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Should the 49ers sign Michael Bennett?

According to Adam Schefter, Michael Bennett will become a free agent next week. Do  you think the 49ers should sign him? If the Niners did sign Bennett, he would replace Ray McDonald as a defensive tackle on the 49ers’ Nickel defense. Last season, McDonald had 5 sacks, 3 QB hits and 30 hurries in 807 […]

Kaepernick isn't worth the big dough this year. If he wants too much then pay him the minimum and franchise him if he h... - Mike

49ers stock report

Here is my Wednesday column. Here is the current stock report of six prominent 49er figures, letting you know if their stock is up or down. Jim Harbaugh: Stock down For eight consecutive years, his stock was up, up, up. That trend ended Jan. 19, the day Harbaugh lost the NFC Championship to the Seahawks […]

I wouldn't break up the coach, GM, and owner into different stock-up, stock-down buckets. If they don't win the SB all t... - Berdj Joseph Rassam

Report: Harbaugh works out QB Garoppolo

The day after reports surfaced that Colin Kaepernick wants a massive contract extension, Jim Harbaugh privately worked out Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who projects to be a second-round pick. What do you think this means? Do you think the 49ers are trying to put pressure on Kaepernick and to take away his leverage? Do […]

The funny thing is, given that Kaep wants near top 5 QB money per season, he's the easiest guy of all to franchise. So... - sullyball

Harbaugh: “I get paid extremely well. Jed York has always been square dealing with me. I don’t think about that as an issue.”

Sports Illustrated recently interviewed Jim Harbaugh, and he denied that he wants a contract extension, that he wants more power and that there is friction between him and Trent Baalke. Here’s a Harbaugh quote from the interview: “I have never been a guy that wants to get extensions. If the guy at the top is […]

Why in the world would Harbaugh despise Grant. Grant doesn't despise Harbaugh either. Harbaugh is just playing the part ... - htwaits

Ranking the top QBs in the NFL

Who are the best QBs in the NFL? I’m going rank them by tiers. You’re free to rank the QBs however you see fit. TIER ONE: GREAT QUARTERBACKS. QBs who can carry a team even if it lacks a good defense or key offensive personnel. 1. Peyton Manning 2. Aaron Rodgers 3. Tom Brady 4. Drew Brees […]

That should tell you something Grant! Here's something for you! - MontanaMan16

Report: Boldin agrees to two-year, $12 million extension

According to ESPN’s Ed Werder who cites sources, Anquan Boldin has agreed to a two-year, $12 million deal ($9 million guaranteed) with the 49ers. Do you think this is the final deal the 49ers’ front office will complete while they all are in Miami?

Grant, Here's a poll quetsion for you: "If you take away the final four years of Boldin's career, will he be a H... - exgolfer

Report: Kaepernick wants more money than Cutler and Romo

According to the Boston Globe, Colin Kaepernick wants a contract extension that is worth as much or more than the contract extensions Jay Cutler and Tony Romo recently signed. The Cowboys gave Romo $18 million per season and $40 million guaranteed. The Bears gave Cutler $18.1 million per season and $38 million guaranteed. If you […]

I haven't read all of the posted comments, so If I repeat someones elses comment, my apologies to you.....$18M / year wo... - 55Niner

Is Frank Gore done?

Frank Gore averaged a career-low 4.1 yards per carry last regular season. And he performed even worse in the playoffs, averaging just 3.4 yards per carry against the Packers, Panthers and Seahawks. Do you think Gore will average more yards per carry next season if Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James and/or Marcus Lattimore share the load? […]

There is a red flag that you are not considering. The season before Gore started strong but towards the end of the regul... - Willtalk

Can the 49ers afford not to re-sign Whitner?

Is it mandatory that the 49ers re-sign Donte Whitner? If the 49ers let him walk and replace him with a rookie, the defense probably would be vulnerable up the middle for at least the first half of the season because there would be no Whitner and no NaVorro Bowman. The 49ers would have to rely […]

I like taking flyers on small school prospects in the later rounds, and Furr may be worth a flyer. My thoughts are he is... - Scooter_McG

Killion: “Source says Harbaugh’s act has worn thin in the locker room.”

I just read an interesting column by Ann Killion, and I’m passing it along to you. An excerpt: “One source with inside knowledge of the team says that Harbaugh’s act has worn thin in the locker room, particularly among some key ‘face of the 49ers’ type players. While the team is winning, that’s not a […]

Well put coach! I agree. We weren't even in the playoffs until this guy came around. We're considered an elite team in ... - MontanaMan16

What’s up with Boldin?

Now it has been five days since Adam Schefter tweeted the 49ers and Anquan Boldin are “closing in on a deal.” What do you think is taking so long? Do you think the Niners and Boldin will agree to a deal before free agency starts on March 11? If not, which teams possibly could outbid […]

From the Anquan Boldin Foundation: - Franco

How the 49ers could use the Dolphins’ first-round draft pick

If the Dolphins make a bad decision and trade their top draft picks for Jim Harbaugh, who should the 49ers draft with the Dolphins first-rounder, No.19? If he’s healthy, I say the 49ers should take Marqise Lee. If Lee is not healthy, I say the Niners should take Allen Robinson. But if Kelvin Benjamin is […]

Given that Jed's first admission is about 48 hours old, those folks could be in Miami for a big project by tomorrow morn... - htwaits