JL. He has turned around the culture of the team. Sure, I say that KS is the driving force behind the draft, but JL is doing his job, keeping everyone on the same page. JL did not even have Joe Williams on his draft board, so JW was totally a KS pick. Yes, JL blew the Foster fiasco. He should have been competent enough to find out ahead of time that Foster smuggled his gf into the team hotel. Still, Foster is the guy who is destroying his life.
              KS- ‘I do not need an OC.’ His ego says that, but his record shows he is 4-12. If he was 13-3 like McVay, I would see your point, but after McVay was schooled by Belichick in the SB, I will say that Sean McVay should also hire an OC.

              1. KS can call the plays, but he can also have an OC. They are not mutually exclusive.
                Yes, he has a run game coordinator, and a pass game coordinator, but that is too specialized. What about a play action pass? Do they hand off responsibilities mid play? He needs some one who oversees the entire offense, and let KS be the HC.

              2. JL does not show competency when he allows his first round pick to smuggle his gf who accused Foster of abuse, to the team hotel? Then he lets him disappear like a puff of smoke without getting a draft pick for him?
                KS does not have an OC, and his team is 4-12? KS who ‘stood on a table’ to demand they move up in the draft to select Joe Williams?
                Yes, Hoyer was inferior to a SB QB, and Hoyer pulled a Gabbert and benched himself. I do not have the right to say that KS was not using superior players to try and win games? When they acquired JG, then I said that they do not need Kaep, because JG is a good enough QB to help them win. JG may have some superior skillsets, but Kaep was a grizzled veteran leader compared to JG, so they both may be superior in some aspects.
                When some one says something slanderous, they say something that is not true.
                Sounds like you cannot handle the truth.

              1. I am not the one who questioned the integrity of Shanahan and Lynch on the basis of trying to find something ridiculous to accuse them of simply because they did not bring in a below average QB or a woman who is a chronic liar claimed something.

              2. Oh please. Kaep is not a below average QB. He has an impressive 4-2 road playoff record, and has set the QB playoff rushing record. Below average QBs cannot do that, and good QBs have not done that. He threw for over 300 yards and ran for over 50 yards in the SB. Only Joe has also done that.
                Defending Foster is a losing proposition. He had so many red flags, he looked like a semaphore.
                His gf lied? Yes she lied, saying he did not touch her. Abused women do that all the time, just so they can stay in their relationship, reaping financial benefits. JL knew something, because the police were called previously, so he should have talked with, and communicated better with Foster. A competent GM would have known that the gf was staying at the team hotel. The General Manager, manages the team. He is responsible for everything, the good and the bad. That is part of his job description.

              3. Questioning their integrity, regardless of factual merit, isn’t necessarily slander.

                Seb would have to knowingly and with intent to harm Lynch’s and Shanahan reputation put out something he knew was a falsehood.

                Seb’s statement fails to meet that threshold for a variety of reasons, not least of which he actually believes the drivel he sometimes post is true and factual.

                I’m not saying that there is any validity to Seb’s statement. I’m just saying it isn’t slander.

      2. Whine,

        If you look at my history I have not really been jumping to defend them.

        I have often said that I think Shanahan might be a decent coach, but Shanahan the GM has really been letting him down. I’m not jumping on him in regards to the injuries yet because the players that were injured have a history of being injured.

        Shanahan the GM may have screwed up in that regards but that is a different argument.

        1. Forget it Shoup. The constant critizers will only throw it in your face that you support Shanahan on anything while expecting you to excuse their all forms of their criticism, including the baseless type.

        2. Shoup, that is the whole point. KS should concentrate on being the Head Coach. Playing GM and OC are not part of his job description. He should let everyone just do their job. KS should delegate authority, so he can concentrate on more important things, like end of the game management and the red zone efficiency.
          What is frustrating to me is hearing the KS sycophants, who say he walks on water and is above reproach. Too bad he is also 4-12 and 10-22. Take away those 6 JG wins, and it looks even uglier.

    2. Bosa has not been on the field in a competitive situation since last October at Ohio State and has undergone a significant surgery, and even though he has recovered from the surgery, it still takes time to get back into the shape he was prior to the injury.

      So, why rush him back into a full speed pass rush drill on the first day of OTAs? What is to be gained by Bosa beating a free agent signee? Bosa should defeat that player 99% of the time because it is not a comparable match-up.

      With Breida coming off of a torn pec when lifting weights, what would be the sense of making him try for a max life in the bench or other lifts requiring the pec muscles when he is physically cleared by the team doc and trainers?

      Niners report for training camp around the 28th of July. Players need to be at their peak on that date because from that date going forward the schedule and the physical exertion only will wear them down and take its toll on their bodies.

      How they feel on the day they report will be the best condition they will be in and from that point forward it is a matter of not allowing the body to break down, fatigue to mount or nagging injuries to accrue to a point where a player’s performance is impacted to a negative degree.

      KS needs to get them to reporting day in their best possible condition mentally and physically, not still injured or in a rehab workout routine.

      1. Yeah, the elephant in the room. Bosa was operated on in September for a “core injury”. Weakness in the core can lead to a pulled hamstring. In addition, I believe the leading cause of pulled hamstrings is quad/hamstring imbalance and you need not be a MD to see that Bosa has some super-sized quads. Nobody but Bosa will know precisely what his condition is but the combination of returning from core injury surgery about 8 months ago and going full speed in rushing the passer drills so quickly (even without pads) seems foolish to me. We are left to assume that the 49er staff followed closely Bosa’s physical therapy regimen and were assured that his core injury has been been completely healed and he is at full strength there. Of course, we were assured that the 49er staff was monitoring Ruben Foster’s issues also. And let’s not forget that we’re betting the farm on Superman Bosa who has precisely two years and three games of college level experience under his belt.

        1. Exactly. Bosa may have injured his hammy by overcompensating to protect his groin.
          I agree. The Niner doctors swore that so many ACL players were fully recovered, but we found out differently.
          Sherman was supposed to be 100%, but RS just admitted he is finally feeling like his old self.

        2. “I believe the leading cause of pulled hamstrings is quad/hamstring imbalance and you need not be a MD to see that Bosa has some super-sized quads. ”

          I agree with this, and I think its a major issue in football in general.

          People tend to focus on training what they see the most or in areas that they are naturally strong at. Trainers try to get players to train all parts fairly equally or balance them out but they can’t compensate for years of imbalanced training overnight.

          I think this is why at almost every combine you will watch a player pull up on the 40 yard dash with a tweaked hammy.

      2. Mike,

        I don’t think he was rushed back at all his injury was more than 8 months ago. He has already been through the NFL combine which is likely more stressful on the body. Additionally, I don’t agree with the idea that this is a “full speed” pass rush drill as they were not wearing pads. In this situation, the players are really only working on get off, handwork and angles the stresses on not the same as when you popping pads.

        If he cant do this, he really should just be on an exercise bike or in a pool rehabbing.

  14. And on the flip side, they drafted a friggin punter when there was one more good prospect at FSafety sitting on the boards for the taking…..this regime is just plain bad.

  15. GC – well-written objective article related to a) OTA’s and the risks associated b) Is Bosa’s body susceptible to muscle-related injuries. On the Bosa front, both my son and I suffer from tight muscles. When I played at Cal Poly SLO, I had numerous hamstring issues. As did my son during his HS career. We are both quick twitch athletes. This lends itself to tighter muscles. I look at Bosa and I see a quick twitch, very tight, compact, powerful athlete. Muscle-related injuries could absolutely be a problem. I still think he was the right pick, but the Niners should be using extra care in stretching him. Moreover, if he is not doing Yoga daily to improve his flexibility, he should be.

    1. Interesting. I do not know if there is a quick twitch tight muscled type as you say…..but if that’s true……I think it would be a good practice by the team medical/trainer staff to ID those athletes and have the coaches modify practices and training regime appropriately. I would be very interested to hear about if any other team’s medical/trainer staffs do profile their players in any such way.

      1. Mintia is where NFL staff’s live, and so I’d be very surprised if that was not the case across the league.

      2. All,
        There are.

        I don’t think its something you can see under a microscope or see visibly in any way. With that said, distance athletes, (rowers, runners, swimmers, etc.) typically can’t exert as much force as the athletes in more explosive sports (weight lifters, sprinters, etc. ) but they can maintain similar levels of exertion for far longer.
        For example, when testing rowers, they found that they couldn’t lift nearly as much weight as a weight lifter but they could lift 80% of their 1 rep max for a lot more reps than their weight lifting counterparts could.

        It must also be noted that almost all professional football players would likely have a genetic predisposition to fast twitch muscle fibers given the nature of the sport.

  16. Question:

    Are the Rams better or worse than they were a year ago?

    Are the Seahawks?

    What about the Cardinals?

    Remember that no one knew the run the Rams would have at this time last year. So are these teams up or down and by how much?

    1. – The Rams are worse.
      – Seattle is about the same – slightly worse on defense, slightly better on offense
      – Arizona will be much improved but they are still a bad team.

      1. Rams signed Clay Matthews, and resigned Dante Fowler. They signed Eric Weddle and drafted Taylor Rapp. They lost Suh, but still have Aaron Donald. Cooper Kupp is expected to play again this season.
        They drafted Darrell Henderson, who only averaged 8.9 yards per carry, so they may have a replacement for Gurley.
        They drafted 2 tackles, so the O line will remain stout.
        Sure want the Niners to beat LA, but it may be a difficult task to do.

        1. They also lost Mark Barron, Roger Saffold, and Lamarcus Joiner along with Suh. Kupp will be back true, but he is returning from an ACL injury. Gurleys injury also appeared to be a bit more serious than first thought.

          I’m not arguing they are not still better than SF, far from it, but next years roster is not as good as the one they had last year.

      2. Shoup,

        Where does that leave us? Are we like Arizona, much improved, but still looking up?

        Why do you think the Rams are worse? I see them as about the same. Sorry, should have continued reading the thread re: Rams.

        Funny how I haven’t heard the ACL angle in regards to questions regarding our team. Mostly positive, Jimmy and McK are back.

        I also agree with Seb, Seattle is better than last year (on paper, in any case).

        Our team, I think, is improved from last year, but not to the degree some on here post, and like always, there are plenty of question marks across the board.

        1. Sour,

          “Where does that leave us? Are we like Arizona, much improved, but still looking up?”

          Yes, this was terrible roster when they took it over, but they have not exactly lit up the world with their offseason moves/draft picks in the 2 offseasons since. I’m not including this year because we have yet to see the results.

          They finally addressed the pass rush, but sadly ignored the secondary.

          “Funny how I haven’t heard the ACL angle in regards to questions regarding our team. Mostly positive, Jimmy and McK are back.”

          You certainly haven’t heard it from me because I’m not banking on him. I think he is possible cut and anything they get from him is gravy. Also, with the roster additions, I don’t think it matters if McKinnon can play well or not anymore.
          As to Jimmy, I am not worried about the ACL per se (as he’s a qb.)… I am very worried about his durability in general though.

  17. Rams traded back and got 3 picks in the third round. They are a SB team, so they will still be a formidable foe.
    Seahawks traded back and got 11 picks. LJ Collier was a head scratcher, but they think he may be another Michael Bennett. DK Metcalf fell into their laps, who was touted as a first round pick.
    Cards vastly improved with a huge upgrade in QB. Kyler Murray is a dual threat QB, but is also an accurate passer. They also drafted Andy Isabella, Hakeem Butler and Keesean Johnson, so their WR corps is solid, and Murray has some one to throw to.
    I am hoping the Niners go 3-3, but may end up 1-5 in their division.

    1. I see those teams as improved. Ours too but the question of how much improvement is there will determine how each fares.

  18. I hope the Niners can hire a martial arts trainer. Maybe he can teach them how to absorb blows, and avoid injuries.

  19. The rumor is that Bryce Harper is making $45,000 per at bat. I could be wrong, but Jimmy Ward maybe approaching a football record for compensation per game actually played. I think the hourly pay record is within his grasp too. The 49ers search to break records for futility is moving to a new level.

    1. Their love for Ward cannot be regarded as coaches speak. They genuinely love the guy, but he needs more milk.

  20. * J. Ward has ended up on IR 4 of the last 5 years. The 9ers can NOT depend on him being available to play!
    * Several posters have said the 9ers should sign free agents safeties, Erick Berry or Tre Boston.
    * Another, possibly better option, is GB Packers Josh Jones. Jones has prototypical size and speed, can play both CB and Safety and he has said he wants to be traded.
    * Josh Jones NFL Combine results:

    1. I’d be very surprised if they signed a F/A safety. Ward will be ready when the live bullets start to fly. Meanwhile, Colbert will attempt to take advantage of Jimmy’s misfortune….

      1. Razor
        * “I’d be very surprised if they signed a F/A safety.” FYI: Josh Jones is NOT a F/A, he’s the Packers starting SS. He can also play FS and CB!
        * “Ward will be ready when the live bullets start to fly.” And be DOA after what, One, maybe two games?
        * “Meanwhile, Colbert will attempt to take advantage of Jimmy’s misfortune.”
        * Adrian Colbert; Ourlads’ 2017 Review / profile: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about ADRIAN COLBERT, From Miami. He has been running at corner with the third unit in OTAs and is probably headed to the practice squad.
        * Just a suggestion: Read the link I provided on his Combine / scouting report

    1. The only way the Cardinals should be able to beat us is if they were armed with shotguns. Make all the excuses you want but Kyle’s inability to beat them even once is not good for a so-called genius. Remind me – who had the number one pick in the last draft (and it wasn’t because of a coin flip)

  21. The Niners should test their existing safeties, and wait until the 53 cuts.
    Then they should poach a player off a playoff team’s cuts, and/or Practice Squad. Maybe from the Pats, to get more of that SB mojo.

  22. According to Maiocco via q&a, he does not expect the 49ers to bring in another safety. “Here’s something I feel confident about stating: If you believe the 49ers have major weaknesses at the safety positions, the organization disagrees with you.”

    “Jimmie Ward is expected to be out eight to 12 weeks (I’m hearing the 12-week estimate is being ultra-cautious). The 49ers believe, if healthy, Ward is their best defensive back. Period. So if they believe he is going to be ready from this injury in plenty of time for the regular season, then they also believe there is no reason to react.”

    “Of course, this latest injury only adds to the long list of broken bones Ward has experienced since becoming an NFL player. So the 49ers must also be comfortable with the backup.”

    “The backup free safety, Adrian Colbert, was the no-questions-asked starter at that position last year at this time. He did not build on the promising end to his rookie season, and now he figures to be No. 2 on the depth chart.”

    “There is a segment of 49ers fans who are asking about Eric Berry and Earl Thomas. But applying the same reasoning as the drawback to Ward, those players do not make much sense, either. Berry, 30, has missed 29 games the past two seasons due to injuries. Thomas, 30, has missed 19 games the past three years with injuries. Ward, 27, has missed 21 games the past three years.”

    “As for Boston, he is seen as more of a hybrid safety, and not necessarily the kind of player who is a fit for the 49ers’ need. Boston, 26, remains unsigned, and could be heading for his fourth team in four years.”

    “Plus, if the 49ers believe a healthy Ward is better than all the available options – and, yes, that’s what I believe the 49ers believe – then, why would one of those veteran players come to the Bay Area on a one-year contract to be an insurance policy?”

    “Are the 49ers wrong in their assessment of the safety positions? We’ll find out. But I do not believe they feel an urgent need to bring in a veteran – at this time.”

  23. DRAFT ANALYST: Adrian Colbert, Cornerback,
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6-1 – 202 / 40: 4.39 / DRAFT YR:2017
    * Graduate transfer from Texas who moved from safety to cornerback at Miami. 2017: Part-time player who tore his meniscus before his senior season, returned to the field and later broke his arm, coming back in time for Miami’s bowl game. Posted a career-high 22 tackles (2.5 for loss) with an interception and three pass breakups in 2016.
    * WEAKNESS: Gives a large cushion, allows a lot of underneath receptions as a result. Must improve his footwork moving in reverse. Might not offer enough value as a defensive back to warrant a roster spot. Has registered very few starts at either Texas or Miami. When played, has an alarming amount of missed tackles because he fails to gather his weight and center his targets. Needs to improve his overall strength. His lack of starting experience and production may foreshadow his inability to contribute in coverage if he were to be called on. Colbert will have to make a roster based on his ability to shine on special teams!
    * Pro Football Focus ended up awarding Colbert with a lowly 31.7 overall grade last year. By far the worst out of 93 qualifying safeties. Granted, Colbert’s season was cut short by a high-ankle sprain after seven games that landed him on injured reserve.

    1. I think you pretty much described our entire secondary when in zone defense (which is pretty much all the time) with the possible exception of a HEALTHY Richard Sherman. One question we have to face is if someone decides to squeeze the Charmin, it could get ugly. Maybe our new DB and DL coaches can help. (Supposedly our LBs will have different roles with Kocerek). I continue to believe that focusing offense and sacks, and ignoring our pass coverage was a mistake, but I’m not in the majority and I hope I’m wrong.

    2. Geep, you’re not wrong on Colbert. I agree people are dreaming that he’ll be something he’s never been. I am starting to move to the Tavaris Moore bandwagon. He seems like a better option to me. Or Tre Boston.

  24. I didn’t realize you’re a real honest to God mindreader Grant. You have explicit access to every thought, idea mental and emotional motivation of all 49er coaches and players. It’s truly astounding. Except it’s not, give me a break dude. You honestly think it’s going through Bosa’s mind “Man I’ve really gotta impress these media hacks on this routine practice drill or they could see a tiny sliver of weakness.” Pretty much any coach or player employed at the highest level of a given sport is hyper competitive to the extent neither you or I can truly comprehend (even though you’re convinced you do). The premise for this article would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. You’re afflicted with a common disease known as smartest guy in the room syndrome.

    1. Bah, if Grant was meek and mild, would you even read what he wrote? The meek mild writers get no notice, much less get such a know it all diatribe thrown back at him.
      Smartest guy in the room syndrome? Look in a mirror.
      Grant gets to the heart of the matter, and does not rosily scenario, with dull pablum. Personally, I am sick of the rah rah rainbows and unicorn crowd.
      20 out of 89 players are injured, and half the starters, and you think that it is not worthy of discussion? That premise gets to the nitty gritty on how the Niners are failing, when it comes to player assessments.
      What is truly pathetic is your lame attempt at pushback, which is trite and formulaic. If you truly did not care what Grant wrote, you would ignore his blog. Instead, it engenders so much attention, you have to write a screed, which shows how effective Grant is.
      Methinks thou doth protest too much.

    2. Ninerjoke – You really don’t understand the impact the press and social media purveyors of the twitter realm have on too many of today’s athletes, especially the younger set.

      They or their agents scour all of the websites, sports talk radio shows and sports briefs on mainstream media on a daily basis to see what is being said about the athlete.

      If that were not the case, then why do so many athletes and their agents have such explosive and oft times volatile actions or responses via their own social engine platforms?

      If you don’t realize that Bosa not only thinks but also knows he is under the lens of every sports analyst and pseudo shock jock talk host, then you don’t know much about anything in that universe.

      Frankly, the majority of today’s athletes are totally distrusting of the media because of the fear that today’s “journalists,” and I use that word liberally because most don’t really know what a true professional journalist is, are out for the big splash as a headline or a 30-second sound bite on ESPN or a 140-character blurb on twitter.

      Can you imagine what the air waves and social media machines would have been putting out if Bosa were flattened or pancaked by that free agent, just out of college offensive lineman in that single pass rush?

      Why do you think Niner coaches orchestrated the drill so that Bosa was going against a “patsy” rather than Staley or McGlinchey?????

      Just because Grant peels back the layers of the onion more deeply and is more analytical than most other Niner beat writers who are more focused on the obvious and fluff pieces does not mean that he does not have some insight and some opinions backed up by years of observations and previous conversations with players, staff and others associated with the game.

      If he were so far out of touch and such an obvious contrarian why would Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. give him a sit-down exclusive interview when no other 49er scribe or Bay Area NFL writer has landed a similar chat?

      1. Cohn is no different from any other writer. He prints what he wants you to read. I don’t trust any journalist anymore and I am not young. If you are not in align with Cohn he will become nasty and get personal with you. I quoted a fellow blogger and Cohn deleted my post and left the other guys up and it was a direct quote and all I said to it was “well said”. If that’s the kind of journalist you admire so be it. Cohn used his position to investigate a fellow blogger, that’s totally out of line. You can have your love affair with Cohn but don’t tell me how great he is as he is not!!

        1. First, I read this blog everyday and enjoy it. That doesn’t mean I always agree with Grant. Second, I cannot recall in all of the thousands of posts he has made one time that he did anything other than respectfully disagree with a poster, unless personally attacked first. I’d like to see an example if you disagree. I’ll take you word that you’re an old timer like me. But I’ll never understand how someone like you who has been around a long time can’t understand that when you publicly write on a forum such as this something like: ” You can have your love affair with Cohn but don’t tell me how great he is as he is not!!” how you could be surprised or upset that you were not similarly treated in return. Some of us old timers remember the days when conversations like this were almost universally had face to face. Maybe you recall a popular phrase from the same old days: “Those are fighting words”. There is no excuse for personally attacking someone when you disagree with what they said. I try to carry the same face to face principles into the electronic age. You should try it. If you don’t like it here, leave. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t like reading your conversations with the Amen Chorus that you hang with.

        2. UC,
          Grant seems like a cool guy. He has adopted an edgy style that stirs the masses, but it also captures his readers attention whether they agree or disagree. This style has worked well for him, which is good for business.

          But imho, this blog would go on without Grant.
          I’ve been here through the days of Maiocco, Padesky, Barber, Branch and now Grant. To me, that’s proof that the posters are the real stars on this platform.
          Another moderator would take a little getting used too, but the posters here would always make it feel familiar and at home.

          If there’s one complaint I have on Grant, it’s that he can delete a trite comment, yet, allow 3rd grade verbal skirmishes to go on (and on) without any moderation or consequence.
          I’m sure that he has lost good posters because he has failed to manage this area. Sadly, garnering blog hits are what’s important to the PD, even if they are filled with the ridiculous.

          1. I am far more of a noob when it comes to this blog having got on it towards the end of Singletary and reading it for many years prior to posting.

            The interest is the stories, but they are a jumping point to discussion. That’s what everyone comes for and it would be great if those great voices aren’t drowned out or pushed out.

            Is Grant pushing the envelope? Yes, but so what! This is not a winning football club and until it is critical analysis is warranted.

            The thing is that often, Grant’s hot takes are proven right over the long haul. That’s valuable! (To say nothing about pablum and other overused phrases!)

            1. SY,
              My issue (as stated above) with Grant has more to do with the bantering that often times takes large chunks of space and moves totally away from football and off topic. It get’s really old after a while.
              But that’s just me.

              I don’t mind Grant’ style, that’s his MO and it works. Like everything else in my life, If I’m not interested, I pass it over.

              There has been times when he is over opinionated such as the time he said that Frank Gore’ legs were done (paraphrase). Or adding his own opinion after Whitner made a comment regarding Witherspoon.
              But that’s just me.

              So while I wouldn’t like to see Grant leave us. I reiterate, that this blog would go on without him.
              SY, It’s all about the posters.
              But that’s just me, bud.

              1. Oh, I agree that it is all about the posters AES, thought I made that clear. The stories are jumping off points to get discussion started.

                When Grant is focused he can be very good, stories regarding who is performing well and who isn’t, the good and bad, analyzing players with video support. Those, while we disagree or agree, provide good discussion items. The ones that aren’t so good are the very speculative stories (weight, internal stuff etc).

                As you point out, the blog lives on even despite the many moderators but it lives on despite the bloggers who have left (some we welcome to leave —others we wish would return).

                And even though I disagree with Grant regarding Gore’s knees, it has provided ample discussion points. I let go of the silly comments he makes and try to distill what is of value.

                I think we are in general agreement you and I. Just expressing it differently.

                On a different note: To all those who have served, had to carry us on your back, I salute you and am grateful for all you do.

  25. Bill Walsh was not a fan of the Shotgun formation. I’m more convinced than ever that Murray doesn’t belong in the NFL.

    1. CFC – Walsh was not a fan of the shotgun for many reasons, of which having the QB have to take his eyes off the secondary and defense as a whole to receive the snap and then get his eyes back on the secondary was a primary one.

      Additionally, he believed that the footwork of the QB was instrumental in the timing necessary to be so proficient in a short, horizontal passing game where some of the releases of the ball by the QB had to be so precise to take advantage of a fleeting opportunity to get the ball out before the defense had a chance to recover.

      Walsh’s offense also featured a variety of 3-step; 5-step and 7-step drops with different strides and rhythm that were not conducive to the shotgun. For example, in his 5-step drop patterns, there was a fast 5 with no reset; a fast 5 with a reset; a 3 and 2 and throw; a 3 and 2 with a reset; a big 5 with a reset, and to orchestrate all of these concepts integrated with a shotgun snap and from that location already at 5 yards from the center was an impossibility.

    2. Murray will do just fine. His baseball skills will be like Wilson and Mahomes. He will be an accurate passer.
      His speed and mobility will help avoid the pass rush. D linemen will not be able to run him down. He is a dual threy QB, and they will utilize him to optimize his skillsets.
      Kingsbury is a college coach, so he will probably use a lot of Oklahoma styled plays. They drafted Andy Isabella, Hakeem Butler and Keesean Johnson, so I expect to see all 3 of those players on the field, along with a TE.
      Murray’s biggest handicap is his size. If he does get caught by a D lineman, will he avoid injury? Many teams will probably send a safety after him on a blitz, so he will take some hits. Maybe by the time the Niners play the Cards, Murray may not be playing . This is a brutal game.
      Brees and Wilson are short, but are also excellent QBs. Murray may also be, if he can work out to get stronger, so he can take the hits.

    3. CFC,
      I agree. It’s also important to note that some of the success Murray had at Oklahoma was due to a great running offense that the defense had to give strong attention.

      The Cards will need to have a great O-line for Murray to find sustained success.

  26. LOOKING AHEAD TO THE NFL 2020 DRAFT: Top draft prospects that fits a 9er need
    1) C.J. Henderson, Florida
    2) Jaylon Johnson, Utah
    3) Kristian Fulton, LSU
    4) Trevon Diggs, Alabama
    5) AJ Terrell, Clemson
    6) Bruce Hall, Virginia

    1) Grant Delpit. LSU
    2) Xavier McKinney, Alabama
    3) Brandon Jones. Texas

    1) Anderson Thomas, Georgia
    2) Walker Little, Stanford
    3) Tre Smith, Tennessee
    4) Trey Adams, Washington

    1) Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin
    2) Tommy Kraemer, Notre Dame

    1. GEEP,
      Good looking out.
      We have a glut at CB at the moment. I want to see if someone from this group emerges this season. If this group underwhelms, then by all means it’s time to look ahead to next year.

      The O-line will be an important area for offensive sustainability. I like the possible candidates you included here. I’m hoping that these will be the only areas of need come next year.

      1. AES
        * With a full 2019 season yet to be played, this list will likely change. For now, they look like top prospects.
        * Both LT Joe Staley and LCB Richard Sherman will be retiring soon. Both will need to be replaced.
        * Would you be willing to bet your house (or JG’s health), on LG Laken Tomlinson and RG Mike Person?
        * Jimmy ward has been on IR 4 of the last 5 years and has already broken his collarbone. Last Season FS
        Adrian Colbert looked like a 7th round draft pick. He also missed several games with a high ankle sprain.
        * RCB Ahkello Witherspoon also had a poor season and no guarantee he’ll improve this year.
        * Who knows how the backup players, Jason Verrett and K’Waun Williams, will perform if needed?
        * While I hope no other 9er player(s) will be injured and all the DB’s improve, how realistic is that?

        1. GEEP,
          I agree by and large. Sherman and Staley are nearing the end of their careers. But I want to see what our CB group has to offer this season.
          I’ve always contended that a strong D-line can cause more opportunities for the secondary. Bosa will be an immediate upgrade, which I believe will help all areas of the defense. I’m not counting any players out until the season unfolds.

          And no, I wouldn’t bet my house even if I were Jed York.

          1. AES,
            Geeps concerns are fairly warranted.

            By the numbers we had a middle of the pack pass rush. The problem was we also had the worst secondary in the NFL. Opposing qbs were able to get rid of the ball without having to go through many reads. Additionally, We had a ton of blown coverages that allowed for big gains. I’m hoping the new db coach and continuity can rectify some of the blown coverages but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

            1. Shoup,
              I agreed with the better part of GEEP’s comments. I stated that I would like to see if any of our current CB’s could emerge from the pack.

              I think that I covered our recent lack of pass-rush concerns by now having Bosa (and add to that Dee Ford) fill that area. A strong pass rush can cure a lot of ills in the secondary.

              Whitner, Rodgers, Goldson had their best years when Justin, Aldon and McDonald were pushing the pocket.
              It also helped to have Willis and Bowman prowling the middle and occasionally rushing the QB.

              Dee, Bosa and Buck will push the pocket better than what we’ve seen since the days of the above mentioned. And I see our secondary benefiting from that.
              A strong pass rush causes hurried and ill-advised throws. I expect to see a lot of that this season.

              1. AES / Shoup
                * Both Bosa and Ford have received most of the attention by the press, but don’t overlook DT Kentavius Street. (the kid from N. Carolina), who benched 500 lbs, squatted 700 lbs!
                * He’s coming off a reconstructed right knee. When healthy, the kid is good.
                * DT DeForest Buckner said, “My nickname for him is ‘Baby Hulk!” If healthy, he’s capable of collapsing the pocket, allowing Ford and Buckner to sack the QB.
                * BUT (there’s always a but),….As we all know, a QB with a quick release can negate a good pass rush. Then it’s up to the DB’s to defend. IMO; That’s the 9ers biggest problem, and a problem the FO ignored.

  27. I would like to know what Jim tomsula was doing during ota’s? We had no injury bug that year! I know he wasnt a good head coach, but damn he knew how to field a healthy roster…lol

    1. UC,
      One of my very first sports hero’s. He was a legend that spanned the entire landscape of the sports world.
      RIP, Mr. Starr

  28. Thoughts and condolences go out to the Starr family.
    My first NFL game was at Kerzar with the Niners hosting the Packers. Got to watch Starr and John Brodie play, which was awesome.Packers looked like World Champions which they were. Starr looked in complete control. Great QB, wonderful man from what I have read.

    1. No, Kaep is being patient, and will wait until an NFL team needs a QB. Maybe Murray will get squashed, Watson or Jackson may incur an injury. Maybe Cam will not be able to throw, or any of the aged QBs are not playing well.
      Kaep also was not interested in playing in the CFL or the aaf.

      1. So Sebbie… What do you think the odds are that Kaep is on a 53 man NFL roster by mid-October ’19–given the typical QB attrition rate? Remind me, when did Kaep last take a snap–month and year?

              1. Seb
                * What’s with you? Will you ever tire of living your life vicariously, thru a has been QB? Is your life so miserably needy that you can’t, or you refuse, to LET IT GO?
                * Seriously dude…..You need to GET A LIFE

              2. GEEP, try taking you own advice.
                Kaep can still play, and he will prove his detractors wrong.
                Some day, a team will want to win so much, they will be courageous, and sign Kaep. Other teams will be cowards, and be content to lose.

            1. I’m partially responsible… It’s like poking big brother while sitting in the back seat.

              1. My point is that Seb says scroll past his postings if you don’t like it. I know what Cassie is doing. Seb should follow his own advice…

              2. East, if she wants to carry this on, I could talk all day about Kaep. However, I know some posters would start begging me to stop, and cursing Cassie for starting it in the first place. I really do not mind, because it just gives me another opportunity to rip Baalke.
                Baalke likes sitting in back. He can then plunge the knife in, and give it a twist.

              3. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  29. Tre Boston is talented, and productive.
    However, he just finished his third season on his third team. If he was so talented, why did they not sign him?
    Guess he was not welcome, for whatever reason. JL should avoid players like that, if he is rebuilding the culture of this team.
    I would also remain cautious about Jones in GB. If he is demanding a trade, what will stop him from demanding a trade if he plays for the Niners, and does not like something? JL should go for the high character guys, and use Foster as an example to avoid.
    Berry is another bad option, because of his injury history. He also played like he was a shell of his former self.
    Right now, Tarvarius Moore may be a good option, but Richard Sherman may want to think about moving to safety, to prolong his career.

      1. ‘If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken.
        twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.’ – RK

        1. Seb
          TRUTH?  LMAO @ U! You wouldn’t know the TRUTH, let alone FACTS, if it bit you in the butt.
          * All you have done is SPECULATE, and post your ignorant OPINION, with no FACTS to back it up.
          * Have you checked out The Chargers salary cap? Obviously not! Being a genius, you must know Boston is one of the NFL top FS and he’s asking to be paid like one! The Chargers also run a defense similar to the 9ers, so he would not have to learn a new system.
          * Do you know that GB’s Safety, jones, is NOT a “high caracter guy? Or why he’s asking to be traded? Show me proof he’s a problem. You constantly whine about the 9ers W-L record, so what was GB’s W-L record last year? Other than Sherman, do the 9ers have a safety with better stats for the 2018 season, than Jones?
          * “Richard Sherman may want to think about moving to safety, to prolong his career.” And you may want to go light up another J, then go dig a ditch? Most bloviating buffoons know better than expose their ignorance on this blog……SO WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE?

          1. GEEP if Boston was as good as you say, he would have been signed a long time ago. You cannot give one good reason why he has not been signed, other than he is greedy. The longer he waits, the less money he will make, so his strategy may backfire. 3 teams in 3 years, and none of them want him back? What an obtuse marketing ploy for Boston, to hold out for more money.
            Players do not cavalierly ask to be traded. If he bails on the Packers, there is no guarantee that he would not do the same with his new team. Maybe you know the reason, why he is so unhappy, but He just sounds like he is not worth the headache. GB also has to be able to get something for him, and so far, no team is wanting to take the risk. If anything, teams will just wait, and hope he is cut. IMHO, He probably was told he would have to sit behind a new player, and he could not accept a demotion with grace and humility. Niners need team players, not selfish players. I really do not care how good his stats are, He is not worth spit if he is a cancer in the locker room.
            Ronnie Lott moved from CB to safety, so it is not beyond the realm of possibilities, to speculate that Sherman may do the same thing to prolong his career. Guess you think that it was stupid for Ronnie Lott to move to safety. I think it was smart, and it allowed Lott to play for 14 years, and get to the HOF.
            Please quit acting so desperate. Your opinion is no better than anyone else’s, so try to remain calm and civil. Bloviating buffoon? Parroting my words just means you are not smart enough to think of your own words. You have no excuse, except for a total lack of cognitive ability.
            Hmm, maybe your mantra is- ignorance is bliss.

            1. Seb:
              * “You can not give one good reason why he has not been signed, other than he is greedy.”
              * When you do contract work for someone, do you expect to get paid? Do you work for less than your competition? ARE YOU “GREEDY?” Even you aren’t that stupid Seb

              * “If he was that good, why hasn’t he been signed?” Using your logic: If he wasn’t that good, why has he been signed by 3 different teams the last 3 years? Why didn’t those 3 teams Sign someone else?

              * Tre Boston’s season with the NFL Chargers: On 05/05/18, he signed a one-year, $900K deal to play safety for the Los Angeles Chargers. He started 15 games, played in all 16, recorded 79 tackles, broke up eight passes, and notched five interceptions.
              * So a $900, 1 year deal with the Chargers, makes him “GREEDY?” LMAO
              * Question: How does Boston’s $900K salary compare to other free agents that signed a 2019 contract? Answer: About $5 to $ 7 million less. Seb: don’t you feel stupid now? You should!
              * Seb: Can you name a 9er DB that had a better year?

              1. GEEP, Boston played for the Cards last season, and they had every reason to retain him, since their defense was so bad. They have the money, but chose not to. Why do you suppose they did not re-sign him? Guess the Niners agree with me, since they have not signed him.
                BTW, I have admitted to being wrong many times, so I do not know where your snark about my ego not letting me admit I made a mistake is coming from. I guess more desperation on your part.

              1. Cassie
                * B, b, but that means Sebbie, the genius, would have to admit he’s WRONG (As he usually is)!
                * We all know his insecure ego would be devastated…..He can’t allow that to happen!

              2. Your devastation comes from your pathetic desperate attempts at snark, and failing miserably.
                The Niners have not signed any of your preferences, so maybe you need to eat some humble pie.
                The Niners should concentrate more on extending Buckner.

              3. Seb:
                * “GEEP, Boston played for the Cards last season, and they had every reason to retain him, since their defense was so bad.”

                * Arizona Head coach Steve Wilks named Boston the starting free safety to begin the regular season, alongside strong safety Antoine Bethea. In Week 3 against the Chicago Bears, Boston intercepted quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and made five tackles in the 16-14 loss. On September 30, 2018, Boston collected a career-high 11 solo tackles in the Cardinals’ 20–17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4. The following week, he made six solo tackles, a season-high three pass deflections, and made an interception during a 28–18 win at the San Francisco 49ers. He finished the season with 79 tackles, nine pass deflections, three interceptions, and a forced fumble. His 79 tackles finished fourth on the team and his nine pass deflections led the team. Did any 9er DB have a better season Seb?
                * Do you ever become TIRED of making a fool of yourself? Even an idiot know better than expose their ignorance, for everyone on the blog to read……SO WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE?
                * BTW: If I’m failing at “SNARK,” Why are you responding? lmao

              4. GEEP you are repeating yourself verbatim. Please get a clue.
                I really expected more from you, but you just are so disappointing.
                ‘Even an idiot knows better than to expose their ignorance for everyone on the blog to read’.- That never stopped you before, and now you are doubling down.

                Now you are laughing as if you are easily amused at your simplistic statements.
                Please try harder.

    1. I agreed with everything until the part on Sherman. There is no reason for him to switch to safety.

  30. 6 points:

    1) “You can’t win games in May, but you sure as hell can lose them”. This statement doesn’t apply to mild hamstring strains, or even broken collar bones for that matter. The fact of the matter is that, the 49ers have actually remained relatively healthy in May during the current regime’s tenure. It’s the injuries they’ve incurred during training camp, preseason, and early in the regular season that has torpedoed their ability to string together wins over the last 2 seasons.

    2) It’s fricken May, and as far as I know, none of the injuries they suffered last week will carry over into training camp. A certain number of injuries, particularly soft tissue injuries like the one Bosa apparently suffered, are inevitable, especially early in the process, as players begin the process of building their bodies back into “football shape” after a lengthy offseason, or in Bosa’s case, even longer.

    3) Most of the players who are either limited or not participating at the present time are players who are still recovering from injuries from the previous season. With the exception of their 4th string RB, these aren’t “setback’s”, as they were anticipated and expected heading into May, and the coaching staff is wisely being conservative and cautious in their approach in holding these players out while it’s still early enough to do so without sacrificing their potential impact for the upcoming season.

    4) Contrary to what some people on this blog seam to believe, the 49ers are not currently practicing at full speed during OTA’s.

    5) It’s way to early to panic about any of these injuries unless they are serious enough to effect the players ability to participate in training camp, and for the younger players – preseason.

    6) Just because they have a large number of players who are still recovering from injuries at this stage of the program, in no way guarantees that we are going to see the same number of key injuries derail the upcoming season. In fact, if you’re going to suffer injuries, some of which are absolutely inevitable, the month of May is the best time to do it (provided they aren’t serious, long term in juries), and it is by no means a precursor of what we should expect come training camp – KNOCK ON WOOD!

  31. After thinking about it for a while, I have come to the conclusion that an owner who was notorious for helping his team lose games in April and taking players like Heyward-Bey really shouldn’t be mouthing off to any coach if said owner was still among the living. But that’s just me.

    1. Davis accomplished far more in the NFL, as a coach, GM, and owner than most. People can’t help but get caught up in the mistakes of his later years.

      1. People also forget what an innovative mind he was. Sure, in his declining years he became something of a caricature. He was still great in his day. Think of Nicholson. Great actor who has become more or less a caricature too but still is great.

          1. Not really given that he developed a knack for helping his team lose before the season even begun.

  32. Here is an interesting podcast from John Chapman.

    In it, he states that he believes Solomon Thomas should be playing on the inside. However, (according to PFF grades) the only games where he played on the inside more than the outside weeks 13 and 17 and those were the two lowest graded games of his career.

    His humdrum play was one of the main reasons I wanted to keep Armstead on the roster last season as I believe Armstead when healthy is quite a bit better.(Armstead actually had a higher pressure rate than Defo last season)
    Let’s hope a year removed from his sisters death, his renewed focus will help him improve significantly.

  33. Glossary of Terms –

    Defensive Line

    What is a 0-Technique Defensive Tackle?
    A defensive lineman lined up head-to-head with the center whose primary responsibility is to take on double teams/eat up blocks (also called the nose-tackle in a 3-man front).

    What is a 1-Technique Defensive Tackle?
    A defensive lineman lined up in the A-gap, between the center and guard, whose primary responsibility is to take on double teams/eat up blocks (also called the nose-tackle in a 4-man front).

    What is a 3-Technique Defensive Tackle?
    A defensive lineman lined up in the B-gap, between the guard and tackle, often the “pass-rushing” DT.

    What is a 5-Technique Defensive Tackle?
    A defensive lineman lined up just outside the offensive tackle; primary used in a 3-man front.

    What is a Wide-nine Defensive Tackle?
    A Defensive Lineman (End) lined up outside of the tight end, or extended one gap outside of the tackle (if no tight end), primarily used in a 4-man front.

    What is a Stunt?
    A change-in-pace of a defensive lineman’s rush, often paired with another defensive lineman in which one lineman drops down a gap after the snap and the other loops around, throwing off the timing and spacing of the offensive line.

    What is a Swim Move?
    During a rush, the defender swipes his arm down (similar to a swimmimg motion) to swipe away an offensive lineman’s hands.

    What is a Bull Rush?
    A power move straight ahead into the body of the offensive lineman, attempting to push the lineman back into the pocket

    What is a Speed-to-power technique?
    A technique in which the defensive lineman uses quick first step/burst to get the tackle off balance and then drives with power into the chest of the offensive lineman

    What is an EDGE defender?
    A 4-3 DE or a 3-4 OLB who’s primary responsibility is to put pressure on the pocket.

  34. Now that they gave Welker on staff, they should just do a brain drain on him and emulate as many Pats techniques as possible. Seems to have worked well for them.

  35. This memorial Day, I wish to remember my neighborhood hero, James Gray Rowe, who fought in Vietnam, near Hue. He was a Sargent, and was slated to return in 2 weeks, but died from small arms fire while on patrol. I thought the soldiers about to depart would hunker down and keep a low profile, if they were about to leave, but they say he led his men, only to perish in a rice field near some of the fiercest fighting in the war, that he was in the middle of, just months earlier.
    I remember Gray, his father, tell me about the trip to Japan where he met Jim on leave. He and his wife, Helen, had a blast, and he showed me pictures of their trip. His face was all smiles, with a twinkle in his eye. He was so proud of his son, who was kind to all the young kids in the neighborhood, and protected me from the bully next door. After June 29th, 1968, I do not think I ever heard Gray laugh like he used to. War is hell.
    Years later, I went to the Vietnam Memorial Wall, and found his name on Panel 54W, Line 19, and made a rubbing of his name. I went to Helen, and gave her that rubbing, because I supposed she would never make it there. With a tear rolling down her face, she thanked me profusely. Later, when I questioned the wisdom of making her cry, bringing up past sorrows, my mother said that a person never truly dies, until we forget about him. Remembering Jim was honoring him, and she said I did the right thing.
    I also wish to honor BT, who was lucky enough to return, after some harrowing experiences.

  36. CFB,
    Nice read.
    Kind of makes me think that Shanahan knows what he’s doing.

    It’s going to be a very interesting season.

  37. Here’s another detailed analysis of Jimmy G’s game against Minnesota. I’ve been on board with the notion that, apart from a few plays, Jimmy played well. Garcon, on the other hand, had a terrible game. This reviewer also comes to the same conclusions. He does some nice detailed analysis. I’ve also heard a number of times that Jimmy G stares down his receivers. I don’t see it and neither does the reviewer. In many of the reviewed plays he is looking off safeties and sometimes linebackers. If Jimmy G is only as good this upcoming season as he was at the start of last year, I expect this offense to take off, because of the improvement in the skill positions.

      1. Perhaps, Jack. But at least I present video analyses, which provide detailed breakdowns of the plays, to support my position. From you all we get is, trust me, I used to play the QB position.

        1. All you’re presenting is video breakdown from a fan that agrees with your point of view.

          When Garoppolo plays good it’s because he’s good. When Garoppolo struggles it’s because of everyone else.

          In this particular game Garoppolo put Garçon in some extremely tough positions and then when the catch isn’t made it’s all on Garçon according to some.

          1. Not true. I’ve said several times that he made mistakes during that game, in particular the missed a throw to Kittle in the endzone and the final interception. However, there were a number of plays that Jimmy was blamed for and it simply wasn’t his fault. If the play requires throwing with anticipation and the receiver runs the wrong route, how is that interception on the QB (esp. when McGlinchey, who is out of position at guard, misses a blocking assignment against a blitzing LB)? Garcon was paid to make tough catches. Several balls hit him right in the hands in tight situations and he drops them. Kittle drops an over-the-head catch that is a sure-fire TD. Alfred Morris fumbles twice near the goal line (the first of which he recovered). How does an experienced vet like Morris not say to himself after that first fumble, that he better be sure to secure the ball. No, it was the skill players more than JG that played poorly that game.

            What examples do you have, other than just generalizations?

            1. “Several balls hit him right in the hands in tight situations and he drops them.”

              Yeah, like the in route where the FS is waiting on him and he’s hit as the ball arrives? Come on man.

              1. That was the toughest catch, no doubt. Even on that one, Garcon knew the safety was coming and turned his back to him to protect the ball just before the hit, but he dropped it. However, the others he should have caught. Garcon was a great receiver at one time, but age has caught up to him. As far as I know, he hasn’t been signed by any team since being let go. The fact that the niners took a dead money cap hit of $7.2 million for 2019, tells you what they thought of Garcon’s play.

              2. “Garcon knew the safety was coming and turned his back to him to protect the ball”

                He was turning because the ball was behind him, on his back side

              3. Click on the link that I provided and go to the 3:43 mark where you have a closeup of the All 22. That throw was pretty much on the numbers.

              4. It’s behind him which is why he’s turned the way he is. It’s not a bad throw by Garoppolo, he couldn’t lead Garçon anymore than he did because of the FS.

                Was it a tough catch? Yes. Was it a ball that could be caught? Yes. Was it a drop? No, because of the immediate contact as the ball is arriving.

            1. This kind of comment is below you jack. But with the level this blog has sunk to lately, I guess you are just keeping up with the Jones.

        2. Jimmy’s nowhere near a finished product, but the team isn’t either. I fully expect Jimmy to be a top ten qb in this offense, especially with the additional Firepower! 11-4 baby!

      2. Hofer67 was a good poster during his time here. He and I had some nice debates (always respectful) re Alex Smith – man, time sure fly’s.

          1. cubus,
            Hofer, never went off the rails like some here do. He was very articulate and respectful in his arguments and stayed away from the bush league name calling.

            I’m not sure that he was held in derision though, because he was a very good poster. He never gave an inch in his support of Alex Smith.
            In the end, he had my full respect.
            If there is one current poster who reminds me of Hofer67, it’s Scooter. Scooter knows his football and can articulate his position sans the arrogance and name calling.

              1. Jack,
                Not really. He certainly didn’t agree with Alex Smith’ benching but unlike some during that time he kept his cool. Hofer presented more than just Alex as well.
                Now DS 49 was a different story 😕

              2. Hofer’s polar opposite in player favoritism and temperament was that Jordan23 character. Who could see the fear in Smith’s eyes. From the stands. Through his helmet.

                And let’s not forget bayareafan. On second thought, let’s do.

                Whatever became of these supposed lifelong faithful?

              3. This guy?

                bayareafanatic says:
                December 19, 2014 at 10:34 am

                What do you know Matt? Are you a professional QB coach? You’re just jealous because Colin is way more handsome than you. I am so sick of everyone badmouthing our stud quarterback. …

              4. Jack, all those guys are living proof against your statement that everybody would be happy if the team was winning.

  38. For tonight’s dessert, we have this gem…

    sebnynah says:
    January 30, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Prime, you said the storm was fierce. I see Chip and his system storming the league, with Kaep at the helm. Glad to see no one is talking about cutting him anymore, or if they do, they just get shown up as clueless football novices.

  39. Breaking news: the Niners suck…Crappollo won’t last the year : Enter=BeatHard…rinse and repeat….any questions? Why you guys post so often?

      1. Little Jackie and Little Monty sitting in a tree. P-i-s-s-i-n-g. First they loathe, then disparage. Then comes Shanny and how he’s mismanaged!🎋

        1. Razor and Cassie sit on a ledge….thinking the team is better, but wait here comes Jed….injuries and drafts can’t kill my mind, but last place and laughing stock is the Frisco kind…

  40. Weaknesses going into the 2019 season

    1. Free Safety
    2. Right Guard
    3. Cornerback
    4. Strong Side Linebacker
    5. Strong Safety

    1. Weaknesses going into the season
      Whole Roster
      Front office
      Yup that about wraps it up….lol

  41. Jed is getting better. He has kept a low profile, and not stuck his foot in his mouth. Sounds like he is letting JL and KS do their jobs without any meddling.
    The roster has improved. Sure, they could have enhanced the safeties and interior O line, but most everywhere else, they have added talent. The pass rush and WR corps is way better. There is solid depth, and the TC 53 cuts will be painful. That is a good thing.
    The coaching has improved with the loss of Hafley and Zgonina. The addition of Kocurek will help the pass rush, and Joe Woods will not only help the DBs, he will also help Saleh. Hopefully, they will have learned from their mistakes, so they do not repeat them, but the coaching still has room to improve.
    JL and the FO have worked hard to improve the roster. They have spent a lot of the salary cap, and still have money to extend Buckner and acquire the last piece to the puzzle, the Fred Dean that may put them into the playoffs. Obtaining Dee Ford was a coup, and Verrett is a shutdown corner, if he is healthy.Sure, they missed an opportunity to hit a home run in the draft, but they did find talent. I did not like the reaching, but BW said it does not matter where the player was chosen, just as long as he can help the team.
    JL has changed the culture of the team, and I am glad they have passed on some possible divisive players. Too bad the leaks have started, but hopefully, JL will find out who the leaker is, and ban Paraag from the facility.
    Fixing the stadium hot spot may only take erecting poles along the South West side, and stretching temporary screening material between the poles.
    Jed should consider lowering beer and concession stand prices to attract fans, and buying up blocks of seats to give away to local schools, to help fill the stadium. Once they start winning, the fans will come. Jed will get high praise if he lowers beer prices. It is a winning marketing strategy, and a big drawing card.
    The Niners, if the players can return from injury, will be competitive. I am hoping they double the win totals from last season, but if they exceed expectations, they might even have a chance at a Wild Card spot.

    1. I hope the Niners strategize by waiting until the 53 cuts, and pick up a safety and a guard from a playoff team. The Niners should assess the starters on the other team, and determine if he was cut due to better players out competing him, yet that player may be an upgrade for the Niners. The Niners may need to cut a couple more players to make room, which will make the Niner cuts, all that more painful. Although, they may take the place of some injured players put on IR.
      The Niners should target a player from the Patriots, to weaken them, and from Seattle just on general principle. They could obtain good intel from that player. The Niners would be returning the favor, since the Seahawks have been doing that to the Niners for years. They even signed Cassius Marsh. However, with Kocurek, hopefully his intel will be dated, and generally useless.
      Minnesota signed a bunch of O linemen, so they may have too many to protect. Getting an O lineman from the Cowboys or the Steelers may be a wise move.

  42. R.I.P Bart Starr. I used to laugh at the posters here who would criticize Alex Smith by calling him a game manager. Bart Starr was the greatest game manager in the history of the N.F.L.

    1. AS managed games by not making mistakes. He also refused to take risks. AS never managed to be a Pro Bowler as a 49er. He also never managed to win an NFC or AFC Championship game.
      Bart Starr managed to win championships, by being a bold decisive leader both on and off the field.
      RIP, Bart Starr.

      1. Bart Star also played on a roster that was the most talented roster in NFL history. Alex Smith never played with that sort of talent. Starr also played under at that time the greatest coach in the history of the NFL (apologies to Paul Brown) again a situation that Smith never played under.

    1. Great news coming from a #1 draft pick tackle who gave up the most sacks in the league…any other “positive” takeaways?

      1. Really monty? Most sacks? Prove it–where are the numbers?

        You give Alameda a bad name, monty.

        1. I no longer live in the area bay, most that reside are rather @#$#@y….Yes I am a FRISCO fan through and through….but with all the losing, I think they are doo…..

          Sorry guys sold my house in Alameda and moved the fk out of CA years ago around 97…don’t miss it.

          1. Oh good, we got rid of him. He could not afford to live here, so he fled the state.
            I pity the state that got him. He probably is such a miserable person, he hates himself.
            Hmmm, the Raiders are also moving, which confirms that Monty is a Raiders fan from Alameda.

            1. AHAHAH NO with the money I got for a 2brm 1 bath house in Alameda, I ended up buying a 14 acre surrounded by BLM land ranch house custom built with logs from the property with a pond in Oregon…..still have a couple hundred grand to burn…..feel sorry for you guys living in that toilet though…hey its your choice.

              1. > a two bedroom, one bath in Alameda <
                Wow! You left a palace like that?
                You’re a real estate genius!
                And now you’re having so much fun out there in jackrabbit country that you spend your time trolling a sports blog. Impressive.

        1. Geep I work hard at pissing off the HOmers….you know, “this team is going to win the SB they are fantastic….” those Homers

          1. monty…or is it motley?
            * So you admit you’re “working hard” at being an a$$ hole? It’s good to know you’re successful at something, your mama must be proud of you?
            * BTW: You’re also wrong! Rookie RT, McGlinchey was 28th for number of sacks allowed. And as a rookie he will only get better. Then you’ll have to “work even harder” to find something to whine and snivel about….and likely be wrong again.

            1. Yes my bad= I was wrong….he was 28th….of course there are only 32 teams so he was near the worst in pass blocking…sorry guys!!!

              1. Jeff Deeney
                Not only did #49ers rookie Mike McGlinchey make our PFF Team of the Week, his 86.4 run blocking grade on the season now ranks No. 1 among all tackles.

                9:56 AM – Oct 10, 2018

                Sorry Little Monty!!! Only the trolliest of trolls would question the selection of McGlinchey. I think we have a Weiner!!!🌭

              2. He was 28th… teams have 2 starting OTs… so he was in the top half of OTs in the NFL as a rookie in pass blocking – which wasn’t his strong suit. Yep, I can see why you are crying so much about it. Totally valid.

              3. motley
                * “Yes my bad= I was wrong….he was 28th….of course there are only 32 teams so he was near the worst in pass blocking…sorry guys!!!”
                * I do see your point motley….(the one on the top of your head). So how many NFL teams only play with one Tackle?
                * How’s your foot taste? The more you post, the more you expose your 5th grade education! You did get that far didn’t you?
                * You should try using that thing on your shoulders for something other than a hat rack!
                * Congratulations motley! You did get the part about being “SORRY” right!

  43. good at run blocking last year but at pass blocking
    “On the other hand, the 49ers have allowed 45 sacks this year, compared to last year’s 43. McGlinchey has given up four sacks, 10 QB hits, and 21 hurries, according to PFF. That gives him a 65.8 pass blocking grade for the season.” pass blocking grade is terrible sorry for the reality guys and he is a rookie

        1. The 49ers pass protection was worse in 2018 than it was in 2017.

          “Percentage of times sacked while attempting a pass for #49ers QBs in 2018:

          Mullens: 5.8%
          Beathard: 9.6%
          Garoppolo: 12.7%

          We know Mullens gets rid of the ball quickly, but was surprised to see that big of a difference. Worth noting though that Garoppolo’s sack % in 2017 was 4.3%”

          “If my math is right, I had Mullens getting hit 63 times in his 8 games and getting sacked 17 times. Garoppolo and Beathard got hit 62 times in their 8 combined games and were sacked a total of 31 times.”

          From Al Sacco Twitter

          1. Finally someone that makes sense they did not improve in pass blocking with Glinchy… Plus Mullens proved he belongs=not BeatHard yuk. I am with the you man

          2. Part of me wonders if that is not due to the fact that Jimmy was just coming from the Pats where the emphasis was on getting rid of the ball quickly? Shanahan’s play action system requires a qb to hold the ball a bit longer.

          3. Nobody I knew ever expected the PassPro to improve with McGlinchey’s addition. I don’t have any neighbors like Lil’ Monty though. Shanny’s offense is predicated on running the football, and setting up the play action. I continue to believe McGlinchey is the last player we’ll need to worry about, especially as it pertains to character, work ethic, and improvement in PassPro. I believe he can eventually be in the top half of the league statistically as a pass protector, while dominating on the ground….

            1. “Shanny’s offense is predicated on running the football”

              It’s predicated on the threat of running the football. They are at about 60-40 during his time in SF.

              The change at RT netted an improvement of .2 yards per attempt in 2018, for an average of +5.3 yards per game. They also gave up more sacks, and lost an additional -4.9 yards per game in sacks. So the net improvement of adding a 1st round pick, a new RT and new center was .4 yards per game.

              1. It’s predicated on the threat of running the football.

                There is no threat if you aren’t running the football.

                So the net improvement of adding a 1st round pick, a new RT and new center was .4 yards per game.

                Does that take into account that the defense could compress the field against Mullens?

              2. “There is no threat if you aren’t running the football.”

                And they only run about 40% of the time. Even when they didn’t run it well at the end of 2017 they still had plenty of play action.

                “Does that take into account that the defense could compress the field against Mullens?”

                It takes into account the results. Hoyer, Mullens and Beathard have started 28 of 36 games the last 2 years, and the running game was awful in Garoppolo’s 5 starts in 2017.

              3. I have a feeling they’ll be running more with all the backs at their disposal. They were 11th in rushing attempts at 26.4 per game, and 14th in rushing percentage at 42.17%. That was with limited resources at the position. Conversely we ranked 20th in pass attempts per game with 33.2.

                Defenses respect the entire field when Jimmy is on the field, and that opens running lanes. Mullens, not so much….

      1. Razor, Geep,

        I don’t think it really matters as much anymore. If Mount McGlinchey is a top 10 tackle on either side he was worth the pick. Many of the top edge rushers do so from the right side. Yes, the blind side is important but Stopping the likes of Von Miller is too.

    1. OH good Razor is now making coaching decisions… no wonder “Frisco” is in last place…..Time to go shoot jackrabbits= I will check in on you trolls later LOL

  44. How explosive would it be if Wishnowsky suffered a nasty Achilles tear while practicing this week? Bad enough that he’d be placed on IR…

  45. Seb,

    You haven’t leveled with us, right? That tree branch removed from the backyard during the winter storms obviously caused brain trauma.

    Continuing to tout your numerous trade back scenarios in a draft– over since April 27th–is nothing more than the ravings of a cackling, cluster of cacophonous cockatiels….People have tuned you out, Sebraidah, get over yourself.

    Sebraidah video:

    1. TrollD, more cut and pasting? More delusions? My trade back strategy was done 47 times last draft, by many teams, including the 49ers.
      Your dyspeptic, deleterious, delusional, disparaging, despicable, dastardly, dissonant drivel, never ceases.
      They say that symptoms of CTE include confusion,incoherence, repetition and forgetfulness. You obviously have taken too many blows to the head.
      Please seek help.

  46. SMH – ….why the F are they letting them play aggressive?.

    …I don’t get it Kshan = Wake the F up…..

    “The club expects Ward, if healthy, to start at free safety this season. And it was clear during an open practice on Tuesday, that his style of play is every bit as aggressive as ever. While covering rookie wide receiver Deebo Samuel, Ward got physical and flung Samuel to the ground in a drill designed to be non-contact.

    Ward sustained a fractured collarbone in the team’s next practice. “

    1. What have the Niners seen in a Johnson to bring him back? Seems like a strange move. Maybe just another Camp body? Loaded at DL so having more DB’s will allow them to rest veterans in secondary.

        1. Thanks Jack. From memory I think I heard Reed may also be out atm… can’t recall. But he and Williams are both nickel CBs. Johnson is an outside CB. Seems strange to me to be signing another outside CB to take some reps unless one of the other outside CBs is going to be missing some time.

            1. I really hope so. They shouldn’t have moved him in the first place. But at this point I doubt it – he was playing CB in the last OTAs and I doubt they choose to move him now.

    2. I am not surprised that Pita was released since he was a long shot to to make the roster in 2019, but the addition of Donate is a curious move. Is this move for additional depth, or is one of the CBs going to be unable to play in 2019?

      1. “Is one of the CBs going to be unable to play in 2019?”

        This is what I am wondering. Not so much about whether they expect someone not to be able to play at all, but at least to miss a significant portion of the offseason. And I mean in addition to Verrett – they must have already known he was a good chance of missing a lot of the offseason. I am wondering if there has been an injury we haven’t heard about yet.

        1. They tried out Kayvon Webster earlier in the day. They just need bodies at this point with so many guys not practicing.

          With only 69 guys participating it’s not much more than during the season.

          1. Yeah I understand that, but it just seems odd the guy they brought in has been a perimeter CB his whole career but as far as we are aware there is only one perimeter CB not practicing atm. Seems like the need for extra bodies is greater at other positions, no?

            1. I take it as they don’t have enough NFL level guys on the roster to give the offense and WR’s a good look

  47. Sebbie will love the Dontae Johnson signing. Having been on several teams of late, just think of the guts he’ll spill…

    1. From July, 2014…

      “SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out to me at the 49ers’ second padded practice of training camp.

      THE GOOD

      1. Dontae Johnson. Played like a monster. Broke up three passes. First, he swatted away a Colin Kaepernick pass intended for Anquan Boldin in the back right corner of the end zone. You rarely see a cornerback beat Boldin on a jump ball. Next, Johnson almost intercepted a Kaepernick pass intended for Brandon Lloyd. Kaepernick stared down Lloyd and Johnson noticed, breaking on the ball before Lloyd turned his head. The pass bounced off Johnson’s chest and hit the ground. The very next play, Johnson broke up a Kaepernick pass intended for Stevie Johnson in the end zone. Stevie cut to the inside but couldn’t shake Dontae. Dontae outmuscled Stevie for the ball and knocked it to the ground.”

    1. “So what if he gives the pick of A.J. Jenkins an “F” grade in order to get the commenters riled up?”

      Grant’s such a dummy!

      1. “And then there is Gore. He may never come back even though he’s still a 49er.

        His legs are gone. They no longer have the snap or explosion or whatever you want to call the thing a running back’s legs need.”
        Grant Cohn

        I’d say Grant is batting closer to 500.

        1. His pis de resistance was exhorting how Shanny should sign Kaepernick immediately. That was sheer genius.🙄

        2. Eh…In 4 years since leaving SF, Gore has averaged 3.9 yards per carry. In 10 years as a 49er he averaged 4.5 ypc and never averaged under 4.1 ypc.

          1. Yup, not bad for a player whose legs were done 4 years ago.
            He will receive strong consideration for the HOF when his legs are finally gone.
            Love me some Frank Gore – the heart and soul of all that represents a true 49er.

              1. I never said that he was an elite back (like he once was). But saying that a football players legs are gone is certainly open for interpretation. And the fact that Gore is still playing makes Grant’ position unsteady.

                There aren’t many RB’s that have a 10 year run. So again, playing 4 years after GC’ comment is also open for interpretation. Gore may be a shell of his former self, but he will be in another training camp come July.

              2. Gore was having his worst season as a 49er in 2014. He had a few good games at the end of the year that saved him.

            1. Even in his last season as a 49er, Gore struggled to an average of only 3.9 ypc through the first 12 games. A strong finish, including two explosive games to finish off the season when it was known he wouldn’t be back made his year look a lot better than it really was.

              1. “Gore was having his worst season as a 49er in 2014. He had a few good games at the end of the year that saved him.”

                Yup, many 49ers players had a bad year in 2014. Aldon was gone, nearly the entire secondary was gone. And the Harbaugh, Baalke feud was starting to spin out of control.
                We went from a potential SB team to an 8-8 team and 3rd place finished in our division.
                That certainly wasn’t all on Gore.

  48. Insteresting stat via JJ Zachariason : The Niners RBs combined for 2,580 rush and receiving yards last year which was 5th best in the league behind Saints, Pats , Chargers and Rams . The Niners RB only scored 8 TD however which was 3rd worst in the league.

    Wow . What a regression. It explains a lot though. We were able to move the ball down the field but failed to punch it in. It also explains our draft picks and FA acquisitions : T Coleman, L Toilolo, D Samuel, J Hurd, Kaden Smith.

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