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Harbaugh on Willis: “I think it’s really motivating him to show that he is still the kingpin, and he is.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is a transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Saturday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department. You guys released former 49ers wide receiver Kassim Osgood, brought him back, released former 49ers QB Josh Johnson. Why not just release Josh Johnson earlier in the week? What was the reasoning behind the string of […]

Good to see Tipsy McStagger could get one right from time to time.... - Coffee's for Closers®

Greg Roman on Frank Gore: “We don’t want to just ride that stallion all day everyday.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is the transcript of Greg Roman’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department. Opening comments: “Afternoon. We’ve got a division game against the Rams. We know them well, they know us. [Rams defensive coordinator] Gregg Williams is back there as the d-coordinator. We have a lot of respect for […]

Grant is a nice guy but I don't think JH has him on speed dial for advice.... - Wilsonm73

Vic Fangio says the Rams like to throw deep

SANTA CLARA — Here is the transcript of Vic Fangio’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department. What have you seen from Rams QB Austin Davis? “I see a guy that’s playing very well. Since he’s come into the starting lineup, these guys have averaged 26 points a game and well over 400 […]

DEFENSE wins championship. Just ask Peyton Manning what his gaudy passing stats did for him last season.... - nobody

Jim Harbaugh’s job description does not include being nice

This is my Thursday column on the Jim Harbaugh rumors. This Monday, as the 49ers started to prepare for the Rams, Jim Harbaugh told the media, please, don’t ask the players if they like him. “That’s not their job to defend the head coach,” Harbaugh said. “Their job is to do their jobs – to […]

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Kaepernick on Gore: “There’s some times he goes into a red wall and pops out the other end for 15, 20 yards.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick was interviewed by Bay Area reporters in the 49ers’ locker room Thursday afternoon. Here’s a transcript courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department. Are you going to get next in ping pong? “I don’t want to beat anyone right now.”   Are you a pretty good ping pong player? “Hold my […]

What is, the 49ers going to win the game and Gore is going to run the ball and 49ers are not going to pass? I really wis... - Jim Mora

Jim Harbaugh says Frank Gore is getting better

SANTA CLARA — Here’s the complete transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department. What do you see when you’ve looked at the Rams here? The last two weeks couple of close games coming off of a win before that. What kind of challenge do they pose to you guys? […]

As the play starts the safety over McDonald slides to the hash, trying to hold inside leverage. As a result you can see ... - Jack Hammer

Jim Harbaugh says the plan is for Marcus Lattimore to play this season

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh was interviewed by Bay Area reporters Thursday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Marcus Lattimore. Q: What’s the update on Marcus Lattimore? Do you anticipate him practicing sooner than later? Where is he in his progression? HARBAUGH: He has done very well. The way we’re thinking about it is he […]

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Alex Boone: “Sometimes people hit us with some exotic stuff. It gets a little complicated.”

SANTA CLARA – Alex Boone was interviewed by Bay Area reporters at his locker Thursday afternoon. Here’s a transcript. Q: Last week it seemed like on a lot of Frank Gore’s longer runs he wasn’t being touched until he was well down field. Was that a particularly good run blocking game for you guys? BOONE: […]

Hmmmm...that sounds like one of the critiques we had on a previous QB, no? BTW, thanks for another well thought-out, we... - Rusty_in_SoCal

Weak side “G”

The 49ers’ most successful outside running play against the Chiefs was the weak side “G” scheme. The 49ers usually call run plays that involve pulling the back-side guard, like Bob Trey O. A weak side “G” scheme involves pulling the play-side guard. The 49ers ran that play three times for 29 yards against the Chiefs. Here’s […]

but then we'd have to factor in all the great catches that really should have been incompletions... in the last game, i ... - whatnot

How the 49ers mauled Josh Mauga in the second half

Did you notice how well the 49ers ran the ball inside in the second half against the Chiefs? Chiefs’ defensive coordinator Bob Sutton primarily used a two-gap scheme without a strong safety in the box to play the eighth gap. Chiefs’ linebacker Josh Mauga often lined up in front of a guard and was responsible […]

He didn't say anything nice about the 49ers. He just mastered the obvious. Most DT's in the league can get pushed ar... - WorkingOnSix

Jim Harbaugh: “Jed stopped by today. We had a real good talk.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is the full transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.   Anything jump out at you after reviewing the film of that win? “Yeah, lot of things. Where would you like to start?”   Let’s start defensively. What did you think just of how well […] - ribico

Jim Harbaugh: “We were calling and executing the plays that we thought would get us in the end zone.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh was interviewed in the 49ers’ auditorium Monday afternoon. Here’s what he said about the 49ers’ red zone offense. Q: In the past two games, seven trips to the red zone but only two touchdowns. What has been the problem? Execution? Play calling? HARBAUGH: “There was a couple there where I […]

Hey Jim.....a casual observation here from a long time 9ers about you try to call plays that will enable the... - 55Niner