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Jed York on the Santa Clara stadium and free agency

SANTA CLARA – Here are selected quotes from Jed York’s Tuesday morning conference call. He talked about his plan for financing the new stadium in Santa Clara, the possibility of the Raiders joining them in the project, and the 49ers free agency philosophy. Does his timeline seem realistic? Does his free agency philosophy please you? […]

Just don’t call them PSLs

Forty-Niners fans know they will be ponying up some cash for seats should the proposed 68,500-seat stadium in Santa Clara become a reality. They just aren’t sure how much.
Team president Jed York didn’t shed any light on that subject when he addressed season-ticket holders at the State of the Franchise event Tuesday night at the Santa Clara Convention Center, though he attempted to draw a distinction. The 49ers will not sell personal seat licenses (PSLs) for seats at the stadium; they’ll sell stadium builder licenses (SBLs).

Jed York hits the media circuit to push stadium

The truth can now be told: Jed York was so determined to win over one stubborn voter in his midst – a Dallas Cowboys fan living in Santa Clara – that he contacted people he knew in the Cowboys’ front office and asked them to personally call the Measure J holdout. Alas, when York returned to the man’s house, he wasn’t home.
York insinuated he’d been ready to enlist Jerry Jones himself if that’s what it took to get this one vote. And a day after the 49ers’ lopsided election victory, York is no less determined.

49ers unveil stadium web site

Think the 49ers were confident of victory in the Measure J vote?
They had a billboard printed up, all ready to be set in place at the site of the proposed 68,500-seat stadium off of Tasman Drive and bathed in light in the wee hours of election night. And they had a web site designed, one click away from reality as the votes were tallied.
The team unveiled this morning.

Election day arrives for 49ers

Election day means different things to different people – even if you’re a member of the San Francisco 49ers, an organization with a lot on the line today. Specifically, a $937 million stadium that will require a debatable amount of public funding.

Measure J: 49ers watching closely

Only about 20,000 people are expected to vote in Santa Clara today, yet their verdict on one ballot item will affect hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps millions, in the greater Bay Area.  Welcome to Measure J, which will authorize a degree of public funding for the 49ers’ proposed $937 million stadium adjacent to the […]

Naming rights could be key to stadium financing

There are elements of the 49ers’ Silicon Valley stadium proposal that are fairly clear cut. The city of Santa Clara will be responsible for $79 million, a package of redevelopment funds/bonds and money to move an electrical substation, while local hotels will kick in $35 million. The team and the NFL have pledged $493 million to make the project happen.
It’s the other $330 million that are a little harder to decipher. You would have to assume naming rights are a major portion of it. So we’re here today to ask the question: Are the 49ers overly optimistic in their expectations of naming revenue?

Hunters Point vs. Santa Clara

Some say nothing goes better with beer than politics. If that’s the case, consider heading to Pete’s Tavern in Mission Bay tonight at 6 p.m. to hear SF planning commissioner Mike Antonini’s views on the proposed Santa Clara stadium site. Hint: He likes Hunters Point a lot better.

League supports Super Bowl in Santa Clara

The NFL just sent out its press release in the wake of today’s meeting with Silicon Valley business leaders, and it’s just the endorsement many were hoping for. The NFL Super Bowl Advisory Committee is now on the record stating that it supports the stadium measure and will encourage a future Super Bowl bid for the new stadium.